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  • If your vehicle was made before 1995, it’s possible that you have an R12 AC system. These air conditioners require different refrigerants that are becoming increasingly hard to find because of emission laws. 
  • If the AC recharge kit that you’re buying does not explicitly say that it comes with a hose, you should buy one separately. It is the only way to deliver the coolant into your vehicle’s AC system. 
  • If you recharge your vehicle's AC, but it starts blowing warm air again shortly after, do not just add more Freon. That is a clear indicator that there is some sort of leak or a more significant issue. 
  • Consider your location and AC use before you purchase any recharging kits. Some kits come with a bulk of refrigerants, which may not be needed for someone who lives in colder climates. 


Q: How do you use an AC recharge kit?

A: Any product you buy will show you exactly how to use an AC recharge kit. Typically, you need to first attach the kit to your low-pressure port, start your vehicle, connect the refrigerant, and add the Freon while your air conditioning is on. Other steps might be suggested by specific user manuals and depend on what pieces your kit comes with.

Q: What are refrigerants?

A: AC refrigerant is the mixture used to keep your car cool. The term Freon is used to refer to the class of chemicals used to make these solutions. Every AC recharging kit uses some type of Freon coolant to achieve the desired results. 

Q: Are refrigerants toxic?

A: Yes. While the newer chemicals used today are much safer, all coolants are toxic, and leaks are often a big concern. It's also important to know that if there’s a defect in your AC system, it can send toxic air into the cabin.

Q: How frequently does an AC system need recharging?

A: On average, your AC system shouldn’t need to be recharged more than every couple of years (depending on how often your AC is used). If your air conditioning needs more frequent recharging, it’s a sign of bigger issues.

Final Thoughts

The best AC charging kit available today is the XtremepowerUS A/C Refrigeration Kit. 

For users looking to recharge their AC without breaking the bank, the Orion Motor Tech AC Gauge Set is a great option.

A/C Pro recharging

There's a lot of snake oil and questionable products lining the shelves of the average auto parts store. From octane booster to VTEC fluid (ha!), it's hard to separate the genuinely useful products from the chaff. So when A/C Pro sent me a few canisters of its do-it-yourself air conditioning recharge system, I was a bit skeptical.

The idea is that most aging car air conditioning systems that don't blow as cold as they should suffer only from low levels of refrigerant. The way A/C Pro works is that you plug a can into your car's air conditioner and simply refill the system with R-134a refrigerant and the necessary lubricants to rejuvenate aging seals and moving parts.

I've laid out detailed instructions for using the A/C Pro product in the gallery below. Check it out for photos and a full walkthrough.

Putting it to the test
With the car running and the air conditioning system powered on, I located the air conditioner's low side connection port. Air conditioning systems are essentially split into two parts, the low- and high-pressure sides, and the cooling happens as the refrigerant is compressed and passes from a state of high pressure to low pressure. After locating the low-pressure connection point, I used the A/C Pro's gauge to measure the pressure of the system. (Be sure to keep your hands clear of moving parts; I got a nice friction burn on the back of my hand from a moving accessory belt.)

If the pressure looks low, then it's time to refill and recharge the system using the A/C Pro product by pulling the trigger on the filler nozzle. The filler nozzle and pressure gauge combo gives feedback and control over the refilling and the user should take care not to overfill the system, which can adversely affect the system's ability to chill air.

Our test car, a 1999 Toyota Corolla, was blowing 84-degrees-Fahrenheit air at the beginning of the test. I saw a 20-degree drop in vent air temperature to about 64 degrees. That's a big-enough jump to prove that the product does work -- at least as a short-term fix. Systems with moderate to large leaks could eventually depressurize again and may still need a mechanic's help. A/C Pro tells us that for the vast majority of systems, this simple recharge should be enough.

Air temperature

All in, prepping, measuring, and recharging the system took me about 30 minutes. However, the Corolla's pressure levels were exceptionally low and I took more time than I probably needed to measure air temperatures and take photos, so it's still a fairly quick fix.

I should note that the Corolla was actually my second attempt to test the A/C Pro product. My first attempt was under the hood of a 1990s vintage Volkswagen Jetta. Unfortunately, this system had bigger problems than the A/C Pro product could fix. There's only so much that a simple refilling, recharging, and lubricating product can do. If there's physical damage (such as a seized compressor or a serious leak), you may need more help than A/C Pro can supply.

Still, for only about $45 to $50 at your local auto parts retailer, A/C Pro isn't a bad DIY first step before calling in a professional (and potentially expensive) mechanic.

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AC Pro Refrigerant Recharge Kit Review

A short AC Pro refrigerant review after using it to recharge my AC on my 2001 Toyota 4Runner.  I decided to try the AC Pro refrigerant kit on my 4Runner as summer approaches and I knew the A/C needed to be worked on.  I’m always skeptical of automotive quick fixes that come in a bottle.  They always seem to be a crappy temporary fix to the problem that you are trying to fix and sometimes makes it worse in the meantime.  I saw this AC Pro recharge kit and figured I would give it a shot, worst-case scenario being it doesn’t work, I could just bring the car to a mechanic if it didn’t work as there might be a bigger issue to deal with.

AC Pro Refrigerant

AC Pro

One problem with these recharge kits is that it cannot fix a broken A/C system.  On my 4Runner, the air conditioning still worked, it was just that it no longer blew cold air, it was just a little bit cooler.  If your A/C has other problems with leaks and the compressor pump is broken, this recharge kit will do nothing but waste your money.  This kit is only intended to recharge and weak A/C system.

Checking the initial charge of the A/C

On the bottle, there is a fold-out set of instructions.  The first thing you want to do is check if the A/C system has any charge at all to it.  To do this, you need to have the engine running and A/C blowing at full.  The gauge unscrews from the bottle and you can attach it to the low-pressure side of the A/C unit.  On the AC Pro website, you can look up the location of the port for your particular car or truck.  The link for the site is

AC Pro Refrigerant guage Initial readingWith the car running and the A/C on full blast, connect the gauge and hose to the low-pressure port.  Don’t pull the lever and this will drain refrigerant from the system.  If your system is showing a very low reading, you might want to have the car checked by a mechanic.  It could be a symptom of a leak in A/C or a broken compressor.

On my 4Runner, the system was on the Low/Filled section.  The gauge showed that the A/C still had some charge to it.

Connecting the bottle and filling the system

After disconnecting the gauge, give the refrigerant bottle a good shake, remove the safety tab and screw it back onto the hose and gauge.

Safety cap
Safety Tab
Safety cap removed
Top of bottle
Gauge attached to bottle
Refrigerant connected to hose

With the car still running, and the A/C on full blast, reconnect to the low-pressure port and start filling the system.  You can tilt the bottle back and forth to make sure refrigerant is flowing when filling.  Stop filling ever 30 seconds or so and check the gauge to make sure the system is filling and charging.  My 4Runner took about 3/4 of the bottle before it stopped flowing.  The final reading on the gauge put it right in the middle of the Filled.  Once it stops taking refrigerant, disconnect the hose put the cap back on.  Now you go run the engine and check the A/C inside.

AC Pro Refrigerant Bottle and hose connected
Hose reconnected
AC Pro Refrigerant Mid Filling
Mid Filling
AC Pro Refrigerant Filled
Completely recharged


AC Pro Review – Result

AC Pro Review Temperature AfterAs a result, the AC Pro recharge kit worked well and was blowing 51 degrees AC air on an 85-degree day after filling with AC Pro refrigerant. The A/C was back to blowing cold air and the A/C has kept its charge for the last week since.  It’s a very easy job to do and cost way less than bringing my car into a mechanic for a simple recharge.


About AC Pro Refrigerant

AC Pro Refrigerant makes it as easy as a 15 minute AC repair can be.   AC Pro refrigerant cools car interiors faster with colder, drier air.  The kit is intended to replace lost refrigerant and oil in the air conditioning system.  The refrigerant contains special anti-wear additives that can extend a systems life and improve results.  AC Pro also contains a safe leak sealer that stops most common air conditioning leaks in hoses, gaskets, and O-rings that may have caused the problem in the first place.


AC Pro Refrigerant Features

  • Number one rated the coldest air.
  • Professional formula R-134a refrigerant.
  • Includes a reusable Trigger dispenser with built-in low-pressure gauge.
  • Extra long 24″ recharge hose for accessing hard to reach service ports.
  • Contains moisture and acid eliminator.
  • Easy coupler that attaches simply by pushing on the port valve.
  • Special anti-wear additives extend system life and improve performance.
  • CA certified.
  • Cools interior faster with colder, drier air.
  • All-in-one recharge solution that replaces lost refrigerant and oil in automotive A/C systems.
  • Fast and easy 15-minute job.




A/C Pro

AC Pro

  • Contains approximately 18 oz. of R-134a and 4 oz. of additives
  • Digital gauge with guided commands eliminates guesswork and allows for accurate recharging.
  • Formula with 2x cooling boosters independently tested to deliver the coldest air from your vehicle’s A/C vs. the next leading brand of A/C recharge kits.
  • Protects against extreme temperatures and high use with a robust lubricant ingredient combo specifically designed to withstand high pressure seen with frequent A/C stops and start-ups.
  • Excellent leak sealing advanced formula works quickly to seal common A/C leaks in rubber O-rings, gaskets, and hoses.
  • Works with all vehicles including hybrids and electrics.

The A/C Pro® EXTREME Conditions refrigerant kit features the easy-to-use digital gauge that guides you through the recharge process. The premium formula protects against extreme temperatures and high use with a robust lubricant ingredient combo specifically designed to withstand high pressures seen with frequent A/C stops and startups. The approximately 18 oz. of R-134a and 4 oz. of additives are used to recharge a vehicle’s A/C system, seal common leaks in the rubber components and is compatible with all vehicles including hybrids and electrics.



Digital recharge pro kit ac

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How to Properly Recharge Your AC System

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