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Minecraft school map with houses DEFAULT

Are you looking for the best School Maps for Minecraft PE? Here we will provide you with the best school maps in MCPE so far.

The best School Maps for Minecraft PE for free

Rainbow Highschool

This school map for Minecraft PE has a large colourful high school and has a rainbow theme. In this school, there are many different rooms, swimming pools, basketball courts. Colours make the school more interesting and less boring.

The map also includes a rainbow elytra add-on, and mega rainbow enchants add-on to add even more rainbow effects.

Creator: darkdean

MCPE high school map

Read more and download this map here.

School and Town

KamTheBamm created this map for Minecraft Pocket Edition. After that, it took me about 50 hours to change and improve it.


  • Add / change: Schools and all other buildings (Add lights and fix some).
  • Add dormitories to the school.
  • Construction of an apartment building.
  • Move and completely renovate the market.
  • Build a parking lot and a library next to it.
  • Moving theatre and pink houses.
  • Repairing the theatre and building a new restaurant.

Before finally planting another bunch of trees and using / filling (replacing) to change the logs into oak (as well as many other things, I hope everyone likes my map!

Improved by: Rexor03
Creator: KamTheBamm

school maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Read more and download this map here.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Hogwarts is a school for wizards in Harry Potter films and books. There are lots of details as well as beautiful scenes and interesting areas to explore in this maps for Minecraft PE school.

Flying candles and breathing trees are just two of many things in common with movies or books.

This map is created as a creation, but it can be reused to perform many different purposes such as making an epic adventure or a perfect place to immerse different characters.

How to use this map completely depends on your imagination.

Creator: elisha11230

Hogwarts School Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Video trailer

Read more and download this map here.

Highschool – Roleplay World

Are you a big fan of the role-playing game genre? What about in Minecraft? If so, this maps for Minecraft PE school is the best for you.

In this world, there is a school with ten halls, more than 45 classrooms, auditorium and many other things waiting for you to explore.

Credits: Gator1380

School features


  • Parking Lots
  • Cafeteria Patio
  • Tennis + Basketball Courts
  • Stadium (Track, Bleachers, Field, Concession Stands)


  • All Classrooms
  • Commons
  • Media Center
  • Auditorium
  • Gym + Auxiliary Gym
  • Cafeteria
MCPE school map

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Minecraft’s Basics in Education and Learning maps for Minecraft PE school

Welcome to Baldi’s map for Minecraft PE school. Baldi’s School Basics! Here you learn the best subject ever, Math! Your teacher is Baldi, a teacher who loves math and HATES a lot when someone misses a question. Therefore, you will have to be a good student and answer correctly.

Created By:MeninoBendy_Oficial

Original Characters and game by:
Mystman12 (Basically Games, LLC) All Rights Reserved.

Attention! This map works for multiplayer only (One being Baldi and the other is Player).

Read more and download this map here.

More Maps for Minecraft PE School

Or maybe you like the best Redstone Maps for Minecraft PE – Bedrock Edition here.

Sours: https://mcpebox.com/school-maps-for-minecraft-pe-bedrock-edition/

School Maps for Minecraft PE

Here you will find school maps for minecraft pe which can be used for roleplays, catch-up and hide-and-seek or any other time when you need a minecraft school map.

Enjoy life as a minecraft high school student, teacher, or principal. Make new friends and visit fun locations after mcpe school!

Here you will find:

The Magic School map - minecraft universe for magic. The map is an old castle extraordinary detailed with lots of beautiful views and areas to explore. Floating candles and breathing trees are just look quite impressive.

Map Find The Button: School Edition - minigame which includes 10 different levels based on a school theme. Some of the levels include classrooms, cafeterias and others. In each level you will be tasked the mission to find a button hidden somewhere in the level. By clicking the button you will be teleported to the next level where the challenges continue. You can play this map with other players or by yourself.

Modern Minecraft School map wich includes:
A full size auditorium and stage for shows
A grand lobby and foyer
A full size gymnasium and auxiliary gym
A full size Cafeteria
Full size classrooms
A television office, and studio on the left side of the building
A full size workshop

The School and Neighborhood map for Minecraft
This creation includes a small neighborhood, a school, a theater and some other buildings. Its a neat little map to use for role plays or you could try to expand the area with more buildings and maybe turn it into an entire city. Hopefully some of you will find good use for the map whatever you choose to do with it. Its built in a flat world and as a result youre kind of limited in terms of exploration.

Our features:
- one click install
- several screenshots for each minecraft map
- regular updates
- adventure maps
- redstone maps
- creation maps
- no need third party apps such as Blocklauncher, MCPE Master or Toolbox for minecraft pe.

This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines

Sours: https://play.google.com/
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CSC Highschool Roleplay map made for roleplay community to roleplay as, teachers and students. The school has various classrooms from Language Classes to ICT Classes. It also has various sports facilities for students to play in.

Creator: ConSeldCraft

  • csc highschool
  • csc highschool
  • csc highschool

CSC Highschool has various classrooms like Language Class, Science Class, Geography Class, History Class, Arts Class, Math Class, and lastly, ICT Class. All of the classrooms has unique designs and tailored to the classroom.

  • csc highschool
  • csc highschool
  • csc highschool
  • csc highschool
  • csc highschool

This school also consist of facilities such as, an auditorium, looker room, football/soccer field with fences, volleyball court, swimming pool and basketball courts all placed around the campus. The sport facilities are located outside the school buildings and placed in an open environment for the fresh air. Outside there is also statues and greenery to stay green.


More maps to discover in Minecraft PE for you. Download below and Enjoy it:

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Minecraft NOOB vs. PRO vs. HACKER: SCHOOL in Minecraft MAP! (Animation)

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Houses map with minecraft school

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Horse School - Minecraft Marketplace Map Trailer

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