How to pair sena intercom

How to pair sena intercom DEFAULT


1. When you have an incoming call, simply tap the Phone Button or the Jog Dial to answer the call.

2. You can also answer the incoming call by loudly speaking any word of your choice if Voice Activated Phone Answering (VOX Phone) is enabled, unless you are connected to intercom.

3. To end a call, tap the Phone Button or press the Jog Dial for 2 seconds until you hear a beep, or wait for the called person to end the call.

4. To reject a call, press the Jog Dial for 2 seconds until you hear a beep while the phone is ringing.

5. To transfer a call between the mobile phone and the headset during the phone conversation, press the Phone Button for 2 seconds until you hear a beep.

6. There are several ways to make a phone call:

– Enter numbers on your mobile phone’s keypad and make a call. Then the call is automatically transferred to the headset.

– For some older mobile phones which do not automatically transfer calls to the headset, press the Phone Button after entering phone numbers on the mobile phone keypad.

– Tap the Phone Button in stand-by mode to activate the voice dialer of your mobile phone. For this, the voice dialing feature must be available on the mobile phone. Refer to your mobile phone manual for further instruction.


1. If you are using second mobile phone connection and you have an incoming call from the second phone during a call involving the first phone, then you may still receive the call from second phone. In this case, the call from the first phone is on waiting mode. If you end a call, then it will automatically transfer you to the first phone call.

2. If you are using second mobile phone connection of mobile phone and GPS, you may not be able to listen to the GPS voice instruction during the phone call.


Bluetooth Pairing Made Easy

Introducing Sena's Smart Intercom Pairing

You may have noticed a new icon on your Sena Bluetooth device’s app labeled “Smart Intercom Pairing” (SIP) and thought, “That sounds cool, but what does it do?”. The answer is that SIP makes pairing with over 60 other Sena bluetooth devices much easier and is designed to improve your overall experience. Committed to enhancing our customers’ long-term experience across our diverse product portfolio, Sena continues to develop improved features such as Smart Intercom Pairing.

Let’s take a look at how this new upgraded feature can make pairing Sena and OEM products as easy as scanning a QR code. In this blog post we will explain how to use the SIP feature so that you can hit the road and #RideConnected with ease and precision. 

How to use Sena's Smart Intercom Pairing feature

With the latest update to various Sena apps and the supported OEM apps, you can easily pair your headset to your friend’s headset by scanning a QR code to talk to them over the intercom.

Benefits of Smart Intercom Pairing


Pair instantly to your fellow riders

SIP creates a universal method across supported Sena and OEM intercom devices for pairing without having to remember the device functionality. This is useful because many Sena and OEM devices function independently, so a universal pairing method will come in handy.

The new SIP feature dramatically simplifies the communication setup for supported bluetooth intercom devices. By pairing all the devices automatically, then storing the order, the process of pairing for group intercom becomes much more streamlined.

Another nice feature included in SIP is the ability to pair with your friend's intercom device with just your smartphone, even when the comm unit is turned off. The very next time you turn on your Sena device the mobile App will beam the connection information and save it for automatic pairing.

With SIP you can connect to friends with the ease of scanning a QR code, store and sort paired devices, and simplify your bluetooth communication experience. Time to get out there and ride!

Device Compatibility List for Smart Intercom Pairing





Download Sena Apps

30K Utility App 50 Utility App Sena Outdoor App Sena Utility App SF Utility App 

Download Collaboration Apps

SCHUBERTH Smartphone App Smart HJC BT App 

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You (A) can have a three-way conference intercom with two other SMH10 friends (B & C) by establishing two intercom connections at the same time. While a three-way conference intercom is in progress, mobile phone connection of all three participants would be temporarily disconnected, but as soon as the conference intercom terminates or one of the participants leaves the intercom, all mobile phones would be automatically reconnected. During the conference intercom, if you have an incoming mobile phone call, terminate the conference intercom to automatically reconnect the mobile phone and receive the call.

1. You (A) need to be paired with two other friends (B & C) for threeway conference intercom.


2. Start an intercom conversation with one of the two friends in your intercom group. For example, you (A) may start an intercom conversation with the intercom friend (B). Or intercom friend (B) may start an intercom call with you (A).


3. The second intercom friend (C) may join the intercom by making an intercom call to you (A).


4. Now you (A) and two SMH10 intercom friends (B & C) are having a three-way conference intercom.


End Three-way Intercom

When you are a member of an active three-way conference intercom, you can completely terminate the conference intercom or just disconnect an intercom connection with one of your active intercom friends.
1. Press the Jog Dial for 1 second until you hear a beep to terminate three-way conference intercom completely. It terminates both intercom connections with (B) and (C).

2. Tap or double tap the Jog Dial to disconnect intercom connection with one of the two intercom friends accordingly. For example, by single tapping the Jog Dial, you can just terminate the intercom connection with the first intercom friend (B). However, you still have the intercom connection with your second intercom friend (C).

Sena SRL2 Bluetooth Headset Pairing

Sena Expand. General Pairing Notes.

Sena Expand

We stongly recommend referring to the manual for both pairing and for 3-way intercom conversation setup.

Pairing the first Two Headsets

1. Turn all the headsets on. Press the middel and + button
2. On the first headset.... Enter pairing mode: Press and hold middle button until voice-prompt says 'intercom pairing'. LED flashes RED rapidly.
3. Repeat step 2 above for the second headset.
4. Press centre button once on just one of the headsets, the flashing RED will eventually turn blue and an intercom conversation will be opened.

Pairing a Third headset. You can pair each headset to multiple other headsets.

1. Put either of the initial headsets into pairing mode, as well as the third one.
2. Press center button once on either of the currently 'pairing' headsets.
3. Flashing light will eventually turn blue and an intercom conversation will be opened.

Opening a 3-way intercom conversation.

1. Start an intercom conversation between 2 headsets by pressing the center button on one headset once (if you have just paired 2 headsets, an intercom conversation may already be open).
2. Enter the third headset into the conversation by pressing the centre button. (REFER TO MANUAL. May need up to 2 or 3 presses to join the existing conversation depending on configuration/number of headsets active.)
3. All 3 headsets should now be in an intercom conversation.

The above describes 'Chain Pairing'. With this method if the middle or 'link' headset is switched off then the outer headsets cannot communicate. With three headsets 'Triangle Pairing' offers a more robust pairing solution as no one single headset is a critical link. To achieve triangle pairing first make a chain paring then finally pair the last headset back to the first.


There are several other pairing configurations including pairing a phone (or phones) to these headsets. The manual give full instructions for these combinations.


To sena intercom pair how

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Tricks and Tips 2 - Intercom Pairing, Music Sharing, Microphone Update

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