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does anyone know what the drop rate is? Ive been farming the parnell and dragov riker missions all day and although im no stranger to farming in games (im looking at you monster hunter) its getting a little tiresome now. I just want to know if im having bad rng or if im in this for the long haul.

Also, do exotics drop from normal enemies and weapon boxes etc or just from bosses, and are there certain requirements that need to be met before they drop?
Bighorn is the only exotic that is difficulty dependent (final bosses in Legendary can drop it, 3% chance).

All others can drop in any difficulty. Bullet King drop chance increases the higher the difficulty (I believe it's about 7% on Heroic, 5% on Challenging, 3% on Hard and 1% on normal).

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I am having the same problem with the exotics that drop from bosses been running mission's to get the 2 that can drop from any hyena boss for weeks even at targeted loot spot and nothing I must have the worst luck and rng hates me.

Gotta try and combine Targeted loot and Hard/Challenging difficulty(Its more efficient to run more faster vrs a 2% chance increase). Best case scenario your still looking at around a 5% drop.

Ive heard from alot of people not to do challenging difficulty for farming though since it adds more to the loot drop table so you have more of a chance for a extotic to drop but less of a chance its the one you want.

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Targeted loot does not affect exotic drops, and heroic adds all of the year one exotics to the pool.

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Targeted loot does not affect exotic drops, and heroic adds all of the year one exotics to the pool.
thanks for the info stared trying heroic jeff trade center first run nothing 2nd run got the exotic knee pads.

Run Tombs in northeast NY tc, highest difficulty you can handle.

Sours: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/234459-tom-clancys-the-division-2/78523629

Destiny 2: The Best Activities To Farm Exotics

Exotics are a coveted item type in the Destiny franchise, granting powerful benefits that are usually build-enabling. Only one Exotic weapon and armor piece can be equipped at a time, but that doesn't mean you should only own one. With hundreds of Exotics to chase, you'll want a good roll for each Exotic in the game.

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Fortunately, there has never been a better time in Destiny 2 to farm Exotic gear. Lost Sectors, Nightfalls, and casual alternatives have made earning Exotics easier than in past years. If you're looking to farm the best armor rolls for your Exotic armor collection, look no further. Here are the best activities for farming Exotics you should try in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Updated April 1st, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Season of the Chosen has given PvP players a way to obtain Exotics by playing their favorite game modes. With Shaxx now providing Masterwork materials and Exotics for Valor rank increases, Guardians in need of Exotics now have an additional way of obtaining them. We've added a new section explaining how to obtain Exotics simply by playing Crucible games.

Legend And Master Lost Sectors

For those that own Destiny 2: Beyond Light, completing Legend or Master-difficulty Lost Sectors has a high chance of granting an Exotic armor piece. Unlike Nightfalls, these Exotics drop in a specific slot—head, arms, chest, or legs. If you need a perfect roll for your Transversive Steps or ST0MP-EE5, you can run a Legend or Master Lost Sector that grants leg armor.

There are two caveats with this:

  1. These Lost Sectors must be completed solo.
  2. You'll need to wait for a Lost Sector to have a certain category of Exotic in its reward pool.

Completing a Lost Sector in a fireteam voids the Exotic armor reward. As for the second point, Legend and Master Lost Sectors rotate their Exotic drops daily. Fortunately, this order is predetermined. If a Legend Lost Sector is dropping helmets, for example, it will drop leg armor on the next day. Drops rotate in this order:

  1. Helmet
  2. Leg Armor
  3. Arms
  4. Chest Armor

If you can handle both of those caveats, you can easily complete these Lost Sectors in three to four minutes on Legend difficulty, seven to eight minutes on Master. Every two to four runs will give an Exotic on these runs, making it a fantastic Exotic farm when Nightfalls don't have a double loot week.

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Should you attempt any of these Master Lost Sectors solo, we have a guide on efficiently beating each of them. You can find them in our complete guide here. Scroll down to the "Master Lost Sectors" section, then click on whichever Lost Sector you wish to farm.

Nightfall: The Ordeal

Nightfalls are also a fantastic way to farm Exotic armor and Masterwork materials, especially if there is a double loot week active. If you do not own the Beyond Light expansion, this will be your best means of farming Exotic gear. While Grandmaster Nightfalls guarantee an Exotic at the end if you achieve a Platinum rank, they are so difficult that most players would be better off farming Master Nightfalls instead.

Master Nightfalls are set to that season's Power Level hard cap and have a wide range of modifiers. Fortunately, the only notable ones are Match Game and the Champion types you'll be facing. Find a team, coordinate your loadouts, and prepare to grind out these missions. As long as you are at the recommended Power Level, Master Nightfalls shouldn't pose much of a threat.

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Every so often, Bungie will announce on the login screen that a double Nightfall week is occurring. This means that Nightfall completions grant two rewards instead of just one, meaning you can get twice as many Exotics or additional Masterwork materials. Whenever a double loot week is ongoing, farming Nightfalls is an excellent way to farm Exotic gear. Otherwise, Nightfalls are solid but not as efficient as Legend or Master Lost Sectors.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges—turning in eight bounties, completing core activities, et cetera—have a small chance of granting an Exotic when completed. While this isn't consistent nor a repeatable farm, this gives casual players a decent chance to obtain an Exotic they don't own.

Xur And The Season Pass

Both Xur and the Season Pass can grant Exotics. Neither of these sources are farmable, but they are so accessible that every player should be aware of them.


Xur is a unique NPC that visits one of three curated locations from Friday to the weekly reset on Tuesday. He always brings an Exotic weapon, one Exotic armor piece for each class, a Fated Engram that grants a non-duplicate Exotic item, and an Exotic Cipher quest. Completing this quest lets you purchase a second non-duplicate Fated Engram or an older Exotic from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. Visit Xur every weekend to fill out your Exotic collection.

For more information on Xur, including spawn locations and how Fated Engrams work, consult this guide.

Season Pass Rewards

Certain ranks in the Season Pass grant Exotic Engrams. Free players get one engram, while current season owners can get up to five. Season Pass owners gain Exotic Engrams at the following ranks:

  • Rank 65 (Free): x1 Exotic Engram
  • Rank 65 (Paid): x1 Exotic Engram
  • Rank 74 (Paid): x1 Exotic Engram
  • Rank 88 (Paid): x1 Exotic Engram
  • Rank 98 (Paid): x1 Exotic Engram

Be sure to claim these whenever you can. If you didn't claim Exotic Engrams from last season, you can do so from the Bungie.net website. You can find a link to it here.

The Crucible

After Season of the Chosen overhauled the Crucible's reward structure, it's a surprisingly casual Exotic farm for those that enjoy Destiny 2 PvP.

The first time you reset your Valor, you will receive one Ascendant Shard. Afterward, all Valor resets for the rest of the season will grant one Exotic Engram. Earning 2,000 Valor might sound extreme, but this isn't much of an ask for avid PvP players. Daily bounties and Win Streaks will let you max out your Valor ranking in a few days, especially if a triple Valor week is active. It isn't nearly as efficient as farming Master Lost Sectors or Nightfalls, but PvP players that can win most of their games will be surprised how many Exotics they can earn this way.

What About Glory Ranks?

Glory ranks don't provide any additional rewards from Lord Shaxx, unlike Valor. However, you receive a Glory reward every time you increase your subdivision or division rank. These rewards have a chance of dropping an Exotic. It isn't uncommon to obtain an Exotic this way on your climb to Legend Glory rank. Since you can't reset your Glory rank, and the chance is random, playing Glory matches just for Exotic drops is discouraged.

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The Division 2- how to get Eagle Bearer Exotic assault rifle

Eagle Bearer drops strictly from Dark Hours bosses and the reward chest that requires a key. The drop rate is low but you are not required to complete the raid in order to get the weapon, which leaves space for farming manoeuvres.

In case you are discouraged from attempting to farm Eagle Bearer by the lack of matchmaking for Dark Hours or the fact that you need to find seven other players with optimised builds in order to attempt the raid, maybe you shouldn't be.

The raid itself doesn't have a time gate and all the bosses have a chance to drop Eagle Bearer. This means you can go in, kill the first two bosses and if they don't drop the Exotic, you can replay them and hope for better luck.

This way you would eliminate the higher challenge that comes with attempting to do Lucy and Buddy as well as the final boss. Furthermore, starting with the doggo duo, the raid time sink grows disproportionately so the optimal usage of your time would actually be to keep killing the first two bosses.

In case you are struggling with Boomer, you could check out our guide to defeating the big bad minigun destroyer. He isn't that much trouble if the entire team knows what to do at any given moment. Oliver "Weasel" Gordon seems to be the easiest boss of the raid and we will have a guide for him soon.

Ubisoft The Division 2 - Warhound

If you do decide to do it the old fashioned way, you will have a higher chance to loot Eagle Bearer due to more drops from bosses themselves and the loot chest that spawns after defeating DDP-52 Razorback. More walkthrough guides will pop up soon but Lucy and Buddy can really be annoying. You have been warned.

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Ubisoft have revealed The Division 2 gameplay along with the most important info which fans were hoping was and that is the release date for Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Ubisoft revealed that sequel is going to launch 15 March 2019.

Sours: https://www.altchar.com/game-news/the-division-2-eagle-bearer-exotic-drop-locations-aZszr4x39OxP
The Division 2 Darkzone SOLO run EXOTIC drop


Exotic Items(previously known as Named Gear Items) are very rare items in The Division and named after special characters like Named Bosses. They have been introduced with Update 1.5, 6 in total – respectively one for each gear slot – and have, similar to High Ends, a unique Talent assigned. There are also a couple of Exotic Weapons available in the game.

Not only are they improving build diversity, but also make them really valuable and interesting besides Gear Sets.


These items can drop from

The following table lists all Exotic Gear Items and the details reveal their approximate farming locations as well as item bonuses.

Discuss in ForumLeave us a comment below


Sours: https://division.zone/items/exotics/

Division 2 exotic drop rate

The Division 1.8 New Drop Rate Increases

The Division 1.8 New Drop Rate Increases On Classifieds, Division Tech and Exotics

The Division 1.8 new drop rate increases on Classified Gear, Division Tech and Exotics all throughout the game. Now, there was no mention of the exact day that these changes will be taking place but the did say, in the most recent “State of the Game” broadcast, that they would be in the near future. Let’s quickly go over all the changes and increase that we can expect. Here we go!

First off, there will be an increase to the drop rate from all the name bosses in the game, from 3-5% up to 6% across the board. Right now the open world name bosses have a 3% chance to drop a classified or an exotic and the Dark Zone bosses have a 5%(the 5% drop rate was never mention before today. They had always said that the drop rate of all bosses in the game was 3%). Once the implement the changes, the new drop rate across the board, will be 6 %.

Next, they are taking away the basic global event cache that you can current purchase for 900 Global Event Credits, and replacing it with a “Targeted Classified Gear Set Cache”. What that means is you will now be able to purchase a single guaranteed classified gear piece and you will still be able to purchase a Superior Classified Gear Cache as well.

Also, during the Global Events, the Bosses that you come across in Resistance, will now drop 100 Global Event credits instead of the current 38.

Next, the Special Equipment Vendors will now have a Classified Gear Cache that you will be able to purchase for 2500 Phoenix Credits. It will only contain one piece of Classified Gear but it will be a guaranteed.

Next on the Division 1.8 new drop rate increases in the Legendary Mission Rewards. After completing a Legendary Mission, you will now have a 20% chance to receive a piece of Classified Gear.

For Season Pass holders, now the open world supply drop that comes once a week, will now give you 100 Division Tech and also will give you a 10% chance at a piece of Classified Gear. This is a great addition to the supply drop because, right now, there really is no reason to collect the drop outside of just getting some random gear. I like this change.

Another great change to the Division 1.8 new drop rate increases is the Daily and weekly assignments. Now, each daily assignment will give you 25 division tech and each weekly assignment will give you 100 division tech. This now gives everyone a good reason to do the dailies and the weekly. Kudos!

Now my favorite change to the Division 1.8 drop rate increases is; they are removing vendor exotics from all the drop loot pools. That means you will no longer be able to get an exotic that us purchasable at a vendor, as a drop. Now, all the exotics that are sold by the special equipment vendors are going to be vendor exclusives. So no more getting a Liberator in an exotic cache or at the end of a legendary mission. This is my favorite change that is coming.

And lastly, all the open world bosses will have a chance to drop any exotics that are in the drop loot pool. So, right now, the open world bosses only drop 3 different exotics; the Skull MC Gloves, The Caduceus and The Tenebrae. But, after these changes are implemented, you will be able to get any exotic from these bosses.
I just wanted to get this info about the Division 1.8 new drop rate increases out to you guys as soon as I could. I’m really looking forward to these changes and I can’t wait to just be able to have more chances at getting some of the Classified Gear Sets complete. Thank you for taking the time to check out our article. If you wanna see more videos from AreYouGaming.com then, check out our YouTube Channel. Also, if you wanna find out how to help AYG keep moving forward, then check out our Patreon Page. Thanks again and as always, Game On!

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The Division 2 exotics guide: A complete list of all exotics in The Division 2

There are so many Division 2 Exotics in the game now, so don't be ashamed if you have to frequently refer back to this guide to know how to get them all! Warlords of New York, the latest expansion for The Division 2, introduced eight new exotics on top of the existing ones, so we've got all the details on every single one of the Division 2 Exotics in the game right now. Good luck on getting them all, Agent!

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What are The Division 2 Exotics?

Exotics are the highest-tier of rarity in The Division 2, just as they are in the base game. They’re all named, and usually drop at random. With three unique talents and a gear score relevant to whichever World Tier you’re in, you might want to hold off on grinding for them until you reach the highest level you can.

The latest expansion – Warlords of New York – has introduced a bunch of new exotics to the game. These ones are marked with (WONY), so you know which exotics will only be available if you purchase the expansion.

Division 2 Exotic backpack: Acosta's Go-Bag (WONY)

This exotic backpack comes with two perks. The first, ‘One In Hand’ grants an extra skill tier for 15 seconds after dealing damage with a grenade, as well as Overcharge if your skill tier is already at six.

The second perk increases carrying capacity, so you can carry an extra Armor kit, 25% more ammo, and three extra grenades, as well as +10% status effects and +10% repair skills.

To get hold of Acosta’s Go-Bag, you’ll want to open a Hyena cache in Jefferson Trade Centre, or a Cleaner cache while on a bounty hunt.

Division 2 Exotic assault rifle: The Bighorn (WONY)

A versatile exotic assault rifle, when you scope using The Bighorn the rifle becomes semi-automatic and deals a whopping 450% damage with each shot.

That makes it an ideal damage-dealer for boss fights, but it’ll take some earning – it can drop from Legendary Missions and Strongholds, but with a drop rate of just 5%.

Division 2 Exotic LMG - Bullet King (WONY)

Named after an infamous boss that could be exploited in the first game, Bullet King lives up to its moniker. In fact, it never needs to be reloaded, and every 100 bullets that hit will replenish ammo to the user’s reserves, as well as their squad’s.

Missions involving Rikers are your best bet, with a 1% drop chance on Normal difficulty, 3% on Hard, 5% on Challenging, and 7% on Heroic. Those are slim odds, but we have faith, Agents!

Division 2 Exotic mask: Coyote's Mask (WONY)

The perfect mask for an outbreak, this respirator comes with a perk called ‘Pack Instinct’ which boosts the chances of scoring a critical hit based on your squad’s distance from the target. Get in close to increase your damage-dealing potential.

This one is nice and easy to get hold of, too. You just need to reach Level 35 of the game’s latest Season Pass to be able to unlock it.

Division 2 Exotic holster: Imperial Dynasty (WONY)

Another one for fan’s of close-quarters combat, this Exotic Holster can apply a ‘Burn’ status effect to enemies within 20m, while its attributes can boost Status Effects, too – making it potentially lethal.

It looks to drop fairly easily, too, with players reporting it dropping from Story missions, particularly the battle with Vivian Conley on the beached Tanker.

Division 2 Exotic SMG: Lady Death (WONY)

Arguably one of the best-looking exotics to be added, Lady Death is more than just a pretty face. When moving, players gain ‘Stacks’ (four per second, eight if sprinting), with each shot then using one of these Stacks to amplify damage by 60%. That means that if you have the maximum 40 stacks, you can dish out 60% bonus damage over forty shots.

With kills also boosting movement speed, thus then increasing the speed at which you can earn Stacks, Lady Death is sure to be incredibly popular. It drops primarily from Rikers bosses, including bounties – the two named bosses Adam and Eve seem to be the most popular to farm in order to get Lady Death.

Division 2 Exotic kneepads: Ninjabike Messenger Kneepads (WONY)

If your weapon of choice takes some time to reload, then this exotic pair of kneepads is for you. Moving between cover or hopping over it will reload your weapon immediately.

While Ninjabike Messenger Kneepads can be found most commonly in the Dark Zone, they can also be found while playing PVE content but it seems the drop rate is lower.

Division 2 Exotic chest piece: Tardigrade Armor System (WONY)

One for the ‘Tank’ of your group, Tardigrade Armor offers hefty armour regeneration stats on many roles but its real utility lies in its unique perk, Ablative Nano-Plating. This means that whenever you (or a teammate’s) armour breaks, you (or they) gain 80% armour as a bonus for 10s. You can even remove the 45-second cooldown by getting a kill with your specialisation weapon.

It can drop from any True Sons boss, so you’ll want to head to Southwest DC and boost the difficulty for your best chance.

Division 2 Exotic shotgun: Lullaby

Lullaby is one of two Exotics in The Division 2 that... wasn't available unless you pre-ordered, but is now obtained through the Deluxe DLC pack for 950 premium credits.

It's a great gun to use right at the start of the game but because it's a level one shotgun, it quickly becomes obsolete. Thankfully, when you reach the end game and upgrade your crafting bench, you can deconstruct other weapons of the same type and use the components towards buffing the Lullaby.

Division 2 exotic assault rifle: Ruthless

Ruthless was another exclusive pre-order bonus so you can also now pick it up in the same deluxe pack for 950 credits.

Again, you can upgrade the Ruthless when you reach end-game so it can become useful at taking down the Black Tusk, but until then you'll probably want to keep it in your stash after you complete the first part of the game.

Destiny 2 exotic SMG: Chatterbox

Woohoo, this gun is actually available in-game! The Chatterbox is an exotic SMG that requires multiple steps before you can acquire it. To get it for yourself, make sure you follow our Division 2 Chatterbox guide.

First things first, the Chatterbox has a Critical Hit Chance of +14.5% which is pretty high. When you obtain it in WT4, it has around an 8k damage output, fires 700 rounds per minute, and holds 60 bullets per mag. These core stats can be modified with your gear and weapon attachments though, so you can customise the gun to suit your playstyle.

As with all Exotics, the Chatterbox Exotic SMG has three talents. The first is Incessant Chatter which increases the rate of fire by 1% for every shot that hits an enemy, to a maximum of 60%. When you reload, this gets reset.

Box Magazine makes it so kills with the Chatterbox refill 20% of the magazine, along with applying a 10-second buff. This buff makes it so every shot that hits an enemy - along with the Incessant Chatter talent - increases the magazine capacity by one, to a maximum of 60. Killing a target consumes the buff, but fully refills the magazine.

Finally, Blabbermouth is a talent that affects your other weapons. While the Chatterbox Exotic SMG is holstered, reloading with your equipped weapon within 5-seconds after a kill grants a 20% boost to the rate of fire for 10-seconds.

As you can see, chaining kills with the Chatterbox means you'll rarely have to reload and it turns into an incredible close range weapon.

Division 2 exotic pistol: Liberty

You may not think an Exotic Pistol is worth it, but trust us: the Liberty is. The steps to acquire it are similar to the Chatterbox but slightly easier, because simply completing the main story earns you one of the components. In WT4, the Liberty can do over 40k damage per shot, has an RPM of 150 and 8 rounds per mag.

Liberty is the first talent for the gun of the same name, which deals an extra 100% damage to hostile electronics. Aiming down the sights also highlights all enemy weak points and electronics.

Blind Justice capitalises on destroying hostile electronics, by making the next bullet after you destroy one deal an extra 500% damage. If you kill an enemy with that single bullet, your magazine is refilled without having to reload and the entire magazine deals an extra 100% damage.

Finally, Independence buffs your equipped weapon while the Liberty is holstered. Destroying any weak points refills 20% of that weapon's magazine.

Not bad, right? Especially for a sidearm. Whip this bad boy out to deal with enemy electronics then bring down the pain as you one shot even the toughest of foes. You can include this hand cannon in your loadout by following our Division 2 Liberty guide.

Division 2 exotic shotgun: Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is another Exotic Shotgun, but this one is actually available in the game. Acquiring it in WT4 will push it north of 100k damage which is absolutely insane, and it fires 70 RPM with eight shells before having to reload. Unfortunately, the talents aren't quite as impressive as some of the other Exotics.

Sweet Dreams is the aptly named first talent, which gives you 35% bonus armour if you land a melee attack after swapping to the shotgun itself. It also applies the Sandman debuff...

Sandman is the second talent, which prevents enemies you hit with the melee attack from healing or applying armour kits. Thing is, if you're close enough to melee an enemy with the Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun, chances are you're going to kill them very shortly anyway so they shouldn't have time to heal up. If you kill them with the Sandman debuff applied, you also recover that 35% bonus armour again.

Evasive is the final talent and it means that if you dodge with Sweet Dreams equipped, it automatically reloads 1% of the magazine. So... 0.08% of a single shell? Sweet Dreams doesn't have great talents at first glance, but it could become more useful down the line with modifiers. If you want this pure punching shotgun in your hands, take a look at our Division 2 Sweet Dreams guide.

Division 2 exotic assault rifle: Merciless

The sixth Exotic available in The Division 2 right now is Merciless, an Assault Rifle. You're looking at around 15k damage give or take in WT4, with a 30-round mag and 260 rounds per minute. It also offers +15% Critical Hit Damage, along with the three talents.

Binary Trigger turns the Merciless Exotic Assault Rifle into a primer/detonator weapon, a mechanic that should be familiar to any Anthem or Mass Effect players. Pulling the trigger once will fire a primer that will embed itself into an enemy, then releasing the trigger fires a detonator that will detonate any primers in the enemy you hit.

Guerrilla Warfare makes it so each primer that gets detonated does +75% damage for each primer detonated. Only one enemy can have primers embedded at a time, and there's a maximum of five.

Brutality is another talent that applies other weapons while Merciless is holstered. Landing a shot with your equipped weapon has a 5% chance to deal +20% damage as explosive damage. 5% may seem small, but if you're rocking an SMG or LMG alongside the Merciless, that 5% chance will trigger consistently. You can acquire this fierce double-shot rifle with our Division 2 Merciless guide. 

Division 2 exotic LMG: Pestilence

Pestilence is the name of exotic number seven, and it's the only exotic LMG in The Division 2. It's probably the most underwhelming of all the Division 2 exotics, because it really doesn't deal much damage at all. In normalized PvP, Pestilence only deals slightly over 1k damage per shot - nothing compared to some of the LMGs in the game which can deal up to 10x as much as that.

Of course, you'd think that the Pestilence talents would more than make up for it. Technically that's true because the talents are powerful, but only when you're fighting enemies that are stuck in the mud. Otherwise it won't be very useful whatsoever. Plague of the Outcasts is the name of the first talent, and whenever you hit an enemy over 20 times with Pestilence and then kill them, it forms a toxic cloud around their corpse that deals 200% weapon damage per second to any enemies foolish enough to stand inside it.

Thing is, any sane player you're fighting - or AI enemy - would instantly leave the area, taking minimal damage. Pestilence, the secondary effect, sounds powerful in PvP fights but when the only way to get it is to use Pestilence as your main weapon? No thank you. If you want to get Pestilence for yourself to see just how bad it really is, you can find that information in our complete Division 2 Pestilence guide.

Division 2 exotic marksman rifle: Nemesis

The Division 2 Nemesis is the Exotic Sniper available in the game and oh boy... it's seriously powerful. It's also arguably the hardest exotic to acquire in the game because you have to complete a number of invaded strongholds which rotate every single week.

Nemesis features two talents that increase the amount of damage the gun deals considerably. Counter-Sniper means the longer you hold the trigger down, the higher amount of damage your shot will deal and if you fire a shot that doesn't kill your target, the next shot reaches the maximum damage much quicker.

Then there's the Nemesis talent which marks a specific enemy you aim at as your nemesis so you can see them through walls and your shot will deal up to 50% more damage depending on how long they're marked for. Combine this with some specific brand set bonuses and gear talents, and you can potentially get almost 5 million damage per shot! Check out our linked guide above for everything you need to know in order to get this incredible gun.

Division 2 exotic assault rifle: Eagle Bearer

The only exotic assault rifle in the game is the Division 2 Eagle Bearer, and it was only added recently with the introduction of the Division 2 raid. It's a tough weapon to acquire since you need to beat the raid for it, but the talents on this baby make it more than worth it.

You essentially want to ensure you keep firing and don't miss a shot, because Eagle's Strike ensures you gain strong buffs the more shots you hit, while Tenacity delays the damage you receive, keeping you alive for longer. While the Tenacity buff is active, the more enemies you kill reduces the amount of damage you take for each enemy killed, up to 100% - meaning you can disregard all incoming damage provided you can kill enemies quick enough.

If you've got the Eagle Bearer holstered - though I'm not sure why you'd want to do that - you'll have a persistent +10% bonus armor whenever you're firing your equipped weapon. This means the Eagle Bearer is a very intriguing weapon indeed.

Division 2 exotic lever-action rifle: Diamondback

Introduced to the game with Title Update 5 is the Division 2 Diamondback, the only exotic lever-action rifle available. Just like the Nemesis however, the Diamondback is time-gated thanks to the Division 2 Expeditions. Nevertheless, it's a worthy weapon to get if you can hit your shots consecutively.

Since it's a lever-action rifle, the Diamondback fires impressively slowly, but each shot deals an increasing amount of damage provided you don't miss. Agonizing Bite means that whenever you hit an opponent, another random enemy is marked. Hitting a marked enemy guarantees a critical hit and +20% damage. Rinse and repeat that until you hit five marked enemies, at which point Deep Fangs will be triggered, which gives you +50% reload speed - vital for a lever-action rifle - along with +20% damage and 10 seconds of guaranteed critical hits.

Finally, Shedding Skin ensures you stay alive for longer by gaining +20% bonus armor for three seconds every time a round is loaded. While holstered, you'll also gain +8% bonus armor for two seconds every time you reload. PC players will likely adore the Diamondback because of how consistently accurate you can be with a mouse and keyboard, while console players might struggle with the new exotic lever-action rifle.

Division 2 exotic assault rifle: Chameleon

Another exotic assault rifle in the game is Chameleon, but unfortunately obtaining this is almost solely down to RNG. It was part of Title Update 7 and you can increase your chances of getting the beast by repeatedly doing missions with assault rifle targeted loot. Other than that, just cross your fingers.

The Chameleon assault rifle provides a 20% boost to critical hit chance and a 50% boost to critical hit damage for 45 seconds as part of the Adaptive Instincts talent. To enable this, you need to hit 30 headshots however. Adaptive Instincts also provides a 100% boost to weapon damage for 45 seconds if you hit 60 body shots though, while 30 leg shots will give you a 150% boost to reload speed for 45 seconds.

Overlap means that when Chameleon is holstered, you gain a 5% boost to weapon handling; not a great talent so you'll likely fare better by having the Chameleon as your primary. 

Division 2 exotic gloves: BTSU Datagloves

The Division 2 exotic gloves – called the BTSU Datagloves – are solely focused on skills. Skill builds are currently more viable in the latest patch, but you need to be specced entirely into them to make it worthwhile. If that's the road you're going down, here's what the BTSU Datagloves can offer you:

Elemental Gadgetry: Skills that apply status effects gain +50% status effect duration and +50% skill haste.

Energy Infusion: Whenever you apply a status effect, your gloves become infused with that for 60s. While infused, you gain +10% skill damage, +10% skill healing and repair and +10% skill duration for each Utility (yellow battery) on your gear.

Charged Proxies: Whenever you throw a skill, 1.25s after landing, it creates an explosion applying the infused status effect to all enemies within 6m. Enemies affected by the infused status effect take 50% more damage from your skills.

To get the exotic gloves, you need to defeat heroic bosses in the Camp White Oak mission, Black Tusk mobs, and the Invasion heroic mission.

Division 2 exotic holster: Dodge City Gunslinger

The exotic holster is called the Dodge City Gunslinger's Holster and is perfectly suited for anyone who uses pistols. Here are all of the talents:

Sleight of Hand: +20% Accuracy

+20% Stability

+40% Reload Speed

+400% Optimal Range

+20% Revolver Damage

Requires a Pistol to be equipped.

Quick Draw: Swapping to your pistol reloads all weapons.

Perforator: Shots fired from your pistol penetrate enemies.

Pistol headshot kills grant +20% weapon damage and allows your primary and secondary weapons to penetrate enemies for 8s. This duration is increased to 11s when using a revolver.

Thing is, you need to complete a lengthy four-step mission in order to acquire the Dodge City Gunslinger's holster, so make sure you follow our complete guide to the Division 2 exotic holster to obtain it.

Sours: https://www.gamesradar.com/the-division-2-exotics-guide-complete-list-best/

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Hello and happy dawning friends.

In the quest for a better rolled Stomp-EE5 for my PvP build I became somewhat addicted to speed-running lost sectors. Being a PhD student, I am also addicted to data and numbers. Being the ok-ish scientist I am, it is my duty to share my results with you all.

Here, I present drop rate data for 213 Legend and 159 Master lost sector completions.


  • All data are for platinum finishes.
  • I did not start collecting data at the start of the season and I already had all new exotics for Beyond Light when I eventually did start. Thus, these data do not show any bias towards exotics not owned.
  • I started farming masters when at 1271 – this one makes a difference and I recommend being within 9 prior to farming hardcore. Otherwise, most of the lost sectors were done while over delta.
  • All runs are legit; I did not use the glitch that was available for some time to speed run Veles Labyrinth
  • All runs were done on Console. Drop rates are likely the same, but time to completion may vary based on your preferred input method.
  • Use swords. Any sword will do, just make sure you match the ++Burn on the lost sector on the day. Not a single completion is done with Guillotine.
  • I started this pre-dawning, but every lost sector completed is ~15 ish essence, regardless of difficulty
  • Except for Eriana's, I tried to use non-meta/grindy hard to get weapons as much as possible so that it would be accessible for all


Legend Tier

Exotic + Core126%


Master Tier

Exotic + Core1711%


So overall, what we can see is that, in terms of drop rate percentage, it appears the drop rate % difference is only ~10%. A FAQ I receive is Do you believe Master tiers are worth it? Short answer – Yes, but it does vary. Lets take a look at the break down of each lost sector's apparent drop rate, average time to completion, and my personal best completion time.

Regarding completion times – I am aware that content creators likely have YouTube videos on speed running these lost sectors. I have watch zero of these, and thus my times (and yours!) probably could be improved. They're also likely a bit skewed to be higher than in actuality, but I did not remove outliers nor times for when I was developing a lost sector-specific strategy


Legend Tier

Lost Sectorn completen exotics%Avg. timePB
Bunker E152115%4:383:19
Concealed Void311135%4:102:59
Exodus Garden 2A301240%3:022:03
Veles Labyrinth1002121%1:591:24


Master Tier

Lost Sectorn completen exotics%Avg. timePB
Bunker E15351029%5:233:40
Concealed Void24833%6:565:04
Exodus Garden 2A301343%4:583:29
Veles Labyrinth401538%3:462:35


Circling back to our original question: are Master lost sectors worth it? The answer is a very easy Yes from me. Even with a next gen console, the time it takes to load in and out make up for the difference in time between tiers. Moreover, once you get in a groove and work out a strategy that works for you, they're really quite easy. Often I'll just be grinding these while casually in party chat talking with friends.

The only lost sector that I would say "Legend is better than Master" is Concealed Void. This one has barrier champs that like to glitch around and its just a whole mess. Not to mention their shielding of overload champions in very inopportune locations. Anyone who has done this one on master likely understands this pain, and these data suggest that you should spend your time elsewhere. I've seen it stated that overload captains are the worst champion. I would argue anti-barrier servitors are.

I would even say Veles Labyrinth (a lost sector I farmed 140(!) times for this analysis), with those crazy quick times you can get on Legend, is still best farmed while on Master.


There appears to be some variation between drop rates and individual lost sectors. However, in general, these sample sizes per lost sector are likely too small to be reliable if there is a difference in lost sector drop rate per tier. My abysmal drop rate at Bunker E15 on legend might be chance. I'll keep collecting data and report back towards the end of the season.


My personal loadouts for each lost sector

Bunker 15 (void burn)

  • Patron of lost causes. overload scout – Any scout will do, but preference is given to those with explosive rounds to stagger champions
  • Eriana's Vow. anti-barrier hand cannon
  • Steel Sybil Z-14. At light, 2-3 light swings and one heavy will kill overload champions. Any void sword will do.
  • If hunter: Nighthawk. Tether also works, but boss is tanky.
  • If Warlock: Top tree nova bomb with Contraverse Hold.

Concealed Void (solar burn)

  • Patron of lost causes. overload scout
  • Stars in Shadow. anti-barrier pulse; matches solar burn
  • The Lament – Lament for healing on the final boss. Otherwise, Eriana's Vow paired with Negative Space (Prophecy solar sword) also do the job nicely. I just wanted to mix up the energy slot.
  • If hunter: tether or stasis
  • If Warlock: Well of radiance – put well down, sword boss. Profit.

Perdition (void burn)

  • Patron of lost causes. overload scout – noticing a pattern?
  • Adored. Arc shield and deals with wyverns; any arc weapon will do
  • The Lament. anti-barrier sword
  • If hunter: Tether the boss, swing sword
  • If Warlock: Top tree nova bomb with Contraverse Hold.
  • Note there are two anti-barrier champions after the final boss on Master difficulty

Exodus Garden 2A (void burn)

  • Patron of lost causes. overload scout
  • Riskrunner. anti-barrier submachine gun. It go brrrrr
  • Steel Sybil Z-14.
  • If hunter: Nighthawk. Will one shot boss if you crit
  • If Warlock: Top tree nova bomb with Contraverse Hold.
  • note there are two anti-barrier champions at the final boss on Master difficulty, kind of a pain to deal with. Have fun.

Veles Labyrinth (arc burn)

  • Dire promise. Any unstoppable weapon will do
  • Riskrunner. anti-barrier submachine gun. Riskrunner is easily the best weapon for this lost sector imo. Trust me, try it out.
  • Bequest. Any arc sword will do though.
  • If hunter: Nighthawk. Will one shot boss if you crit
  • If Warlock: Chaos reach with Geomags
  • note there are two unstoppable ogres at the final boss


You may have noticed that I provide no tips for Titans. Well thats because I started farming on my hunter and made my way to my warlock next. Titans will come later. But in the meantime, the final table is the apparent weighting of each exotic. Note again, inadequate sample size to get at any true weighting for most armor slots as random chance could be playing a large roll.

Armor slotHuntern%Warlockn%Titann%
PantsBombardiers1026%Geomag stabilzers667%lol titans
Frost-EE5821%Transversive steps222%
Stomp-EE5821%Promethium Spur111%
Lucky Pants513%Lunafaction boots0%
Orpheus Rig513%
Gemini Jester25%
HelmNucklehead Radar431%Apotheosis Veil327%
Graviton forfeit323%Nezerec’s Sin218%
Wormhusk215%Verity’s Brow218%
Foetracer215%The Stag218%
Mask of Bakris18%Felwinter’s Helm19%
Assassin's Cowl18Astrocyte Verse19
NightHawk0%Dawn Chorus0%
ArmsAthrys's Embrace229Sunbracers440%
Aeon Swifts114%Winter’s Guile220%
Liar's Handshake114%Ophidian Aspect220%
Shards of Galanor114%Claws of Ahamkara110%
Shinobu's Vow114%Nectroic Grip110%
Young Ahamkara's Spine114%Karnstein Armlets0%
Oathkeepers0%Getaway Artists0%
ChestSixth Coyote424%Wings of Sacred Dawn120%
Ophidia Spathe424%Sanguine Alchemy120%
Raiju's Harness318%Strombracer’s Embrace120%
Gwisin Vest318%Starfire Protocol120%
Dragon's Shadow212%Phoenix Protocl120%
Lucky Raspberry16%Chromatic Fire0%
Raiden Flux0%Vesper of Radius0%

I will do titans later, but hunter is the main, warlock is the secondary



Master lost sectors get a lot of slack from the community and I get it, overloads are annoying. But once you get into a routine, the ~10% bump in exotic chance is worth the extra time spent. Any scout with explosive rounds takes two shots to stun a champion. If you do not have one of these, do the New Light campaign to receive the curated Nightwatch (overflow + explosive rounds).

I'll probably keep farming because I like data and I'll try and post an updated table towards the end of the season (moon lost sectors are being added next season!)

Happy farming!

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Sours: https://gamestoday.info/ps4/destiny-2/ive-completed-350-lost-sectors-here-is-the-relevant-data-on-drop-rates/

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