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FREE Kindergarten Reading Fluency Passages

It’s so amazing to watch your little learners learn to read! After they become more confident with reading, they can start building their reading fluency. Learning to read fluently takes a lot of practice, but is super important for your students’ reading success.

These reading fluency passages are a great way to help your budding readers practice reading a variety of common word families. I’m excited to share some fun reading fluency passages with you for FREE!

All About the Reading Fluency Passages

Providing kindergarten students with short reading passages to practice their reading skills helps with their reading fluency. My kids love sitting with me at my reading table to practice their reading and comprehension skills. We work on reading short vowel words, long vowel words, and simple texts. But, our favorite thing to read together is short passages with simple comprehension questions, like the ones I am sharing with you today.

Each of these reading fluency passages is centered around a common short vowel word family, digraph, or blend. The students read the words at the top of the page and then we read the passage together three times. If students are at a level that they can read the passage on their own, we chat about it after they are finished.

I let my students use a highlighter or crayon to highlight the word family, blend or digraph any time they see it in the text. Then, we read the passage two more times.. to practice fluency of course. After they have colored all three stars, we choose our favorite sentence from the text and write it on the dotted lines to practice our handwriting. Students also illustrate their favorite part of the passage. This is a great time for us to chat about what we read and get to know each other more. My students enjoy using our small group reading time as a little bit of a social period.

Sharing Reading Passages at Home

I love letting the kids take these passages home to read to their parents or loved ones. I even email the guardians to let them know their child will be bringing home a reading fluency passage we have been working on. This gets the parents and the students excited to share their learning. I love hearing how it went the next day and creating a sense of community with my families.

Download the Free Reading Passages

This FREE download includes 9 reading fluency passages for you to provide intervention with your young readers. They provide a focus on short vowels, long vowels, blends, and digraphs. They also include common sight words to help build reading fluency.

Need More Reading Passages?

You can find all of my reading fluency passages for your classroom in my shop. This bundle includes over 100 passages covering short vowel CVC words, short vowel blends & digraphs, and long vowel words. Your students can build their word reading fluency as well as practice reading the words in context.

Save 20% on the reading fluency bundle:

Happy reading!

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Fluency practice is an important way to help your emerging readers with their reading. Teaching your students to read with a focus on a specific phonics skill is a great way to increase their reading fluency. This freebie offers great intervention and support to help your little readers blossom!

This free download is part of my Reading Fluency Passages Bundle which includes over 150 reading passages for short vowel words, long vowel words, and blends & digraphs.

What's included?

This resource includes 9 reading passages to help your students practice reading short vowel words, long vowel words, and blends & digraphs. Your students will practice reading each word in isolation first, then find the words and highlight them in the story. They will read the stories 3 times for fluency, rewrite one sentence, and draw a picture for comprehension.

The following phonics skills are included:

Short Vowels

  • at family
  • en family
  • ip family

Long Vowels

  • ake family
  • eal family
  • ide family

Blends and Digraphs

  • bl blends
  • cr blends
  • sh beginning digraphs

I hope you and your students enjoy this resource!

You can find more reading resources in my store below:

⭐Word Family Fluency

⭐Read and Reveal Reading Intervention

⭐Sight Word Fluency Practice and Reading Intervention

⭐Guided Reading Books & Activities {Rhyme to Read Short Vowel Bundle}

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Free Fluency Passages for Kindergarten

There is nothing more exciting than when your kindergarten students begin to make connections and reading starts to happen! But what do you use next – it can be so hard to find good fluency passages for your students. So here are some free fluency passages for your kindergarten and first grade students who are ready to start reading.

Working on fluency with meaningful short passages will really help your students on their journey to learning to read.

All of the passages are built to focus on one skill – short or long vowel. The sentences are short and simple so your students can easily go one sentence at a time to complete the passage. Grab it now!

This set of free fluency passages includes a mix of short vowel and long vowel. It’s a total of 9 pages of fluency activities for your students! Use them in whole group instruction, centers, independent practice, or send-home to reinforce key skills. There are so many ways to use these free fluency passages!

This sample set is from my larger unit of ENDLESS Fluency Passages with printable and digital versions. This growing unit currently includes 5 short vowels, 4 long vowel (many more to come), as well as Google Slides & Seesaw versions. Each printable activity comes with 15 differentiated question pages! Seesaw comes preloaded with audio options. Students can hear the directions/questions read aloud to them and they can even record their own voice reading the passages. It is so cool! So check it all out here!

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So just sign up below for our weekly emails and I’ll send you these Free Fluency Passages to get started! Each week we will send you emails with all the great ideas for your kindergarten and first grade classrooms.

Get the full bundle of Endless Fluency Passages pictured below, if you love this freebie!

I’d love to see how you’re using these in your classroom! Make sure to join The Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook group and share there!

Practice Reading for Kids - Reading Comprehension for Beginners

Kindergarten Reading Passages with CVC Word Families

Reading comprehension passages for new readers

Kindergarten reading passages are the perfect way for beginning readers to practice building reading fluency and reading comprehension. They use only CVC words and sight words so you can ensure to build confidence in your newest readers.

Kindergarten Reading Passages

For months I’ve had teachers email and ask me if I have anything like my All-in-One Reading Passages for beginning readers, specifically kindergarteners.

Reading comprehension passages for new readers

I set out to write them which was a bit of a challenge. After all, in order to help those young readers gain confidence, I needed to make sure the passages only use words students would know.

kindergarten reading passages

CVC Words

sight word reading passages

Each passage focuses on one CVC word family. Those words are listed at the top of the page with tracking dots underneath to promote one-to-one correspondence.

This gives students the opportunity to decode the words in isolation before encountering them in context.

reading passages for kindergarten

This is especially helpful for students who are learning English. Research shows that frontloading, or discussing vocabulary before reading it in context, aids in reading comprehension.

After students read the words at the top, they move onto the passage.

kindergarten reading comprehension

Sight Words

Each passage ranges from 3-6 sentences. The sentences utilize the CVC word family words and sight words. It was a bit challenging to create a story with such a limited amount of words. 😉 Thankfully, I love a challenge!

Each passage also includes 1-3 picture clues in a small illustration.

cvc reading passages


After the students read the passage, they color or mark a smiley face. They are to read the passage at least three times before attempting the comprehension questions.

kindergarten reading comprehension

I urge all teachers, parents, and tutors…do NOT skip this part. There is so much power in rereading! Your reader will build fluency and confidence. Don’t skip an opportunity to help a beginning reader build confidence!


Finally, students answer the multiple choice comprehension questions.

These questions are text-based, which means the answers are directly in the text. There is no inferencing or critical thinking involved.

CVC words and sight words practice

Personally, I like to have students use crayons or highlights to show where the answer is in the original text.

This is a strategy that will serve students well as they transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

CVC words and sight words practice

There you have it! In one NO PREP printable page, students are practicing word families, rhyming, decoding CVC words, reading sight words in context, building fluency, and increasing comprehension.


You’d think they would be tired after completing the page, but they’re not! They’re so excited because they were able to read a passage and answer questions about it! 😉

You can find these Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages in my TpT store.

CVC words and sight words practice

What specific elements do you like for in a reading passage?

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Set 2 - Reading Fluency - Simple Sentences - Kindergarten - First Grade

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