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Sunny Designs Homestead Collection 0113TL 3-Piece Breakfast Nook Set with Side Bench, L-Shaped Bench and Table in Tobacco Leaf

Sunny Designs 0113TL Overview

This breakfast nook adds a great place to start the day with family in your kitchen. Beautiful rustic style design and feel makes this set a wonderful addition to the home. The L-benches features hidden storage under lift-up seats. The tobacco brown finish completes the overall look of this set. 

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Distressed Detailing

Create a story and simulate years of wear! For those who admire rustic, shabby chic or cottage design this distressed detailing on this furniture piece re-creates the look of a beautiful antique.

Hidden Storage Compartment

Hide valuables in plain sight! This furniture piece features a storage compartment that you can store things in without compromising the overall aesthetics of this item.

Wood Base

Supported by a material that is strong, stiff, and resilient. 

Additional Features:

  • Rustic Style
  • Includes: L-Shaped Bench, Side Bench and Table
  • Hidden Storage Under L-Shaped Bench Seats
  • Rough Sawn Distressing
  • Planked Top
  • Constructed With Birch And New Zealand Pine
Sours: https://www.wholesalefurniturenow.com/homestead-collection-0113tl-3-piece-breakfast-nook.html

35 Breakfast Nook Bench Ideas That Will Cheer Up Your Mornings

If there is one thing in the world that nearly everyone can agree on, it’s a breakfast nook. We can all agree that they are rather a luxury in a home, mostly because if you have a breakfast nook, you likely have a formal dining room as well. We can also agree that breakfast nooks are cozy spaces for everything from morning coffee to afternoon homework sessions. All you need to achieve this space in your home is a table, a bench, and a space in your kitchen to put them. The size of your table usually depends on the size of your kitchen but benches don’t have to be the complicated built-ins you’ll find in many breakfast nooks. Here are 30 ideas for your breakfast nook bench to help you create your new favorite Sunday morning spot.

Cozy Breakfast Nooks for Dining, Reading, and Relaxing

1. Thrifted Bench and Table Breakfast Nook

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Sometimes a breakfast nook really is as simple as a thrifted bench and a table without a home. Just push them into an empty corner or nook in your kitchen, add a pillow and you’re ready to linger with your coffee.

2. Built-in Breakfast Nook

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If you truly like the built-in breakfast nook look, go ahead and get out your woodworking skills this weekend. Two simple boxes with cushions on top will fill the corner like they were meant to be there all along.

3. Window Seat Breakfast Nook

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Does your kitchen have a window seat? Then you are already halfway there. Find a table that fits perfectly in front of the seat and add some chairs on the other side. You’ll create the easiest breakfast nook ever.

4. Catch the Morning Sun in a Bright Breakfast Nook

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Bright kitchens are a real favorite for anyone who spends time in theirs. Connect your windows with a long corner bench to catch all that morning sun in your breakfast nook.

5. Upholstered Bench Breakfast Nook

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Many breakfast nooks have perfectly fitting cushions for the seats but that isn’t required. Go for a completely upholstered bench and your make your nook even more appealing for morning pajama hangs.

6. Make the Most of an Empty Kitchen Corner

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You don’t absolutely have to have an empty corner to have a breakfast nook. If your kitchen is big enough, you can build it out into the empty space and use your kitchen’s square footage better.

7. Simple Stools and Table Breakfast Nook

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In a smaller kitchen, it’s likely that your breakfast nook protrudes into the natural traffic patterns of the room. If you can’t get by on just a bench, add some stools that can be pushed under the table and out of the way when not in use.

8. Low Cabinets for Extra Seating and Storage

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Are you lacking in woodworking skills but love the built-in bench look? Install low cabinetry instead. It might require ordering a custom size but it will give you extra seating and extra storage at the same time.

9. Restaurant Booth Breakfast Nook

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Benches don’t need to line the wall to create a breakfast nook. If you have more adults gathering in your kitchen than little ones, build yours in a restaurant booth fashion for ease of use.

10. Round Table with a Curved Bench

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It’s a fact that round things bring welcome diversity in rooms full of square shapes. So a round table with a curved bench will make a perfect breakfast nook in your kitchen full of square cabinets.

11. Breakfast Nook with a Beadboard Back

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You’ll find that built-in cabinets and benches in original homes have a lot of character. Give your breakfast nook bench the same treatment with a beadboard back and a coat of paint that’s slightly different from your wall.

12. Add Extra Drawers and Cabinets to your Breakfast Nook

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Looking for a way to bring more storage to your kitchen? Turn your attention to your breakfast nook. The bench is the perfect place to add some cabinets or drawers to store those things you don’t need very often but don’t want to get rid of.

13. Rustic Wood Breakfast Nook

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Rustic kitchens deserve lots of rustic touches, even in the breakfast nook. Build your bench out of rustic wood for the perfect farmhouse touch. Then it won’t matter if you paint it or not.

14. A Comfy Bench Breakfast Nook by the Windows

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Windows in kitchens afford so much opportunity. If your window isn’t lined by cabinets or a sink, push your favorite cushy bench up to it with a table, and you’ll instantly have a breakfast nook to rival all other nooks.

15. Add Natural Light with this Breakfast Nook

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Sometimes it’s worth it to build outwards from your kitchen to add natural light. Fill in those windows with a breakfast nook and you’ll immediately be glad you went through all that work.

16. Add a Splash of Color with this Breakfast Nook

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For the traditional decorators, you’re probably looking for a breakfast nook that is matchy-matchy for your traditional kitchen. Have a bench and chairs reupholstered in the popping color of your kitchen for the best effect.

17. Family Friendly Breakfast Nook

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If you’re wanting to make your kitchen as family-friendly as possible, have your nook’s bench cushions covered in a patterned fabric. It will look fun while hiding all the crumbs and splatters from small kids.

18. Two-Toned Bench and Modern Breakfast Nook

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Neutral colors play a big part in modern decorating so naturally, you would extend this to your breakfast nook. A two-toned bench is interesting and inviting while staying on par with the rest of your classy home.

19. Shiplap Walls for a White Breakfast Nook

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How do you make your existing breakfast nook and updated farmhouse wonder? You add shiplap. To the bench, to the wall behind the bench, whatever flat surface allows you to ensconce the space in white linear glory.

20. Breakfast Nook for a Large Family

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Yes, even your large family can gather at your breakfast nook for Saturday morning pancakes. Find the longest table ever and squish the little ones onto the bench for making some quality family memories.

21. Kitchen Nook Set

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Once you have an idea of how you want your breakfast nook to look like it’s time to start looking for items that you can actually buy and add to this space. We’re excited to show you some of our favorites, starting with this kitchen nook set which is made up of five different pieces. It includes a table, a side bench, and a 3-section corner unit and it has a fairly simple and classic design with a little bit of detailing on it. All the different pieces have white bases and pinewood tops, a combination that’s both casual and elegant.

22. Classic and Stylish Breakfast Nook Set

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You can also put together your own set using different individual pieces. It’s common for breakfast nooks to feature benches rather than dining chairs. This right here is a really nice bench with a classical and stylish design. It’s made out of wood and has a dark brown finish and it’s topped with a cushioned seat covered in faux leather with button tufting. The overall dimensions of this bench are 49.5’’W x 15.75’’D x 19.25’’H. It’s a great piece for a breakfast nook but at the same time, it’s a versatile piece that you can also add to the entryway, hallway, and other areas of the house.

23. L-Shaped Seating for a Breakfast Nook

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It’s also common for breakfast nooks to have these L-shaped seating areas that wrap around a corner and the biggest challenge there is to find a unit that fits in the fact that’s available to you. Rather than looking for a single unit consider combining several pieces and creating your own custom combo. This example is a corner bench designed specifically to serve as a link between two other pieces. You can combine it with one or two matching benches and create an elegant and inviting dining nook. The dimensions of the corner bench alone are 26.5″ W x 26.5″ D x 35″ H.

24. Rustic 3-Piece Dining Nook Set

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In case you’re going for a more rustic breakfast nook design, consider a set such as this one. This is a 3-piece dining nook set designed in a traditional style. It’s made out of wood and has all sorts of beveled details on it and it has an elegant and slightly formal appearance. The set includes a corner unit, a bench, and a table. The corner piece has built-in storage which can be accessed by lifting the seat. Everything is made out of pine wood.

25. Modern Seating Unit

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Alternatively, if you prefer a more modern and simplified look, we recommend checking out this lovely bench. It’s not specifically designed for any particular space and as such, you can use it in lots of different ways, including as a seating unit for a small and casual breakfast nook. It has a large and comfortable top with a cushion and it includes three storage cubbies underneath. The overall dimensions of the bench are 35.9’’ x 15.8’’ x 17.7’’ and you can get the bench in four different finish options including espresso, ivory pine, taupe and weathered oak.

26. Traditional Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Set

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If traditional designis in order, consider breakfast nook sets made out of solid wood and with a natural finish. This is a beautiful example. The set is made out of solid pine wood and includes a table, a bench, and a corner unit. It’s functional, but at the same time, it maintains a very elegant look thanks to all the style-specific details. The set is designed to fit in a corner and doesn’t include any storage.

27. Lightweight Breakfast Nook Furniture Set

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A lot of corner units usually included in many breakfast nook furniture sets have rather bulky designs which aren’t necessarily great if you only have a small area to work in the first place. Of course, if you want something a bit more slender and lightweight-looking then there’s obviously no room for extra storage inside the benches and corner units. In return, however, you get to opt for designs such as this one. This is a complete set composed of a bench, a table, and a corner piece all featuring sleek metal frames and slim but comfortable tops and seats. The corner piece even includes a small shelf.

28. Corner Seating Unit for a Comfortable Breakfast Nook

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Rather than opting for a complete set of furniture where all the pieces have matching designs, you can mix and match various different elements to create a more unique combination that suits your own style better. When it comes to corner seating unit, this particular model stands out. It has a really nice and elegant design, with a walnut wood base that’s mostly hidden and upholstered and a very comfortable seat and backrest surfaces in faux leather. The dimensions of this corner piece are 74’’W x 56.69’’D x 33.86’’H.

29. Simple Flat Top Benches

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Here’s another combo that we really love. This one is composed of a table and two identical benches. It looks really breezy and it’s less bulky than most other breakfast nook sets simply by giving up on any built-in storage as well as the typical corner unit. Also, the benches are not upholstered and feature simple flat tops. You can add cushions for extra comfort. The tabletop and bench seats are made of particleboard, while the legs are made of heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish. The two benches can fit underneath the table in order to save some space when the table isn’t in use.

30. Charming Corner Unit for a Breakfast Nook

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There’s also one more set that we’d like to show you today and this one features a lovely farmhouse style which is really charming. It’s composed of a corner unit, a table, a bench, and a chair which makes it a complete set. It’s made of composite wood veneers and solid pine and birch wood with a distressed finish. The corner piece is made of three separate units which can be configured on either side depending on the layout of the room and your design preferences. The longer and shorter benches are reversible which makes it easy to reorganize the entire set if or when needed. Also, the tabletop and the seats have a dark finish which contrasts with the distressed white surfaces and adds an elegant finishing touch to the entire set.

31. DIY Built-In Bench with Storage

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This stylish bench will double up as extra storage in your kitchen or dining area and can easily be matched to a new dining table. Of course, you can customize this bench to fit your home’s decor by painting the wood a different color and adding colorful cushions to brighten up the space.

32. Boho-Style Breakfast Nook

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If you are short of space in your home, you’ll love this boho-style breakfast nook. As you can see, this set can completely transform a dark corner of your kitchen into a place you will love spending your time. It’s great for enjoying your breakfast and can add additional space for working or reading in peace and quiet.

33. Cozy Kitchen Corner Breakfast Nook with Storage

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If you have a smaller kitchen and want to make the best with the space you have, you’ll surely appreciate having plenty of extra storage with this breakfast nook that doubles up as a great place to store kitchen items or games. It’s a fun spot in your home to host a family game night or invite your friends around for drinks.

34. Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

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This farmhouse breakfast nook features plenty of old house charm and has built-in shelves for extra storage. It’s a great spot for families with young kids, who’ll find it easy to add and remove high chairs as they are growing up.

35. Banquette Bench Booth

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This DIY banquette bench booth is the ideal project for anyone looking to transform their home. It’s great for experienced DIYers who will enjoy tackling this project. Once finished, add any dining table set to fit you and your family’s needs.

All of these breakfast nook bench ideas will completely transform your home and give you a new spot to enjoy dining, reading, or working. They are great for expanding families and make the most of small unused corners to provide much-needed additional seating.

Sours: https://www.homedit.com/breakfast-nook-bench/
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Eat In Kitchen Table Set Farmhouse Breakfast Nook L Shaped Corner Dinette Booth

UnsoldSee similar items$370.95Buy It Now, FREE Shipping, 30-Day Returns, eBay Money Back Guarantee

Seller:grammas_best✉️(451)100%, Location:Multiple Locations, , Ships to: US, Item:202630124404Eat In Kitchen Table Set Farmhouse Breakfast Nook L Shaped Corner Dinette Booth. Eat In Kitchen Table Set Farmhouse L Shaped Corner Breakfast Nook Benches tuck neatly together with seating for 6 and Handy corner shelfSet includes Table, Short nook corner, Long nook corner, BenchNook corner bench includes a seat that lifts for storageShort corner: 48” W x 20” D x 34” H; Long corner: 63.5” W x 20” D x 34” HTable: 43” L x 27.5” W x 29” H; Bench: 41.25” L x 12” W x 18” HWeight Capacity: 250 lbs; Weight: 150 lbs If you've always loved the cozy character of breakfast nooks, look no further than this 3 Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set. Modeled after the classic design, this set comes complete with a table, long nook piece, short nook piece, and bench that fits easily under the table when not in use. This 3 Piece Nook Dining Set has been designed for small kitchens or dining areas. The set Includes 2 benches that allow 5 people to sit comfortably. Plus, a handy corner shelf is ideal for displaying your favorite home accents or a vase of fresh flowers. Minimal assembly required. Create extra space and a cozy area to dine and relax with this stylish nook corner dining set. A crisp, black finish adds sophistication, while the corner seats and additional bench provide comfortable seating for up to five people. Coordinate with your decor by adding colorful seating pads. NOTE... This Item Cannot be shipped to California because of restrictionsThanks for looking at our Eat In Kitchen Table SetCondition:New, Restocking Fee:No, All returns accepted:Returns Accepted, Item must be returned within:30 Days, Refund will be given as:Money Back, Return shipping will be paid by:Buyer, Shape:Rectangular, Model:WM400788, Modified Item:No, Style:Traditional, Custom Bundle:No, Material:Engineered MDF, Number of Pieces:3, Room:Kitchen Dining Room, Non-Domestic Product:No, Type:Breakfast Nook, Features:With Storage, Color:Black Finish, MPN:40094BLK, Brand:Target Marketing Systems

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How to Build a Banquette Seat With Built-in Storage

Need additional seating at your kitchen table but you can't quite squeeze in another chair? Build a banquette bench to fit more people around the table in less space. The benchtops open up providing extra space to stash things like those occasionally-used small appliances.

Step 1: Prepare the Space

Remove baseboard and/or any other existing trim pieces where your bench is being installed. Then find and mark the studs in the wall.

Step 2: Start Frame

For a corner bench, start with the longer side. To get the exact measurement of the length, measure from the corner to where the final edge of the bench will be, then subtract 1” to accommodate the plywood and trim. Cut two 2x4s to that size. We made the depth of our bench 17-1/2”. So, we cut two 2x4s to 14-1/2”, laid them inside the longer 2x4s which added the additional 1-1/2” per side. Screw all four pieces together. Then build an identical rectangle for the upper part of the bench.

Step 3: Build Box

To make the four vertical parts of the frame, cut four 2x4 to 9-3/4”. Screw them upright on each of the four corners. Place the second rectangle on top of the four upright pieces. Screw all the pieces together to create a box. Slide it into place.

Step 4: Frame Second Side

To determine the size of the shorter side of the banquette, measure from the edge of the first framed box to where you want the final edge to be, then subtract 1” for plywood and trim. Repeat the steps for building the first box using this length instead. Slide the short box next to the long box and screw them together. Push the frames back into the corner and screw them to the wall. Be sure to screw into the wall studs and use a level while screwing to make sure the frame goes in straight and even.

Step 5: Reinforce Framing

Cut seven 2x4 x 14-1/2” pieces and six 2x4 x 9-3/4” pieces to use as horizontal and vertical reinforcements. Install these supports where the two pieces intersect and also halfway from the end of the bench to the corner intersection (Image 1). Install the seventh 2x4 x 14-1/2” piece on the inside corner of the longer box (Image 2). This extra piece is needed to attach the corner benchtop.

Step 6: Face Frame With Plywood

Cut two 17-1/2” x 16-3/4” pieces of 1/2” plywood, pre-drill, and screw them onto the ends of each box. Cut one piece of 1/2” plywood 16-3/4” tall and the length of the long face of the bench from the inner corner to the edge including the end piece of plywood you just installed. Screw this piece onto the long face. Measure and cut a 1/2” piece of plywood to cover the remaining shorter face and install.

Step 7: Install Trim

Cut the 1/2” x 3-1/2” primed trim into eight 16-3/4” pieces. Pre-drill and screw them vertically onto each edge and corner of the face of the benches (Image 1). Measure and cut eight trim pieces to fit horizontally between each of the vertical pieces. Then cut two 9-3/4” pieces to put vertically in the middle of each bench face (Image 2). Pre-drill before screwing to prevent the wood from splitting. Sand the top edges of the benches to smooth out any unevenness, this will help make sure the benchtops will sit flush (Image 3).

Step 8: Prepare Lids

Cut a 17-5/8” x 17-5/8” square piece of 3/4” plywood and screw it down onto the corner of the bench (this piece will be stationary). Measure and cut two pieces of 3/4” plywood for the benchtop/lids. Each piece will be 16-3/8” x the length (the edge of the bench to the square piece in the corner). To make the stationary piece of benchtop that will go against the wall, rip a 1-7/8” piece lengthwise from each of the lid pieces and screw them face down along the wall on each side of the bench. Lay the remaining larger pieces of the lids face-up on the bench. Leave a 1/16” gap between the plywood pieces for the hinge. When the lid pieces are set, use a pencil to mark where you will need to cut a diagonal notch from the inner corners of the lids so they can close without overlapping.

Step 9: Install Hinges

Center the piano hinges on the inner edges of the plywood lids, screwing them in by hand (Image 1). Start with the center screw so you can attach the hinge and then properly align the edges before putting in the remaining screws. Then lay the lids in the open position and screw the other side of the hinges to the 1-7/8” piece (Image 2). Close each lid to make sure everything is aligned.

Step 10: Prep and Paint

Use a sander to smooth out any rough edges inside and out. Be sure to sand the faces of all the separate pieces of trim so they seem to form one solid surface. Vacuum and then wipe the surface to remove all dust. Fill all screw holes and hairline gaps with a paintable wood filler. Paint as desired.

Step 11: Stash Items

Use your new storage to free up space in your kitchen. For extra comfort, top the benches with cushions and enjoy your custom kitchen nook.

Sours: https://www.hgtv.com/design/remodel/kitchen-remodel/how-to-build-a-banquette-seat-with-storage

Bench l shaped breakfast

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40+ Awesome Breakfast Nook Ideas for Small Spaces 2020

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