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21- Trump Card Tactics:

Exchange: This is one of the most useful cards in the game. You can steal cards you need, foist bad cards off on your opponent, and generally control the state of play. It also can't be cancelled or countered, and it works even better against an opponent using Perfect Draw, as this tells you exactly what exchanges will work.

Two-Up: Don't think of these as simply increasing points. Think of them as allowing you to win the next two or four or ten hands in a single stroke. The best part is that you get to draw another card while doing so, which allows for the possibility of even more Two-Ups to play. Just be careful when using them against the higher level opponents in Survival+. Lay out all your Two-Ups at once, and you're just asking for a Destroy+ to sweep them away.

Destroy: Destroys the last trump played by your opponent, that is still on the board (does not effect trumps like Oblivion, which are immediately discarded). Useful in many circumstances, but you should really try to save these for the boss fights, when they are often the only card that can help you. When upgraded, it becomes a monster that take out an opponent's whole game plan, but it's still worth saving for boss fights.

Remove & Return: Useful in their own right, but try pairing them with Exchange for real tactical value

Go for 17, Go for 24, Go for 28: The higher values are handy if you've gone bust, or are facing the Halfhead's Curse trumps. Go 17 is useful if it's too risky to draw another card, but it's superuseful against enemies playing Perfect Draws- turning a 21 or 20 into a loss.

Perfect Draw: Handy, but use sparingly. Playing this card allows your opponent to deduce the exact value of your hidden card, and respond accordingly. At the same time, you can learn a bit about your opponent's hand by which card you do or don't get.

Shield: Given the firepower some of enemies throw around, these are not always as useful as one might hope, but they can save you from harm on the lower levels, when you don't want to spend a Perfect Draw or other trumps to salvage a hand gone bad.

+[Value] Cards: Not as silver-bullety as a Pefect draw, but they can certainyl put you where you need to be. Can also be used to confirm hunches about your opponent's hand (particularly in conjunction with Return), and can be part of a moving-the-goalposts gambit along with one of the Go For trumps.

Trump Switch: A judgment call- more cards is always good, but maybe you have good stuff in your hand. Worth saving for a really bad jam, when you need a completely different approach to prevail.


Resident Evil 7: How To Beat Hoffman In 21

No character in Resident Evil 7 suffers quite as much as Clancy Jarvis, the Sewer Gators’ trusty cameraman. Clancy manages to survive an encounter with Jack Baker first hand, even outwitting Marguerite in the Bedroom DLC, only to end up cooked alive during Lucas’ Happy Birthday game. Unlike Ethan who at least has a chance of getting a happy ending out of Resident Evil 7, Clancy lives to die – and the Banned Footage DLC puts into perspective just how much he actually struggled.

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Before Clancy got a birthday party all to himself, Lucas Baker forced him to play a high stakes game of 21 against Hoffman – a fellow prisoner. Unlike other DLC in Banned Footage, 21 features no conventional gameplay, instead playing out like a full fledged version of Blackjack (albeit with its own set of rules to add a layer of strategy to the game).

Lucas’ version of 21 features a single 11 card deck that both Clancy and Hoffman share, with no cards overlapping with one another. Lucas also doles out Trump Cards which can be used either by or against Clancy to take cards out of play or even raise an opponent’s bet. While there is a fair degree of luck at play, Resident Evil 7’s version of 21 rewards smart players who hold onto their Trump Cards and don’t make unnecessary gambles.

Finger Phase

The first round of 21 features no Trump Cards, simply requiring players to plan out their hits carefully and utilizing some degree of card counting. The goal of Blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. Since there are no doubles in the deck, it’s not difficult to piece together which cards are still in play. Always play as if Hoffman has a better hand than Clancy, because he realistically does. Don’t hit

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If Hoffman ever stays only to hit later in the same round, it means Clancy is currently winning. Be smart and keep track of Hoffman’s card cout to spot if/when he goes over 21. The loser of this phase has their fingers sliced off with blades. Ties result in both Clancy and Hoffman losing their fingers. Canonically, Clancy makes it to Resident Evil 7’s main story with his hand intact, but expect to lose some digits.

Shock Phase

After getting through the first phase of 21, Lucas will up the stakes by electrocuting the loser. The voltage increases with each round, burning the loser alive on contact. Lucas introduces Trump Cards into play here. The key is to use these cards strategically while also saving the best ones for the final round. Keep in mind that Hoffman has Trump Cards as well, many of which are designed to specifically counter Clancy’s.

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Trump Cards like 3 Card, 5 Card, or 6 Card are especially useful, allowing Clancy to pull cards out of the deck without needing to take a hit. Smart players can use this to build to 21 (while keeping in mind that Hoffman can potentially return Clancy’s last flipped card back to the deck). Hoffman also has a tendency to play Go For 24, which raises the target number from 21. Try to save any Two-Ups for the final phase. Play resourcefully and only hit when absolutely necessary.

Saw Phase

Before the final phase of 21, Lucas will slide Clancy the Love Your Enemy Trump Card, granting Hoffman the best card in the deck on use. While deliberately designed to give Clancy’s opponent an advantage, the key to winning the final round of Blackjack is saving Love Your Enemy for the absolute last possible round. Once Hoffman is at his limit, Lucas will force a 21 against Clancy that players won’t be able to naturally beat. The last round of 21 places a saw between both Clancy and Hoffman’s faces, inching closer to the loser every round.

Make sure to use any Two Ups to raise the stakes against Hoffman and get to the final round sooner. As soon as Hoffman has 21 (in the final possible round), use Love Your Enemy to force him to hit. Hoffman won’t be able to retaliate and Clancy can comfortably stay at any number under 21. For his loss, Hoffman has his face violently gorged open with a rotating saw. As a reward for his victory, Clancy gets to go star in the main game’s Happy Birthday puzzle.

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When we meet Clancy again, he’s not starring in a puzzle so much as the worst casino game ever.

Round one

Clancy and his burlap sack-headed opponent are playing Lucas’ version of blackjack — the goal is to get your cards as close to 21 as you can without going over. There’s a twist, though, in that Lucas’ cards deck only has 11 cards that run from 1-11 with no repeats. This gives you a lot of advantages when playing.

There’s no trick here, you’re just playing the game. To improve your chances, keep a few things in mind.

  • Make sure to consider all of the cards on the table — you can see them all except for one — which means you can guess what’s left in the deck.
  • Try not to take any unnecessary risks early on, but play to win.
  • Always assume that your opponent has the best hand possible. For example, if he’s showing an 8, assume that the card underneath is an 11 and hit or stay accordingly.
  • Pay attention to when your opponent stays and then hits in a later round. This means they were already over 10, but you got closer to 21 than they’re comfortable with. You can usually guess when they’ve gone over 21 and you’re safe.

Round two

When the first round is over, Lucas, of course, doesn’t release you and instead raises the stakes and introduces trump cards. Trump cards let you manipulate the rules of the game — with cards that do things like return your or your opponent’s last card to the pile, immediately draws a specific card or doubles your opponent’s bet.

  • The same rules apply and you should play the same way.
  • Use your trump cards smartly — you don’t have to horde them, but you shouldn’t waste them either.
  • Cards that draw a specific number can be useful even if you don’t get the card. If you play the trump card that draws the 6 and nothing happens, you know what your opponent’s face-down card is.
  • If you get a love your enemytrump card, save it. Don’t use it. It’ll be temping, but you’re going to need it later. Try to play around it.

Round three

The third round introduces Mr. Saw and this DLC’s only required step. You’re going to need a love your enemy trump card for the last hand of this round. That’s the only way you’re going to win. If you don’t have it at the beginning of this round, don’t worry — there’s a chance you can draw it over the course of the round.

Just keep playing to win. When you get your opponent down to a point where he might lose, he’ll throw out a couple trump cards that will make it impossible for you to win — perfect draw and desperation. The deck has been stacked against you, giving you a 1 and 2 in your hand and your opponent has a 21. You can’t draw any more cards and, even if you have the remove trump cards, your opponent still has a better hand than you do.

The only way to win is to play that love your enemy card. It will draw the "best" card from the deck for Hoffman — no matter what card gets drawn, he’ll be over 21 and you’ll win the game.


You unlock a new game mode when you defeat Hoffman the first time — Survival. You’re back to betting fingers and your job is to defeat five Hoffmans without losing all of your fingers.

Once you beat Survival mode once, you’ll unlock Survival+ — it’s like Survival mode, but you’re betting with electricity and you have to defeat 10 opponents. Trump cards can be used throughout both of these modes. Winning while meeting certain conditions will unlock additional trump cards.

There’s no strategy here, but make sure to spend those trump cards that increase your opponent’s bet when you’re sure you’re going to win — getting through the opponents fast is key to keeping all (most) of your fingers and keeping yourself alive.


Beating All Opponents No Damage Survival+ in 21 - Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol 2
Advice for beating 21 on Survival +
Ayone has some good advice on what card combos to use or how to bypass the bs moves like black magic or oblivion ? I seem to hit a brick wall midway on the 5th opponent :O
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21 resident cards 7 evil

Resident Evil 7 21 DLC - how to win Blackjack against Hoffman, beat Desperation in the final round, and Survival rewards

The Resident Evil 7 21 DLC is slightly different to the other Banned Volume footage packs, offering a Blackjack-styled mini-game with a sadistic twist.

Facing off against various opponents, you have to get as close to 21 as possible, keeping in mind your opponent's possible cards as well as a range of modifers that can turn your fortunes round on a dime.

As well as a story-driven episode, there is a more arcade-style Survival game, with unlockible rewards that introduce more modifiers.

If you're interested in other Banned Footage DLC, our pages on the Bedroom solution, getting the Daughters True Ending and finishing Nightmare mode can help.

On this page:

How do you play and win 21

The aim of the game is essentially the same as Blackjack - you have to draw cards and get as close as you can to 21. If you beat your opponent, who is aiming to do the same, you win that round.


Of course, it's not that easy. One card is obscured from view from your opponent, meaning you have to guess what their score is. However, since there are no doubles - there is only one of each card going up to the maximum, 11 - you can deduce what they could have based on the cards already in play.

There are two twists to be aware of. One are bets - or fingers you can lose - which increase per round depending on who you are facing off against, and the other is Trump cards, which introduce special modifiers which can add the number of bets, add specific numbered cards, remove cards from play and more.

Here are some tips on how to play 21:

  • If you've both over 21 or the target number (certain Trump cards can change it to 17 or 24, for example) it's the closest to that number which wins. If you have the same score, it's a draw.
  • If you are playing to 21 and have a current score of 10, then you are safe to draw a card no matter what, since the highest you can get is 11. Also remember you can reduce which cards you won't draw based on what's already in play, so if you have 10 and an 11 is already in play for your opponent, then you know that won't be available.
  • Using a number Trump card that is no longer in the deck will mean nothing happens. However, it's not a complete waste. If it's not visible on the table, it means it's your opponent's hidden card, informing you of their score.
  • The Shield Trump card can be used to block out the bet entirely if you are only betting a single finger - handy if you know you're going to lose.
  • Your opponent can and will go bust, so if your calculations look like they have gone over, it might well be the case.
  • Some Trump cards only appear in Survival mode, and you'll get familiar with them the more you play.
  • You'll also unlock more Trump cards as part of the game's many rewards, which are listed at the end of this article. As with Nightmare DLC, don't expect to reach the end of Survival off the bat, as the more you play, the more advantageous Trump cards you'll unlock, including useful starter Trump cards that give you vastly more options.
  • Only a maximum of five Trump cards can be on the table, though you can still play instant effect cards.
  • Stack Two-Up (which increases your opponent's bet) as many times as you like to wipe out your opponent.

How to win 21 and beat Desperation in the final round

Playing 21 for the first time is a more story-driven affair, with you pitted against Hoffman against your will. There are three phases - fingers, electrocution and a saw - each with a number of bets that increase per round.

Trump cards are introduced around halfway through, and during the final round of the saw phase - where the bet is high enough that Lucas can lose - he'll cheat and use a Trump card named Desperation, stripping your ability to draw new cards, and increasing the bet to 100, making it the next best hand the winner, alongside Perfect Draw, giving him 21.


How do you win against this? Throughout the saw round, you need to hang on to some Trump cards until this moment, which are the only cards you can play to win. We'd specifically recommend the Love Your Enemy card, which will give your opponent the best possible card. Since this forces Lucas to draw, and he will be on 21, it will tip him over the edge, making you the victor.

Everything we know about Xbox One X

Want more help? Our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to survive the main story, as well as get the Shotgun and Grenade Launcher, while our Antique Coins locations, Mr Everywhere statue locations and File locations lists will help you find every available collectible on Normal and Easy difficulties. We also explain how to get the Dirty Coin item in the game by getting the best Resident Evil 7 demo ending, and for DLC, the full Bedroom solution, get the Daughters True Ending, beat Hoffman at Blackjack in 21 and how to beat Nightmare.

Resident Evil 7 21 DLC Survival rewards

Similar to the Nightmare DLC, each run offers the opportunity to unlock rewards that will benefit you in future playthroughs. There is a mixture of cumulative unlocks - such as defeating opponents and using cards over time - and rewards based on specific actions, such as defeating an opponent despite being bust.

Essentially, the more runs you play and the better you get, the more rewards you earn. Also note that these unlocks only apply to this 21 mode, not the main story.

Defeat a total of 5 opponentsGot for 24
Defeat a total of 15 opponentsTwo-Up+
Defeat 2 opponents in a row without being tortured onceShield+
Reach 21 a total of 3 timesStarting Trump Card +1
Reach 21 at least 3 times in a rowGot for 27
Use a total of 10 trump cardsExchange
Win a round having used at least 15 trump cardsTrump Switch+
Remove a total of 10 trump cards from the opponents' sideDestroy+
Remove a total of 20 trump cards from the opponents' sideDestroy++
Defeat an opponent despite being bustStarting Trump Card +1
Complete 'Survival'Perfect Draw+
Complete 'Survival' without being tortured onceUltimate Draw
Complete 'Survival+' without being tortured onceGrand Reward
Defeat the elusive Mr. Big HeadStarting Trump Card +1
Defeat the elusive Mr. Big Head 2 timesHarvest
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