Latest diamond necklace designs india

Latest diamond necklace designs india DEFAULT

Nothing enhances your beauty like a well-crafted piece of jewellery, and the expert craftsmen at Kirtilals understand that. If you’re looking to buy online diamond jewellery, then Kirtilals is the right destination as it is the most trusted shop for diamonds and diamond jewellery. Buy diamond jewellery online at Kirtilals and glow in the ethereal beauty of diamonds.

If it’s gold that your heart desires, then choose from our wide range of traditional and contemporary jewellery set in the purest of gold, be it white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.

Diamond Pendants

Choose from among an exclusive range of gold pendants and diamond pendants at Kirtilals. With pieces to suit every occasion, our pendants collection of gold pendants and diamond pendants has both modern as well as contemporary pieces. Among the most popular in the Kirtilals pendants range are the rose gold pendants and white gold pendants.

Diamond Rings

Show off your slender fingers with gold rings and diamond rings from the house of Kirtilals. If rose gold rings and white gold rings are what you’re looking for, then you will definitely love the gold rings collection by Kirtilals. Looking for engagement rings Kirtilals boasts of an exquisite collection of engagement rings that are timeless, just like your eternal love.

Diamond Necklaces

Accentuate your favourite outfits with gold necklaces and diamond necklaces, crafted with great care and expertise by the Kirtilals craftsmen. While the diamond necklaces by Kirtilals will add a touch of sparkle to your look, our rose gold necklaces and white gold necklaces will add a dash of class. If you’re planning to tie the knot anytime soon, you must take a look at the mangalsutra collection by Kirtilals.

Diamond Earrings

Gold earrings and diamond earrings add to a woman’s charm. Be it an office meeting or an important occasion, the gold earrings and diamond earrings in the Kirtilals collection are sure to make you the center of attention.Choose from a wide variety of designs, including hoops and diamond studs that will leave your ear lobes sparkling with their beauty.

Diamond Bracelets

Kirtilals prides itself on its splendid collection of gold bracelets and diamond bracelets. These gold bracelets and diamond bracelets come in various patterns and are bound to leave your admirers spellbound. Adorn your wrists with a rose gold bracelets and white gold bracelet and watch the compliments roll in.


Diamond Necklaces

Diamond Necklaces


Necklaces are probably one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery there is. As time goes by, women’s necklaces have acquired increasingly stylish, contemporary and modern looks. 

Nowadays. There are a variety of necklaces and necklace sets. There are tube necklaces, dainty necklaces perfect for every day, sparkly diamond-studded necklaces and plain gold necklaces.

CaratLane’s diamond necklaces for women are designed to be modern, beautiful and perfect for every day. These designs are modern and can be worn for any occasion. The best quality of diamonds can be used while customisation, most efficient craftsmanship and excellent customer service are what you are in for while shopping at CaratLane - A Tanishq Partnership. 

There are diamond necklace sets that are designed to help you express your personal style and to keep your style quotient high.

CaratLane - A Tanishq Partnership has over 300 diamond necklaces on their online website. These necklaces designs are perfect for every occasion. There are diamond necklaces and casual necklaces for women that are great for daily wear. Along with diamond necklaces, CaratLane also has a lovely collection of the latest diamond jewellery too. Nowadays, diamond necklace sets are very popular among women who love trying out new trends. For people who love more exquisite jewellery, a solitaire necklace is perfect for a classy, evening attire. For the going-to-be brides, there also is a beautiful collection of diamond mangalsutras to look at.


CaratLane diamond necklaces start from 1.4 grams and can weigh up to 46 grams. The prices start at Rs 6,000 and can go up to Rs 6,70,000 for diamond necklace designs. A popular selection of diamond necklace sets can also be found in CaratLane’s online catalogue. For women who love being extra, and love getting their sparkle on - diamond jewellery is the right way to go.

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Latest Diamond Necklace Designs for Women Online

Diamond Necklace for centuries has been the most precious item man has discovered. Diamonds in every form are attractive, alluring and they steal a woman’s heart instantly, diamond necklaces are one among this league. On any given day, diamond necklace designs are sure to turn heads, light the mood and draw attention.

Diamond Necklaces Designs

Diamond Jewellery despite its cost is the most sought after bridal wear. Unlike an array of Jewellery items made in diamonds exclusively such as the diamond Mang tikka, diamond Vaddanam, diamond Vanki, diamond bangles, diamond necklace, diamond harams, diamond earrings and many more big and small Jewellery pieces. Here are a few Diamond necklace designs and styles that you can look for:

Uncut Diamond Necklace:

Uncut Diamond Necklace is also called a Polki Necklace. Wondering where to buy an uncut diamond necklace? Vaibhav Jewellers is home to the glittering polkis that are designed to allure you. Polki necklace adds a dash of glamour to your attire, uncut and unpolished diamonds are made into Polki diamond necklaces. Ideal for weddings- Try the “Exuberant Polki Necklace” and the “Polki and Pearl Necklace”. Another startling piece of Jewellery from Vaibhav Jewellers is the “Graceful Polki Necklace”.

Diamond Choker:

A diamond choker necklace is a perfect neck hugging piece populated with diamonds across in design. A diamond choker necklace is a perfect bridal adornment for the sheer radiance it ushers over. The diamond choker can be designed either heavily or in lightweight too. A lightweight diamond choker looks elegant with a layer of diamonds and glossy south sea pearls, rubies or any other precious stones hanging on to it.

Simple Diamond Necklace:

A diamond necklace set is considered exclusive and standalone when it is only populated in design by diamonds than gold metal. A classic statement piece which would sweep you off your feet is the splendid “Espalier Diamond Necklace”; another sinfully feministic piece of Jewellery is the “Silhouette Diamond Necklace”. An honour to own type of necklace is “Akarsh Diamond Necklace set”, its almond-shaped motif design and complementing earrings give a picture perfect look.

Gold Diamond Necklace:

Gold Diamond Necklace is one where the necklace is designed in gold with a limited studding of diamonds. It is predominantly populated with gold design with diamonds studded within. Since the gold diamond necklace is designed more in gold, they are affordable and come in various weight ranges. Heavy diamond necklace price differs from that of a simple diamond necklace.

Diamond Pendant Necklace:

A diamond pendant Necklace comes in multiple ranges and one of the most affordable diamond necklace type to own. Here, the central locket is heavily populated with design and diamonds, the locket is attached to a thick gold chain to bring out the overall beauty of the necklace. One has the flexibility to change the gold chains, to replace with pearls, hollow gold balls and other precious stones mala to match with the attire and occasion.

18K White gold Diamond Necklace:

18K White gold diamond necklaces are subtle, with minimalist design are apt on every attire, they are widely admired choice of the millennial population. These necklaces are famous for their lightweight and elemental design patterns. The white gold is sometimes replaced with Platinum which is similar in colour, texture but can be differentiated by the glaze of the metal.

Diamond Necklace Price & Weight

Diamond Necklace price in India largely depends on a lot of factors. The price is directly proportional to cut, clarity, colour and carats and not just the prevailing metal price on the day of purchase alone.
Like the gold necklaces, the diamond necklace price also comprises approximately four elements such as diamond price, metal price (either yellow gold or white gold or platinum), making charges and GST. A diamond necklace can start from INR 1 Lakh and goes above 10lakhs in most cases. You can view a diamond necklace set with price at our online portal.

Diamond Necklace Designs and sets online

Desire another extra shine with your pure gold necklace? Turn to Vaibhav Jewellers' diamond necklace collection to find one!

Fancy Diamond necklace:-

A set of diamond necklace designs is a must-have in one's jewellery collection for occasions like a function. We at Vaibhav Jewellers have the fanciest diamond necklace set you can get for yourself. 

Our collection of diamond necklace set designs has simple diamond necklace designs if you are looking for something simplified instead of large chunks of diamonds. We also have trendy and latest diamond necklace designs you can grab if you want to be the centre of attention on any occasion. 

Our Necklace designs are built with elite craftsmanship to ensure that it fits the beautiful silk saree you purchased for a wedding ceremony. To tone things down a bit, we also have the perfect diamond necklaces for the date night you have been waiting for, which we guarantee will make you shine and give your partner the butterflies. Not only that, but we also have an extensive bright diamond bangles collection to mix and match with your brand new necklace.

Traditional Design Diamond Necklace:-

Suppose you are looking for something "old but gold" instead. In that case, we have a vast collection of traditional diamond necklaces you can get your hands on where a couple is tying the knot in a vintage wedding theme. 

South Indian Diamond Necklace:-

If you want to settle on a native design necklace, we have many in-stores to help you be in the limelight in the function you are planning to have. In this collection, we not only have the latest trendy South Indian Jewellery, but we also have something old-timey for you to look at as well. 

Diamond Necklace Vs Gold haram- As Bridal Adornment

While both the items serve great for wedding, diamond necklaces can be adorned in the evening ceremonies like Sangeet or a cocktail party, likewise, a gold haram can be a standalone piece on your Haldi lehanga which would easily blend into the hues of the yellow attire. A diamond necklace is great to match with traditional Indian sarees to Indo western outfits, on the other hand, a gold haram carries more traditional vibe with it hence can be more specific to Indian wear.

Diamond Necklace Model Collections

You can find a variety of diamond necklace designs - bridal gold diamond necklace, single line simple diamond necklace, Precious stone-studded diamond necklace, small party wear diamond necklace, pearl diamond necklace and a lot more at Vaibhav.

Buy Your Diamond Necklace Online

Are you planning a function with all your friends? Do you want to be the star of the show? Now you can by adding Vaibhav Jewellers' diamond necklace collections to your outfits. 

We at Vaibhav Jewellers craft the jewellery we offer with the most skilled jewellers in India so that you can keep shining on every single occasion. You can purchase a diamond necklace online in our virtual catalogue. To buy a diamond necklace online, you can visit our site, hover over the "DIAMOND" category, and click "Necklace". You can also sort by prices if you are browsing with a budget in mind and weight, whether you want something heavy or light on your neck. 

As for purchasing one of our diamond necklace set online, we have various options for you. We also have some easy monthly payment schemes. Now, you can buy our diamond necklace on EMI, where you can pay in instalments instead of a one-time lump-sum amount. Go through the Jewellery on EMI section for a better understanding.   As for the gold in our necklaces, the prices update every day with the gold rate. 

When buying a diamond necklace online in India, we offer some solid options for tech-savvy clients. To make sure your diamond necklace online shopping activity pays off, we have features like digital try-on and Live Video Shopping. Now you can "try and buy" your favourite diamond necklace without stepping out of your house. 

Diamond Necklace for Wedding only @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Vaibhav Jewellers had been at the forefront of creating innovative designs that suit the customer needs for 25 years. We have been a preferred wedding jeweller for more than a lakh of weddings far. If you are wondering where to buy diamond necklace sets online, then here is your right stop. You will find a range of stunning diamond necklaces for bride like our famous uncut diamond necklaces, the very popular diamond choker necklaces and other lightweight simple diamond necklaces with us.

Experience State-of-the-art HD Shopping

These diamond necklace designs can now be viewed closely through our video shopping facility. Experience a state of the art HD video shopping wherein you can request to view items of your choice, our Jewellery experts will take you through the product specifications, design and pricing, you can take a close look at all the intricacies. And hang on!! If you are a bride-to-be who is searching for a diamond necklace, then Vaibhav Jewellers is the best place to land.

Shopping at Vaibhav Advantage

Shop with us the all-new diamond Necklaces, diamond earring designs and an assorted mix of gemstone jewellery in gold, diamond & silver in different workmanship, weight and price ranges online, we at Vaibhav offer an array of benefits to customers such as:
Try @home
Virtual try-on
Free transit insurance on International Shipments
Free Domestic shipping
Customization services
Smart Buy options

Diamond jewellery collection with price and full details // daimond neck sets collection with price
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18K Diamond Necklace Sets
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Designs india latest diamond necklace

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