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Bonanza is an American western television series developed and produced by David Dortort and broadcast in the United States for 14 seasons on the NBC network. The entire run of the series' 431 hour-long episodes was produced in color. The premiere was on September 12, 1959, and the final episode broadcast on January 16, 1973. In its initial season, Bonanza aired on Saturday evenings and placed at number 45 in the Nielsen ratings. During its second season, the series moved up to number 17.[3]Bonanza was moved to Sundays at 9:00 PM Eastern Time at the start of its third season. In that time slot, the ratings soared and the series become second only to Wagon Train as the most popular program on American prime time television.[3] It remained in the top ten of the ratings until its twelfth season and ranked at number one in its sixth, seventh, and eighth seasons.[3]Bonanza also became a worldwide success as it was broadcast in nearly 50 countries, including Canada, Brazil, Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Australia, and Japan.[4]

Bonanza is set around the Ponderosa Ranch near Virginia City, Nevada and chronicles the weekly adventures of the Cartwright family, consisting of Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) and his three sons (each by a different wife), Adam (Pernell Roberts), Eric "Hoss" (Dan Blocker), and Joseph (Michael Landon). Veteran actor Victor Sen Yung played the ranch cook, Hop Sing. In 1964, Pernell Roberts began expressing a desire to leave the series, and so prospective replacements were introduced via Barry Coe as Little Joe's wayward maternal half-brother Clay, and Guy Williams as Ben's nephew Will Cartwright. However, Roberts was persuaded to complete his contract, and remained through season six. The characters of Clay and Will were discontinued. In the ninth season, David Canary was added to the cast as ranch hand/foreman Candy Canady. After four years with the series, Canary left due to a contract dispute. In the twelfth season, Mitch Vogel joined the cast as Jamie Hunter, a teenage orphan who is adopted by Ben Cartwright.[5][6] Following Dan Blocker's death in May 1972 after season thirteen ended, Greene, Landon, and Vogel continued the series into a fourteenth season, with Canary returning as Candy (reportedly approached by Landon) and Tim Matheson was introduced as ex-prisoner and newly hired ranch-hand Griff King.[5][6] The program was moved to Tuesday nights where it slipped badly in the ratings to number 52 and was subsequently cancelled.[5][6]Bonanza has, however, continued to be popular in syndication. From 1964–1967, " Bonanza " became the most watched show in the U.S.

The first eleven seasons have been released on DVD in Region 1.

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Honest John

  • Season 12 Overview

    Air Date: September 13, 1970

  • S12:E28. An Earthquake Called Callahan

    Air Date: April 11, 1971

  • S12:E27. Kingdom of Fear

    Air Date: April 4, 1971

  • S12:E26. Winter Kill

    Air Date: March 28, 1971

  • S12:E25. A Time to Die

    Air Date: March 21, 1971

  • S12:E24. The Stillness Within

    Air Date: March 14, 1971

  • S12:E23. Terror at 2:00

    Air Date: March 7, 1971

  • S12:E22. The Silent Killer

    Air Date: February 28, 1971

  • S12:E21. Shadow of a Hero

    Air Date: February 21, 1971

  • S12:E20. The Reluctant American

    Air Date: February 14, 1971

  • S12:E19. The Desperado

    Air Date: February 7, 1971

  • S12:E18. A Deck of Aces

    Air Date: January 31, 1971

  • S12:E17. Top Hand

    Air Date: January 17, 1971

  • S12:E16. The Gold-Plated Rifle

    Air Date: January 10, 1971

  • S12:E15. A Single Pilgrim

    Air Date: January 3, 1971

  • S12:E14. For a Young Lady

    Air Date: December 27, 1970

  • S12:E13. Honest John

    Air Date: December 20, 1970

  • S12:E12. The Impostors

    Air Date: December 13, 1970

  • S12:E11. The Luck of Pepper Shannon

    Air Date: November 22, 1970

  • S12:E10. El Jefe

    Air Date: November 15, 1970

  • S12:E9. The Love Child

    Air Date: November 8, 1970

  • S12:E8. Thornton's Account

    Air Date: November 1, 1970

  • S12:E7. The Trouble with Trouble

    Air Date: October 25, 1970

  • S12:E6. Gideon, the Good

    Air Date: October 18, 1970

  • S12:E5. The Power of Life and Death

    Air Date: October 11, 1970

  • S12:E4. The Wagon

    Air Date: October 4, 1970

  • S12:E3. The Weary Willies

    Air Date: September 27, 1970

  • S12:E2. A Matter of Faith

    Air Date: September 20, 1970

  • S12:E1. The Night Virginia City Died

    Air Date: September 13, 1970

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    A series of destructive fires has Virginia City residents on edge and anxious to catch the arsonist. But Deputy Clem's new love interest seems to know a lot more about the fires than what she's letting on.


    As Season 12 opens, a series of deadly fires, all set at night, are destroying Virginia City. Sheriff Coffee and Deputy Clem face an angry public that demands they capture the arsonist immediately. On the side, Clem has begun a romance with new town resident Janie.

    Cast and Characters[]

    The Cartwrights[]




    • Recurring cast members Ray Teal and Bing Russell are listed this week in the opening credits as "Special Guest Stars."
    • German episode title: "Brandstiftung", meaning "Arson".
    • Starting with this, the 12th season premiere, the series sports a new opening theme titled "The Big Bonanza." Instead of the Cartwrights riding in on their horses as viewers had become accustomed to, action shots featuring Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker, Michael Landon and (starting with the next episode, A Matter of Faith) Mitch Vogel. Each shot would temporarily freeze and be tinted in aqua while the individual actor's name was displayed. This opening credits format would be used for both the 12th and 13th seasons.
    • This episode was developed in order to disguise the move from the Paramount Studios set to the Warner Brothers set. Virginia City had to be "destroyed" in order to explain the new buildings and town set-up.
    • After the 10 year lease in Paramount expired, they refused to sell the sets of Virginia City to Warners, as a result the production team found out MGM were selling sets of a similar sort and purchased them at a cost.
    • Featured Cartwrights: Ben and Joe.
    • One of the few episodes to have both Sheriff Coffee and Deputy Clem together

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