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Secret Ram 1500 Feature Has a Purpose

By ninar | Posted in RAM Trucks on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 at 4:57 pm

Ram took the pickup world by storm when it debuted the all-new Ram 1500 thanks to the model’s perfect balance of style and substance. There’s one subtle feature that might’ve intrigued new Ram 1500 owners — a collection of mathematical tables and charts below the center console lid. Hidden away on the underside of the console lid, slotted between the driver and front passenger, is a wrench, a right angle, trigonometry formulas, a protractor, several rulers, the Pythagorean theorem — and even fraction/decimal conversion charts! What’s all this math about? Ram explained what the significance of the console lid as follows:

It’s well known by now that Ram’s parent company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), includes “Easter Eggs” — hidden details to reward an owner’s careful attention — on plenty of its vehicles. Jeep was the first to feature Easter Eggs, but the tradition carried over to every FCA brand. Designers like to incorporate Easter Eggs because it’s an easy and fun way to include some sort of secret perk. Ryan Nagode, Ram’s chief interior designer, said “They’re free in a sense. It doesn’t take that much effort to throw something in there, from a cost perspective.”

As it turns out, all the mathematical references on the Ram 1500 center console don’t really serve any specific purpose. The Easter Egg actually helped solve an issue for Ram designers during the manufacturing process. Ram tried to pour the plastic of the lid into a mold in several ways when designing the current-generation Ram 1500. The mold wouldn’t fill correctly unless the molten material was dropped directly in the middle. This posed a problem because wherever the plastic fell, a drop circle was created, ruining the sleekness of the console lid. In an effort to mask the drop circle, designers opted for an Easter Egg as the appropriate cover.

Usually, a plastic drop circle would be of no consequence since interior components tend to be viewed from one side only, but that’s not the case for the console lid. It’s viewed from both sides. While designers sought a way to mask the drop circle, they settled on adding something that would be appropriate in the new vehicle. “All of it was based on trying to hide that center circle drop area. This lid… opens up pretty far so you can access the bin pretty well — so you really stare at the bottom of this tray,” said Nagode. While working with tools for other projects, the designers had an idea for filling the space with mathematical charts and more. 

“One day, we had some drawing tools on my desk, and one of them had a metric conversion — a little chart on it. And we’re just looking at a protractor and a right angle that were sitting on our desks, and we thought wouldn’t it be funny to use this opportunity to [put that sort of thing] on a piece like this? [That way, it] could all relate back to building and the creation of things,” added Nagode. 

Formulas, charts, and tools all tie back to one of the main reasons buyers opt for a pickup truck: work. The mathematical Easter Egg appears on every Ram 1500 pickup that’s equipped with a center console and front bucket seats. Other interior features of the Ram 1500 worth mentioning include its lavish cabin with a mix of warm materials that take a standard pickup interior to the next level. There’s also a table-sized center armrest, pinstripe stitching accents on the leather-and-woodgrain steering wheel, leather grab handles, and door panels with leather accents. The dashboard itself is made of dull brushed and shiny soft metal strips, panels of darkened wood, Piano Black accents, and soft swaths of stitched leather. 

What’s more versatile than a truck that can be used not only for work but for leisure as well with its prowess and style? Visit us at Miami Lakes AutoMall, check out our Ram 1500 inventory, and schedule your test drive today! Follow Miami Lakes Ram on social media for the latest Ram Truck news and offers.

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Welcome to Further Details, a series dedicated to ubiquitous but overlooked elements hidden on your favorite products. This week: the hidden math formulas inside the Ram 1500 pickup truck.

When Ram launched its new 1500 pickup for the 2019 model year, it took the automotive world by storm with its blend of style and substance. But one subtle feature may have given many of those owners who discovered it pause: the collection of mathematical charts and tables under the center console lid. Tucked away on the underside of the lid, right between the driver and front passenger, are rulers, wrench and fraction/decimal conversion charts, a right angle, a protractor, trigonometry formulas — even the Pythagorean theorem.

Why are all those math charts there? We spoke with Ram to find out.

As it turns out, Ram’s parent company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, includes so-called “Easter eggs” — hidden features designed to reward careful attention — on many new vehicles. The practice started with Jeep, and has since moved to other brands. Designers incorporate them because they are fun and relatively easy to include.

“They’re free, in a sense,” Ram’s chief interior designer Ryan Nagode told us. “It doesn’t take that much effort to throw something [fun] in there, from a cost perspective.”

Many Easter eggs exist just there to be cute. But the math information on the console lid serves a functional purpose — one beyond assisting the odd Ram owner who needs to stop, drop and perform some trigonometry. It actually solves an issue that came up during the manufacturing process.

When creating the new pickup, Ram tried several ways of pouring the plastic for the lid into the mold. The only way the mold would fill correctly was to drop the plastic directly in the middle, but this created a visible area where the plastic fell: the drop circle.

For most parts, this would not be an issue; interior components are typically only viewed from one side. But the console lid gets viewed from both sides. The designers needed a way to mask the drop circle, one that would still making the part feel appropriate for their new vehicle.

“All of it was based on trying to hide that center circle drop area,” Nagode said. “This lid…opens up pretty far so you can access the bin pretty well — [so] you really stare at the bottom of this tray.”

The idea for filling that space with mathematical charts came to them while working with tools for other projects.

“One day, we had some drawing tools on my desks, and one of them had a metric conversion –a little chart on it,” Nagode said. “And we’re just looking at a protractor and a right angle that were sitting on our desks, and we thought, wouldn’t it be funny to use this opportunity to [put that sort of thing] on a piece like this? [That way, it] could all relate back to building, and the creation of things.”

So, there you have it. The formulas and charts tie back to the inherent reason many buyers choose a pickup truck: work. Somewhat ironically, the math helpers appear on every Ram 1500 equipped with a center console and front bucket seats…which means the basic Tradesman trim most likely to be used as an actual work truck goes without them. It has a bench seat up front.

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The Secret Features That Will Make You Love Your RAM Even More

2020 ram 1500


The all-new RAM 1500 is packed with innovative design to make life in North Battleford -- or anywhere, really -- more enjoyable. Whether you’re in the market for a workhorse or you want a unique family vehicle that can get you through any winter weather, RAM is what you need. Discover some of the less obvious features on this truck that are making our team at Scott Campbell Dodge totally smitten with the award-winning redesign.

1 - It Has Useful Hidden Compartments

From ultimate tailgating to organized tool storage on-the-go, RAM 1500 is stuffed with secret corners perfect for stashing whatever it is you need to stash. On both sides of the bed, you have the option to add the Class-Exclusive RamBox Cargo Management System -- bins that build on concepts found in previous RAM models by adding lockable covers, drains and 115V power outlet.


Inside the truck, there are Class-Exclusive in-floor storage bins to give you even more space for gear and other goods along with folding rear seats complete with grocery hooks to make shopping easier and a fold-out unit to double the available room. It’s clever aspects like these that turn the RAM 1500 from just another pickup into a versatile family, fun and work machine. 

2 - It’s Actually a Hybrid in Disguise

Believe your eyes! Gas models of RAM 1500 come with standard eTorque -- a 48V battery pack that takes over start and stop functions to reduce overall fuel consumption without sacrificing power. What you’re left with is anywhere from 90 to 130 lbs per foot more torque and fewer visits to the fuel pump with efficiency ratings coming in around 11 litres per 100 km of travel.



3 - The Console Doubles as a Mobile Office

While the armrest itself is large and luxe, opening it up reveals an entire compartment built to keep you organized including a space to hang file folders, an area large enough for a 15” laptop and 4 glorious USB ports. Pair this with one of three touchscreen size options and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto capabilities and you’ll never have to slave away at your desk again. Being able to make the most out of truck space matters to many self-employed RAM owners, which is why so much thought has gone into the centre console area.


4 - The Driver Assistance Tech can Sense Trailers

The all-new RAM 1500 doesn’t just come with smart systems that sense and help avoid danger from your vehicle -- it comes with systems that can automatically register and factor in your trailer, as well! This feature (aptly named “Trailer Detection”) allows the driver to put in the actual length of the trailer, switch to the max length amount or allow the system to gauge the total length of the truck and trailer, itself.


Not only does your truck warn you about vehicles getting too close to your precious boat, camper or work trailer, but it makes hitching said trailer a breeze. No longer do you need to bring a buddy or worried spouse along to get towing. Simply turn the 360 camera on your giant display, get centred, zoom in, drop your air suspension right down and reverse slowly. Once you’re in the right spot, all you have to do is raise the air suspension and let RAM do all that heavy lifting for you!

5 - It’s Got Reclining Rear Seats

This may not “wow” every driver, but for anyone who plans on bringing along passengers from time to time, reclining rear seats are a true luxury. Become the king of road trips with RAM on your side and let your friends relax properly -- even if they aren’t riding shotgun! Paired with better heating and air ventilation for backseat riders and you basically have a RAM limousine on your hands.


With extra features like these, it’s no surprise that the all-new RAM 1500 is gaining praise wherever it goes. Get the North American Truck of the Year for yourself and take on anything Northern Saskatchewan throws your way. Act now and take advantage of Scott Campbell Dodge’s Big Haul event, giving you up to $10,500 off your purchase! With prices these great, there’s never been a better time to drive away in a RAM. Speak with our sales team to learn more or shop new RAM 1500s online now!


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13 Cool RAM 1500 Features!

When you've got all of the Dodge RAM key fob tricks up your sleeve, you'll be able to get the most out of your new truck. Knowing the fullest capabilities of your truck and how to unleash them will take your driving experience to the next level. Perhaps you don't even know that your key fob can do more than bring your car to life. Once you get through our guide to all the hidden tricks in your Dodge RAM key fob, you'll want to get into your truck immediately and pull some rabbits out of your hat.

The new RAM 1500 for sale near Alexander City, AL, is a car that's sure to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck when you get up to speed. Learn how you can use the Dodge RAM key fob tricks to get the most out of your truck.

RAM Key Fob Symbols


Use this button to power lock your car. You can also set up your system for manual locking, but through the key fob, it's easy to make your car safe and secure.

Remote Start

This button can start your car up before you ever plop down into the driver's seat. It's a feature that a superhero would have, and you'll feel otherworldly when you start up your Ram at a moment's notice.

Tailgate Lowering

Need instant access to the bed of your truck? Click this button and get started right away.


If you're within approximately 66 feet of your vehicle, sounding the alarm is possible through the PANIC button.


Unlock your car when you're near through this main button.

Air Suspension

Lower or raise the height of your car using this button.

Get To Know the 2021 RAM Key Fob Tricks

The basic features of the key fob are an evolution in how we start up, turn off, lock, and unlock our cars. Our key fobs can even recognize when you're next to your vehicle and unlock as soon as you touch the door handle if you like. In addition to these basic features, there are some Dodge RAM 1500 key fob tricks that you definitely need to know as well.

The cars behind our RAM 1500 lease specials can be started up without even touching the key fob, and you'll never need to plug it in anywhere to get your journey going.

One of the RAM 1500 key fob tricks that we think is the coolest is all the different commands and adjustments you can make without ever even turning on the car completely. As long as you have the key fob on you when you get near the car, your intelligent new truck will effectively let its guard down and unlock the ability to roll your windows down or up, turn your favorite songs on, and more.

FAQs About RAM Key Fob Hidden Features

At our RAM dealership, we receive all kinds of questions from local drivers that have concerns or are just curious about our legendary lineup of Dodge RAM trucks. Some of those questions often involve learning about the key fob inside and out. Our team has put together some of the questions they hear most often about Dodge RAM key fob secrets, and we hope that our team's knowledge can help you wherever you are.

Can I roll my windows down with my RAM key fob?

Do you know about ACC mode? That's the accessory-based mode your car will enter into when you press the start button once without pressing on the brakes. Your truck will recognize your key fob's presence and open up access to a new portal of commands. You can now activate your windshield wipers, roll any window down or up, and access the audio system too.

How do I start my RAM without a key fob?

Usually, the process of starting up your RAM truck is extremely easy. As soon as you get within five feet of your truck, your key fob acts as an all-access pass and can automatically unlock the doors as soon as you touch the handle. From there, you can get in and simply tap the start button.

The method to start up your truck without a key fob, as long as you're able to unlock the doors through a conventional key or remote access, is fortunately not too complicated either. Online experts suggest that while the car is unlocked, you are able to get inside and perform regular start functions; the truck should start up unless set up otherwise. When the driver puts their foot on the brake and keeps it there while also pushing the start button contained within a green ring, the truck should be able to spring to life without the presence of a key fob.

How do I remote start my RAM key fob?

Locate the remote start button on your key fob, often an "x2" symbol surrounded by a circular arrow; press this button twice, and you'll hear the horn honk, the purr of the engine roaring to life, and see your lights flash quickly as well to let you know remote start is in action. This feature isn't available all the time and needs a couple of core conditions to be possible. Make sure your brake pedal is untouched, there's no key in the ignition, there's plenty of gas in the tank, a sufficient battery charge is available, the vehicle is in park, and the doors and hood are closed.

More Information on the 2021 RAM Key Fob Tricks

There are two different modes you should know about when diving into the depths of Dodge RAM key fob tricks. The first is the aforementioned accessory mode or ACC mode. Your key fob will allow you to easily take control of the cabin in this mode, allowing you to easily adjust windows, wipers, and more. The second mode is Run mode. Run mode gives you access to the instrument cluster and allows you to make adjustments to the car's climate control system. It all begins when you press the start button an additional time while the key fob is present.

Want to know more about all of the different 2021 RAM key fob tricks and how to make them a part of your arsenal? The source material is contained right in your glove compartment. Open up the Dodge RAM manual to page 20, where all of the information begins about the key fob.

Adjust your vehicle through the key fob by pushing the air suspension lowering button twice. After air suspension lowering is activated by the key fob, your new truck will alert you that the process has begun and will continue to alert you until the entire lowering function is concluded. Before you can begin adjusting the suspension, the following conditions have to be in place for the vehicle to be able to be lowered remotely. The vehicle cannot already be at the Entry/Exit ride height, and the battery within the vehicle must be fully charged. Lastly, all of the doors must be closed, and the key fob has to be outside of the cabin.

Our team of vehicle experts knows every element of the entire automotive industry, from key fob tricks to Jeep® Wrangler towing capacity. We can't wait to see you soon and help you find a new car that makes every drive feel alive.

Sours: https://bicemotors.com/dodge-ram-key-fob-tricks.html

Hidden 2021 ram features 1500

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