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Also known as lotus, lotus flowers have a very deep religious meaning as well as other spiritual ones. Lotus flowers can symbolize compassion, purity, and even strength. Lotus flowers sometimes grow in the most polluted water but bloom beautifully and still, create beautiful petal flowers.

Lotus flower tattoos are popular among people of Asian descent. In fact, they can even symbolize eternal life. This is because the lotus flower grows in every possible condition. Because the existent of the lotus flower never ends, it is believed to be an eternal creature.

Lotus flower tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body but their most common placements are the foot, the back, or the arms. Lotus flowers have an extensive list of meanings and are usually very personal tattoos.

If you’re looking for a meaningful, beautiful, and realistic lotus flower tattoo that has a deep and important representation, we’ve got you covered. Here below you’ll find the 15 most beautiful lotus flower tattoos as well as some Japanese lotus tattoo to consider.

What Does a Lotus Flower Mean Spiritually?

What Does a Lotus Flower Mean Spiritually

Lotus flowers have different spiritual meanings that are all important and deep. First of all, lotus flowers symbolize peace. In fact, with its beautiful pink color, it simplifies the fact of simply being. Lotus flowers float on the water and are not impacted by what happens in the external world. For this reason, lotus flowers symbolize peacefulness.

Secondly, lotus flowers can also represent wisdom. White lotus flowers represent spiritual wisdom as they have open petals symbolizing mind-opening and its full connection with the world around them. This spiritual meaning is one of the most powerful reasons why people tattoo themselves with a lotus flower.

Moreover, it can also represent courage. Yellow and orange lotus flowers can be compared with the energy of life and fire, and therefore, can represent perseverance as well as bravery.

Furthermore, lotus flowers symbolize compassion. Compassion is certainly a strong and deep meaning and that is why many people choose to get a lotus flower tattoo to emphasize their compassion. Red lotus flowers symbolize love and our heart which open up slowly with them before turning into our full selves.

What Is The Meaning Of Lotus Flower Tattoos?

What Is The Meaning Of Lotus Flower Tattoos

Sure, lotus flowers have strong and deep meanings depending on their colors. However, what is the meaning of tattoos representing them?

Well, lotus flowers also have religious meanings and that’s another reason why people get tattoos representing them. The religions that give the most importance and significance to lotus flowers are Buddhism and Hinduism.

First of all, in Hinduism, the lotus flower blossom is one of the most important spiritual symbols. In fact, it symbolizes divine beauty and purity. In addition, in Hinduism, lotus flowers are associated with the gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Lakshmi, and the opening petals represent the spiritual awakening of the soul.

On the other hand, in Buddhism, lotus flowers are also extremely important. In fact, history states that Buddha was born from a lotus flower. Also, lotus flowers represent the purity of the soul. While this is only a speculation, it is a popular belief that lotus flowers grow in muddy waters and still keep their beauty and, hence, their purity.

Last but not least, the eight petals of lotus flowers symbolize the Eightfold Path, which gives Buddhists a path to follow from the cycle of rebirth to end suffering.

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Where Do You Put A Lotus Flower Tattoo?

Getting a symbolic and meaningful tattoo can be a big event, whether you’re getting a lotus flower tattoo on your shoulder or simply a realistic lotus flower tattoo. For this reason, it’s normal to ask yourself where to put your brand new lotus flower tattoo drawing.

Well, when talking about the placement of the lotus flower tattoo, it is suitable for long and narrow areas on our body such as our thigh, arm, or back. However, on top of that, and as you’ll see below, a lotus flower tattoo drawing can also be placed in other body parts like our fingers, forearm, and even on our neck.

Note that the most popular placement for a realistic lotus flower tattoo is on the arm. In fact, arms are considered the least sensitive spot to get a tattoo and is also one of the coolest parts of the body to place it.

Traditional Lotus Flower Tattoos

Traditional lotus flower tattoos have been a popular choice for many years and for good reasons. Firstly, tattoos are intended to be placed with personal meaning and to last forever. By getting one of these traditional lotus flower tattoos, you’ll remember the value for a very long time as well as keeping a traditional and somewhat conservative look.

Spine Lotus Flower Tattoo

Spine Lotus Flower Tattoo

A lotus flower tattoo on the spine isn’t only a clever placement to choose but it’s also very symbolic. In fact, you’ll be able to hide it at work if needed and to show it off at the beach during summertime.

Needless to say, it can also add style to your back and that’s one of the reasons we find it to be one of the most beautiful lotus flower tattoos.

Buddha And Lotus Flower Tattoo

Buddha And Lotus Flower Tattoo

This Buddha and lotus flower tattoo is some of the most meaningful ones you can consider. As mentioned previously, in Buddhism, it is believed that Buddha was born out of a lotus flower and, therefore, it has a symbolic meaning. Other than that, it is just incredibly beautiful and will suit your back, your legs, or even your thighs.

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Stemmed Lotus Flower Tattoo

Stemmed Lotus Flower Tattoo

Stemmed lotus flower tattoos are another one of the traditional and realistic lotus flower tattoo you should consider. It can be placed anywhere, you can choose a bigger or smaller size, and the stem will certainly make it very unique.

Lotus Flower Tattoo For Men

Men often like their lotus flower tattoo drawing for being unique, for having an important meaning, and also for matching their revival. Flower tattoos were first introduced to sailormen in the 18th century and remained manly since then. Whether colorful or in black, these lotus flower tattoos for men are certainly going to impress you.

Chest Lotus Flower Tattoo

Chest Lotus Flower Tattoo

A chest lotus flower tattoo is one of the most popular lotus flower tattoos for men. It matches a trained body, it can enhance the image of your muscles, and can definitely remind you of its meaning.

Forearm Lotus Flower Tattoo

Forearm Lotus Flower Tattoo

Putting a lotus flower tattoo on your forearm is a delicate yet meaningful choice you can think of. Whether big or small, it is stylish and somewhat sexy which is another thing to consider.

Shoulder Tatoo

Shoulder Tatoo

Just like the chest lotus flower tattoo for men, the shoulder one is a beautiful enhancer for muscles. It can be inked in black or colors and will definitely suit any top you choose to wear. In addition, you’ll certainly look cool at the beach or at the gym while still remembering its powerful meaning.

Realistic Lotus Flower Tattoo

Getting a realistic lotus flower tattoo is the best decision for many people. In fact, they’re usually a simple lotus flower tattoo full of meaning and with a realistic and simple style. Also, both men and women can get it inked on several parts of the body and that’s another reason to choose one of these below.

Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Wrists are a beautiful place to get a realistic lotus flower tattoo and for several reasons. They’re small, they can be hidden easily if needed, and add an elegant touch to its already beautiful meaning. They’re usually a simple lotus flower tattoo will a lot of details.

Ankle Lotus Flower Tattoo

Ankle Lotus Flower Tattoo

Just like the beautiful lotus flower tattoos on the wrists, the ones on the ankle look very realistic and can be easily hidden. Though they can be shown off around town in flip flops or at the beach during the summer holidays and that’s certainly something to consider.

Thigh Lotus Flower

Thigh Lotus Flower

Getting a realistic lotus flower tattoo on your thigh is a great choice if you want to ink a bigger tattoo. Thighs are one of the least painful areas since they have only a few nerve endings and, for this reason, you can get a bigger tattoo with no pain.

Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are some of the oldest ones and are full of colors as well as symbolic meanings. Just like in Buddhism, lotus flowers in Japan are regarded as pure. They grow in dirty water but still bloom into beautiful flowers full of colors.

These Japanese lotus flower tattoos below have a beautiful meaning while still representing the flower and its symbolic enlightenment.

Petals Lotus Flower Tattoo

Petals Lotus Flower Tattoo

The most important part of a lotus flower is the petals. In fact, once lotus flowers bloom, they display colorful petals that symbolize purity and wisdom. Getting a petal lotus flower inked will give that part of your body a beautiful and strong meaning.

Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo

Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are popular for being very colorful, and that’s the reason why this lotus flower tattoo is one of the best you can think of. Whether you get it inked on your armed, on your back, or on your thighs, it is definitely going to please you every day when seeing it.

Traditional Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoo

A traditional style Japanese lotus flower tattoo is the best option if you want a colorful and meaningful tattoo coming straight out of Japanese movies or animes.

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Blackwork Lotus Flower Tattoos

Last but not least in our lotus flower tattoo categories is the blackwork one. Colorful tattoos aren’t the most pleasant for everyone and, for this reason, getting a black and more elegant one is a great alternative.

Whether you want to show it off at work, with your friends, or keep reminded of its representation with an elegant touch, a blackwork lotus flower tattoo is the one you’re looking for.

Moon And Lotus Flower Tattoo

Moon And Lotus Flower Tattoo

Getting a moon and lotus flower tattoo is simply some of the most original and unique ideas you can get inked. It has an important meaning to consider. The moon is the representation of constant change and, combined with a lotus flower, it represents a constant change with purity.

Moreover, it can be tattooed in a small or bigger size which is great to get it anywhere on the back, arms, thighs, ankles, and more.

Heavy Blackwork Lotus Flower Tattoo

Heavy Blackwork Lotus Flower Tattoo

While heavy blackwork can be seen as having a darker side, it is definitely not the case for lotus flower tattoos. These still strongly represent the Hindu and Buddhist meanings of the flower as well as the purity and wisdom. Whether you get it done on the upper or down parts of the body, it will be a great representation of your beliefs.

Neck Lotus Flower Tattoo

Neck Lotus Flower Tattoo

A neck tattoo is similar to a realistic lotus flower tattoo on the spine. However, it is usually smaller to match the upper part of our back. It can be done on both the front and back of our neck and that’s definitely going to give you more style.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Meanings and Styles – Our Conclusion

These were all the most important meanings of lotus flower tattoos that you should know if you’re looking into getting one of them inked. Whether you want to get one for religious reasons, to represent strength, or simply for elegance purposes, you’ll love your new tattoo.

From realistic lotus flower tattoos to traditional ones to the ones for men, these are the best styles we could think of.

If you have a friend or a family member that is looking for some ideas, these lotus flower tattoo drawings are certainly a good option, so make sure to share this article with them.

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31 Lotus Flower Tattoos To Help You Find Your Zen

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Spine Lotus Flower

Spine tattoos are a great idea for lotus flowers, as they allow you to add a lot of delicate detailing. "I love when lotus is centered/focused around our chakra locations such as the heart solar plexus or sacral area. Whether that be front or the back, the center of our torsos is a great placement to embody balance for the lotus," says Randell. 

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Orange Lotus Flower

According to Ainsworth, minimal, fine line lotus designs seem to be very popular, as well as small micro-realism lotus designs. But hyper-saturated, over-the-top lotus flowers are stunning in their own right. Orange or red ink is a great alternative to basic black if you’re looking to make your tattoo pop.

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Realistic Lotus Flower

This lotus tattoo was done in a realistic style, aided by the gradual shading and close details (like the stamens in the middle). The black outlines stand in contrast to the shading, and the petals are drawn in a way that suggests movement.

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Triangle and Lotus Flower

If you want to make your lotus flower tattoo feel personalized, add different elements to customize it. This one has a geometric background with vertical lines and circle detailing.

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Bold-Lined Lotus Flower

This takes the basic lotus flower tattoo idea and adds a bit of simple flair to make it seem like a more intricate design. The flower is highlighted as the center of the ink, but the decoration makes it feel more designed. "If you decide to go for a symmetrical design, then I would advise picking a fairly symmetrical part of the body: forearm, tricep (above the elbow), back of ankle, sternum, or chest," says Ainsworth.

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Ankle Lotus Flower

This tattoo is a minimal design, but the tapered and delicately rounded petals make it feel realistic. The simplicity of the outline makes it pop, and its placement above the ankle would stand out with pants.

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Finger Lotus Flower

Prefer a smaller reminder of a lotus flower? This finger tattoo is simple enough not to overwhelm the small space but bold enough to be interesting.

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Stemmed Lotus Flower

A lotus flower doesn’t have to float on its own. Utilize negative space in your design by adding a long, slender stem (and a small leaf, if you’d like)—the contrast will instantly make your tattoo feel dainty.

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Egyptian Lotus

The Egyptian lotus tattoo is based on the Sacred Blue Lotus of the Nile, which is referenced a lot in ancient Egyptian culture. Their petals are a little thinner and more pointed. "Not only are they such a beautiful flower, but they were also seen amongst ancient royalty, in art with deities such as Osiris, and even used in burials," Randell says. Lotus flowers are also said to have some healing powers for certain conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. 

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Hindu Lotus Flower

This lotus flower design mimics a Hindu design style with the dotted lines and the shape of the petals. This makes sense, considering the lotus flower is related to several Hindu gods, so it’s religiously significant.  

Before getting a lotus flower tattoo, you can find out what a lotus design means in different cultures and religions to make sure it’s in keeping with your idea. Even if you’re getting a lotus design for purely aesthetic reasons, it’s still very important to research the design and make sure you’re happy with the style you’re going for.

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Elemental Lotus Flower

Align your lotus flower tattoo with the elements by getting their geometric symbols inked around the flora. By keeping the design basic and using the same line thickness for every part of the design, the tattoo feels minimal and chic.

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Buddha And Lotus Flower

The lotus flower isn’t just a beautiful thing to look at; in Buddhism, it holds significance as a symbol of purity and beauty. Connect the flower and the religion by getting a small Buddha tattooed right next to the flora.

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Thin-Lined Lotus Flower

Lotus flower tattoos can be full of detail, like this design. Although the outlines are thin and light—as if they were drawn with a pencil—the differing opaqueness and petal detailing make this ink feel realistic.

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Dotted Lotus Flower

Add some detail to an otherwise simple lotus flower tattoo with simple dots above the design. It adds a bit of interest to simple lines and makes for ink that feels more minimal than basic.

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Fingernail Lotus Flower

Love the idea of tattoos but want something a little less permanent? This lotus flower tattoo was inked directly onto the fingernail. It’s an almost painless process and grows out with your nail.

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3D Lotus Flower

Give your lotus flower tattoo a realistic look with thin line detailing on the petals and the addition of stamen in the center of the design. The contrasting darkness of different areas also gives the illusion of light on the 2D ink.

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Back Of The Arm Lotus Flower

"The tricep (above the elbow) is a popular placement but not just for lotus designs, [for] small tattoos in general," says Ainsworth. A lotus flower tattoo on the back of the arm is meant to be seen outwardly by the world rather than by the person getting the ink, emphasizing its importance to everyone. The overlapping lines and dots add elements of design.

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Armband Lotus Flower

Instead of a simple flower, why not incorporate the lotus flower into an armband of sorts? This design uses the entire width of the forearm, making it seem like part of the body. The mirroring of the lotus flower makes it feel balanced as well.

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Shaded Lotus Flower

Add color to a lotus flower tattoo with a shaded effect. This design uses just one color (black) , but the lighter hues and simple outlining make it appear almost three-dimension.

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Multi-Shade Lotus Flower

Instead of adding a singular color, opt to get outlines done in a darker shade of the hue rather than black. This makes it feel more artistic, as does the additional shading on the petals and below the flower. Or ask your artist to use various shades, for a watercolor effect. "Watercolor is a difficult technique, which you should only trust someone to do if they have lots of experience in this style. Generally, color can take a long time and therefore could be more expensive than other designs with no shading, color, or details," says Ainsworth.

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Blackwork Lotus Flower

Want a blackwork lotus flower, but don’t want it to look simple? This ink adds inner lines, light shading, and varying thickness of outlines to give whimsical detail to the larger overall design.

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Colorful Lotus Flower

Just because a tattoo is colored in doesn’t mean it can’t have dimension. By using different shades of the same hue, the flower gains a realistic sense of light, dark, and shape. "If you decide to go for a more organic design that looks more like a real lotus, then your artist should be able to make it flow and sit well on almost any placement you choose," says Ainsworth.

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Cartoonish Lotus Flower

A small tattoo with a bold black outline and lighter color tends to pop because of its bold appearance. The gradient from dark to light blue gives it a cartoonish but fun effect.

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Whimsical Back Lotus Flower

Add a bit of whimsy to a back lotus flower tattoo with swirling details and thick dot shading. The flower feels more cartoony than realistic, and the location makes it intimate.

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Geometric Lotus Flower

This lotus flower design takes the flora and breaks it down to its simplest shapes. By creating the flower out of a number of petal-shaped elements that show their intersection, a geometric element is added to the minimal design.

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Multi-Style Lotus Flower

Add some angles to your lotus flower by going with a design that blends whimsy with traditional mandala design. Although the petals are inked in their classic shape with a watercolor effect, the lines over the top create the basic shapes of the design.

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Delicate Lotus Flower

Using very delicate outlines, this lotus flower tattoo appears delicate, as if touching the ink would crumple the design. The thick petals contrast against the thin stem.

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Mulberry Lotus

Mulberry is a deep magenta pink and a nice way to get creative over black and red tattoos. This color also matches the vibrant and positive lotus flower symbolism. 

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Abstract Lotus Flower

Just because the design is of a lotus flower doesn’t mean it has to look realistic. This ink takes the general shape of the flora and translates it into abstract squiggles. The slight white detailing makes it pop and defines the sketch-like vibe of the tattoo.

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Chest Lotus Flower

The overlapped petals and the variety of thicker and finer lines make this a unique lotus flower design. "There are an unlimited amount of lotus tattoo variations which can be created," says Ainsworth. "There is no reason to copy another artist’s work or somebody’s personal design."

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Cleavage Lotus Flower

The curly line decorations and dots give an artsy vibe to this chest lotus flower tattoo. Although it's a small design, its vertical details make it noticeable.

Sours: https://www.byrdie.com/lotus-flower-tattoo-4769252
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Lotus flower tattoo designs have a deep meaning. They not only represent beauty and grace but also represent hardship and struggles. A lotus blooms in mud thus showing that we can find good even in evil. Buddhism and Hinduism give a lot of preference to the flowers of lotus.

Whether you want a lotus flower tattoo due to spiritual reason or just because you find them attractive, I would always suggest trying a simple version. Here we picked 50 best lotus flower tattoos designs for men and women –

blue lotus tattoo

1. Many Indian gods are seen holding lotus flower in their hand. You can try a tattoo of Indian gods with a lotus flower in their hands.

white lotus tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo

red lotus tattoo

flower tattoo outline

purple lotus tattoo

tiger lotus tattoo

2. One perfect place to try tattoo of lotus is right on the mid-section of the stomach like this.
Black And Grey Lotus Flower Tattoo

3. Some artist ink lotus tattoos in the style of mandala. Here is one design that pays homage to the mandala tattoos on thigh.
Black And White Lotus Flower Tattoo

4. Small and simple Lotus flower tattoos have their own elegance and charm. You can try such designs on wrist or neck.
Blue Lotus Flower Tattoo

5. I bet you will fall in love with a lotus watercolor tattoo due to its beauty. In fact, every watercolor flower tattoo is amazing.
Buddhist Lotus Flower Tattoos

6. Ancient Egyptians considered lotus to be the first flower of the universe. So if you try an ancient Egyptian style lotus outline tattoo then it would be a cool idea too.
Colored Lotus Flower Tattoo

7. In my opinion lotus drawing tattoos turn out to be way cooler than colorful lotus tattoos.
Egyptian Lotus Flower Tattoos

8. Geometrical lotus tattoos are also unique designs. But For this you have to opt for the outline version.
Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo

9. As Lotus plays an important role in Indian culture, so it would be impressive to try a lotus tiny tattoo in Indian rangoli style.
Henna Lotus Flower Tattoo

10. You can try a lotus sleeve tattoo as well but for this, you either have to add another flower or a bunch of more lotus tattoos.
Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoo

11. People often search for Japanese lotus tattoo designs but what they don’t know is that it is incomplete without a koi fish tattoo. This is because both Lotus flower and koi fish represent hardship.
Koi Fish Lotus Flower Tattoo

12. If you are looking for a small lotus tattoos then here is a creative idea – Try it on heels like this. It is said that lotus gives the power to fly (Acc. To Hinduism).
Lotus Flower Ankle Tattoo

13. Can you find any better lotus arm tattoo design then this? I loved this design so much.
Lotus Flower Arm Tattoo

14. Placement can really make your lotus henna tattoo awesome. For example this extra ordinary lotus tattoo is made even better by inking It on middle of back.
Lotus Flower Back Tattoo

15. Buddhism too gives a lot of importance to the lotus. Here is a tattoo design where Buddha is shown sitting on Lotus flower (Just like Lord Vishnu).
Lotus Flower Buddhist Tattoo

16. Here is another lotus Japanese tattoo where the artist added two koi fishes around the collar bone and the flower on the middle of the chest.
Lotus Flower Chest Tattoo

17. You can wear a lotus geometric tattoo just like jewellery. For example the girl here is wearing it like an anklet.
Lotus Flower Foot Tattoo

18. This lotus neo-traditional tattoo on back of this girl is actually hard to do. Only experienced artist can pull off such design.
Lotus Flower Mandala Tattoo

19. As Lotus represent struggles, so a cool idea would be to add a motivational quote like this.
Lotus Flower Mandala Tattoos

20. Both lotus and feather are considered very light in weight. Trying them both in one design (around the neck) would represent that you are lifting yourself above from desires.
Lotus Flower Neck Tattoo

21. As Lotus is most frequently mentioned flower in Hindu vedas, so a good idea would be to ink some hindu symbols along with it.
Lotus Flower Om Tattoo

22. Simple lotus tattoos also have deep meaning. They represent that you seek the truth of this world and do not find yourself caught up in the non-sense affairs.
Lotus Flower Outline Tattoo

23. This is one of the most perfectly placed lotus rib cage tattoo that you will ever see.
Lotus Flower Rib Tattoo

24. Showing a blooming lotus with pollen grain in middle will represent that you have finally found victory over your struggles.
Lotus Flower Shoulder Tattoo

25. As Lotus rises in mud, so one thing you can do is showing a blooming lotus flower in your tattoo design.
Lotus Flower Side Tattoo

26. Here Bodhi style lotus black and white tattoo where the artist tried to represent self-awareness.
Lotus Flower Tattoo Black And White

27. This traditional chandelier style lotus tattoo is actually inked to denote the spirituality of the person.
Lotus Flower Tattoo Cover Up

28. If you show the petals of lotus in all directions like this then this means that you believe in equality and love everyone.
Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

29. This lotus half sleeve tattoo is inspired from the famous lotus flower of Lord Vishnu.
Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning

30. An Indian lotus design like this will denote that you believe in simplicity and you know your roots.
Lotus Flower Tattoo Men

31. A cool idea would be to show spiral around the lotus flower to denote the whole universe.
Lotus Flower Tattoo On Shoulder

32. Traditional lotus tattoos will also look amazing.
Lotus Flower Tattoo Sleeve

33. Adding two circles around your tattoo design will show that you want to connect yourself to the world on a spiritual level.
Lotus Flower Tattoo Wrist

34. Here is a lotus symmetrical tattoo design where the artist showed a good work of black and grey color.
Lotus Flower Tattoos On Back

35. Most people don’t think out of the box. If you want a unique and different design then try this foot tattoo.
Lotus Flower Tattoos On Foot

36. This is lotus mehndi tattoo design. it is common to try henna tattoos in Indian sub-continent.
Lotus Flower Temporary Tattoo

37. Look at this lotus henna tattoo which will surely fade away but will gain a lot of love and affection.
Lotus Flower Thigh Tattoo

38. If you place a tattoo on your back then it will represent your ideology where you consider that god accept you the way you are.
Meaning Of A Lotus Flower Tattoo

39. A beautiful picture of tattoo of lotus flower that shows the impressive white ink work too.
Pictures Of Lotus Flower Tattoos

40. This can be tried as a cover up tattoo design.
Pink Lotus Flower Tattoos

41. Instead of trying lotus tattoo in traditional color why not show it in your favourite color.
Purple Lotus Flower Tattoo

42. 3d lotus tattoos are rarely tried but they can be a sight to see.
Realistic Lotus Flower Tattoo

43. Here it shows a yin and yang style flower tattoo. The artist used pink and black ink gracefully.
Red Lotus Flower Tattoo

44. This lotus is simple and tiny tattoo on wrist.It is one of the most common design.
Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo

45. Here is another lotus flower small tattoo on side wrist which can be hid whenever wished.
Small Lotus Flower Tattoo

46. Lotus mandala tattoo are adorable but can you try them in small size? Yes.
Tiny Lotus Flower Tattoo

47. A detailed lotus tribal tattoo design will surely look great on back.
Tribal Lotus Flower Tattoo

48. Are those musical notes added with the lotus tattoo?
Unalome Lotus Flower Tattoo

49. This splash of lotus in tattoo style will surely look unrecognizable in few weeks.
Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

50. A lotus white ink tattoo is cool idea if you are trying a minimal tattoo design.
White Lotus Flower Tattoo

So which lotus flower tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?

Sours: https://tattoosboygirl.com/lotus-flower-tattoos/
Top 15 lotus tattoos For Women (Black \u0026 Grey Style) Suitable for Indian Skin.

The lotus flower is a thing of beauty, shining bright as a beautiful symbol of personal growth. Lotus flowers are bright pink and deep red, however many choose to have them inked in grayscale if pink or red is not appropriate. Their gradually opening flower is truly something to behold, and they go well with other tattoos.

Flowers are a popular choice of design for tattoos, and a lotus flower tattoo design is particularly eye-catching. The beauty of a lotus flower tattoo design is that it will look amazing in practically any location on the body, and can be as big or as small as you want it. From a huge lotus flower back tattoo, to a small design on the inner wrist, these tattoos make beautiful and meaningful additions to any body art. They also suit bright, bold colors as well as simple black and gray, so you can fit a lotus flower tattoo in with whatever theme or personal taste you prefer.

A lotus flower tattoo is not just a design that’s attractive to look at, as in addition the lotus flower has a deeply spiritual meaning.  It’s an important symbol in Buddhism, and represents enlightenment, purification and faith, as in nature the lotus flower blooms from the depths of muddy waters, and the stage that the lotus flower is at in terms of growth represents the Buddhist’s level of enlightenment. The color of the lotus flower is also important in the Buddhist religion, so why not try a design in one of these colors?

lotus flower tattoo design finger
amazing lotus flower tattoo design
cool Lotus Flower Tattoo
couple Lotus Flower Tattoo
lotus flower tattoo design 65
Lotus Flower Tattoo 678
lotus flower tattoo design 7


black Lotus Flower Tattoo 9.Lotus Flower Tattoo 67 10.Lotus Flower Tattoo back 11.lotus flower tattoo design 4 12.

lotus flower tattoo design 78



White Lotus Flower

A white flower represents sacred perfection and intellectual purity, so if you think this best characterizes you then try a lotus flower design in white ink over a darker color ink. Do your research first, as some tattoo artists may not have used white ink before so you should make sure that they have experience.

Red Lotus Flower


15. A red flower represents love and compassion, and a lotus flower design in bright, bold red really stands out as a fabulous tattoo.

Blue Lotus Flower



17. A blue flower represents enlightenment through knowledge and intellect, so would look awesome as part of a larger piece. The natural colors and shading of the leaves really allows the flower to take center stage. the surroundings of this tattoos commands you to focus on the beautiful blue flower and diamond.

Pink Lotus Flower


18. A pink flower represents the greatest qualities of Buddha, and will look super feminine and delicate as a tattoo for a woman. the variations of pink allow this piece to come to life.

Purple Lotus Flower



lotus flower tatoo12

21. A purple flower represents mysticism, and the vivid color of the petals will look dazzling in contrast to a yellow inner heart.

Lotus Flower on Water

In Hinduism the lotus flower is also a very important spiritual symbol, and like in Buddhism its ability to surface from murky waters also characterizes spiritual rebirth. Choosing your design to include water as a background not only looks fantastic, it also gives a deeper spiritual meaning to your tattoo. As lotus flowers are water flowers, a design of a flower or number of flowers on water is a well-established choice, and if you’re going for blue-colored waves then you can select a great contrasting color for the lotus flower itself; red, pink, orange or yellow would all look great.

Matching Lotus Flowers

In Chinese culture the lotus flower stands for love, trust and harmony between two people, so having matching lotus flower tattoos with a loved-one could be a very special way of cementing your relationship. You could also have a matching pair tattooed on yourself, for example on either side of the stomach; to symbolize the meaning another person has to you.

lotus-tattoo ideas
lotus-tattoo on foot


lotus rib tattoos 29.22-lotus-tattoo 30.back-lotus-tattoo 31.men-lotus-tattoo 32.Japanese-Lotus-Flower-Tattoo-hip 33.Lotus-flower-tattoo 34.shoulder-lotus-tattoo

Open Lotus Flower

A tattoo of a lotus flower traditionally shows each of the many petals of the flower open, displaying the delicate heart, but you can choose to have a lotus flower bud or a half closed flower if you prefer.




38.lotus flower tattoo design hindu 39.lotus flower tattoo designLotus Flower Tattoo wow 40. This is a really painful spot to get a tattoo. with all of the bone and lack of muscle, you would feel the needle rattle your bones for sure. This tattoo is wonderfully symmetrical and the detail on the pedals really bring it all together. this tattoo artist did a great job of bringing out the beauty of a flower while keeping the piece black and grey.

white ink lotus flower tattoo design

41. White ink is becoming more and more popular but has yet to catch on with the main stream tattoo lovers. This piece was done beautifully and demonstrates the right way to use white ink. This piece really captures the beauty of a flower by being subtle yet beautiful.


Japanese Design

Lotus flowers look great as part of a larger, Japanese style design, either with other flowers and plants or on a backdrop of waves or clouds. Japanese dragon tattoos look amazing and powerful with some strategically placed lotus flowers as a background, and would look perfect as a full- or half-sleeve tattoo.

Whether you choose a lotus flower tattoo purely for aesthetic reasons or to demonstrate deeper, more spiritual side, the different options for the final design are countless, as these marvelous designs show.


Sours: https://www.tattooeasily.com/25-awesome-lotus-flower-tattoo-designs/

Flower side on lotus tattoo

155+ Trendy Lotus Flower Tattoos That You Don’t Want to Miss

Padma or best known as the lotus flower is a sacred symbol of the Asian culture. It plays a major role in Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. An aquatic plant, the lotus flower petals implies the soul’s expansion, which represents the divine beauty and purity. The gods Vishnu, Brahma and Kubera, and the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati, are often associated with the sacred flower.

The 11th-century Confucian scholar Zhou Dunyi once said: “I love the lotus because while growing from mud, it is unstained.” It is believed that the lotus flower symbolizes the purity of the body, speech, and mind.

Religious symbols have been one of the most popular tattoo designs and many people love to have the sacred lotus inked on their skin.

Despite dire judgments from others, tattoos have remarkable designs that you can choose from. Whether you want simple designs or the complex ones, there are tons of exquisite options out there that are waiting for you. There are people that are nitpicky when it comes to deciding on what tattoo design they would want to wear, especially that it’s permanent.

We know that getting a tattoo is a lifelong decision. It’s not just something that you can easily get rid of when the day comes that you feel like it’s not the thing that you want. So it’s important that you know what you want. But we know it’s not easy. It’s tricky, especially when you have a lot of things on your mind.

No worries though. We have collected different lotus flower tattoos that you can choose from if you plan to get an ink soon. These designs were carefully chosen for your ease. Relax. We have a long list for you so there’s nothing to worry about!

1. Outlined lotus with dot and line work

This design is ideal for anyone looking for a simple lotus flower tattoo on the wrist. But if you want it colored, the sacred flower can go with anything.


2. Om symbol

The Om symbol means the epitome of the ultimate reality. It gets more sacred when the tattoo design is matched with the lotus flower. They’re all black, but they’re so chic!

3. Colored lotus flower tattoos

A multi-colored tattoo design accentuated with Mandala, which is also a spiritual symbol that represents the universe. This takes a lot of hard work, but it’s all worth it.

4. 3D effect

3D effect tattoo designs are famous these days and having it on a lotus flower tattoo is breathtaking. This design is a massive one, which is great for those that are in search of bold and big designs on the back of their shoulders.

5. Dot work

Lotus flower tattoos look great on the back, especially with a dot work.

6. Full black

This intricate tattoo design of a lotus flower is just perfect and gorgeous on the arm.

7. Colorful lotus flower tattoos

This multi-colored tattoo design adds more vibrancy to your skin.

8. Extended lotus tattoo

A longer lotus flower tattoo fits well on a foot.

9. Small tattoo

This outlined and simple design is great for the small tattoo collectors.

10. Chandelier-inspired tattoo

The tattoo design is perfect on the back because of its chandelier inspiration. The different vibrant colors look stunning too.

11. Watercolor

Watercolor effect tattoos are absolutely beautiful. They are so famous these days. What makes this design unique is the addition of the Latin words “Memento Mori,” which means “remember that you have to die.” It is the “medieval Latin Christian theory and practice of reflection on mortality.”

12. Defined tattoo

If you want a more defined lotus flower tattoo, this design is just right. It’s bigger and looks stunning on the stomach.

13. Dot work tattoo with chandelier inspiration

The dot work on this tattoo design is magnificent, and the addition of the chandelier effect gives it a touch of elegance.

14. Full petals

This is another outlined tattoo design. It looks very modest, but it’s huge.

15. Lotus flower with a wide outline

If you need a bigger tattoo for your thigh, this design is great. With its thick outline and watercolor background, you’ll never go wrong.

16. Defined lotus flower bud

The color combination of this tattoo design is vibrant. Ideal for those that are in search of a colored lotus tattoo.

17. Minimalist

Very simple tattoo design, yet classy and unobtrusive. It can be inked anywhere on the body depending on where you want people to see it. Lotus flowers are always trendy!


18. Dream catcher

So instead of a dream catcher tattoo alone, the lotus flower is more expressive when it’s combined with the former. It’s catchy and classy.

19. Rainbow

If you’re part of the LGBTQ, or you simply want a multi-colored tattoo, this design suits you best.

20. Modest

It’s pure black ink, but a back tattoo with the lotus flower might be the design that you’re looking for.

21. Long petals

Lotus flowers may look shorter when they appear in the water, but they naturally have longer petals. It is even believed that the sacred flower’s thousand petals are the resting place of the Asian deities.

22. A low key

This is another minimalist tattoo design, and it’s certainly perfect on your hand if you’re a small tattoo collector.

23. Unobtrusive

This is another simple, but classy tattoo design that fits everywhere in the body. They said simplicity is pretty, so you may want to pick this for your next tattoo.

24. Flashy

The color, the 3D effect, and the boldness of this tattoo design is unbelievably vibrant. It’s huge and it’s great on the back.

25. Spiral

An extended lotus flower through a spiral design is something that anyone can choose, especially for those that only wants a modest tattoo design.

26. Black and white

For those that are in search of a black and white tattoo design, this is already the ideal one.

27. Pink

“Shake the dust” with this cute tattoo design. Girls will definitely love this.

28. Lotus flower with beads

In case you’re looking for a bigger tattoo, this is quite huge and will definitely fit on nay part of your body – arm in particular. The beads make it look longer too.

29. Simple Lotus

For anyone looking for a small tattoo design and can be easily hidden, this is a good inspiration for you. It’s simple, yet clever.

30. Lotus flower top view

Here’s a top view design of a lotus flower tattoo. If you want a massive one, this size is perfect on your back. Otherwise, you can ask your artist to reduce the size if you like it smaller than this one.

31. Triple

If lotus flowers are your favorite, and can’t get off them, get a full back tattoo of the sacred flower. Whether it’s plain black or multi-colored, everything remains beautiful.

32. Om symbol in shadow work

Both designs are meaningful. They can go far if they are matched as a tattoo design. The shadow work on this designs is really good. Although it’s black, the design can be colored too.

33. Chandelier

Watercolor designs are definitely attractive. The combined colors of this tattoo are stunning you may want to get this on your next ink. Those pretty intricate chandeliers are fine too.

34. Black outlined

A cute lotus flower tattoo design is great enough on the arm. It’s plain black, but for those that want it colored, it will look even better.

35. Tiny

If you plan to get an ink on your fingers, this tattoo design is just the right thing. It’s too small it will absolutely fit your long fingers.

36. Lotus flower with line work

An intricate tattoo design created with awesome line work is absolutely beautiful. Even without colors, this lotus flower is lovely beyond words.

37. Tiny tattoo with blackwork

Here’s a different lotus flower tattoo design for the finger. It’s minimalist and pretty at the same time.

38. Lotus flower arm tattoo with dot work

Another arm tattoo design is leading on the list of lotus flower ink. The fine dot work, as well as the shadows, look like they were carefully done.

39. Black outlined

This lotus flower tattoo itself is very simple. The vibrant watercolor background though makes it more lively, but even without the backdrop, it’s still gorgeous.

40. A bright colored lotus

The real lotus flower already has a dynamic color, but there people that want their tattoo to be more lively and sharp.

41. Lotus flower black and white tattoo

Whether it’s colored or black and white, the lotus flower remains appealing as a tattoo design. If you plan to get on your wrist, this design is perfect.

42. Black lotus with chandelier

If you find the lotus flower dreary when it’s inked alone, an addition of a chandelier tattoo design will add vibrancy.

43. Pink

This is another pink tattoo design. It’s girly and simple, but very classy it can be worn anywhere in the body.

lotus-flower-tattoo44. Mandala lotus flower tattoos

For anyone in search of lotus flower tattoo, but wants to add a touch of the Mandala, this design is just the right thing for you. The black ink is really pretty on this design.

45. A huge and plump lotus flower

If you have a lot of space anywhere else on your body to place your ink, this tattoo design of a lotus flower is unbelievably striking. The combination of black, pink and orange colors are absolutely stunning.

46. Sharp black lotus

If you’re into black ink, a tattoo design like this is ideal not just on the back, but also in any other parts of the body. Black tattoos always bring elegance.

47. Blue

It’s pretty cool when you get a colorful ink on your back. But what’s more stunning is when it’s huge and bold. This tattoo design might be the one you have been looking for.

48. Symbolic

The Om symbol. compass and more sitting on one colorful lotus flower are the tattoo design that anyone might want to opt-in for their planned tattoo session.

49. Extended lotus

There is always something amazing on extended tattoos. It’s not just because they look longer, but it’s the addition of designs that make it more exciting. That cute little sprout in this tattoo design is really pretty.

50. All black extended

We understand that lotus flowers are beautiful, especially when they’re colored as a tattoo design. But if an extended tattoo in all black ink is placed on your back, there’s nothing really prettier than this.

51. Multi-colored

This tattoo design is another outstanding work of art. It’s very conspicuous and great for anyone looking for a more notorious design won’t go off anyone’s list.

52. Pretty in a black

The lotus flower alone is already incredible as a back tattoo design, but the addition of the dot work as well as small designs are fascinating. The sacred flower looks prettier in here!

53. Colorful lotus flower

Having a multi-colored lotus flower tattoo can be tricky because of plenty of available designs out there. But getting this flower as your tattoo with massive petals is extremely wild. They look pretty sharp!

54. Blazing

Combining the purple, yellow, and orange colors in a lotus flower tattoo is absolutely bright and lively. But if you want it more unique than the usual colored lotus flower, that blazing design on top will do the honor.

55. Orange lotus flower on the shoulder

This design is beautifully arranged on a shoulder. It may look feminine, but we know that flowers are unisex. Both genders can get his tattoo design. Those orange petals are so pretty!

lotus-flower-tattoo56. Infinity

For the small tattoo collectors, a lotus flower with the infinity symbol can do wonders. It’s perfect on your wrist. But they will look pretty everywhere in your body.

57. All black dot work

I know a few tattoo artists that can do amazing dot work. This one right here is beautiful enough especially on the back. The dot work might be a tedious one, but the outcome is unbelievably amazing.

58. Grey-finished lotus flower tattoo

Lotus flower tattoos are not just pretty in black or multicolors, but they look lovely in grey too.

59. Orange with black accent

I never imagined that black and orange tattoo would take my breath away. It’s pretty big, but it looks brilliant.

60. Black lotus flower wrist tattoo

We are aware that there’s not much space on our wrists for big tattoos, but smaller ones will do. Here’s another black lotus flower design if you want a simple design.

61. Purple Lotus flower tattoos

Are you a purple lover? Getting a purple lotus flower tattoo with an addition of a purple butterfly will definitely make you call your tattoo artist right now.

62.  Dragonfly Lotus

If butterflies love the lotus flowers, dragonflies feel it too! Here’s another amazing work of a lotus flower tattoo paired with a colorful dragonfly this time. The shadow work in this design is remarkable too.

63. Blue backdrop

A more unique way of a lotus flower tattoo design is to add a backdrop in any color of your choosing. The blue background of this design puts emphasis on the sacred flower. It’s pretty colorful!

64. Bluer than blue

This is another blue color of a lotus flower tattoo. People love this color as it signifies the oceans. Since the lotus flower is an aquatic plant, the blue color makes it more realistic. It’s amazing.

65. 3d Lotus Flower Tattoos

The red color is always sharp and lively, and it certainly looks wonderful on a lotus flower. The 3D effect makes it look like it’s real and alive. Kodus to this design’s tattoo artist.

66. Buddha

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

Siddhārtha Gautama or best known as Gautama Buddha, whose teachings and doctrines became the foundation of Buddhism, has been also popular as a tattoo design to this date. The lotus flower also represents Buddhism. The Buddha sitting on top of the sacred flower speaks everything. Asian deities are also represented seated on the lotus flower. A myth is known that the lotus flowers bloomed wherever Gautama Buddha walks and steps in.

67. Black wash

Arm tattoos have a lot of elegant designs that you can mull over for your next ink. But a lotus flower might do well, and if you love the black color, this design is perfect for you. The tattoo artist did a great job in syndicating the black color with the light pink ink.


Sours: https://www.inkme.tattoo/lotus-flower-tattoo/
Trendy Lotus Flower Tattoos That You Don’t Want to Miss - Flower Tattoo - Tattoo Ideas For Women

Spine Tattoo with Pink Lotus Flowers Design.

Floral tattoos are always very popular among women. Today, we are talking and sharing tons of pretty lotus flower tattoos with you!

Lotus tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs out there not only for its very beautiful appearance, but also for its symbolic and rich meanings behind as well. The lotus flower has many different meanings based on any one of a number of factors, religion, the way the lotus is depicted (open, closed, partially open) and the color. Lotus flowers with different colors, like white, blue, purple, pink and red, all have unique and specific meanings.

White lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment, mental, purity, perfection and spiritual. White lotus flowers are also called the Flower of the Buddhas. The blue lotus represents knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. Purple lotus symbolize an homage to Buddhist deities when depicted in a cup or on a platter, and it symbolizes a mystic view of the religion and spirituality. The red lotus is the Heart Lotus. It symbolizes love, compassion, passion, and other emotions of the heart. The pink lotus is the lotus of the Buddha himself and represent the history of the Buddha, Buddhism, and the tales of Buddhism.

Here are 55 pretty lotus tattoo designs for your inspiration. Take a look and give your favorite one a try!

Lotus Tattoo with Jewels Back Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo with Jewels Back Tattoo.

Small Lotus Tattoo on Arm for Women

Small Lotus Tattoo on Arm for Women.

Black and Gray Dotwork Lotus Tattoo

Black and Gray Dotwork Lotus Tattoo.

Geometric Lotus Tattoo on Side

Geometric Lotus Tattoo on Side.

Blue and Black Lotus Sleeve Tattoo Design

Blue and Black Lotus Sleeve Tattoo Design.

Tiny Lotus Tattoo on Arm for Girls

Tiny Lotus Tattoo on Arm for Girls.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Design

Lotus Flower Tattoo Design.

Unalome and Lotus Flower Tattoo

Unalome and Lotus Flower Tattoo.

Beautiful Lotus on Spine Tattoo Design

Beautiful Lotus on Spine Tattoo Design.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Under Breast

Lotus Flower Tattoo Under Breast.

Lotus Flower and Triangle Tattoo on Arm

Lotus Flower and Triangle Tattoo on Arm.

Stunning Lotus and Elephant Tattoo Design for Men

Stunning Lotus and Elephant Tattoo Design for Men.

Hippie Indie Watercolor Lotus Tattoo Design

Hippie Indie Watercolor Lotus Tattoo Design.

Cute Small Lotus Flower on Upper Back

Cute Small Lotus Flower on Upper Back.

Lotus Flower & Dream Catcher Tattoo

Lotus Flower and Dream Catcher Tattoo.

Simple Lotus Tattoo on Collar Bone

Simple Lotus Tattoo on Collar Bone.

Tiny Lotus Finger Tattoo for Girls

Tiny Lotus Finger Tattoo for Girls.

Small White Ink Lotus Tattoo on Foot

Small White Ink Lotus Tattoo on Foot.

Simple Lotus Flower on Back Tattoo Design

Simple Lotus Flower on Back Tattoo Design.

Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder.

Purple Lotus Flower with Green Leaves Tattoo on Sleeve

Purple Lotus Flower with Green Leaves Tattoo on Sleeve.

Arm Tattoo with Watercolor Lotus Flower Design

Arm Tattoo with Watercolor Lotus Flower Design.

Lotus Flower Ankle Tattoo for Girls

Lotus Flower Ankle Tattoo for Girls.

Lotus Flower Outline Wrist Tattoo

Lotus Flower Outline Wrist Tattoo.

Ankle Tattoo with a Tiny Lotus

Ankle Tattoo with a Tiny Lotus.

Intricate Black and Grey Mandala Lotus Tattoo

Intricate Black and Grey Mandala Lotus Tattoo.

Red Lotus Flower Tattoo Deisgn for Women

Red Lotus Flower Tattoo Deisgn for Women.

Lotus Mandala Pattern Tattoo

Lotus Mandala Pattern Tattoo.

Lotus Flowers Tattoo on Spine

Lotus Flowers Tattoo on Spine.

Lotus Tattoo Dot Work

>Lotus Tattoo Dot Work.

Lotus Flower on Upper Back for Women

Lotus Flower on Upper Back for Women.

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Back

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Back.

Beautiful Red Lotus Flower Tattoo on Side Body

Beautiful Red Lotus Flower Tattoo on Side Body.

Mandala Lotus Flower on The Forearm

Mandala Lotus Flower on The Forearm.

Small Lotus Tattoo Behind the Ear

Small Lotus Tattoo Behind the Ear.

Gray Lotus Flower Tattoo on Forearm

Gray Lotus Flower Tattoo on Forearm.

Beautiful Lotus Tattoos on Sleeve or Back for Girls

Beautiful Lotus Tattoos on Sleeve or Back for Girls.

Awesome Mandala Lotus Tattoo on Back

Awesome Mandala Lotus Tattoo on Back.

Lotus with Feathers and Jewellery

Lotus with Feathers and Jewellery.

Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Lotus Mandala Tattoo.

Lotus Flower with Jewelry Tattoo

Lotus Flower with Jewelry Tattoo.

Dotted Lotus Tattoo on Forearm

otted Lotus Tattoo on Forearm.

Yoga-Inspired Lotus Tattoo

Yoga-Inspired Lotus Tattoo.

Elegent Lotus Ankle Tattoo

Elegent Lotus Ankle Tattoo.

Geometric Lotus Tattoo

Geometric Lotus Tattoo.

Lotus Moon Tattoo Behind the Ear

Lotus Moon Tattoo Behind the Ear.

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Her Back

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Her Back.

Simple Feel Lotus Flower Tattoo on Foot

Simple Feel Lotus Flower Tattoo on Foot.

Pink Lotus Tattoo on Back

Pink Lotus Tattoo on Back.

Giant Lotus Flower Tattoo on Side Body

Giant Lotus Flower Tattoo on Side Body.

Spine Tattoo with Pink Lotus Flowers Design

Spine Tattoo with Pink Lotus Flowers Design.

Lotus Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Women

Lotus Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Women.

Black and Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo on Spine

Black and Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo on Spine.

Purple Lotus Flowers with Butterfly Tattoo Art

Full Back Lotus Tattoo Design

Full Back Lotus Tattoo Design.


Sours: https://forcreativejuice.com/pretty-lotus-tattoo-designs/

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