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Download GTA V Map In Minecraft PE Android | Easily and 100% working

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GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe: This map precisely repeats the outlines of the island from the first game. the whole relief, rivers, and different water bodies are transmitted as accurately as possible. The city is reproduced solely partially, however you may notice all the foremost streets. In some homes, fascinating Easter eggs are hidden.

The map permits you to be creative, you’ll begin to finish the town to the very best or come back up with one thing of your own. If you’d prefer to play GTA V in your Minecraft game and need to relish this game, then this is often the only probability to relish GTA V.


On this page, able to be able to offer the map of GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe in only many of steps you’ll transfer and import it in Minecraft game. Minecraft maps are custom-produced to the world by gamers of Minecraft, victimization the maps mod of Minecraft we have a tendency to get a lot of fun and delight.

Minecraft maps are typically created by a person, by their own imagination and creative mind. Any player enjoying the GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe game will create and share the maps with their friends. Therefore Guys, nowadays we have a tendency to have become to produce the map of minecraft gta v map download.


This map has been created by N11CK. you’ll play this map by putting it on your Minecraft pocketbook. throughout this map, you’ll explore the entire world of minecraft gta v map download. This map has been made terribly closely by N11CK. The hottest and downloadable mods of GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe for Minecraft letter might even be a group of varied mods and add-ons, rather like the minecraft gta v map download reserves mod and thus the weapon mode.

You may notice several mods for cars that might help to fully immerse inside the atmosphere of the GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe! therefore within the appliance, there are numerous maps and skins for Minecraft. In our application, you’ll find Mods – an oversize choice of mods for the Minecraft letter within the minecraft gta v map download style.


Additionally, with the assistance of our mods, you’ll traverse Los Santos on a cultured sports car! Skins – within the Skins section you will find consequent skins for Minecraft: Franklin, Trevor, Michael, CJ, Big Smoke, Tommy Versetti, Sweet, Tenpenny, Rosenberg, Grove Street, Ballas, Vagos, and far of different participants inside the GTA universe.

Addons – additionally add-ons come back not just for weapons, however also for tanks, helicopters Associate in Nursingd military equipment. every add-on options an overview throughout that it’s elaborated what precisely is an addon and on which version of Minecraft letter it works.

Maps – Grove Street, Downtown Los Santos, airport, space 69, the far-famed promenade, Las Venturas, an abandoned runway, and much of other locations for a full immersion in the globe of GTA in Minecraft!

Our advantages: Large choice of mods, addons, skins, and maps for Minecraft letter in our application you may notice all the foremost recent and most far-famed additions for minecraft gta v map download on the subject of GTA.

Then, attend GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe and opt for the already put-in add-on. Frequent updates- daily there are a lot of and more additions to the GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe, that is why updates have gotten to be free each day today it’s a luxury domicile set at the absolute best of Los Santos hills, that are supported the vital life hills.


It’s typically a locality for the made Associate in Nursingd entitled, however throughout the course of the sport, Franklin gets some sensible connections and finishes up here. From rags to riches! The map itself is extraordinarily well done, reliably recreating the awful condo from the game.

It’s a really luxurious trendy home, that includes a pool, many floors, area, an area for chilling out, bedrooms, toilets, a room, and something you’d like from an accurate home. The GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe Franklin’s Pad Map additionally options a garage for your vehicles (in minecraft gta v map download, less helpful in minecraft gta v map download, though there are mods for that), also as a kennel for Chop, Franklin’s dog inside the game, although he’s not featured within the map.


However, you may invariably notice a wolf and name him Chop, it’s virtually the same! Even the inaccessible doors from the first game have been featured throughout this map, that they’re as inaccessible as ever! that is a credit to a devoted recreation, albeit slightly disappointing. On the opposite hand again, you’re liberal to carve your own rooms and alter the map in any manner you’d like.

Franklin’s Pad has been created throughout a survival world, therefore you’ll use the world as a “proper” world, you won’t notice any weird edges or empty space, which is often a bonus. It’s vital to note that the team isn’t creating a world that seems a small amount just like the sports world of grand larceny car V, however are instead building the whole map on a 1:1 scale.

Watch this video to know the installation and downloading process

Watch This Full Video If you’re facing any problem withGTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe

Quick Points what we’ve covered during this article –

  • Introduction about GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe
  • Many of you’re looking for minecraft gta v map download
  • How to get minecraft gta v map download
  • How to play GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe
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GTA 5 Map
Multiple Language SupportYes
New Updated textures
Laggy Game



NameMinecraft GTA 5 Mod
VersionLatest Version
DeveloperMojang Studios
ComposerDaniel Rosenfeld
DesignersMarkus Persson, Jens Bergensten

Other Popular Games –

GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

GTA Liberty City



Conclusion –

As we knowGTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe has been out now. So, from here you can get a GTA Cartoon Mod which is the latest one. Also, make sure that in the gta sa cartoon skins you will receive lots of features.

Make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more updates regarding the GTA 5 mod in Minecraft pe, and also to know about the GTA Cartoon Mod, etc.

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The whole huge map from GTA V is now in Minecraft. Explore a huge island, find familiar places and change everything at your discretion!

This map exactly repeats the outlines of the island from the original game. The entire relief, rivers and other water bodies are transmitted as accurately as possible. The city is reproduced only partially, but you will find all the main streets. In some houses interesting Easter eggs are hidden. The map allows you to be creative, you can set out to complete the city to the end or come up with something of your own.

How to install GTA V map

  1. Download the archive.
  2. Unzip its contents into the ‘saves’ folder located in the game folder.
  3. Launch Minecraft, start a game, choosing the world GTA V.

Download map for Minecraft

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5 download gta map minecraft

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I played GTA in MINECRAFT! (GTA 3, VC, SA, IV, V) GTA Maps in Minecraft!

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