5/8 staple gun

5/8 staple gun DEFAULT

US58 22 Ga. 3/8" Upholstery Stapler

Features & Specs


  • Uses 22 Ga. 3/8" crown staples from 1/4" to 5/8" long
  • Small and lightweight for ease of operation
  • 1" nose extension for limited clearance fastening
  • Steel top cap for durability
  • Rear exhaust port channels air and tool oil/condensation away from user
  • Driver guide moves back with magazine, allowing jams to be easily cleared when magazine is open
  • Convenient bottom-load magazine holds 185 staples


  • Fastener Range1/4" to 5/8" leg in
  • Fastener Type22 ga. 3/8" Crown Staple
  • Firing ModesTrigger
  • Height6 in
  • Length9 in
  • Magazine Capacity185
  • Operating Pressure70 - 120 psi
  • Power Tool TypePneumatic
  • Shipping Weight2.725 lbs
  • Weight2 lbs


  • 1/4" air fitting with dust cover
  • Oil

Warranty & Service Information

Warranty Information

Sours: https://www.portercable.com/products/power-tools/nailers-and-staplers/specialty-nailers/22-ga-38-upholstery-stapler/us58

Pneu Tools RC-58II 5/8″ Plastic Cap Staple Gun

  • Shoots Laser Welded Caps
  • Quick Clear Cap Window
  • High Capacity Easy Bottom Load Magazine
  • Ergonomically Designed Aluminum Housing  with Comfortable Rubber Grip

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The Pneu Tools RC58-II is the Original Plastic Cap Stapler that started it all! Use the RC58-II to speedily install Black Paper, House Wrap, Lumber Wrap, or even Silt Fence. With its Small Body, Compact Design, Industrial Strength, but Light-Weight Housing, this RC58-II Plastic Cap Stapler is the Top of the Line in its class.
Pneu Tools designed a revolutionary new housing, so there are no clumsy, or easily torn loose hoses anywhere on the tool- unlike its competitors. Its ergonomically designed handle and rubber grip mean comfort and consistent ease of operation. This Plastic Cap Tool uses 20ga. “F” Series 5/8” Staples with Laser Welded Caps, so you don’t have to worry about loose caps flipping, jamming, spilling, or falling apart anywhere, like with String or Wire Collated Caps. The Laser Welded Caps are small enough to fill a pocket or tool pouch with- not like the bulky & cumbersome spools that unravel, & can’t be taken onto the roof.
There are Compact, High Capacity, Easy Load Magazines for both the Caps and Staples. A Quick Clear Cap Window allows for quickly removing any jam on site without having to take anything apart. A 360° Rotational Deflector allows the operator to conveniently direct exhaust wherever they desire, and there is a Sturdy Metal Belt Hook located on the side of the tool, so you don’t have to worry about a tool sliding off of the roof because of belt hook failure.
APPLICATIONS: House Wrap, Black Paper, Lumber Wrap, Silt Fence
Model: RC-58II
Length: 12.56″
Width: 4.8″
Height: 8.66″
Weight: 4.0 lbs.
Operating Pressure: 80 – 120 psi
Fastener Capacity: 110
Staple Dimensions
“F” Series Senco
20 Gauge 5/8″


All products sold by A.N.CO. Fastener Sales are backed by the full manufacturer’s warranty.
Since they frequently change, we do not provide direct links to Warranties, Manuals, Parts Diagrams, Spec Sheets, etc. This information is best obtained directly from the manufacturer’s website or via a Google search.
Our Parts & Service Department is staffed by experts. We are  a PneuTools Dealer and are also a PneuTools Authorized Service Center. Contact our team by phone at 541-485-2800 or via email or our contact form.

Sours: https://ancofastenersales.com/product/pneu-tools-rc-58ii-58%E2%80%B3-plastic-cap-staple-gun/
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Construction Staplers

Pneumatic construction staplers at Nail Gun Depot. Fine wire, narrow crown, medium crown and wide crown staplers available.

  • Stanley Bostitch 438S2-1  Wide Crown Stapler

    Stanley Bostitch 438S2-1 Wide Crown Stapler, 1/2" to 1-1/2" #438S2-1

  • Apach VF-40 18 Gauge Medium Crown Stapler w/ Vinyl Siding Yoke

    Apach VF-40 18 Gauge Medium Crown Stapler w/ Vinyl Siding Yoke, 5/16" to 1-9/16" #VF-40

  • Grex A11AD T50 20 Gauge Stapler

    Grex A11AD T50 20 Gauge Stapler, 3/16" to 5/8" #A11AD

  • Senco NS20BXP 16 Ga. Medium Crown Air Stapler

    Senco NS20BXP 16 Ga. Medium Crown Air Stapler, 1" to 2" #9Y0001N

  • Senco NS20XP 16-17 Ga. Heavy Wire Stapler

    Senco NS20XP 16-17 Ga. Heavy Wire Stapler, 1" to 2" #9X0001N

  • Metabo HPT N5008AC2M Medium Crown Stapler

    Metabo HPT N5008AC2M (Formerly Hitachi) Medium Crown Stapler, 1" to 2" #N5008AC2M

  • Senco SLS18MG 18 Gauge Finish Stapler w/Case

    Senco SLS18MG 18 Gauge Finish Stapler w/Case, 1/2" to 1-5/8" #1W0021N

  • Spotnails X1S76-8650 Medium Crown Stapler

    Spotnails X1S76-8650 Medium Crown Stapler, 5/8" to 2" #X1S76-8650

  • BeA 92/25-553 18 Gauge Stapler

    BeA 92/25-553 18 Gauge Stapler, 1/2" to 1" #12000159

  • MAX TA551B/16-11 Heavy-Duty Medium Crown Stapler

    MAX TA551B/16-11 Heavy-Duty Medium Crown Stapler, 1" to 2" #TA551B/16-11

  • Bostitch SB-2IN1 18 Ga. Brad Nailer/Finish Stapler

    Bostitch SB-2IN1 18 Ga. Brad Nailer/Finish Stapler, 5/8" to 1-5/8" #SB-2IN1

Sours: https://www.nailgundepot.com/staplers/construction-staplers
Best Staple Gun in 2021 - Top 5 Heavy Duty Staple Guns for Work \u0026 DIY Crafts

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Gun 5/8 staple

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