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Crazy Hair Day Ideas

It’s that time of year again at school to unleash you and your child’s imaginations and create some absolutely crazy hairstyles. We’ve put together a super cute collection of Crazy Hair Day Ideas that are sure to get you inspired….check them all out now! You could also use many of these Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Halloween. Christmas, or Easter.


As always, please be sure to click on the links above the image to be taken to the original sources and the tutorials.

Pumpkin Patch from Princess Piggies


Unicorn Hairstyle from Princess Hairstyles


Pipe Cleaner Hairstyle from Blue Skies Ahead


Apple Orchard Hairstyle from Bee in our Bonnet


Mermaid Hairstyle from Chasing Our Dreams


Bug Head Hairstyle from Bee in our Bonnet


Octopus Hairstyle from One Creative Mommy


Rudolph Hairstyle from Princess Piggies


Christmas Tree Hairstyle from Paint the Moon


Surfer Hairstyle from Bee in our Bonnet


Rainbow Hairstyle from Hair by Lori


Plastic Egg Hairstyle from Princess Piggies


Star Wars Hairstyle from Lou Lou Girls


Donut Hair from Make It & Love It


Spider Web Hair from reEvolve Mom


Mustache Man Hairstyle from Etsy


Braided Cat Ears Hairstyle from CGH


Googly Eyes Hairstyle from Annieplascencia


Spider Web Hairstyle from brownhairedbliss


Beehive Hairstyle from inchmark



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The Best Cute Halloween Hairstyles – Great For Crazy Hair Days!


Who knew there were so many cute Halloween hairstyles? Use these tutorials and instructions for fun Halloween hair ideas to make the days leading up to the big day extra-fun!

Cute Halloween Hairstyles

Update August 2020: WOW! Cute Halloween hairstyles are SO popular! This has become one of my most popular Halloween posts, and I just want to give you more ideas and inspiration! All the original content is still in this post, and I just added more hairstyles for you.

There are so many cute halloween hairstyles online it was hard to narrow it down to a manageable amount. I think I did a great job, though. I'm in love with all of these fun and easy Halloween hair ideas!

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Halloween Hairstyles for Girls

Cute halloween hairstyles - giant eyeball

How much do you love this giant eyeball Halloween hairstyle?

cute halloween hairstyles

This spider ring hairdo by Princess Piggies is one of my favorites.

I love how the hairstyle gives extra life to those spider rings that are so popular. Who knows what happens to the rest of them once Halloween is over!

cute halloween hairstyles braided cat ears

Aren't these braided cat ears the definition of a cute Halloween hairstyle? I love that they use black pipe cleaners to hold the shape.

The instructions are very easy, and they even show you how to make braided devil ears and other animal ears using the same method!

cute Halloween hairstyle pumpkin buns

Another favorite is the Pumpkin Patch buns! This is a perfectly seasonal Halloween hairstyle even if you don't celebrate the holiday!

cute Halloween hairstyles

This Spider in a Spider Web double braid style looks way more complicated than it really is! Hairpins, pipe cleaners and pony beads help you complete the look.

cute Halloween hairstyles for girls

Check out all the different looks that can be made when you learn how to make a 3D Netting ponytail.

Cute Halloween hairstyles for girls

This DIY octopus hairstyle is so festive and cute! It works for Halloween or for a crazy hair day.

Related:  See all of my pumpkin ideas and pumpkin carving patterns:

Halloween hairstyle pumpkin bun

I think an adult could style their hair into this pumpkin bun on Halloween!

Halloween hairstyles Candy Corn

The perfect spacing makes this candy corn hairstyle extra adorable!

Halloween hairstyles mummy

I think this wrapped Mummy ponytail Halloween hairstyle is so inspired and so cute!

Halloween hairstyles spider bun

I love this simple and silly spider bun for a fun Halloween hairstyle.

Halloween hairstyles cat ears

I love how this mom made her daughter's hair into a cat ears hairstyle!

Halloween hairstyles bird nest

Thinking about hair and a bird nest usually means tangles, instead of one of the cutest Halloween hairstyles I've ever seen! This hair nest would 100% be a winner of a crazy hair day style, too!

There's a video tutorial included in this article for how to make a unicorn horn Halloween hairstyle!

This might be the best pirate hairstyle I've ever seen!

Do you know of other cute Halloween hairstyles that deserve a place on this list? I'd love to hear about them! Please leave a comment below.

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If you ever feel like you’re meant for more craziness, then in this post you can find the Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids…and Fun kids hairstyles for crazy Halloween day. Halloween costumes are endless, thus the choices are plenty, but all is for one option is to go with what you already have — your hair. Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids

And because hair is an incredibly versatile accessory it will reflect the wild side of Halloween hairstyle theme of the personality you wear and for a total treat. Thus have your kids go crazy with their hair once in awhile and let them be wild and not afraid to express themselves.



The classics Halloween Hairstyles like hairstyles, colors, lengths and volume and hair gel are complemented by ‎ wacky accessories to start ‎expressing their wild side, completing their  weird Costume making it a hilarious spectacle for everybody. Because it has been always the tresses before dresses, the ‎non-conventional nature of Halloween hairstyles feathers the otherworldly spirits of this spooky night.

Creative parents have a big chance to help their children to focus on the details showing the best ‎ideas for crazy hair on their kids. Halloween is the perfect day opportunity ‎to allows for creativity and allow you to go more spooky. The more ‎you create, the more you get …The wilder and the better. Hair is at eye level the first thing you view then the costume details start next.

Hairdressers help someone’s silhouette bring out, ‎and balanced with the crazy and creative Halloween costume dressed. These designs are filled with plurality of brilliant and nice colors that will be a ‎big bonus to your overall style. Have your kids go crazy with their hair, ‎wearing their favorite costumes and let them be wild.

There are plenty of options for non-‎conventional ideas without any permanent changes. Your kids can be this crazy with her/his ‎hairstyle which are of a perfect look. Crazy ideas are great just for fun Halloween ‎celebration with the finishing off look that are just awesome and cute for the night. Girls usually have a rich desire for ‎fashion and to tryout a different look more than boys and seeing themselves with a different style that is the same for these creepy, wacky Halloween night- ‎a day of a festive spirit.

Halloween hairstyle and dressing are still the two most things practically go hand in hand for a perfect Halloween. Children with long hair have many more fun ways to accessorize their hair which will help them ‎being show off with these quirky and crazy hairstyles, that wouldn’t embarrass even ‎famous Hollywood’s top hairdressers. Dress up your kids on Halloween day as they whole range of options to choose from and let ‎them experiences regarding that night with their wondering “trick or treat” costumes. In this article, we have managed to find Top 50 ‎Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids. Check them out and get inspired! I hope you enjoy ‎these awesome Halloween ideas! ‎

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Prepare your kids for the excitement of Halloween, dress up your kids on Halloween day and let them experiences regarding that night. For this Halloween, make it a special one. Here are plenty of options for unusual crazy hair style ideas, your kids can choose any of these hairstyles for kids for the day once in awhile .

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

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Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource


Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids (1)sourceTop 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids (2)


Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kidssource

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids (1)

sourceTop 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids (3)sourceTop 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids (4)sourceTop 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids (5)source

Top 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids (6)sourceTop 50 Crazy Hairstyles Ideas for Kids (2)source
























Spider Hairstyle for Halloween - ChikasChicEng

You’ve got to see these crazy hair day ideas for school! From unicorns to mermaids to bug-infested grass, we’ve found some of the most creative and craziest ideas out there!

Crazy Hair Ideas

Crazy Hair Day

This is one of my favorite days at school. I remember doing this during Red Ribbon week and Homecoming week, and now it is my child’s favorite! We love creating all sorts of wacky hairstyles!

So grab some bobby pins, hair clip, pipe cleaners, and maybe even some googly eyes and hair gel to create these fun wacky hairstyles.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for School

Little Mermaid Hairstyle

Color a braid to create this adorable Little Mermaid hairstyle. This is the ultimate mermaid hair! via One Crafty Thing

Crazy Hairstyles For Boys

Paint hair green and add some fake bugs for a super cool hairstyle that boys will dig. You can even use these for girls that have short hair as well. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect creative hairstyle in this list. via Panda Gossips

Octopus Hair Accessory

Add this super cute octopus accessory to a bun for an adorable crazy hairstyle for girls. via One Creative Mommy

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Doughnut Hairstyles

Turn a bun into a doughnut! So cute! via Smart Girls DIY

Unicorn Hairstyles

I’m in LOVE with this unicorn hairstyle for girls. via Lou Lou Girls

Cupcake Hairstyles

Make crazy cupcake hair from two buns. All you need is some fuzzy colorful pony tail holders and a cupcake liner or two. via Bored Bug

Crazy Hair Ideas With Ginger Ale

Pour some ginger ale with this adorable crazy hairstyle. All you need is an empty bottle of Ginger Ale and a plastic cup to do this wacky style. via Instagram

Silly Spider Hair

A spider bun is fun for crazy hair day or Halloween! via Simple as That

Crazy Hair Ideas

Beehive Hairstyle

Twist braids together to create a beehive hairstyle. So fun! So fun! Some of these crazy hair styles are a pun on traditional or retro hairstyles. I love it. via Family Holiday

Lalaloopsy Hair

How about some Lalaloopsy hair?! Then they can match their dolls. This is one of my favorite easy crazy hair day ideas. It’s easy, fun, and a simple way to do your daughter’s hair. via Artsy Fartsy Mama

Crazy Ponytail

Use a pipe cleaner to make your daughter’s ponytail stick straight up! This gives a new meaning to ponytail. via Babes In Hair Land

Butterfly Braid

This butterfly braid is gorgeous and perfect for crazy hair day. via Modern Salon

First Month Free!

Mr. Potato Head Crazy Hair

Make a face using Mr. Potato Head accessories! So fun! It is a great crazy hair day style via Instagram

Basketball Hair Net

Make a “hair net” with actual hair! She essentially has a basketball net on the top of her head. via Pinterest

Rainbow Hair

This twisty rainbow hairstyle even has clouds on the bottom! This is perfect for wacky hair day! You get to add so much hair color! The temporary spray hair paint would be perfect for this. via DIY

Balloon Pigtails

Attach helium balloons to pigtails for a fun and unique hairstyle. via Pinterest 

Crazy Hair Ideas for Boys

Creepy Hairstyles For Boys

Fake spider webs and plastic spiders make for a creepy hairstyle for boys. via Sugar Blossoms

Catch A Wave Hairstyle

How cute is this catch-a-wave style?! via DIY

Death Star Hairstyle

Star Wars fan will adore this Death Star hairstyle for boys. via Lou Lou Girls

Mohawk Iguana

Turn a mohawk into an iguana — perfect for boys! via Instagram

Need More School Hair And Activity Ideas? Check Out These Posts:

Which crazy hair day style is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section!


Day halloween ideas hair crazy

18 Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls & Boys

colour hair,costume ideas,crazy hair,crazy hair day,wacky hair

Name Labels

Run out of crazy hair day ideas? Here are 18 styles for the next crazy hair day at school or kid related events.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

If your child loves unicorns, then why not be one for the day! Be inspired by this hairdo to come up with a unicorn look of your own.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

What a cute idea to use the hair to form the food on a plate. Other ideas I’ve seen include donuts & Easter buns.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Love this Ariel inspired mermaid tail!

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Put some wire in the hair through the braids to shape it into place. It might be hard to go to school with balloons in the hair!

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

An easy & colourful idea for the next crazy hair day. 

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Make an elephant clip from felt & attach it to the pony tail for your child if they are not into crazy hair styles!

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Make a bee’s hive from several plaits & yellow yarn. Use pipe cleaners to attach the bees to your child’s hair.

School Labels

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

How funny is this man with long moustache! Sure to get a giggle from the classmates.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Attach black pipe cleaners through the hair & shape them into ears. You can shape the ears into different types of animals too.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Make a spider’s web with lots of plats pinned around the head. Attach fake spiders to make an effective spider’s web.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Easy to do in boys & girls hair. Attach rubber snakes to get a medusa look.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Boys who are into lego & can have their hair shaped into a surf wave might love this.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

How clever is this battle scene from Star Wars using lego!

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Colour spray the hair to look like grass & add critters & bugs in them for a crazy garden look.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Add a bunch of googly eyes to upright gelled hair to create an alien look.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

What an amazing effort this mum made to get this lizard look!

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

This hair reminds me of Albert Einstein. Perhaps your child might like to have their hair look like a crazy scientist.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

You can tell this boy is a dedicated minecraft lover!

We hope you have been inspired by some of these ideas for the next crazy hair day at school! If you need some inspiration for Book Week, don’t miss our Book Week & Halloween Costume Ideas. 

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Unicorn Hairstyle Tutorial For Halloween or Crazy Hair Day!

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