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New SNIPERS vs CARS In Fortnite!

today we're back in fortnight it has been a very long time and we're going to be playing something really awesome




or rockets well both it's going to be me versus jelly and craner which is a little bit unfair if you think about it now if you're playing as the


you have to hit off the


if you're playing


then you have to shoot the


now it's been a long time since i've said this and a big thank you to everyone who already has but

new snipers vs cars in fortnite

make sure to use code's logo in the


item shop to show your support for the channel also head over to for the merch and click like if you want more


let's get into the video you guys are going down we need to wait oh you're in trouble i am the sneaker jelly i think i'm ready oh here they come here we go oh wait you're at half health aren't you glad that i got a new car josh oh is the car orange oh i got him trainer i feel like that was way too

quick yeah yeah you guys are late right there okay i am driving all right josh listen you gotta avoid the rock i haven't hit him once oh man he gets close to us though come on guys you want some of this you want some of that jelly i mean josh actually don't oh oh i missed it's very oh ow ow good here okay i'm getting a new vehicle this is too dangerous seriously already no i'm lying i'm literally joking why would i actually aim rockets inside of the building i'm doing

it keep going keep going you guys he's here he's here oh okay okay here we go that's a hit no that's not it oh i actually landed that almost hit me man it's actually hard to hit without the style you want some of this jelly you killed me last time now you never mind thank you i i am good at landing uh-oh oh okay jelly you're mine oh you're jelly did that not hit his car i don't know there we go oh yeah yeah shoot dude just keep going keep going okay one more time

one more attempt here we go jelly oh you got lucky there man this is so hard to do oh okay he's getting a new car do you know what to do oh he got out he got out why would i not get a new car are you kidding me okay come on no wrong oh he juked me oh did i hit you jenny no you didn't look like i bumped oh i hit him okay nice okay i'll try it again you're gonna die josh just so you know yeah yeah you're going to die josh okay okay retreat retreat oh come on help help no

he's going to be exploding i got 50 help i'm exploding he's going for the action i'm hitting him he missed it i just got a new car it was about to explode pockets are kind of slow so this is kind of difficult yeah honestly josh is open when he's in crap no no no what do you mean op how many


have i gone through uh five i don't know oh it's just me against josh now yes i finally got my revenge on jelly okay uh crainer you gotta do this on your own now is he allowed

new snipers vs cars in fortnite

to use no no yes i am no you're not that's not fair i had to go this entire time dealing with both of you not for you to then suddenly get a boost oh i had a hit i don't think it's going to run out of


anytime soon ready jelly check this out what up what i don't know what just happened yeah i don't know i'm embarrassed now shoot crazy underneath the base you got lucky bitsy brain how tidy is your rocket launcher buddy never mind i'm dead so it's kind of

cool all right let me go get another one this is uh no seriously he keeps getting okay you know what guys if you don't get any more in your round i won't get any okay no that's not fair exactly oh bye rocket buy a rocket okay i will make you proud now all right josh instant hit yeah what do you mean on you right oh my god oh oh i so nearly fell off him already he hit me it's so hard to like do it with two people josh is allowed to use the sniper which uh oh josh you made me

turn around no my car is almost dead already yeah what the heck dude oh look who's going back for a new car i'm sorry now i hit you with a rocket don't even try me the sniper is way too open oh okay okay crane behind you buddy behind you buddy josh oh come on what's all for him jelly watch out oh he backed up into it two three go ah dude i can't hit it i need to stop using it earlier i definitely need to boost earlier oh jay that one hurts me i am about to die i'm about

to die i'm about to die ow where are you going uh my wheels oh josh oh my goodness oh daddy's out i almost hit you josh yeah lucky little guy oh there goes your tire crane i don't need tires wait is that possible i don't know okay jelly's off for another card you don't know how much damage it does i have a good idea it's about 130. it's really op josh and you know it it's really open oh land on the platform uh-oh i'm trying man so crainer what you gotta do

is kind of close you gotta go up and then boost midair oh you gotta boost mid air and then you don't go ass fast oh the rules don't magically change ah dang i wish i wish at least we were allowed to snipe too when we were alone josh that's why the rules don't magically change at this point we're just complaining jelly yeah yeah that's true you sound like a loser look at that he can hit every time with that thing yeah so you better hit me off quick you got oh my god hello

new snipers vs cars in fortnite

no i know i gotta go because i got no health don't hit me oh my god oh my god yes oh my god i also you know i can't shoot that fast come on jelly don't get sniped in the face like i did trying trainer oh it's impossible to control the car on that i feel like it's more awkward for me to just jump over you dude is so ob i've got no help again guys you literally won the first round stop complaining say hello to my little it's the same car jelly look you even hit him no

scope josh yeah what do i do now oh no you are so done why would you park the car upside down you didn't park it like that you're gonna have to run to the cast ellie this is embarrassing yeah it kind of is isn't it it's a lot embarrassing no rules i heard that was embarrassing i have to tell you toss already hit you again uh-huh you see how easy it is with the sniper well then why didn't you sign me imagine it okay just snipe him are you sniping what are you doing look at

this i don't know you're literally you guys already cheated i'm gonna cheat more then create it why don't you keep jumping over it dude you missed a shot can you be quiet jelly as someone who is dead i don't think you have much to say you're embarrassing me how are you gonna hit somebody that's flying huh you can't even hit somebody outstanding still generally i'm amazed that i'm getting so such good hits all right all right now okay all right never mind i

gotta go one more hit one more here you see how easy it is and oh i actually hit him wait what is the damage josh i don't know i didn't see him out come on so lucky did you see i know sculpt him too jelly yeah you did all right he's gonna get a new car he's gonna get into one more time okay okay one more time now one more time you see how it is yeah josh you see how it is well yeah but it's 2v1 when you guys are driving 2v1 no it's not i'm dead well yeah okay i

don't think you guys understand but okay hey another hit have you been able to really he shut out my my tires oh there goes i think one of my ties i'm really good at jumping dude that's why they call me crane of the kangaroo okay we're gonna oh the


are in the way i can't actually get out everybody there's too many


in here to get out come on chris like me all right crainer listen oh whoa kind of begged for that one didn't you i didn't realize it would

destroy my time oh no look at it look at it look at it one more hit one more one right he's dead okay this guy is easy dude i didn't realize it was that easy you got nothing on kangaroo craner okay you know what this is you know what just destroy me oh no oh my god oh my god did you land are you kidding me oh my god here we go jelly i will win this is for you oh is he turning yeah he's coming for me i mean are you crazy it's worth a try i think you're just gonna if you're

gonna keep jumping me then and cheat then you know that's life jumping is nice oh well i mean i'm dead now hey he's dead man there it is we did it jelly we won a round this is rigged that's wrong okay so whoever wins this wins everything wins it all yes sir if you win this you take it home whoa okay i hate this game thank you for watching the video head over to to check out very cool looking merch also click one of the videos on the screen if you want to actually you do

want to do it click a video and enjoy

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Launch Fortnite

Once in the Fortnite Lobby, head to the Discovery game selection screen.

Launch Fortnite

Step 2

Enter Code

Navigate to the Island Code tab and enter the copied Island Code:


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Enter Code

Step 3

Press Play

If your Island Code is valid, then we will display the Island. Press Play to confirm the map, once you are back in the lobby, press play to load the Island.

Press Play


Load Islands In-Game

Alternatively, you can walk up to any featured island in the Welcome Hub and enter the code there. After a brief load time, the game you’re looking for should display.

Load Islands In-Game
Stunters VS Snipers Minigame - GTA V Online Funny Moments - JeromeACE

And what's so cool about them. Don't tell me. You yourself are in jeans all the time. They say your legs are hairy. Who is talking such nonsense.

5 cars snipers vs gta

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From the fact that I am in a place that is not very familiar to me, and that my body is bruised and scarred. From two cruel vices in a row, and the fact that a stranger can see me naked and with bruises and scars, I immediately cried, asking for nothing not to do with me, that I am already obedient and will obey even more.

Being already naked, I myself fell to the floor, and like a cat, guilty, but respecting its owners, rubbed against the feet of its Mistress and Mistress, begging.

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