Free printable superhero classroom decorations

Free printable superhero classroom decorations DEFAULT

Add some color and inspiration with classroom posters. Here are 27 free classroom posters sets for and grade level! These instant download poster sets cover inspirational quotes, learning quotes, curricular content and even classroom management.

27 Classroom Poster Sets - Free and Fantastic

There’s no shortage of great teaching tips for sprucing up your classroom. If you’re looking for something different – I’ve got your back!

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Attitude Matters Classroom Posters

I’m excited to share these fantastic creations from other teachers with you – there are over 130 printable pages altogether in this entire collection!

Classroom Attitude Posters - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

1. Classroom Attitude Posters – Six posters that remind students that life is all about our actions and our attitude. The only 2 things in life that we really can control.

Teach Junkie: Think Before You Speak Printable Posters

2. Think Before You Speak Printable Posters – A colorful reminder that we should filter the things we would like to say before speaking them aloud.

Life Skills Posters - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

3. 11 Life Skills Posters – Post, discuss and reflect on life skills as part of your positive classroom management plan. This free download covers cooperation, initiative, organization, enthusiasm, perseverance, trustworthiness, effort, caring, problem solving, integrity and responsibility.

Classroom Management Poster Sets

Classroom Wash and Flush Signs - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

4. Classroom Wash and Flush Signs – Remind students to wash their hands and flush the toilets after using your classroom’s restroom.

Whole Brain Teaching Free Posters

5. Classroom Management Expectations Poster Sets – Seven whole brain teaching posters and two quick posters to help share standard objectives quickly.

In Our Classroom Superhero Poster - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

6. In Our Classroom Superhero Poster – Lay down the classroom rules in a positive way using a purple or red superhero themed printable.

If You Mustache a Question - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

7. If You “Mustache” a Question – A fun way to remind students to raise their hands to speak.

8. How to Be a Friend – Spell out the word FRIEND and list the ways to be a friend that start with each letter. A total of 8 posters in this free download set.

Working With a Partner Poster - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

9. Working With a Partner Poster – Teach students how to interact with partners and remind them of each skill with this printable partner work poster.

hallway-transitions-for-kindergarten - 27 Classroom Poster Sets: Free and Fantastic - Teach Junkie

10. 5 Quick Hallway Transition Posters – Five different printables with quick transitional sayings to help students prepare for walking in the hallways.

6 Fun and Simple Hallway Transitions - 27 Classroom Poster Sets: Free and Fantastic - Teach Junkie

11. 6 Fun and Simple Hallway Transitions – Make classroom management easier with simple to remember transition chants for the primary classroom.

Classroom Posters to Help Teach

12. Quick Writing Process Posters & Downloads – Lay out the writing process steps with two printable versions so students know how to write.

Why Do Writer's Write Large Pencil Poster - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

13. Why Do Writer’s Write? Large Pencil Poster – A great bulletin board sized pencil to display with your writer’s workshop materials.

Parts of Speech Posters - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

14. Parts of Speech Posters – Help students know what is an adjective or what is a noun with these 3 free noun, verb and adjective posters.

Free Parts of Speech Posters Download - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

15. Free Parts of Speech Posters – Give examples of adjectives, nouns, adverbs, interjections, conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns and verbs with these 8 free posters.

16. Beanie Baby Reading Strategy Posters – Post your reading strategies with 8 visual beanie baby cues to help beginning readers.

Planet Names Posters Free Download - 27 Classroom Poster Sets: Free and Fantastic - Teach Junkie

17. Planet Names – Keep the spelling of all planet names handy for student reference for your Earth and Space science.
18. Kid Friendly Mathematical Practices Posters – Break the common core mathematical practice standards down into kid-friendly language with these free “I can” statement posters.
19. Daily 5 Header Anchor Charts – Set up your classroom procedures with charts to post for each of the Daily 5.

Number Posters 1-20 - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

20. Number Posters 1-20 – Red, blue and green posters for each number 1 through 20 that has the numeral, number word and number in base ten blocks, tally marks and coins.

Inspirational Classroom Quotes

Teach Junkie Subscriber Free Gift Thank You

21. 7 Classroom Inspirational Quotes Posters – This one is for my fellow teach junkie email subscribers! This free gift is included to say thanks and includes 7 posters to print for your classroom with teaching and learning quotes.

Chalkboard Colorful Classroom Poster Quotes - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

22. Chalkboard Learning Quotes – Brighten up a corner of your classroom with these chalkboard learning quote free printables.

Be Kind Classroom Posters - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

23. Be Kind Classroom Posters – These black and white posters are encouraging to students and send a positive message.

24. Inspirational Quotes Classroom Posters – 10 posters with colorful borders and clipart.

90 Free Printable Posters for the Classroom - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

25. 90 Free Printable Posters for the Classroom – Shannon is the queen of creating bright posters for the classroom. She has 90 free printables ranging from inspirational quotes to straight-up good advice.

Motivational Quote Classroom Posters

26. Motivational Quote Posters – These watercolor-washed prints are gorgeous for any grade level. A great set of 4 reminders to post at testing time or to hang all year in the classroom.

All About Respect - Collection Free Classroom Posters - Teach Junkie

27. All About Respect – Spell out the word RESPECT with the ways students can demonstrate respect to others in the classroom.

What a fantastic set of 27 free classroom posters! I hope you found these posters helpful.

Thanks to all of the talented teachers featured in this collection – your ideas will save so much time for many teachers! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.

More Classroom Posters

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Creating the Perfect Superhero Classroom

Creating a superhero classroom.

A new popular classroom theme is superheroes! It’s such a fun and adorable theme, plus gives students a powerful idea of becoming strong and brave, just like the superheroes surrounding them. Creating the perfect superhero classroom starts with the conventional color scheme for superheroes. You’ll be using red, yellow, and blue items, so be on the lookout for anything that would fit within this theme. Some teachers even create fake city skylines in their classrooms to really set the superhero mood!

One great thing about creating the perfect superhero classroom theme is there are lots of birthday party items you can use in your classroom. The superhero theme makes decor easier because there are a lot of ideas and decor pieces online and in party stores. Trademarked or licensed items from the superhero movies are awesome, but I won’t be linking to any in this blog post due to copyright rules and infringement. These ideas are all general themed ideas. Good luck with creating the perfect superhero classroom!

While shopping, keep an eye out for these items…

  • yellow, blue, and red organizers
  • supplies that are red, blue, and yellow
  • supplies with blast images on them
  • backdrops with city scenes
  • lightning bolts


Superhero classroom skyline idea.Superhero classroom skyline idea.

City Skyline Bulletin Boards

(L Link: Broken link. If anyone knows the original poster, please comment below!)  (R Left: KellyHearts2nd)

Look at these adorable bulletin boards!! Just use some black butcher paper, yellow stick notes, and VOILA! You have skyline fit for a SUPERHERO! With plenty of space in the middle, this bulletin board is easily adapted for different projects or topics throughout the year!

Superhero classroom table labels.Superhero themed paper lanterns for the classroom.

Paper Lantern Superhero Decor

(Link: TPT Decor Bundle Set) (Link: Amazon Paper Lanterns)

Using paper lanterns above tables or desk clusters is a great way to make each group feel like its own space! Hang a table number with string from the bottom of the lantern above each table. The extra lanterns are easily used as decor over other areas in the room, like the library, small group table, gathering place, etc.

A superhero themed classroom is a fun idea for classroom organization and classroom decor. Superhero classroom decor ideas are gathered up in this blog post. There are superhero decor ideas, blue and red matching organizational items, and superhero school supplies to decorate your superhero themed classroom.

(Link: SchoolGirl Style)

How precious are these superhero lanterns from SchoolGirl Style? Combine a paper lantern, mask, lightning bolt, and comic word burst for a BURST of fun in your room!

Instant and easy superhero classroom decor.

Instant and Easy Superhero Decor

(Link: TPT Decor Set)

Here is a link to my superhero classroom decor bundle. Within this bundle, there are over 20 superheroes themed pieces to use in the classroom. These range from journal labels, rules, name tags, check-in chart, bucket filling bulletin board set, book bin labels, and more! They’re all red, blue, and yellow colors, plus cute superhero graphics on each item.

Superhero themed classroom reading nook idea.

Reading Nook fit for Superheroes

(Link: Broken link on Pinterest. If anyone knows the original poster, please comment below)

Using cardboard and butcher paper, this teacher was able to transform a reading nook into a superhero city scene! Cover large pieces of cardboard with butcher paper, sponge paint windows onto the buildings, and print and paste your favorite superheroes! Imagine how motivated students would be to dive into a good book here!

Superhero themed classroom door decoration idea.

Superhero Door Decoration

(Link: Teaching with a Mountain View)

Carrying the theme out onto your door will allow your students to become a part of your classroom transformation.  These superhero kids could be turned into a class activity during the first few days of school.  You could do a step-by-step tutorial or let students be creative and make their own. You could even have them create superheroes that help you get to know each other. For example, students with a brother: left arm up, students with a sister: right arm up, students with a pet: legs together, etc. Once students place their superhero on your door, instantly, your class becomes a community!

DIY superhero themed classroom idea.

DIY Superhero Backdrop

(Link: Meaningful Mama)

If you are looking for a fun craft, this post will give you the steps to make your very own superhero backdrop. Jodi uses felt and foam to create a fantastic Superhero City! There is also a tutorial to make an incredible background/tablecloth that was just a bit too ambitious for me!

Superhero Organization & Tools

Each of these tools and images come from Amazon. With each image, I’ve provided an affiliate link back to Amazon.

Ready made superhero backdrop for the classroom.

(Link: Amazon Backdrop)

This backdrop could be used as an instant bulletin board or work display! It could help make your library more festive, and it won’t take any time to create.

Superhero classroom organizational decor ideas.

(Link: Amazon Buckets)

All classrooms need a place to store supplies. These buckets are the perfect size for crayons, scissors, glue sticks, and pencils. With a set on each table or desk cluster, students will always have supplies ready to go!

Superhero themed classroom cutouts.

(Link: Amazon Superhero Cutouts)

The Superhero cutouts would be great for the first day of school pictures! You could use them on bulletin boards or hanging from those paper lanterns, too!

Superhero themed classroom organizational ideas.

(Link: Amazon Book Bins)

Book bins are a must for any classroom, and this set will fit your scheme perfectly! Use these for books, classroom supplies, notebooks, and more! These navy blue, red, and yellow bins would perfectly match your classroom.

Decor Bundle Link

A superhero themed classroom is a fun idea for classroom organization and classroom decor. Superhero classroom decor ideas are gathered up in this blog post. There are superhero decor ideas, blue and red matching organizational items, and superhero school supplies to decorate your superhero themed classroom.

(Link: TPT Decor Bundle Set)

All the decor items in this pack are for decorating your classroom in a superhero-theme! Each piece is red, blue, or yellow with superhero graphics to match. Over half of the pieces in this bundle are editable. The pieces that require personalization, such as name tags and labels are editable. These pieces come with non-editable PDF that you can simply write on with a Sharpie OR an editable PowerPoint that you can type your personal names, rules, etc. into.

Decor Pieces Included: 
ABC Line, Behavior Chart (Editable), Binder Covers- Monthly, Binder Covers- Other, Binder Covers (Editable), Birthday Chart (Editable), Book Bin Labels (Editable), Bucket Fillers (Editable), Bunting (Editable), Calendar Set, Check-in Chart (Editable), Clock Numbers, Hall Passes (Editable), Job Chart (Editable), Labels (Editable), Nametags (Editable), Number Signs, Rules (Editable), Shapes Posters, Table Signs (Editable), Where are We? (Editable), and Word Wall Letters

A superhero themed classroom is a fun idea for classroom organization and classroom decor. Superhero classroom decor ideas are gathered up in this blog post. There are superhero decor ideas, blue and red matching organizational items, and superhero school supplies to decorate your superhero themed classroom.

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Superhero Printables

Looking for Superhero printables?  Planning a birthday party is so much fun and there are so many options, characters and color schemes that the sky's the limit with possibilities.  Superhero birthday parties are one of the most popular children's birthday parties and with so many character choices, there is a world of ideas and options.

Because this party theme is a definite children's favorite, there are great party supplies, cakes, decorations and superhero printables.  Everything from printable coloring pages to masks.  We have great printables for every superhero, including invitations, party labels, superhero bubbles, coloring pages, masks, capes, templates, props and lots more.  Have a wonderful birthday party!

Note:  Everything on this page is for personal use only please.

Superhero Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers

We're so excited about our new set of Superhero Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers. We had tons of fun making them and can't wait to share them with you. This set includes 15 toppers and 3 coordinating wrappers, perfect for your next Superhero Party. Get this (and a Valentine Wall Art) when you join our Party Club (it's free).

Note: Watch your emails after you have signed up. Printables emailed January 5th (today!!) at 11:45 (EST)! If you sign up after 11:40 am today, look for the email by this evening.

Free Superhero Printable Set

Planning a Superhero Party? Grab our Welcome Superheroes Printable Set which includes a sign and 2 coordinating comic bubbles. This superhero decoration is perfect for any Superhero Birthday Party. Use to greet guests, decorate your front door or backdrop for a dessert table, just to name a few. The comic bubbles are also great as photo booth props. Get you free superhero printable set here.


Having a Superhero party? Start with our new Free Superhero Welcome Sign to welcome all your party guests! Also makes a great bedroom door sign. Download your free Batman Sign and start your party planning!


Have an Iron Man fan in the house? Download our new Free Iron Man Sign to welcome party guests or use as a bedroom door sign! Either way we're sure your little superhero will love this welcome sign.


Hulk fan? Check out our new Hulk welcome sign! Great for birthday parties or your superhero's bedroom door. Download your free Hulk Sign and enjoy!

Calling All Superheroes Sign

New Calling all Superhero Sign is perfect for a Superhero Birthday Party, including invitations, classroom decorations, fundraisers and lots more. Click on image for free download.

FREE Superhero Invitations

Free Superhero Invitations  - Superhero Printables including invitations, superhero bubbles, coloring pages and lots more!

Here's an easy printable Superhero invitation that we designed - just print and fill out.  There are 4 invitations per sheet and you can download these Superhero Invitations here.  


Here's our latest free Spiderman invitation. When you need to plan a party on the go, this 5 x 7 fill-in invite is perfect for quick invitations, and it's budget friendly, which is always our goal. Download your Spiderman printable here. And because our superhero visitors are the best, we made a blank invite for you to fill in with your own text. Have a web of fun!


This Superhero comic background is great for lots of projects, including invitations and party printables. Create your own masterpiece. To download, right-click mouse and save. Make sure to have printer setting in "scale to fit".

Retro Superhero Invitation Template

Here's a retro Superhero invitation template which we left blank for you to add your own text.  Download for free here.

Turn this cool Avengers wallpaper into birthday party invitations.  Download wallpaper then use "Pages" (Mac users) or "Microsoft Word" (PC users) to type party information.  Type the information once, then copy & paste (or duplicate) and place over each of the 4 squares. Then print and cut into 4 Avengers invitations.

Superhero Comic Strip Invitation

Create Your Own!   For Free!

How cool is this? It's so much fun to make your own Marvel Superhero invitations just like a comic strip! We made this one below just for fun and you can too! Lots of characters and backgrounds to choose from.  There are also different layouts from 1-4 panels (ours below has 4). Click here to make your own.

Superhero Birthday Numbers

Here they are! Our new large Superhero numbers! These colorful large numbers are perfect for centerpieces, backdrops, wall and table decorations and lots more. Reduce the size, and they can become lots of different party items. Use them for snack bag labels, water bottle labels, party favors, cake toppers, cupcake wrappers and so many other things. Visit our Etsy store to see details for our Superhero Birthday Numbers.

Here's a closeup. You can see all the numbers here.

Superhero Numbers

Superhero Happy Birthday Sign

New Superhero birthday bubble, see details at our new Etsy store.

Superhero Comic Bubbles

Use these bright and colorful Superhero bubbles for your next birthday party.  These Superhero printables add that "comic book" feel and are really quite versatile. These speech bubbles are great for many things like:

  • Invitations 
  • Decorations
  • Decorating a table backdrop
  • Party Labels
  • Cupcake Toppers (put comic bubbles on sticks)
  • Cake Toppers
  • As part of a city skyline
  • Photo Booth Props
  • Stickers
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • Birthday Banners
  • Party Favors

These large Superhero word bubble printables are great for decorations, backgrounds, photo booth props, birthday banners, classrooms and lots more! The speech bubbles below download as 1 superhero bubble per sheet (81/2' x 11"). Click on images below to download large size. 

Word Bubble Pow

Word Bubble Splash

Word Bubble Zap

Word Bubble Smash

Word Bubble Boom

Blank Comic Bubbles

Having a superhero party? Here are some fun colorful blank comic bubbles for your party. These are great for lots of party printables.Here are some ideas.

  • Party Food Labels
  • Cupcake Toppers
  • Candy Wappers
  • Napkin Rings
  • Picture Frame Background

Let the creativity flow and make some cool stuff! Click here to download printable. For a black & white version from Freepik, click here.

Free Superhero Bubbles - Superhero Printables including invitations, superhero bubbles, coloring pages and lots more!
Free Superhero Bubbles - Superhero Printables including invitations, superhero bubbles, coloring pages and lots more!
Free Superhero Bubbles - Superhero Printables including invitations, superhero bubbles, coloring pages and lots more!
Free Superhero Bubbles - Superhero Printables including invitations, superhero bubbles, coloring pages and lots more!
Free Superhero Bubbles - Superhero Printables including invitations, superhero bubbles, coloring pages and lots more!
Free Superhero Bubbles - Superhero Printables including invitations, superhero bubbles, coloring pages and lots more!

The smaller size bubbles are great for cake toppers, stickers, water bottle labels, party favors

Free Superhero Bubbles in small and large sizes.

Download these Superhero Bubbles (6 per sheet) for your birthday party here.  

Note:  This download has all 6 comic bubbles on one page.  

New Superhero Word Bubbles

Here's our new set of Superhero word bubbles, perfect for party decorations, birthday centerpieces. They each measure approximately 10 inches wide and make great photo booth props. Get details for this Superhero word bubble set available for instant download at our Etsy store.

Superhero Printables

Here are some more great Superhero printables for your next birthday party or celebration.  Some were designed by us and some we found and the best part is they are all free!  Click on image for free download.

Avengers Personalized Name

Avengers fans will love their name just like the Avengers. For details on this Superhero personalized name with Avengers letters, visit our Etsy store.

Batman Background

Hot off the press! Just designed this new Batman background. It's free to use for your personal projects, including party printables, scrapbook, gift wrapping paper and lots more! Get your free Batman printable here.

Superhero Clipart

Here's our new extra special set of Superhero word bubbles. These large word bubbles are perfect for party decorations, photo booth props and centerpieces. For details on this Superhero clipart, visit our new Etsy store.

In the interest of not making this page forever long, we have posted some images side-by-side, however they are still large images. Click on images to download.

Superhero Word Bubbles

We love action bubbles! They are so festive and colorful. We made some "extra special" Superhero word bubbles in 6 styles. You can download this file right on your computer and printer them yourself. These action bubbles are large which are great for centerpieces and party decorations. See details at our new Etsy Store.

Here's a closeup of one of the party bubbles.

Spiderman Number Centerpiece

Make super cool Spiderman centerpieces using our Spiderman printables. This 5-piece set is a digital file and includes:

  • Spiderman birthday number - 9.5 inches (24cm) tall
  • 2 Superhero word bubbles - Approximately 10.5 wide
  • 1 Spiderman Spider clipart - 7.75 in diameter 
  • 1 Superhero building clipart - 10 inches tall

Download them onto your computer and print them yourself. Visit us at our new Etsy Store for details.

Here's a closeup of all 5 Spiderman printables.

Spiderman Birthday Number

spiderman printables

Zap Word Bubble

POW Word Bubble

Spiderman Spider Clipart

Superhero Skyline

Spiderman Centerpiece

Here's a Spiderman centerpiece idea using the printables above. Imagine this as your centerpiece or food/dessert table. Little Spiderman fans will love walking in to their party and seeing it decorated with this cool decoration. These printables also make awesome backdrop decorations or anywhere in the party area.

Blank Word Bubbles

Speech bubbles are so much fun! Download these blank speech bubbles below by dragging them to your desktop or right-clicking your mouse on the image and clicking "save image to the desktop" or "save as".

Comic Backgrounds

Love the colors on this Freepik comic background design. You can download it here. Their download comes with their logo, which they explain how to edit. But if it's easier, you can right click on image and save his version to your computer.

Superhero Birthday Sign

Here's a fun Superhero happy birthday sign for any Superhero themed party. Best part?......It's FREE! Download your printable here.

Superhero Printables

Logos make great Superhero stickers and perfect for your Superhero party. Some of the stickers are ready-made and others are recreations but all are definitely free.  In case some don't look familiar, here are the names of the superheroes (from top left to bottom right).

  1. Captain America
  2. Iron Man
  3. Batman
  4. Green Lantern
  5. Spider-Man
  6. Superman
  7. Thor
  8. Flash
  9. Wolverine
  10. Wonder Woman
  11. Hulk
  12. Robin

For Personal Use Only Please

Superhero-Printables - Free Superhero stickers, each measures 2.5 inches (6.4 cm).  Lots of fun uses including stickers, cupcake toppers, party favors, prizes and more.

These Superhero stickers measure 2 1/2 " (6.4 cm) each and can be used for many things like:

  • Stickers
  • Cupcake Toppers 
  • Games
  • Prizes
  • Decorations
  • Party Favors

To download your Superhero stickers for free, click here.

Just found these superhero cookie cutters and they look absolutely perfect for a Superhero party.  They are just too cute!

Marvel Comics Hero Cookie Cutters- The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man

Batman Water Bottle Labels

Superhero Thank-You Tags

Here are some fun thank-you tags for your party favors!

The easiest way to print these labels and stickers is using pre-cut printer labels (we use Avery Print-to-the-Edge labels) but make sure labels work with your printer.

Click on image for free download.  To see the label sheets click below each image on the Avery link.  There are 3 different sizes used on our stickers below.

Avery round labels #22830

Avery square labels #22806

Avery square labels #22806

Avery round labels #22807

Superhero Stickers

Fun POP! superhero stickers, great to give to your guests or add to your favor bag.  These are just like the labels above with different wording. Click on image to download.

Free Superhero Word Search - Imagine the birthday child and party guests finding their own name on a Superhero word search.  How cool is that? Learn how to make your own free personalized word search.

Word search printables are always popular with kids, especially if they go with the party theme.  We love word searches because they are so useful and versatile and you can custom make your own too (see below). Download your word search here.  To save on printer ink, print on "fast draft" setting.  Here are some ideas:

  • Place at a table for your guests as they arrive - This is especially helpful if you have children that don't know one another and are the first ones at the party.  This gives them something to do and it helps break the ice.
  • Lunch table - If you are having a sit-down lunch, these come in handy as a "place setting" as they wait for they're lunch.  Give them a few crayons (like at a restaurant) and they are set to go.  You have just bought yourself about 5 minutes to get their party food & drinks to the table.
  • Party Favors - Roll them up and secure with a party theme sticker as part of their goody bag.
  • Keep at a small table - Have ready for children who might get tired or aren't interested in the game the other kids are playing at the moment.  This gives them something to do if they're looking for something else to do.

Like we mentioned, we love word searches, and while we made one especially for your Superhero party (above), the best word searches are the ones you can make yourself.  Why?  Because you can add the words that "you" want and as many as you want.  Our favorite thing to do is add the birthday child's name and his/her favorite heroes.  And if you have a handful of guests then you can add all their names.  Kids always love finding their names on printables. You can also customize it for different age groups by making your word search easier and less words for a party for younger children and more complex (overlapping words, backward words, diagonal words, etc.) for older kids.  

There are several word search makers that we really like.  If you are only going to use "1-word" words like "Batman" then is one of the easiest to use and offers the best options.  However, if you want to use "2-word" words like "Captain America" then our favorite is the word search maker at  Watch their helpful video below.

Marvel Puzzles

Here are some great Superhero printables from Marvel including Iron Man, The Avengers and Spider-Man.

Have your guests solve these Marvel-ous word-search puzzles.  They are fun and a great way to entertain kids. These Superhero puzzles come with the solution (answers), see link below each puzzle. Click on images to download puzzles.

IRON MAN Word Search

Find the solution to the Iron Man puzzle here.

AVENGERS   Printables

Find the solution to the Avengers puzzle here.

SPIDERMAN  Printables

Find the solution for the Spiderman puzzle here.

Here are some great free Superhero printables to use for your next Superhero party.  Drag image to your desktop or click on image for free download.  

Note: These images are free and available on the internet and we have compiled them here for easier access. whenever possible we provide a link to the source, and if any of these images belong to you, please let us know and we will credit you and remove them.






For lots more Iron Man clipart, visit our Iron Man Images Page here.


Thor Clipart

Captain America

Wolverine Clipart

Wonder Woman Images

Green Lantern Clipart

Thing Clipart

Black Panther Clipart

Flash Clipart

Aquaman Clipart

The Beast

Superhero Wall Decals

I love temporary character wall stickers! I remember when my girls were little I bought them the Mickey and Minnie wall decals. I loved them because they were removable (and we went through a stage where every other week they had a different favorite character) so we could change themes without redoing the entire room.

I get very excited about the really big newer decals, they are just so cool but there is a love-hate relationship with them. They are certainly awesome for decorating a child's room but sometimes the adhesive is not so great (One tip is to make sure wall is free of any dust so decals stick better). That said, they really are so much fun to decorate with. You can see some great Superhero decals here, including Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine and others.

Justice  League  Members

Look at this free Justice League Superhero clipart from DeviantArt, isn't it just the cutest?  These cartoon superheroes are perfect for invitations, party favors, decorations, cupcake toppers, stickers and so much more, and the best part is that it's free!  Click on image for free download.

Superhero  Clipart


How Cute Are These Baby Superheroes?  AND They're FREE!!!  These adorable Superheroes from Deviantart are perfect for a birthday party for little ones.  Use them as party labels, name tags, stickers, party favors and lots more. Click on images for free download.  If you want the labels without the names, you have 2 choices.  Click here for the large size (4 labels per sheet).  Click here for the small size (16 labels per sheet).

Superhero Clipart - Set 2

Superhero Clipart

Oooh! Here's our brand new set of kids Superhero Masks! 43 super cool superhero printable masks, enough for your birthday party and then some. If you're one of our awesome regular visitors, you already know we love masks so much that we dedicated an entire page to printable masks (you can see them here).

We made this new collection for our little superheroes and their family and friends. These fun kids printable masks include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman, Thor, Falcon, Wolverine, Cat Woman, Black Panther, Spider Girl, Flash, plus a variety of plain masks so they can be whoever they imagine!

These masks are great year round for playdates, party favors, birthday parties, pretend play, Halloween and our favorite...just because! Visit our Etsy store for details.

There are lots of fun free Superhero printables and masks are one of our favorites.  Children love playing pretend and being a Superhero is a definite favorite.  These kids' printable masks are great for:

  • Halloween
  • Birthdays
  • Dress-up & Playing Pretend
  • Photo Booth Props
  • Story Time
  • Classroom Party
  • School Show
  • Craft Activity
  • Just Because!

Download these free printable Superhero masks for hours of fun and imaginative play.  Print on paper or card stock, cut out mask including eyes.  Hole-punch holes on either side of mask.  Reinforce string holes by placing a piece a scotch tape over the hole, then push through the hole with a small hole punch, a toothpick or other pointy instrument.  Attach elastic string by tying ends of string to both holes and your superhero is ready to go!  Click on image for free download.

Spiderman Mask

Batman Mask

Iron Man Mask

Thor Mask

Captain America

Hulk Mask

Wolverine Mask

Thor Helmet

Hulk Mask 2

Don't have time to print?

In a hurry?  These Superhero (Avengers) paper masks below are perfect for a Superhero party. Masks include The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. They come 8 to a pack for about $4.00, just can't beat that! You can get them here or The Hulk, Captain America and Thor here for about $3.00, what a bargain!

Reversible Superhero Mask

Here's a super cool mask that's reversible and longer lasting than paper masks.  It's made of soft fabric and is washable. Kids will love playing pretend in this fun mask.  Click here for details.

Color Your Own Mask

Custom color your own masks using these great mask templates from  Make your own color design for your special superhero.  Click on image to download these Superhero printables.

We love these Superhero 1/2 masks below because they are more comfortable that the full face masks, especially for the younger children.  Print and color these cool masks using crayons, colored pencils or markers.  We suggest printing them on card stock and reinforcing the mask holes so that the masks last longer.

The original link for these masks is no longer working so in order to print them, right-click on image, save to desktop and then print.  Re-size mask as needed during in printer settings.

Cat Woman Mask

Batman Printable Mask

Robin Mask

Riddler Mask

For more Superhero masks, visit our Printable Halloween Masks Page HERE.

Make your own Superhero mask using foamies and 2 plastic masks.  

Warning:  This project should ONLY be done by adults

While this project is a little time consuming, it is pretty cool.  You are basically making a molded foam mask using a foamie and pressing it between 2 like masks.  This youtube video comes in handy, especially if you want to make a special shaped mask.  The other cool factor is that you can make them in any color and as many as you wish.

Superhero  Logos

Here are some free Superhero logos to use for your next Superhero party.  Some we found, some we re-created, and some we made up just for fun.  Click on image to download.



#Superman Font - Lots of free Superhero printables

Iron Man



Captain America

Green Lantern




Incredible Hulk

Wonder Woman

Oh! How we LOVE fonts at Great Kids Birthday Parties!  If you don't believe us, take a peek at our Free Disney Font Page.

Superhero fonts are especially fun because there are so many superheroes and possibilities.  Fonts are perfect for any birthday party and the ones we use are all free.  They are great for creating personalized party items that go with your party theme.  Here are some ideas:

  • Invitations
  • Food Labels
  • Cake/Cupcake Toppers
  • Thank You Tags
  • Stickers
  • Name Tags
  • Party Favors
  • Games
  • And so much more!

Below are some of our Superhero favorites.  Click on image for free font download.

This font link above brings the font shown on image above and also the "outline" font of the first Batman font and they are both free.

If you want to make your font in the gold-brassy color like the one on the image above then you have to create it but it is easy to do.  Click here and you will be on a page that looks like image below.  Once there look for the "OUTLINE" logo and click on it.  See picture below, the "OUTLINE" logo is circled in hot pink.

You will now be on the page that looks like the one below.  It will say "Outline" until you type the logo text (see hot pink arrows).  You can also resize the font depending on the project.

Once you have edited your logo scroll down and click "create logo" and then click on "download image".  The image downloads with a transparent background which makes it easy to use projects.

Let the adventures begin with this free Avengers printable game from Marvel that can be used in fun and creative ways.  This Avengers game comes with 12 character cutouts (heroes and villans) that prop up (see picture below) and one city scenic background.  When you cut out the character and bend the flap at the bottom, they stand up like board game figurines.

Here are some fun ways to add this Avengers printable game to your birthday party.

  • Kids can let their imaginations soar playing with these characters-Place the scenic background and the characters on a table that's accessible to arriving guests.  This is great ice breaker activity, especially of all the guests don't know one another.
  • Use as a table decoration - Cake table, kids lunch table, party favor table
  • Place setting - Use each character as part of your place setting.  Place standing on each plate or as part of a napkin ring.  You can make these by cutting strips of card stock or construction paper in your favorite color. Cut 6 inch strips and glue or tape the ends together to turn into a napkin ring.  The width can vary depending on your design choice but anywhere from 1 inch to 3 inches will work nicely.  Place your napkin and silverware inside napkin ring, then glue the character cutout onto the strip.  Place finished napkin on plate or on the side of plate.
  • Cupcake toppers - Glue a straw or colored pick to backside of character cutout and place in cupcake.

There's lots of possibilities with this Avengers printable, just download print and cut out.  Download free Avengers game here.

Download this free Superhero printable wallpaper for lots of fun birthday party ideas.  We love that you can download and print this superhero wallpaper in 7 different sizes and the largest fills a letter size printer paper.  Here are some ways to use it for a superhero party:

  • Water Bottle Labels - Cut the paper horizontally to make 2 3-row strips (you will have 1 row left over) and use as water bottle labels.
  • Place Setting - Cut the paper in half lengthwise and across to make 4 pieces.  Use this to wrap around utensils and use as a place setting.
  • Party Favor Tags - Change the opacity (fade it) of the wallpaper (you can do this in "Pages" for Mac users or in "Word" for PC users).  Then cut into gift tag size and use a black sharpie to write 'Thank You for Coming'.  Use card stock paper to make it studier and more like a gift tag.
  • Stickers - Print on sticker paper and cut in squares to give to guests as they arrive.  You can even turn this into a game by calling out a Superhero name from the wallpaper sheet and wo ever has the Superhero you called is "it" and the others have to tag him. Whoever tags the "it" child then gets to call the next name.

These are just some easy and fun ideas but as you can see the possibilities are endless and the best part is that it's free.  Click on image below to get your free download.

Wallpapers are lots of fun because you can use them for so many things. Here's a quick example we made to show you a birthday party idea.

Turn the wallpaper above into Lego Movie thank you tags like the one below.  

Captain America Cupcake Wrappers

Fun & free Captain America cupcake wrappers for your next Superhero party.  Click on image to download (2 per sheet).

The Incredible Hulk

Planning a Hulk Smash Bash? We just designed this printable personalized sign (9.5 inches tall) which is great as a cake topper, cupcake topper (by reducing size in printer settings), centerpiece or wall art. Head on over to our Etsy Store for details and ideas.

Here's a peak at creative ideas for your Avengers party. Personalize your centerpieces with our new Hulk design. Kids love seeing their names in lights (so do most grownups)! Make your party centerpieces in minutes with our Hulk sign. For details, visit us at our Etsy store.

Have a Superhero fan in your life? Here's a great personalized Avengers gift for little ones. Our Hulk printable file is easily printed at home or at your favorite print shop. See details for this Avengers printable at our Etsy Store.

Start your Superhero birthday party with these cute Superman lollipops. Watch this youtube tutorial by this adorable little girl from Charlis Crafty Kitchen and watch how she transforms an ordinary lollipop into a very cool Superman party favor.

This (below) is what the template looks like and you can download these Superhero printables from their Facebook page.  Click image below for free download and check out lots of other fun and easy crafts on their Facebook page.

Superhero Background

We love using the Superhero skyline as part of the birthday party decorations.  They are fun to use as a tabletop decoration for the cake or food table or the kids table.  Create your own Superhero background using some or all of these 4 panels in any combination to make your personalized design.

Superhero Skyline Panel 1

Click on image for free download

Superhero Skyline Panel 2

Superhero Skyline Panel 3

Superhero Skyline Clipart 4

Batman Symbol

Batman Symbol 2

Want something a little bigger or more permanent?  This Superhero skyline vinyl wall decal (picture below) is pretty cool! And at more than 5 feet (152 cm) in width, is great for a child's (or grownup fan) room. Click here for details.

More Fun Superhero Backgrounds

Superhero printables including backgrounds are lots of fun for a superhero party including as table decorations or photo booth props.  These cartoon city skylines are easy to make and can be made from many different materials such as construction paper, foam or boxes (shoe box, cereal box, etc.).  If using boxes, wrap them in back construction paper or gift-wrapping paper.  Then cut yellow and white square and rectangle shapes to use as windows.  The more whimsical the better we always say.  

Here are some free city skyline images to print and/or use as inspiration.  Click image for free download.

Make Your Own Superhero

Want to make your own superhero?

Superhero fans will love creating their own Superhero with Marvel's free "Create Your Own Superhero" digital creator.  I couldn't resist making my own superhero just for fun but also to see how user-friendly it was.

This superhero creator is the best I've seen yet.  It is easy and in just a few minutes your child can create their own masterpiece.  Here's the one I made so you can see what it looks like.

After you choose a body base (there are 3 choices), you will see the screen below.  I wanted to show you this screen to give you an idea of how it works.  

First you need to name your superhero, then look at the "Hero Packs" on the left-hand side.  Notice there are 5 packs-Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine and Thor.  

Each of these packs have items that are exclusive to that superhero.  For my example above, I chose the Iron Man pack which brings Iron Man parts and accessories.  You don't have to pick a hero pack, you can start from scratch and make your own unique one-of-a-kind superhero.

There are truly endless possibilities and certainly hours of fun with these Superhero printables!  If you're having a Superhero party, you can use your child's creations as decorations, stickers, games, etc.  Once you're finished creating your superhero, you have several options - you can:

  • Print
  • Download
  • Share it with friends 

It's fun making your own superhero and with 3 different body types, you can really get creative.

Make your own superhero here.

Free Batman Printables including coloring pages, invitations, logos, emblems, masks, stickers, paper craft & lots more, all free.

Help Batman get to the Batmobile with this Batman printable maze.  We really love printables because you can use them in so many ways like:

  • Birthday fun
  • Party favors
  • Rainy day activity
  • Playdates
  • Restaurant
  • Road trip
  • Dr's office

Kids will love these Superhero printables no matter where they are.  You can download yours here and save on printer ink by printing them on fast draft color setting.

Superhero Logo Alphabet

How cool is it to have your own Superhero logo with "your" initial on it?

This fun alphabet by was made to use when making your own Superhero capes but they are quite versatile and can be used for many things.

They made these Superhero printables to print 1 letter per page so you can download and print your favorite ones.  Print them on card stock (heavy paper), color (optional) and cut.  

Superhero Printables

Printable Marvel activities are always great for some go-to fun.  If you're having a birthday party, these Superhero printables are perfect for putting out on a table for your guests to do while they are waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive.  They also come in handy for kids that don't want to play a particular game or just want to sit for a few minutes.  If you're having a sit-down lunch, these superhero printables keep your guests occupied while the food and drinks are being served.  

Of course mazes are fun anytime, here are a few more ideas:

  • Playdates - Having a friend or two over?  Print one for each child.
  • Party Favors - Roll up like a paper towel roll tube and secure with a Superhero sticker, then place in party favor bag.
  • Restaurant, doctors office, etc. - Take along to entertain your little one.

Wolverine Maze

Spiderman Maze

Avengers Printables

Iron Man Maze

Captain America Maze

Thor Maze

Hulk Maze

Hulk Maze Printable

Avengers Printable Activity

Avengers Printable Game

Aren't these cute?  They are DIY ice cream cone wrappers by Brandie and David from and they are so easy to do and make a super presentation.  We thought these were the perfect Superhero printable because it's easy, it's DIY & cost pennies to make and that's what we search for when looking for great Superhero printables.  

We couldn't wait to tell you about it and share the picture with you, which they were kind enough to let us post.  They have a great tutorial and a free cone wrapper template you can download.  For the actual wrapper paper they suggest scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or even a poster.  To learn how to make your own click here.

Love superheroes and coloring?  Putting these two together is sure to make for great fun, not to mention a masterpiece or two.  Coloring is definitely a go-to activity for many children and these Superhero printables let's children express themselves and show off their work.  

We have a great collection of coloring pages, including all the exciting superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor and many more.  We also have the great teams like X-men, Justice League, Superhero Squad, Fantastic 4 and many more.

The Avengers Coloring Pages

Avengers Coloring Pages

DIY Crayons

Watch Disney make these Mickey Ears crayons. Super quick and easy.

Mickey Crayons | Disney DIY

Superhero Squad Coloring Pages

Spider-Man Coloring Page

X-Men Coloring Pages

We love these Superman cake pops from My Cupcake Addiction.  They are cool, creative and tons of fun to make. This youtube video explains all the materials needed and step-by-step instructions from start to finish.  A printable Superman symbol is provided to use as a template for the logo.  Kids will love receiving these as party favors!  

Superman Printables

We couldn't wait to share these Superman printables with you.  These seamless vector patterns are from Vector Patterns and the coolest thing about them besides that they come in 3 colors, is that you can decrease and increase the size without reducing the quality of the patterns.  Click on the images to get your free download.

No-Sew Superhero Cape Tutorial

Kids love playing pretend and a superhero cape sure helps spark the imagination. We absolutely love the No-Sew DIY superhero capes by Jenny from  They are easy to make from an old t-shirt and some iron-on patches.  She has a video and a picture tutorial which are both great (see below).

Isn't this cape cute..............and easy?

For the picture tutorial, click on the orange cape image above.  To see the video tutorial, click play on video below.  Either way, these capes are tons of fun and will give children hours of imaginative play.

Talk about Superhero printables!!! If your child (or you) likes paper crafts and you have patience (like that of an angel) then this is the ultimate superhero paper craft for you.  These Superhero cube crafts are super cool but we warn you, this craft is not for the faint of heart.  Only die-hard fans need attempt!  Why?  Because there is a lot to cut, fold and glue, but if you have the time and patience, they are really adorable to make.  We really do love these cube crafts which are great for a Superhero party or just to play with and collect.  

Below is an example of what the templates look like.  We used Superman as the example of which there are 2 or 3 different versions.

Superhero Homework Calendar

Start your child's week with our free printable homework planner. We designed our homework calendar with spaces fro 6 subjects with days Monday thru Friday. Our Superhero printable even has space at the bottom for some quick notes and reminders. Click on image to download your favorite.

Superhero Pumpkin Stencil

These Superhero Halloween pumpkin stencils from pumpkin pile are cool and not too hard to carve. Please note that these images below are courtesy of  Click on image to download free stencil.

Superhero Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Here's our new Happy Thanksgiving coloring page! We designed it for our Superhero fans during this Thanksgiving Season. Visit our Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for free download.

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Pre classroom decor ideas/DIY Nursery classroom decor ideas/Learning ideas 2021
Create an amazing superhero unit study for your kids! Math, science, literacy, sensory activities for kids and more!

Batman, Superman, Iron Man, or Wonder Woman. Who is your favorite superhero? Superheroes are favorites of teachers and students all over the world. And these preschool and kindergarten superhero printables and activities are just plain fun.

Create an exciting superhero theme for elementary school, kindergarten and preschool.

Fill your preschool and kindergarten superhero themed week full of dramatic play or flying lessons, as well as using superheroes as the theme to incorporate other areas of learning.

Choose from these exciting (and educational) superhero themed classroom printables. They include superhero kindergarten math, literacy, arts & crafts, sensory, science and more. Take a look and we hope you find some fun inspiration for your superhero classroom theme!

Superhero Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool:

Preschool and Kindergarten Superhero Activities for Math

No matter what you are teaching in math right now, a superhero theme makes it fun! With these free preschool and kindergarten worksheets engage your students in skip counting, graphing, numbers and addition.

This superhero graphing free printable is a fun way to learn about graphs. You can also use this simple graph to work on counting, greater than/less than, and probability. You'll have a math superhero in no time!

Preschool and Kindergarten Literacy Activities for a Superhero Theme

From alphabet matching to superhero kindergarten writing worksheets, these exciting literacy activities are learning activities your kids will be begging to do!

As you are planning your superhero lesson plans for kindergarten and preschool, these easy activities will be a perfect fit! Choose from kindergarten superhero worksheets and preschool games to make your superhero themed classroom complete.

Combine them with some of these fun superhero books for kindergarten:

 Bedtime for Batman (DC Super Heroes)Bedtime for Batman (DC Super Heroes) Even Superheroes Have Bad DaysEven Superheroes Have Bad Days Pete the Cat: Super Pete (I Can Read Level 1)Pete the Cat: Super Pete (I Can Read Level 1) DC Graphic Novels for Kids Box Set 1DC Graphic Novels for Kids Box Set 1 Superhero Board Books Ultimate Set Toddlers Kids — 12 Shaped Board Books Featuring Batman, Superman, Spiderman and MoreSuperhero Board Books Ultimate Set Toddlers Kids -- 12 Shaped Board Books Featuring Batman, Superman, Spiderman and More Wonder Woman to the Rescue! (DC Super Friends) (Step into Reading)Wonder Woman to the Rescue! (DC Super Friends) (Step into Reading)


These ladybug girl and bumblebee boy superhero picture books are always a hit even though they are not traditional superhero comic books.

 Ladybug Girl and the Best Ever PlaydateLadybug Girl and the Best Ever Playdate Ladybug Girl and BingoLadybug Girl and Bingo Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee BoyLadybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy Ladybug Girl at the BeachLadybug Girl at the Beach Ladybug GirlLadybug Girl Ladybug Girl and the Rescue DogsLadybug Girl and the Rescue Dogs


Superhero Theme: Arts & Crafts

These preschool and kindergarten superhero crafts are great for using in dramatic play. Using the comic book characters that kids love, these activities for kids can also be used for classroom decor.

Take a look at these simple superhero crafts for kids:

Create an amazing superhero unit study for your kids! Math, science, literacy, sensory activities for kids and more!

Superhero Theme: Sensory

Whether you are looking for superhero kindergarten activities or something to give your preschoolers an exciting sensory experiences, these superhero theme sensory activities are a great choice!

Get the kids up and moving with this fun free printable superhero action cube!

Superhero Theme Science and STEM Activities

Superhero Games for Kindergarten and Preschool

 Wonder Forge Marvel Matching Game for Boys and Girls Age 3 to 5 – A Fun and Fast Superhero Memory GameWonder Forge Marvel Matching Game for Boys and Girls Age 3 to 5 - A Fun and Fast Superhero Memory Game Wonder Forge Marvel I Can Do That! GameWonder Forge Marvel I Can Do That! Game Superhero Strengths: Building Resilience, Coping Skills, and Emotion Awareness Card GameSuperhero Strengths: Building Resilience, Coping Skills, and Emotion Awareness Card Game UNO Marvel AvengersUNO Marvel Avengers Apples to Apples: Marvel Edition Board Game of Amazing Combinations for 4 to 8 Players Ages 12 Years & Older, Gift for Kid, Adult or Family Game NightApples to Apples: Marvel Edition Board Game of Amazing Combinations for 4 to 8 Players Ages 12 Years & Older, Gift for Kid, Adult or Family Game Night


Superhero Themed Classroom Printables Free

If you are looking for superhero theme classroom ideas, these free printables and decoration and bulletin board ideas are sure to be a hit! There are also some great superhero party ideas that can be easily adapted for the classroom.

 Colorful Classroom Banner DecorationColorful Classroom Banner Decoration Superhero AwningSuperhero Awning Bulletin Board Cutout Name TagsBulletin Board Cutout Name Tags Classroom DecorationsClassroom Decorations Classroom DecorationsClassroom Decorations Cityscape Cut-Outs for Party DecorationCityscape Cut-Outs for Party Decoration Superhero Classroom DecorationsSuperhero Classroom Decorations Superhero Cityscape Straight Border TrimSuperhero Cityscape Straight Border Trim Superhero Funtastic AlphabetSuperhero Funtastic Alphabet Super Power Super Kids Bulletin BoardSuper Power Super Kids Bulletin Board Marvel Super Hero Adventure 2-Sided Deco KitsMarvel Super Hero Adventure 2-Sided Deco Kits Superhero Cityscape AccentsSuperhero Cityscape Accents Superhero 10 Pocket ChartSuperhero 10 Pocket Chart Superhero Calendar SetSuperhero Calendar Set



Printable superhero classroom decorations free

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