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@Corentin Dal Farra

I have something like this for our companies vacation requests. the request comes in through a request form. This will create the row and populate the ID using a system generated number. Any changes to that requires the user to enter the ID then enter the updates they want. The updates go into a second sheet. The original sheet 3 columns for each value (this is messy but it works) 2 of the columns are hidden and one is the display.

for example Start date there is

Requested Start date (this is what the original request is) it is hidden

Change Start date (this using an Index/Match to locate any change request on the 2nd sheet) it is also hidden

Start Date (this uses an IF statement to say IF(ISBLANK([Change Start date]@row),[Requested Start date]@row,[Change Start date]@row) this is the column is displayed

this will look for any change request for that column and display if it is changed otherwise will display the original data.

one final not is it only works if the 2nd sheet for change request is set up to have new entries added to the top of the sheet. That way the latest changes for each column will be displayed.


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Hi Sheryl,

@Sheryl Sheldon

Did you get this working or do you still need help?

Would it work if the form was submitted first and then you’d send out an update request to have everything on the same row?

I hope that helps!

Be safe and have a fantastic week!


Andrée Starå

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Forms will add new rows to a sheet so you could try and filter with reports and use the system that way? Potentially have a report for all items that have the column checked for "checked out" and then when you click on "checked in" it disappears from your report?

Another option would be to use a dynamic view. Dynamic views will pull the data based on user or filtering of some sort. We use this often for large data set updates but people would still need to have an asset tag or some identifier easily available to update the correct row.

The last option could be using a form, entering a new row and then add a checkbox column called "checked in" to see, based on the laptop ID number or an asset tag, if that tag has been checked out and in. If the form enters a new row and the asset tag is logged above, it would check the box saying its checked back in. For example: =IF(COUNTIF(Asset:Asset, [email protected]) > 1, 1)

You could then use a move row functionality to say that once its been checked back in, the row(s) move to another sheet so you start fresh (if you're lending out the same laptops) for different events.

There are lots of options of ways to solve this! Hope this helps!

Automate Work With Update Requests

Update Requests

Have actions trigger an automatic ask for someone to update a portion of a sheet with the latest information. For example, when someone is assigned to a task, you can have Smartsheet automatically send an update request to them to update the Status and Estimated Effort fields for that task.

In a sheet, click Automation > Request an Update to get started with building your automated workflow.

update request action block

Depending on your automation permissions, you can send an update request to anyone with an email address—even if they aren’t shared to the source sheet. See Sharing Permission Levels and Control Who Is Notified About Alerts and Requests for more information on how this works.

Manage pending update requests

You can review completed and pending update requests, and even delete a pending request that may have already been addressed.
In the sheet, select the update request icon in the right sidebar

Click the headers to sort requests. For example, click Sent to sort requests by the sent date.

Request fields that appear as read only

Some information can't be edited from an update request depending on the how cells in a sheet are being used. These cells can only be edited in the sheet directly by signing in to Smartsheet.

The following fields will appear as read-only in an update request:

  • Fields that contain formulas
  • Start Dates and Finish Dates with a dependency (the Duration field can be edited)
  • Predecessors (this field won't appear in an update request)
  • Locked columns

How locked rows and columns appear

  • Locked rows will be sent in an update request if the recipient has Editor-level sharing permissions or lower, but the recipient will not be able to make any edits.
  • If the update request recipient is the sheet Owner or shared with Admin-level permissions, locked rows and columns will be editable from the update requests

To smartsheet row form update

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Hi Jason,

Because I just was completing the e-Academy and just watched the Automated Update Requests, you can indeed restrict users to view only the cells they need to update.

You will need to Create a workflow. Under Automation, choose Manage Workflows.

You will want to first view the Automation Permissions. Select the level that the reps will need to the sheet in order to receive notifications and requests from the sheet. You can find this by clicking on the gear icon and Select Automation Permissions.

Select your Trigger : When a Date is Reached. Click on Run once and select Custom.

Select your recurrence and the time at which you wish the notification to be sent. (I prefer beginning of the day)

Under Alert someone, Select Who you'd like to have the alerts sent to for the column that needs to be updated.

Click on the Kabob (three dot) menu and choose Advanced Options. Here is where you can restrict their visibility to the rest of the sheet.

If you need this to be for one person at a time to only view their cells, you can clone this workflow for each additional person and select them from the Assigned To or Contacts column you've created.

I'm not sure if that will help you, but I found it to be a pretty neat tool to restrict viewing of the rest of the sheet.


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How to update Excel sheets from Power Automate - Ultimate guide

How to update rows from a custom form...

Hi, I have a Smartsheet that contains information about different pieces of work. Each row is specific to a piece of work and it has multiple columns, one of these is Status. I display this as a Kanban using Card view.

When I change the status of an item to Completed, I want to automatically send a form to a contact in one of the cells. The form is created as a feedback form with fourteen questions and uses a simple 0-5 star rating drop down box. The questions relate to 14 additional columns in the same sheet which are unpopulated.

How can I get the cell status changing to completed to automatically send the form, and that form to update the unpopulated columns on the correct line?

I have also tried using a standard Request Update, and although that does allow me to send just the 14 new columns for the update, the column Name field is not large enough to take a full question. I have tried putting the question into Column Description, but that doesn't appear on the Request Update Form.

I have also tried to create a form and trigger that through an Action when the cell value changes, but I can't seem to be able to send a form in that way.

I would also add that it is not essential that the answers populate the same sheet, it could be another sheet, as long as I can take the Description field from the original sheet to cross-reference with, so yes I could send a link to a new form, but how would I get a reference to the row into that new form.

It's very frustrating, it seems to be almost possible...

Apologies if this appears more than once, the Community site went down while I was originally posting the question.

Thanks in anticipation. Ben. 



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I, too, would like to update existing rows with a webform.

I have a division wide meeting held monthly that individuals will then breakout into three different meetings throughout the day. Over 200+ individuals attend this meeting and subsequent breakout sessions. Attendance to these meetings are tied to performance improvement metrics and I am looking to have this tracked in SmartSheet. As everything is virtual, we are hoping to have one form provided through a link or QR code that people can update their own attendance. This is to ensure the person who filled out the form is actually present via a link provided in the virtual meeting program. Providing everyone with Smartsheet access to update this sheet is not feasible. We cannot use row update field/contact list as we need to capture people who will not be on the list (alternate status or visitor/speaker).

Is there a way to force a selection through one question that could then be logic linked throughout the rest of the form?

For instance:

1st question: Department: Selection options based on historical data. i.g.: Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, etc.

Next question: Name: Selection based on who they are with primary person input. i.g.: Kvothe, Other. If Kvothe is selected, a "P" would be automatically entered for that month row/column that is currently available for update. If Other is selected, a new row is placed to capture that attendance; preferably as a "child" to that "parent" established department.

Does this exist? Can it? Thank you


Sara Stafford


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