Peterbilt 389 rear light bar

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Objectively speaking, breather lights do not really offer much when it comes to safety as most of its illumination is directed towards the body of a truck. But when it comes to enhancing the look of a rig at night - it offers more drama than a soap opera.
Shift carries several Air Cleaner Lights that were designed not by some graphic artist - but by true blue truckers with years of experience in the industry.

We have:

Kenworth Watermelon Light Air Cleaner Bars - come equipped with 3x Glo LED Dual Function Watermelon Lights. Its brackets are made from 304 Grade, 16-Gauge Stainless Steel and are compatible with the Kenworth W900L (Not compatible with B Models).

Backlit Air Cleaner Light Bars (front and rear) - built to fit Donaldson-style Air Cleaners and come in Aluminum and mirror finish Stainless Steel. They can be wired to use as turn signals and are compatible with Peterbilt 379, 388, 389 truck models.

Kenworth Backlit Air Cleaner Bars (front and rear) - sport a clean minimalist look and are compatible with Kenworth W900L trucks.

Penny Light Air Cleaner Bars (front and rear) - built to fit 15” Donaldson Air Cleaners and comes with a stainless steel finish. The brackets are made of 16-gauge 304 grade stainless steel and are compatible with Peterbilt 389, 379 truck models.

Kenworth Penny Light Air Cleaner Bars - designed as an alternative of our Peterbilt Penny Light Air Cleaner Light Bar and come with 5 LEDs on each side.

Glo-Beam Air Cleaner Bars (front and rear) - made from premium stainless steel and come with 17" LED Glo Light Bars by United Pacific. They can be used on 15” Donaldson Air Cleaners, can be wired to use as turn signals and are compatible with Peterbilt 379, 388, 389 truck models.

Every air cleaner lights were designed and tested by real truckers on the open road - so you are assured that each went through the same road conditions you’ll encounter.

Shift Products are “made for truckers that give a Shift” - about quality and the look of their road beasts!

Browse through our LED Truck Lights and get your Shift together!


Peterbilt Air Cleaner Accessories

Peterbilt Air Cleaner Accessories

An air filter system is essential not only to a rig’s engine life but also to the air in the cab. These systems have come a long way in performance and design to ensure smooth cruising down the road. While they often have a shiny sleek look, Peterbilt air cleaner lights add a little extra flair and another layer of visual safety. The only problem is picking the right look for your rolling office. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Classic Style

For a more traditional look, an array of light bars are available for both the front and rear of cleaners, as well as new and older truck models. These easy-to-install bars come in amber clear or red and different shapes to fit your style. Whether you want bezels for extra style, bigger bulbs for a sophisticated look or a simple line of rounded lights on a chrome or stainless steel finish, we can help you find what you need.

Vivid Colors

Looking to make a bold, bright statement? LED Peterbilt breather lights can turn your rig into a show-worthy ride. These beaded lights can also be wired with turn signals for added safety. Tired of boring round lights? Star-shaped lights add a unique twist to lighting. They are available in traditional colors along with green and blue. A solid bar of lights is another option to make others take notice.

Custom Creations

For truckers who want to go the extra step to personalize their rig, cutouts are a great option. These stainless steel parts are easy to install and allow for picking the lights you want. In addition to lights, we also have filter doors, mounting strap and vent covers to create a one-of-kind look.

Lighting up a rig has come a long way. While the options for Peterbilt 389 air cleaner lights may seem overwhelming, our website makes it easy to find the perfect look and fit.

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Rear Air Cleaner Light Bars

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For 2005+ Peterbilt 389, 388, 379 & 378 models with 15″ standard Donaldson air cleaners. With X3RCG2 LED lights. Measures 25.18″ long with a 8″ mount.

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Product Information

Rear air cleaner light bars for 2005+ Peterbilt 388, 389, 379 and 379 models. Designed for 15″ Donaldson, standard can. The rear air cleaner light bars attach to the brackets between the cab and the air cleaner on both sides. Each bar has 8 X3RCG2 LED lights. Harnesses and lights included. Sold in pairs. Light bar measures 25.18″ long with a 8″ mount. The length refers to the distance between the top of the flange to the bottom of the can. The mount refers to the distance between the bottom of the can and the center of the first strap. To determine if you have a premium or a standard can, please refer to the image below.

For ordering or pricing information, please visit your local Peterbilt dealership.

Standard Can VS. Premium Can

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Bar light 389 peterbilt rear

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