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“Back Together”

(available in episode 120 and on YouTube)

When you went South,
I went North.
I seem to recall
it was all because

of creative differences
in what we wrote,
and how we sang,
and what we spoke.

So, we left behind
our string of hits
when we chose to focus
on the few small bits

that annoyed us. When,
what we should have done,
is to focus instead
on the joy and fun.

But once we’d split,
it was there to see
that without the “us”,
the “you” and the “me”

would be shadows
of what we could have been.
It’s true when they say
there’s no “I” in team.

So, let’s not regret
what we did forever,
when instead we can get
the band back together.


(available in episode 120)

You play the high notes.
I’ll take the low.
If you’re the violin,
then I’ll be your bow.
You be the neck
and I’ll be the strings.
I’ll play the tune,
for the lyrics you sing.
You be the cymbals,
and I’ll be the drums.
Without all of your words,
I’d be just left to hum.
So, come be the chorus,
and I’ll be the verse.
You’re the performance,
after I first rehearse.
While others have big bands,
percussionists too,
the only accompaniment I need
is to be accompanied by you.

“Playing A Tune”

(available in episode 120)

You’ll be surprised when you listen,
that for someone my age,
I manage to play notes
with a very wide range.

I perform many octaves
from the highs to the lows,
including ones that are so high
that only dogs really know.

I’ve perfected my scales,
both major and minor.
You might think that for musicians
that none could be finer.

But, something then happens
when playing a tune,
that within minutes of starting
can clear a whole room.

Do you know what I’m playing?
Perhaps, kinda or sorta.
As I play all the right notes
just not in the right order.


“Facing Up”

(available in episode 118 and on YouTube)

There’s so much happening
up over our heads.
So, my alarm’s set early.
I jump up out of bed,
dash out to the garden
to lie down on the grass,
while I wait for the whole
of the sky world to pass.
I watch insects buzz by,
and clouds drifting through.
I see eagles and sparrows
and chaffinches too.
There are geese in formation,
heading off in a V.
I could do this all day,
there’s just so much to see.
So, find a nice spot
in the open to lay,
and together we’ll both
face up to today.

“On My Mind”

(available in episode 118)

I see a tortoise…
No, a puppy…
Gosh, now it’s a cat.
You’re a shape-shifting form,
but much more than that …

In the middle of Summer,
you drift in on the breeze
and sit right up above me
to grant a reprieve,
and I wallow for a moment
in your wonderful shade
before I water the garden
with the rain that you made.

And when Summer becomes Fall,
and your whites turn to grays,
you fill up the sky
for the whole of the day.
Still, your bright silver lining
is a pleasure to find.
I love it when you turn up
and just cloud my mind.


(available in episode 118)

Between us right now,
there’s way too much space,
and there’s no way to get you
to come to this place,
and with me simply unable
to visit you soon,
I may as well be on Earth
with you on the Moon.

As I stare at the sky,
the Moon seems too near,
so I’ll picture you sat
on the Sun. I fear
the distance between us
is too great to bear,
as I imagine us together
out there somewhere.


“Up To Bat”

(available in episode 116 and on YouTube)

They swoop through the air,
and put on a grand show.
Looping the loop,
shoot high, and drop low.
With a quick flap of wings,
they then glide and they munch,
eating thousands of insects
for their breakfast and lunch.

So, when the sun has sent out
the last of its rays,
I grab a lawn chair
to sit down and wait
for the arrival of the
best ever aerial display
that only happens at night.
Never during the day.

There really is nothing
to ever beat that,
which is why, every evening,
I’m first up to bat.

“When The Sun Goes Down”

(available in episode 116)

Out on the border,
where the day meets the night,
and the Sun gifts away
the last of its light,
and the birds sing their encore
before disappearing from sight,
a nose can be seen
from under a hedge,
and a hoot and a flap
are heard off on a ledge.
Then, your world full of yellows
and greens goes to bed,
while the silhouetted blacks
and the grays fill your head.
The world that you claim
to be yours in your town,
is a world full of others
when the sun has gone down.

“My Wildflower Garden”

(available in episode 116)

You popped up, then grew up,
now stand up quite tall.
At the top of your stem,
towering high over all
of the others that appeared
to fill up the bed,
is a bright purple flower
like a cap on your head.
It follows the sun
wherever it goes,
and calls out to butterflies
and bees so they know
you’re a great place to visit,
to drop by on their way.
I love how much wildflowers
always brighten my day.



“The Race”

(available in episode 114 and on YouTube)

I was first off the blocks,
and was setting the pace.
By the very first corner,
I was leading the race.

My legs was both pumping,
and so was my heart.
That gold medal was mine –
I could tell from the start.

As I pulled further away,
by the end of lap one,
I was so far ahead
I could tell that I’d won.

I could picture the glory
of breaking the tape,
and accepting my medal -
they’d all know my name.

But, I started to slow.
By the end of lap two,
my fuel tank was empty.
What was there to do?

There were twelve laps in total.
I was starting to pant,
as the pack all gained slowly
like a long trail of ants.

I could hear feet getting closer.
Then, they caught me at last.
And one by one, those runners -
I watched them all pass.

And off in the distance
those runners they went.
As I slowed to a jog -
my energy spent.

They lapped me, and lapped me,
and lapped me once more.
Then, they finished while I slowly
completed lap four.

For a while there, they waited,
before they headed off home.
As I jogged round the circuit,
I was all on my own.

By the time that I finished
I was way off the pace,
and the only race that I won
was the one for last place.

“Round And Round”

(available in episode 114)

There’s the beginning and middle,
and then comes the end,
which is also the start.
So, I go round again

to see all of the faces, and all of the places
I saw the first time.
Oh I wish I that, instead,
I could run a straight line

as I’m spinning like laundry
in a washing machine.
And, “why?” I ask –
what does it all mean …

to be circling around
like the hands on a clock,
while I listen for a bell
as the sign this could stop?

I guess that being on the track
is always this way.
You could say that I’m just
going in circles today.

“Kale Delivery”

(available in episode 114)

It’s perfect for salads
and also for soups.
If you haven’t baked it for chips,
then here’s my big news …
It’s a mountain of goodness
all leafy and green.
Full of fiber and iron,
Vitamins K and then C.
So I planted it neatly
and it sprouted in rows.
There’s not a space in my garden
where it doesn’t now grow.
The time’s come to harvest,
so I’m picking away.
I’ve been piling it up
for the whole of the day.
Then it’s off in the barrow.
I’ll wheel them ‘round town
to be boiled, baked or fried
and then gobbled right down.
If you see me approaching
you’ll now know my tale.
I just go door to door
with today’s first class kale.


“Bucket In Hand”

(available in episode 112 and on YouTube)

I awoke to dense fog –
there was nothing to see.
Then up picked the wind,
replacing the scene
with a sense of foreboding
from a thick layer of cloud.
Then with a loud bang of thunder
the rain sheeted down,
dampening my spirits.
There was nothing to do
but to wait and to watch
for the sky to turn blue.
The sun stuck behind clouds
and me stuck inside -
a short walk from the beach
and the incoming tide.
With my bucket and my spade
firmly in hand,
I dream of paddling and wading,
making castles from sand.
Hoping nicer weather
is on its way here.
As I wait for the moment
the coast becomes clear.

“Our Last Visit”

(available in episode 112)

I remember the last time we went to the beach.
We sat in our chairs, watching the tide.
With gulls overheads, and seals dropping by.
We ate a bountiful picnic, out there all alone,
before packing things up, and heading back home.

How I wish I'd made more of the time we spent there.
I could have suggested we stay, and not go anywhere,
and that we wrap up in blankets as day became night.
We’d talk under stars, and in the dimmest of light,
relish each second of the longest of days
not knowing it would never again be that way.

“A Beach Riddle”

(available in episode 112)

I wear a white cap
but who exactly am I?
I’m found with hellos
and also goodbyes,
and it may sound strange
but I’m sometimes in hair.
If you go to the beach,
you may find me there.
There are times when I’m small,
and times when I’m tall,
and times when you just
can’t see me at all.
But, I perform at my best,
and there’s no place to hide
when people rise up 
on my back for a ride,
before we crash on the land
in a flurry of foam.
Shake your hand towards me
before you head home.



(available in episode 109 and on YouTube)

I woke up this morning,
jumped up out of bed,
excited to face up
to the full day ahead.

I walked up the street
to stock up my fridge.
Then I dug up my garden
to plant some more veg.

Then I hung up my coat,
and I cleaned up my home.
I called up some friends,
then I hung up the phone.

I folded up laundry
and put it away.
Then, I made up a poem
to describe my whole day.

Then I placed all my books
back up on the shelf,
and I put my feet up,
and I thought to myself…

after a long stretch of nasty,
and a big dollop of yuck, 
it feels like it’s changing 
as things start to look up.


“Painting The Ceiling”

(available in episode 110 and on YouTube)

When painting the ceiling,
I’m sure you’ll agree,
there's a hurdle to cross
that they call gravity.
I want the paint up,
but it keeps dripping down,
and there’s now less above,
than there is on the ground.
It’s raining emulsion
and showering matt.
I really should paint
with an umbrella or hat.
As there are drips in my hair,
my ears and nose.
It’s run down my body
right down to my toes.
I squelch when I walk
from the paint in my shoes.
To anyone watching,
I could see them confused
as to whether I’m painting
the ceiling or floor.
Is this a new kind of art?
I’m really not sure.
By the end of the day,
it’s now easy to see
I wasn’t painting the ceiling.
It painted me.

“My New Recipe”

(available in episode 110)

I found it in a magazine.
It was a chance to make a new dish.
So I checked out all
of the ingredients to buy,
and wrote each one down in a list.

Once at the store, things didn’t go right.
They didn’t quite have what I’d want.
So, I went with the next
best thing I could find,
took them home and started to cook.

But, what should have been runny
was solid and thick,
and there were lumps floating up at the top.
It smelled like rubber,
before its color turned black.
It was then I decided to stop.

The meal looked like
it had been dropped from a height,
and had the consistency of stucco or plaster.
I decided just then,
that never again,
would I remake that recipe for disaster.

“Picking Paint”

(available in episode 110)

I decided to paint my rooms all white,
but soon found the walls too bright.
So, I chose instead to paint them black,
but then no longer could see my cat.
Next, I tried many shades of green,
which was the strangest thing I’d ever seen,
until, that was, I turned them blue.
Not knowing what else to do,
I rolled on coats of gray then red,
before I changed them all to pink instead.
But none of the colors seemed to fit –
each one would work a bit,
and also not work at all.
So, I sat myself down to bawl.
Until the idea came to me,
that surely it would be fun to see,
my house painted from high to low
in all the colors of a bright rainbow.


“By The Book”

(available in episode 109 and on YouTube)

My manuscript sits alone, 
there on the table.
A strong opening page.
But, I’ve found I’m unable

to picture a plot 
to take me from there.
I have a character that’s now 
just stuck unaware

of what happens if we ever 
make it to page two. 
And I’m just as bemused.
Don’t know what to do.

If only my brain
could finally imagine 
a story or plot:
a mystery of some fashion.

But until that comes along,
the character and I
are sat patiently waiting 
for my light bulb to light

rejecting ideas 
that are not worth a look,
as I sit here, struggling,
to write by the book.


Hedgehog 1.jpg

“A Mystery”

(available in episode 109)

When? Where? 
Why? How?
You’ve got so many questions.
But, what I don’t have

is a single answer, 
so I sit here and strain,
hoping some wonderful magic 
occurs in my brain,

and with a big bang, 
it all fits into place.
Replacing the expression 
that’s stuck on my face:

one of bemusement,
mixed with confusion, and more.
As I file through my mind
to find a key to a door

that opens up to solutions.
Until then, you’ll see
that the questions you asked
are a mystery to me. 


“True Colors”

(available in episode 106 and on YouTube)

If you stumble upon a caterpillar,
take good care of it.
Keep it safe, and let it eat,
so one day on the wind,
a colorful fluttering butterfly
will brighten up your day.
The joy you’ll find when butterflies
visit on their way.

The same is true of people.
There’s a magic there to find.
Inside us all is a butterfly
waiting for the time
we allow ourselves the chance to change
and leave the old behind.
With a burst of color, and a flap of wings,
we finally learn to fly.

“My Kind Of Jam”

(available in episode 106)

If my day is a sandwich,
I know what’s the bread:
it’s those times when I work
and cram facts in my head.

It’s the times when my chores
are piling up high,
and there’s nothing but bread
slice-on-slice to the sky.

That bread is the start
and the end of the day.
Bookends to events
that are heading my way.

And if life was just bread,
how sad that would be.
Is a sandwich still a sandwich,
if it’s just bread to eat?

Which is why I’m so happy,
that you break up my day.
You add fun and excitement
in your own special way.

On the surface, you’re just
my friends and my fam.
But, to me, and my sandwich,
you’re a thick layer of jam.

“I Hope You Don’t Mind”

(available in episode 106)

I hope you don’t mind,
wherever you are,
that I picture you still being here.
Sat in your chair,
with a paper and tea,
providing comfort by just being near.

Then, there are times when your voice
drifts out from a room.
Yet again, you look for your keys.
It was always this way
and my brain, as a friend,
ensures you'll always be living with me.



(available in episode 105 and on YouTube)

In this overcrowded world,
there’s not much unique.
Even minutes come in hours,
and days come in weeks.

There’s a blending of people,
who wear the same clothes.
They read the same books,
and watch the same shows.

It seems harder and harder
to stand out from the crowd.
To have your voice heard
when this place is so loud.

It’s not just the people - 
I look around me to see
multiples and copies
and lookalikees.

My biscuits are in packets.
I have bunches of grapes.
There are prides full of lions,
and shrewdness of apes.

Which makes me so glad,
that one statement stays true.
In a world full of many,
there’s only one you.


(available in episode 105)

I'm stuck and I'm stumped.
I just have no idea.
Something's blocking all action
between my two ears.

I've struggled. I've strained.
I've dug really deep.
But, my neurons aren't firing.
Perhaps they're asleep.

My fingers are poised.
They're ready to type.
But, floating over my head
is a bulb that won't light.

Oh, where's my Eureka?
Oh, where's my "Ah ha"?
This failure to think
feels truly bizarre.

There's a brick wall, a blockage, 
a mighty log jam,
Right there, in my head,
is a big mental dam.

Please pass me a plunger
that's made for my brain,
so that all my ideas 
can start flowing again.

“My Secret Ingredient”

(available in episode 105)

There's a secret ingredient
I use in my cooking.
I sneak it right in,
when nobody's looking.
That turns all I make
into something quite yummy.
My cakes, pies and dinners
will fill any tummy.
But my special addition
that I put in each bake,
isn't something you buy
or something you make.
You won't find it when shopping,
or out on a farm.
You won't see it in boxes,
or packets or jars.
It turns all that I cook
into a welcoming hug.
If you must know, my secret
ingredient is love.


close up chicken studying in garden.jpg

“The Ex-expert”

(available in episode 103 and on YouTube)

People called me an expert:
a one of a kind.
A guru whose thinking
was ahead of its time.

I'd be thrown many questions,
problems galore.
I'd solve everyone.
Then, they'd send over more.

But, gradually, I faded,
and got left behind.
Things were no longer
up-to-date in my mind.

Soon, it was clear
I’d been left all alone,
as people used Wiki
and found facts on their phone.

'Though I'm a little disappointed,
my feelings aren't hurt.
It's just part of the life
of an ex-expert.

“All A Blank”

(available in episode 103)

I went in prepared
for each school exam,
but sat down to find
my mind all a blank.

Despite all of my classes,
the books that I'd read,
somehow none of the facts
were still stored in my head.

Around me, the others
were typing away,
proving all that they'd learned
for the whole of the day.

But I was stumped by a question
that asked for my name,
and my response to the next
was exactly the same.

It was then I decided
some jobs weren't me,
as I stared at test questions
on applied chemistry.

What could I then do
with this skill that I have
to put stresses aside,
leave my mind all a blank?

The answer was clear.
I'd have the right reputation,
for a focus on breathing,
and to teach meditation.

“A Quiz Riddle”

(available in episode 103)

We're together in quizzes.
In interviews too.
You probe and explore.
I explain what is true.

Although we're very alike,
and have a lot that's the same,
you're the one with a mark
that carries your name.

They say there's no wrong
versions of you.
People hope that I'm the right
response to a q.

You're the first to appear,
and then I'm next in line.
People know who we are.
Though we aren't in this rhyme.



for you little Dazzy Donuts.jpg

“Breakfast Time”

(available in episode 101 and on YouTube)

I like to start the day off
with a nice plate of food,
or something steaming and hot in a bowl.
There are so many options.
I’m spoiled for choice,
and none of those options get old.

There are pancakes and muffins,
and hot buttered toast.
Cereals and mueslis galore.
I can pile them all up,
and pile them all in.
Then, there’s seconds if I really want more.

Now, I know some like dinners
as their favorite meal.
For others, it’s lunches or brunch.
But for me, I’ve discovered
that eating a brunch
is just a little too like eating lunch.

So, I’m up bright and early,
to start the day right.
Just come to the kitchen and see.
You can keep all your dinners,
your suppers and lunch.
Breakfast’s the main meal for me.


(available in episode 101)

It was wound up so tight,
patiently waiting
for the first signs of warmth to arrive.
Until I walked out my door
to see hundreds of signs
that this world was again full of life.
I saw seeds that were sprouting,
flowers grown from bulbs,
blossom bursting open on trees,
as I breathed it all in
to the singing of birds
and the humming and buzzing of bees.
My heart filled with joy
and a fresh sense of hope
now the season had finally begun.
What a pleasure it was
to look out and see
that Spring well and truly had sprung.

“The Bird Choir”

(available in episode 101)

I was friends with the neighbors
until this all started,
when I signed myself up
for the morning’s dawn chorus.
I’d be awake bright and early,
with an alarm set for four.
I’d jump up, get changed,
and dash straight out the door
to stand out on my lawn,
awaiting my part,
listening patiently for a sign
that the singing would start.
Then I’d blast out the sweetest tune
you’ll ever of heard.
So glad to be a member
in the choir of birds.




“Time Together”

(available in episode 99 and on YouTube)

I love our time together.
Oh, the places we’ve been.
The meals that we’ve eaten.
The sights that we’ve seen.

The chats that we’ve had.
The jokes that we’ve told.
My time spent with you
just never gets old.

And on days when you just
can't come along,
I’ll still walk and still talk,
like I’m not all alone.

There’s a voice in my head,
and a hand holding mine.
We’re together, forever,
‘til the ending of time.

“Phases Of The Moon”

(available in episode 99)

I have moments of brightness
when I shine like the sun.
Has the day really ended,
and the nighttime begun?
When I turn rays into beams
that help light your way.
Nothing’s dull, when I’m full,
and merge night into day.
But as I wax and I wane,
the slither you see,
is just a small part
of the whole that is me.
Don’t worry as I change
between new, full, and new.
It’s simply a phase
that I have to go through.

“Thank You For Being My Lighthouse”

(available in episode 99)

When I'm lost in the dark,
battered by a wind,
that's howling and roaring.
A prisoner of the whims
of others and of nature,
I'm tossed back and forth.
I want to move forward
but I'm not really sure:
… which way is forward?
… which was is home?
And just when it feels like
I'm out here alone,
your signal breaks through
like a bright megaphone.
And that first careful step
has me moving once more,
as I plot my path safely
back to the shore.



Sours: https://www.kidspoetryclub.com/kids-poems

Poem: ‘Smart’ by Shel Silverstein


Kai Ryssdal: To mark April being national poetry month we’re spending a couple of Mondays on the poetry of all things economic. A lot of you wrote to nominate “Smart” by Shel Silverstein. A poem about kids and money. So for some analysis, we took it to the source. Ms. Simms’ 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in Fullerton, Calif. They caught on pretty quickly that the hero’s not exactly the best with money.

Ms. Simms’ class: He gets less and less money when he thinks he’s getting more. He had $1, and now he only has five cents.

Here’s the whole thing. Ms Simms’ kids reading “Smart” from Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends.”


My dad gave me one dollar bill
‘Cause I’m his smartest son,
And I swapped it for two shiny quarters
‘Cause two is more than one!

And then I took the quarters
And traded them to Lou
For three dimes — I guess he didn’t know
That three is more than two!

Just then, along came old blind Bates
And just ’cause he can’t see
He gave me four nickels for my three dimes,
And four is more than three!

And then I took the nickels to Hiram Coombs
Down at the seed-feed store,
And the fool gave me five pennies for them,
And five is more than four!

And then I went and showed my dad,
And he got red in the cheeks
And closed his eyes and shook his head —
Too proud of me to speak!

RYSSDAL: From the mouths of 10-year-olds, bigger is not always better. That was Sarah Nascimento, Vadi Eghterafi, Victoria Vo, Semonne Brandt, Kevin Chou and the rest of Ms. Simms’ class at Arborland Montessori school in Fullerton, Calif. Next week, three poems about one thing: work.

COPYRIGHT (C) 1974, renewed 2002 EVIL EYE MUSIC

Sours: https://www.marketplace.org/2009/04/27/poem-smart-shel-silverstein/
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Plan the future            A presence unknown

                                        Derivative is the way I hit snooze
for an hour on my alarm each morning

rediscover and marvel at
                       my one grey chest hair

When I don't know how to respond
                      to people
I don't respond

                      This causes obvious problems

Never do I wear
           my sunglasses inside               The (false) modesty

problem forbids me                 My low fat quesadilla
                                                     is especially greasy

The sky sweeps up                   the sky                                   

                                  Brilliance radiates
                                                 from the sun

A crop duster swoops down,
                       tips its wings side to side
                       as if to say, hi              One day  
                                                              we will all be dead.

I feel best        when I write best

There are many ways I could grow
                       my facial hair, but all I do is shave.

                                              Right now I have no idea how to feel

We want to believe that without love we'd disappear, that if we have love, give love and know love, we are truly alive and if there is no love, there would be no life. But the terror is that without love, life goes on. We go on.

                              The soft bullet in       
                                         No mercy       

Your nail polish is the pinkest                        of bubble gum                        

                               A ringing endorsement

                               My sunglasses are covered in red

                               smiley faces

Sours: https://poets.org/poem/money-energy
Piggy Bank Song - CoComelon Nursery Rhymes \u0026 Kids Songs

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Kindergarten Money Poem for Coin Identification Free File! Your class will love singing this song and learning about the names of coins and their value!  

Kindergarten Money Poem

I have had this poem in my files for a very, very long time.  I am not sure who the original author was, but my class loved this simple tune.  We used this poem as part of our morning warm up!

The song offers a fun way to help students learn the value and the names of the coins.  Whenever we can combine music and learning, our student engagement automatically goes up!

Kindergarten Money Poem for Coin Identification Free File! Your class will love singing this song and learning about the names of coins and their value!

I have added a student reader.  In this way, each student will have the money poem they can practice at home.

Kindergarten Money Poem for Coin Identification Free File! Your class will love singing this song and learning about the names of coins and their value!

Each page has a different coin that the student can color!

Kindergarten Money Poem for Coin Identification Free File! Your class will love singing this song and learning about the names of coins and their value!

I have also added a poetry notebook version as well!

Kindergarten Money Poem for Coin Identification Free File! Your class will love singing this song and learning about the names of coins and their value!

Although money is not one of the common core state standards, I still find it appropriate to introduce coins in kindergarten.  Working with coins is a great way to work on skip counting!

I hope your students enjoy this money poem as much as my kindergarten class did!

Money Videos

Here are a few fun videos that will help students learn to identify coins! 

I love ABC Mouse!


Numberock is pretty fun as well!


Do you have any favorite songs you like to use when teaching about coins?  I’d love to hear about them!

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Money poems for kids about

Get Paid to Write Poetry: 35 Places to Submit Your Poems for Money

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  2. Poetry Foundation: Pays $150
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  5. Clubhouse Jr Magazine: Pays $50 to $100
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  19. Fun For Kidz Magazines: Pays $10 (minimum)
  20. Arc Poetry Magazine: Pays $15
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  22. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Pays $200
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  24. Orion Magazine: Pays $100
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  27. Rattle: Pays $50 for online submissions – $100 for print submissions

2. Submit to Poem Contests to Win Cash

Another option is entering poem contests in hopes of winning some cash.

Here are a few current contests:

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  2. Bellevue Literary Review’s Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize in Poetry: Prize = $1,000
  3. Poetry.com Contest: Prize = annual $5,000; monthly $250; daily $25
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3. Write Poem for Greeting Cards Companies

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Your Turn

Are you a poet? Have you ever submitted your poems for money? Have you ever used any of the sites mentioned here?

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The Money Song - Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter - Jack Hartmann Money Song

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