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Class C RVs are a great choice of motorhome due to their compact size and the features they can offer. To help you in your search for the perfect RV, we have pulled together a list of the top Class C motorhome brands that fit most lifestyles and budgets.

What is a Class C?

The reason these RVs are so popular is that they offer the amenities and features of a Class A RV while being smaller, easier to drive and often less expensive. Class Cs generally come with a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining area and an over-the-cab bunk for extra sleep or storage space. They are considered a midpoint between the Class A and a Class B RV types.

Class C RVs are normally built on a truck or van chassis from Ford, Chevy or Mercedes Benz. Some of the bigger Class C manufacturers, like Dynamax, use Dodge Ram chassis.  And because they are bigger than Class Bs, they generally provide more storage and living space. The most notable way to identify a Class C is the over-cab bed/sleeping area.

winnebago vita class c motorhome parked in the forest

Top Class C Motorhome Brands


Forest River Sunseeker LE 

MSRP starting at : $110,569

Forest River Sunseeker LE Exterior

The Forest River Sunseeker LE, built on a Ford chassis, comes in lengths ranging from 23-feet, 10-inches to 32-feet, 3-inches long so there is plenty of room for having fun when on the road. The gross vehicle weight rating is between 14,200 and 14,500 pounds. There is also plenty of sleeping space as each floorplan comes standard with a queen bed and a bunk.

Forest River SUNSEEKER 2150SLE Floorplan

Some features that make this RV stand out are the recessed three-burner range with a flush glass cover, 30-amp service center with a power cord, a full-color backup camera and a 12-volt LED flat panel adjustable side TV.

Interested in this RV? Click here to see our stock of Forest River Sunseeker LE’s.


Forest River Forester 

MSRP starting at : $87,549

Forest River Forester Exterior

The Forest River Forester is built on a Ford chassis and ranges in length from 27-feet, 1-inch to 31-feet, 11 inches long. The gross vehicle weight rating is 14,500 across all of the floorplans offered for this RV. Similar to the Sunseeker, this RV also comes standard with a queen bed and bunk beds.

Forest River Forester 2441DS Floorplan

A few of the features this RV has to offer were also offered in the Sunseeker, such as the recessed three-burner range with flush glass cover, the 30-amp service center with power cord and the 12-volt LED Flat Panel adjustable side TV. Other features include black-out roller shades in the bedroom, an 8-inch touchscreen Carplay/Android radio with USB and Bluetooth and side-view cameras.

Like what you are seeing? Click here to see our Forest River Foresters. 


Coachmen RV Leprechaun   

MSRP starting at: 121,188

Coachmen RV Leprechaun Exterior

The Coachmen RV Leprechaun is a bit longer than the others we have covered so far, with lengths ranging from 24-feet, 3-inches to 32-feet, 11-inches.  It's built on either a Ford or Chevy chassis, depending on the model, and the gross vehicle weight rating ranges between 12,500-14,500 pounds. This RV also offers a queen bed and a bunk.

Coachmen Leprechaun 310BH Floorplan

Some of the features the Leprechaun Class C has to offer are the congolium designer carefree vinyl flooring, a residential- size microwave, reclining pilot and passenger seats, a shower skylight and LED ceiling lights throughout.

Did this RV catch your eye? Click here to see the Coachmen RV Leprechauns we have for sale.


Coachmen RV Freelander 

MSRP starting at : $95,833

Coachmen RV Freelander Exterior

The Coachmen RV Freelander comes in a range of lengths between 24-feet to 32-feet, 11-inches and is built on either a Ford or Chevy chassis, depending on the model. The gross vehicle weight rating has a range of 12,500 and 14,500 pounds. It also offers a queen bed and a bunk above the front of the RV.

Coachmen Freelander 26DS Floorplan

Features that are included in this RV that help it stand out are a residential size microwave oven, a composite double bowl kitchen sink, a 32-inch TV in the living room, congolium designer carefree vinyl flooring, tinted radius 50/50 slider windows with safety glass and a magazine rack above the entrance door with HDMI ports and a USB charging station.

Want to hear more about the Coachmen RV Freelander? Click here to see the ones we have in stock. 


Winnebago Vita 

MSRP starting at : $141,648

Winnebago Vita Exterior

The Winnebago Vita is built on a Mercedes Benz  Sprinter chassis and comes in two floorplans, both of which are 24-feet, 5-inches. The motorhome has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,030 pounds. There is a queen bed and a 49 x 87-inch overhead bed for plenty of sleeping for you and guests.

Winnebago Vita Floorplan

The Vita has a lot of features to offer including adaptive cruise control, a 32-inch HDTV, tinted coach windows, a pantry with adjustable shelves, a double sink with covers and a touchscreen multimedia infotainment center with navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot, intelligent voice and a rear camera.

Interested in the Winnebago Vita? Click here to see the ones we have ready for you.


Winnebago View 

MSRP starting at : $192,171

Winnebago View Exterior

The Winnebago View, built on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, is offered in three floorplans that are 25-feet, 6-inches long and have a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,030 pounds. It has a queen size murphy bed and bunk over the cab.

Winnebago View Floorpan

Some features the View has to offer include solar blackout roller shades, reclining heated power control cab seats with adjustable lumbar support, a microwave/convection oven with touch control, soft close drawers and a touchscreen multimedia infotainment center with navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot, intelligent voice control and a rear color camera.

Like the Winnebago View? Click here to check out the ones we have and where you can get yours. 


Jayco Redhawk 

MSRP starting at : $64,995

Jayco Redhawk Exterior

The Jayco Redhawk is built on a Ford chassis and ranges between 26-feet, 8-inches and 32-feet, 6-inches long. The gross vehicle weight rating is 14,500 pounds. This RV comes standard with a queen bed and an over cab bunk.

Jayco Redhawk 22J Floorplan

Features that are offered with the Redhawk include an LED HDTV in the living room, privacy curtains for the cab area, frameless windows, outdoor shower, Jayco-exclusive legless dinette table, Furrion all-in-one cooktop and oven and a Sony infotainment center with Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

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Jayco Melbourne Prestige 

MSRP starting at : $124,343

Jayco Melbourne Prestige Class C Motorhome Exterior

The Melbourne Prestige is Jayco's Mercedes Benz chassis option for their Class Cs. It is 25-feet, 2-inches long and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,030 pounds. This RV comes with the standard queen-size bed and a bunk over the cab.

Jayco Melbourne Prestige 24KP Floorplan

Some of the features that are included in this RV are swivel driver and passenger seats with boosters, 12-volt charging station placed in the dining area, suburban two-burner drop-in cooktop with a flush cover, bedroom TV prep, day/night roller shades and a Blu-Ray player in the living room.

Thinking about getting a Jayco Melbourne? Click here to see the ones we have for sale. 


Tiffin Wayfarer 

MSRP starting at : $157,452

Tiffin Wayfarer Exterior

The Tiffin Wayfarer is built on a Mercedes Benz chassis. It is 25-feet, 8 inches long and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,030 pounds. For sleeping space, it comes with a queen murphy bed and an over-cab loft.

Tiffin Wayfarer 25W Floorplan

Features that help the Wayfarer stand out include a 16-foot wind sensor awning with speakers, privacy shades, backup camera, tilt-telescoping steering wheel, heated seats, swivel seat bases for driver and passenger seats, house radio with DVD and Bluetooth, LP cooktop with built-in cover, under and over the counter lighting and a countertop extension.

Like what the Tiffin Wayfarer has to offer? Click here to see more. 


Dynamax Isata 5 

MSRP starting at : $217,640

Dynamax Isata 5 Exterior

Looking to make an impression with your next Class C motorhome? The Dynamax Isata is built on a Dodge Ram chassis and includes the power of a Turbo diesel Cummins engine. and has five floorplans ranging from 31-feet, 2-inches to 35-feet, 11-inches. The gross vehicle weight rating is 19,500 pounds.

Dynamax Isata 5 28SS Floorplan

Some features the Isata has to offer are a gas range with a glass cover, solid surface countertops, stainless steel double bowl sink with covers, premium vinyl flooring, sprung residential style dinette seats with flip-up storage, soft-closing drawers, 39-inch LED TV in the living area, sound bar in the living area, privacy curtains for the over-cab bunk and an exterior shower in the service bay.

Sleeping comfortably won't be an issue either with room for you and your family with a queen bed and over-cab bunk.

Want to see more of the Dynamax Isata 5? Click here. 


Dynamax DX3 Dynamax DX3 Exterior

Want to own the road when traveling in your Class C motorhome? The Dynamax DX3 has campers covered. It comes on a Freightliner chassis (semi-truck) with a 6-speed Turbo diesel engine. And with lengths ranging from 36-feet, 8-inches to 40-feet, 9-inches, RVers will have plenty of space to stretch out. The gross vehicle weight rating is 33,000 pounds.Dynamax DX3 34KD Floorplan

The DX3 has a lot to offer feature-wise, it has a keyless entry touchpad at the entry, exterior wall mounted entertainment center with a 32-inch LED smart TV, sealed gas range with a glass cover, solid surface countertops, touchscreen command center with switch panels and Bluetooth smartphone app control and a sprung residential style dinette with seats that lift up for storage.

Sleeping comfortably in the DX3 is not an issue as it comes standard with a king-sized bed and hide-a-bed.

Is the Dynamax DX3 the RV for you? Click here to get your hands on one.


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Additional Resources

Interested in seeing some more Class Cs? Check out the best class C RVs under 30 feet.

If you found these RVs interesting, you should check out our blog on the Coachmen Leprechaun 260DS. 

Sours: https://blog.campersinn.com/blog/top-2021-class-c-rvs

More isn’t always better, and although living or traveling in an RV presents challenges for space and storage, a smaller motorhome might be better.

Motorhomes under 30 feet are far more maneuverable, and can fit into just about any campsite at campgrounds around the U.S.

Class C motorhomes have the bunk above the cab and are often shorter than other types of RVs, providing plenty of sleeping and living space with a smaller footprint.

Shorter RVs are often more affordable, so you can hit the road sooner even if you have a limited budget.

They also feature all of the things you need for comfortable life on the road, and often have versatile functions and creative design to pack everything into a tinier space.

With so many brands and models of Class C motorhomes available, however, it can be overwhelming to find the best one for your needs and your budget.

So, what is the best Class C motorhome under 30 feet? I did some research to create a list of the top 10 Class C RVs for traveling and living on the go.

  • 1. Winnebago View Class C motorhome
  • 2. Coachmen Freelander Class C RV
  • 3. Tiffin Wayfarer Class C Diesel Motorhome
  • 4. Coach House Platinum III
  • 5. Dynamax Isata 3 Series Class C Motorhome
  • 6. Quantum Sprinter Class C RV by Thor Motor Coach
  • 7. Jayco Melbourne
  • 8. Forest River Sunseeker
  • 9. Entegra Qwest
  • 10. Thor Motor Coach Siesta

How We Selected The Best Class C Motorhomes Under 30 Feet

Being less than 30 feet, these motorhomes can fit into just about any RV park or campground. 

They are more manageable to drive, and still offer plenty of interior space for sleeping and living.

I chose these motorhomes because they have some attractive features and are designed to use space in creative ways.

Class C RVs are different from Class A and Class B motorhomes in terms of size and design.

While Class A motorhomes are usually more luxurious, they can be harder to handle on the road or fit into some RV parks due to their size of around 40 feet long or more.

Class B RVs are significantly smaller, but can be cramped if accommodating more than two travelers.

The tinier footprint also sometimes doesn’t allow enough space for a bathroom or other features.

Since Class C motorhomes are somewhere in between, with more space and features packed into a medium-length footprint, they can be the ideal model of RV for families or couples.

Class C motorhomes are typically built on a maneuverable van or truck chassis, with an attached cab that has an interior-access overhang for a sleeping bunk or additional storage.

For these reasons, I wanted to look closer at the best Class C motorhomes that are 30 feet in length or shorter.

Beyond the length, I also considered things like:

  • Placement and amount of sleeping spaces
  • Floorplans and slide-out options
  • Design features and upgrade options
  • Materials (quality and durability)
  • Handling and maneuverability when driving

Finally, I considered reviews from other RVers who have purchased and use their Class C motorhome for traveling or full-time living.

10 Best Class C Motorhomes Under 30 Feet

The top Class C RVs under 30 feet have all of the features you need for short-term travel as well as long-term living.

There’s so much packed into a tiny space! All of these motorhomes have bathrooms and the systems you will need for comfort on the road, including air conditioning, heating, and more.

Take a look at 10 of our favorite  small class c motorhomes under 25 feet.

1. Winnebago View Class C Motorhome


  • Sleeps 4
  • Gross vehicle weight: 15,250 pounds
  • 15,000 BTU air conditioner w/heat pump
  • 20,000 BTU low-profile ducted furnace
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 30-37 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 41 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 41 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $161,421

One of the best known RV brands is Winnebago, and there are several reasons why these motorhomes are so popular.

Unlike some of the other Class C motorhomes on this list, the Winnebago outlook is designed more for convenience and functionality versus luxury.

However, traveling and living in this RV is certainly comfortable. It’s equipped with all of the features you need, including a full galley kitchen, USB chargers, an HDTV and more.

With three different floorplans to choose from, all 25 feet and 6 inches in length, there are lots of options to make your Winnebago Outlook motorhome your own.

You can customize the layout of the queen bed (there’s a murphy bed option) and the convertible dinette as well as placement of the bathroom and seating areas.

2. Coachmen Freelander Class C RV


  • Sleeps up to 8
  • Gross vehicle weight: 12,500 – 14,500 pounds
  • Even-Cool Ducting System with heat pump for 15,000 BTU Air Conditioning
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 48-50 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 28-34 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 29-31 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $99,433

Quality components and high-class features are the standard for the Coachmen Freelander Class C motorhome, which offers models on either a Chevy or Ford chassis. 

The RV is constructed with rot-resistant aluminum framing that’s both lightweight and weatherproof.

While price is a primary reason why many RVers choose the Coachmen Freelander for their overlanding expeditions, the variety of floorplans and family-friendly features are certainly noteworthy.

Coachmen class C Rvs offers over a dozen floorplans for Freelander models at under 30-feet, with most being around 27 feet long, but some floorplans, such as the 21RS or the 22XG being just over 24 feet long.

All models have congoleum vinyl flooring and other high-quality fixtures and materials throughout.

The Coachmen Freelander has a distinctive floorplan with a private toilet room in the rear bath, which is great for families traveling in the RV.

The freshwater tank also holds more than other motorhomes on this list, with a capacity of 50 gallons.

Most of the Coachmen Freelander floorplans can accommodate their “family friendly package”, which includes a child safety net, upgraded mattresses, and fans for the sleeping areas.

Sleeping space is a priority for their motorhomes, and models have residential-sized beds, a large sleeping bunk over the cab, and oversized convertible dinettes.

The Coachmen Freelander stands out from the other Class C motorhomes on this list because it can sleep up to eight.

The motorhome galley has a residential-sized double door Norcold refrigerator, a Magic Chef three-burner cooktop and range hood, oven, microwave, pantry and double-bowl sink.

There’s easy access to add an outside kitchen area complete with propane hookups under the included awning.

Coachmen also equips the Freelander with some great extra features for driving and living in the RV, such as an HDMI and USB charging station in the entry magazine rack, pre-wired satellite prep, and 60 – 100 cubic feet of exterior storage space.

In the cab, there’s a touch screen radio and backup camera.

3. Tiffin Wayfarer Class C Diesel Motorhome


  • Sleeps 4
  • Gross vehicle weight: 11,030 pounds
  • 15 K Mid Air Conditioner with Heat Pump
  • Complete Solar System with 170 Watt Solar Panel
  • 30 K BTU Propane Ducted Furnace
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 32 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 33 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 28 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $142,155

Tiffin specializes in Class A motorhomes, but they now offer a luxury Class C RV that is the epitome of traveling in comfort.

The motorhome is built on a Mercedes® Chassis, which features a reshaped grill, fenders, and lights. It’s easy to drive and fuel-efficient with a 3.0 6-cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine.

There are four floorplans available for the Tiffin Wayfarer Class C motorhome, and all are approximately 25 feet and 7 inches long

The area above the driving cab can be used as a loft or an entertainment center, and there’s a floorplan that accommodates a convertible king-sized bed in the rear dinette.

You can even choose to have an exterior TV, and there are many other customization options to build your dream RV home.

The living areas have thoughtful design and modern amenities, such as custom hardwood cabinets and extra deep drawers, premium furnishings, high-grade linoleum flooring, USB ports and LED reading lights in the bedroom area.

The kitchen has a full setup, with a stainless steel sink, fridge, convection microwave, and two-burner cooktop.

4. Coach House Platinum III


  • Sleeps 3
  • Gross vehicle weight: 11,000 pounds
  • 15,000 BTU ducted roof air conditioning w/heat pump
  • 30,000 BTU furnace
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 31 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 28 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 19 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $174,266

The Coach House Platinum III is a new model from Coach House, offering premium design and luxury for life on the open road. 

Unlike most RV manufacturers, Coach House builds their motorhomes with a patented one-piece molded fiberglass shell.

The shell is mounted on the Ford Transit chassis and the vehicle is powered by a 3.2-liter inline five-cylinder Power Stroke turbo­diesel engine.

You can choose from two floorplans, with either a convertible dinette or sofa bed option behind the cab. Both floorplans are 25 and a half feet long.

The bathroom is at the rear of the vehicle, with two twin beds and a full galley kitchen.

The Coach House Platinum III comes with some extras that set it apart from other Class C motorhomes, including a back-up video camera with color monitor, in-dash GPS system, and Wi-Fi 4G LTE w/booster.

5. Dynamax Isata 3 Series Class C Motorhome


  • Sleeps up to 6
  • Gross vehicle weight: 11,030 pounds
  • Ducted, Low-Profile 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner with Heat Pump
  • 20,000 BTU Furnace with Electronic Ignition
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 35 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 32 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 32 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $156,000

The Dynamax Insata 3 Class C motorhome has everything you need, and it’s loaded with features for function and comfort. 

It’s very luxurious at a price that’s more accessible than some of the luxury RVs on this list.

The motorhome is mounted on a Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis with an aluminum truss structured roof crowned with a one-piece fiberglass skin.

Dynamax only offers two floorplans for the Insata 3 (both 24 feet, 7 inches long), but there are two additional floorplans available through dealers and one is 25 feet, 5 inches long.

There is premium vinyl flooring throughout the RV, with a soft touch padded vinyl ceiling and flush-mounted LED ceiling lights.

The dinette area features sprung-style seats that lift to access under-seat storage.

The modern aluminum windows all have coordinating treatments and blackout roller shades for privacy.

The Insata 3’s living area features hardwood Shaker-style cabinetry and full-extension, soft-closing drawers with HiddeHinges for sleek design.

In the galley kitchen, there’s a 7-cubit double door refrigerator, gas cooking range, convection microwave, and stainless steel sink.

Under-cabinet LED lighting helps make cooking easier, and the food preparation area expands with a countertop extension.

6. Quantum Sprinter Class C RV By Thor Motor Coach


  • Sleeps up to 6
  • Gross vehicle weight: 11,030 – 14,500 pounds
  • 13,500 BTU Roof Front Air Conditioner
  • Onan® RV QG 4000 Gas Generator
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 30-40 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 25-38 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 24.5 – 34.5 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $125,700

Sleek, modern design and beautiful living spaces are the appeal with Thor Motor Coach, and their Quantum model is an exceptional motorhome for travel and living on the road.

It is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with a 3.0-liter 188-hp V-6 diesel engine.

There are nearly a dozen different floorplans to choose from, although only four of them are for motorhomes under 30 feet.

They range in length from the 24-foot GR22, to the LH26, which is 28 feet long.

That’s still a good selection to consider, especially since the Thor Motor Coach RVs feature a one-of-a-kind front living room layout.

The driver and passenger cab seats swivel into the living area, and with the theater seating and dinette slide space, there’s plenty of space for six to converse comfortably.

Just off the dinette, there’s a small but very functional galley with a refrigerator, convection microwave, and pantry. There are wall cubbies throughout the motorhome for storage.

The bathroom is fully equipped with a toilet, shower and sink, and the bedroom has a full-sized bed and wardrobe.

The Thor Motor Coach Quantum also has some helpful features for working on the road, such as a Winegard® ConnecT™ 2.0 4G LTE Router & WiFi Extender, wall cubby with net and a USB charging port, and a USB charging port at the dinette area.

7. Jayco Melbourne Class C RVs 


  • Sleeps up to 6
  • Gross vehicle weight: 11,030 pounds
  • 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 30,000-BTU auto-ignition ducted furnace
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 39-43 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 31 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 31 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $76,995

For functional layouts and all of the necessary features at a more affordable price, the Jayco Melbourne is an excellent choice for a motorhome. 

It’s built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van base chassis, with a V-6 Turbo 188 HP diesel engine, electronic fuel injection and 325-pound torque.

A one-piece seamless fiberglass front cap covers the cab area for streamlined design and aerodynamics.

Two different floorplans are available at just over 25 feet long, with two pop-outs or just one.

The bathroom can be located either at the rear passenger side of the RV with the bed and dinette pop-out on the driver’s side, or in between the living area and the bedroom.

There’s a full pass-through storage compartment and plenty of storage throughout.

The Jayco Melbourne has some top-of-the-line amenities included, such as keyless cab entry, 84” interior height with a soft touch vinyl ceiling, full linoleum flooring and raised panel hardwood cabinetry.

There are safety belts in all seating areas, pleated blackout shades, and stylish window valances.

The residential-inspired bathroom has a lightweight laminate countertop, glass door shower with a skylight, and plenty of storage.

In the cab, the RV features swivel driver and passenger seats, heated remote control sideview mirrors, rear backup camera and monitor, and a privacy curtain.

The galley kitchenette is convenient and compact, with a flip up countertop extension, an 8 cu. ft. gas/electric refrigerator, 2-burner drop-in cooktop with flush cover, convection microwave, pull-out sprayer for the sink, and a versatile wooden sink cover/ cutting board.

The Jayco Melbourne comes with an electric patio awning with LED light strip and even an outdoor shower.

8. Forest River Sunseeker Class C Motorhomes


  • Sleeps up to 6
  • Gross vehicle weight: 10,360 – 11,030 pounds
  • 13,500 BTU ceiling ducted roof air conditioning
  • 30,000-BTU furnace
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 35-44 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 30-39 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 28-39 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $77,995

If you are looking for options, the Forest River Sunseeker has a lot to choose from.

There are nearly 20 floorplans for motorhomes under 30 feet, and choices for either a Ford, Chevy or Mercedes-Benz chassis.

There are three Sunseeker Classic models between 27 feet and 27 feet 9 inches, and eight Sunseeker LE models between 23 feet, 10 inches and 29 feet, four inches long.

All five Sunseeker MBS models are less than 30 feet long and range from 24 feet, 8 inches long and 25 feet, 5 inches long.

Both Sunseeker TS models are also less than 30 feet long, at either 25 and a half feet or just over 26 feet long. Several of the models also offer slide-outs for more interior space when parked.

One of the attractions of the Sunseeker is the unique split-level design, which provides maximum headroom inside.

There is pass-through storage offered on every floorplan, and all models are “Certified Green” by TRA Certification.

The interior features offered on the Forest River Sunseeker are definitely attractive.

In the galley kitchen, all appliances are upgraded stainless steel, with a recessed 3-burner cooktop that has a flush glass cover, convection microwave, 10.7 Cu. ft. 12V refrigerator, flip-up countertop extension, and full extension ball bearing drawer guides for all drawers.

There is plenty of sleeping space throughout as well. The queen size bed has an upgraded memory foam mattress, the dinette and sofa convert to a bed with two large storage drawers, and you can also opt for a cabover bunk.

The bathroom has a lightweight composite toilet and shower door, and the shower features a skylight and a high pressure oxygen infused shower head with a flexible extension for convenience.

Add-on options are also available, including a solar powered 12V charging system and you can easily add more panels.

9. Entegra Qwest Sprinter-Style Class C Diesel Motorhome


  • Sleeps up to 4
  • Gross vehicle weight: 14,500 pounds
  • 15,000-BTU low-profile air conditioner
  • Auto-ignition 20,000-BTU ducted furnace
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 42.5-47 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 40-41 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 31-32 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $84,985

The Entegra Qwest is another Class C Motorhome with models available under 30 feet. It is built on a fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz 3500 chassis with the V-6 Turbo 188 HP diesel engine with electronic fuel injection and 325-lb. Torque. 

There are five different floorplans for RVs under 30 feet, and all are 25 feet, 2 inches in length.

Your choice of floorplan will depend on the size of bed you want (including options for a queen-sized bed or two twin sized beds) and placement of the bathroom.

There’s even an option for a larger bathroom and convertible sofa that transforms into a queen bed.

Entegra Coach’s Qwest model also has some unique differentiators from some of the other Class C motorhomes on this list.

There’s a 10” Mercedes infotainment display with lane assist, collision avoidance and GPS. The RV is equipped with upgraded LED headlights, full-body paint and an automotive-bonded windshield.

Inside, the motorhome is built out with modern European curved cabinetry, woven vinyl flooring, a soft-touch vinyl ceiling, high-intensity LED ceiling lights, and day/night roller shades. The driver and passenger seats are crafted with ultra leather.

In the kitchen, all storage is crafted with Tecnoform high-gloss cabinetry, and galley fixtures include a 2-burner drop-in cooktop with flush cover, Stainless convection microwave, 6 cu. ft. gas/electric/12 volt refrigerator, and a stainless steel sink with a solid wood sink cover/ cutting board.

Depending on your motorhome model, your eating area will include an Entegra-exclusive easy operation legless dinette table or U-shaped dinette with stow away pedestal legs.

There’s an outdoor shower and aluminum skirt-hung baggage doors for extra exterior cargo.

10. Thor Motor Coach Siesta Sprinter Class C RV


  • Sleeps up to 4
  • Gross vehicle weight: 11,030 pounds
  • 15,000 BTU Low-Profile Air Conditioner with Heat Pump
  • Onan® RV QD 3200 Diesel Generator
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity 30-42 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 24-38 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 22-38 gallons
  • Price: Starting at $70,000

With its compact yet versatile design, the Thor Motor Coach Siesta model is another fantastic Class C motorhome under 30 feet. 

The Thor Siesta is built on a Mercedes-Benz 3500 chassis, with a diesel Turbo engine.

The Siesta model comes in four different floorplans, most being 25 feet and 10 inches long, but the 24SS model is 24 feet, 11 inches in length.

There are options for a full, queen or twin sized bed with a king bed conversion. You can also opt to have a sofa with a queen-size murphy bed conversion. The bedroom even has a 12-volt outlet for a CPAP machine.

The cab has all of the features you need for comfort on the move, with swivel leatherette captain’s chairs and even a side view camera system.

In the living space, the Siesta Class C motorhome has residential vinyl flooring, a soft-touch vinyl ceiling with 80” of interior height, LED lighting, and a manual Euro-Skylight to let in the natural light.

There are four different options for your dinette configuration, depending on the floorplan you choose.

You can have a leatherette Dream Dinette® booth with footrests, a leatherette dinette with two storage drawers, a leatherette sofa and murphy bed conversion, or a leatherette tri-fold sofa with a removable pedestal table.

Throughout the RV’s interior, there is high-gloss glazed cabinetry with solid wood raised panel doors for storage, and roller shades on each of the windows for privacy.

In the kitchen, the Siesta is fully equipped for comfort and function.

There is a double door refrigerator with stainless steel inserts, a two-burner gas cooktop with a protective glass cover and task lighting, a convection microwave, and solid surface countertops with a flip-up extension. 

The sink features a large, stainless steel single bowl with a cover.

The bathroom is also thoughtfully designed for comfort in a small space, with a foot flush porcelain toilet, solid surface countertop, and a 12-volt fan.

Your Siesta motorhome comes with either a glass door or a curved rod and curtain for the shower.

Advantages Of Motorhomes Under 30 Feet

There are several reasons why a shorter motorhome is more convenient. Although there’s less interior space than with a Class A or larger Class C RV, functional and versatile floorplans and features offer comfortable living space even when traveling as a family.

Some of the biggest advantages of having a Class C motorhome under 30 feet include:

  • It’s easier to drive and maneuver into camping spaces
  • It fits in smaller campsites
  • It’s a more affordable up-front investment
  • It has improved gas mileage since it’s smaller and more lightweight
  • It has more capabilities for remote camping, off-roading and snow driving

Have You Found Your Perfect Class C Motorhome?

All of the Class C motorhomes mentioned in this list are under 30 feet, but still offer all of the necessary features for function and versatile design.

Some manufacturers even provide add-on features to make your small-sized RV more luxurious and spacious.

You can maximize your space with slide-outs and creative storage solutions, and still sleep everyone comfortably.

There are a nearly endless amount of options for RVs under 30 feet, so it all depends on the features that are most important to you.

Do you need a dinette and a sofa, or will one or the other suffice? Do you need a sleeping bunk above the cab, or do you prefer to invest in a state-of-the-art entertainment system for that space?

Most of the options on this list come with an awning for your outdoor living space, but you may want to upgrade to have an exterior TV or outdoor cooking space as well.

When you’re ready to start the process of purchasing your dream Class C motorhome, you might want to look at older, used versions of the model you have in mind.

While you won’t get to customize the colors and add-on features, you’ll still be able to find a high-quality RV and you won’t have to spend as much. Check out sites like RVtrader.com or Camping World for some great used models.

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Aaron Richardson

Aaron and his wife Evelyn have lived on the road since 2017, traveling the country in their Keystone Fuzion. They’ve sought adventure together for 5 years now and have done a lot of international traveling, including RVing in Mexico. Aaron is the co-founder of RVing Know How, where he shares their experiences and RV-related tips to make life better for other RV owners. If you’re looking for Aaron, chances are you’ll find him either pedaling the backroads or hiking to sunset spots.

Sours: https://www.rvingknowhow.com/best-class-c-motorhome-under-30-feet/
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Class C Motorhomes

A Class C will typically have a dinette that can fold into a bed or a couch which is a great feature that allows for more sleeping options. The master bedroom in located in the rear of unit. The bathroom is usually located towards the rear and can be accessed by all. The kitchen is typically smaller compared to a Class A, but most models offer a slide-out to increase the kitchen and living areas.

The storage space can be limited compared to a Class A. Most models offer compartments to store your favorite things. Class C motorhomes are not as fancy compared to their bigger cousin. However, most people find it to be a good fit for their travel needs.

Class C Motorhomes interiorThis type of RV with its smaller size can get into tight spots or more secluded campgrounds which is a big deal for some RVers. Class C motorhomes don’t cost as much to maintain as a Class A and the fuel economy is better. As a result, it makes them a popular choice for families or those on a tight budget.

Another popular segment within the RV industry is Class B+ motorhomes. These models are smaller and more fuel efficient compared to a Class C. Many buyers like the size and maneuverability associated with this type of recreational vehicle.

New Class C motorhomes start at around $78,000 and can go as high as $250,000 for a deluxe model. The payload capacity is less compared to a Class A Motorhome. It may be difficult to get everything loaded in your Class C without overloading it. The towing capacity may also be more difficult as compared to a Class A. However, with better fuel mileage and the ease of getting in and out of more secluded campgrounds many prefer a Class C.

Before you buy a Class C get the facts with our popular Motorhome Comparison Guide. Learn which Class C manufacturers build the best models at affordable prices.

Sours: https://rvreviews.net/rv-types/class-c-motorhomes/
TOP 5 Small Class C Motorhomes for 2021!

Best Class C Motorhomes for Every Budget

When we mention the term “Class C,” what comes to mind? Is it a cabover sleeping arrangement and some bunk beds for the kids? Perhaps it’s a Mercedes-Benz luxury experience with all the driver-assist bells and whistles. Or maybe it’s a throaty diesel rumble of a go-nearly-anywhere big rig with maximum towing power and torque to spare? The answer, of course, is all of the above. Class C motorhomes not only continue to reign supreme among motorhoming families, but they are leaning more and more into Class A territory in terms of options, appointments and even luxury.

By definition, a Class C motorhome is built on a cutaway chassis, which retains the front cab of a van or truck body. From the cab, rearward, the chassis is stripped, providing a platform for the motorhome body. To ensure you get a sampling of all types of Class C’s, we’ve collected a baker’s dozen of the wide range of models that are available, and broken them down into three categories for apples-to-apples comparison in terms of chassis:

  • Compact Cutaways (which would include so-called “B-plus” motorhomes)
  • Classic Cutaways
  • Medium Duty Cutaways (also referred to as “Super C” motorhomes).

Not all Class C’s are created equal, but fun-factor-wise, you would be hard-pressed to go wrong with any of the following:

Compact Cutaways

For the most part, motorhomes built on compact cutaway chassis are easy to maneuver and are familiar to operate to many drivers, making them a popular choice due to the simple transition from passenger car to RV. Ever heard the term “B-plus?” It’s novel, but in definition, it’s nonexistent. B-plus is a sales pitch. When a motorhome is built on a cutaway chassis, it’s a Class C. Period. B-plus is bandied about because of the inference that they’re easy to drive, but offer a little more space than a Class B.

Coach House Platinum III 250 ST


Coach House’s all-new Platinum III is built on the Ford Transit 3500 chassis and powered by a 3.2-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel. Like all Coach House Platinum motorhomes, the 250 ST features a one-piece, hand-laid molded fiberglass body that’s reinforced with carbon-fiber and is designed specifically for the chassis. The Platinum III is offered in two center twin-bed floorplans, with a choice of a sofa (250 ST) or dinette (250 DT). The Platinum III 250 ST shown here features a power sofa-bed at the front of the motorhome. Removable tables can be set up in the aisle for dining, while just aft of the sofa is a well-equipped galley, featuring a stainless-steel sink with cover, a stainless-look three-way refrigerator, a stainless microwave/convection oven, a two-burner propane cooktop and a pantry.


Behind the galley are two twin beds with generous storage above each bed. Behind a pocket door at the rear of the motorhome is the private bath with a separate full-size standup shower with a glass door, and a porcelain toilet and sink. Additional features include a 32-inch flat-panel HDTV mounted on a storage cabinet across from the sofa, a Blu-ray player, day/night shades, hitch receiver, exterior storage, cable TV jack, legless power awning, ducted air conditioner with heat pump, two roof vents, heavy-duty insulation, four-season plumbing, on-demand propane water heater, 3.6-kW propane generator, LED lighting throughout, two 6-volt auxiliary batteries in a slide-out tray, navigation system, 1,200-watt power inverter and more.

  • Chassis Ford Transit 3500
    Engine 3.2L I-5 Power Stroke
    GVWR 10,360 lbs
    Exterior length 25′ 6″
    Exterior height with A/C 10′ 5″
    Freshwater cap 31 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 19 gal/28 gal
    Coach House Inc.

Forest River Forester 2401Q


The Forester brand offers a complete lineup of Class C motorhomes. The Forester LE Series is available on both the Ford and Chevy cutaways, while the Classic series Foresters are built with upgraded premium suspension, lane-detection warning system and a multiplex system that allows owners to control functions via Bluetooth through a mobile device.

Forester MBS series, including the 2401Q shown here, are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cutaway chassis and offer a standard cabover bunk or optional aerodynamic Trekker Cap options. Sprinter-series motorhomes come standard with lane-detection and a multiplex system, plus two full-paint exterior options. The 2401Q features a laminated fiberglass roof, laminated side walls and floor, plus 12-volt DC TVs and a large 10-cubic-foot refrigerator. The cab is outfitted with swiveling captain’s chairs, a folding workstation and rear- and sideview cameras. A single slideout houses the rear queen bed, with the large rear bathroom close at hand.

  • Chassis Mercedes-Benz
    Sprinter 3500
    Engine 3.0L V-6 turbodiesel
    GVWR 11,030 lbs
    Exterior length 25′ 3″
    Exterior height 11′ 3″
    Freshwater cap 35 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 30 gal/30 gal
  • Forest River, Forester MBS division

Forest River Forester 2401Q floorplan

Leisure Travel Vans Unity Rear Lounge


Built on the all-new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cab chassis, the 2020 Unity Rear Lounge features a first-of-its-kind innovative layout with two separate living areas, seat belts and sleeping for four, and a host of new technology, including the all-new Dometic Internet of Things touchscreen solution. The true highlight of the floorplan is the spacious rear lounge with a residential-like sectional sofa, 57-by-75-inch Murphy bed, entertainment center and near floor-to-ceiling windows. Power-reclining sofa chairs offer a cozy location for reading, while owners can set up a mobile workstation with the removable swivel table in the living area. Technology such as a built-in wireless charging pad and touchscreen multiplex controls adds a new level of convenience, and also allows control of nearly all RV components from any of the six displays throughout the motorhome or via an app on a smart device.

  • Chassis Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500
    Engine 3.0L V-6 turbodiesel
    GVWR 11,030 lbs
    Exterior length 25′ 1″
    Exterior height with A/C 10′ 6″
    Freshwater cap 24.5 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 29 gal/37 gal
    Base MSRP $139,100
  • Leisure Travel Vans

Winnebago View/Navion 524J


With a 50-by-79-inch rear bed, convertible dinette (with three seat belts) and 49-by-75-inch cabover bunk, the View and Navion sister motorhomes are designed with the whole family in mind. Featuring plenty of storage and smart uses of space, the 524J floorplan lives larger than its sub-26-foot length, and does so on the popular Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. Along with that comes an all-new 10-inch MBUX Infotainment system with voice interface, and advanced safety features like brake- and lane-keeping assist. Options include lithium batteries, solar power and a 2,000-watt power inverter. A 32-inch HDTV and USB charging stations throughout ensure owners remain entertained, while a powered roof vent, laminated countertops, double-door 12-volt DC refrigerator and an Oxygenics flexible showerhead all help keep occupants comfortable. Highlights also include curved cabinetry and lighted galley drawers.

  • Chassis Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
    Engine 3.0L V-6 turbodiesel
    GVWR 11,030 lbs
    Exterior length 25′ 5″
    Exterior height with A/C 10′ 8″
    Freshwater cap 37 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 41 gal/41 gal
    Base MSRP $154,715
  • Winnebago Industries Inc.

Winnebago Vita/Porto


The Winnebago Vita and Porto motorhomes combine impressive appointments with a spacious interior and plenty of useful storage. Designed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, the Vita and Porto’s two all-new floorplans boast what Winnebago calls “the largest galley, the largest bed and the largest holding tanks in its class.” Galley highlights include a large counter­space, double sink, ample storage and a panoramic window. The 24P floorplan utilizes a full-wall slide, which houses the expandable dinette, large refrigerator and queen-size bed, complete with nightstands on each side. The cockpit features a 6.5-inch touch-screen stereo/rearview monitor system, while touches like the retractable self-cleaning shower screen, plus the sliding bathroom door, add to the residential feel. With the overhead bunk area and convertible dinette, there’s plenty of space for overnight visitors.

  • Chassis Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
    Engine 3.0L V-6 turbodiesel
    GVWR 11,030 lbs
    Exterior length 24′ 7″
    Exterior height with A/C 11′ 6″
    Freshwater cap 37 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 41 gal/41 gal
    Base MSRP $119,670
  • Winnebago Industries Inc.

Classic Cutaways

These are the most recognizable, and tried-and-true, chassis in the Class C market. The classic cabover bed, plus the familiar ride and handling of the chassis, make these motorhomes readily accessible to Class C buyers.

Forest River Sunseeker 2550DSLE


Forest River Sunseeker 2550DSLE floorplan

Forest River’s Sunseeker is available in a variety of configurations. The classic Sunseeker offers standard cabover bunks or optional aerodynamic Trekker Cap option, and is built with upgraded premium suspension system, lane-detection warning system and two optional full-body paint color schemes. The Sunseeker LE Series, built on Ford and Chevy chassis, are budget-friendly without scrimping on niceties. The 2550DSLE shown here is equipped with a 40-inch 12-volt DC TV (with a workstation below), 10-cubic-foot refrigerator, updated interior design and a one-piece molded fiberglass cap. The Sunseeker MBS series motorhomes are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cutaway and also offer standard cabover bunk or optional Trekker Cap. Finally, the TS series is a nimble Class C built on the Ford Transit chassis.

  • Chassis Ford E-450
    Engine 6.8L Triton V-10
    GVWR 14,500 lbs
    Exterior length 29′ 2″
    Exterior height 11′ 3″
    Freshwater cap 44 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 39 gal/32 gal
    Base MSRP $89,900
  • Forest River Inc., Sunseeker division

Holiday Rambler Augusta 30F


With three full-body paint options, a king bed in a spacious master bedroom and a residential refrigerator in the galley, the Holiday Rambler Augusta has been designed to offer a residential experience without busting the budget. The streetside full-wall slide opens the interior for entertaining, while the solid-surface galley countertop and upgraded cabinetry lend a feel of true luxury. Livability plusses include a whole-house water-filtration system, two LED TVs, Girard on-demand water heater and even heated holding tanks for four-season camping. Holiday Rambler motorhomes are backed by a 12-month/15,000-mile basic warranty, plus a 36-month/45,000-mile limited structural warranty.

  • Chassis Ford E-450
    Engine 6.8L Triton V-10
    GVWR 14,500 lbs
    Exterior length 31′ 8.5″
    Exterior height with A/C 12′
    Freshwater cap 49 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 35 gal/35 gal
    Base MSRP $131,595
  • Holiday Rambler, a division of REV Recreation Group

Holiday Rambler Augusta 30F floorplan

Jayco Greyhawk Prestige 30XP

The first thing you’ll notice on the Greyhawk Prestige 30XP is the window in the front cap. The automotive-bonded windshield looks great on the outside, but really shines indoors, where it allows plenty of light when you need it, plus a power shade for when you don’t. You’ll also notice the bold full-body paint and exterior graphics, and the 18-foot electric awning with integrated LED lights. But inside, the Prestige features residential flourishes like the Furrion all-in-one cooktop and stove, 12-cubic-foot residential fridge, decorative shower surround, kitchen backsplash and upgraded solid-surface countertops. The 30XP is equipped with a full-wall slide to expand the living, galley and bedroom areas, while an amidships split bathroom features a shower enclosure and toilet curbside, with the sink located across the aisle. The cabover bunk offers a stout 750-pound capacity. Like all Jayco motorhomes, the Greyhawk Prestige is equipped with Jayco’s JRide Plus system to improve ride and handling.

  • Chassis Ford E-450
    Engine 6.8L Triton V-10
    GVWR 14,500 lbs
    Exterior length 32′ 6″
    Exterior height with A/C 11′ 8″
    Freshwater cap 47 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 31 gal/
    41 gal
  • Jayco

Winnebago Minnie Winnie/Spirit 22M


When it comes to family RVing, the more flexible the floorplan, the better. You never know when the little ones want to sleep in a different setting. Winnebago’s Minnie Winnie and Spirit motorhomes offer plenty of variety, with five different floorplans. Each floorplan features a private rear bedroom and cabover bunk for added sleeping flexibility, plus a large rear trunk for all your gear. The 22M shown here includes a U-shaped dinette that converts to a comfortable bed. The single rear slideout expands the master bedroom, while the rear-corner lavatory is large enough to get the job done. The vinyl-touch ceiling, LED lighting and vinyl flooring offer a contemporary feel, and the cab is equipped with a 6.2-inch touch-screen rearview monitor system featuring DVD, Bluetooth and SiriusXM radio.

Chassis Ford E-350
Engine 6.8L Triton V-10
GVWR 11,500 lbs
Exterior length 24′ 2″
Exterior height with A/C 11′
Freshwater cap 40 gal
Black-/gray-water cap 40 gal/45 gal
Base MSRP $96,977

Winnebago Industries Inc.


Winnebago Minnie Winnie/Spirit 22M floorplan

Phoenix Cruiser 2552


Phoenix Cruiser prides itself on craftsmanship. The company claims to build only two motorhomes a week, in-house, so it can focus on details to improve the ownership experience. The 206-inch extended wheelbase, and attention given to distributing the proper weight to front and rear axles with minimum overhang, lead to an impressive ride. All Phoenix Cruisers feature a choice of solid wood cabinets and custom leather furniture. The popular 2552 shown here is equipped with dual twin electric beds that can be combined to form a king bed. The large rear bathroom runs the width of the motorhome and includes a roomy shower and sizable wardrobe. Comfort standards include leather pilot’s and copilot’s seats, an electronic updated front dash from Ford, a heavy-duty 250-amp alternator and limited-slip differential. Plus, a 4×4 option is available on all Phoenix Cruiser floorplans.

  • Chassis Ford E-450
    Engine 6.8L Triton V-10
    GVWR 14,500 lbs
    Exterior length 27′ 10″
    Exterior height with A/C 10′ 1″
    Freshwater cap 41.5 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 35 gal/
    23 gal
    Base MSRP $121,500
  • Phoenix Cruiser

Medium-Duty Cutaways

These are commonly referred to as Super C’s, which are simply Class C motorhomes on larger chassis. Their impressive GVWRs and tow ratings make them popular among those who wish to bring along a little more fun to the party, like boats, cargo trailers and, of course, dinghy vehicles.

Dynamax Force HD 37BH


The Dynamax Force HD is armed with a Cummins 8.9-liter ISL turbodiesel engine and Allison 3200 TRV transmission. All that power results in 20,000 pounds of towing capacity and a performance-driven journey. The Force HD continues the tradition of eye-catching Dynamax exteriors with its full-body paint package with cut and buffed finish. Step inside the Force HD and you’ll find hardwood cabinetry with soft-close drawer guides, solid-surface countertops, upgraded upholstery and premium appliances. Each bunk in the Force HD 37BH has its own CD/DVD player with monitor. The master bedroom features a king bed with gel-infused memory-foam mattress and a 32-inch LED TV. The bathroom is equipped with a porcelain toilet, under-mount sink with residential brushed-nickel faucet, large corner shower with glass shower door and an upgraded Oxygenics BodySpa RV showerhead. Galley highlights include under-cabinet lighting, double-bowl stainless-steel sink with a gooseneck faucet and a 16-cubic-foot residential refrigerator with icemaker.

  • Chassis Freightliner M2 106
    Engine Cummins 8.9L ISL turbodiesel
    GVWR 33,000 lbs
    Exterior length 39′ 2″
    Exterior height with A/C 12′ 9″
    Freshwater cap 94 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 52 gal/52 gal
    Base MSRP $284,286
  • Dynamax Corp.

Newmar Super Star SSCC4061


Already well-known for its Class A offerings, Newmar recently burst onto the Class C scene with the introduction of the Super Star. The comfortable air-ride cab (think bus drivers), provided by Freightliner chassis for a smoother and more comfortable ride, is maintained by Newmar with a uniquely innovative design not found in other so-called Super C’s. The ante is then upped with more first-in-class offerings, including a full-wall slideout and rear pass-through storage. A flush floor from the cab to the living area is a welcome change, and the larger front cabover area helps convey a sense of more space. Three interior/exterior décor packages and four interior solid-wood cabinetry choices are available. The 4061 shown here is equipped with the Windwood décor and Newport Glazed Maple cabinets. The Super Star is also equipped with multiple luxury appointments, and brand-name appliances and electronics.

  • Chassis Freightliner M2 106
    Engine Cummins 8.9L turbodiesel
    GVWR 40,000 lbs
    Exterior length 40′ 11″
    Exterior height with A/C 13′ 2″
    Freshwater cap 150 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 40 gal/60 gal
    Base MSRP $350,828
  • Newmar Corp.

Newmar Super Star SSCC4061 floorplan

Renegade Verona 34VQB


At a shade under 34 feet in length, the Renegade Verona 34VQB is the most compact of the “Super C’s” in this roundup. But that doesn’t mean it lacks the power and capabilities of the others. The Cummins L9 diesel produces 350 hp and 1,150 lb-ft torque, and the Freightliner M2 HD chassis means 20,000 pounds of towing capacity. The 34VQB is an all-electric coach and features an AquaHot hydronic system. Plus, the Firefly Integrations multiplex electrical and Equalizer Systems automatic leveling systems now have Bluetooth capabilities to allow control from smart devices. The floorplan features a large living-room slideout housing the sofa and dinette, opposite a functional galley with an 18-cubic-foot residential refrigerator, full-size convection microwave and a recessed two-burner electric induction cooktop. The driver and passenger seats swivel to include the cockpit as part of the living space. A spacious split bath features a large, private enclosed shower and toilet area, with the sink in the outer half, while the bedroom has a 60-by-75-inch queen bed, his-and-hers wardrobes, a large central dresser with A/V storage and a 32-inch LED TV.

  • Chassis Freightliner M2 106
    Engine Cummins 8.9L
    GVWR 34,300 lbs
    Exterior length 33′ 11″
    Exterior height with A/C 12′ 8″
    Freshwater cap 150 gal
    Black-/gray-water cap 75 gal/
    75 gal
    Base MSRP $292,900
  • Renegade RV, a division of
    REV Recreation Group

class cMotorhome

Sours: https://www.rv.com/rv/trending-rvs/best-class-c-motorhomes-for-every-budget/

C 2021 rv reviews class

The Most Exciting Motorhomes for 2021

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the best motorhomes for the new-model year!

Even in the shadow of a global pandemic, RVing is going stronger than ever. It’s the safest and most economical way to explore the countryside, whether on a coast-to-coast trek or a weekend jaunt to a local RV park. That’s why manufacturers continue to answer the call for more: more space, more gadgets, more options, etc. But the current climate also means you may not get the chance to venture out to an RV show to see the latest and greatest. So, we’re bringing the show to you and are here to offer you a peek behind the curtain on some of the 2021 models that have caught our eye so far. Enjoy the show!

American Coach

American Coach American Eagle motorhome exteriorThe luxurious American Eagle 45K is built on the Freightliner XCM chassis with a fully integrated Liberty Bridge, making for increased strength and storage capabilities. Inside, you’ll find streamlined European-style cabinetry, residential Samsung appliances throughout and custom-designed seating. The 45K features a spacious living area with opposing seating, a chef-friendly galley and a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. A large master suite gives way to a sweeping master bath with dual sinks and a large shower. Updates for 2021 include an all-new exterior, front cap, décor and plenty of surprises inside. MSRP: $749,346.



Coachmen Concord 300 DS motorhome interiorCoachmen says its popular Concord Class C has been completely redesigned to feel more like a Class A diesel pusher while still retaining the Concord’s nimble driving profile. The rear Air Ride suspension system makes it easy to operate, while the zero-overhand fiberglass molded front cap now features a panoramic auto-glass window. The full-body paint and chrome wheels and mirrors add to the feeling of a much higher-priced coach. Inside, you’ll find solid-surface countertops, a freestanding dinette and a galley that includes a two-burner induction cooktop, over-the-range convection microwave and 10-cubic-foot refrigerator. Added touches, like the wireless phone charging station, instant water heater, 50-amp shorepower with energy management station and dual low-profile A/Cs, are indeed evocative of a pricier diesel pusher. MSRP:
Approximately $160,000.Coachmen Concord motorhome exterior



Dynamax Europa motorhome exteriorClass C manufacturer Dynamax has resurrected a name not seen on new-RV lots since the early 2000s. The all-new Europa 31SS bursts on to the scene sporting a Freightliner M2-106B chassis featuring a Cummins B 6.7-liter turbodiesel rated for 360 hp and 800 lb-ft torque. Answering the consumer call for a compact Super C, Dynamax says the 31SS will be the shortest floorplan available on the Freightliner chassis. There is still plenty of space for a walk-around king bed, 16-cubic-foot residential fridge, large 36-by-36-inch shower and up to eight sleeping positions. The impressive list of features continues with an 8-kW Onan diesel generator; 2,800-watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter; dual ducted, low-profile 15,000-Btu air conditioners with heat pumps, dual-pane frameless windows, a tankless water heater, Winegard ConnecT 2.0 and multiplex wiring.Popular options include two 100-watt solar panels, a combination washer/dryer, driver and passenger swivel seats, and dual power theater seats. MSRP: N/A.


Holiday Rambler

Holiday Rambler Nautica motorhome exteriorTwo all-new Class A’s from Holiday Rambler are turning heads for all the right reasons. The Nautica 35MS is built on the all-new Delta Foundation chassis. The quad-slide 35MS features a large master-suite (the largest in its class, according to the company) at the rear of the coach with spacious wardrobe storage across the rear of the coach. The 35MS has a patio-side dinette, full-featured residential galley and a great amidships entertainment center. MSRP: Starts at $287,355. 

Holiday Rambler Nautica motorhome interiorThe flagship Armada 44LE is built on the Freightliner XCM chassis with Titan Bridge and features a host of high-end amenities inside and out. Fossil painted cabinetry and large windows make this spacious 44-footer feel open and inviting. The living area is outfitted with exclusive Apex furniture, a large galley countertop and a mid-coach half-bath. At the rear of the coach is a spa-like master bath that houses a massive 51-inch shower. MSRP: Starts at $447,933.Holiday Rambler Armada motorhome interior


Leisure Travel Vans

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder Class B interiorFor those who like to bring their bikes along, the nimble 2021 Wonder Rear Twin Bed features a pass-through storage garage large enough to fit two full-size bicycles. Inside are separate areas to live, eat and sleep with a three-piece dry bathroom, a large galley and a table that can be mounted in the front living space as well as the rear bedroom. New standard features for 2021 include a pull-out pantry, flip-down towel bar in the shower, new baggage compartment latches, magnetic accessory rail in the galley, a rear storage power receptacle, dual 6-volt AGM batteries with 2,000-watt pure sine wave inverter, soft-close drawers, surge protector and a touchscreen control system with smartphone connectivity. New options for 2021 include dual 12-volt lithium coach batteries, a cashmere cabinetry color, and a 4-kW generator with auto start and auto changeover. MSRP: Starts at $125,710.Leisure Travel Vans Wonder Class B motorhome



Newmar has been quite busy, offering a long list of exciting updates to its extensive motorhome lineup.

Newmar Bay Star motorhome interiorThe Bay Star, along with all other gas-powered Class A’s from Newmar, will be offered on Ford’s new F-series chassis powered by a 7.3-liter V-8. The quad-slide Bay Star 3626 ($172,956) now features Carefree awnings, plus options for a Truma system and a Suburban Elite 3 Series gas cooktop.

Newmar Canyon Star motorhome interiorThe all-new Canyon Star 3719 ($238,770) is now built on the Freightliner front-engine diesel chassis and features new front and rear caps, a newly designed instrument panel and cockpit, and a completely redesigned interior.

Newmar King Aire motorhome bedroomThe company’s flagship King Aire stands out even more now with Viking-brand appliances, a Samsung 8K TV in the living area, Euro-style cabinetry, quartz counter-tops, a taller interior height and a new entry door and front stepwell area. The King Aire4531 ($1,296,080) shown here is a bath-and-a-half floorplan with a residential shower and large bedroom.

Newmar Supreme Aire motorhomeFinally, the Supreme Aire Super C is now available in five floorplans on the Freightliner M-2 112 chassis; the Supreme Aire 4575 ($574,229) boasts a flowing footprint perfect for entertaining.



Pleasure-Way Tofino Class B motorhomeThe popular Tofino is back for 2021, allowing owners to pop the top for additional sleeping capacity. Built on the RAM ProMaster 1500 chassis with a 136-inch wheelbase, the Tofino measures less than 18 feet long and blends sporty styling and large storage capacities, along with two separate sleeping areas, for a motorhome with endless possibilities. The Tofino is minimalistic yet still features cutting-edge technology like two 100 Ah lithium coach batteries, a 2,000-watt inverter, multiplex wiring, a touchscreen control panel with remote, real-time amperage meter and available 200-watt solar package. An incredible 70 cubic feet of rear cargo storage offers ample space for bikes, golf clubs, or camping gear, while the optional roof rack can accommodate additional gear. MSRP: $73,450.


Thor Motor Coach

Thor is adding two all-new floorplans to its lineup of Palazzo diesel pushers. The Palazzo 33.6 goes big, with what the company calls a “massive” 86-inch residential-style galley with plenty of counterspace, an 80-inch “Mega” Dream Dinette with a wider table and four seat belts and a 10.1-inch touchscreen dash radio with Bluetooth and satellite radio — all in a sub-35-foot “National Park Friendly” footprint featuring new Studio Collection Interiors. MSRP: N/A.

Thor Motor Coach Palazzo Class A diesel-pusher motorhomeThe Palazzo 37.5 is a bath-and-a-half floorplan with opposing slides designed to open up the interior for entertaining. Once open, guests will enjoy the fireplace and retractable 50-inch TV, leatherette inclining theater seating with footrests and upgraded interior. A stackable washer/dryer is now standard. MSRP: N/A.

Thor Motor Coach Compass Class B motorhome interiorThor has also rolled out sister AWD Class C motorhomes, the Compass and the Gemini. Both of these compact smooth operators are based on the Ford Transit chassis and powered by the 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost. The Compass 23TW ($117,450) features a Dream Dinette and flip-up queen bed with seating underneath housed in a full-wall slide; the Gemini 23TE ($116,925) is bedecked with an amidships Murphy Bed and a large rear bath.

Thor Motor Coach Gemini Class B motorhome interior



Class B motorhomes continue to gain in popularity, which is no surprise to Winnebago, which has made some big changes to two of its popular Class B motorhomes. 

Winnebago Revel Class B motorhomeThe 2021 4WD Revel features livability enhancements designed to make adventure more luxurious than ever. Inside, cabinet and dinette improvements enhance the optics and add safety measures. The redesigned galley features improved storage, a flip-up counter extension and a relocated, 20% larger fridge than before. Also new is a hydronic heating system and Bluetooth-controlled awning, plus an exterior table has been added. MSRP: $174,906.

Winnebago Solis Class B motorhomeThe Solis 59PX is known for its pop-top roof extension, but 2021 includes some key upgrades, such as a Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ air conditioner and a new quiet Cummins-Onan 2,800-watt gas generator. Built on the extended 3500 RAM chassis, the Solis also contains a versatile “gear garage” in the rear. MSRP: N/A.



best motorhomesClass A MotorhomesClass B MotorhomesClass C MotorhomesNew Motorhomes

Sours: https://www.rv.com/archive/the-most-exciting-motorhomes-for-2021/
The ALL NEW Winnebago with EVERY OPTION!

5 Best Small Class C RVs in 2021

When a motorhome is too much, but a campervan is not enough, the small Class C RV is a happy medium that provides both maneuverability and comfort.  

Today we’re sharing five of the best small Class C RVs.

These RVs will provide luxury without sacrificing functionality.

Let’s dive in.

What is a Class C RV?

Class C RVs are sometimes called mini-motorhomes. They’re typically built on an auto-manufacturer van frame with an attached cab. Identified by the bed-over-cab, these RVs are easily noticeable. 

Class C RVs make a great choice if you don’t want to tow another vehicle as they’re typically small enough to drive around without too much trouble.  Small Class C RVs even fit in many standard parking spots.

So what are the best 5 small Class C RVs for 2021? 

We’ve rounded them up for you right here:

#1 Entegra Odyssey 

They say good things come in small packages, and it’s true with the Entegra Odyssey. In this 26 foot RV, you get a queen bed, dinette, and sofa in every floor plan. There’s even a bunk option if you’re bringing the family.

This small Class C RV can get you off grid and navigate urban streets.

This Class C RV is a great choice.


  • 26′ 8″ long
  • 1 slide
  • 55 gal fuel tank
  • 42 gal fresh water
  • 31 gal black tank
  • 40 gal grey tank

We love this small Class C for its E-Z Drive system, which truly makes it easy to operate. It includes computer-balanced driveshaft, front and rear stabilizer bars, Hellwig helper springs, and rubber isolation body mounts.

#2 Gulf Stream Conquest 6237 

The Conquest Class C comes in more than a dozen floor plans; the specs below are for the 6237 model. Gulf Stream is known for handcrafting their cabinets and RV walls in-house, a tradition that continues today.  


  • 24’1″ long
  • no slides
  • 37 gal fresh water
  • 31 gal black tank
  • 31 gal grey tank

We love this Conquest Class C RV because it’s compact and easy to drive while still providing plenty of storage space outdoors and indoors. 

It’s great for a family, with a full over-cab bunk for the kids. And it’s a solid and safe rig, built with Gulf Stream’s “Cradle of Strength” construction system.

#3 Leisure Travel Vans Wonder 

The Leisure Travel Vans Wonder model looks more like a big van than a traditional Class C RV. And, they’ve packed in a ton of features in a less than 25-foot space.


  • 24’9″ long
  • no slides
  • 25 gal fuel tank
  • 30gal fresh water
  • 28 gal black tank
  • 28 gal grey tank

We love the Wonder Van because it feels like pure luxury.  

The design is over the top; it’s more like a small European condo than an RV. It’s clean, modern, and bright while still packed with features and amenities to maximize the space.

#4 Jayco Melbourne 

The Jayco Melbourne comes in 3 different floor plans, varying mostly based on sleeping preferences.  

We like the 24K best, so we’ll discuss it here, but the other two models are quite similar. The 24L most notably has a full slide, and the 24T offers two twin beds in the back.


  • 25’2″ long
  • 2 slides
  • 26 gal fuel tank
  • 43 gal fresh water
  • 31 gal black tank
  • 31 gal grey tank

We love the 24K Jayco Melbourne because it has both a living room and a bedroom slide.  

The bedroom slide allows for a genuinely separate bedroom with a walkaround queen bed and a sliding door, a rare feature in a rig only 25 feet long.  

#5 Thor Four Winds 22E 

Another small Class C with no slides, this rig is best for those looking for a compact and straightforward, easy to drive RV.  Thor Four Winds offers floor plans from 22 to 31 models, and this is the smallest one.


  • 24’7″ long
  • no slides
  • 55 gal fuel tank
  • 40 gal fresh water
  • 29 gal black tank
  • 25 gal grey tank

We love this Thor Class C because of the innovative design with a corner queen bedroom. This design saves on floor space and also provides a comfy little nook to hideaway. 

It’s rare to have a private space in such a small rig, but this corner queen provides precisely that!

Choosing the Right Small Class C RV

With all of these great RVs, it’s amazing how many features and functionality coachbuilders are squeezing in these small frames. 

And there’s something for every preference. 

If you’re keen on Motorhomes, the Entegra Odyssey will float your boat. 

Suppose you’re more of a van person, definitely the Leisure Travel Vans Wonder. And if you want to bring the whole family, consider the Gulf Stream Conquest. Happy Trails!

If you didn’t find a Class C that works for you, check out our 7 Favorite Small RVs.

Small Class C RVs are Great for Free Camping in the USA

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Like this:


Sours: https://drivinvibin.com/2020/07/20/small-class-c-rv/

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winnebago ekko rv

Past Compact Motorhome Reviews

When I did my first review of best compact motorhomes, I found the best examples in Europe where RV enthusiasts have a huge selection of full featured motorhomes under 23 feet in length. (See our article here).

In my follow-up review focusing on what is offered by the US motorhome industry, I found and profiled a few minimally acceptable compact Class C’s (see our 2018 review here)

Since then I’ve done more annual reviews. In reviewing the Compact Motorhomes for 2020, we liked the Winnebago Fuse, which we profiled last year and the Thor Compass, which we liked in our 2018 compact motorhome review. There was one new entry in this category deserved mention – the Coachman Cross Trek 20XG.

For 2021 the trend among US RV manufacturing is moving away from the compact Van-based Class C motorhomes, instead replacing this segment with Class B Camper Vans that are compact and easy to drive but because they are Class B they are have less interior width than the coach-style Class C motorhome. I think that loss of about a foot of interior space makes an important difference in the roominess of a compact living space. An unfortunate trend, in my opinion.

Earlier Favorites have ceased production.
The Winnebago Fuse (see our review) is no longer produced and the Pleasure Way Plateau XLTS (see our review) which we also liked in our earlier reviews has also disappeared. Pleasure Way has dropped all their Class C vehicles, going 100% into Class B camper vans or touring vans. Note: The Fuse and the XLTS models would be good choices for those shopping the used or pre-owned market for a compact Class C.

Compact Class C Reviews for 2021

But all is not lost for those shopping for a new model. The Thor Compass and Coachman CrossTrek remain available for 2021 and 22. In dropping the Fuse, Winnebago has added the Ekko, which qualifies for our criteria of being compact (no more than 24′ long) and offers a dedicated and separate dining/lounge area.

Thor Compass RUV

compass rv

I liked the Thor Compass back in 2018 and it remains a top choice in 2021. The changes in the Thor Compass for 2021 are primarily new features offered by the Ford Transit chassis. So it now comes in All-Wheel Drive and a roll stability control system. They are advertising the unit as an RUV (Recreational Utility Vehicle). It’s length is 23’6″ and height is 10’11”. The amount of exterior storage is in the TE model is 24 cu. ft. and in the TW model it is 16.2 cu. ft. I like the 23TW Floor Plan best. It has a queen-size bed in a slide out and a larger dinette unit. But the down side of the TW model is losing 8 cu. ft of external storage. The TE model offers a Murphy Bed and more external storage. But the trade-off is losing the dinette unit which I like. Both models feature a ceiling skylight which I like. In addition to All-Wheel drive the Ford Transit chassis is powered by a gas 3.5 liter turbo powered V6. It has a 5000 lb towing capacity and 25 gallon fuel tank.

BTW Essentially the same vehicle is available under the Gemini RUV name. As far as I can figure out the only difference is exterior graphics and some different interior fabrics or color schemes.

Coachman Cross Trek 20XG

A new entry in the more compact Class C RVs, is the Coachman Cross Trek 20XG. It is 24′ long and 10’6″ high. Like the Winnebago Ekko and the Thor Compass it also uses the increasingly popular Ford Transit Chassis. Like the Thor Compass it is powered by the turbo powered V6 gas engine and comes standard with All Wheel Drive.

The Coachman Cross Trek has several attractive features. It features a huge 130 cu ft European garage-style exterior storage area. It will handle at least two golf bags as well as other bulkier items like lawn chairs or bikes. No American or Canadian Class C comes close to offering this amount of exterior storage. Inside it features a full double bed and a separate two person dinette/sofa unit. So no need to fold up the bed for daytime use. Other strong features are a more spacious shower unit separate from the lavatory and toilet room, generous amounts of interior storage including a hanging closet compartment and a pantry. The unit also has more horizontal counter space in the kitchen area than usually found in a unit of this size. Overall we are impressed with the interior layout.

Despite our enthusiasm for the layout, we have a few concerns about the 20XG.

  • While packing a lot of interior features in a small space, the amount of glass window area may be compromised. I didn’t see a skylight in the unit. So I fear a claustrophobic feel to the interior with the lack of sufficient natural light.
  • Another possible negative is the height from the floor of the rear full size bed. A small ladder is needed to climb into the bed which some might find a hassle. And also some may find it has insufficient head room. They could have made the huge exterior garage unit a wee bit smaller to make it easier to hop into the bed and provide a bit more head room.
  • Coachman has elected to omit a generator unit, going instead with a high 330 amp hour AGM battery and a 3000 Watt Xantrex inverter which allows you to run all appliances, including the AC unit. My guess is that may get you boondocking one day and night, but not much more. But due to the spacious garage style storage unit it would be easier to carry a portable generator if camping in the “boondocks” for several days is your wish.

    By omitting the gen set they should have made the optional 380 watt solar panels standard equipment. Most RV motorhomes that leave off the gen set have replaced it with standard solar units and lithium batteries plus the large wattage inverter. The advantage of the lithium batteries over AGM (and lead acid) is they can be almost fully discharged without damage whereas AGM and Lead-Acid shouldn’t be discharged more than 50%.

Coachman’s website is a bit short on specifications and as a new model there’s not a history on build quality or experiences from other users. I do like the concept and look forward to seeing one in person. Stef and James at FitRV.com did quite an extensive video review of the Cross Trek.

Winnebago Ekko

Pictured at the top of the page, the Ekko fits (but in one respect doesn’t fit) in this shrinking category of Compact Class C’s. Its list price, starts at: $163,662 msrp (ouch)! When we first started reviewing this category back in 2018, one of our criteria was being able to find a full-featured compact motorhome at a dealer for under $100,000. Add $10,000 to that number for inflation, it still puts the Ekko out of reach of that criteria. However for the person who wants a compact, yet spacious RV with all the other requirements we specified (see our original article here)AND the price tag doesn’t give you cardiac arrest, the Ekko has a lot of strong features.

Like the Thor and Coachman, the Ekko uses the Ford Transit Chassis with AWD, the 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 gas engine, and a 5,000-lb. towing capacity. It is 23’2″ in length and 10’6″ in height. It carries a 31 gallon fuel tank, a bit larger than the Coachman or Thor models using the same basic chassis. I don’t find it attractive style-wise; a big box on wheels. But that big box does give you gobs of external storage (55 cu. ft.) and lots useful interior space so there is a consolation for its ugliness! See the picture below. If you don’t want the slide out external kitchen option that external storage space becomes even larger (another 10 cu. ft.).

winnebago ekko

Inside the Ekko comes with a dedicated bed in the back and front lounge/dinette area. There is a nice size window in the kitchen galley as well as by the dinette. Two large windows set high on the sides provide decent illumination for the bedroom area. The galley features a laminate countertops, a microwave oven w/touch control, a pantry, a 2-burner LP range cooktop w/cover, a 5.3 cu. ft. single door 12V refrigerator/freezer and a workspace extension to give more countertop room. There is wardrobe/drawer storage below the bed(s) which can be set up as either two twins or one large beds.

winnebago ekko lounge
winnebago ekko RV gallery

Standard deluxe features that neither Thor nor the Coachman offer are a 320-amp-hour lithium ion battery w/Bluetooth control package and battery pack heating system, (2) 170-watt and (1) 115-watt solar panels and solar rated battery charger, and a 2,000-watt pure sine wave inverter/80-amp charger which allows you to run 110 volt appliances without being hooked up. Standard also is a Cummins Onan® QG 2800i gas generator. The unit offers 50 gallons of fresh water storage and a 51 gallon grey water storage tank. These features plus the All-Wheel-Drive it is well setup to offer several days of boondocking in the back country.

winnebago ekko RV floorplan

Overall a very comfortable, loaded with features, yet compact, RV for traveling and camping for two people. The AWD and 5000 lb towing capacity allows for towing a boat, canoe/kayak hauler or even a smaller camping trailer. And for the family with a couple of kids an available option is a pop-top upper loft similar to what you find in the Winnebago Solis.

All these features, and more, were enough for Stef and James to ignore the ugliness of the box and make the Ekko their new RV of choice. You can see their video and read their article here.

Compact Class C RVs still a rare bird

So other than these three, no North American RV manufacturer is offering a full-featured RV in a chassis less than 24 feet. It seems that mainly the US and Canadian Van-based Class C Motorhomes are getting bigger and more tricked out with luxury items to justify a higher price tag. Basically if you are in the US or Canada and want a compact and fuel efficient motorhome without having to make up and unfold a bed every day, your choices are limited to Class B motorhomes (see our Best Class B RV 2021 review).

But among the Class B units there is a new wrinkle that offer more living space in a small footprint by the use of a pop-top expansion, reminiscent of the classic Westy VW Camper Bus. Look at our reviews of the Best Camper Vans for 2021.

Compact RV Towables – If your RV travel preference is towing a travel trailer, check out our review article on the Airstream Bambi and its Competitors – – – compact travel trailers with premium features.

Special Mention – A unit that almost made our list of Best Compact Motorhomes for 2021

Phoenix TRX Motorhome

Phoenix RV USA has produced a really slick entry for 2021 on the Ford Transit Chassis. Very attractive aerodynamic profile, running 22’10” in length and only 9’6″ high including the AC unit. The low profile is an advantage on the highway, protection against being blown off the road when a semi passes you!

Phoenix RV TRX motorhome

The Phoenix RV website is a little light on specifications. For instance I can’t determine if the chassis is the All Wheel Drive version or 2 wheel drive. It does run the same 3.5L EcoBoost engine as the top-rated Compact Class Cs and its fuel capacities, fresh water, grey water, and waste water capacities are generous and similar to the Compass and CrossTrek. It comes with an Onan 2800 watt gen set and a 2000 watt inverter. Phoenix doesn’t maintain a large inventory of finished units. They have a small network of factory outlets that carry finished units; but many people have ordered their units from the factory in Indiana and had them built to their desired specifications. So if something in the standard unit isn’t to your liking you can likely have them add it in the build.

Phoenix TRX floorplan

The floorplan we most like offers a dinette with lots of room for two (and four in a squeeze). Across from the dinette is a sofa that converts into a double bed. So you are stuck with daily chore of breaking down and making up the bed. That is the major reason we couldn’t include the Phoenix in our top-rated compact class c motorhomes. However, one advantage of the sofa-bed conversion feature is it leaves more space for other amenities. For example its bath has a vanity & an overhead cabinet with a mirror, plus it is a dry bath with a separate shower unit. The kitchen area is spacious with a large countertop and generous storage space. Another feature we like is the generous wardrobe closet for hanging clothes.

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What are your favorite compact Class C motorhomes? Let me know in the comments below.

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