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There are different sorts of air compressors out there available in the market that you can chose based on what sorts of needs you might have. There are tons of options available, so you will need to figure out the needs you have and all the applications that you might have planned to use these air compressors for.

An 8 Gallon air compressor is just the right thing that you can have for enjoying ample power and storage capacity without getting any sorts of breaks between the most mid-range projects and applications.

Best Home Depot 8 Gallon Air Compressor Review

There are multiple brands out there that are offering these air compressors with 8 Gallon storage tanks and the power on them might vary as well. The features are different on these air compressors, yet you get the right storage for all day worth of work and you will be enjoying a seamless experience for most of the jobs that don’t require much airflow or power.

A few such options that are available in the 8 Gallon storage capacity on the Home Depot website for you to choose from are:

1) Husky 8 Gallon 150 PSI Hotdog Air Compressor

Husky is the best brand to go for, if you are looking for something that is reliable, has the right power on it and can get your task done. As the name suggests, Husky gets you the perfect durability and reliability along with the power so that you can enjoy a seamless air compression experience.

Not only that, but these air compressors from Husky have the perfect materials used on them as well that will help you out in making sure that they can take a bit of wear and tear pretty easily as well. This air compressor comes with a hotdog style tank that allows you to enjoy perfect weight distribution on this air compressor along with the right edge of portability.

You can easily move the air compressor around with the help of long handle bars and rugged wheels that are made for perfect endurance. Not only that, but the air compressor motor is mounted on the top to make it easier for you to carry the air compressor around and use it for different applications.

This is the perfect air compressor to have for all sorts of brand and finish nails and for the finishing and surfacing projects as well. The air compressor has a low-maintenance oil-free pump that means you can use the air compressor for years long with the least possible maintenance. You get to enjoy a 1.8 Horsepower motor on this air compressor with 150 Maximum pressure output so you can use the air compressor for all the different sorts of applications. The air delivery output on this air compressor is 3.7 SCFM @ 90 Psi.

2) California Air Tools 8.0 Gallon Aluminum Air Tank Ultra-Quiet Oil-Free Portable Electric Air Compressor

This is a California Air Tool air compressor that got the best edge of portability, the aluminum tank that you can get on this air compressor is not only great for added durability, but there is a lot more to it. The aluminum doesn’t only make the tank durable, but it also makes the air compressor and tank extremely lightweight so that you can enjoy the perfect edge of portability.

Another cool thing that you will be enjoying on this air compressor is that the smaller size of motor allows you to move it easily to all sorts of places without having any problems like that. There are 6” rugged wheels on this air compressor as well that will be allowing you to move the air compressor pretty easily on all different sort of terrains and surfaces.

Moving forward, there is 1 HP motor on this air compressor as well that can go to a peak performance of 2.0 HP, but the best thing is the lightweight and noise ratings that you get on this air compressor. This air compressor runs at only 60 dBA and that is the quietest of the air compressors that you can get with such power and storage capacity.

Not only that, but it weighs only 37.25 lbs. that would make the lightest 8 Gallon Air Compressors out there. The air compressor provides you an output of 120 Psi maximum and 2.2 SCFM @ 90 Psi as well which makes it the perfect choice to have for all the different sorts of applications.

3) Ingersoll Rand Reciprocating 8 Gallon 5.5 HP Portable Gas Wheelbarrow Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand is one of the most exclusive brands out there that is manufacturing the best air compressors out there. Their air compressors are simply the best thing you can get and they have the right power on them as well. This air compressor is pretty much the same, and you get to mount it on the back of your tank as well.

This air compressor allows you to have the right power on the air compressor and with the back of your truck bed, it can be pretty easy for you to make sure you are getting the right power to run all the air tools on a construction site where is no electrical power or anything like that.

This air compressor from Ingersoll Rand allows you to enjoy the right power, and the 8 Gallon capacity of air tank is supplemented by 5.5 HP motor on the tank that is gas-powered so you will be enjoying the right edge of utility on this air compressor. There is also an idle control valve on this air compressor that will allow you to save fuel and run the air compressor quietly.


If you are out there looking for options in 8 Gallon capacity, these are some of the best air compressors to choose from. Each air compressor from the 8 Gallon capacity listed above got the right power and features that will be suitable for different sorts of projects and stuff like that. All you will need to do is make a decision based on what your needs are.

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The 11 Best Portable Air Compressors of 2021

Power source Air compressors are powered by either electricity or gas. Electric units typically run on standard household voltage—the exception is extremely high-powered products—and are recommended for indoor applications since they don’t emit fumes. Gas-powered compressors can be more convenient since you don’t have to plug them in, and they’re often more powerful. However, the drawback is they should only be used outside or in well-ventilated areas.

Performance rating All air compressors come with a performance rating, measured in SCFM, or standard cubic feet per minute. This number tells you how much air the compressor can deliver, and you’ll want to compare it against any pneumatic tools you plan to hook up to the compressor. For instance, if you’re planning to use a nail gun with a rating of 4 SCFM, you’ll want to ensure your compressor can deliver this force.

Tank size Most larger air compressors come attached to a tank where compressed air is stored. As you might have guessed, the larger the tank, the longer you can run tools before the compressor must turn back on. If you’re using tools that require a high volume of air, you’ll want a larger tank—typically 6 gallons or more.

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What Is A Portable Air Compressor?

A portable air compressor is a famous type of air compressor. The portable air compressor can be a beneficial source of power in your workplace, garage, or workshop. In most cases, most industries underestimate the use of compressed air. Kinetic energy can be generated with portable air compressors. Kinetic energy can be used for various tasks, for example, for operating pneumatic tools and expanding tires. Even if the portable electric air compressor is operated through electrical cables, you don’t need to be restricted by this feature. Indeed, many industry professionals consider the portable air compressor as a lifesaver.

Portable Air compressor

How to Use a Portable Compressed Air Tank?

A “carry tank” or “portable compressed air tank” is a workshop that permits you to stock pressurized air in a portable. It is very easy to use. All types of air compressors can be used to fill the storage tank with compressed air and move the tank to where it is needed. These tanks most commonly used for inflating tires of ATVs, trailers, bicycles, buses, and cars, etc. These are also useful for air-jet applications. These gas tanks are often too small for the quick operation of pneumatic tools.

use of portable air compressor

In many cases, because of their relatively large size and lightweight, portable compressed air tank is more prevalent in the field than a portable air compressor. For example, if you want compressed air in a location that doesn’t have electricity to operate the compressor, then you can fill up your air tank at home (or at a hardware store or gas station) and then bring it to the workplace. Air compressors have more weight as compared to compressed air tanks with similar sized tanks. A compressed air tank is larger than the tank in a highly portable compressor such as a pancake compressor.

Components of Portable Compressed Air Tank:

The portable compressed air tank has all the components that are necessary for safe filling and storage. A portable compressed air tank has the following essential components.

Portable compressed air tank

  • Universal fittings: Some storage tanks contain universal quick-connect accessories that can be easily converted to hose types.
  • Flexible hose: A hose uses for transporting compressed air from a storage tank. The hose can connect with the air tank via a quick coupling or a threaded connection.
  • Barometer: It shows the air pressure in the gas or air storage tank and the gas storage tank’s filling level.
  • Pressure vessel: nominal pressure vessel with compressed air.
  • Air shut-off valve: A valve that shuts to stop the air or gas from escaping out of the tank when it is not in use.
  • Air-filled valve: A valve that is connected to a compressor when the tank is filled is known as an air fill valve.

Air Compressor Home Depot

By providing extra aerodynamics, you have to finish cleaning, nailing, or painting tasks that are delayed or just started, and home depot has the tools that are essential for you to complete the job done right. Electric Pancake Air Compressor 18 Specification 2-1/8 Inch Pro lift type 12V 130psi Portable Air Compressor Pump Digital Tire Inflator 5 Model w 180638 23. Cast iron pumps are designed for a long service life with a service life of up to 10,000 hours.

Used Air compressor depot has passed certification and warranty for used air conditioners such as used compressors, used air handling equipment, used packaging parts, used condensers, and used heat pumps. The M18FUEL 18ga staples provide the air pressure that professional remodelers and woodworkers have come to expect with comfort, freedom, and performance without cable.

How much does a Home Depot cost for installing Air Compressor?

It matters on the working hours or amount that you want your Home Depot to do during the installation process and on the countertops, pipes, walls, floor, and even electrical conditions. Home Depot also recommends partial or complete installations. In simple words, if you want to help or have your electrician or plumber, then the cost will below.

Best Home Depot Air Compressors of 2021

A list of the best home depot air compressors is given below.

1) Porter Cable 6-Gal Compressor

home depot air compressor

The PORTER + CABLE air compressor consists of a pancake fuel tank with 150 PSI pressure, rubber feet, drain valves, and maximum stability. A design of higher-pressure can provide higher air tool functioning and has 2.6SCFM @ 90PSI for rapid recovery. Maintenance-free oil-free pumps, low-amperage 120V motors, etc., make it easy to start in cold weather. You can also protect its critical components with your hands and the console cover by using improved shielding with an extension cord and protective cover. This product has a one-year limited warranty on compressor components and 13 accessory kits.


  • The Porter-Cable Pancake Compressor has a lightweight and compact design.
  • This home depot air compressor has 30 pounds weight and 6-gallon pancake tanks.
  • The pump’s design of this compressor is oil-free.
  • This is a great as well as affordable compressor.


  • Provides only2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI and 3.5 SCFM at 40 PSI.

2) DeWalt Gal. 165 PSI Pancake Air Compressor

  • Up to 165 PSI pressure, 22.7 Litter (6.0 gallon), and 2.6 SCFM tanks are pumped by 90 PSI pumps.
  • Easy to run in cold weather conditions, high-efficiency motor, and extension cord applications.
  • A noise level of 75.5dBA can achieve by these compressors for a quiet working environment.
  • High flow regulators and couplings to extend the performance of the air tool.
  • It has a 60 Hz, 120 V power supply, 10-amp universal motor. The air compressor location should be no less than 30 cm away from walls and other obstacles that block the airflow.

3) Powerbuilt 3 Gal. Portable Electric Air compressor kit

Powerbuilt 3 Gal. Portable Electric kit

This home depot air compressor powers medium to light sized pneumatic tools with ease, inflate tires quickly, and simplifies drying and cleaning tasks. Inline regulator uses to set pressure according to the requirements and touch the power button to start the air.

  • This air compressor has a portable design and quiet working and Portable Design.
  • These are quiet, powerful, and easy to carry from one place to another, suitable for home, workplace, garage, and shop use. It has approx. 80 dB noise.
  • These are powerful and compact: Easy operation for medium and light air tools such as staplers.
  • These don’t need too high maintenance.
  • Included Accessories: Includes a 25-foot blowback air hose and a set of 10 accessories.
  • Fast filling: The fuel tank fills up to a maximum pressure of 125 PSI in just one minute.

4) Husky 20 Gal. 175 PSI Portable Compressor

Husky 20 Gal. compressor has a heavy-duty motor and pump that can deliver 4.0 SCFM at maximum pressures of 175 psi and 90 psi, respectively. A high psi means the air tool will run longer, and the project will be more efficient. On the other hand, the quiet operation at 80 dBA of this compressor reduces noise at the workplace. Its 7-inch wheels allow you to take your device into your garage or workshop, and a fully sealed motor and pump cover protect all of your critical components.

Husky 20 Gal. 175 PSI Portable compressor


  • Up to 175 PSI can increase tool life by 80% than a standard 20 Gal. for the compressor at 150 PSI.
  • The silent 83dBA process reduces noise at the workplace.
  • These compressors are perfect for paintwork and medium-duty vehicles and are easy to transport in shops and garages.
  • Heavy-duty pumps and motors can deliver higher psi and SCFM to run the tool at the best operation.
  • The slim vertical design takes up less space in your garage or shop.
  • This compressor is perfect for all surface treatments, cutting / drilling, HVLP paints, medium-duty roofing/frames, bolting/fastening, hobby paints, and finished inflatable nails/staples.

5) Husky 38 L Electric Wheeled Air Compressor

Air Compressor


  • 3 times longer service life and ultra-quiet: The innovative, proven STEALTH air compressor with a quiet system can mute up to 80% and has a 3 times extensive service life compared to a standard induction motor.
  • Powerful and 20-gallon capacity: A top-quality induction motor delivers 1.8 hp, and the air tank fills from empty to full in just 70s. 20-gallon capacity enables your novelty work to continue without any disruption.
  • Ultra-long life and Ultra-quiet series: The operating noise is only 68dB, ultra-quiet, durable, and has a service life cycle of more than 1000H. Quietly save more money and time swapping out new devices.
  • These make your environment very quiet.
  • Versatile and Diversity: Peak 150 PSI, 5 CFM @ 90 PSI, 6 CFM @ 40 PSI, support crease air tools, polisher, sander, chisel, hammer, drill, impact wrenches, cut-off tool, angle grinder, finish nails and inflation, etc.
  • Sturdy and Easy cold start: It supports low voltage and cold environment start. Cold start. The housing structure adopts the robust design of Q235B metal alloy and has passed ETL accreditation. The 8-inch rubber-reinforced wheels of these compressors are easy to move.

What are the Best Portable Air Compressors of 2021?

A list of the best portable air compressors is given below.

1) DEWALT 30 Gal. 2-Stage Cast Iron Compressor

DeWalt’s 30-gallon oil-lubricated belt-driven compressor is an industry leader with a two-stage operation. Compared to 20 GAL with 155 PSI compressors, this air compressor with maximum PSI of 200 increases air tools’ run time by 53%. At a pressure of 78 dBA, the oil-lubricated 2-cylinder cast iron pump can provide a quiet working atmosphere.

portable air compressor


  • Industries use a 2-stage operating compressor for good performance.
  • Air tools up to 200 PSI run 53% longer than a belt-driven 155 PSI, 20-gallon air compressor.
  • 6.2SCFM offers the ability to operate more air tools at 90 PSI.
  • Precise auto pistons can significantly improve durability and balance.
  • The operating noise level of the 78dba is quieter than that of an oil-free compressor with a direct drive.
  • High flow regulators and couplings deliver extreme airflow for air tools.
  • Heavy-duty 10-inch pneumatic wheels for maximum portability in workshops and workplaces.
  • Highly efficient aluminum flywheels provide extreme airflow and can reduce start-up current.
  • Aluminum valve heads and plates capitalize the heat intemperance.
  • High-quality O-rings remove oil leaks.

2)Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP


  • This compressor equips with a powerful 3 HP motor which can generate 6.9 CFM at 40 PSI and 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI.
  • A durable 5.2-gallon cast iron cylinder is connected with this portable air compressor.
  • The stabilizing frame protects the engine and cylinder.
  • You don’t have to bend down to pick it up; you can turn around at your workstation because an ergonomic handle attaches with it.
  • Contains two 1/4 in universal couplers.


  • This is a robust air compressor, even with wheels.




  • It is a reliable and efficient 2-stage compressor.
  • This compressor can deliver up to 20.1 CFM of performance at speeds of 90 PSI.
  • Practical car design.
  • There are two durable cast iron cylinders with a capacity of 9 gallons.
  • The engine of this air compressor is made of solid cast aluminum alloys with a cast iron sleeve.


  • This portable compressor has a very high weight. This is one of the heaviest air compressors on the list.

4) Briggs and Stratton 074025-00 Air Compressor

Stratton 074025-00 compressors


  • There is a large capacity 8 gallon of hotdogs tank.
  • The 1.5 horsepower engine can deliver 3.7 CFM @ 90 PSI and 4.8 CFM @ 40 PSI.
  • Heavy wheels and folding handles of this compressor make transport easier.
  • It is a compact portable air compressor. It can store in the corner of your shop or garage.


  • Manufacturers claim to be quieter than other air compressors, but these compressors are still very noisy.
  • These types of air compressors produce more noise than other portable compressors.

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Mi-T-M 8-Gal. Gas Air Compressor Rental

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