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This article is about minigames in general. For minigames in Legacy Console Edition, see Mini games.

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Minigames are types of games that can be played alone or with other players. Many multiplayer servers include a wide range of different minigames. The most common type of minigames are PvP minigames, where players fight each other. There are also minigames where players build competitively. These are not all types of minigames. People in the community tend to be creating new ones.

Common types[]


Main article: Spleef

Spleef is a popular minigame where players attempt to break blocks under their opponents in order to cause them to fall. The game takes place on a map made of 1 block thick layers often made of snow since it can be broken quickly. Multiple layers are often used to allow players to fall multiple times without losing. The objective is to be the last player or team standing. PvP is normally disabled to ensure players are not punched off the map. Most spleef games have a method to allow players to break blocks from a distance, such as snowballs that break blocks.

Ultra Hardcore[]

Main article: Ultra Hardcore

Ultra Hardcore, or UHC (Ultra Hardcore Challenge), is a PvP minigame which allows most activities of normal survival, except that players do not regenerate health naturally. Players must either complete the game or defeat all the other players or teams. The game is usually played on a large, automatically generated map, with a border which shrinks over time to encourage players to fight each other.


Main article: Tutorials/Skywars survival

SkyWars is a PvP minigame. The map consists entirely of islands floating in the sky, meaning that a player who falls off the map dies in the void. Each player usually starts on a different island, on the outside of the map, and must bridge in order to reach other players and inner islands. Chests are scattered throughout the map which contains blocks, food, armor, and weapons. Chests closer to the center tend to contain more powerful items. The objective is to be the last player or team standing.

TNT wars[]

TNT wars features even teams of players building TNT cannons to try to blow up the other team(s). There is sometimes a wall in between the islands that you have to blow up.


BedWars is a PvP minigame similar to SkyWars, except that players start with a bed on their starting island. Players use various blocks to protect their beds while attempting to break other teams’ beds. The player can respawn at their starting island an infinite number of times until their bed is broken, though they must normally wait a short time before respawning. In some versions, players do not lose hunger points. Some multiplayer servers feature variants such as CakeWars, TreasureWars or EggWars where a cake, dragon egg, or chest or similar item is used instead of a bed.

BedWars tends to use a resource system instead of high loot chests. Resources spawn over time in generators across the map; generators for basic resources are located on starting islands, while more valuable resources are generated on inner islands. Some servers use a store system. Resources can be spent in shops located on starting islands to purchase blocks, weapons, armor, and other items. An example set of resources which a server might use is shown:

  • Iron Ingot: Iron is the easiest and most abundant resource that can be obtained. Used to buy common items. Spawned in the base generator.
  • Gold Ingot: Gold is harder to obtain than Iron and spawns less frequently. Used to buy more rare and better items in the shop; it is spawned with iron.
  • Diamond: Diamonds are used to buy team upgrades in the Team Upgrade shop, and traps as well. They spawn every 30 seconds and are found in between the different team islands.
  • Emerald: Emeralds are used to get some of the best items, like diamond armor. They spawn every minute in the middle island and are often the most fought over.

In some versions, generators can be upgraded in two minute by spending resources to make them produce faster. In other versions, generators are upgraded naturally over time.

Build Battle[]

In Build Battle, players compete to build the best build based on a given theme within the time limit.

Players begin the game by voting on a theme. Then they have a set amount of time to build a build that fits the theme, normally using creative mode and sometimes with world edit. Players are restricted to a set plot during this time and usually cannot see other players' builds. Once the build time has elapsed, players are shown each other's builds one by one and rate them. The player whose build has the highest average rating among all players wins.


Parkour is a jumping game often played alone. Players must navigate their way through a pre-designed map by jumping between platforms. Sometimes dynamic elements such as pistons or additional rules such as that the player must always be sprinting are added to increase the difficulty. If parkour is competitive, it is normally a race between players; there is not usually a way for players to interact with each other.

Survival Games[]

Survival Games, sometimes known as Hunger Games, is a PvP minigame based on the book series The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Players spawn in the center of a pre-designed map. Chests containing food, armor, and weapons are scattered throughout the map, with a much higher density of chests in the center. The main objective is to be the last player or team standing, though often players are also rewarded for the number of other players they kill. Players cannot normally place or break blocks.

In some games, the map's border shrinks over time to encourage players to fight each other. Sometimes players are teleported to a deathmatch arena if the game lasts long enough.


5 best Minecraft Minigames to play with friends

Minecraft is a game with as many single-player opportunities as there are for multiple players; but when multiplayer survival drags on, what are the most engaging minigames to play with friends?

While quarantine and social distancing aren't as heavy of a subject as it was a year ago, that hasn't changed players' needs to interact with their friends virtually. Minecraft has been one of the games that's taken players through this dry time, with no shy credit to its easy multiplayer features.

While working in a group survival world is well and good, players often run out of things to do together. This is where the quick, engaging minigames run their course.

But with so many minigames to choose from and a variety of servers that host them, which Minecraft minigames are best enjoyed with friends?

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 best Minecraft Minigames to play with friends

#5 - Death Run

Image via Preston on YouTube

Who doesn't love parkour? What makes this Minecraft parkour minigame even more exciting is the fact that players are being hunted by a chosen "grim reaper."

Death Run is a minigame best enjoyed by three or more players. The way it works is one player will be chosen to become the "grim reaper," and the remaining players must go through parkour courses while the "grim reaper," sets off traps throughout the course.

This is a parkour game with no shortage of death and heart pounding moments.

If users are looking to play this with just a few friends, there are ways to download this minigame as an adventure map so only those with the multiplayer code can join.

On the other hand, there are a bunch of public servers to play this minigame on. The most notable, and popular, is the Hive. (ip:

#4 - Draw My Thing

Image via AntVenom on YouTube

Pictionary and are both beloved games, but what if there was a Minecraft version? This minigame is Minecraft's equivalent to both of those.

One player is randomly put at the front to draw the prompt given to them. Other players must guess what the prompt is before time runs out.

There is nothing more satisfying than spamming the chat with nonsensical guesses to the prompt given to the player drawing. This one is a winner when it comes to replayable minigames to play with everyone.

The most popular public server to play this minigame on is Mineplex (

#3 - SkyBlock

Image via 4KS Studios

Survival in regular Minecraft can get a little old at times, even with friends. Why not spice up your group survival game by surviving in the sky with nothing but a single tree and chest of items.

Skyblock can be played privately with friends on a downloadable map, and also on public servers such as Hypixel ( as well as Mox MC (

#2: Build Battle

Image via Grian on YouTube

Build Battle has its roots in the types of games that Pictionary and are, but it doesn't quite follow that same outline.

Instead of having one player create something based on a prompt for the other players to guess; this minigame has every player building something based on one prompt given to everyone.

What's interesting is that despite the prompt for everyone's builds staying the same, the resulting creations are often drastically different from one another.

At the end of the time limit given to build the prompt, every single player is shown each creation and has to judge each of them based on closeness to the prompt, humor, and overall coolness.

Minecraft Build Battle is most popularly played on Hypixel (

#1 - Survival Games

Image via Sky Does Everything on YouTube

There is nearly nothing more exciting than joining your friends as tributes in an arena of players all fighting to the death. The Survival Games spawn players in a circle around a cornecopia of items, where upon the countdown they'll be allowed to make the choice to run for their lives, gather the items in the center, or fight.

There are items at the center of the map as well as in hidden chests scattered throughout the arena. Gathering friends into a game is an efficient way to team up and truly test how easy it is to survive and gather resources in Minecraft.

Also Read

There are a plethora of public servers to play the Minecraft Survival Games on. Hypixel (, MCCentral (, and JartexNetwork ( to name a few.

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5 best mini-games in Minecraft

Minecraft is perhaps the most inherently versatile video game of all time. You can literally mold it into any form, and that’s what hordes of people have done in their creative servers.

There are a lot of mini-games that players have designed within the mechanisms of Minecraft. While these games are smaller in stature, the fun they create for all parties involved is anything but boring.

If you try to figure out which Minecraft mini-games to start playing, you might end up confused. In this article, we list out our favorite mini-games of all time.

Five best mini-games in Minecraft

5) SkyWars

SkyWars (image credits: Spigot)

SkyWars is a pretty straightforward mini-game where players spawn on an individual island of their own, which is suspended high in the sky.

The primary objective is to survive using the little of resources you have on your island, while also making sure that you don’t fall off to your Death while mining your way deeper into a tunnel. SkyWars is also a PvP battle, and players must bridge their way across to other islands and kill all players.

4) BedWars

BedWars (Image credits: Fiverr)

BedWars is another Minecraft mini-game that has gained immense popularity over the years. Designed in a PvP style of battle, players spawn on different parts of a map and must destroy the beds of enemies to win.

Players can re-spawn an infinite number of times until their bed is destroyed, which also means that protecting your own bed is of the highest priority.

3) Parkour

Parkour (Image credits: GameSkinny)

If you’re the kind of gamer who enjoys a good laughing session while playing Fall Guys, then Minecraft’s Parkour mini-games are for you.

Parkour is a mini-game that is designed like a course that every player must cross. You must jump around, from platform to platform, and survive everything that the course throws at you. However, it can be pretty challenging and can often result in a hilarious death for you. The best part of the mini-game is that it can be played both in single-player and multiplayer modes.

2) Spleef

Spleef (Image credits: MCPE DL)

Spleef is yet another crazy Minecraft mini-game that is pretty addictive. Players spawn on a map on which the primary objective is to survive till the end, while also defeating other players by destroying the blocks underneath them and having them fall into lava and die.

Usually, a Spleef map is built with snow blocks, which are easier to break. The creator of the game might keep the map only one block thick for a quick match or add layers to make the game longer and more enjoyable.

1) Death Run

Death Run (Image credits: DanTDM, Youtube)

Also Read

Death Run is a mini-game that requires players to finish the game of Minecraft as quickly as possible, while also avoiding the various death traps spawned across the map.

While the Runners try to survive and win, there is another group of players, called Death. It is the job of the Deaths to prevent the Runners from finishing the game and activating several traps across the map to plot the demise of all the Runners. A unique mini-game to try, Death Run adds a certain unpredictable fun to Minecraft.

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