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19 Disney Deaths Ranked, From Eh To Devastating

Like any '90s kid, when I think Disney, I think death and depression. I mean, duh, guys, aside from Disney movies hiding a lot of dirty jokes within them, the films are also a veritable cinematic factory of dead parents. And, in light of recent Disney-inspired bleakness seen in Banksy's new project Dismaland, I've gotten really reflective about the dark side of Disney. That is, I got to thinking... which Disney movie death really hit me the hardest?

Now, if you can believe it, I compiled a short list of Disney deaths. It only includes a quick 21 characters, no big deal. Generally speaking, nobody is safe in a Disney movie, but the best way to avoid the Grim Reaper is to never become someone's parent. Or, like, don't become evil. Of course, when it comes to evil Disney fiends (or at least most evil Disney fiends), we tend to feel almost triumphant about their violent and horrifying death. But you show a deer getting shot? All of a sudden the floodgates are open.

So, in honor of all the pain and sadness Disney routinely brings us, here's a quasi-definitive ranking of 21 significant Disney movie deaths. Brace yourself, and keep your box of tissues at the ready.

19. Gaston From Beauty And The Beast

Some people will disagree with me, because he has one of the top five songs in Disney history. Fair. But he also tried to restrict Belle's freedom, and attack her beastly boyfriend because he was, well, a beast, so I didn't shed many tears when he died.

18. Claude Frollo From The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Basically a first class hypocrite and all around terrible human being. I'm not saying he deserves the hellfire he gets but... no, that's what I'm saying. It was ironic justice, you know?

17. Scar From The Lion King

Scar's a potent villain for, you know, a lion. The fratricide and several year reign of terror might take some of the sting off his death even for his fans, though.

16. The Evil Queen From Snow White

Respect for the OG Disney movie death.

15. Ursula From The Little Mermaid

Ursula has a certain element of camp that I do sincerely appreciate. Still, she is one terrible woman, and she deserves to go down... under the sea.

14. Mother Gothel From Tangled

While I consciously recognize Mother Gothel sucks and stuff, I get no satisfaction, no real feeling when she dies. By 2010, it was like, you see one Disney villain fall to their death, you've seen them all.

13. Clayton From Tarzan

Clayton's role is somewhat muddled in my head along with that one Phil Collins' song. I do, however, remember how crazy his death was. While he's a terrible, terrible person, seeing someone get hung by a vine is definitely traumatic enough to at least invoke shock.

12. Maleficent From Sleeping Beauty

See, this is a matter of conflict for me, because I thoroughly enjoy Maleficent, especially in light of recent live-action revivals. So, while I can acknowledge that her death is as warranted as any of the previously listed, I still have a pang of feels because she's my girl.

11. Cinderella's Dad From Cinderella

See, now we're delving into the death of the good guys, and that includes Cinderella's Dad... named Cinderella's Dad. While his briefly mentioned death is kind of sad, it's really hard to get emotionally attached to someone who doesn't have a name, you know?

10. James From The Princess And The Frog

Tiana's dad likewise has a quick exit, but the significant difference is that we actually see the bond between them and the foundation he laid for her dreams. Since his death is more implied, it doesn't have a strong sting, but the backstory at least gives it more depth.

9. Kocoum From Pochantas

This happened. From a historical perspective it makes me feel weird, and the actual necklace-breaking death is pretty dramatic.

8. Megara From Hercules

OK, she gets brought back to life, so that alone makes this death bearable. But seeing her get crushed by a pillar, that's a lot to swallow, even if you know Herc will save the day.

7. Tarzan's Parents From Tarzan

Nameless, but there's a whole emotional story that begins with shipwreck and ends with a leopard. So, you know, that's a heavy way to start the film.

6. Quasimodo's Mother From The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

I know I said lack-of-name makes it hard to empathize, but we see this woman break her neck, you guys. That's still haunting me.

5. The King And Queen of Arendelle From Frozen

If you don't consider the Tarzan theory as canon, then Elsa and Anna's parents death is a lot to stomach. Really, it's the tossing ship, mourning procedures, and deteriorated relationship of the sisters that sets me off.

4. Coral From Finding Nemo

Oof. Coral's death is a classic Pixar heartbreaker, but nothing makes me bawl more than how Marlin embraces and titles the nascent Nemo in honor of his wife. You're a clownfish! You're supposed to be funny!

3. Bambi's Mom From Bambi

Still regarded by many as Baby's First Trauma. As someone who, up until recently, has lived surrounded by deer, I can easily say that I would not be able to watch this scene without losing it.

2. Mufasa From The Lion King

I got depressed looking at this gif, that's how real Mufasa's death is to me... and really any millennial. Simba's loss is all of our losses. But there is still one death that takes the cake.

1. Ellie From Up

There are deaths that make you cry, and then there are deaths that make you feel like you'll never be OK again. Even after knowing her for ten minutes, Ellie's death is something that none of us that none of us will ever recover from... unless we start blowing up balloons to make the sadness soar away.

Reflecting on all of these tragic deaths, whether of the villains or of the good guys, is enough to make me reach for a box of Kleenex again, I have to say. Even in the world of Disney movies, no one is safe.

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The 6 Most Tragic Deaths In Any Disney Movie

The following contains spoilers for several Disney and Disney/Pixar movies. Many are old but others are more recent.

Disney movies are some of the best when it comes to creating deeply emotional stories that tug at the heartstrings. Sometimes, however, they go a step further than that, by actually killing off beloved characters. When this happens, they can honestly be some of the most terrible moments in film history. And especially since these movies get seen by young children, these can be film moments that stay with us for the rest of our lives.

When a villain dies at the end of a Disney movie, which happens often, it's not all that shocking or terrible. It's certainly not tragic. When we lose our heroes, however, it can be heartbreaking. Here are the Disney deaths that will stay with us.

Mufasa - The Lion King

Mufasa's death was terrible, at the hands of his own brother, but the thing that made it even more awful was that we witnessed it, right there on the screen. There's no cutaway or fade to black. Scar claws his brother and knocks him off the ledge into the animal stampede. What makes it all the more terrible is watching young Simba go to his father, not fully registering what has happened. While the characters in The Lion King may be talking animals, that doesn't make Mufasa's death any less relatable, or his son's grief any less palpable.

Coral and her Eggs - Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo doesn't even let us get comfortable in our seat before it hits us with a dramatic death. Marlin and Coral have found a home for their eggs when they're attacked by a terrible predator fish. Both of them attempt to fight off the fish and protect their babies, but Marlin is knocked unconscious in the fight. After a brief fade to black, we discover that Coral, as well as nearly every egg, is gone. It makes Marlin's overprotectiveness utterly understandable as the man has lost almost everything he cared about in this one moment.

Bambi's Mom - Bambi

We can't discuss tragic death in a Disney movie without a discussion of Bambi's mom. The moment likely scarred multiple generations of children since the early 1940s. It all takes place off screen, and all the audience hears is a single gunshot, but that's all it takes. From that moment, Bambi is left alone and lost. It's heartbreaking, no matter how many times you've seen it. It may be the earliest example of just how emotionally powerful animation can truly be. Grown men will tear up simply thinking about witnessing this moment as a child. It may have been the first time that many children ever even considered the concept of death.

Tadashi - Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is Disney's superhero story, and unfortunately, far too many superhero origin stories begin with the death of somebody close to the hero. Hiro's brother runs into a raging fire in an attempt to save lives, and doesn't make it out. His death becomes all the more tragic when we discover that the life he tried to save was the man who actually started the fire, who turns out to be the villain. Since this is a superhero movie, the audience hopes that somehow Tadashi may have somehow also survived, but alas, this is one of the few characters in a superhero movie who stays dead.

Hector - Coco

Coco is a movie in which almost all the characters are already dead, so the fact that they are isn't particularly noteworthy or emotional. However, in the movie, we get to witness the death of Hector via a flashback. It happens on screen and we see not only his death but the vicious man who committed a terrible murder. It's a jarring moment in an otherwise heartwarming movie and one of the most emotional moments from Pixar, who knows how to play with our emotions. It's as dark a moment as the death of Mufasa, possibly worse, since we had previously thought the murderer was our hero.

Ellie - Up

Like Finding Nemo, Up doesn't waste too much time exposing us to a character's death. However, in this case, the film makes sure we get to know her before she dies, which only makes it more terrible. In one of the most memorable film sequences ever, we get to know Ellie and Carl, their hopes and their dreams, all before Ellie is taken away. She doesn't die violently or in some horrific accident, but her death is no less tragic, as it still leaves a massive hole in the heart of Carl, as well as the audience, and none of us ever really recover.

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15 classic Disney film death scenes that destroyed your childhood

Name an animated Disney film that doesn’t, even if it is in a small way, deal with death. It’s not easy.

And it hasn’t been easy growing up on a diet of cartoon kills, as any fan of the House of Mouse’s feature-length productions can testify.

The studio has never shied away from offing its most memorable characters – in fact, squeezing a demise or two into what, on the surface, are films for kids, has been actively encouraged.

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Those doomed characters have included a long line of plummeting villains (no one does death from above like Disney) and a plethora of pitied parents. Disney has always loved plonking an obstacle in its protagonists’ path, and there is no greater challenge than being orphaned.

Here is another challenge; getting to the bottom of this list without crying.

This is a rundown of death scenes from ‘classic’ Disney feature-length animations, so we will save the floods of Pixar tears (I’m looking at you, with reddened eyes, Up) for another rainy day.

There are spoilers ahead. And emotions.

1. The Evil Queen in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Good old Walt didn’t hang about. His studio’s first animated feature comes with a great and gruesome denouement. The Evil Queen, back in her old hag disguise, meets an extremely sticky end in what remains an amazing sequence.

Her three-pronged demise involves a lightning-triggered fall from a rain-soaked cliff, a following boulder that goes tumbling after her and a pair of hungry vultures ready to pick at what’s left. In other words, she ain’t getting up.

2. Bambi’s mother in Bambi (1942)

No. Still not ready to talk about it.

3. The Curious Oysters in Alice In Wonderland (1951)

If you don’t remember the brutal butchering of these poor little sea creatures by the rather unscrupulous Walrus, much to the chagrin of his equally hungry – but not quite as sneaky – accomplice, the Carpenter, then it’s because it’s not part of the main Alice action, but rather a story within a story recounted to her by Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

If you don’t remember it, count yourself lucky – it’s dogged my dreams for decades.

4. Nutsy in Lady And The Tramp (1955)

Thankfully, Lady And The Tramp is much more famous for its romantic spaghetti incident than the bit where an unfortunate stray dog is marched unwittingly down a corridor at the pound to his certain death. Great pasta, though.

5. Tod’s mother in The Fox And The Hound (1981)

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This often overlooked adventure rips a grisly page right out of Bambi’s book by killing off the hero’s mother with an offscreen gunshot.

6. Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Disney’s rodent riffing on Sherlock Holmes is a riot, except when the villain plunges (how else?) to his death after a battle on Big Ben.

7. Ursula in The Little Mermaid (1989)

The end of Ursula has distinct echoes of the Evil Queen’s downfall in Snow White – lightning really has a bolt to bear with Disney villainesses, huh? Ursula also gets impaled by a ship’s bough for good measure.

8. Gaston in Beauty And The Beast (1991)

The skulls in his eyes were a dead giveaway (although Disney removed them in some later formats) that arrogant ass-clown Gaston perished in that tumble from the Beast’s castle.

9. Mufasa and Scar in The Lion King (1994)

We all remember where we were when Mufasa died (in the cinema, probably), and the pounding hooves of those wildebeest still hurt, but the last few seconds in the life of everyone’s favourite evil uncle, Scar, are just as horrifying, albeit without the tears. Being ripped apart by double-crossing hyenas is a rotten way to go.

10. Frollo in The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1996)

Easily the most messed-up Disney villain of modern times, Claude Frollo is the judge who won’t budge on religion, but can’t help having naughty thoughts about the fiery Esmeralda. Fitting then, that he plummets to his death clutching a rather phallic looking gargoyle.

11. Shan Yu in Mulan (1998)

With more blood and guts than Gladiator and Braveheart combined, Mulan isn’t exactly your run-of-the-mill Disney. So it’s a bit weird then that the death of the nasty Shan Yu is an animated tribute to the ‘You’re Fired!’ bit from the end of Arnie actioner True Lies. At least the resulting fireworks are pretty.

12. Kerchak and Kala’s baby in Tarzan (1999)

If you’d written Tarzan off as ‘The Disney with all those godawful Phil Collins songs’, it’s time to give it another chance, for it packs more emotion into its opening five minutes than most soap operas manage in a lifetime.

Before you’ve had the chance to catch your breath, Tarzan has been turned into an orphan and his future adoptive parents (gorillas Kerchak and Kala) have lost their baby – and the frightening leopardess Sabor is to blame in both instances.

When a grown-up Tarzan kills Sabor later, there’s relief all round, but then another villain enters the fray, in the shape of gorilla-hunter Clayton, who dies what is arguably the most graphic Disney death when he accidentally hangs himself with vines while trying to chase Tarzan with a machete.

13. Mr and Mrs Pelekai in Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Brave little Lilo’s parents only exist in a photograph, and their deaths are all the more heartfelt because of their mundanity – they died in a car crash.

Lilo has lost her parents before the events of the film, but when you hear her say, ‘Family means no one gets left behind’, you can’t help welling up anyway.

14. Mother Gothel in Tangled (2010)

Does the manipulating Mother Gothel die of old age before she hits the ground after tumbling out of the window of Rapunzel’s tower, or is it the fall itself that kills her? Either way, that conniving chameleon that tripped her up has a court date coming up.

15. King Agnarr and Queen Iduna in Frozen (2013)

Frozen’s focus on the lives of two sisters is what made it a mega-hit, but the pair’s dynamic is defined by the loss of their parents, as per Disney tradition.

The tragedy hits hard because it’s done so casually, their ship capsizing at the end of a initially harmless montage that started with Anna asking Elsa if she wanted to build a snowman.

This is why Frozen struck such a raw nerve with audiences – not because of that Let It Go song (okay, perhaps a little) – but because it’s about the regret of not spending enough time with those closest to you. And that’s why it’s a worthy new entry into Disney’s impressive tearjerking canon.

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The Animated Disney Villains Deaths.

15 Saddest Disney Deaths, Ranked

No one ever wants to see a character die. It's always a bitter and hard moment for any viewer who've spent countless hours getting to know said characters and for some reason, Disney seems to have a lock on creating some truly sad deaths.

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Whether it's someone's human brother or some animal crying over their lost father. Over the years though, Disney and its offshoot, Pixar, have managed to create some devastating and emotional demises that have scarred young ones, left audiences in tears, and never fails to elicit a sense of emotion anytime the scene pops up on the small and big screen.

Updated on February 20th, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: Disney movies, and in particular Disney animated movies, tend to have a great balance between comedy and tragedy. Most movies begin with someone the main character is close to, usually their parents or another relative, and the character has to reckon with the death of a loved one for most of the movie. The death of a loved one is, for most, a relatable painful experience that is heartbreaking to see on screen, and Disney movies are full of sad and emotional deaths that will stay with fans forever. 

15 The King And Queen Of Arendelle

Anna and Elsa's parents from Frozen aren't on screen for long but their deaths put a lot of the plot in motion, deeply affected their daughters, and impacted every citizen of Arendelle's lives. The kingdom's castle closed its doors after their death as Elsa was determined to hide her powers as her parents had insisted.

Although it's nowhere near the most emotional death of Disney movies, it's still a sad death that affects two young women and leaves them feeling lost at a young age.

14 Several Supers

The Incredibles was mostly a comedy, but like with most Disney animated movies, there's heartbreak and sadness just beneath the surface. There's a funny montage of Supers being injured or killed because of capes and explains Edna Mode's refusal to add a cape to any Super's costume, but the movie also had a much sadder montage of Super deaths.

Although the movie doesn't build any of the Super characters the heartbreaking montage of several Supers being killed by Syndrome's machines is heartbreaking especially seeing Mr. Incredible forced to watch the video of his friends dying.

13 Sitka

Brother Bear might not be the most well-known Disney movie, but it still is as emotional as any of their other animated movies. Kenai's older brother, Sitka, is attacked and killed by a bear in their small community and appears to Kenai to help guide him throughout the movie.

Kenai is magically turned into a bear after he kills a bear for no reason other than out of his own anger over his brother's death.

12 Héctor

Even though Héctor is a main character of Coco once Miguel travels to the land of the dead and the two interact for most of the movie, his death is still an emotional climax. For most of the movie, Miguel's family believes Héctor left his wife and child to pursue music and suddenly died from some bad chorizo, but the truth is much more sinister.

It's revealed that Héctor was attempting to go home to his family when he was purposefully poisoned by the other half of their musical duo who didn't want him to leave the tour.

11 Tala

Moana is a touching movie about a young woman finding her way, going on a journey, and attempting to save her small community including her Grandma Tala. Tala has supported Moana for her entire life and encouraged her to follow her passion to go to the ocean even though her father forbade it.

Grandma Tala dies and the death profoundly affects Moana and pushes her to finally leave her small island and travel to try to find the demigod Maui and save the future of her community.

10 General Li

Watch enough movies a pattern emerges with deaths. Usually, deaths will come after a joyful or positive scene, lifting the viewer's mood before smashing it down again, as done in Mulan.

Following the classic "Girl Fighting For" musical number, filled with great gags and lines, the soldiers, Mulan and Li Shang are shocked along with the audience to see Shang's father, his army, and the villagers they were sent to protect dead. One of the film's funniest scenes gives way to one of the saddest as viewers take in the brutal scene and watch Shang lays his father to rest.

9 Lilo and Nani's Parents

Far too often are deaths expected to be seen on screen to have an effect. Audiences always assume that the bloodier and more brutal demise is, the more impactful it maybe whereas a death offscreen, can be far more lasting.

While viewers never meet Lilo and Nani's parents in Lilo and Stich, there is a mystery surrounding them up until Lilo explains to Stitch what happened. The words "they died in a car crash" coming from a little girl is nothing anyone wants to hear and has the desired effect.

8 Coral

It's strange how death can be quick yet long-lasting to the viewers. One would think that once someone's gone, that's it. Yet, as Finding Nemo proved, death can be longer than it seems, with the death of Marlin's wife, Coral.

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While only on screen for a few minutes, Coral leaves her mark as she tries to convince Marlin to name one of their many Nemo before being attacked by a barracuda that eats Coral and the kids. However, as Marlin and the audiences mourn, Coral's sacrifice allows Nemo to live.

7 Kerchak

Oftentimes, the best deaths come from those redeemed in the eyes of the viewer. When Tarzan began, audiences took a disliking to the man who thought he was an Ape's adopted father, Kerchak, who was always harsh and rough on Tarzan.

By the end of the film though, Kerchak finds love for Tarzan to the point of taking a bullet from the insane hunter Clayton as a way to save Tarzan. As Kerchak passes away, however, he finds himself finally able to see Tarzan as one of his own.

6 Tadashi

Typically in a film, death will come at the end or at a pivotal moment in the character's arc. When the character, like Hiro's brother Tadashi in Big Hero 6 perishes in a fire in one of the movie's saddest moments, though, that's not where his path ends even as his death rattles viewers.

Throughout the rest of the film, Hiro struggles with Tadashi's death, right up until BayMax, a lovable, marshmallowy robot, shows a video of Hiro's brother, letting him in a way say good-bye and bring about the waterworks once more even after death.

5 Ray

Love is a curious thing. Love, as most people believe, pertains only to human or realistic characters. For Ray, the cajun firefly from The Princess and the Frog expresses a love for a star that he calls Evangeline that he believes is a firefly.

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Ray does get a chance to be with his love though, after being squashed by the nefarious Dr.Faciler(who also has one of the best Disney villains outfits) after Ray tried to help Tiana. As the tears flow, a smile forms as Ray is changed into a star and joins his Evangeline in the sky.

4 Bing Bong

Everyone has had an imaginary friend at one point in their life. They may not remember them anymore, but they had them. Inside Out reminds audiences of the imaginary friend they forgot with Bing Bong, Riley's imaginary friend, and a great imaginary mentor.

Long since forgotten, Bing Bong helps Joy when the two fall into a pit, using his rocket-powered wagon to get them out. However, when they can't make it up, Bing Bong sacrifices himself happily, cheerfully telling Joy to "take her to the moon for me" before fading away as the audiences bawl.

3 Bambi's Mom

As far back as anyone can tell, Disney has been scarring young audiences since the golden age of animation. Whether it be in the form of a witch who can turn into a hag or dragon or something as simple as evil in humanity, such as in Bambi.

Viewers fell in love with Bambi as well as Bambi's caring mother. So, of course, Disney decides to murder Bambi's mom by having a hunter shoot her. It's a vicious and heartbreaking scene, made worse by Bambi lying by his mom afterward.

2 Mufasa

There's always one scene, something that's become classic not because of happiness or spectacle, but because of the evil, horror, and sadness, the scene holds. The Lion King has probably one of the more horrific scenes in cinema: the death of Mufasa.

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After rescuing Simba from a stampede, Mufasa tries to escape only to be confronted by his treacherous brother, Scar, who utters a single, cruel Disney villain line that has become one of the best, "Long live the king" before sending Mufasa to his death in a brutal, shocking, and emotionally scarring scene.

1 Ellie

So many times, audiences see a character die fighting a terrible foe, or risking their lives for someone else. Yet, in animation, viewers don't see someone die a death like that in Up.

In one of the greatest opening scenes in any movie and one of the saddest scenes in Up, audiences are treated to watching Ellie and Carl live their marriage out, through all the highs and the lows until Ellie passes away from an illness after saying goodbye to her friend and lover. It's a scene so beautiful and heartwrenching, no one's eyes are left dry.

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Movies where dies disney someone

Before we step into this list of all times Disney killed parents in animated classics, we’re quickly going to try to understand why Disney has to break our hearts, say, basically every time. Why, oh why Disney?  Well, no one really has an answer to this, but we can hypothesize that plot wise, this is the kind of background story that builds up the main character. The kind of past that gives a purpose to the hero’s goal and shape this character’s journey. Sometimes, losing a parent is even the call to adventure, the call that will initiate his odyssey.

The second hypothesis is that Disney didn’t really invent this “we have to kill the parents” tradition. Most of Disney animated movies are based on all time classic tales, or strongly inspired by famous plays. For example, The Lion King (1994) is largely based on Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare and published in 1603. That being said, if Mufasa, King of the Pride Lands, dies from the hand of his own brother, Scar, it is not a Disney creation. Disney simply followed Hamlet’s narrative arc, as King Hamlet himself is killed by his brother Claudius. 


The third probable hypothesis is that Walt Disney lost his mom in a terrible accident, which could explain the lack of mother figures in a lot of animated classics. 

Now, let’s dive right into this list, shall we? 

Both Parents Died/Presumed Dead 


Disney's Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella lost her mother when she was a child and her father died only a few years later. She had to stay with her evil stepmom and stepsisters. 

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Snow White’s mum died soon after her birth and her father passed away after marrying the Evil Queen. 


Disney's Tarzan (1999)

His parents were both killed by Sabor, a leopard. Kala, a female gorilla, adopted Tarzan. 

Lilo and Stitch

Disney's Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Nani and her little sister Lilo lost their parents in a car accident before the beginning of the film. 


Disney's Frozen (2013)

Elsa and Anna’s parents died in a shipwreck and Elsa became Queen of Arandelle. 

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

The crystal protecting the city consumed Kida’s mother. Rourke killed Kida’s father, the King of Atlantis. 

The Sword in the Stone

Both of Arthur’s parents, King Uther Pendragon and Lady Igraine both died, leaving him an orphan.


Linguini lost both his parents, Renata Linguini and Gusteau. 

Mother Died


Everyone remembers the scene where the hunters kill Bambi’s mum. It was very traumatizing. 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

While trying to protect her baby, Judge Frollo killed Quasimodo’s mother.

Brother Bear

Koda’s mum was killed by humans, while she was trying to protect her baby. 

Finding Nemo

Coral, Nemo’s mother was killed by a barracuda at the beginning of the movie. 

The Fox and the Hound

Tod’s mother was shot by a hunter, while trying to escape with her baby. 

Beauty and the Beast

Belle’s mother is not mentioned but we assume that she died, leaving her daughter and her husband behind. 

Ariel’s Beginning

The movie explains how Ariel lost her mom. Queen Athena was crushed by a ship after saving one of her daughters and trying to reach for a music box on a rock. 


Disney's Aladdin (1992)

Jasmine’s mother is never mentioned, but we can assume that she died when the princess was younger. Aladdin finds his father, Cassim, in the sequel. But he also found out that his mother died when he was little and was led to believe he was an orphan. 


Chief Powhatan raised his daughter on his own as her mom died many years ago. 

Father Died

The Lion King

Disney's The Lion King (1994)

King Mufasa was killed/betrayed by his brother Scar. For most of his life, Simba thought that it was his fault if Mufasa died. 

The Princess and the Frog

Tiana’s father, James, died during the First World War.


Disney's Mulan (1998)

Shang’s father, General Li, died fighting the Huns.

What death do you find the most heart-wrenching in a Disney Classic? Let us know in the comments!

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Top 20 Terrifying Deaths in Disney Movies

Wild blood rushed to his head. Without taking his enchanted gaze, he approached the bed, and bent over the girl, looking at the seductive hips and touching delicate. Folds of the genital slit. The swollen folds of the labia were soft pink under the sparse, fluffy hairs that covered them.

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Not here, she said, and pointed back to the corridor and then to the bedroom. In the bedroom on the topic of swing and sex with adult ladies, or who has any ideas, thoughts, photos - write. Let's exchange.

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