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Oregon Coast

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Sours: https://www.gonorthwest.com/Oregon/coast/oregon_coast_map.htm

Mileage Chart and Map for the Oregon Coast - Including Best Routes to the Oregon coast, and mileage for coast towns along Highway 101

Find mileage from Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Albany and Eugene to Oregon coast towns, as well as between coastal towns. Find the best routes to the Oregon coast from the valley.

Mileage charts are approximate and can change depending on what route is taken to the Oregon coast.

Click on the links for further maps of each area and detailed mileage, distance between beaches.

Here for Oregon Coast Highway, Coast Range Passes Traffic, Road Conditions

Oregon Coast Map: click on the cities for more detailed maps

oregon coast map

Southward of here includes southern Oregon coast towns Coos Bay, Reedsport, Gold Beach, Bandon, Coquille,, Brookings, etc.

Miles From Portland to….

To Seaside – 79 miles
To Cannon Beach – 79 miles
To Manzanita – 110 miles
To Tillamook (via Hwy 6) – 74 miles
To Pacific City – 94 miles
To Lincoln City – 88 miles (via Hwy 18)
To Depoe Bay – 100 miles
To Newport – 114 miles
To Yachats – 140 miles
To Florence – 164 miles

Note: Portland to Manzanita route can also be Hwy 26 to Hwy 53, about 70 miles, which then takes about 25 miles to Manzanita, Wheeler or Nehalem. However, due to the winding nature of 53, it still takes a little longer than going straight down 101, depending on traffic on 101.

Mileage from Corvallis to….

To Depoe Bay – 59 miles
To Newport – 50 miles

Mileage from Salem to…

To Seaside - 119 miles
To Pacific City - 80 miles
To Lincoln City – 57 miles
To Depoe Bay - 75 miles
To Newport - 83 miles
To Florence – 118 miles

Mileage from Eugene to….

To Florence – 50 miles
To Newport – 92 miles
To Lincoln City – 122 miles
To Tillamook – 130 miles
To Seaside – 168 miles
To Astoria – 199 miles


MILEAGE FROM COAST TOWN TO COAST TOWN (click on links for futher details, more maps, more mileage, distances between beaches)

Astoria to Florence - 184 miles
Astoria and Washington coast to Seaside - 17 miles
Astoria to Yachats - 158 miles
Astoria to Lincoln City - 110 miles
Astoria to Newport - 135 miles
Astoria to Tillamook - 66 miles

Seaside toCannon Beach - 9 miles
Seaside to Manzanita - 27 miles
Seaside to Tillamook - 49 miles Seaside, Gearhart lodging
Seaside to Newport - 128 miles
Seaside to Washington coast (Astoria) - 17 miles
Seaside to Lincoln City - 103 miles
Seaside to Yachats - 161 miles Cannon Beach lodging

Cannon Beach to Manzanita - 14 miles
Cannon Beach to Rockaway Beach - 26 miles
Cannon Beach to Tillamook - 36 miles
Cannon Beach to Pacific City - 64 miles (via 101 and then Sand Lake Rd)
Cannon Beach to Lincoln City - 84 miles
Cannon Beach to Depoe Bay - 96 miles
Cannon Beach to Newport - 108 miles
Cannon Beach to Yachats - 132 miles
Cannon Beach to Florence - 158 miles manzanita lodging

Manzanitato Seaside - 27 miles
Manzanita to Rockaway Beach - 12 miles
Manzanita to Lincoln City - 75 miles
Manzanita to Newport (and Newport Map) - 105 miles
Wheeler / Nehalem to Newport - 100 miles

Manzanita and Nehalem to Tillamook - appx 27 miles Rockaway Beach lodging

Rockaway Beach mileage: subtract appx 12 miles from Manzanita mileage for any town south of Rockaway Beach

Garibaldi to Tillamook- 10 miles Garibaldi, Tillamook Bay, Bay City lodging

Tillamook to Seaside - 49 miles
Tillamook to Pacific City - 20 miles
Tillamook toLincoln City - 44 miles
Tillamook to Florence - 119 miles Three Capes lodging: Oceanside, Pacific City, Tierra Del Mar

Oceanside to Tillamook - 9 miles
Oceanside to Pacific City - 23 miles
Note: for further Oceanside mileage, the village is along the Three Capes Route. See Pacific City mileage to compare to towns southward; see Tillamook mleage for towns north of Oceanside

Three Capes Loop - 24 miles (appx 40-minute drive, includes Oceanside, Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, Netarts, Tierra Del Mar and Pacific City) Oceanside, Pacific City lodging

Hwy 101 Inland: includes Hebo, Cloverdale and Tillamook and veers inland for about 20 miles (between Pacific City / Neskowin and Tillamook)

Pacific City to Seaside- 70 miles (appx) Pacific City lodging
Pacific City toLincoln City - 24 miles
Pacific City toLincoln City - 24 miles
Pacific City to Cannon Beach - 64 miles
Note: use Tillamook as a nearby reference point for mileage going north; use Lincoln City as a reference for going south Lincoln City lodging

Lincoln City to Depoe Bay - 13 miles
Lincoln City to Tillamook - 44 miles
Lincoln City to Seaside - 103 miles
Lincoln City to Astoria - 110 miles
Lincoln City to Pacific City - 24 miles
Lincoln City to Newport - 24 miles
Note: Neskowin is about 15 miles north of Lincoln City and 5 miles south of Pacific CityDepoe Bay lodging

Depoe Bay mileage: add about 13 miles for mileage of all towns northward (this area includes Gleneden Beach)

Newport to Depoe Bay - 13 milesNewport lodging
Newport to Astoria - 145 miles
Newport to Seaside - 128 miles
Newport to Cannon Beach - 109 miles
Newport to Manzanita - 98 miles
Newport to Lincoln City - 24 miles
Newport to Florence - 65 miles
Newport to Yachats - 25 miles

Waldport to Newport - 16 miles Yachats lodging
Waldport to Yachats - 6 miles
Waldport toSeal Rock - appx 10 miles
Note: for Waldport mileage add appx 16 miles to towns north of Newport

Yachats to Astoria - 158 miles
Yachats to Cannon Beach - 132 miles
Yachats to Manzanita - 118 miles
Yachats to Newport - 25 miles
Yachats to Florence - 25 miles
Note: for Yachats mileage add appx 25 miles to towns north of Newport Yachats to Florence lodging

For details and mileage between beaches in that area between Yachats and Florence, see the Upper Lane County Virtual Tour.

Click on the links for mileage, distance between individual beaches in that area, as well as maps



Best routes from Portland to coast:

To Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach and Manzanita – take Hwy 26 to coast.

Note: Portland to Manzanita route can also be Hwy 26 to Hwy 53, about 70 miles, which then takes about 25 miles to Manzanita, Wheeler or Nehalem. However, due to the winding nature of 53, it still takes a little longer than going straight down 101, depending on traffic on 101.

To Manzanita, Rockaway Beach and Tillamook Bay and Pacific City - Take Hwy 6 (exit is on 26 just west of Hillsboro).

To Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Yachats and Florence – take Hwy 18 west, which takes about two hours to Lincoln City.

Oceanside, W. of Tillamook

Or take I-5 down to Salem (appx 45 miles), then take Hwy 20 west until it becomes Hwy 18. This can shave off 15 minutes to as much as a half hour to Lincoln City.

Or take I-5 south to Corvallis, then Hwy 20 west to Newport. This can also shave off some time to Newport or Yachats.

For Florence: either take the scenic route down 101, or take I-5 down to Eugene (about 110 miles), then take Hwy 126 to Florence.

Best routes from Salem to Oregon Coast:

To Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach and Manzanita – take I-5 north to Portland, then take 217 exit near Lake Oswego, following “Oregon Beaches” sign – take 217 to Hwy 26, then to coast.

To Manzanita, Rockaway and Tillamook Bay - take I-5 to Hwy 217 again, then to Hwy 26 again, but this time take Hwy 6 exit just outside Hillsboro. Take Hwy 6 straight to Tillamook: Manzanita and Rockaway are just north. Oceanside, Tillamook and Pacific Ctiy are west or southwest.


To Tillamook, Pacific City, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay and Newport and Waldport – take Hwy 22 west, which eventually turn into Hwy 18 heading over the coast range to the beach.

To Newport, Yachats and Florence – You can also take I-5 south to Corvallis, then Hwy 20 west to Newport.

Or take I-5 down to Eugene (appx 60 miles), then take Hwy 126 to Florence.
Note: Hwy 34 from Corvallis to Newport is extremely winding and long. It is, however, a stunning scenic route, if you have the time.

Best Routes from Eugene or Corvallis to Oregon Coast:

See Salem routes above

Individual Oregon Coast Maps

  • Between Florence and Yachats, Upper Lane County Map
  • Yachats, Oregon Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
  • Waldport, Seal Rock Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
  • Newport Oregon Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
    - Find distance, mileage between Newport beaches
  • Depoe Bay, Oregon Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor
  • Lincoln City, Oregon Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Details
    - Find distance, mileage between Lincoln City beaches
  • Three Capes Map: Oceanside Map
  • Three Capes Map: Pacific City Map
  • Tillamook Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
  • Garibaldi Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
  • Rockaway Beach, Oregon Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
    - Find mileage between beaches around Rockaway Beach
  • Manzanita, Oregon Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
    - Find mileage between beaches around Manzanita
  • Wheeler, Oregon Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
  • Arch Cape Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
  • Cannon Beach Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
  • Seaside, Oregon Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info
  • Astoria, Warrenton Map, Virtual Tour, Visitor Info

-- Oregon Coast Highway, Coast Range Passes Traffic, Road Conditions

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Oregon Coast Highway, Coast Range Passes Traffic, Road Conditions

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A spouting horn downtown, freaky hidden cliffs and whales, whales, whales

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Sours: https://www.beachconnection.net/200609_oregoncoastmap_miles.htm
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Welcome to the Beautiful Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is more than a place, it's a state of mind. No place on the map of Oregon is marked as the Oregon Coast, but everybody knows that the 363 miles of coastline where the Pacific Ocean washes up on the state's western beaches is unlike any place else.

Highway 101 winds down the entire Oregon Coast from the Columbia River to the California border. Along the way, it passes through the old growth forests of Oswald West State Park, name for the Oregon governor who began the process of securing Oregon's beaches for public use. All but one of the famous McCullough bridges on Highway 101 are still in operation. The only one that has been replaced is across Alsea Bay at Waldport. Before the bridges were completed during the Great Depression, travel down the Oregon Coast required many ferry trips across the mouths of rivers.

The coast is generally divided into three regions. The North Oregon Coast corresponds to Clatsop and Tillamook counties, and runs from the Columbia River to Cascade Head. Astoria is not just the northernmost city on the Oregon Coast, it is also the oldest American settlement west of the Mississippi. Seaside was an early resort town and is still a popular destination. Cannon Beach is famous for its sandcastle contest and has an active arts community.

Tillamook County is the home of the Tillamook Cheese factory, the top tourist attraction on the coast. The county is divided roughly into three sections. The northern section includes Rockaway Beach, which is where people from Portland vacationed on the Oregon Coast early in the 20th century, arriving by train over the Coast Range. Tillamook itself is the county seat and serves the local dairy and cheesemaking industries. The growing town of Pacific City is famous for its dory boats and the waves at Cape Kiwanda.

Lincoln County considers itself to be the Central Oregon Coast all by itself, although a look at the map would suggest that Florence and Reedsports should be included. Nevertheless, its many miles of sandy beaches attract so many visitors that it may deserve the title. Kite flying is popular at Lincoln City. Newport has an active fishing community on its bayfront and is also the site of the Oregon Coast Aquarium, erstwhile home of Keiko the Orca whale. Yachats is a tiny but popular community just north of Cape Perpetua.

Florence has been growing rapidly for several decades and has been one of the fastest growing cities in Oregon. A large number of people who choose to retire to the Oregon Coast have made Florence their home. It is also the northernmost edge of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, which extends through Reedsport and down to Coos Bay. Reedsport is several miles inland from the mouth of the Umpqua River. Winchester Bay is near the mouth and is popular with tourists. The Umpqua Lighthouse attracts many visitors. A viewpoint along Highway 101 just south of Winchester Bay provides views of the river, the lighthouse, and the ocean beaches.

Coos Bay is the name of both a city and a body of water. It is the largest town on the Southern Oregon Coast and along with its sister city North Bend constitutes the largest metro area on the entire Oregon Coast. Both cities developed due to the timber industry. Tourists are more attracted to Charleston, located where Coos Bay opens onto the Pacific Ocean. The famous gardens of Shore Acres are just south along the Cape Arago Highway.

Bandon largely burned down seventy years ago, but has recovered and is now a popular tourist destination. The Bandon Dunes golf complex, golf courses, restaurants, and lodging, is the best known golf destination on the Oregon Coast, and probably in all of Oregon. South of Bandon in Curry County, the locals describe their area as America's Wild Rivers Coast, on account of a series of untamed rivers starting with the Elk north of Port Orford and continuing across the border into California's Del Norte County. The other Oregon Coast rivers on the Wild Rivers Coast are the Rogue at Gold Beach and the Chetco at Brookings. This is an area most known for its beautiful scenery, much included within Boardman State Park, and fishing opportunities.

The state parks along the Oregon Coast were among the first to be developed in the Oregon State Park system. The foresight of the Oregon legislature in securing so many wonderful locations along the coast has guaranteed access to the beach for campers and day users for future generations.

People who enjoy the Oregon Coast will probably like a subscription to Oregon Coast Magazine as well. Every two months, a new issue of Oregon Coast Magazine brings the beauty of America's most beautiful coastline to readers in the Pacific Northwest, across the nation, and around the world. It's unbeatable.

Sours: https://www.oregoncoasttravel.net/
Oregon Coast Highway - Lincoln to Brookings

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