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Aside from his new show, Travel, Cook, Repeat with Curtis Stone that will premiere on the QVC/HSN streaming service, Curtis Stone has something else to celebrate. The Australian celebrity chef has sold "more than 2.5 million units of his renowned Dura-Pans," and was recently named "HSN's best-reviewed brand across all categories."

Not familiar with the name? You may know him from his numerous television appearances, best-selling cookbooks, or his two California-based restaurants, Maude and Gwen. Thanks to HSN, however, shoppers can experience one more part of Stone's culinary prowess through his cookware collection, which includes everything from pots and pans to cooking utensils and grilling accessories.

With over 100 items to choose from, you might not know where to start. To help you shop the best stuff, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up 10 of the most popular pieces from the Curtis Stone cookware collection. Whether you like to bake, grill, or aren’t really sure what you want to cook, the items below might just help you feel like the host of your own cooking show, minus the cameras.

1. An innovative jug-style saucepan

Curtis Stone Saucepan

This is not your average saucepan. Sold in three colors, the Curtis Stone 3-quart jug saucepan is designed with a handle and spout for easy pouring post-simmering. It comes with a tempered glass lid and 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Oh, and did we mention that nearly 100 HSN shoppers have given it a 5-star seal of approval?

Get the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Nonstick 3-Quart Jug Saucepan from HSN for $36.17

2. A 10-piece chef's cookware set

Curtis Stone Chef Set

Credit: HSN

Never go searching for a pan again! This 10-piece nonstick cookware set will ensure that you have all the pots and pans you need to cook whatever’s on the menu. Sold in three colors, the set includes two frypans, two saucepans, a saute pan, a Dutch oven, lids to go with each, a roasting rack, recipe cards, and a use and care sheet. Point being, you’ll not only have all the stovetop pans you could need, you’ll have chef-quality instructions for how to use them, too. Close to 500 HSN shoppers swear by this set, granting it a 4.7-star rating overall for being durable (as the name suggests) and easy to clean.

Get the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Nonstick 10-piece Chef's Cookware Set
from HSN for $189.95

3. A pack of silicone trivets

Curtis Stone Silicone Trivets

Credit: HSN

Tired of leaving burn marks on your counters? Or perhaps you just moved to a new place and want to reduce any risk of doing such? Whatever the case may be, these silicone trivets will help. They come recommended from over 100 HSN customers, who claim they're super versatile and easy to store. The set includes a 12-inch trivet and two 8-inch trivets, all of which can be used to not only protect your counters but assist in opening stubborn jar lids, too. Win-win.

Get the Curtis Stone Set of 3 Silicone Trivets from HSN for $13.17

4. A set of grill and griddle pans

Curtis Stone Grill + Griddle Pans

Credit: HSN

Maybe you live in an apartment complex where personal grills aren’t permitted or maybe you simply aren’t confident in your outdoor grill-mastering abilities. Either way, outfitting your kitchen with a set of grill and griddle pans will allow you to whip up tasty backyard BBQ faves—like burgers and grilled chicken and veggie skewers—without so much as stepping outside. Plus, since this set of pans, which is sold in two colors, is non-stick, they’re a lot easier to clean up than a traditional grill and griddle, too. According to more than 300 reviewers, this 4-star rated set heats evenly and cleans up nicely.

Get the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Nonstick Square Grill Pan and Griddle Pan from HSN for $58.68

5. An anti-fatigue floor mat

Curtis Stone Floor Mat

Credit: HSN

Have you ever stood in front of your stove cooking for hours (or in front of your sink cleaning up after) only to feel like your legs and lower back are going to give out on you? That’s because standing on firm ground for long periods of time with little movement can cause muscles to spasm and fatigue. Thankfully, Curtis Stone understands this and debuted his Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat as a solution. The memory foam mat makes standing for long periods less of a strain, so you can cook (and clean) without worrying about impending pain. No wonder over 50 HSN shoppers have stamped it with a glowing 4.6-star rating.

Get the Curtis Stone Anti-Fatigue Memory Foam Floor Mat from HSN for $41.97

6. A flavor-infusion wand

Curtis Stone Flavor Infusion Wand

Credit: HSN

Have you ever wanted to add the spice from a pepper into your dish without having to consume the pepper itself? Then you need Curtis Stone’s flavor infusion wand in your cooking arsenal. The stainless-steel wand lets you infuse stock pots with flavor, without actually adding any physical elements into the sauce, soup, or stew you’re brewing. Of course, the infuser can also be used to sprinkle powdered sugar and spices or brew teas, making it a versatile tool in the kitchen. With a near-perfect 4.9-star rating, you can trust that chef Stone created a winner with this one.

Get the Curtis Stone Stainless Steel Baking and Flavor Infusion Wand from HSN for $12.43

7. A multi-use cutting board

Curtis Stone Cutting Board

Credit: HSN

Forget about your classic plastic and wood cutting boards, this double-use board, which is sold in three colors, is the way to go. Where one side is outfitted for chopping, the other is lined with a metal thawing plate to help thaw frozen meats before cooking. That way, you can use both sides in one cooking session without worrying about cross-contamination. Reviews mention that it's both sturdy and handy thanks to its dual sides.

Get the Curtis Stone 2-in-1 Thawing and Cutting Board from HSN for $25.85

8. A cult-favorite lid rest

Curtis Stone Lid Rest

Credit: HSN

Tired of condensation and sauce splatter dripping on your counters every time you put a lid down? With one of these best-selling lid rests, that will be a worry of the past. The plastic lid rest is sold in four colors and is designed to support glass lids from tipping (and spilling) onto counters. You can also get creative and use it to prop up your iPad or cookbook when perusing recipes, too. With over 1,200 positive reviews and counting, it's one of the most popular and well-rated items on this list.

Get the Curtis Stone Countertop Lid Rest from HSN for $20.95

9. A versatile chop-and-mash tool

Curtis Stone Masher

Credit: HSN

This handheld kitchen tool might not look like much, but it can be used for a whole lot, from chopping veggies and mashing potatoes to crushing nuts, breaking up meats, and more. Whether you need a hand dicing veggies for salsa or breaking up ground turkey or beef for soup and tacos, this high-heat resistant tool will help. One head is designed specifically for mashing, while the other is made to break up foods. Close to 400 HSN shoppers have awarded it 4.6-stars stars for being lightweight and saving space in the utensil drawer, so it’s safe to say you’ll find it useful.

Get the Curtis Stone Dual-Sided Chop and Mash from HSN for $20.95

10. A mini bakeware set

Curtis Stone Mini Bake Set

Credit: HSN

If your current bakeware leaves something to be desired, this set promises to be more durable than your average unreinforced nonstick pans. The set, which is sold in four colors, includes a cookie sheet, rectangular pan, and square pan, all of which have a multilayer non-stick coating, which makes cleanup a breeze, according to shoppers. As one reviewer writes, "These pans are heavier than most and the non-stick surface makes them a joy to use."

Get the Curtis Stone Dura-Bake 3 Piece Mini Bakeware Set from HSN for $34.95

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.



Curtis Stone 10 Piece Steelworks Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set

Curtis Stone 10 Piece Steelworks Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set

No Longer Available

Set Includes
Questions & Answers

Browse The Entire Collection

Set Includes

1.6-quart Saucepan with Glass Lid

2.6-quart Saucepan with Glass Lid

5-quart Stock Pot with Glass Lid

10" Skillet

11" Saute Pan with Glass Lid

Universal Steamer Insert


  • Professional weight 18/8 stainless steel construction

  • Tempered glass lids for convenient see through cooking

  • Quantanium PFOA-free nonstick coating for lasting release and easy clean-up

  • Heavy gauge encapsulated impact bonded base for even heating

  • Ergonomically designed stainless steel handle for cool, comfortable cooking; drip-free pour

  • Dishwasher safe


The Curtis Stone Steelworks Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set can be used on all cooktops including induction and are also oven safe to 450°F/230°C. Whip up so many tasty dishes, from stir-fry, omelettes, steaks, fish to slow cooked chicken. Stainless steel transfers heat super quickly so you get quite an instantaneous heat when cooking with these gorgeous pots and pans. Each pot and pan is equipped with a big, thick, impact-bonded base, which provides even heat transfer while preventing hot spots from developing. These pots and pans really look stunning in every kitchen and they've got you covered for endless occasions, from a couch-dinner-for-one to a dinner party on Saturday night. Dishwasher safe.

product Stone 10 Piece Steelworks Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set Curtis Stone Steelworks Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set can be used on all cooktops including induction and are also oven safe to 450°F/230°C. Whip up so many tasty dishes, from stir-fry, omelettes, steaks, fish to slow cooked chicken. Stainless steel transfers heat super quickly so you get quite an instantaneous heat when cooking with these gorgeous pots and pans. Each pot and pan is equipped with a big, thick, impact-bonded base, which provides even heat transfer while preventing hot spots from developing. These pots and pans really look stunning in every kitchen and they've got you covered for endless occasions, from a couch-dinner-for-one to a dinner party on Saturday night. Dishwasher safe.Curtis StoneCurtis StoneCurtis Stone 10 Piece Steelworks Stainless Steel Nonstick Cookware Set1Clearance0

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Curtis Stone Cookware and Appliances

Turning the everyday into gourmet! 

My combined knowledge and experience from a life spent in domestic and professional kitchens led me to create a range of kitchenware designed specifically for home cooks. As a chef, I've always had the luxury of working in professional kitchens, where I have everything at my fingertips - huge cutting boards, razor sharp knives, mise en place containers, large garbage bins at every station, the list goes on and on. I've also worked in hundreds of domestic kicthens and I know first-hand the issues that home cooks go up against - anything from blunt knives and unstable chopping boards to limited space. My products create order in the kitchen to save you time while looking pretty, bloody beautiful while they're at it. You'll be so proud of the dishes you'll effortlessly whip up! Bon Appetit!

Available in the USA

My cookware and appliances are available online at HSN. You can also catch me cooking LIVE and demoing my range from time to time on HSN. Let's get cooking Statesiders!

Available in Canada

My cookware and appliances are available online via The Shopping Channel. Be sure to catch me cooking LIVE and demoing my range from time to time on The Shopping Channel. My range is your ticket to confidence in the kitchen Canada!

Available in Australia

My Cook with Curtis range includes cookware made of hard anodised forged aluminum with an impressive weightiness and five-layer Dura-Pan™ non-stick coating, Japanese stainless steel chef knives, my unique multi-use lid rest, a wooden chopping board, paddle board and utensils which are some of the most stylish kitchenware Australian shoppers will ever experience. The range is available online at Coles Supermarkets.

Curtis Stone Stainless Steel 4piece Utensil Set

Every dish you prepare deserves a lot of love, enthusiasm, and attention to make it great. And that means as a Chef you don’t have the time to be quarrelling with your tools, but instead you need to focus on what’s important, the meal.

I don’t know about you, but nothing frustrates me more when I’m cooking than having to think about food sticking to the dishes. Not only does this present a nightmare when cleaning, but it also steals away a sizeable portion of the beautiful flavor and juices from the meal.

It’s therefore a nobrainer that one of my top priorities when shopping for Cookware is that they be nonstick, easy to clean and safe. And the Curtis Stone Durapan set is just the thing!

The Curtis Stone Durapan was released by the world renown young Australian Chef Curtis Stone. He is known to craft his cookware with the user’s needs in mind thus each piece is designed to perfection to make cooking fun and save time.

The Curtis Stone Durapan 13-piece Chef’s Cookware set has a wide range of sizes and lids that are designed to fit several pans.

This cookware is multifunctional and has a colorful finish that allows it to conveniently transition to a serving dish once you’re done the cooking. It comes in red, black, turquoise Blue, Stone Gray, and White.

Features of Curtis Stone Cookware

The Curtis Stone Durapans are available in varying packages with different pans in each set. You can also get individual pieces for some of the pans.

Table could not be displayed.

Vented Lids

The vented lids are quite durable, and safe to use in ovens since they can stand high temperatures of up to 350 degrees.

Having been made of made of tempered glass they allow you to monitor the food as it cooks without losing heat. The excess steam is released through the built-in vent.

Versatile lids

The lids are interchangeable between the cookware. This means that the eight inches strainer lid will be used on the eight inches fry pan and the 2 qt. saucier; the eleven inches tempered glass lid will be used on the eleven inches fry pan, 4 qt.

Everyday sauté pan and 5 qt. Dutch oven; and the eleven inches domed lid will be used on the eleven inches fry pan, 4 qt. Everyday sauté pan, and 5 qt. Dutch oven.

Works great on all Cooktops

The body of each and every piece of this super-versatile cookware set is made of heavy-duty forged aluminum with a stainless steel disc-based thus it works perfectly on a wide range of cooktops including electric glass or ceramic top, electric radiant ring, halogen, electric solid plate, and gas-burner.

The stainless base of Curtis Stone cookware is compatible even with induction-ready cooktops and cookware that apply an efficient and unique magnetic heating technology.

Sticking a magnet at the bottom of the durapan makes it induction ready. You should not slide and drag the cookware over cooktops since this could damage its surface.

Safe for use in the oven up to 450 degrees F.

Who Curtis Stone Cookware is for

This cookware set is as Curtis Stone rightly puts it is for people who care about Making mealtime a fun and relaxing experience.

It’s a one-time purchase that will get you all the pans and pots you need to make almost any type of meal. So wether you’re looking to stock up your kitchen cookware or to replace your one’s, this set is definitely for you.

Set up your kitchen for successful cooking and cleaning thereafter.

Pros of Durapans

  • Durable and very stylish.

The durapan technology outperforms other nonstick technologies out there while still maintaining a stylish look that will go well in any kitchen.

The durapans are very easy to hand wash or clean in a dishwasher since the food does not stick, and means there’s WAY less cleanup involved, saving you tons of time in the long run.

Did I mention how great the pans look when you hang them on the rack. It makes the kitchen look much better and professional.

Also, the skillets are light in weight, and don’t we all love light pans that we can easily move around the stove to get those spices mixed up especially when sauting.

Cons of Durapans

  • The main challenge for us is with the lighter colored pieces particularly for the sets with white exterior, they need some extra attention when cleaning to avoid their discoloration.
  • This may not necessarily be a con to the product but rather a caution, Curtis Stone state that their durapans are metal-utensil safe, and there has been no claims otherwise.

We do however, advice that you use plastic, silicone and wooden utensils just as you would with other nonstick cookware sets in order to prolong the life of the titanium nonstick coat if you do not want to gouge the nonstick surface. Avoid using knives to cut food in the pan, and sharp-edged tools.

Alternative Products

If the durapan is not for you, I’d actually recommend this T-fal Titanium nonstick cookware set, which gets raving reviews for its efficiency.

Another good alternative is this Cuisinart Multiclad Stainless Steel Cookware Set, which isn’t non-stick in nature but is a great and easy to clean cookware set all the same.

Final Opinion

The Curtis Stone Durapan Cookware is such a perfect choice for anyone who cooks regularly. It saves time and energy since it cooks much faster with the help of the Durapan Technology and looks gorgeous in any kitchen.

It could be a great gift for your wife or friend who loves cooking.

Whatever its for; personal use or as a gift. I definitely recommend it.

Buy the Curtis Stone Durapan on

What’s in the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan 10-piece Cookware Set?

  • The Eight inches (8″) Fry pan that has a diameter of 8.25”, a height of 1.72″, and a riveted Y handle of 6.75″
  • The eleven inches (11″) Fry pan that has a diameter of 11.375″ , a height of 2.125″, and a riveted Y handle of 7.75″
  • 1 qt. Saucier pan that has a diameter of 5.875″ , a height of 3″, and a riveted Y handle of 6.75″
  • 2 qt. Saucier pan plus a strainer lid. It has a diameter of 8.25″ , a height of 2.75″, and a riveted Y handle of 7.75″
  • 4 qt. Everyday sauté pan plus lid. It has a diameter of 11.375″ , a height of 7.5″, and a helper handle of 1.75″
  • 5 qt. Dutch oven plus domed lid. It has a diameter of 11″ , a height of 3.5″, and side handles
  • Use and care sheet
  • Ten Curtis Stone recipe cards
  • Manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty

Stone cookware curtis stainless steel

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