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Did you ever purchase a box of 3 Mil contractor bags and wonder why the bags don’t perform as well as the ones that you purchased last time? Or why the bags don’t feel quite as tough? The box says that these bags have the same height, width, and thickness as the other ones, and all contractor bags are the same, right? Wrong. There’s a little secret in the trash bag industry that explains why the quality and performance of a contractor bag seems to vary so much across brands. Once you know this secret, you will never waste money on poor quality contractor bags again.

Contractor bags are one of the most common trash bags around. Contractors, disaster relief workers, moving companies, and even homeowners use them. All of the major trash bag brands make them, from supermarket brands to commercial brands. They truly are a magnificent bag for heavy loads of sharp trash, books, and construction debris. The standard contractor bag is a 42 gallon bag boasting to be 3 Mil thick and capable of handling the toughest trash. So why is there such a variation in the quality of these standard bags? The truth is that some of these bags that claim to have a thickness of 3 Mil are in fact 10% thinner than what they claim. In industry terms, this is known as tolerance, aka the acceptable margin of error, which in simple terms means manufacturers can cut costs by using less plastic while charging you the full price. This 10% down-gauging is considered the norm, but beware because some manufacturers will attempt to down-gauge even more.

Why this is important for you:

The price of a contractor bag, or any trash bag for that matter, is based on the weight. Thickness is a huge determining factor in the weight of a trash bag. If you are paying for a 3 Mil contractor bag, but your bag is really only 2.7 Mil thick, you’re getting ripped off. It may be pennies per pound, but if you use a lot of contractor bags in a year, those pennies can mean serious bucks.

What you can do about it:

Talk to your trash bag supplier! Ask them what their standards are in regards to actual thickness of the bag. Find out what they are doing to ensure that their bags are consistently manufactured to the specifications they are advertising. If they can’t assure you that you are getting a true 3 Mil bag every time you order, then it’s time to find a new supplier.

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At Plasticplace, we test all of our bags to ensure our customers get what they pay for. We use many sophisticated techniques and procedures to guarantee that the quality of our bags meets the high standards of our customers. For testing on the fly, we use a micrometer – a simple tool that clamps onto the trash bag, and then a needle moves to the correct measurement of the thickness. We even test the bag in several locations to make sure that the thickness is consistent throughout the bag.

Contractor bags may not be created equal, but you deserve to get what you pay for. Use this information to make smart buying decisions. You will be surprised how quickly a few pennies per trash bag can add up. You work hard for your money, don’t throw it in the trash.


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Home Depot Dumpster Bag

Home Depot Dumpster Bag. Pay Your Credit Card. What is the top-selling product within WM Bagster Trash Bags. Available in 10 15 20 30 and 40 cubic yard sizes. What Is The Bagster by Waste Management. BULL BAGs holds up to 4500 lbs. Typically 8 feet wide 10-20 feet long and 35-7 feet high. Buy the Bagster bag at your local home improvement retailer. Bags can be purchased from home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot while dumpsters are rented from a nationwide or local hauler. A Bagster is a bag offered by Waste Management that serves as a portable dumpster bag that a person can purchase at Home Depot for roughly 29 to 49 although you may be able to find it for less by using a Bagster Coupon code. Keeping this in consideration does Home Depot sell the bagster.

Pin On The Bagster Bag

Dumpsters and waste removal bags are both containers you can use to dispose of a variety of debrisBags can be purchased from home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot while dumpsters are rented from a nationwide or local hauler. BULL BAGs holds up to 4500 lbs. This dumpster bag is suitable for home renovation yard. Available in 10 15 20 30 and 40 cubic yard sizes. Look for our point of sale displays below. The most reviewed product in WM Bagster Contractor Bags is the WM Bagster Dumpster in a Bag Holds up to 3300 lb with 50062 reviews. Dumpsters can hold 4000-12000 pounds. The individual then takes it home and fills it with their unwanted junk construction debris and anything. The WM Bagster Dumpster in a Bag serves as the perfect on-demand waste removal solution for your job site or home do-it-yourself project. And is big enough for cabinets or even a bathtub 8 ft.

CODES 6 days ago Bagster Pros Cons Cost Waste Management Dumpster BagCODES 8 days ago A Bagster is a bag offered by Waste Management that serves as a portable dumpster bag that a person can purchase at Home Depot for roughly 29 to 49 although.

One bag holds up to. H Reliable collection service. You can fit up to 3300 lbs. Buy the Bagster bag at your local home improvement retailer. An additional fee is charged for pickup and disposal. It is easy to setup use and store for reuse at a later date. Bags can be purchased from home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot while dumpsters are rented from a nationwide or local hauler. The Bagster dumpster in a bag service is an easy-to-use waste removal solution that works on your schedule. Schedule your collection online or by phone 1877789BAGS. 1-800-HOME-DEPOT 1-800-466-3337 Customer Service. Buy the bag at your convenience and fill with up to 1500 KG of debris or waste.

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Bagster Pickup Cost Pros & Cons

The first thing to understand here is there is ALOT of fine print and it's spread all over Waste Management's website (we are guessing on purpose). Most of our customers, yes our customers, found these finer points out when they were calling to schedule their pickup, unfortunately, after already having spent their time and money buying and loading the Bagster. So to help you, our future customers we have combined ALL of their fine print points of interest here in one area so you are fully informed before making the mistake so many others have done before you.

Promise #1: The Bagster will save you money

The Catch: The Bagster costs $30 for the bag itself which is a one time use. The pickup charges then average $180. The booking fee is $8 and any other fees that will be included (there are). So for the cost to dispose of a heaping full size pickup trucks worth of junk and debris costs a total of roughly $220 using Bagster - and lets not forget too mention the time and effort to go buy the bag and remove carry and load it yourself.

Our average cost to remove a pickup trucks worth of junk costs between $140 and $180 WITHOUT discounts, 95% of our customers get discounts (explained below)

Promise #2 The Bagster is convenient, set it up where its easy for you to load it (is what it's instructions and website say). We are sure the most convenient spot for you to load it is not on the curb infront of your house or business)

The Catch: Look back on top of the page, see that ginormous truck with the 16 foot crane? How is that supposed to pick it up from a place that was convenient for you? The answer is it's not, they won't pick it up unless its curbside, or in your driveway, which needs to be at least 12' wide and have an overhead clearance of 18-20'. You also must be willing to sign their damage waiver so they can driver their 70,000 pound truck on your driveway meant for 5-10k pound cars and trucks.

For at least 20% less we come out and remove your items from where they sit, all you need to do is point and we remove it.

Promise #3: Get rid of all your unwanted items fast, easily, and conveniently

The Catch: Lets face it, compared to most junk and debris removal services this is not easy, fast, and convenient!? You are making a trip out to get a bag, you are carrying all your unwanted junk, debris, and unwanted furniture 20-30+ feet from where its all currently at (probably a few stairs involved), then the call scheduling the pickup, supervising the pickup, calling to make a payment.. An average of 4 to 8 total hours and $220+ all to get rid of a little more than a pickup trucks worth of junk?! NOT CONVENIENT!

Using Trash Can Willys to handle this pickup trucks worth of junk you could spend up to 3 minutes booking your pickup online here or calling us to schedule, the crew then calls when they are close during your two hour appointment time frame, verify the price upon arrival, load everything up in 20 minutes, take payment on the spot, and are gone. Leaving you with a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes worth of time spent and having saved 20% while not lifting a thing.

Promise #4 A simple solution to get rid of all your unwanted items during your junk decluttering, yard cleanup, construction site cleanup, etc

The Catch: They will not accept all of this!? HAZMAT, paint, televisions, any electronics in general, air conditioners, refrigerators, appliances, yard waste, regular food trash and garbage?? They also want you to handle the recycling of tires, batteries, glass, metals, paper & plastic products, and light bulbs because they don't take it. They also will not allow you to load up yard waste (although they say Bagster is good for yard cleanups??)

Whats the point in using a disposal service if you cannot get rid of all these items!? Here's what we do not except at Trash Can Willys: Hazmat and paint, that's it!

Promise #5: They will discount your second bag pickup by $20.

The Catch: $20... So getting rid of 2 heaping pickup trucks worth of junk will run you about $420... thats a discount of less than 5% folks!?

The cost of Trash Can Willys removing 2 full size pickup trucks worth of junk before discounts averages $240-$280. Again, 95% of our customers are able to get discounts on their pickups. Heres how:


Trash Can Willys Available Discounts For All Customers

Available Discount 1 - If there are many items we can donate, we discount the load because we do not have to pay to dispose of that amount of weight, it also helps the less fortunate in the communities we serve while keeping useful items out of our landfill

Available Discount 2 - If there is a sizable amount of precious metals or iron we do not charge to take these items away because WE recycle them for you, we then pass the savings on to you our customers.

Available Discount 3 - If there are items that can be repurposed and even fixed and resold we will discount your removal accordingly. In the event an item is able to be resold without repairs we will determine its fair market price and give you 50% of that fair market price off the cost of your junk removal!

Here's an *example of the above put into an understandable, common day occurrence for our customers. A customer calls with 2 full size pickup trucks worth of junk, we phone quote the job at a **guesstimate of $240 to $280 or less, our crew arrives and notices 300 pounds of metal we can recycle, 300 pounds of items we can donate, and a couch we can resell for $100. After seeing the load size the onsite quoted price for the removal is set at $260, but the customer has a $40 coupon for following us here on Facebook (Available Discount 4), now the price is $220, now the metal and donation discount is applied $220-$72, now the 50% discount for the couch we can resell is taken off $148-$50 leaving a final price of $92... Yes folks, this is with us doing all the work.

We could keep going here honestly like on what happens if the Bagster is overfilled or too heavy or too many shrubs or boulders... but we think you get the point. Bagster is an overpriced service, that doesn't offer much in the line of service, that you will end up spending more money, time, and effort running yourself in circles for just to get rid of measley pickup trucks worth of junk.

We look forward to earning your business... 1-877-239-6048

Providing junk hauling services in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

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