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More hand and dish soap brands have started offering product refill bags or pouches designed to help customers get the most use out of plastic soap containers before tossing them in the recycling bin. Method, for example, says water, energy, and plastic use are reduced by 80 percent when customers purchase refills instead of new containers. Investing in a permanent soap vessel not only cuts down on plastic waste, but it adds to your kitchen decor. Below, find a few of our favorite soap dispensers, many of which work interchangeably for hand soap and dish soap.


Room Essentials Soap Pump

This straightforward ceramic soap pump comes in three neutral colors: grey, white, and pink. It’s priced right for a matching (or mixed!) set for your dishes and hands.

Sono Soap Dispenser

This squat little pump is available in a few of our favorite shops for good reason: Its matte color palette and rounded, minimalist design would complement any modern sink setup.

Simplehuman Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

Looking to get a little high-tech? Simplehuman’s touch-free sensor dispenses fluffy clouds of foamed soap when you place your hand underneath the nozzle. The charge lasts for up to three months. Just be sure your replacement soap is foam-style, too, otherwise it won’t work properly.

Zone Double Soap Dispenser

This simple, Scandinavian-designed soap dispenser is extra-tall, so you can go quite a while without refilling. The sleek white or grey-toned stoneware blends right in with minimalist decor.


Rough Stone Soap Dispenser

Who says soap dispensers can’t be conversation pieces? These rough stone containers add some earthy texture—and possible healing vibes—to your sink area. Each bottle is natural rock—and unique in size, shape, and appearance. Because they’re heavy, remember to carry them by the body and not the nozzle. They’re available in four colors: rose quartz, green aventurine, crystal quartz (white), and sodalite (blue).

Saturday Knight Soap Dispenser

If you can’t swing terrazzo countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, add a tiny nod to the trend with this festive resin soap pump.

Rail 19 Soap Pump Set

We love Rail19’s matching set of foaming and regular soap dispensers for a handsome and tidy sink set-up. The short, squat pump is designed to dispense foaming soap, while the taller bottle comes with a standard pump, ideal for dish soap or even hand lotion. And the caddy keeps everything together and organized.

Foaming Soap & Non-Foaming Soap Dispenser Set with Black Caddy

Amber Glass Soap Dispenser

For a similar look (without the fancy foaming capability or the caddy) look to this set of Amber bottles. Label the jars and use one for dish soap and one for hand soap at your kitchen sink.


Blue and White Ceramic Soap Dispenser

This pretty pump's sturdy ceramic base will outlast all your plastic pumps, and is heavy enough to stay put while you’re soaping up.

Marah White Ceramic Soap Dispenser

You can't go wrong with a classic white ceramic soap dispenser, but the embossed lines add texture and a modern feel to this dispenser. 

Ribbed Glass Soap Pump

This ribbed glass model comes with either a silver or black metal pump. It fits with virtually any style of home decor—and yet it's never boring.


Matt Amber Glass Brown Soap Dispenser Bottle With Black Pump 500 ml

–   Amber matt glass soap dispenser: 300ml and 500ml.

–   Ideal for hand wash, moisturiser and other skincare products.

–   Main ingredients (sand, soda ash and limestone) are sourced locally.

–   Glass is free from chemicals associated with plastics such as Bisphenol A or Phthalates.

–   Matt amber glass protects products from UV light.

Kuishi is an open window, a walk on the beach, a space to Unwind. Founded by Stephanie Melarickas, we are settled in the sunny coastal town of Falmouth in Cornwall.

From here, we share our special selection of products with the world. These items are connected to the materials, colours and textures found in nature. Each one has found its way into our hearts and our homes for a reason - they make us feel more Grounded, restored and closer to nature. Introduced with thought and consideration, it 's these small details that create a calming atmosphere throughout the home. We hope you love them as much as we do.

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Amber Glass Dish Soap and Hand Soap Dispensers – Glass Soap Pumps with Waterproof Labels – FREE SHIPPING


Give your kitchen and home a quick update with these amber glass soap dispensers. Inspired by the vintage bottles used in apothecary drug stores, these glass replicas come with a designer, waterproof label and will add a touch of charm to your kitchen, bathroom and home.

Add your own handmade soap to these 16oz. bottles for a complete custom experience or simply fill with your favorite brand and give your kitchen or bathroom a luxurious feel.

>DIMENSIONS: 2.75″ x 8.5″ (dimensions are with pump unlocked)

Give the perfect gift that is both trendy and timeless.


To view our entire bottle collection or purchase these separately click HERE

We are happy to serve our International customers. Contact us for shipping details.

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These glass amber bottles come with a black plastic pump so you never have to worry about rust or tarnish. They arrive empty and ready to fill with your own handmade soap or favorite brand. Refill over and over again.

Sarah designed the labels with a vintage apothecary feel but for the modern home. Each piece is hand labeled with quality, waterproof, vinyl labels.

>DIMENSIONS: 2.75″ x 8.5″ (dimensions are with pump unlocked)

Bottles will ship in approx 3-5 business days.

We strive to make sure all of our customers are more than satisfied with their items, and we work tirelessly to bring you beautiful quality items. Contact us with your requests.

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Soap hand amber dispenser glass

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