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DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Unlock All Soul Emblems Unlockables

Soul Emblems can be added to the Community Board for special bonuses. Many are unlocked as you complete quests, but others are available through meeting certain criteria. If you miss a Soul Emblem, using the time machine once it’s available will allow you to revisit past events. Here’s how to unlock every Soul Emblem in the game:

  • Goku – Automatically unlocked at the beginning of the game.
  • Gohan – Complete the Community Board tutorial.
  • Chi-Chi – Complete the first story mission.
  • Master Roshi – Complete the Master Roshi’s Prized Possession side quest.
  • Nam – Complete the Nam the Peddler side quest.
  • Android 8 – Complete the Gentle Giant side quest.
  • King Yemma – Defeat Raditz.
  • Kami – Defeat Raditz.
  • Yajirobe – Unlocked by Kid Gohan.
  • Tien – Defeat Tien using Piccolo.
  • Chiaotzu – Complete the Telekinesis Training side quest.
  • Yamcha – Defeat Yamcha using Piccolo.
  • Krillin – Defeat Krillin using Piccolo.
  • Piccolo – Defeat Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha.
  • King Kai – Make King Kai laugh.
  • Puar – Go home with Gohan.
  • Mr. Popo – Reach the end of Snake Road.
  • Pilaf – Complete the Pilaf Gang’s Plan side quest.
  • Shu – Complete the Pilaf Gang’s Plan side quest.
  • Mai – Complete the Pilaf Gang’s Plan side quest.
  • Launch – Return to Master Roshi after finding Launch.
  • Saibaman – Complete the Mysterious Power Reading side quest.
  • Mercenary Tao – Complete the Familiar Face side quest.
  • Master Shen – Complete the Familiar Face side quest.
  • Turtle – Complete the Tough Break for Turtle side quest.
  • Bulma – Find the materials for Bulma’s spaceship.
  • Vegeta – Defeat Cui using Vegeta.
  • Guru – Meet Guru.
  • Nail – Fuse with Nail.
  • Oolong – Complete the Mystery of the Missing Tail side quest.
  • Trunks – Defeat Trunks using Goku.
  • Bubbles – Complete the Bummed About Bananas side quest.
  • Doctor Briefs – Complete the Easy-Going Genius side quest.
  • Korin – Play the Android Saga.
  • Baba – Complete the Between Worlds side quest.
  • Android 16 – Play the Android Saga.
  • Dende – Play the Cell Saga.
  • Shenron – Help Dende improve the Dragon Balls.
  • Ox King – Complete the An Awkward Pair side quest.
  • Marron – Complete the Daddy’s Little Girl side quest.
  • Android 18 – Complete the Anxious Android 18 side quest.
  • Videl – Play the Majin Buu Saga.
  • World Tournament Announcer – Complete the Good Ol’ Days side quest.
  • Supreme Kai – Complete the Far Beyond Frieza side quest.
  • Kibito – Complete the Far Beyond Frieza side quest.
  • Goten – Play the Majin Buu Saga.
  • Trunks (Kid) – Play the Majin Buu Saga.
  • Captain Ginyu – Complete the Captain’s Comeback side quest.
  • Mr. Satan – Complete the A Father’s Dignity side quest.
  • Puppy – Complete the Buu the Bottomless Pit side quest.
  • Majin Buu – Complete the Buu the Bottomless Pit side quest.
  • Suno – Complete the Reunion with Suno side quest.
  • Bora – Complete the Good Ol’ Goku! side quest.
  • Upa – Complete the Good Ol’ Goku! side quest.
  • Elder Kai – Complete the Fulfilling a Promise side quest.
  • Arale-chan – Complete the Here It Comes! side quest.
  • Gatchan – Complete the Here It Comes! side quest.
  • Senbei – Complete the Here It Comes! side quest.
  • Porunga – Complete the Porunga Part 2 side quest.
  • Android 17 – Complete the Lone Guardian side quest.
  • Bonyu – Complete Bonyu’s Special Training.
  • Cell – Complete the Perfecting Perfection side quest.
  • Frieza – Complete the Return of the Emperor side quest.
  • Dabura – Complete the King of the Demon Realm? side quest.
  • Nappa – Complete the Saiyan Power side quest.
  • Raditz – Complete the Pride of the Warrior Race side quest.
  • Recoome – Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side quest.
  • Burter – Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side quest.
  • Jeice – Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side quest.
  • Guldo – Complete the Ginyu Force Tryouts side quest.
  • Appule – Complete the Filling the Power Vacuum side quest.
  • Zarbon – Complete the Power is Beauty! side quest.
  • Dodoria – Complete the Power Is Justice! side quest.
  • Cui – Complete the No Dirty Fireworks for Me! side quest.
  • Cell Jr – Complete the Little Nightmares side quest.
  • King Cold – Complete the Most Feared of Families side quest.
  • Babidi – Complete the Babidi’s Back side quest.
  • Yamu – Complete the Babidi’s Back side quest.
  • Spopovich – Complete the Babidi’s Back side quest.
  • Pui Pui – Complete the Change of Heart side quest.
  • Yakon – Complete the Change of Heart side quest.
  • Android 20 – Complete the Shadows of the Red Ribbon Army side quest.
  • Android 19 – Complete the Shadows of the Red Ribbon Army side quest.

Memorial Spots Easter Eggs

Several classic Dragon Ball moments can be relived by finding the collectible memorial spots that show you recaps from the original Dragon Ball. You can buy information about the memorial spot locations from Baba, but if you need help finding any (or if you want help finding Baba), the video below shows them all.

Time Machine Unlockables

In a free update added after the game’s release, a time machine is now available in the post-game. Go to West City, outside of the Capsule Corporation. Bulma and Future Trunks will be standing by the time machine. If you don’t have the update yet, Dr. Brief will be by the time machine after you talk to them and will say it isn’t ready yet. However, once you have the update, he’ll say you can use the time machine. Pick your chapter (saga) and then pick an episode to travel back to that part of the game to redo story quests, side quests, etc.

Secret Bonus Boss (Mira and Towa) Unlockables

By defeating all of the Villainous Enemies (the enemies marked in red), you will unlock a secret bonus boss battle against Mira and Towa, the main antagonists from the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series.

Basic Tips Hints

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to get special rewards for your progress through the Z Encyclopedia.

Pay attention the Community Board. The buffs and bonuses given here can help a lot, especially as you combine different Soul Emblems, so it’s worth putting in the time to understand and use the Community Board system.

Collect all the Z Orbs you see. Six different types are available and they’re important to unlock new attacks and skills, so make sure you pick up any orbs in your area.

Once you have some Z Orbs, you can open up a character’s Super Attack skill tree to unlock and upgrade skills and stats.

You can buy maps that will display the locations of Fishing Spots, Hunting Spots, Fruit Tree Locations, and Mineral Deposit Locations on your map.

Vendors in town also sell items. Make sure you’re well-stocked on health items before you head into combat.

Some NPCs will also give you items just for talking to them. Talk to every character you see.

Eating gives you stackable buffs, which can be quite helpful. In addition to cooking meals, you can also eat at campfires. Use these buffs to your advantage and stack them to increase their effects.

Your Ki gauge is necessary to perform Super Attacks. Keep an eye on it and try to conserve enough to use these attacks. You can restore your Ki gauge out of combat.

Smashing into a low-level enemy while running at your maximum speed will instantly defeat the enemy and give you your combat rewards, allowing you to skip the tedium of fighting them. This only works with enemies that are at a lower level than you.

Study boss patterns and time your Super Attacks accordingly. After a boss uses an attack or expends Ki, you have an opening to use a Super Attack. Some Super Attacks can interrupt combos, as well. Pay attention to the enemy’s moves and strategically use your attacks for the maximum damage.

Flying into mountains at your maximum speed will destroy them, often rewarding you with access to caves and resources.

Complete side quests right away. Not only will they give you good rewards that can help you out, but some side quests are only available in a specific time frame. Progressing too far will lock you out of these quests.

Use the time machine (added during an update) to travel back in time and complete events you missed during the game.

The best gift to give is the Ultimate Awakening Water, which increases friendship by 20 and all attributes by 8.

Dragon Ball references Easter Eggs

There are numerous references and nods to the Dragon Ball franchise beyond the events actually covered in the game itself.

  • Several characters from Dragon Ball who don’t play a role in the Dragon Ball Z story appear in supporting roles.
  • When Goku and Gohan go fishing with their tails, this is a reference to the very start of Dragon Ball, where Goku fishes that way.
  • Numerous NPCs reference someone named Mark, without any explanation given for who Mark is. This is a reference to Mr. Satan, as Akira Toriyama said in interviews that Mr. Satan’s real name is Mark.
  • Android 21 appears undercover, with her name not revealed for fans who don’t know who she is.
  • Vegeta appears in the intermission wearing his Badman shirt.
  • Similarly, the driving section of the game is a nod to an episode that focus on driving.

The Simpsons reference Easter Eggs

When Krillin puts on his armor and says “Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all,” this is a reference to Flanders from the Simpsons episode Little Big Mom.

Re-fighting bosses special dialogue Easter Eggs

If you use the Dragon Balls to revive bosses and fight them again, they have new dialogue referencing their confusion about being back and what’s going on.

Professor Oak Easter Eggs

There is a Capsule Corporation employee who bears an uncanny resemblance to Professor Oak from the Pokemon series.

Dr. Slump characters Easter Eggs

Arale and Gatchan, the characters involved in the time machine quest, are actually characters from Akira Toriyama’s older series, Dr. Slump. After Dr. Slump ended, Toriyama eventually tied them into Dragon Ball Z as a crossover.

Dragon Ball Locations Hints

While the Dragon Balls are used as part of the story, the player can also collect them later in the game, after the Frieza Saga. Your map will display a small Dragon Ball icon if you’re close to one of them. If you’re having trouble finding all seven Dragon Balls (which will allow you to refight bosses as one-time wishes or get more Z Orbs, Zeni, or rare items as repeatable wishes), use the video guide below for help.

Questions and Answers

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Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2 have released Dragon Ball Z Kakarot to the wild, which means folks on PC, PS4, and Xbox One can play the game that retells the story of Dragon Ball Z. However, the former platform has cheat trainers that grant infinite health, Ki, EXP, and items.

Folks looking to blast through Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on PC can rest easy since cheating is now a thing. Yes, fans of the series or games can sift through a slew of cheats, as listed below.


Firstly, cheatshappens.com has the usual amount of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot trainers up for download, which consists of 21 in total for PC goes:

Infinite Health

Infinite KI

Instant Support

One Hit Kills

Super Combo

EXP Multiplier

Unlimited Item Usage

Change Zeni

Change Medals

Change All Orbs

Perfect Community Level

Perfect Friendship

Super Speed

Edit: Zeni

Edit: Medals

Edit: Blue

Edit: Red

Edit: Green

Edit: Multi

Edit: Purple

Edit: Gold

Secondly, flingtrainer.com has the goods too. Upon visiting the website that’s all about breaking free from any game’s confines, you can do any of the following:

Infinite Health

Infinite Ki

Max Tension Gauge

Infinite Surge Effect Duration

Support Character Instant Cooldown

Max Combo

Items Don’t Decrease

Set Game Speed

One Hit Stun

Super Damage/One Hit Kill

Edit Zeni

Edit D Medals

Edit Z Orbs (All Types)

Infinite Exp

Max Community Level

Easy Max Friendship

Obtain All Recovery Items

Obtain All Cooking Items

Obtain All Materials

Obtain All Gifts

Easy Unlock Skills

Z Orbs Multiplier

Exp Multiplier

Damage Multiplier

Need to cheat some more? Don’t worry website megadev.info has you covered:

+1,000 Zeni

Reset Zeni to 0

Reset Items to 0

+10,000 Zeni

+100 BlueZOrb

+100 RedZOrb

+100 GreenZOrb

Selected character: +100 XP

+100 MagentaBlueZOrb

+100 PurpleZOrb

+100 GoldZOrb

Selected character: +1,000 XP

Selected character: +1 Level

Selected character: Total-Melee-ATK +10

Infinite Tension

Infinite Ki


Unlock all items x99

Unlimited Item Usage

Selected character: Total-Melee-DEF +10

Selected character: Total-Ki-ATK +10

Selected character: Total-Ki-DEF+10

Selected character: Total-Critical-Hit-Rate +1%

Easy Kills

There’s another free trainer available for download from over on Cheat Evolution.

The trainer comes with the following Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot cheats:

Unlimited Health

One-Hit Kills

Unlimited KI

Unlimited Items

Max Combo

Instant Support Cooldown

Unlimited Surge Duration

Max Tension Gauge

Perfect Friendship

Perfect Community Level

Unlimited Zeni

Unlimited Orbs

Unlimited Medals

Unlimited XP

Increase Game Speed

Decrease Game Speed

Reset Game Speed

Website wemod.com has cheats up for download:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited KI

Instant Support Cooldown

Max Tension

Unlimited Surge Duration

Unlimited Items

Unlimited Orbs

Unlimited Zeni

Unlimited Medals

Max Community Level

Set XP

One-Hit Kills

Lastly, mrantifun.net has trainers up too:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited KI

Instant Support Cooldown

Max Tension

Unlimited Surge Duration

Unlimited Items

Unlimited Orbs

Unlimited Zeni

Unlimited Medals

Max Community Level

Set XP

One-Hit Kills

You can experience Dragon Ball Z story all over again right now through Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, which is available across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Sours: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2020/01/dragon-ball-z-kakarot-cheats-grant-infinite-health-ki-exp-and-items/
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Secret Mira boss fight

Defeat all Villainous Parties in the game, which are marked by a red crown icon on the map. Once all Villainous Parties are defeated, Mira can be found on the "Land Of The Kais" planet. He is a Level 100 enemy that has lots of health. Defeat him to get the "Down With The Demon Realm!" trophy.

Defeating Mira

Stock up on lots of healing items (equip them to your Pallete by going to Pause Menu -- Items -- Register Palette). For healing items, mainly use Energy Supplement Z every time your first health bar is depleted. If your health gets really low, use a Senzu Bean to restore 100% health (they regrow over time at Korin Tower Summit; talk to the cat NPC there). Bring additional Ultra Healade as a final option (recovers 30% health per use). Healing items are quite expensive. Put everyone in the Adult community to get reduced prices, wish for money from Shenron after finding all seven Dragon Balls (he gives 100,000 every time), and sell items from your inventory to merchants (quickest way is to find a cave with many rare crystals, destroy them, create manual save, reload save, everything respawns, destroy crystals again and repeat). As long as you have enough healing items, you can brute force this fight, no skill required. You can do it easily at Level 70+. Make sure you put two other characters on your team to help out (highest level ones). Use Saiyan 3 transformation all the time, as you deal more damage this way. Only use melee attacks. Super attacks tend to land only 1 damage because of the huge level difference. If you still are having trouble defeating him, complete all available side missions to level up (but this should not be necessary with enough healing items).

Easy D Medals

D Medals are used to gain access to training battles —- scan your map when entering any location to see all the available training quests. They are important because training quests unlock new skills. To learn all the skills, you need a lot of D Medals. To get more D Medals, you can always travel to Master Roshi and complete quests for his turtle companion. To easily get D Medals, open the Z Encyclopedia. For every entry you have unlocked, you will get D Medals. If you are pretty far into the game and never opened the Z Encyclopedia, you can get a lot of D Medals instantly. You can easily unlock more entries in the Z Encyclopedia by completing quests, or just progressing further into the story. One way to unlock more entries instantly is by finding memorial spots. These are hidden collectibles, but if you have extra money, you can pay Witch Baba (she is located on every single map) 1,000 Zeni to mark a new memorial spot. Go to the new memorial spot to unlock more entries in the Z Encyclopedia.

Easy money

Find a cave with lots of rare crystals. Destroy the rare crystals, create a manual save, then reload the save for everything to respawn. Destroy the crystals again, and repeat the process as many times as desired. Sell the items from your inventory to merchants for easy money.

Check your inventory for "Fancy" items. Fancy items may look like gifts, but they are actually items you can sell for a lot of Zeni.

Easy Rare Z-Orbs

Rare Z-Orbs can be found in a variety of ways, but two of the easiest are found on every map in the game. While flying around, look for Phantom Airways and Timed Z-Orbs. Activate a Timed Z-Orb to make additional Z-Orbs appear —- some of them will be rare. Look for the Phantom Airways, which are golden circles in the sky. Flying into a Phantom Airway sends you through an air-tunnel filled with Z-Orbs, including some Rare Z-Orbs. They reset locations every time you re-enter a map region. Simply fly into a Phantom Airway and collect the Z-Orbs, then go to the map screen, and re-enter the same area for a new Phantom Airway to appear. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Summoning Shenron

Shenron, wishes, and Dragon Balls become available after completing the Frieza arc. Once Frieza is defeated, you will return to Earth and begin a story Intermission. During the Intermission, you can search for Dragon Balls (seven total), which are found in random locations all over the world map. Collect all seven, then open the main menu and select "Dragon Balls" to summon Shenron, where you can choose one wish from the list of wishes.

All Dragon Ball wishes

Repeatable Wishes

    I want Z Orbs!: 10,000 Blue Orbs, 10,000 Yellow Orbs, 10,000 Red Orbs, 10 Rainbow Orbs

    I want to be rich!: 30,000 Zeni

    I want rare items!: Whole Roast On The Bone x1, Juicy Steamed Bun x1, Burning Tofu x1, Refreshing Sea Food Soup x1, Rich Seafood Soup x1, Fish Rice Ball x1, Fresh Seafood Pasta x1, Dense Sesame Dumpling x1, Sugary Cupcake x1, Crumbly Fried Rice x1, Awakening Water x5, Superior Awakening Water x5

Non-Repeatable Wishes

    I want to fight Raditz again!
    I want to fight Nappa again!
    I want to fight Dodoria again!
    I want to fight Zarbon again!
    I want to fight the Ginyu Force again!
    And more!

Choose the "And more!" wish to be able to re-fight basically any character that does not appear again in the series for a second fight. When you summon a character for a re-fight, they will appear somewhere on the map. Once you find them, there will be some new dialogue since it is not just a simple repeat battle -- it is actually a new little sequence. They are all worth doing and also give you much better rewards than other battles.

Auto Infinite Super Saiyan transformations

To obtain Auto-Transformations, first unlock the Training Room that appears around the Imperfect Cell Saga. It becomes available when Vegeta trains to become a Super Saiyan like Goku. Once the Training Room in the Capsule Corps building in West City has been unlocked, modify the Training Room to Level 10 and complete it to unlock a special Know-How that gives you auto-transformation abilities. Make sure to equip the Know-How to access this special bonus. When the Auto-Transformation Know-How is equipped, you can ascend to Kaioken/Super Saiyan without using Ki or draining your HP. You can still use ascend/descend forms, and this works for any Saiyan characters. Even Piccolo and other non-Saiyans can ascend to their enhanced forms. If you continue to upgrade this skill, you will unlock higher transformation levels. Eventually you can reach Level 2, 3, etc., but this is really only available as a post-game activity. You will need to be around Level 90+ to complete Training Level 10. It is a nice ability that is very useful when trying to defeat the difficult villainous enemies found around the end-game world.

Reaching Level 250

After completing the game, there are a few things you can do to quickly earn XP to reach Level 250. First, upgrade the Training Community Board to the maximum level for +100% Battle XP. Second, eat the Super Deluxe Meat Course meal for a temporary boost to XP earned. Third, defeat all the Villainous enemies on each map. After defeating the enemies, much harder variations will respawn. Defeat them again for even harder variations to appear.

Golden Gazelle Antler location

In the "Animorphine Accident" side quest, you must find three specific items from the environment. The herbs and snails are pretty easy to find anywhere. The hardest one to find is the Golden Gazelle Antler. To find it, travel to the Central Plains area and look for a grazing spot by the lake. If you are lucky, an NPC will say there is a Golden Gazelle Antler in a big text balloon. However, this does not always happen. Use your Ki Vision and the Golden Gazelle will glow red. If you do not see a golden-colored one, just save your game and exit. Reload the save, return to the Central Plains, and check the same spot again. Just keep reloading and the gazelle will eventually spawn.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Dragon Ball Master (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
    Fountain of Knowledge (Gold): Unlock 400 entries in the Z Encyclopedia.
    A Super Warrior Is Born (Silver): Acquire 100 Super Attacks or Masteries in the Super Attack Skill Tree.
    Heavy Medal (Silver): Collect 100 D Medals.
    Shenron's Favorite (Silver): Summon Shenron 10 times from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wish.
    Thirsty for Knowledge (Silver): Unlock 200 entries in the Z Encyclopedia.
    Turtle School Legend (Silver): Complete 50 Turtle School training challenges and report to Master Roshi.
    Can't Touch This (Bronze): Get 50 instant victories on enemies.
    Do-Gooder (Bronze): Complete 10 sub stories.
    Get out of My Head and Turn into My Car (Bronze): Build a hovercar.
    Getting Greedy (Bronze): Summon Shenron 5 times from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wish.
    Helping Hand (Bronze): Complete a sub story.
    Highly Skilled (Bronze): Acquire 50 Super Attacks or Masteries in the Super Attack Skill Tree.
    Let the Building Begin! (Bronze): Build a machine part.
    Medal Madness (Bronze): Collect 10 D Medals.
    Newfound Power (Bronze): Acquire a Super Attack or Mastery in the Super Attack Skill Tree.
    Not Worth My Time (Bronze): Get an instant victory on an enemy.
    Only the Finest (Bronze): Make 5 full-course meals.
    Push It to the Limit (Bronze): Complete 10 challenges at a Training Grounds location with any character.
    Robot Rider (Bronze): Build a Bipedal Robo Walker.
    Tell Me More (Bronze): Unlock an entry in the Z Encyclopedia.
    The Power of Friendship (Bronze): Use 10 Super Attack Assists.
    The Voice in My Head (Bronze): Receive a telepathic message from King Kai.
    There's Nothing Like a Home-Cooked Meal! (Bronze): Make a full-course meal.
    Turtle School Master (Bronze): Complete 20 Turtle School training challenges and report to Master Roshi.
    Turtle School Trainee (Bronze): Complete a Turtle School training challenge and report to Master Roshi.
    Who Needs a Phone? (Bronze): Receive 20 telepathic messages from King Kai.
    Wish Maker (Bronze): Summon Shenron from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wish.
    Z Combo Zealot (Bronze): Perform 10 Z Combos.

Additionally, there are 13 secret trophies:

    Bye-Bye, Buu (Gold): Complete the Majin Buu Saga.
    Down with the Demon Realm! (Gold): Win the battle against Mira.
    Tough Enough (Gold): Complete a Level 10 challenge in the Training Room.
    Earth's New Champion (Silver): Complete the Cell Saga.
    Emperor No More (Silver): Complete the Frieza Saga.
    Evil All Around (Bronze): Defeat 20 Villainous parties.
    Purging the Plague (Silver): Defeat 30 Villainous parties.
    Worse For Wear (Silver): Complete the Saiyan Saga.
    A Dark Omen (Bronze): Defeat your first Villainous party.
    Demolition Artist (Bronze): Destroy 10 boulders blocking caves.
    Excavator (Bronze): Destroy a boulder blocking a cave.
    Flashy Finish (Bronze): Win a battle with a Super Finish.
    Former Foe (Bronze): Win the simulation battle against Piccolo.
Sours: https://www.cheatcc.com/ps4/dragonballzkakarotcheatscodes.html
Things I Wish I Knew Earlier In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (Tips \u0026 Tricks)

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Wiki Guide

Given the nature in which Mira and Towa are unlocked, it is only fair that the pair have been dubbed the game's super-bosses and will definitely be one of your most challenging encounters yet.

Check The Z-Encyclopedia Often For Newly Unlocked Content that Covers Story Details, Collectibles, and More!

Want to learn more details about Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's lore and story? Crack open the Z-Encyclopedia by pressing Triangle/Y in the menu to unlock additional story content, character information, videos and even collectible cards.

Purchase Maps to Unlock the Location of Secret Memorial Spots, Resources and More!

Searching for fishing spots, fruit trees, and other resources and activities can quickly become quite tiresome, especially when searching for the likes of Memorial Spots that contain special story details about the original Dragon Ball series.

Thankfully, you'll be happy to know that there is a way to make this process much easier. Simply make your way to a City or a Village and search for a Guides seller.This NPC will provide you with several different maps that can be purchase to instantly unlock the location of Fishing Spots, Hunting Spots, Fruit Tree Locations, and Mineral Deposit Locations. While it may not seem like a lot, unlocking these maps will save you time that you would have otherwise had to spend searching for yourself.If you're looking for something a little more story based you can speak to Master Roshi's sister, Babu the Witch in Olive Village, to have her track down the location of Memorial spots for a fee of 1,000 Zeni. Unfortunately, the fee only covers the cost of one Memorial spot, so definitely be sure to factor that into your budget if you're interested in unlocking more than just one.

Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/dragon-ball-z-kakarot/Cheats_and_Secrets

Ps4 cheats ball dragon kakarot

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Things I Wish I Knew Earlier In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (Tips \u0026 Tricks)

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