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Whether it is for crying over body-shaming comments or her soured relationship with family, Jessica James Decker has a knack for making headlines.

One of her most talked-about and unsolved topics of discussion is the alleged feud between the country-pop singer-songwriter and her younger brother John James.

Decker's Brother Reveals the Reason for the Feud

A particular Reddit community under the title r/jjdandfamily exists, where users regularly share their opinions, facts, and accusations about all things related to Decker and her family members.

Amongst the hundreds of posts, a thread posted by u/bachelorbiz on December 24, 2019, sheds some light on the current feud between the James siblings.

The thread comprised a screenshot image of a private conversation between Decker’s younger brother James and an unknown user. The unknown user asked James if he and his sister were on talking terms.

Replying to the question, James confirmed having a sour relationship with his sister and described her as "the most disgusting human being in the world."

“Naw [sic] that ended when she forced a conversation that wasn’t appropriate that ended in my pushing my pregnant fiancé and my stepdad screaming in her face,” his message read. “Jess insisted on the conversation happening and it imploded and she doesn't have a single ounce of decency to apologize for the huge family rift she caused.”

He further stated that he would never forgive Decker since she was the sole reason his family was not there for the birth of his first daughter, Emmy.

Although the claims are now all over the internet, the Eric & Jessie: Game On star is yet to address her feud with her brother.

James Calls Out Decker via Instagram Stories

Despite Decker’s silence on the matter, James often takes to his Instagram story to call out his sister without name-dropping her.

For instance, when one of his followers asked him if his relationship was getting better with his sister, James again had some harsh words for his sister.

He said his wife’s boutique page was deleted some time ago, and he had suspicions that Decker had something to do with that. 

If I find out she had something to do with my wife's boutique page getting deleted, I promise I got a whole [explicit] kettle of tea.

Most recently, in his Instagram stories, he stated his sister was playing the victim in the wake of her emotional videos on Instagram stories.

The singer, age 33, broke out into tears after reading a subreddit devoted to criticizing her. "So I’ve always been pretty confident in myself, and I’m not perfect," she said.

“I’ve always fluctuated in my weight up and down, but I have recently been sent a Reddit page that rips me apart on a daily basis. They’re talking about how, apparently, fat I’ve gotten, and how boxy and how terrible my body looks. And they’re accusing me of editing my body and all these things.”

But James showed no mercy to his sister and said it was her fate that had eventually led to all the hate messages.


Jessie James Decker is an entrepreneur, wannabe lifestyle guru, singer, and celebrity influencer.

She has been involved in music since 2009, releasing hit singles like “Wanted” and “Clint Eastwood.” Decker was also involved in her own short-lived reality show, Eric & Jessie: Game On.

Over the years, fans have seen Decker and her husband, former NFL pro Eric Decker, welcome three children, all as they expand their business empire. Jessie James Decker has built her career on the premise that she is a relatable, girl-next-door type.

However, some fans on Reddit recently dissected an ongoing rumor that Decker is deeply involved in a nasty family feud. 

Who is Jessie James Decker?

Jessie James Decker on the red carpet

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Jessie James Decker (born Jessie James) first burst onto the music scene in 2009, but she was no stranger to performing. Decker began singing when she was just a child, putting on shows in contests and pageants all over Georgia and Tennessee.

At the age of seventeen, Decker landed her own recording contract and began writing and recording music.

Her debut album was released in August 2009, and made her a country music sensation. Her vocal style was compared to Christina Aguilera and many critics loved her impressive range.

Although her music career started out on a promising note, over the next several years, Decker’s focus shifted to reality television. In 2013, Eric & Jessie: Game On debuted, chronicling the adventures of Jessie James Decker and her husband, Eric Decker. The show gained Decker an abundance of fans and went on to run for a total of three seasons. 

Did Eric Decker cheat on Jessie James Decker?

For many fans, Eric and Jessie James Decker have the perfect union. They frequently share loving snapshots on social media, documenting their date nights out as well as family nights in. They have been married for seven years, and during that time, there have been very few scandals involving the pair. Still, in late 2018, rumors started swirling that Eric Decker had been stepping out on his wife.

According to the rumors, Decker made a habit out of visiting Nashville bars and clubs, and hooking up with women that he met there. Decker was quick to slam the rumors, claiming that the only club he frequents is “The Mickey Mouse Club House.”

Jessie James Decker didn’t directly respond to the cheating rumors – however, it seems as though the country singer has some troubles of her own to deal with. 

Is Jessie James Decker embroiled in a family feud?

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During the run of her reality show, which is now on indefinite hiatus, viewers were introduced to Jessie James Decker’s family, including her sister Sydney Bass and her brother, John James. The siblings seemed super-close on the reality show, but according to some fans on Reddit, the family has undergone a dramatic upheaval in the past several months.

In a recent Reddit thread, a fan posted screenshots of an alleged conversation with Decker’s brother, John James. In the screenshots, James claimed that he is no longer on speaking terms with his older sister due to the fact that she “forced a conversation that wasn’t appropriate.”

According to James, the tense conversation ended with the siblings’ mother, Karen Parker, pushing James’s pregnant girlfriend. James ended his rant by calling Decker “disgusting.”

In the comments, fans speculated about the reason for the argument, casting doubt on both sides. Ultimately, Decker has not made a public statement about the feud, so fans still don’t really know what went on to cause the rift in the family. 

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The Drama Between Jessie James Decker And Her Brother Explained

Jessie James Decker's family is under a microscope right now, and it's the kind of turmoil that makes stomachs turn and hearts break. Alleged feuds have created a rift between Decker and her younger brother John James.

Not only has John called out his sister without name-dropping via Instagram stories, but has aired out familial tensions to protect his wife and mother of his child, Ali.

Reddit Is Getting Heated

A Reddit thread under the title, "r/jjdandfamily" is a constant mud-slinging session for anonymous accounts who dislike the JJD crew.

One thread calls out the ongoing issues between Jessie and John, who allegedly butt heads the most out of the siblings. We must state, however, that as convincing as Reddit may be, it's not a guaranteed reliable source.

A pinned post that gives a rundown of the JJD drama states, "JJD and Mama Karen are no longer on speaking terms with John and Ali. You may have seen that they’ve unfollowed each other on social media..."

John may have begun fostering a relationship with his birth father, which didn't sit well with the rest of their family. According to Redditors, that's an understatement.

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The original post continues, "According to John, JJD forced a conversation that escalated into a full-blown fight. Ali/John vs Karen/ some point during the heated altercation Karen pushes Ali, and Steve, a grown a**( man, screams in Ali’s face. It’s important to note that Ali was PREGNANT at the time."

Fights Turn Petty

Since the fight that is going around on the Internet but has not been confirmed, John has publicly talked poorly of his sister via social media.

He's responded to fans on Instagram asking about personal matters, airing out dirty laundry for all to see.

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In one response to a follower asking if he's getting along with his sisters he said, "If I find out she had something to do with my wife's boutique page getting deleted I promise I got a whole f*cking kettle of tea."

Threatening to reveal family secrets seems like a petty move, don't you think? His loyalty is with his wife, admirably, but it's sad to see a family ripped apart like this.

Jessie doesn't confront the waving red flags surrounding their dynamic. In fact, Ali and John have not been pictured in any recent holiday gatherings. That could be related to COVID precautions, but our instincts say otherwise.

A lot more is coming to light about Jessie James Decker, and depicts a polar opposite persona as she presents to her fans. We can't confirm if any of this is true, as only John's side is public information.

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Husband and wife duo Eric & Jessie James Decker team up to face off against Chris Bosh on an all-new episode of Celebrity Family Feud. On September 12, the former NFL player and his country music singer wife will take on former pro-basketballer and his wife. Below, you can get to know the rest of their teammates, as well as the charities they’ll each be playing for.

Team “The Decker Family”: Eric & Jessie James Decker

Eric & Jessie James Decker lead their family team, and they’re playing for Graham’s Foundation, an organization providing resources for parents of preemie babies. Their team includes:

  • Jessie James Decker – singer and founder of Kittenish
  • Eric Decker – former pro football player
  • Karen Parker – Jessie’s mother
  • Steve Parker – Jessie’s father
  • Sydney Bass – Jessie’s sister

In addition to being a pop-country music singer/songwriter, Jessie is also the founder of clothing boutique brand Kittenish. She even has her own brick and mortar store in Nashville, Tennessee. A second location recently opened in Dallas, Texas. Her husband, Eric retired from a lengthy career in the NFL in 2018, and in 2020, became President of Kittenish, which he and Jessie run together. The couple have 3 kids together: a daughter named Vivianne Rose and 2 sons, Eric Thomas II and Forest Bradley.

Team “Chris Bosh” on Celebrity Family Feud

Chris Bosh leads the eponymous team, and they are playing for Boys and Girls Club of America. The full team is as follows:

  • Chris Bosh – former pro basketball player
  • Adrienne Bosh – wife
  • Tia Mowry – friend
  • Genevieve Padalecki – friend
  • Max Frost – friend

Aside from his lovely wife Adrienne, Chris’ team is full of famous friends. Sister, Sister star Tia Mowry is onboard, as is Wildfire actress Genevieve Padalecki, who’s married to Supernatural star Jared Padalecki. Singer Max Frost rounds out their fun group. You can actually see their team and The Decker’s team in a tweet from the show’s official Twitter account below:

Tune in to the all-new episode of Celebrity Family Feud on September 12 at 8 PM, only on ABC.


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Fight family jessie decker james

Who is Jessie James Decker’s brother John James?

ALL families have their ups and downs in life, with siblings often falling out.

One brother and sister who don't always see eye to eye are Jessie James Decker and her younger bro John James.

Jessie James Decker with her younger brother John James


Who is John James?

John James was born on October 18, 1994, making him 26-years-old.

He owns his own health and fitness brand called Strong+Sexy Fit.

John is happily married to Ali Green, and they share a daughter called Emerson Grace James.

He is also an Influencer and can follow him on @johnjames94, where you can find lots of cute pictures of him with his family on vacation.

John with his wife Ali and daughter Emerson


What is the feud between John James and Jessie James Decker?

During the run of her reality show Eric & Jessie: Game On, viewers were introduced to Jessie’s family, including her sister Sydney Bass and her brother, John James.

The siblings seemed very close on the series, but according to some fans on Reddit, the family has undergone a dramatic upheaval.

In a Reddit thread, a fan posted screenshots of an alleged conversation with Jessie's brother, John.

In the screenshots, John claimed that he is no longer on speaking terms with his older sister due to the fact that she “forced a conversation that wasn’t appropriate”.

However, Jessie has not made a public statement about the feud, so fans still don’t really know what went on to cause the rift in the family. 

What do we know about Jessie James Decker?

Jessie first burst on to the music scene in 2009, but she was no stranger to performing.

She began singing when she was just a child, putting on shows in contests and pageants all over Georgia and Tennessee.

At the age of seventeen, Jessie landed her own recording contract and began recording music, and the rest is history.

Jesse James Decker breaks down in tears over trolls' 'bullying' & cruel comments about her weight gain


Eric \u0026 Jessie's Daughter Vivianne Is Super Mischievous - E!

How and how it all began, I do not want to tell, it is a long and confusing story. I will only say that this world is called Sliber. I was carried into a completely amazing world inhabited by elves, gnomes, trolls, various intelligent creatures and, of course, people. At Slayber, each nation has its own territory with well-guarded borders.

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