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The Seven Deadly Sins: 5 Characters Who Are Stronger Than Escanor (& 5 Who Aren't)

The disclosure of the self-important, arrogant, and overbearing Lion's Sin was an unexpected twist that stunned all the viewers of The Seven Deadly Sins series. In spite of being the Pride Sin, Escanor is adored by everybody for quite a few reasons. His contrasting personality which changes in rhythm with the sun and his unbelievable raw strength are two definite reasons.

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Escanor's ability is one of duality. he is the most vulnerable at midnight, however, beginning from daybreak his power starts to rise consistently until it tops at noon. Along with this, it is later on uncovered that Escanor can readily draw out the power of "The One" and improve it further at the expense of his own life power. Even with this seemingly incredible power, there are some foes that he cannot defeat.

10 Stronger: Supreme Deity

The Supreme Deity is unnervingly powerful. A demonstration of her tremendous strength is having ten wings that further shows her pedestal is far above any of the other goddesses. The most observed otherwise are four wings possessed by the four Archangels and the first Elizabeth. The Supreme Deity created the Celestial Realm and the Goddess Clan in her image. While she rarely battles, the Supreme Deity's strength in a fight is startling, as confirmed by her ability to effectively overwhelm and defeat Meliodas in the Holy War.

Escanor's ability Sunshine is a grace that belonged to Mael of the Four Archangels until it found its new host. The power was created by the Supreme Deity and given to Mael. This implies that despite our favorite boy being at the top of the food chain. There are a few beings he cannot look down on.

9 Not Stronger: Diana

Diane the Serpent's Sin of Envy is from the Giant Clan and is a lot bigger than common individuals, including her kindred Deadly Sins. Diane's strength was completely recognized by the previous King of the Giant Clan, Drole as he, died pronouncing her as his replacement, making her the unofficial "Giant Queen". Diane can summon an array of massive earthen fists to pummel her enemies or use Drole's Dance to increase her power.

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Even then with a baseline power level of 50,000 towards the end, Diane is weaker than the rest of the bunch. Escanor's power level even at his introduction outclasses Diane.

8  Stronger: Demon King

The Demon King was made by Chaos alongside the Supreme Deity and the Sacred Tree. The Demon King made the Demon Realm and the Demon Clan. As the leader of the Demon Clan and the most powerful Demon, the Demon King holds unnervingly gigantic measures of power, simply having a small amount of his power made the Ten Commandments among the most robust evil demons in existence.

The Demon King has a precept called "The Ruler" where any assault intended to hurt him just mends and invigorates him. Even with his power deactivated, he actually has out worldly strength, insight, solidness, and swordsmanship that outperform Escanor.

7 Not Stronger: Gowther

The Goat's Sin of Lust Gowther is exceptionally strong. Being a doll made by probably the best wizard ever, Gowther has a lot of sorcery power, albeit the vast majority of his power was contained and smothered alongside his feelings and memories. Even with a large portion of his power missing, he was still considered a danger to the Kingdom of Liones by the Holy Knights.

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Gowther is by no standards weak as he was more than equipped for standing his ground against Dreyfus, a Grand Holy Knight. But when up against the man called the "invincible incarnation of power" no trickery or craftiness can save him.

6 Stronger: Meliodas

Meliodas, the Demon King's number one replacement, the Former Commander of Ten Elite Commandments, and the Captain of the notorious Seven Deadly Sins. These titles belong to him for rather specific reasons. The little guy was once the most fearsome demon. He was dreaded among giants, fairies, humans, and goddesses. The Four Archangels dreaded him as well. His power was so incredible that Merlin needed to take it away to protect the Kingdom Of Liones.

Despite Escanor defeating Meliodas once the reality is that Meliodas is stronger than Escanor. It is not that Escanor is powerless. Meliodas is just the demon prince and the protagonist.

5 Not Stronger: King

King, the third Fairy King, and the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth is extremely powerful. He is able to overwhelm a Great Holy Knight without any assistance. Being a Fairy, King has shown various capacities exceptional to his species. He crushed Helbram, a Great Holy Knight level warrior while securing all the harmed people in the region; and then followed it up quickly by vanquishing Dreyfus, one of the Great Holy Knights of Liones, regardless of the injuries he sustained from his fight with Helbram.

If King fights Escanor with Increase or Chastiefol and defends his body with Pollen Garden, Escanor will be hard-pressed to hit him with most attacks. But "The One" has been shown to have the versatility to overcome even more dire situations.

4 Stronger: Chaos

Chaos is an ancient entity that made the world, the divine beings, and the five races from nothingness. It is portrayed by Merlin as "a sullied substance of obscurity that even the Demons dread and an unadulterated element of light that even the Goddesses pray to". It required the joined power of both the Supreme Deity and the Demon King just to seal it away and, after all, is said and done they couldn't seal their maker away from the actual domain and could just detain it in a prison of moss, making it the most remarkable substance in the realm of the Seven Deadly Sins

Chaos is a primordial entity that has yet to be defined with a perfect boundary. Although the lines are blurred, it is pretty obvious that even Escanor would fall short against such a powerful entity.

3 Not Stronger: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the current resurrection of the Supreme Deity's very incredible little girl, who has tremendous forces under her control. She once healed everybody in the Kingdom of Liones and accidentally even caused vegetation to immediately develop all through the whole Kingdom. After remembering everything she gets even stronger. During the coalition of Stigma and the Seven Deadly Sins, the blade of light she creates for the Light of Pact was of equivalent length yet more extensive than the one made by Ludociel.

When a competition of pure strength is in question, Escanor shows superior caliber. Despite Elizabeth being a true goddess, she would find it difficult to hold her own against a man who managed to hold off even the Demon king.

2 Stronger: Mael

As one of the Four Archangels, Mael is an incredibly powerful goddess, one of the strongest of his entire clan. He is matched only by his brother and outperformed only by the Supreme Deity. Regardless of being powerless at first, Mael had gigantic potential, and satisfying Ludociel's convictions, Mael turned into the strongest of the Four Archangels. Being the original owner of Sunshine Mael is a force to be reckoned with.

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Escanor is the subsequent owner of Mael's grace. That comes with its fair share of disadvantages already. Mael is the first wielder of Sunshine, in addition, he is an archangel. Even without Sunshine, he isn't weak like Escanor.

1 Not Stronger: Ban

Ban is exceptionally strong. His speed and strength extraordinarily outperform that of a common human being, and his forte is utilizing Snatch, to tear out organs, ideally hearts. His most astonishing power, nonetheless, is his immortality. On account of drinking from the Fountain of Youth, the entirety of Ban's injuries mend immediately regardless of how serious. His immortality permits him to battle with a substantially more careless style than most are willing.

This could be a controversial fight as either one of them could win under different circumstances. But to be fair if both of them fought at full power, Escanor would triumph in raw strength.

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Top 15 Strongest Characters In Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins is home to some of the strongest characters in the anime world. From Meliodas to Escanor, the characters in Seven Deadly Sins can give the strongest characters in the anime world a tough fight. Each character has their special ability, which makes them a problem to deal with.

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Early on, it was difficult to rank the characters. Besides physical strength, several other things also play a role in determining where a specific character stands in terms of power. But, after the conclusion of the series, it is easy to rank the characters.

Updated on September 16, 2021, by Suzail Ahmad: Seven Deadly Sins' incredible cast of characters make the series extremely enjoyable. With several different clans, it offers a diversity that only a handful of other series can match. Each clan possesses a unique ability that separates it from the rest. A lot of strong characters from the series belong to these incredible clans. The members of these clans have an edge over the rest of the characters. With the revelation of new abilities towards the end of the series, we have added more entries to the list.

15 Tarmiel— Can Create Oceans Out Of Nothing

Each Archangel of the Goddess Clan has incredible powers, and Tarmiel is no exception. He is one of the strongest fighters of the Goddess Clan, and he's capable of tanking a lot of damage. Tarmiel was able to withstand Derieri's assault, as he was untroubled by her attacks.

Tarmiel's regenerative powers are on a completely different level. He was able to survive being sliced in half by Gaaland. His grace is "Ocean," which allows him to create an ocean out of nowhere and entrap his opponents. It can also nullify physical attacks against Tarmiel.

14 Ludociel— Fastest Archangel

Ludociel is the leader of the Four Archangels, and only second to Mael in terms of strength. In combat, he's a ruthless fighter who doesn't show his opponents any mercy. Ludociel has been blessed with incredible speed and endurance, which allows him to overwhelm many strong characters.

Ludociel's strongest ability is Breath of Bless, with which he can grant any person a power boost. This ability is also capable of erasing the memories of any person and turns them into fanatics that are loyal to the Goddess Clan. Like the other Archangels, Ludociel has been bestowed with a grace, known as Flash, and it allows him to move at incredible speeds, which comes off as transportation.

13 The Original Demon- Can Stop Regeneration With Black Flames

The Original Demon also known as the Sinner, was an ancient demon that was created by the Demon King. After a failed rebellion, he was divided into two lesser demons, which greatly lowered his power.

The Original Demon was immensely powerful as he managed to fight on par against Escanor, albeit the latter was not at his full power. The Original Demon has two insanely strong abilities— Crisis and Hellblaze. Crisis is an extraordinary ability that increases power based on the damage taken. With Hellblaze, the Original Demon can prevent an immortal from healing.

12 King— Could Fight Several Characters At Once

Fairy King Harlequin is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is more commonly known as King. King's sacred treasure is Sacred Spear Chastiefol, which could transform into 10 forms. King can activate any of the ten forms at his leisure.

When he achieved his true potential, King was able to overwhelm Mael, while defending Diane and co. from harm. King's unique ability, Disaster, allows him to control things at a molecular level. He can turn a minor scratch into a potentially fatal injury. With Disaster, King can also manipulate the flora, causing it to bloom or perish.

11 Gowther— Able To Alter Everyone's Memories

Gowther was one of the Ten Commandments and he served under the Demon King. His talent was recognized by the Demon King, and he was adamant about Gowther joining the Ten Commandments.

Gowther's power was Invasion, an ability that allowed him to read the memories of others, and ensnare them in their own memories. Gowther's magic was so powerful that it allowed him to alter the memories of all the people, that included, Meliodas, Zeldris, Demon King, etc.

10 Goddess Elizabeth— Can Make Her Opponents Lose The Will To Fight

Elizabeth is the daughter of the Supreme Deity, which makes her one of the strongest fighters in the Goddess Clan. Being such a highly ranked member of the clan, she possesses more power than most characters in the series. Due to her incredible fighting skills, she is nicknamed "Bloodstained Ellie."

Elizabeth was able to fight against Derieri and Monspeet, who were using their Indura Form. With some help, she managed to overwhelm both of them. Her skill has been acknowledged by Mael, who is the strongest Archangel.

9 Ban— Incredible Durability And Stamina

Ban is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. He has a very close bond with his captain, Meliodas. For the majority of the series, Ban was weak in comparison to the other characters.

It was only after his journey through the Purgatory that Ban gained tremendous power. The trip through the Purgatory made Ban more powerful and resilient. He was able to withstand several blows from the Demon King.

8 Zeldris— Demon King's Other Son

Zeldris was chosen as the leader of the Ten Commandments after Meliodas' betrayal. He is the other son of the Demon King. Zeldris' father bestowed some of his power to his son, which allowed him to take and give the commandments to anyone else.

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Zeldris can nullify all sorts of magic attacks that are used against him. He can also use the Ominous Nebula, which attracts all living things and slices them apart with relative ease. It took the combined effort of the Seven Deadly Sins, and the Four Archangels to take down Zeldris and the Original Demon.

7 King— Became The Strongest Fairy King In History

At the beginning of the series, King was quite weak physically, but he always had the potential to become of the strongest characters. King's potential was recognized by the first Fairy King, Gloxinia, who believed that King would surpass him.

King's power was fully awakened during the fight vs Mael. He was able to fight against Mael and protect Diane at the same time. King's sacred weapon, Chastiefol, has several different forms. Each form comes in handy in different situations.

6 Merlin— Best Magician In All Of Britannia

Merlin is the daughter of Belialuin and the strongest mage in all of Britannia. As a child, Merlin was labeled as a prodigy and was destined for great things. Merlin's extraordinary magic allows her to accomplish some of the most absurd feats in the series.

Merlin's abilities are actually incredible. With one of her techniques, Merlin can make her spells last for eternity. Her Absolute Cancel allows her to cancel the effects of all kinds of magic, both permanently and temporarily.

5 Escanor— Almost Unbeatable At Noon

Everyone knows that Escanor is one of the strongest characters in the series. Escanor was the wielder of Mael's grace after the latter was turned into Estarossa. Escanor's power during the day was almost unmatched.

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He has several feats to his name, which include overwhelming Assault Mode Meliodas, Estarossa, and Gaaland. Escanor's power is at its peak during the noon.

4 Mael— Strongest Archangel Whose Grace Is Sunshine

Mael is the strongest out of the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan. The only character superior to Mael within the Goddess Clan is the Supreme Deity. Mael's grace- Sunshine makes him an extremely dangerous opponent.

His power peaks at noon and not many characters can hold their own before his might. When Meliodas sided with the Goddess Clan, Gowther had to alter everyone's memory and turn Mael into Estarossa to balance out the power between the two clans.

3 Meliodas— Insane Physical Power And Has Full Counter

Meliodas is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and the strongest fighter in the group. He was originally the leader of the Ten Commandments, but then he fell in love with Elizabeth and decided to quit being their leader.

Meliodas' power increased by several folds towards the end of the series. His power rivaled that of the Demon King. His Full Counter is one of the strongest abilities as it can reflect any magical attack.

2 Chaos Arthur— Still Needs To Gain Control Over His Power

After the Demon King was defeated by Meliodas and his friends, there was an astounding revelation regarding an entity that struck fear into the Demon King and the Supreme Deity.

The entity was none other than Chaos. It chose Arthur as its host, which granted him outrageous abilities. With the power of Chaos, Arthur can bend time and space. The true extent of Arthur's abilities is unknown, but once he gets a full hold over his power, then it would be nigh impossible to stop him.

1 The Demon King and The Supreme Deity— Neither Can Be Beaten In A 1v1

The Demon King and The Supreme Deity were created by Chaos. The Demon King led the Demons while the Supreme Deity ruled the Goddess Clan. Both of them have very strong abilities, which allowed them to seal away their creator, Chaos.

The Demon King's unique ability is known as the Ruler, which inverts any magic that is used to hurt him. This nullifies almost every threat to him. Not much is known about the Supreme Deity except for the fact, that her magic is highly effective against the demons.

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Seven Deadly Sins anime characters are some of the strongest in the anime universe. So, if you’re curious about their origin, power levels, and strengths, we’ve got you covered with our article.

Who are Seven Deadly Sins?

For starters, Seven Deadly Sins are the strongest and cruelest Holy Knights, but in truth, they are indeed strong but not the cruelest. They were criminals in the past and carved the symbols of seven beasts onto their bodies.

Seven Deadly Sins anime characters list:

  • Dragon’s Sin of Wrath: Meliodas
  • Lion’s Sin of Pride: Escanor
  • Fox’s Sin of Greed: Ban
  • Grizzly Sin of Sloth: King
  • Serpent’s Sin of Envy: Diane
  • Boar’s Sin of Gluttony: Merlin
  • Goat’s Sin of Lust: Gowther

Interesting Fact: Seven Deadly Sins have seven laws, and they must abide by them if they have to be a part of it. Here are the laws:

  • “A Sin shall ask no questions of another member’s sin.”
  • “If a friend is in crisis, everybody should use all of their power to help.”
  • “When two Sins are in disagreement, they can resolve it with a fight.”
  • “if two Sins are fighting to the death, the other five must do their utmost to stop them even if it means eliminating the perpetrator.”
  • “Make sure to come together and work as a team now and then.”

Seven Deadly Sins: Strongest to Weakest!

1. Meliodas (1000, 000)

Seven Deadly Sins: Strongest to Weakest!

The strongest of Seven Deadly Sins is definitely Meliodas, as in his Demon King form, he is equal or even stronger than Demon King himself. If it were a few years ago when I didn’t read the manga, I would’ve gone with Escanor.

Even at the start of the series, he was overpowered as hell, although most of his power has been sealed by Merlin. Combined with his combat class and Full Counter ability, no one is a match for him.

2. Escanor (798, 000)

Seven Deadly Sins: Strongest to Weakest!

Escanor is my favorite, but he’s not the strongest of Seven Deadly Sins. Of course, he was the strongest character until the third season, but in the fight against the Demon King, we have seen a slight difference in the fighting strength.

But many people say that Escanor is invincible, and I believe it is true. While all other sins have their sacred treasures to amplify their powers, Escanor’s sacred treasure condenses his power. With this single proof, we can estimate how strong Escanor is.

3. Ban (675, 000)

Seven Deadly Sins: Strongest to Weakest!

You agree or not, Ban was most people’s favorite until Escanor arrived. He’s immortal, and his ability “Snatch” lets him steal the abilities and physical objects of others.

With his extraordinary power, “Super Concentration,” his maximum power level has reached 675000, and he even fought with hellish creatures by resisting harsh conditions. I believe he is the third strongest in The Seven Deadly Sins.

4. King (416, 000)

Seven Deadly Sins: Strongest to Weakest!

King has some of the most astonishing abilities of sins, like controlling Spear to his will. Even though his power’s not on par with Meliodas or Escanor, he doesn’t lag behind.

He protects Fairy King’s forest and the Fairy Realm, and we’ve seen how his Spear Chastiefol proved disastrous in the initial seasons. Taking his power levels into account and his well-synched abilities, King is the fourth-strongest character in 7DS.

5. Merlin (220, 000)

Seven Deadly Sins: Strongest to Weakest!

I believe Merlin is underrated. The best mage in the land of Brittania can even stop Meliodas’s demonic power with her Infinity ability.

In the Battle of Camelot, she even defeated two high-ranked demons Chandler and Cusack, all by herself. In her true form, I believe she would be even more powerful since she was infinite magic.

6. Diane (245, 000)

Seven Deadly Sins: Strongest to Weakest!

Diane’s way of fighting is mainly based on Melee, and her power of 245, 000 might not seem as much powerful compared to the previous sins. But with her abilities to manipulate the earth and Drole’s Dance, she can take it to the next level.

Although she lacked the power to harm the Demon King in the final season, I think her abilities are suitable in every place, and she can adapt to them quite quickly.

7. Gowther (189, 000)

Seven Deadly Sins: Strongest to Weakest!

Its obvious Gowther is the weakest among The Seven Deadly Sins anime characters because instead of abilities, he uses his brain the most. Analyzing every situation and applying logic to them is his first resort.

For these reasons, he’s slightly less skilled than the other sins, but he’s pretty strong if you consider his individuality power. In fact, his ability helped every single one of the sins while he messed with the Demon King’s mind.

Conclusive Thoughts!

Well, this is pretty much all we need to know about The Seven Deadly Sins anime characters. These characters have been with us for years and knowing this simple information helps us get to know more about them.

So, we hope you found our article informative and enjoyable. If you have any queries, feel free to let us know through the comment section below.

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Seven Deadly Sins vs Demon \u0026 Goddess Clan Power Levels (Nanatsu no Taizai)

The manga of Seven Deadly Sins ended in the early months of 2020 and the long-drawn battle between the sins and the Demon King finally ended. In the duration of the war, all the sins powered up and became unmeasurably strong, especially after their return from Purgatory.

This list ranks all the Seven Deadly Sins in the order of weakest to strongest.

Disclaimer: The opinion of the reader may vary. This ranking contains spoilers.

7. The Serpent’s Sin of Envy – Diane

Diane is also known as the Serpent’s Sin of Envy and is the unofficial “Giant Queen”.

She is a giant and during the New Holy War arc, her strength was acknowledged by the previous King of the Giant Clan, he then continued to declare her as his successor.

Being a giant and a sin she possesses incredible strength, speed and an extraordinary connection to nature. Her power levels increased even more after she performed the Drole’s dance.

The Serpent’s Sin of Envy - Diane

The War Hammer Gideon is her sacred Treasure and she uses this weapon together with her natural power that is Creation. Creation allows her to manipulate earth into any shape or form.

She is one of the strongest characters in the series but when compared to the other sins, she falls short and therefore she is placed in 7th place.

6. The Goat’s Sin of Lust – Gowther

Gowther, also known as the Goat’s Sin of Lust was revealed to be a doll created by his namesake, he also was a member of the Ten Commandments.

The Goat’s Sin of Lust - Gowther

Being one of the Seven Deadly Sins and a doll created by one of the most powerful wizards in history, he has access to a great amount of magic power.

He possesses incredible strength and power and even though he has a frail body frame, his doll body grants him the power of pseudo-immortality meaning he can endure fatal attacks and survive.

Gowther, however, is not invulnerable to damage, as he can be hurt if the right amount of damage is inflicted on his body, enough to the point of breaking. This was shown in his encounter with Mael.

The Twin Bow Herritt is the sacred treasure he uses along with his innate power, Invasion. His primary power is the ability to manipulate people’s minds. His power places him 6th out of all the Deadly Sins.

5. The Boar’s Sin of Gluttony – Merlin

Merlin, also known as the Boar’s Sin of Gluttony is regarded as the greatest witch in Britannia. Despite lacking in physical prowess, her greatest strength lies in her wisdom, knowledge and intellect, in battle she uses strategies to render her opponents helpless without even engaging them directly.

The Boar’s Sin of Gluttony - Merlin

This was seen in her fight against Chandler and Cusack, where she used strategy to weaken them and prevent any counterattacks simultaneously.

This approach brought defeat to both highly powerful demons in their original forms. Ludociel, the leader of the Four Archangels declared that ‘he never wanted to be Merlin’s enemy’. All her feats, strength and intellect make her the 5th strongest Seven Deadly Sin.

4. The Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth – King

He is also known as the Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth but his real name is Fairy King Harlequin. He protects the Fairy King’s Forest and the Fairy Realm. He is extremely powerful as he is the reigning King and the most powerful Fairy King throughout history.

The Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth - King

His power increased tenfold once he went through the trial and his wings finally grew. With the increase in power, he could freely access the Sacred Tree’s true power and his Sacred treasure.

This allowed him to overpower Mael with the Chastiefol and even use multiple forms simultaneously. His strength lies not physically but with his sacred treasure, the Spirit Spear Chastiefol and his high level of magic power. This ranks him 4th strongest out of the Seven Deadly Sins.

3. The Fox’s Sin of Greed – Ban

Ban is also known as the Fox’s Sin of Greed of the Seven Deadly Sins. His most famous power is Snatch and his immortality which he acquired from the Elixir of Life. He gave it up to revive Elaine from death.

The Fox’s Sin of Greed - Ban

His success in Purgatory evolved his body into being extraordinarily resilient and his ability grew. His body became so resilient that even after losing his immortality, he was entirely unharmed by the Demon King’s energy storm.

His power level makes him the third strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins.

2. The Lion’s Sin of Pride – Escanor

Escanor is known as the “The Strongest Holy Knight” throughout the Kingdom of Liones. He holds the ability “Sunshine”, which makes him enormously powerful during the day and it increases till the high noon.

The downside to this power is that he is even weaker than an average human at night.

The Lion’s Sin of Pride - Escanor

Even though he is the weakest among all the holy knights at midnight, he is the most powerful at noon as his power steadily increases from dawn. His power peaks at noon for one minute when he becomes power itself, this state of power is called The One.

This form makes his body dwarfs ordinary people and he is said to be invincible during this time. In his peak, as stated by Merlin, he easily surpasses any other Sins.

The biggest drawback is that he has time limitations and can be killed very easily at midnight. This unstable power makes him either the strongest or the weakest of the Sins.

1. The Dragon’s Sin of Wrath – Meliodas

 Meliodas is the strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins and the captain of the group. He is also known as the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, his sacred treasure is the Demon Sword Lostvayne and his inherent ability being the Full Counter.

He was the head of the Ten Commandments and also the eldest son of the Demon King.

The Dragon’s Sin of Wrath - Meliodas

He could easily defeat members of the legendary Ten Commandments with just a fraction of his power. His power is so great that it overshadows even the mighty Four Archangels.

He successfully absorbed all of the Ten Commandments and became the Demon King, raising his power to the same godly levels as his father and becoming almost invincible.

However, he sacrificed his power to cancel out the Commandments so that his father could never return and despite this, he is still the strongest out of the Seven Deadly Sins.



Strongest the is sin meliodas

15 Most Powerful Characters in The Seven Deadly Sins, Ranked

Assessing overall power when it comes to The Seven Deadly Sins characters is always a controversial topic. That's primarily because the highest tiers do not really come with a specified power level. So, it's more about analyzing the battles they've won and what special abilities they possess. Anime watchers beware, this article packs in a lot of spoilers. Here are the most powerful characters of The Seven Deadly Sins.

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Updated on July 14th, 2021, by Rich Keller: When you have a cast of characters as large as The Seven Deadly Sins, there's bound to be a debate on the most powerful contenders. Are they from the Sins themselves? Maybe they're part of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Or they can be members of the Demon Clan. Individuals from most of these groups are represented in this list. 

15 Arthur Pendragon Is Strong With Or Without Chaos

As the ruler of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon is a powerful knight. Add to that the mentorship of Merlin, and he seems unstoppable. Especially when he's endowed with Chaos.

He gains these abilities when Merlin resurrects the king as its vessel. Once he understands his powers, Arthur is able to bend time and space. Combined with Excalibur, which has the powers and skills of its previous holders, this young leader is someone to be afraid of.

14 Diane's Immense Strength Is Available Whether Normal Or Giant

Whether she's the size of a regular adult or 30-feet tall like those of the Giant Clan, Diane is an example of quiet power. She doesn't like to fight. Nevertheless, if provoked, she displays her prowess with maximum aplomb.

On top of this, Diane has the power of Creation. Since her clan is so connected to the earth, they can use this ability to manipulate her natural surroundings.

13 Tarmiel Can Call Upon The Power Of Oceans

Though not as powerful as Ludociel, Tarmiel can hold his own as a member of the Four Archangels. However, its power doesn't simply come from the three heads it possesses.

It's the ability of Grace Ocean that makes him a formidable opponent. This power allows him to liquefy his body or ensnare others in a watery prison.

12 Derieri Can Distribute A Chain Of Ongoing Attacks

A member of the Ten Commandments, this crude and carefree demon represents, of all things, Purity. That's hard to believe since her powers make her nearly invulnerable.

Before she is absorbed by Mael, Derieri possessed the Combo Star. This allows her to create a chain of non-stop attacks against her opponent. Fortunately, she might be able to use that power in the future as Derieri's soul has a complete record of memories for when she's reincarnated.

11 Gowther Was An Emotionless Animated Doll

Gowther's origins are similar to those of Pinocchio. Initially created as an emotionless, androgynous doll, it gained sentience and emotion after a series of battles and unfortunate deaths. As it has continued to grow, Gowther has gained immense powers.

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Its main ability is Invasion. This allows Gowther to enter other people's minds and manipulate them for its needs. It's a useful tool when battling demons.

10 Merlin Is The Best Magician Around

Merlin's power level has been the center of controversy since the start. It was recorded to be around 4,710. Later on, in the battle of Camelot, she easily overpowers Chandler and Cusac.

Merlin has some serious spells to outwit even the most powerful of enemies. Her strongest asset in battle is incredible intellect and knowledge. She uses strategies to render her opponents helpless without direct engagement. For instance, Merlin knocks Escanor unconscious by combining Power Amplify and Gowther's Blackout Arrow.

9 Ludociel Has Superior Intelligence

While his power level does not speak much of his abilities, it is evident that Ludociel is a beast in the true sense of the term. As the leader of the Archangels, his host form can easily be compared to Mael with four commandments. More impressive is his superior intelligence and extraordinary magical powers.

8 The Original Demon/The Sinner Gets Stronger With Each Hit

The Sinner's place is owed to his most notable ability, Crisis. It allows him to get stronger with the damage that he takes. In his base form, The Sinner has successfully fought back not only the Fairy King's spear but also Escanor's Daytime form.

7 Goddess Elizabeth Causes Opponents To Lose Their Wills

Being the daughter of the Supreme Deity, Elizabeth's power is much more than meets the eye. Although her fighting abilities are not exactly promising, she does have some serious magical tricks up her sleeve. That includes inducing the will of her opponents so they no longer want to fight.

She easily defeated two induras at the same time. Her official power level is mentioned to be 1,925. However, her abilities are a force to be reckoned with.

6 The Fairy King's Powers Awoke In An Important Battle

Fans of The Seven Deadly Sins saw King's power when he was able to pierce through Ban's chest with a single spear strike. Yet, that's nothing compared to his form with full-grown wings. Then, he easily takes care of Mael with four commandments. It's estimated that King's combat levels in his most powerful form are around 416,000.

5 Escanor the One's Power Is Greatest In The Daytime

Undoubtedly one of the strongest characters of The Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor's power level is estimated to be around 798,000. That's enough to give even Demon King a very hard time.

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Escanor can indeed become the most powerful entity for a good one minute. Nevertheless,  his powers are practically nothing during at night. They gradually disintegrate around no. Thus, he only has full power only for a limited time. This raises questions among fans as to how invincible Escanor really is.

4 Mael/Estarossa Has The Grace Of Sunshine

Mael's estimated maximum power level is far less compared to that of Escanor. Still, the fact remains that he's the original wielder of Sunshine. Unlike Escanor, Mael isn't rendered powerless after sundown.

Yes, Escanor could allegedly destroy Mael during his one invincibility moment. However, it's anyone's game a couple of minutes later. Mael definitely has the edge for half of the day.

3 Ban Has A High Tolerance Level Against Damage

It's hard to estimate how powerful Ban has become after his time in Purgatory. Currently, his level is expected to be somewhere around 700,000. His one weakness before his stay, an excruciatingly low tolerance level, seems to have disappeared.

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However, after all those years of training under harsh conditions, Ban's body likely has one of the highest tolerance levels in The Seven Deadly Sins. So, he can now use Snatch to easily increase his power exponentially while his enemy grows weaker. Paired with the fact that he has fought Demon King for over 60 years is a perfect portrayal of just how potentially strong Ban now is.

2 Demon King Zeldris Has Resistance To Magic

Demon King Zeldris has an estimated power level of around 750,000. That should have been enough with his Ominous Nebula and Magic Resistance. However, He has absorbed all of the ten commandments and experienced Demon King controlling his body. In the end, it's probably safe to say that Demon King Zeldris is enough to give Meliodas's final form a very hard time.

1 Meliodas Final Form Is The Strongest Of All

Meliodas is undoubtedly the most powerful one out of the Seven Sins. How is he stronger than Demon King himself? Well, he absorbed all of the ten commandments and still has his existing power and agility. Combined, he undisputably became the most powerful being in The Seven Deadly Sins realm.

Plus, while in Purgatory, he spent a thousand years fighting Demon King. This allowed him to acquire the skills needed to defeat him in battle.

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Next10 Harsh Realities Of Being A Legendary Pokémon

Seven Deadly Sins vs Demon \u0026 Goddess Clan Power Levels (Nanatsu no Taizai)

Meliodas is the main protagonist of the series Seven Deadly Sins around which the whole story revolves. Seven Deadly Sins follows the story of seven deadly criminals who had committed heinous crimes and as a result, the symbols of the seven beasts were carved onto their bodies.

Meliodas is the captain of these Seven Deadly Sins and is also the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath.

He had inherited Full Counter as his power and it became his go-to move in most cases. He possessed the Demon Sword Lostvayne as his Sacred Treasure which was instrumental in raising his power level initially.

Hallowen shop

He is connected to the Demon King being his eldest son which made Zeldris his younger brother. Meliodas was a legendary fighter and his power level rose throughout the series as he went on acquiring various forms.

Meliodas All Forms & Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked-

  • 11) Sealed Base Form –

Official Power Level= 3370

Meliodas All Forms & Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

This was the initial power level that Meliodas started with as a fighter. It comprised of Magic=400, Strength=960, and Spirit=2100.

Although it was pretty low compared to his other forms, he was still more powerful than most other characters at that time. This just goes on to show the insane amount of power that Meliodas started with.

  • 10) Lostvayne form –

Estimated Power Level = 4070

Meliodas All Forms & Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

Lostvayne was Meliodas’ sacred treasure as it was complimentary for all members of Seven Deadly Sins to possess a Sacred Treasure.

Lostvayne is characterized as a “Demon Splitting Sword“. Although he sold it at first, it was later returned to him by Merlin.

The sword’s Jitsuzo Bunshin ability complemented his Full Counter which made it possible for him to use it at a higher danger level.

  • 9) Sealed Demon Mark Form –

Estimated Power Level = 4400

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

This is a power-up that was by Meliodas from time to time during the beginning of the series. We first saw the origin of Demon Mark when his Dragon Handle was being snatched.

Later he also used it against Ban since he was getting overwhelmed by his Snatch ability. Meliodas had more control over this form since it was sealed and did not have the full power output.

  • 8) Sealed Wrath Form (Berserk Form) –

Estimated Power Level = 10300

Most Powerful Members of Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

This was the form when Meliodas couldn’t control his demonic power. In this form, his whole body flows with demonic power granting him insane strength and abilities.

However, in this form, he gets swallowed by the power that leads to him losing control over his mental self and he seems to be devoid of any emotions.

  • 7) Power Restored Form –

Official Power Level = 32500

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

Merlin had stolen Meliodas’ demon power fearing the amount of destruction that it could cause. Meliodas later went through a set of trials and was able to master his own emotions and be in charge of wrath.

Merlin then returned his power which increased its level to the point of having Magic=2700, Strength=27700, and Spirit=2100.


Power of Demon King, "The Ruler" in Nanatsu No Taizai (Explained)

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  • 6) Unsealed Demon Mark Form –

Official Power Level = 56000

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

This was the form in which Meliodas got his full demon powers released and was able to break through the seal.

This was a significant turning point in the story since he was completely able to utilize his full potential without losing control over himself. It comprised of Magic=3000, Strength=50000, and Spirit=3000.

  • 5) Post Revival Form –

Official Power Level = 60000

Meliodas All Forms & Power Levels

Meliodas was killed at a point in time in the series. However, due to a curse put on him by the Demon King he was able to revive from every death with the drawback of some of his emotions lost which returned him a little bit closer to his former self.

After his revival, he returned with a huge base power level of 60000 which laid a solid groundwork for him to even increase his power to further heights. After revival, his power level reached equal to his old self when he was the leader of the Ten Commandments

  • 4) Post Revival Demon Mark Form –

Estimated Power Level = 90000

Meliodas All Forms and Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

We have already seen how the demon mark increases Meliodas’ base power by utilizing his demon powers.

Thus, after revival when Meliodas used his Demon Mark it increased his base power to a new extent and gave rise to a new form. This also pushed Meliodas a lot closer to his initial self.

  • 3) After Purgatory Form –

Estimated Power Level = 600000

Meliodas All Forms & Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

Purgatory was a space between the living world and the afterlife where chaos and hell reigned supreme.

Surviving in Purgatory while dealing with the mutilated souls and predatory monsters, did wonders for Meliodas’ power level.

Meliodas became a changed man after surviving the extreme conditions of Purgatory and achieved a power level of 600000.

Official Power Level = 142000- 200000

Meliodas All Forms & Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

This is the second most powerful state of Meliodas that was fiery enough to even shake the Ten Commandments to their core. In this mode, Meliodas completely unleashes his Demon Power which gives a meteoric rise to his base power level.

This is the form in which Meliodas can fully utilize his Demon Power. Although it has the drawback of robbing Meliodas of his emotions, it stands out due to its humongous power level and the threat it possesses.

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Meliodas Most Powerful Form-

  • 1) Demon King Form –

Estimated Power Level = 777000 – 1000000

Meliodas All Forms & Power Levels in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked

This is the most powerful form of Meliodas and he achieved it when his father, Demon King took control over his body. The Demon King always viewed Meliodas as a suitable Vessel.

Thus, when Meliodas was successful in absorbing all the commandments the Demon King saw this as an opportunity to utilize his body thereby increasing his power level to 777000.

Below we have ranked all members of Ten Commandments from the beginning including Calmndios and Zeno.

Ten Commandments Seven Deadly Sins Members, Power and Curses

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The growth in Meliodas’ power level in this series from a measly base level of 3370 to a godly level of 777000 has been one of the most eye-catching things in this series.

Along with his power level, Meliodas made significant progress in other aspects including learning how to control his emotions and not let his demon power run berserk.

It has been a great ride to go along on this journey with Meliodas. All the latest chapters of the manga Seven Deadly Sins are not available on the platforms Mangaplus Shueisha and Viz Media, so fans can reach various private websites; seven deadly sins manga.   

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