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DJI's Osmo Mobile 3 costs less than $100 at Amazon right now

Just one day after the launch of DJI’s newest smartphone gimbal, the previous model has been discounted by $21. The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is on sale for $98 at Amazon and the combo kit, which includes the gimbal along with a carrying case, grip tripod and a few other accessories, dropped from $140 to $119. The Osmo Mobile 3 launched around this time last year and it has most of the same features, and a nearly identical design, to the new $150 OM4.

Buy Osmo Mobile 3 at Amazon - $98

Buy Osmo Mobile 3 combo kit at Amazon - $119

The biggest difference between the Osmo Mobile 3 and the OM4 is that the latter lets you attach your smartphone to it magnetically instead of using a traditional clamp mount. The OM4 comes with a magnetic “pop socket”-like attachment that you can leave on the back of your phone as well as a magnetic clip that breaks free from the gimbal and can be left on your smartphone in between uses. These options are much easier to use and more elegant than clamp mounts, even if they require you to keep an extra accessory on your smartphone for a while.

DJI also added some new features to its mobile app with the launch of the OM4, including Dynamic Zoom. However, it’s likely that the Osmo Mobile 3 will gain the new app-based features in due time. So unless the magnetic mounting options will make your life a whole lot easier, you can stick with the Osmo Mobile 3 without missing too much of the OM4 experience.

DJI has the most name recognition in the smartphone gimbal space for good reason: both the Osmo Mobile 3 and the OM4 will cradle and stabilize your smartphone while you take the most cinematic videos possible. The company made huge updates to the device with last year’s launch, making it more compact thanks to its foldable design. It’ll shoot up to 15 hours of video before it needs to be recharged, and it has all of DJI’s sold capture features including Story, Sport, TimeLapse and Slow Motion capture modes, ActiveTrack for keeping a certain subject center in the frame and easy access triggers for zooming and flipping your smartphone around to shoot in selfie view.

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1.Can Osmo Mobile 3 hold any phone?

Osmo Mobile 3 supports smartphones that are 62-88mm wide and up to 9.5mm thick. This range covers most mobile phones currently available. Please note that actual compatibility might be affected by accessories attached to your phone. Certain form factors, including buttons on the side, should also be considered.

2.How do I power on Osmo Mobile 3 for the first time?

Step 1: First, make sure Osmo Mobile 3 is adequately charged by connecting the charging cable to the Type-C port on the right side of Osmo Mobile 3.

Step 2: Mount your phone onto Osmo Mobile 3 and adjust the balance. Please follow the steps on the Tutorial videos for balancing the phone.

Step 3: Press and hold the power button to power on Osmo Mobile 3. Launch the DJI Mimo app and choose Osmo Mobile 3. Follow the app’s instructions to complete Bluetooth connection, registration, and activation.

3.Does my smartphone need to meet any hardware requirements when using Osmo Mobile 3?

Osmo Mobile 3 utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 and therefore works better with phones that have Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 or above. We suggest that you check compatibility by revisiting your phone specs.

4.Does Osmo Mobile 3 support gesture control? What gestures are supported?

After powering on Osmo Mobile 3, you can go to the DJI Mimo app and enable gesture control functions. Osmo Mobile 3 can recognize the “palm” and “V” gestures.

5.How do I use ActiveTrack 3.0 with Osmo Mobile 3?

There are three ways to use ActiveTrack:
1.     Enable the “One-press ActiveTrack" function, then press the trigger to track the target in the middle of the frame automatically.
2.     Manually select and track the target in the app interface
3.     Enable “Gesture Control” function and use a gesture to start tracking, take a photo, or record a video.

6.How do I switch between Portrait and Landscape orientation?

Power on Osmo Mobile 3, and press the M button twice to switch between the two orientations. You can also transition between portrait and landscape mode by rotating the roll axis manually.

7.How do I lock the gimbal?

Power on Osmo Mobile 3, then press and hold the trigger to lock the gimbal.

8.How do I enable Sport mode?

Power on Osmo Mobile 3, press the trigger, and then press again and hold to switch to Sport mode.

9.How do I recenter Osmo Mobile 3?

Make sure the gimbal is powered on and working normally, then quickly press the trigger twice to recenter the gimbal.

10.How can I switch between the front and rear cameras?

There are two ways:
1) Switch between the front and rear camera in the DJI Mimo app;
2) Quickly press the trigger three times.

11.How do I zoom in and out with Osmo Mobile 3 using the zoom slider on the left side of the handle?

Push the zoom slider up and down to zoom in or out. Please note Osmo Mobile 3 only supports digital zoom, which impacts image quality.

12.How many panorama modes does Osmo Mobile 3 support?

Osmo Mobile 3 supports two panorama modes: 180° and 3×3.

13.Does Osmo Mobile 3 support Bluetooth?


14.What are the advantages of Bluetooth connection compared to Wi-Fi connection?

Connecting via Bluetooth is faster than connecting via Wi-Fi. Additionally, devices using Bluetooth will link automatically once they are paired. Connecting via Bluetooth also saves more energy than connecting via Wi-Fi does.

15.How do I know Osmo Mobile 3 has successfully connected via Bluetooth?

When connected via Bluetooth, the status indicator will turn green, while a yellow light indicates disconnection. You can also check the Bluetooth connection in the DJI Mimo app.

16.How do I forget connected devices?

1. Forget connected devices in the bluetooth settings of your mobile phone.
2. Press and hold the Record button, Trigger, and M button simultaneously for one second to forget the connected device.

17.How do I know the firmware update status of Osmo Mobile 3?

When the firmware is updating, the status indicator will flash red and green. If the firmware update is successful, the indicator will turn solid green. If the firmware update fails, the indicator will flash red and green, and simultaneously, you will be notified in the DJI Mimo app.

18.Does Osmo Mobile 3 have a mobile phone detector like Osmo Mobile?


19.Can I attach another gimbal or camera to Osmo Mobile 3?

No. Osmo Mobile 3 is not interchangeable with other gimbals and cameras.

20.What’s the difference between Osmo Mobile 3 and Osmo Mobile 2?

1. Well-placed buttons and intuitive functions make Osmo Mobile 3 convenient to use with a single hand, providing more versatility and freedom of movement.
2. More intelligent shooting modes, like Sport mode and Gesture Control. ActiveTrack 3.0 provides a smoother tracking experience.
3. Able to use with DJI Mimo.
1. Osmo Mobile 3’s foldable design makes it smaller and easy to take anywhere.
2. Thanks to its intelligent design, Osmo Mobile 3 is comfortable to hold even for long periods of time.
3. Osmo Mobile 3 is compatible with more devices and can be used to charge your mobile phones.

DJI Mimo
1.Can I use ActiveTrack, Timelapse, and Pano in Portrait Orientation?


2.Is ActiveTrack 3.0 equally effective when shooting with the front and rear cameras?

Yes. Camera resolution does not affect tracking performance when using ActiveTrack 3.0.

3.What are the differences between Timelapse, Motionlapse, and Hyperlapse?

Timelapse is suitable for recording the passing of time at a fixed location by mounting Osmo Mobile 3 on a tripod or base.
Motionlapse allows users to record a moving timelapse video by setting camera points.
Hyperlapse allows users to record everything passing by as they hold the gimbal and move. It is recommended to pair it with ActiveTrack 3.0.

4.Can I set camera parameters in the DJI Mimo app?

Yes. Click the Camera menu in the DJI Mimo app to set the parameters manually.
* As of now, Android devices cannot change exposure parameters via DJI Mimo.

5.Can I adjust the tracking speed with the DJI Mimo app?


6.Can I set zoom speed with the DJI Mimo app?

Yes. You can adjust the zoom speed by dragging the slider inside the app.

7.Can I set the speed of the joystick?

Yes. You can choose and set slow, medium, and fast speeds for the joystick in the DJI Mimo app.

8.Can I set video resolution in the app while recording?

When recording, video resolution is set at 720p in DJI Mimo by default. You can change the video resolution in the app. However, the maximum video resolution depends on your phone’s camera.

9.Are there camera settings in the DJI Mimo app that directly affect my phone’s video resolution?


10.Does the DJI Mimo app show how much video storage space is remaining on my phone?


11.Can I enable metering, pull focus, or manual zoom when recording a Motionlapse video?

Yes. It depends on your phone. If the phone allows it, settings in the DJI Mimo app can be manually adjusted.

12.How many camera points can I set for Motionlapse?

You can set up to four camera points for Motionlapse.

13.Can I also save the original photos when shooting a Panorama?

Yes. You can enable the “Save Pano Original” function in the camera settings in Pano mode.

14.Where are photos and videos captured by Osmo Mobile 3 stored?

iOS systems will save the photos and videos in the album. Android devices save photos and videos in phone storage or the microSD card.

15.Can I use Glamour Effects for photos and video?

Yes. However, the highest video resolution possible with Glamour Effects is 720p.

16.Is Glamour Effects available when shooting with front and rear cameras?


17.Can I record with a live view with the DJI Mimo app on third-party platforms?


18.Can I set image quality for ActiveTrack and panorama mode?


19.Can I connect my device with Osmo Mobile 3 via DJI Go or DJI Go 4?

No. Please use the DJI Mimo app to take full advantage of Osmo Mobile 3.

1.How long are the charge time and battery life of Osmo Mobile 3? Can I swap out the battery?

A full charge requires 2.5 hours at 5V/2A, and battery life is 15 hours. * The built-in battery cannot be swapped out.
* Under ideal conditions with the gimbal fully balanced.

2.How do I charge Osmo Mobile 3? What is the charging current for it?

You can charge Osmo Mobile 3 via the Type-C USB charging port on the right side of the handle. The recommended charging current is 2A.

3.How does Osmo Mobile 3 charge a mobile device, and at what current?

Osmo Mobile 3 can be used to charge other devices via the USB port at the right side of the handle.
The current is around 1 A.

4.Can I use Osmo Mobile 3 when it is charging a mobile device?


5.Do I need to activate the battery before use?


6.When charging Osmo Mobile 3, how will the LED indicators react?

The LEDs will light up.

7.Can I use other USB cables for charging Omso Mobile 3?

Yes. However, it is recommended to use the standard USB cable that comes in the box to charge Osmo Mobile 3.

8.Can I use Osmo Mobile 3’s USB cable to charge other devices?

It is not recommended.

9.How can Osmo Mobile 3 be used to charge other devices?

1. You can use Osmo Mobile 3 to charge other electronic devices by pressing the power button once when your Osmo Mobile 3 is powered off. When the device you wish to charge has been successfully connected to Osmo Mobile 3, and the charging current is more than 300 mA, Osmo Mobile 3 will begin to charge it, and the battery indicators will blink. Osmo Mobile 3 will automatically shut down when the device is disconnected or is fully charged;
2. You can use Osmo Mobile 3 to charge any electronic devices connected to it when it is powered on;
3. It is not recommended to charge Osmo Mobile 3 while using it to charge other devices.
1. Osmo Mobile 3 will not be able to charge other devices in temperatures under 5°C or over 45°C.
2. Osmo Mobile 3 will stop charging devices if the charging current exceeds 1 A.

1.How do I know which device is mine if there are multiple Osmo Mobile 3 units around my phone?

Each device has a number attached on the side of the phone holder. Users can choose the device in the DJI Mimo app. Users can also change the device name in the app.

2.What should I do if I want to connect Osmo Mobile 3 to another phone?

Please disconnect the previous phone and disable its Bluetooth. Then connect Osmo Mobile 3 to another smartphone.

1.What is the size of the mounting hole at the bottom of the gimbal?

The mounting hole at the bottom of Osmo Mobile 3 is the standard 1/4"– 20 UNC port.

2.Can I attach an external lens to my phone when using Osmo Mobile 3?

Yes. However, external lenses may affect the balance of the gimbal. Large, heavy lenses are not recommended. Please ensure the total weight of the lenses and the phone is less than the recommended weight.

3.Are all Osmo bases compatible with Osmo Mobile 3?


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DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Recently, while shooting B-roll video footage for a product review, I learned just how valuable a smartphone gimbal can be. It not only helps keep the camera steady, but also allows for much more variety in your shots.

DJI's popular Osmo Mobile 3 originally sold for $119 and now runs $99. However, for a limited time, and while supplies last, Adorama has the Osmo Mobile 3 Travel Bundle for $85. In addition to the gimbal, you get a shoulder bag, tripod, USB-C power adapter and microfiber cleaning cloth. (Note: This was Adorama's Deal of the Day... yesterday. Not sure how much longer it'll be available.)

Anyone with video aspirations (TikTok, moviemaking or other) would welcome a tool like this. The Osmo Mobile 3 is a folding, travel-friendly smartphone stabilizer designed to help you capture rock-steady footage. See the similar GoPro Karma Grip in the video below if you're not clear on the concept.)

You'll want to read Josh Goldman's Osmo Mobile 3 preview to learn more. He loved all aspects of the design, from the compact (when folded) frame to the weight to the 15-hour battery life.

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As you'll see in that story, the gimbal originally sold for $119 without any accessories. As for the newer DJI OM4 (the "Osmo Mobile" branding is gone), which relies on a magnetic mount rather than a clamp, it's $149.

At $85, this is priced close to many an off-brand gimbal, ones likely to have a greater learning curve and less support. Given the choice, I'd pick DJI every time.

Your thoughts?

Originally published last year. Updated to reflect new sale price and availability. Removed expired bonus deal.

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Why is the DJI OSMO Mobile 3 so GOOD?

Chinese tech conglomerate DJI is continuing a torrid summer for new product releases with another announcement: the DJI Osmo Mobile 3. The third-gen handheld smartphone stabilizer has several new features, but the biggest is that the Osmo Mobile 3 folds up for easier packing.

The Osmo Mobile 3 costs $119 and is on sale starting today. DJI is also selling a combo pack that includes a tripod and carrying case for $139.

Overall, the Osmo Mobile 3 is shorter and smaller than its predecessors, meaning it should be easier to hold for longer periods of time. But DJI didn’t cut corners or skimp on features to make this happen. In fact, it even brought back the trigger button from the first-generation Osmo Mobile.

The company says the controls have been streamlined so the new Osmo Mobile is easier to use one-handed, and the folding design has also opened up access to ports that can charge the user’s phone or allow them to hook up an external microphone. The Osmo Mobile 3 has roughly the same 15-hour battery life as its predecessor, though it now charges via USB-C.

Not being able to easily pack away the Osmo Mobile was a common complaint with the first two generations of the product. DJI also says users complained that it wasn’t easy enough to quickly switch the smartphone’s orientation from portrait to landscape (or vice versa). That has been fixed with the Osmo Mobile 3. Users can now just tap the “mode” button three times, and the gimbal will rotate the smartphone automatically.

Just like it did with the Ronin SC gimbal and the RoboMaster S1 toy tank earlier this year, DJI is taking some of the smart features it developed for its drones and bringing them to the Osmo Mobile 3 via the Mimo app. The headliner is Active Track, DJI’s computer vision tracking system. There are also options like time-lapse, hyperlapse, panorama, gesture control, and a “story mode” that automatically edits footage together for beginners.

DJI is best known for its flying drones, but it’s been a while since the company released a new product in that category. Instead, DJI has spent most of 2019 broadening its portfolio and iterating on other popular products. The Ronin SC is a more refined, portable, and affordable gimbal for mirrorless cameras. The Osmo Action is a legitimate GoPro competitor, despite being DJI’s first entry into the category. The company released a new set of FPV goggles and a tiny camera tailored for drone racers and filmers, as well as the more educational-focused RoboMaster S1. The Osmo Mobile 3 is just the latest example of the Chinese company’s growing consumer product prowess.

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