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Send Inquiring Buyers a Special Offer on eBay

Between the availability of auction format listings and best offer functionality, eBay is a great place for deal-making—these kinds of tools enable much more flexibility to buyers and sellers than do the fixed prices of a marketplace like

But did you know that you can take haggling to the next level for fixed-price listings by easily making offers to buyers that you're already communicating with?

There are several reasons why you might like to do this:

  • Buyer writes asking for a lower price on a listing you haven't enabled best offers for
  • Buyer is interested in multiple items (in listings in which you're offering multiple items) and you want to offer them a discount if they complete the purchase
  • Buyer has bought other item(s) from you and wants a bundle price
  • Buyer has contacted you with a question and you want to follow up directly to increase the chance of a sale in a way that is acceptable under eBay rules

If you've encountered any of these circumstances in the past, sending an offer directly to a potential buyer can be a great way to make a deal that might otherwise not have occurred.

How to Send an Offer

To send a special offer to a buyer, the following must be true:

  • You must have listed your item(s) for sale using the fixed price format
  • The buyer must have contacted you with a question about the item or listing

If these two criteria have been met, sending a special offer is actually very easy to do. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the last message from the buyer (the one that relates specifically to the item or listing in question)
  2. Locate and click on the link near the bottom of the message text labeled "send an offer directly to the member"
  3. On the following page, fill out the form including your offer price and (if asked) quantity
  4. Enter a message to the buyer in the space provided continuing your exchange or explaining your offer
  5. Click "Send" to send them the offer

After you follow these steps, your buyer will receive a message that offers them the particular price and quantity that you've committed to, and a link at which they can make the purchase.

Closing the Deal

If your buyer follows through and completes the purchase, it proceeds as would any other eBay purchase—all standard buyer and seller protections and terms apply, as well as the shipping, handling, returns, and other terms you've spelled out in your item listing.

Once the transaction is complete, they'll be able to leave feedback and detailed seller ratings for you, just as they would with any other purchase or item listing.

Using Special Offers to Your Advantage

When a buyer has taken the time to contact you about an item you've listed for sale, they're not just asking a question via the mail forwarding system, they're also showing that they're interested enough in buying your item that they've taken time out of their day to talk to you about it.

When you receive a question about an item, therefore, don't just take the time to answer it (though you should definitely do at least this)—also check out the buyer's feedback and recent transaction history. If they look like someone you'd like to sell to, don't wait—send them a special offer right away, along with a message telling them that you're making a special offer just for them.

Knock a couple of dollars off the price and let them know that only they are getting this price—and be amazed at how often you're able to close the sale right away.


The buyer has to have sent you an email about the item, from the listing so that the link to the listing is on the message.  It has to be a Fixed Price listing, not an auction.


If you have interested buyers but your item still hasn't sold, you can send them a private offer:


  1. Go to My eBay and select Messages.
  2. Open an email from the member and select send an offer directly to the member at the bottom of the email.
  3. Enter the quantity, price, and message to the buyer. (Note: Shipping isn't included in the offer details.)
  4. Select Submit.

Once you've sent the offer, the buyer will receive an email with the offer details. The offer automatically expires after 48 hours. If the buyer accepts the offer and completes the purchase, you'll be notified by email. 
Note: You can send an offer to multiple buyers. However, you can send only one offer at a time to the same buyer. If you want to send a revised offer to the same buyer, you need to cancel the original offer first.


To view or make changes to your offers:

  1. Go to My eBay.
  2. Select All Selling, and then select Manage your offers.


Sending an Offer to a Buyer


Sending an offer

If a member asks a question about an item listed in a fixed price format, you can send an offer to the member to invite them to purchase the item at a lower price. The offer is good for up to 48 hours, when the listing ends or until you cancel the offer, whichever comes first.


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If there’s more than one watcher, they will each be notified that other watchers can still buy the item. The buyer then has 48 hours to accept the offer before it expires. You can only send an offer once.

On the flip side, if you don’t want to receive offers from sellers you can opt out in your communication preferences.

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All that eBay states about eligibility at the moment is that it depends on the age of the listing and the listing format. It does say that you don’t need best offer enabled to send an offer though. If you don’t see the feature, it might be that your listing isn’t old enough, you don’t have any watchers or it’s the incorrect format. Ebay are planning to expand the eligibility though, so it’s worth checking back.

The Downside

Not everybody sees this feature as a good thing, in fact some people think it actually minimises your chance of a sale.
Concerns include:
-Buyers worried that sellers have their email address and can see their usernames (which isn’t the case)
-That buyers will be annoyed at having received an offer – if they wanted to purchase it they would make an offer.
-Uninterested buyers will be contacted because people add things to their watch list for many reasons.
-It will make the seller seem desperate thus reducing likelihood of a sale.

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My Opinion

As with everything, it’s personal choice but I don’t see it as a bad feature. I’ve sent a few offers and made a few sales this way so I will probably continue to use it.

Have you tried it yet?

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Offer to Buyers

Bear in mind that the offer price needs to be at least 5 percent lower than the price on the listing. Before making an offer, make sure that you have sufficient margins. 

We make sure buyers aren’t overwhelmed with multiple offers from different sellers so please note that you can only send one offer per listing. 

However, if several buyers are interested in your item at once, the offer will be sent to them all.

Eligible Listings include:

  • Items a buyer opts to watch
  • Items added to cart in the previous 5 days, but not yet purchased

How do I send Offer to Buyers?

To send an Offer to Buyers from Seller Hub:

1. Under quick filters click Send offers—eligible.


2. Select one or several listings you’d like to make an offer on.


3. Enter your offer price, then click Send offers. You can include a message to the interested buyers at this stage. 


4. Your buyer will receive your offer message.


Your interested buyer now has 48 hours to respond. They can accept or decline your offer or make a counter offer. In turn, you can also accept or decline the buyer's counter offer, or make another one. Both the buyer and the seller can make a maximum of 5 counter offers each.

If you do not want to receive counter offers from buyers, untick the appropriate box when sending your offer.


If the buyer declines your offer, you will receive a message:


If the buyer accepts your offer or begins to negotiate a price with you, do the same as with any other transaction. Remember that if the buyer accepts your offer, you must sell him or her the item.


To ebay offer send buyer

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eBay introduced a new function to allow sellers to send offers to listing watchers.  Many of us sellers have been waiting a long time for this because it's interesting to have new ways to connect with our buyers.  Since eBay's early days, we were never allowed to even try contacting buyers (and many have tried).  And now, with the new "offer to watchers" feature, we're finally able to do this, and all within the eBay platform.

How to send an offer to listing watchers?

Follow these steps to send an offer to your listing watchers:

  • Open your Selling page and go to your Active listings
  • For each Fixed Price listing that has watchers, you have a button to "Send Offer"
  • On the Send Offer page, enter your offer price, which must be at least 5% less than your Fixed Price
  • You can fill in an optional note to the buyer
  • Click "Send offer to Buyer", your offer is valid for 48 hours

After sending your offer, the watcher has the option to accept the offer or just let it expire.


The following are screenshots that clarify the whole process.  Once you understand how it works, it should go quickly for you, and you'll be sending offers to your listing watchers in no time.


eBay Active Listings Page


eBay Send Offer Page



Rules for sending offers to your listing watchers

You cannot send offers for auctions, only for fixed price listings or buy it now listings.  Also, you can't send more than one offer to the same watcher.  This is to avoid sellers hassling potential buyers by resending too many offers.  If your listing is not older than 10 days, then you'll have to wait.  Only listings older than 10 days have this option.  

The offer price you choose has to be a discount because it only makes sense this way.  And you have to give at least 5% off your listing price.

Your offer can only be sent to at most 10 watchers at a time.  Just like with Best Offers from buyers, your seller offer is binding and you cannot withdraw it - just keep this in mind.


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Send offer to watchers link

The user interface is still not perfect and eBay continues to improve it.  Many people complain that they simply don't get the button to send an offer, or they do have it but it's not shown for some listing.  To get around this, you can use this shortcut offer to watchers URL below:

Just replace the XYZ with your item ID, and open the URL in your browser.  If you're not logged in, eBay will first ask you to enter their system.  If you entered a wrong ID, eBay will give you an "invalid item" warning.  But if you did everything correctly, you should recognize your listing picture and title.  You're all set!


How much of a discount should I offer?

The amount you offer is up to you to decide, but I like to offer a nice round number.  For example, if I'm selling an item for $100, I would send an offer for $90, which is 10% less than the listing price.  eBay requires that you offer at least a 5% discount, but in my experience, this is usually not very interesting to buyers.

Here's another trick you can use.  You can slightly increase your price when you set up your listing.  And when watchers come in, make them an offer where you remove the difference.  eBayer sellers do this all the time now.

Read about how to make money on eBay for more tips like this.


Send offer to watchers message to use

This is where things start to get more interesting.  Along with your offer, you can send your watchers a short message.  Most eBayers just leave it blank, but I think that's a mistake.  Remember, you're messaging the buyer for a reason - to close the sale.  And looking at it from the buyer's perspective, only getting a number from you is kind of dry.  So, write a note and you should have a better response.  

When I write this message, I like to put in something that makes the offer stand out.  Something like "A little discount for you ;)" can go a long way, and just these few words sold a lot of listings for me.  Be creative and polite here because the watcher is getting an unexpected email now.


What happens if an interested buyer accepts my offer?

When the buyer accepts your offer, the next steps work the same as when your listing is sold.  The buyer will make a payment like usual and you will be notified about the proceeds.  In the email message, you will receive the shipping address, and you should ship the item quickly.  Sometimes the buyer will respond to your offer message too, and they're always grateful for the discount.


Criticism about downward pressure on prices

Unfortunately, eBay has received some criticism about this feature.  I think this is a big misunderstanding on the part of the seller community.  First of all, you can only send an offer for an item that just isn't selling.  And making a sale is better than not, that's how I see it.  Making prices more negotiable does also stay with the original spirit of the platform, which rose to fame with online auctions, which are actually just one way to negotiate between buyers and sellers.

The downward pressure on prices comes from one thing, there is an abundance of just about any item you can think of.  It is this abundance that lowers prices in the end, and not the ability for you or your competitors to make offers.



This should serve as a good guide for you to start making offers to watchers.  You can use the offer pricing and messaging strategies discussed here to increase your sales on eBay.  You won't be increasing your sales prices (the opposite), but this is a useful tool to have especially when eBay sales are down.  

You still have the freedom to not use this functionality, but at least you can if you want to.  Again, I think this is a great feature to have, and I'm sure I will use it for as long as it exists.

Does eBay’s Send offer to buyers increase sales? How do I send an offer? - eBay for Business UK

eBay Auto Send Offer to Buyers increases conversion rate

The eBay Send Offer to Buyers tool is by all accounts one of the most effective features eBay have ever released. Now an enhancement will enable you to Auto Send Offer to Buyers in a set and forget manner.

Send Offer to Buyers lets you engage with your watchers directly to offer a reduced price on your listings. You select a discount and those who have already expressed an interested in the product receive an offer which often prompts an immediate purchase. Anecdotal reports from sellers say that using Send Offer to Buyers is highly effecting. eBay themselves say that according to internal data watchers are at least 30% more likely to turn into buyers when they receive an offer from a seller.

The offer price you send needs to be at least 5% lower than the original price on the listing for items with a Buy It Now price under £200. If your listing’s Buy It Now price is between £200 and £1,000, your offer must be at least 3%, and you can offer as little as 2% for items over £1,000.

eBay Auto Send Offer to Buyers

Now, once you’ve sent an offer to your interested buyers, there is an auto-send feature which gives you the option to send the same offer to future interested buyers. eBay will automatically check for new interested buyers every 24 hours from when you first send the offer until the listing ends or you manually cancel the Auto Send Offer to Buyers option. The automatic offer will be the same discount that you set up in the original offer.

When setting up an offer, you’ll have the option to select “automatically send offers” in offer settings. You can both start and stop automatic offers on the Offer Settings tab on the manage offers page.

There seems little reason why, if you are already using Send Offer to Buyers, you wouldn’t check the box to Auto Send Offer to Buyers. It’s one less thing to worry about and so long as your margins don’t change the offer price will remain the same. Especially as the country goes into local lockdowns, use Auto Send Offer to Buyers to remind shoppers of what they were interested in and enjoy the increased conversion rates.


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Offer to Buyers

When buyers show interest in your product but haven’t yet completed the transaction, you can target them with an offer. The Offer to buyers tool in Seller Hub enables you to start the negotiation process with interested buyers.

Targeting shoppers already interested in your items can help you increase sales and build awareness with the right customers. You can make an offer to a buyer if they are watching your item or have placed it into their shopping cart but haven’t checked out within five days.

We make sure buyers aren’t overwhelmed with multiple offers from different sellers. That way you can send offers with confidence.

Eligible listings include:

  • Items a buyer opts to watch
  • Items added to cart that have been there for at least 5 days


  • Improve conversion. By lowering your price with a buyer who has already shown interest in your product, you may be able to close the sale faster.
  • Target interested buyers. Send targeted offers directly to shoppers who have shown interest in your listings.
  • Save time. Send offers automatically to interested buyers.

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