2006 chevy colorado engine diagram

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FusesUsageDRLDaylight Running Lamps (If Equipped)AUX PWR 1Accessory Power 1STOPBrake Switch, StoplampsBLWRClimate Control FanS/ROOFSunroof (If Equipped)A/CAir Conditioning Control HeadPWR/SEATPower Seat Circuit Breaker (If Equipped)RT HDLPPassenger’s Side HeadlampLT HDLPDriver’s Side HeadlampAUX PWR 2Accessory Power 2FOG/LAMPFog Lamps (If Equipped)A/C CMPRSRAir Conditioning CompressorWSWWiper/Washer SwitchPWR/WNDWPower Windows (If Equipped)FUEL/PUMPFuel PumpSTRTRStarter Solenoid RelayWPRWiperABS 2Anti-lock Brake System 2 (ABS Pump)DR/LCKPower Door Locks (If Equipped)ETCElectronic Throttle Control (ETC)02 SNSROxygen SensorsCRUISECruise Control Switch, Inside Rearview Mirror, Transfer Case Control Module, Brake Switch, Clutch DisableHTD/SEATHeated Seat (If Equipped)AIRBAGSupplemental Inflatable Restraint System, Sensing and Diagnostic ModuleABSAnti-lock Brake System (ABS), ABS module, Four-Wheel Drive, Gravity SensorBCK/UPBack-up LightsFRT/AXLEFront Axle ActuatorTRN/HAZRD REARRear Turn/Hazard LightsERLSMap Sensor, Can Purge SolenoidPCMIPowertrain Control Module (PCM)TRANSTransmission SolenoidIGNIgnition, Clutch Starter Switch, Neutral Safety Back-Up Switch, Ignition Coils 1-5, Air Conditioning RelayINJInjectorsABS 1Anti-lock Brake System 1 (ABS Logic)FRT PRK LAMPFront Park/Turn Lamps, Driver and Passenger’s Side Power Window Switches LightingREAR PRK LAMPRear Parking Lamp 1, Passenger’s Side Taillamp, License Plate LampsREAR PRK LAMP2Driver’s Side Rear Taillamp, Passenger Side Airbag Indicator Lighting, Instrument Panel Dimming Power (2WD/4WD switch lighting)CLSTRClusterTRN/HAZRD FRTTurn/Hazard/Courtesy/Cargo Lamps/MirrorsTCCMTransfer Case Control ModuleHORNHornTBCTruck Body ControllerIGN TRNSDIgnition TransducersRDORadioONSTAROnStar®CNSTR VENTFuel Canister Vent SolenoidPCM BPowertrain Control Module (PCM) B
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Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado is manufactured by the huge automobile manufacturer, General Motors, and classified as a compact light-duty pickup truck. It has been named after the American state with the same name. The Chevrolet Colorado was introduced as a substitute for Chevrolet S-10 and GMC Sonoma. It remained the second bestselling vehicle of this category in America in 2005-06.

There have so far been two generations of the Chevrolet Colorado. The first generation Chevrolet Colorado was introduced in 2004. It was offered in both manual as well as automatic transmission options. Most models feature 2.8 L (171 cu in) LK5 I4 engine, while the powerful 3.5 I5 boasts of Z71 package on four-door versions. The ZQ8 edition of the Colorado is fitted with 17 inch wheels, while the Xtreme edition of the ZQ8 has 18 inch wheels. In 2007, the Colorado was fitted with new 2.9 L (177 cu in) LLV I4 and 3.7 L (226 cu in) LLR I5 engines. Also, several attractive color options were provided. In 2007, 5.3 L (323 cu in) LH8 V8 came to be used. The second generation of Chevrolet Colorado was introduced in 2012, and is still going strong. It was unveiled at the 2011 Bangkok Motor Show. This version is available in three options: regular cab, extended cab, and crew cab. Customers can also choose between rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. This model was available with either a 2.5 L Ecotec I4 engine or the 3.6 L LFX V6 engine. In 2015, 2.8 L Duramax LWN turbodiesel engine was added.

The current model has gained popularity due to improved fuel economy, impressive towing capacity and torque. Also, it is the first of its kind to offer 4G wifi, allowing the user to connect up to seven devices. It is also fitted with cutting-edge navigation system, 8-inch touch-screen supporting Apple CarPlay, radio streaming, and also enables the user to make phone calls, and play music from your phone. The OnStar RemoteLink facility enables the user to start the vehicle remotely, lock and unlock the vehicle from anywhere, and locate the vehicle by activating its horn and lights. The current model has also vastly upgraded its safety standard. The latest model comes fitted with standard rear vision camera, Forward Collision Alert, and Lane Departure Warning, with a view to minimize accidents. It has also been fortified with a sturdy steel frame, strong safety cage, and airbags in several positions. Moreover, the four-wheel disc brakes with Duralife ensure a smooth drive, while inlaid triple sealed doors, thick windshield and side glass, and liquid applied sound deadener have been added to keep traffic sounds at bay.

The Chevrolet Colorado was honored with the Motor Trend Truck of the Year award for 2015 and 2016. If you are looking for 2015 Chevy Colorado parts or 2016 Chevy Colorado parts, do check out PartsGeek.com. They also have an impressive collection of 2016 Chevy Colorado accessories.

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O2 SNSROxygen Sensors, Air Injection Reactor (AIR) RelayA/CAir Conditioning Control Head, Power SeatsA/C CMPRSRAir Conditioning CompressorABSAntilock Brake System (ABS), ABS Module, Four-Wheel Drive, Gravity SensorABS 1ABS 1 (ABS Logic)ABS 2ABS 2 (ABS Pump)AUX PWR 1Accessory Power 1AUX PWR 2Accessory Power 2BCK/UPBack-up LightsBLWRClimate Control FanCLSTRClusterCNSTR VENTFuel Canister Vent SolenoidCRUISECruise Control Switch, Inside Rearview Mirror, Transfer Case Control Module, Brake Switch, Clutch DisableDR/LCKPower Door Locks (If Equipped)DRLDaylight Running LampsERLSMass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor, Can Purge Solenoid, Air Injector Reactor (AIR) RelayETCElectronic Throttle Control (ETC)FOG/LAMPFog Lamps (If Equipped)FRT PRK LAMPFront Park/Turn Lamps, Driver and Passenger Side Power Window Switches LightingFRT/AXLEFront Axle ActuatorFSCMFuel System Control ModuleBACKUP LAMPBackup LampHORNHornHTD/SEATHeated Seat (If Equipped)IGNIgnition, Clutch Starter Switch, Neutral Safety Back-Up Switch, Ignition Coils 1-5, Air Conditioning RelayINJInjectorsLT HDLPDriver Side HeadlampPCM BPower Control Module (PCM) BPCMIPower Control Module (PCM)PWR/SEATPower Seat Circuit Breaker (If Equipped)PWR/WNDWPower Windows (If Equipped)RDORadioREAR PRK LAMPRear Parking Lamp 1, Passenger Side Taillamp, License Plate LampsREAR PRK LAMP2Driver Side Rear Taillamp, Passenger Side Airbag Indicator Lighting, Instrument Panel Dimming Power (2WD/4WD switch lighting)RT HDLPPassenger Side HeadlampRVCRegulated Voltage ControlS/ROOFSunroof (If Equipped)STOPStop LampsSTRTRStarter Solenoid RelayTBCTruck Body ControllerTCMTransmission Control ModuleTCCMTransfer Case Control ModuleTRAILER BRAKETrailer BrakeTRANSTransmission SolenoidTRN/HAZRD FRTTurn/Hazard/Courtesy/Cargo Lamps/MirrorsTRN/HAZRD REARRear Turn/Hazard LightsVSES/STOPVehicle Stability Enhancement System/StopWPRWiperWSWWiper/Washer SwitchRelaysA/C CMPRSRAir Conditioning CompressorBackup LampBackup LampBEAM SELBeam SelectionDRLDaylight Running LampsFOG/LAMPFog Lamps (If Equipped)HDLPHeadlampsHORNHornIGN 3 HVACIgnition 3, Climate Control, Climate Control Head Fuse, Power Seat FusePRK/LAMPFront Parking Lamp Fuse, Rear Parking LampsPWR/TRNPowertrain, Electronic Throttle Control Fuse, Oxygen Sensor FuseRAPRetained Accessory Power (Power Window Fuse, Wiper/Washer Switch Fuse)RUN/CRNKRun/Crank, Airbag System Fuse, Cruise Control Fuse, Ignition Fuse, Back-Up Lamps, ABS Fuse, Front Axle, PCM-1, Injectors Fuse, Transmission Fuse, ERLSSTRTRStarter Relay (PCM Relay)VSESVehicle Stability Enhancement SystemWPRWipers (On/Off)WPR 2Wiper 2 (High/Low)MiscellaneousA/C CLTCHDiode — Air Conditioning, ClutchMEGA FUSEMega FuseWPRDiode — WiperFusesATrailer Park LampBCommunication Interface ModuleCSupplemental Inflatable Restraint System, Sensing and Diagnostic ModuleDTrailer Auxiliary Maxi-Fuse
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2006 Chevy Colorado blower and resistor replacement

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About Chevrolet Colorado

Chevrolet Colorado is a compact truck manufactured by General Motors since 2003. The first Chevrolet Colorado was introduced in 2004 to replace the Chevrolet S10 compact pickup truck. It is a very young truck and has only been produced through two generations. What surprises people is even it has been produced for not too long, it has received awards and recognitions from Motor Trend for 2015 Truck of the Year and 2016 Truck of the Year.
The first generation Chevrolet Colorado (2003-2012) was introduced as a two-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive vehicle powered by several kinds of engines including inline 4-cylinder engine, inline 5-cylinder engine and V8 engine with 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission. Then in 2011, the second generation Chevrolet Colorado (2012-present) was unveiled at the Bangkok Motor Show as two-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive regular cab, extended cab and crew cab. At the same year, the Holden Colorado was introduced at the Australian International Motor Show coming with DX, LX, LT, LTZ, Z71 trim levels but only Base, WT, LT and Z71 are available trim levels in American market. It now has V6 engine and 4-cylinder engine with 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic and manual transmission.

Chevrolet Colorado Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though the Chevrolet Colorado is very popular in North America, it is still inevitable that some Chevrolet Colorado vehicle owners have some complaints about it. There are two most common problems on it while driving:
First, engine problem. Chevrolet Colorado vehicle owners found the engine idled badly, the engine light was on and sometimes the engine would misfire. What's more, when accelerating, it responded sluggishly. Same symptoms happened to your Chevrolet Colorado means that your body control module is failing or timing chain guide is broken, you had better get it checked by some professionals.
Second, braking problem. Chevrolet Colorado vehicle owners described that the ABS lights coming on and ABS work improperly. Maybe the bad ABS sensor caused this situation, which will also decrease the stopping time and stability under icy or wet driving conditions; however, broken wheel speed sensor also can lead to ABS light being on or ABS works poorly as well as traction control light stays on.
Chevrolet Colorado vehicle owners often realized that they should replace auto parts until some serious accidents happened. In fact, taking preventative measures are always better than taking reactive measures, so when you are checking your car, some parts that are easy to ignore should be payed attention to. Windshield wiper or wiper blade should be replaced once a year in sunny and hot environment and every half a year in dusty and sandy region. Seat belt should be replaced after any accident in which the pretensioners were activated.
Chevrolet Colorado OEM auto parts offered here are good-quality and at the lowest price. Genuine Chevrolet Colorado parts can save you lots of time on selecting and delivering as we offer OEM parts with quick delivery.

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Chevy diagram 2006 colorado engine

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