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Persona 5 Hero

Character art

Phantom render

Character art (2)

Levelup joker

Joker's Level-Up icon.

P5 Hero Beta Designs

Concept art

P5 Protagonist concept art

Concept art


Joker concept art

Concept art

P5 concept artwork of the Protagonist

Concept artwork of his expressions

P5 cinematic expressions of the Protagonist

Cinematic expressions concept artwork

S05 chara

Key art of the protagonist from the Persona 5 website

Protag reach

The protagonist and Arsène


The protagonist and Arsène

Protagonist P5 with Persona

The protagonist and Arsène

P5 Wanted Poster

The protagonist along with other playable characters appear on visual wanted poster

P5 illustration by Shigenori Soejima

Illustration of the protagonist and the others by Shigenori Soejima

P5 Protagonist Cover

Persona Magazine: February

Atlus NewYear2016

New Years Card (2016) of the protagonist and Morgana (Tweet)

Phantom Unmasked Concept Art P5




P5 illustration 02

Illustration by Shigenori Soejima

PERSONA5 package visual

Illustration of the main members of Phantom Thieves of Hearts

PERSONA5 20th Anniversary package visual of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts

Illustration of the main members of Phantom Thieves of Hearts

Phantom Thieves of Heart Group 2 P5

Illustration of the main members of Phantom Thieves of Hearts


Illustration of the main members of Phantom Thieves of Hearts


The protagonist with Caroline and Justine



P5 llustration of the Protagonist and Morgana by Shigenori Soejima

Illustration of the protagonist and Morgana by Shigenori Soejima

NA EU Persona 5

Illustration of the protagonist, Morgana and Ann by Shigenori Soejima

Illustration of the Protagonst, Ryuji, and Anne

Illustration of the protagonist, Ryuji and Ann by Shigenori Soejima

P5 released art

Illustration of the protagonist, Morgana, Ryuji, Ann

P5 illustration by Rokuro

Illustration of the protagonist, Morgana, Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke as done by Rokuro Saito

P5 Protagonist TGS 2016 by Soejima

Illustration of the protagonist for Tokyo Game Show 2016 by Shigenori Soejima

P5 Illustration of the Protagonist for celebration of 550,00 copies shipped by Shigenori Soejima

Illustration of the protagonist as done by Shigenori Soejima

2 Million Copies Soejima Art Persona 5

Illustration of the protagonist and Morgana as done by Shigenori Soejima


[Top 10] Persona 5 Best Outfits and How To Get Them

[Top 10] Persona 5 Best Outfits and How To Get Them

"Whoooaaa! Looking cool, Joker!"
By Chris Park

What’s better than fighting shadows? Fighting shadows while looking cool, of course. Costume sets have been a feature of Persona games for quite some time, but the ones available in Persona 5 take it to the next level. Please note that every costume available in Persona 5 must be purchased, with the exception of the Christmas, swimsuit, and butler costumes. These costumes are merely cosmetic and don’t influence the outcome of the game, but in return can provide an enhanced experience if you find an outfit set that you like. Here are the ten best outfits in Persona 5, ranked from good to best. 

10. Persona 4 Costume Set:

Persona 4 is the fourth installment of the Persona series, developed by Atlus for the Playstation 2, 3, and Vita. This costume set features the Persona 5 cast in Yasogami High School uniforms, where the cast of Persona 4 attended.

What Makes Persona 4 Costume Set Awesome:

  • Exclusive Persona 4 Battle and Victory Theme
  • Team Glasses accessory that increases XP earned in battle by 1x

How To Get Persona 4 Costume Set:

  • Can be purchased on the Playstation Store for $6.99

9. Persona 3 Costume Set:

Persona 3 is the third installment of the Persona series, developed by Atlus for the Playstation 2. This costume set features the Persona 5 cast in Gekkoukan High School uniforms, where the cast of Persona 3 attended.

What Makes Persona 3 Costume Set Awesome:

  • Exclusive Persona 3 Battle and Victory Theme
  • SEES Armband accessory that increases money obtained in battle by 1x

How To Get Persona 3 Costume Set:

  • Can be purchased on the Playstation Store for $6.99

8. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Costume Set:

Persona 4: Arena Ultimax is Persona 4 fighting game developed by Atlus and Arc System Works for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and arcade machines. This costume set features the Persona 5 cast in costumes worn by shadow operatives from P4A.

What Makes P4A Awesome:

  • Exclusive P4A Battle and Victory Theme
  • Evoker accessory that replenishes +1 bullet after a battle

How To Get P4A:

  • Can be purchased on the Playstation Store for $6.99

7. Christmas Costume Set

The Christmas Costume Set is a free DLC that features the Persona 5 cast in Christmas outfits. With cute designs, you’ll be able to take down enemies with the Christmas Spirit on your side. 

What Makes the Christmas Costume Set Awesome:

  • Perfect for playing and feeling the Christmas Spirit

How To Get the Christmas Costume Set:

  • Can be obtained on the Playstation Store for free

6. Shin Megami Tensei If… Costume Set:

SMT If is a spin-off of the mainline SMT games created by Atlus in 1994 for the Super Famicom. This costume pack features the Persona 5 cast in the uniforms worn by the main characters of SMT If.

What Makes SMT If  Awesome:

  • Exclusive SMT If Battle and Victory Theme
  • Arm PC accessory which grants all stats +3 and +20 SP

How To Get SMT If:

  • Can be purchased on the Playstation Store for $6.99

5. Persona 4 - Dancing All Night Costume Set:

P4D is a Persona 4 rhythm game created by Atlus for the Playstation Vita. This costume pack features the Persona 5 cast in the outfits worn by characters in P4D.

What Makes P4D Awesome:

  • Exclusive P4D Battle and Victory Theme
  • Midnight Bandana accessory that gives All-Out Attack power 1x increase

How To Get P4D:

  • Can be purchased on the Playstation Store for $6.99

4. Persona 5 - Dancing In Starlight:

P5D is a Persona 5 rhythm game created by Atlus for the Playstation 4 and Vita. Featuring the Persona 5 cast in cool and flashy dance outfits, it is the perfect way to jam out in battle with the exclusive BGM that is included in the DLC. 

What Makes P5D Awesome:

  • Exclusive P5D Battle and Victory Theme

How To Get P5D:

  • Can be purchased on the Playstation Store for $6.99

3. Shin Megami Tensei IV:

Shin Megami Tensei IV is the fourth numbered game of the mainline SMT series, developed by Atlus for the Nintendo 3DS. This costume pack allows the cast of Persona 5 to wear the outfits used in SMTIV.

What Makes SMTIV Awesome:

  • Exclusive SMTIV Battle and Victory Theme
  • Ritual Gauntlet accessory that increases crit rate and magic evasion

How To Get SMTIV:

  • Can be purchased on the Playstation Store for $6.99

2. Catherine Costume Set:

Catherine is a puzzle game developed by Atlus and has been released on multiple platforms such as the Playstation 4 and PC. This costume set features the Persona 5 cast dressed in outfits from Catherine’s. For those who played Catherine, it is easy to see the similarities between characters. 

What Makes Catherine Awesome:

  • Exclusive Catherine Battle and Victory Theme
  • Lamb’s Pillow accessory that reduces status ailment by 50%

How To Get Catherine:

  • Can be purchased on the Playstation Store for $6.99

1. Persona Q2-New Cinema Labyrinth:

Persona Q2 is a dungeon crawler Persona game on the Nintendo 3DS that brings together the cast of characters from Persona 3, 4, and 5. This costume set allows the protagonist and his team members to don their signature look from the Persona Q series.

What Makes PQ2 Awesome:

  • Is the only outfit to completely change the appearance of party members from the normal character design to Persona Q2 models
  • Exclusive Persona Q2 Battle and Victory Theme

How To Get PQ2:

  • Can be purchased on the Playstation Store for $6.99

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The 9 Best Outfits In Persona 5 (& The 6 Worst)

Persona 5 is one of the most stylish games ever created in terms of art style and presentation, but also with the crazy amount of interesting costumes to choose from. Aside from the already creative designs of the Phantom Thief outfits, in-game and DLC costumes help spice up dungeon crawling and grinding.

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Some costumes are just plain weird on purpose, and others are costumes from previous Persona titles and other Atlus games for that sweet cross-promotion. Out of all the cosmetic choices in Persona 5, which ones could win a costume contest, and which ones fall under the mark?

Updated by Michael Connor Smith on April 25th, 2020: The Phantom Thieves have quite the reputation for their sense of style, made even more apparent by their wide variety of formal, funky, flashy, and some rather odd costume choices. There's no denying that Persona 5 Royal has some of the best customizations around when it comes to JRPGs.

This list was updated to incorporate the newest costume DLC additions from Persona 5 Royal, as this enhanced version of the game includes all legacy DLC at no charge while offering options for newer paid DLC.

15 BEST: Christmas Costume Set

Nothing is more reminiscent of the jolly goodness of Christmas morning than a group of four teenagers absolutely demolishing demons with their magical punchy ghosts. This is a free costume pack along with a few others, but these costumes not only look enjoyably out of place in the Cognitive World, but they're quite detailed as well.

Unlike other costume packs, this one has a unique outfit for every Phantom Thief, and they do a nice job at retaining their suave style. Morgana is especially adorable, as his feet are hidden in the snow, making him a waddling, meowing snowman.

14 WORST: Strange Journey Redux Costume Set

It's always a treat to see more Shin Megami Tensei representation within the Persona series, as many fans of Persona know nothing about its big sister franchise. This new DLC for Royal includes the outfits seen in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.

Fans of Strange Journey wouldn't be in the wrong to assume that the battle theme would be "The Fear of God", but it actually plays Alex's battle theme from Strange Journey Redux, "The Great Sign". It's certainly nice to have these for fans of the game, but they contrast heavily with the overall style of Persona 5, and fans might be upset about the choice in battle music.

13 BEST: Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight Featherman Costume Set

Have you ever wanted to infiltrate the metaphysical manifestations of one's distorted desires in an attempt to rid the world of those with evil hearts, but as the Power Rangers? Well, with this Persona 5 Royal exclusive set, you can.

The "Featherman" character has been around in the Persona series for a while now and is an obvious tribute to a popular style of Japanese TV-series', with Power Rangers being the most recognizable. This set lacks a battle theme, unfortunately, but you can now kick some ass in every color of the rainbow.

12 WORST: Swimsuit Set

These costumes are part of another free downloadable pack, and they're reused from the summer beach trip. While they're not particularly lacking in style, they're just basic swimsuits that end up looking a bit strange when fighting huge mythological monsters.

Besides the slight "yikes" factor of the main characters being underage in an M-rated game, in which they're clearly here for fan service, they just don't offer much in terms of stylistic appeal.

11 BEST: Catherine Costume Set

Persona 5 was actually built upon the Catherine engine, so they more than fit right into place here. Similarly to the Christmas set, each character gets their own separate outfit as different recognizable characters from Catherine.

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Joker already looks strikingly similar to Vincent, so he ends up looking like a 15-year younger version of him. Ann and Makoto take the costumes for Catherine and Katherine, and they work so well it's almost scary. Every outfit feels fitting for the characters and it's a great nod to fans of the dating-sim, puzzle-platformer hybrid.

10 WORST: Persona Costume Set

Even though it's from another title in the critically acclaimed Persona series, this costume set feels a bit bland compared to some others, but it really can't help it. Persona's school uniforms, especially when compared to newer games', feel uninspired and boring.

The fact that every character has practically the same outfit doesn't do it any favors, except for Morgana. The addition of the battle theme is certainly a huge plus for fans of the game, but there's a likely chance that you'll get just as sick of it as you did in the original game with the totally off-the-wall encounter rate and short looping soundtrack.

9 BEST: Shin Megami Tensei IV Costume Set

Persona's big brother series, Shin Megami Tensei, doesn't get nearly as much love as the far more popular high school JRPG series, but this costume set does it the justice it deserves. Taken straight from the base game, these costume designs are worn by the Samurai from Mikado who venture into the demon-filled Tokyo.

These outfits look awesome and suit the Phantom Thieves well, and Morgana takes the form of Burroughs. Along with these, the main battle theme is included as well, and anything from SMT IV's killer soundtrack is always a plus.

8 WORST: Casual Winter Outfits

By themselves, they're fashionable enough for any typical high school student, but they're just that, typical. The Cognitive World is anything but typical, and it creates a stark contrast that can't help but feel like the Phantom Thieves just forgot their normal attire at home.

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They work just fine, keeping the same battle theme, and just make the battles a tiny bit awkward looking. When seeing Ryuji murdering a literal mythological god in his everyday purple hoodie and a graphic tee, you can't help but feel like something is wrong.

7 BEST: Velvet Room Costume Set

It's unfortunate that the Velvet Room costumes don't imbue the party with the same otherworldly powers seen when battling Elizabeth, Margaret, and Caroline and Justine, but they look pretty dapper regardless.

It's a huge plus to see the multiple Velvet Room Residents being represented with Ann having Elizabeth's outfit, Makoto having Margaret's, and Ryuji having Theodore's. Also, seeing Morgana as Igor is both one of the cutest and most terrifying things in the entire series.

6 BEST: Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha Costume Set

The Raidou Kuzunoha games went under the radar by many JRPG fans, but it makes its return within Persona 5. These Shin Megami Tensei titles are action RPGs set in 1920's Tokyo, and along with that comes some sick costume designs.

Joker and Yusuke don both outfits worn by Raidou himself, and Morgana takes the form of Gotou because, you know, he's a cat. Even though the girls wear normal school attire from the game, they don't feel out of place, and Akechi's costume is quite fitting.

5 WORST: Pajama Set

If the Cognitive World was accessed from within one's dreams, then the loungewear outfits would feel right at home. Otherwise, it looks like the Phantom Thieves put on whatever they had lying around the house to venture into palaces and steal hearts.

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Some of the team members' outfits are a bit more put together than someone like Joker, who couldn't even be bothered to put on some dang shoes while in the midst of a heated battle.

4 BEST: Persona 4 Dancing All Night Costume Set

Look at Morgana, just look at him. The DLC for Persona 4: Dancing All Night is without a doubt the funkiest costume set in the game, and Atlus took some excellent creative liberties to make some of the most rad outfits in the Phantom Thieves' arsenal.

Each character has a unique costume reminiscent of the rhythm-game nature of Dancing All Night, and they go perfectly well with the total bops heard in Persona 5 like "Last Surprise" and "Life Will Change".

3 BEST: Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight Costume Set

If Persona 5 by itself is regarded as one of the most stylish games ever, then Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight brings even more style to the table. The Persona dancing games have done an excellent job of giving our beloved characters some killer dance moves and spectacular attire.

Even though the Persona dancing games have tons of remixed music, there is a lack of an included battle theme, however. Regardless of the missed opportunity to include a remixed battle theme, it's as graceful as ever to take down foes while looking like the Phantom Thieves belong on a concert stage.

2 WORST: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Costume Set

The included battle them may be boppin', but these outfits won't have any jaws be droppin'. In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, these are the uniforms seen in the Shadow Operatives group led by Persona 3's Mitsuru and Aigis.

Each Thief may have their own individual set of those cheap LED glasses you'd find at a carnival to replace their masks, but the whole outfit just looks a bit ridiculous. They end up looking like movie villains than anything, and looking at the all-black outfits after hours of gameplay gets tiresome on the eyes.

1 BEST: Persona Q 2: New Cinema Labyrinth Costume Set

This is the only costume set for Persona 5 that completely changes the models of all playable characters, and it's downright ridiculous and fantastic. Persona Q seemed like a spin-off game that would have a harder time transitioning into a main-series title, but Atlus pulled it off.

These models look great as well and allow for a sort of "HD" reimagining of Persona Q2. It plays the battle theme "Invitation to Freedom" from New Cinema Labyrinth, and it feels right at home in Persona 5 Royal.

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Persona 5 - Makoto Costume Dialogue (ENG)

Persona 5 Royalhas been released in the West today, and below is an image gallery of all the individual costume sets, including downloadable content, for each member of the Phantom Thieves:

  • Protagonist (Joker)
  • Ryuji Sakamoto (Skull)
  • Ann Takamaki (Panther)
  • Morgana (Mona)
  • Yusuke Kitagawa (Fox)
  • Makoto Niijima (Queen)
  • Haru Okumura (Noir)
  • Futaba Sakura (Oracle)
  • Goro Akechi (Crow)
  • Kasumi Yoshizawa

The first costume sets, after the Phantom Suits, consist of newly available costumes in Persona 5 Royal, followed by older sets from the original game (which now have the addition of Kasumi Yoshizawa). Some of the DLC costume sets include new background music in battle.

A similar DLC costume image gallery was previously posted for the original release of Persona 5.

Phantom Suit

Tracksuit Costumes

Persona 5 Royal Velvet Room Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: The Battle for Everyone’s Souls
  • Victory Theme: The Path Was Closed

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: GROOVY
  • Victory Theme: Victory (“P5D” ver.)

P5D Featherman Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: Let’s Go! Phoenix Ranger Featherman R!

SMT: Strange Journey Redux Costumes (Helmet)

SMT: Strange Journey Redux Costumes (No Helmet)

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: The Great Sign
  • Victory Theme: Results

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: Invitation to Freedom
  • Victory Theme: The Show is Over

Student Uniforms (Summer)

Student Uniforms (Winter)

Plain Clothes (Summer)

Plain Clothes (Winter)



Persona 3 Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: Mass Destruction
  • Victory Theme: After the Battle

Persona 4 Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: Time to Make History
  • Victory Theme: Period

Persona Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: A Lone Prayer
  • Victory Theme: Dream of a Butterfly

Persona 2 Costumes

Preview Video

Catherine Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: Obelisk
  • Victory Theme: At More Choice

Shin Megami Tensei if… Costumes

Preview Video

Persona 5 Maid & Butler Costumes

Persona 5 Christmas Costumes

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: Reach Out to the Truth (Dancing on Persona Stage)
  • Victory Theme: Period (P4D Version)

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: The Arena (Stage Version)
  • Victory Theme: Get A Triple S!

Shin Megami Tensei IV Costumes

Preview Video

  • Battle Theme: Battle A2
  • Victory Theme: Battle Results

Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha Costumes

  • Battle Theme: Raidou Battle
  • Victory Theme: Level Up

Persona 5 Royal was released on The PS4 in Japan on October 31, 2019, with a Traditional Chinese and Korean release on February 20, 2020. It was released in the West on March 31, 2020.



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Persona 5 Royal - All DLC Costumes and BGM (Gameplay Showcase)

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