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Greetings from your local medical teams at Freestone Medical Center and Freestone Health Clinics (Fairfield and Teague).

After the initial surge of COVID-19 during the periods of March-May 2020 and as Texas began to re-open for business, Freestone Medical Center and Freestone Health Clinics returned to the operational mode of seeing patients as we had normally done pre-COVID.


With the recent surge in COVID cases in and around Freestone County, it is our goal to be responsive to you – our citizens, neighbors and communities – with access to care at convenient times and locations.  Effective Monday, July 13, 2020, the following resources will be re-opened and/or re-started:

  1. Respiratory Clinic – 764 W. Commerce – 903-389-2181
  2. Entrance will be moved to the rear (Main Street back door) of the former First Physicians Clinic
  3. Hours of Operation:  9 am to 6 pm – Monday-Thursday and Friday 9am to 1 pm; our goal is to stay open later in the evenings to alleviate backlogs in the Emergency Room.
  4. If you are experiencing non-emergency COVID symptoms (persistent cough, fever, headache, GI distress) please call 903-389-2181 for telephone triage.  This will help us get you to the most appropriate point of care.
  5. If you are in respiratory distress (difficulty breathing), then please proceed directly to the Emergency Room.
  • Emergency Room – 125 Newman Street
  • The FMC ER is open 24/7/365 for all your medical emergency care. 
  • Please recall that due to the Executive Order by Governor Abbott that no family or visitors are allowed into the ER with the patient. 


Symptoms of COVID-19 include but are not limited to fever, cough, headache and GI symptoms (similar to the flu or common cold).  If you are experiencing symptoms that do not respond to home and over the counter therapies, please call 903-389-2181 to speak with one of our medical providers about your symptoms.  We will be more than happy to help you shelter at home or arrange a time to be seen by a medical provider.


If you have any questions related to this information, please do not hesitate to call 903-389-2181 or email us at [email protected] and ask to speak with a medical provider about COVID concerns. 



Freestone Medical Center is a Medicare Certified 37 Bed General Hospital located in Fairfield, TX, with service to the surrounding community. Freestone Medical Center is certified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Freestone Medical Center, as well as other Hospitals,are institutions primarily engaged in providing care under the supervision of physicians, inpatient diagnostics, and therapeutic services. Freestone Medical Center can be contacted at (903) 389-1612 .

Depending on the type of hospital, hospital certification is subject to various standards. General Hospitals are one of the Medicare certified provider types who participate in the CMS Quality initiative program in order to accept Medicare for payment. To learn more Hospital quality measure performances, Medicare five star ratings, survey report information, patient-to-staffing ratios and more, please view the Medicare Report for Freestone Medical Center.

The services provided by Freestone Medical Center in Fairfield, TX may include: Anesthesia, Clinical Laboratory, Dietary, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Outpatient Services, Post-Operative Recovery, Respiratory Care, CT Scans, Diagnostic Radiology, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Emergency Psychiatry, Non-Medicare Organ Transplant, Dedicated Emergency Department, Operating Room, Outpatient Surgery Unit,

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Freestone Medical Center Job Security & Advancement reviews in Fairfield, TX

Ran by dishonest, back stabbing individuals

Many (Former Employee) - Fairfield, TX - May 28, 2019

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Some good people were discharged by company “just because” they had another they wanted employed, administration and some supervisors are very dishonest, non caring and just seem to be there for a paycheck. The pay is much lower compared to surrounding areas and raises are very rare. The company steadily going downhill and they do not appreciate their employees. HR and most managers are very rude and make it known they “run the show”. They do not value their employees. Insurance is very expensive. They tend to fire or “let go” good employees who have invested many years of loyalty. Beware, fake backstabbing administration and managers!


Cant think of anything


Low pay, expensive medical benefits, lacking leadership

Fairfield, Texas

Board of Freestone Medical Center doubles taxes to keep doors open

FAIRFIELD, TX — Taxpayers in Fairfield got answers from their local hospital board about why the board wants to almost double the taxes residents pay to keep their medical center open.

A May referendum gave the Freestone Medical Center Board of Directors authority to raise the tax, which will cost the average taxpayer with a $100,000 home an extra $98 a year. Board members explained the community cannot afford the cost, in money and lives, of shutting the hospital down.

James Bonner came to the Freestone Medical Center Thursday night looking for answers. He wanted to know why the Freestone Medical Center Board of Directors decided to double the taxes he pays for the health care center.

"It's a business that needs to make a profit, and the taxpayers should not have to pay to keep this thing totally running," said Bonner.

Members of the Board of Directors told Central Texas News Now they agree, in principle, but they know if they want to keep this hospital open they need everyone in and around Fairfield to have some "skin in the game."

”If you lose this facility, what you're going to find is, we're going to lose a lot of citizens, and I don't want that for our people here in this county," said Freestone Medical Center Board Chairman George Robinson.

Robinson said he's seen what's happened in Rockdale, Cameron and other communities that lost their hospitals, and then lost people to long ambulance wait times and sometimes longer trips to a trauma center that can handle their injuries.

It's begun to happen all over Texas and around the country.

Freestone Medical Center CEO John Yeary and his staff hit the ground running when the hospital district board took over, cutting expenses. In fact, Yeary and his crew cut one million dollars in expenses in just this past year.

Meantime, the board says it only wants a tax hike to 21 cents, not the 25 cents they could get, all to make sure the Freestone Medical Center can stay in the life-saving game.

"I promise you, if I'm still affiliated with this board, and I have been since 1999, once we get to where we're back in the black, and we do have some cash reserves in the event of an emergency, I will commit that we will lower those taxes back down," promised Robinson.

And with that promise made, Bonner made his own promise.

"We want the hospital there, but we can't be taxed to death," said Bonner.

Bonner also added if the hospital expects payment at the time of service, taxpayers keeping the hospital afloat deserve a similar deal.


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Fairfield Hospital now Freestone Medical Center

The Fairfield Hospital District Board announced their new hospital, Freestone Medical Center, effective Jan. 1, 2017.


"We have completed the careful transition of our hospital to the District, with the assistance of Community Hospital Consulting (CHC Consulting), and are proud to introduce Freestone Medical Center to our community," said FHD Chair George Robinson.

"We have a new name and the same great service. Patient care is still our top priority," said Stace Holland, who became Freestone Medical Center CEO on Dec. 19, 2016. Holland, a seasoned hospital executive leader, has recently been part of the CHC Consulting operations team managing Morehouse General Hospital, Bastrop, La., and prior, served as CEO of Pineville Community Hospital, Pineville, Ky.

"On behalf of the Board, the hospital and our community, we are very excited to have the hospital under local control with management support from CHC Consulting," Holland added. CHC Consulting is the management and consulting arm of Community Hospital Corporation of Plano, Texas. The management agreement was approved by the FHD board in September of 2016.

"This is a very strategic step toward preserving and improving healthcare services for the people we serve, today and for the future," Robinson added. The hospital also has an affiliation agreement with Baylor Scott & White Health for advisory and educational services. Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest in Waco is the closest Baylor Scott & White medical center to Freestone Medical Center.

Freestone Medical Center provides healthcare services to residents of Fairfield and neighboring East Texas communities, including Buffalo, Jewett, Mexia, Streetman, Teague, Wortham, and beyond.


Freestone Medical Center- Stacy Gallegos, Family Nurse Practitioner

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