Fitbit versa 3 waterproof test

Fitbit versa 3 waterproof test DEFAULT
Dropped Fitbit in water or swimming and showering with Fitbit

Accidents are a fact of life–they happen. If you dropped your Fitbit in the toilet, sink or accidentally ran it through the washing machine, there is hope that your Fitbit is okay and even recoverable.

Similarly, some folks wonder whether they can safely swim or shower while wearing their Fitbit device.

Although Fitbit says that all of its Fitbit smartwatches and trackers are water-resistant–that doesn’t mean they can survive the washing machine, a shower, or swim!


Think your Fitbit is waterproof? Think again…

No Fitbit is 100% waterproof!

Fitbit’s water-resistance policy means that your Fitbit survives getting wet from rain or a splash of water (like washing hands or doing the dishes.) And, of course, Fitbit built your device to survive a sweaty workout.

However, you can only swim and shower wearing certain Fitbit devices. 

And while some Fitbits are shower-proof, they aren’t swim-proof. And no Fitbit is completely waterproof for all types of water activities or accidents!

So let’s drill down and learn what water activities (or accidents) you can and cannot do with your particular Fitbit model.

Which Fitbits can I wear when swimming? swim with Fitbit

According to Fitbit, you can wear the models below when swimming in a lake, river, pool, or ocean to a maximum depth of 50 meters. Do not wear a Fitbit in a hot tub or hot spring–Fitbits are not tested or approved for swimming for prolonged periods in heated water.

  • Ace 2 and above
  • Charge 3 and above
  • Flex 2
  • Inspire series
  • Luxe
  • Ionic
  • Versa series
  • Sense

However, when Fitbit conducts these water-resistance tests, they only test the devices at a simulated pressure of 50 meters. Fitbit doesn’t perform these tests by having testers actually swim or move around to a depth of 50 meters.

The gold standard for electronic water resistance is the IP (Ingress Protection) rating published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

And unfortunately, at this time, only a few Fitbits have an official IP rating, meaning it’s been tested according to the Ingress Protection Testing Standards.

The Sense, Inspire 2, Luxe, Charge 4, Ace 3, and Versa 2 or 3 have an IP water resistance rating of IPX8 under IEC standard 60529. This rating means you can continuously wear these models for prolonged periods while swimming in a lake, river, pool, or ocean.

This rating also means that your Fitbit can be submerged deeper than 1 meter. According to Fitbit’s guidance, all Fitbits rated as IPX8 can sustain submersion in up to 50 meters.

Sadly, a lot of users discover that their Fitbits fail after swimming

Since many Fitbits are not tested under the IP standards, we ultimately do not recommend you swim with your Fitbit, especially if it’s out of warranty.

If you want to swim with your Fitbit, stick to the Fitbit Inspire 2, Ace 3, Charge 4, Sense, Luxe, or Fitbit Versa 2/3 OR check that Fitbit still covers your device under warranty.

Which Fitbits can I wear when I shower and bathe? Fitbit in the bathroom and shower

Now to the good news! You can shower with many Fitbits. The following models are built with water resistance that allows you to wear them in the shower:

  • Fitbit Ace and Ace 2/3
  • Fitbit Charge 3 and above
  • Fitbit Flex 2
  • Fitbit Inspire series
  • Fitbit Luxe
  • Fitbit Ionic
  • Fitbit Versa series
  • Fitbit Sense

If your Fitbit isn’t listed, please do not shower with it! Instead, use your showering and bathing routine as the perfect opportunity to charge up your device!

Even though your Fitbit is shower-proof, your band may not be! So make sure your wristband is also showerproof before jumping in.

After showering and bathing, it’s important to rinse and dry your Fitbit device and wristband so your skin isn’t irritated by trapped soap or water.

About Fitbit models with water lock water lock on FitBit Inspire 2

Some Fitbits also include a water lock setting that prevents damage during water activities and locks the buttons and screen on your Fitbit, stopping you from making any accidental screen taps.

You still see all your notifications and alarms on the Fitbit’s screen in water lock mode, but you need to disable the water lock to interact with them.

You can manually turn on the water lock when you’re showering, bathing, swimming, or engage in other water activities.

Additionally, when you choose Swimming in the Exercise app, the water lock automatically activates! 

How to manually turn on water lock

  1. Press and hold the buttons on your tracker.
  2. Tap the Water Lock icon (it looks like a drop of water), then firmly tap your Fitbit’s screen twice. Fitbit Ace 3 water lock settings

To turn off the water lock, dry your Fitbit and then double-tap your screen (Inspire and Luxe) or press the button (Sense and Versa 3) to turn off its water lock. You may need to repeat this a few times to get it unlocked.

Dropped Fitbit accidentally in water? dropped fitbit in water

If your Fitbit got dropped into water or went through the washing machine, the key is acting fast!

While all Fitbits are water-resistant, none are waterproof.

If the Fitbit you exposed accidentally to water is on the list of approved models for swimming, your Fitbit is likely working normally since it was designed for water submersion.

Act fast–rinse and dry it out

If your Fitbit is not on the swim list and has stopped working, the first step is powering it off (if possible.) Not all Fitbits have an “off” switch or shutdown command–we don’t understand why that is. turn off and shutdown Fitbit

Fitbit models that you can shut down include Sense, Blaze, Versa Series, Ionic, Surge, One, and Flyer.

Using a wet device or attempting to charge while still wet often causes additional damage that can not be repaired!

Do not charge it, turn it on, or use your Fitbit until it’s 100% dry. 

You must get rid of the moisture before turning it on or connecting it to power for charging.

How to fix a Fitbit dropped in water or washed in the laundry

  1. Remove the band and any screen protector or case. Clean and dry the band separately from the Fitbit device
    1. For Fitbits that went through the washing machine, soak a cloth in fresh water and clean your Fitbit to remove any detergent residue
  2. Use a dry microfiber or lint-free cloth and wipe the Fitbit to remove any excess water from the surfaces
  3. Air-dry the device for a day or two–the longer, the better. You can use a fan–but do not use any heat (or the sun)
  4. Test the device after the dry-out period by turning it back on or following the restart procedure for Fitbit models that don’t turn off

Seeing screen condensation in your Fitbit? screen condensation on Fitbit Inspire

If your Fitbit has condensation inside its screen after following these steps, turn it off (again, if possible) and repeat the dry-out period using silica gel to absorb the remaining water.

Although many recommend using uncooked rice to absorb the remaining moisture, we prefer using silica.

Uncooked rice does absorb some water, but it is not nearly as efficient as silica (or other chemical desiccants.) If you are in a pinch, uncooked rice is better than nothing–be sure to protect your device from the rice by wrapping it in a cloth or paper towel.

This process may or may not work–if not, it’s likely your Fitbit is permanently damaged. Contact Fitbit support for warranty coverage and options.

Does Fitbit cover water damage under its warranty? warranty for Fitbit

Unfortunately, Fitbit’s warranty does not typically cover water-damaged devices. However, if your Fitbit is still under its warranty period and your device became water damaged due to swimming, showering, or another typical water event, you should contact Fitbit Support and ask if they cover your device.

Fitbit’s standard warranty offers one to two years of coverage depending on where you purchased your Fitbit and where you currently live.

What if your Fitbit device isn’t covered by warranty?

If your Fitbit is no longer eligible for warranty coverage, there are a few things you can try on your own to get your device working.

#1 Turn your Fitbit device off, so it’s not getting any power (if possible)

If your Fitbit shows signs that water caused damage, you need to remove it from the water AND turn it fully off, if allowed.

For whatever reason, certain Fitbit models do not have a shutdown procedure or off button.

  • You cannot shutdown Charge models, Inspire series, Ace, Alta, and Flex Fitbits
  • You can shutdown Sense, Ionic, Versa series, Blaze, Surge, One, and Flyer models
    • Find the shutdown command in your settings app or settings > about Factory Reset or Shutdown menu on Fitbit Versa

Besides shutting down, do not tap any buttons or tap the screen regardless of the Fitbit model. You’ll likely cause even more problems.

So, if possible, turn it off and leave it off (until you complete all the troubleshooting steps)

For models that don’t offer shutdown, follow the remaining steps but try not to press any buttons or perform any on-screen actions.

#2 Remove any band, case, and screen protector remove a Fitbit Versa band from Fitbit device watch

Once your Fitbit is off, remove its band and clean and dry it separately. If you use a case and/or a screen protector for your Fitbit, it’s time to remove those too.

Water gets trapped in both cases and underneath screen protectors, so removing those helps water (or any liquid) naturally evaporate and allows you to dry it thoroughly.

#3 Clean your device with microfiber and absorbent cloths

Once your Fitbit is off and out of any case or screen protector, clean it using a microfiber or other absorbent lint-free cloth.

We like microfiber cloths because they absorb a lot more liquid than standard cloths, AND they do not leave lint behind.

#4 Wait for your Fitbit to dry

After cleaning your device, place it somewhere well ventilated with a natural breeze or a fan. The idea here is to help all that liquid naturally evaporate from your device.

Do not place your Fitbit in any direct sunlight! And don’t use a hairdryer or similar device that heats the air.

Stay away from anything that heats your device. Heat leads to worse problems for your Fitbit. So stay cool and ventilated and wait for at least a day, preferably longer, for your device to dry.

To speed things up, consider placing silica around your Fitbit but don’t use rice! Fitbit dries faster with silica packets to absorb water

Placing those silica gel packets that come with most shipped electronics can also aid the drying out of your Fitbit. Silica gel is a desiccant and absorbs moisture.

If you want to try this out, place your Fitbit device in an airtight container (like a small food container) and surround it with packets of silica gel. Make sure those gel packets don’t leak silica–you don’t want the silica pearls to contact your device directly!

Keep your Fitbit in this container for at least 24 hours before you check it.

#5 Test your Fitbit to see if it’s dry and working

After a day or more, take your Fitbit out of its drying place and try charging it first. Fitbit charging

Hopefully, your Fitbit responds and starts charging. If so, that’s a great sign. Please wait for your device to fully charge, and then turn it on or restart it (for models that don’t turn off) and test it out.

At that point, you’ll know if the liquid caused any permanent damage. We hope not.

Speak to Fitbit Support for a replacement device Fitbit Help Fitbit Support

If you continue to experience issues with your Fitbit, contact Fitbit Support.

Even if your device isn’t covered under the Fitbit warranty, they will likely offer a discount on a replacement device.

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Is Fitbit waterproof? The water resistance of every Fitbit model


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By Kate Kozuch

Wondering if your Fitbit is waterproof? Your guide to the water resistance ratings of every Fitbit model

Is Fitbit waterproof? Let's get this out of the way — no Fitbit is entirely waterproof. Instead, every Fitbit has a water resistance rating that determines whether it can survive a sweaty workout or swim in a pool.

Most of the best fitness trackers have an IP code, which is a standardized index for understanding water resistance. But Fitbit doesn't advertise these ratings for its smartwatches and activity bands. The company tells you if a given product can be submerged in water or not, though.

Not all the best Fitbits are built the same, so you'll want to know if your Fitbit is waterproof or water resistant before you test it against the elements. You'll also want to pay mind to the band you're using. While silicone can withstand water, leather bands may deteriorate when exposed to excessive moisture.

Fitbit's product warranty doesn't cover water-damaged devices, either. The last thing you'd want to do is ruin a new fitness tracker because you didn't know whether it was water-resistant before going on a run in the rain or wearing it in the shower.

Here's your guide to the water resistance of every Fitbit model.

Are Fitbit Versa 2 and Fitbit Versa 3 waterproof?

According to Fitbit's Can I swim or shower with my Fitbit device? help page, the Fitbit Versa series is water-resistant to 50 meters or 164 feet. That means the Fitbit Versa 2 and Fitbit Versa 3 shouldn't suffer from pressure damage when worn in the shallow water, let alone a sweaty workout. As long as you avoid deep-sea diving, your Versa smartwatch is essentially waterproof.

Today's best Fitbit Versa 3 deals

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Is Fitbit Charge 4 waterproof?

Like the Versa series, the Fitbit Charge 4 is labeled as water-resistant to 50 meters. The Fitbit Charge 3, one of the best cheap fitness trackers, is safe for swimming and sweating, too.

It's important to note that exposing your Charge fitness tracker (or any Fitbit, for that matter) to soaps, shampoos, conditioners or other corrosives could diminish the device's water resistance. Consider removing it from your wrist before you shower.

Today's best Fitbit Charge 4 deals

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Is Fitbit Inspire 2 waterproof?

The Fitbit Inspire 2 isn't entirely waterproof, but it is water-resistant to 50 meters or 164 feet. You can wear it to track a swim workout, similar to the Charge 4 or Versa.

But unlike other Fitbits, the Inspire 2's water lock turns on automatically when you start a swim in the Exercise app. On other models you need to enable water lock separately if you want to prevent the water pressure from causing accidental presses.

Today's best Fitbit Inspire 2 deals

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Is Fitbit Sense waterproof?

The Fitbit Sense is also water-resistant up to 50 meters. So not only can the smartwatch detect when you're stressed, you can wear it in the pool if swimming a few laps is how you prefer to unwind.

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Is Fitbit Ace 3 waterproof?

The kid-friendly Fitbit Ace series is the only line of Fitbit models that isn't completely water-resistant to 50 meters. The Fitbit Ace 3 and Fitbit Ace 2 have the same rating as the above Fitbits, but the first-generation Fitbit Ace is only showerproof. Showerproof means it can withstand splashes or accidental spills, but shouldn't be worn while swimming. 

Today's best Fitbit Ace 3 deals

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What to do when your Fitbit gets wet

If your Fitbit gets wet, whether it's intentional or not, Fitbit recommends taking it off and drying it well before putting it back on. And if your fitness tracker was exposed to any liquid other than fresh water, you should "clean it with fresh water and a soap-free cleanser (like Cetaphil)," according to Fitbit's Wear & Care page.

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Kate Kozuch is a senior writer at Tom’s Guide covering wearables, TVs and everything smart-home related. When she’s not in cyborg mode, you can find her on an exercise bike or channeling her inner celebrity chef. She and her robot army will rule the world one day, but until then, reach her at [email protected]

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Hello all, I hope you are doing fine.


Thanks for your participation in the Forums and for all the inquiries about the water resistant devices. As all of you already know, most Fitbit devices are water-resistant to 50 meters. They're designed to be swimproof and stand up to even the sweatiest of workouts. See the table below and our user manuals for specifics as to whether your device is swimproof or splashproof.


Keep in mind that not all of our accessory bands should get wet, like those made of leather, metal, and woven materials. For more information about wearing your Fitbit device, see our Wear and Care page. You can also check the article: Can I swim or shower with my Fitbit device?. Now, if after swimming you see that your devices aren't working properly, the best way to get help for this is to chat with us online or give us a call. Click here to get connected.


I am going to close this thread, but if there is anything else we can help you with, do not hesitate to start a new topic.


Have a good day!

Fitbit Versa 3 In-Depth Review: 7 New Things to Know!

Are Fitbit devices waterproof? Your complete guide to Fitbits for swimming


TechRadar is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

A waterproof fitness tracker means you can dive into a pool or jump into the shower on a morning and not have to worry about whether you're going to damage your wristband, and Fitbit makes some of the best.

More and more trackers are now waterproof as the technology has become far more common. It used to be a featre reserved for high-end devices, but now even cheap activity bands like the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 are able to take a dip.

However, not every Fitbit device is pool-worthy, so in this guide we're going to run you through each of the company's waterproof watches so you can choose the right one for you.

Now we may use the term 'waterproof', but it's worth noting that doesn't mean these trackers can go anywhere wet and do anything when submerged. Each of these trackers has limits, so we've included the exact details with each entry.

Which Fitbits are water resistant?


3 fitbit waterproof test versa

best waterproof fitbit

Having a water-resistant Fitbit that can withstand splashes is one thing. A waterproof Fitbit for swimming adds a whole new dimension when it comes to tracking your sessions in the water.

You can also check out our best Bluetooth heart rate monitors to accurately gauge your fitness during your favorite land-based workouts.

Looking for even more options? Browse our best waterproof smartwatches for swimming.

  1. 1. Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker

    • Built-in GPS accurately tracks pace and distance
    • Sleeker than the Charge 4
    • Smart notifications including calls, texts and app alerts
    • Limited color choices
    • Premium subscription required for some features
    • Battery life isn't improved over the previous model

    The Fitbit Charge 5 activity tracker retains the most popular features of the Charge 4 tracker, such as integrated GPS, Spotify support and Active Zone Minutes to keep you motivated. With more advanced health tracking features than before, including a wrist-based ECG app to monitor your heart health, Charge 5 makes it easier to take charge of your health and fitness.

    You can closely track your heart rate with 24/7 monitoring on the Charge 4 and 5 trackers. However, Charge 5 takes it a step further with a wrist-based EDA (Electrodermal Activity) sensor that monitors stress levels. An ECG sensor alerts when it detects a heart rate that is too high or low.  

    Other health features include oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring and the ability to track skin temperature changes. Charge 5 also tracks your sleep cycles and produces a daily sleep score to help you better understand your sleep stages and habits.

    Although the fifth-generation Charge hasn’t been fully designed or re-imagined, it offers several improvements for your active lifestyle. One of the biggest changes is a vivid AMOLED color touchscreen display. It’s twice as bright as the previous Charge and has an always-on display for your convenience. 

    As with the previous version, Charge 5 is loaded with fitness features to keep you healthy and active. You can even go for a run without bringing your phone, as Charge 5 has built-in GPS. It also features 20 exercise modes and all-day activity tracking to help you meet your fitness goals. Charge 5 is water-resistant up to 50 meters and can withstand pool workouts, runs in the rain and other activities where it might get wet.

    Charge 5 has many standard features, but you can take advantage of the included six-month subscription to Fitbit Premium to determine whether it’s worth paying extra for premium features. For example, Fitbit Premium members have exclusive access to a Daily Readiness Score. Each score is personalized with recovery and intensity suggestions based on your body. A Premium membership also allows you to access over 150 guided video workouts and set workout plans based on your goals.

    The battery life is the same as the Charge 4. Although it lasts up to 7 days with regular use, that number drops to just 5 hours with continuous GPS. 

    Find more Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker information and reviews here.

  2. 2. Fitbit Sense

    • Loaded with health and wellness features
    • ECG app may help detect atrial fibrillation
    • Integrated microphone and speaker for Bluetooth calls
    • Only comes in one size
    • Can't check oxygen saturation on demand
    • Premium features only available with a subscription after trial period ends

    Fitbit Sense is an advanced smartwatch that’s loaded with premium health, wellness and lifestyle features. This waterproof smartwatch can safely be used for swimming and can even track your laps in a pool.

    You can wear the Sense for your favorite water-based activities, including yoga paddleboarding. It’s also safe for the shower or a trip to the beach.

    There’s no shortage of health, wellness and lifestyle features on this premium smartwatch from Fitbit. For example, you can use the ECG app on your wrist to monitor for atrial fibrillation. An alert lets you know when your heart rate is too high or low. There’s also an on-wrist skin temperature sensor to track changes in trends and blood oxygen monitoring to give you a clearer overall picture of your health.

    The Fitbit app allows you to monitor trends and statistics and track your progress. Subscribing to the Premium service gives you access to an array of features such as personalized insights, in-depth sleep scores, access to hundreds of video and audio workouts and more. While this service does cost extra, you’ll receive a free six-month trial with your Sense to test it out first. 

    If you need to ask a question, check the news or control your smart home devices, just ask Google Assistant or Alexa for help. This waterproof Fitbit also has built-in GPS to track outdoor runs, bike rides, hikes and more. An integrated microphone and speaker keep you in touch even on the go.

    The battery lasts at least six days with regular use, which means you can go up to a week without needing to recharge. As with any other smartwatch, using Bluetooth or GPS will cause the battery to drain faster. Fitbit estimates the battery will last up to 12 hours with continuous GPS.

    Buy the Fitbit Sense here.

  3. 3. Fitbit Luxe

    • Offers real-time distance and pace with GPS
    • Includes a 6-month Fitbit Premium trial
    • Available stress management tools
    • Doesn't store music
    • Requires a phone for GPS
    • Not available with Google or Alexa

    You can dive right in and start swimming with the Fitbit Luxe, which automatically tracks how long you’ve been swimming. It’s also water-resistant up to 50 meters and can withstand showers and splashes by the pool.

    On land, this GPS Fitbit displays your pace and distance in real-time to accurately track runs, bike rides, hikes and other activities. You’ll need to connect it to your phone to use GPS and other features, including call and text notifications.

    All-day activity tracking keeps you in line with your daily goals. You can see stats such as the total number of steps, calories burned and distance traveled. You don’t need a phone for this feature.

    Whether you’re exercising indoors or outside, the screen automatically adjusts to the appropriate brightness. This can also help preserve battery life. The Fitbit Luxe can run up to five days per charge.

    With its sleek profile and classy polished stainless steel casing, Fitbit Luxe is more attractive than most fitness watches out there. You can easily swap out the bands for any occasion.

    Find more Fitbit Luxe information and reviews here.

  4. 4. Fitbit Inspire 2

    • Over 20 goal-based exercises
    • Battery lasts up to 10 days with regular use
    • Shows smart notifications on the wrist
    • Doesn't have GPS
    • High and low heart rate alerts aren't available
    • Best features only available with Premium membership

    Inspire 2 has a lot to offer but won’t set you back as much as some of Fitbit’s pricier smartwatches. This user-friendly fitness tracker is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It’s also swim-proof and even automatically tracks how long you’ve been swimming. Some Fitbit watches offer more advanced swimming metrics but Inspire 2 is a reasonable choice if you don’t really need those extra features.

    Swimmers aren’t the only athletes who benefit from Inspire 2. For example, SmartTrack technology automatically recognizes specific forms of exercise. You’ll also find over 20 goal-based exercises. As you move, Inspire 2 keeps tabs on your distance, calories burned and more. Active Zone Minutes keep you motivated and inspired to reach your weekly fitness goals.

    Inspire 2 offers numerous health and wellness advantages. However, its best options are only available with its Premium service. As a Premium member, you can monitor your heart rate, breathing and 24/7 heart rate data. That information is easily accessible, along with personalized insights. You’ll get a free one-year Premium subscription to determine whether it’s right for you.

    In terms of appearance, the overall appearance of the Inspire 2 is in line with previous models. However, its vibrant backlit OLED display definitely makes this Fitbit look more expensive than its affordable price tag suggests. A basic touchscreen ensures a user-friendly experience.

    The battery on the Inspire 2 lasts up to 10 days, which means you can possibly go for over a week without charging. As with any other tracker, the battery life depends on use and other factors.

    Find more Fitbit Inspire 2 information and reviews here.

  5. 5. Fitbit Versa 3

    • Battery lasts up to six days with regular use
    • Built-in GPS tracks pace and distance
    • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
    • Doesn't have fall detection
    • Won't work with the Fitbit ECG app
    • Can't alert to low and high heart rates

    At first glance, Versa 3 may appear to be almost identical to the Fitbit Sense smartwatch. These two waterproof Fitbit smartwatches have a lot in common, including built-in GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, integrated microphones and speakers and blood oxygen monitoring. You can also safely swim with both, as they are water-resistant up to 50 meters.

    The slightly more expensive Sense offers exclusive features such as an ECG app, skin temperature sensor and an optical heart rate sensor. Versa 3 complements active lifestyles with over 20 goal-based exercises, movement reminders and guided breathing sessions. You can even summon Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to ask questions, set alarms, monitor the weather and more.

    Versa 3 keeps you connected on the go by displaying text, call and app notifications directly onto your wrist. You can also store and play your favorite music and podcasts from Deezer and Pandora and control Spotify content from your wrist. This waterproof Fitbit also uses PurePulse 2.0 technology for 24/7 heart rate monitoring and tracks light, deep and REM sleep cycles. 

    The Fitbit Versa 3 is just as stylish as it is functional. It’s only available in one size, but the Versa’s slim profile ensures it won’t look bulky or awkward on smaller wrists. The always-on display provides instant access to crucial information at all times.

    Some fully-loaded waterproof smartwatches last little more than a day on a single charge. That’s not the case with the Fitbit Versa 3, which boasts a battery life of at least six days with regular use. Plus, you only need to recharge it for 12 minutes to enjoy a full day’s worth of juice.

    Find more Fitbit Versa 3 information and reviews here.

Which Is the Best Waterproof Fitbit?

Based on criteria such as style, features and the ability to track swimming workouts, we've chosen the advanced Fitbit Sense as our favorite waterproof Fitbit. Sense tracks laps and is water-resistant up to 50 meters, as is every other Fitbit. 

With features such as heart health monitoring, voice assistance and accurate step tracking to ensure you're meeting the recommended goal of 10,000 daily steps or more, this versatile watch stands out in many ways.

What Fitbits Are Water Proof?

The following Fitbits are waterproof: Ace 2 & 3, Charge 3 & 4, Flex 2, Inspire series, Ionic, Luxe, Sense and Versa series.

All the Fitbits on this list are fully waterproof, not just water-resistant. That means you can safely shower and splash around in the pool without damaging your fitness watch or tracker. 

Is There a Fitbit That Tracks Swimming Workouts?

One of our favorite Fitbits for tracking swimming workouts is the Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch. This premium model automatically tracks swim length, distance, pace and duration. We've also included it in our guide to the best fitness watches with music, as it can stream content from Spotify, Deezer and Pandora for hours of entertainment.

A fitness tracker isn't just a useful investment for water-based workouts. In a Johns Hopkins Medicine article, Dr. Seth Martin explains that one of the main benefits of wearing a tracker is that it provides an objective daily record of how much exercise an individual gets throughout the day.

This in turn often motivates people to move more, whether it's taking the stairs instead of an elevator and carving out time for a dedicated workout each day.

Which Fitbit Is Waterproof and Has GPS?

The Fitbit Charge 4 is waterproof and has GPS to track water- and land-based workouts. You can safely swim with this tracker up to 50 meters. Fitbit Versa 3 features built-in GPS and is waterproof. You can track laps wearing this Fitbit smartwatch. Fitbit Sense also has built-in GPS and tracks laps.

Is the Fitbit Versa 3 Waterproof?

According to Fitbit, the Versa 3 is water-resistant to 50 meters. You can safely wear it when swimming laps in the pool to track workouts. This Fitbit can also withstand showers, splashes, trips to the beach and more.

Fitbit Versa 3 Watch Review - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!

Can I swim or shower with my Fitbit device?

Turn on the water lock setting when you're in water, for example showering or swimming, to prevent your screen from activating. When water lock is on, your screen locks, and the water lock icon appears at the bottom. Notifications and alarms still appear on your tracker, but you must unlock your screen to interact with them.

To turn on water lock, tap swipe down from the clock screen then tap Water Lockthen firmly tap your screen twice. To turn off water lock, firmly double-tap the middle of the screen with your finger. If you don't see "Unlocked" appear on screen, try tapping harder. Turning off this feature uses the accelerometer in your device, which takes more force to activate.

Note that water lock turns on automatically when you start a swim in the Exercise app .


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And the guy just had unique mathematical abilities. The head of the department of mathematics of our university simply "licked his lips" at him, wanting to get such a promising student, winner of. School Olympiads. Well, Petrov and Vovk's company were very angry - too, they say, smart. So they caught him in the evening after dancing, demanding a non-existent debt, they say, a mathematician, but you don't want.

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