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USB-C Laptop Charger for Samsung Chromebook 4 4+ Plus V2 Pro Notebook 9 7 Spin W16-030N1A BA44-00336A Laptop Adapter Replacement Extra Long Power Supply Cord UL Listed


Samsung Chromebook Plus XE513C24 XE520QAB XE521QAB XE525QBB : XE513C24-K01US, XE520QAB-K01US, XE520QAB-K02US, XE520QAB-K03US, XE521QAB-K01US, XE525QBB-K01US

Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C24 XE510C25 : XE510C24-K01US, XE510C24-K04US, XE510C25-K01US

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S W700N : SM-W700NZDBXAR, SM-W700NZKAXAR, SM-W700NZWAXAR

Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 W620N : SM-W620NZKAXAR, SM-W620NZKBXAR

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 W720N W727V : SM-W720NZKBXAR, SM-W720NZKAXAR, SM-W720NTKBXAR, SM-W727VZKBVZW

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 12 W737 : SM-W737AZSBATT, SM-W737VZSBVZW, SM-W737PZSBSPR

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin NP730QAA NP750QUA NP740U5M NP740U5L NP740U3L NP740U3M : NP730QAA-K01US, NP740U3L-L02US, NP740U3L-L03US, NP740U3M-K01US, NP740U5L-Y02US, NP740U5L-Y03US, NP740U5L-Y04US, NP740U5M-X01US, NP740U5M-X02US, NP750QUA-K01US

Samsung Notebook 9 NP900X3N NP900X3T NP900X5N : NP900X3N-K01US, NP900X3N-K04US, NP900X3T-K01US, NP900X3T-K02US, NP900X5N-L01US, NP900X5N-X01US

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen NP930QAA : NP930QAA-K01US

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro NP940X3M NP940X3N NP940X5M : NP940X3M-K01US, NP940X3N-K01US, NP940X5M-X01US

P/N: W16-030N1A W030R003L PD-30ABUS BA44-00331A BA44-00336A


❌❌ร้านมีกฎให้อ่านให้จบก่อนสั่งซื้อ ซื้อแล้วงดดราม่าว่าไม่รู้ไม่ได้อ่าน❌❌ ตัดรอบจัดส่ง 9.30 น. ของทุกวัน ระยะเวลาจัดส่งลูกค้าเลือกเองต้องรอและรับได้จ้า เลือกขนส่ง เคอรี่ 1-3 วัน เลือกขนส่งนินจาแวน 3-7 วัน ขนส่งลูกค้าเลือกเอง ควรพิจารณาก่อนตัดสินใจ หากติดปัญหาเรื่องขนส่ง ลูกค้าต้องตามกับขนส่งโดยตรง ทางร้านไม่ตามสินค้าให้คะ Compatible with Type-C Devices: *For 2016 2017 MacBook Pro 15" 13" Touch Bar Two and Four Thunderbolt 3 ports laptop notebook, Replace for 87W MNF82LL/A A1708 and 61W MNF72LL/A A1706 Power Ac Adapter *Google Chromebook Pixel, Pixelbook, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 201, *Thinkpad x1 tablet, LG Gram 15, New Nokia N1 Tablet, *Galaxy TabPro S, Galaxy Tab S3, ASUS ZenPad 3S 10, *Nintendo Switch, Nexus 5X/6P, LG G5 G6, *Samsung S8, HTC 10, Nokia N1, OnePlus 2 *Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL, Lenovo zuk Z1, Nubia Z9 and more. Specification Power Supply:87 watt Cable length:6.56ft (2 meters) Output: 20.2V / 4.3A(USB PD), 9V / 3A(USB PD) or 5.2V / 2.4A. Size:72x72x26mm What You Get 1 x Brand New Replacement Macbook Charger 87 watt USB Type C 1 x Free 6.56ft/2m USB-C Charging Cable 24 x 7 email support. 90 days money return guarantee 12-month quality guarantee,, (Note: Sold by UNIQUE BRIGHT only). We'll take care of you all way. If you have any issues whatsoever, we're here to solve them. Contact us anytime, and you have our promise that customer support is our number 1 priority. Rest assured, that's UNIQUE BRIGHT advantage! Feature Fast-Charging Technology: Charge any USB-C device at top speeds with the Power Delivery port.Get 1 FREE 87w USB C to USB C Charging Cable in 6.56ft/2m.Reversible connector,plug in the right way in everytime. It recommends pairing it with 15-inch MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports for optimal charging performance. Replace for 2016 2017 MacBook Pro 15" 13" Touch Bar Two and Four Thunderbolt 3 ports laptop notebook, Replace for 87W MNF82LL/A A1708 and 61W MNF72LL/A A1706 Power Ac Adapter (Connector USB C Type C) 【USB-C Power Delivery】87W PD Power Adapter Charger Widely compatible with all USB-C enabled device. Support 2017 Newest Microsoft Surface Book 2, Nexus 5X/6P, Nintendo Switch, Pixel 2 XL , Lumia 950/950XL, Chromebook Pixeland and more other USB C devices. The UNIQUE BRIGHT PD USB-C technology automatically detects and delivers (Max 87W) Output: 20.2V / 4.3A(USB PD), 9V / 3A(USB PD) or 5.2V / 2.4A., based on your devices needs.MultiProtect Safety System: Keeps your devices safe with surge protection, temperature control and more advanced safety features. 【What You Get】1 x 87w USB C PD Charging Stand Station, 1 x Type-C to Type-C Cable; 12-month quality guarantee,30 days money return guarantee, 24 x 7 email support.(Note: Sold by UNIQUE BRIGHT only). Brand : UNIQUE BRIGHT EAN : 0726853493881 Package Dimensions(LxWxH) : 14x9x6cm ; 231 g

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2m USB C Charging Cable - Durable Fast Charge & Sync USB 2.0 Type C to USB C Laptop Charger Cord - TPE Jacket Aramid Fiber M/M 60W Black - Samsung S10 S20 iPad Pro MS Surface

This USB C cable withstands the daily demands of charging and syncing your mobile devices. Compatible with your Thunderbolt 3 ports, this rugged cable is a must-have for both business and consumer applications.

Built for Daily Use

The durable USB C charging cable has aramid fiber reinforcement that shelters it from the stress of frequent bends. This also lets the cable flex without over-stretching or damaging the core of the cable.

Graphic showing cable

Cable Key Features

Graphic showing cable

  1. Aramid fiber adds strength and durability to the cable
  2. Insulated conductors reduce friction, provide more flexibility
  3. EMI (electromagnetic interference) protection with aluminum-mylar foil with braided shielding
  4. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) cable jacket is more flexible than a standard PVC cable

Flexible Strain Relief

The USB C to USB C cable is constructed to prevent the connector from separating from the jacket. The extra-long strain relief molding is tested to withstand over 10,000+ bend cycles at a 180° angle.

Graphic showing cable

Connector Key Features

Graphic showing cable

  1. USB Type C connector provides 3A of power output for charging your USB C compatible devices
  2. Metal shield protects circuit board from EMI and reinforces the connection point
  3. Strain relief tested to tolerate over 10,000+ bend cycles at a 180° angle

Superior Connection

The durable cable supports all USB 2.0 specifications providing a dependable connection for all your USB-C devices. It also delivers up to 60W of power to charge your devices without needing an additional power supply.

RUSB2CC2MB is backed by a lifetime warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Note: DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.


  • Charge and sync your USB Type C mobile devices

Partner Numbers

  • Tech Data 13882643
  • A.B. Distributing, Inc. STAR-RUSB2CC2MB
  • ASI 239929
  • Ingram Micro USA 7FY336
  • UPC 065030886635
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