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Jeanne's Doggie Daycare and Pet Hotel


Spokane's Premier Pet Hotel and Boarding Facilities


Spokane's Premier Pet Hotel and Boarding Facilities

At jeanne's we offer a wide range of services

Doggie Daycare

Daycare is a great and fun alternative to leaving your dog at home during the day!

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Suite Stays for Dogs

Jeanne's Doggie Daycare And Pet Hotel offers overnight accommodations for your pet in our stress-free suites.

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Suite Stays for Cats

Jeanne's Doggie Daycare and Pet Hotel spoils cats in their own kitty suites. 

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Dog Delicious

Fresh made cake cookies & treats for your dog. 

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More Services

Grooming, cuddle time, medication administration, socialization training, and more...

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Spokane’s Premier Pet Hotel and Boarding Facilities

About Us

Jeanne's Doggie Daycare and Pet Hotel in Spokane Washington provides the area with Award Winning Boarding Facilities and a downtown convenient location. We offer a full range of services to meet your pet’s individual needs. Our main focus is to make the relationship between pets and their people more successful through dedication to the care, safety, health, and comfort of all our customers. After all, a happy pet makes a happy owner!

Don’t take your Dog or Cat to a regular boarding kennel, Jeanne’s enhances your pet’s day with interaction and comfort rather than the loneliness of being in a cage, crate or at home by themselves. Pet Daycare, Hotel Suites for Cats and Dogs, Transportation, Medication Dispensing, Pet Grooming and Cuddle Time are just a few of the services offered at Jeanne’s!

Our History

We started Jeanne’s Doggie Daycare and Pet Hotel in 2003 because we felt there was no place to take our pets when we were out of town. At the time we were raising small dogs and after visiting a number of area kennels, we were shocked and thought, we would never put our dogs in such a high stressed and scary place. After doing a lot of research, two years later we opened Jeanne’s Doggie Daycare and Pet Hotel.

We eventually decided not to raise puppies because there are plenty in this world for adoption and finding the perfect parents for them was difficult. I think we were too strict with the new parents’ qualifications and found ourselves growing too attached to all the puppies.

our strongest points

  • Award winning care: We won a W.A.G. award for being Eastern Washington’s best doggie daycare and Pet Hotel!
  • We have been featured in Washington CEO magazine, local Credit Union advertisement material, journal of business, numerous newspaper articles including the spokesman review, morning TV news shows, local and national talk radio shows, and more!
  • Customer service: We pride ourselves on exceptional service and care to all our customers and our guests.
  • Socialization: We socialize all dogs! All dogs can benefit from the positive effects of daycare.
  • Highly trained staff: Our staff is trained to assure the safety and comfort of each guest as we go the extra mile to assure all our guests get exceptional care.
  • Flexible hours: We are open seven days a week with flexible drop off and pick up times to suit your needs.
  • Socialization for dogs and people: If your dog has any kind of behavior problems such as aggression, timid, or non-social issues, we can help!

Jeanne's is conviently located near downtown Spokane


720 E. Sprague
Spokane, WA 99202
Phone:  509-534-1675
Fax:   509-534-1535


Monday - Friday: 6:30am - 6:30pm

Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Sunday: 11am - 4pm

Come by for a tour anytime between the hours of 9am - 11am

or 2:30pm - 4:30pm Monday through Saturday

No appointment needed!

Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 69 
Greenacres, WA 99016

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Pet Sitting Services

Providing boarding services since 2000

Don’t let your pet be a “latch key kid”! Let them take a vacation too, where they will have someone ready to pamper them and cater to their needs. There’s no place like home and home is at Auntie Linda’s in Spokane Washington when you’re away.

Instead of taking your pet to a boarding kennel where they spend their lonely day  in a cage or crate or all day alone at home waiting for the sitter, bring your pet to Auntie Linda’s where they have interaction with me and other pets (as appropriate) and the comfort of a home environment. Auntie Linda’s primary goal is to provide a safe, clean, loving and healthy atmosphere for your pet. Perhaps the only problem with a vacation at the bed & breakfast is that your pet may just not want to come home!

I first became aware there was a need for small pet boarding facilities in the early 2000’s. I have been providing care to dogs, cats, bunnies, and other animals since that time.

Auntie Linda’s offers specialized care for the unique needs of your pet, this includes administering provided medication. Dogs and cats that are very old or “medically frail”, will receive experienced individual and loving care at all times during their Pet boarding experience. At no additional cost to you!

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Boarding at Paradise Pet Resort is available 365 days a year and boarding prices are per night. Each pet is charged for the number of nights they stay regardless of the arrival or pick-up time. Our rates are all-inclusive, there are no hidden fees and we are happy to administer medication, as well as follow any special dietary needs.

Dog Boarding

Daycare is included with boarding prices for all of our overnight pets who pass our temperament test and are spayed/neutered. Boarding dogs that participate in daycare must demonstrate adequate social skills and the ability to play safely.

What to bring:

  • Food, though not required we appreciate morning and evening meals to be prepackaged in baggies. We can accommodate a variety of diets including items that need to be refrigerated.  If you forget your food we can provide high quality grain-free kibble at an additional charge of $1.50/per cup per dog.  
  • Bedding or blanket
  • Toys or chews
  • Medication if applicable

We require the following:

  • Your dog is spayed or neutered
  • Our temperament test
  • Up-to-date vaccinations – Bordatella, Distemper, and Rabies


Cat Boarding

Here at Paradise Pet Resort we are a totally cage free cat environment. Our cats are allowed to roam the cat room, climb in the cat towers or sleep in various cubbies and hiding spaces.

What to bring:

  • Please transport your cat in a cat carrier
  • We can accommodate a variety of diets including items that need to be refrigerated
  • Medication if applicable

We require the following:

  • Up-to-date vaccinations – FVRCP, FeLV, Rabies

Spokane animal shelters seeing and influx of pets due to rising rents


cat being petAt Doggyland Daycare & Boarding, we know cat owners want the best care for their pets, too! Our dedicated professionals haven’t forgotten our feline friends. In addition to services for dogs, we also offer cat boarding in Spokane Valley, WA. We are committed to delivering the best care for your cat. Our purrfect services include:

  • Sparkling locale: To create the best environment for your kitty, we use all natural disinfectants to clean our surroundings. Our floors are non-porous for easy clean up. The results are an odor-free environment.
  • Individual Cat Rooms: Since many cats prefer to be alone, each cat gets an individual room entirely to themselves. Each room is above our lobby with a cat tree so they can look down on their humans and feel superior. Each employee designates 5 minutes during each shift to give your feline lots of pets and purrs.
  • Tours: Many pet owners prefer to visit a location before dropping their cat off for a stay. We invite you to come take a tour any time. Our friendly staff would be happy to show you our facilities and answer any questions you have.
  • Vaccinations: To ensure the safety of all our guests and staff, we require all vaccinations to be current for a stay at Doggyland Daycare & Boarding.
  • Rates: Your cat can enjoy a 24-hour stay at our inviting facility for just $24.

With professional staff and a commitment to your cat’s care, it’s easy to see why Doggyland Daycare & Boarding was voted Krem2 Best of Spokane for 3 consecutive years. We are your trusted source for cat daycare in Spokane Valley, WA.

Contact our staff today to schedule your next visit or to answer any additional questions. We can be reached 365 days at year at 509-924-5263.


Spokane, wa boarding cat

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SCRAPS rescues 41 cats in Spokane Valley

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