8 oz round glass jar

8 oz round glass jar DEFAULT

Glass Bottles and Jars

If you are wondering where to buy wholesale wide mouth and bulk glass bottles and jars for your pharmaceutical, farming, or other general purpose needs, consider these points:

  • Bulk glass bottles and jars can hold many materials that are not compatible with plastic.
  • Our bulk glass bottles are glass containers with smaller openings to make pouring easier.
  • Glass jars are sustainable and impermeable.

Smooth pouring Boston round bottles and the French square fancy glass bottles for product displays are always ready-to-ship. The French squares are also good glass sauce bottles and overall spice containers for herbs.

  • Glass jars with wide-mouth openings allow access to paste-type materials.

The most popular wholesale straight sided glass jars are good for labels and easy filling and can be used as cosmetic jars. The wholesale wide mouth glass jars are good for pure and secure long term storage and can act as canning jars, mason jars, spice jars, herb jars, honey jars, or other food packaging jars. All of our wholesale glass bottles and jars have something to offer.

  • Not sure what thread sizes of bulk and wholesale glass bottles and jars to pick? Consult our thread spec sheet.
  • We have many sizes in wholesale and bulk glass bottles and jars: 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and more

Canning? Have DIY projects that need glass? Like to make unconventional event décor on the side? Meet Jar Store, our sister company specializing in economically priced glassware.

Sours: https://bascousa.com/glass-bottles-and-jars/filter/capacity:8-oz.html

8 oz. Straight Sided Glass Jar, 70mm 70-400

8 oz. Straight Sided Glass Jar for Personal Care Products

This 8 fl. oz. clear glass jar features straight sides and a 70-400 neck finish. This jar's straight profile is ideal for various industries. It is a popular choice for food products, skincare and body and hair care products. Glass offers excellent strength, weight and compatibility for materials that cannot use plastic containers and gives packaging an elegant touch.

Packed in a 24x1 Re-Shipper Carton (24 per box)
*Caps and closures sold separately. -- Scroll down to view recommended caps.

  • QuantityQtyPrice
  • 48 $0.980 ea.
  • 432 $0.940 ea.
  • 1008 $0.880 ea.
  • 3888 $0.800 ea.
  • 11664 $0.690 ea.
  • Case Pack: 24 ea.
  • Pallet Pack: 3,888 ea. (162 Cases)

Available for purchase in increments of 24. Quantities above 3,888 should be even increments of 3,888. Minimum purchase quantity is 48.

  • QuantityQtyPrice
  • 1 $0.980ea.
Sours: https://www.thecarycompany.com/glass-straight-sided-jars-30w870
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8oz (Half-Pint) Glass Round Mason Jar 70/450 pk6

Stock number 1MAS082GHG is an 8oz Glass Round Mason Jar with a 70/450 continuous thread finish in a case of 6. It is also known as a “Tapered 8oz Mason Jar” due to how it slightly tapers to a narrower base compared to the opening. The 8oz Mason Jar is the go-to jar for jams & jellies giving them a classic country feel but is also perfect for preserves, chutneys, sauces, candles, and general storage.

The 8oz Round Mason is also offered in a larger case pack of 12 below. The 70-450 finish gives these jars plenty of closure options to choose from below. 

Quantity (Case Count: 6)Price
1 - 170 cases

$2.59 $0.43 ea.

per case
171 - 631 cases

$2.41 $0.40 ea.

per case
632+ cases

$2.19 $0.37 ea.

per case


Sours: https://www.burchbottle.com/products/8oz-Half-Pint-Glass-Round-Mason-Jar-70-450-pk6_80_product.htm
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Oz jar 8 round glass

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8oz Round Square Glass Mass Jar

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