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Ford's reborn Bronco SUV is shaping up to be of the hottest new vehicles to come out in, well, decades. This retro-inspired off-roader not only looks great and promises to deliver loads of capability, it also offers plenty of customizability thanks to its patented modular design. Its standard soft top, for instance, conveniently locks in several positions and is fully removable so you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the sky above. Here's what you need to know about getting the most out of this origami-like roof. We're going to use a four-door Badlands trim as our demonstration vehicle, but the same basic process applies to the two-door model, as well.

Enjoying a little fun in the sun while driving your 2021 Ford Bronco is simple. To retract the top, simply release a pair of interior latches on the windshield header bar. Just pull down (it takes good bit of force, so be warned) and the front of the roof disconnects from the body. Next, push the leading edge of the fabric top upward and rearward in an arc until it safely latches in position. Unless you have arms as long and flexible as elephant trunks, you'll probably have to stand up on the sill or seat (shoes off, or course).

The top on this four-door model opens further, but before you can fully lower it, you have to undo the panels on the sides and rear of the vehicle. Fortunately, this is also a simple task, as they're all held on by Velcro and a few clasps. Just undo these attachments, unhook the side window panels and they slide out of their corresponding grooves. It's simple! (Note: Sliding them back into place can take a bit more effort, so be patient).

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Next, while standing on the second-row driver's side sill, you pull a small lever, which undoes latches on both sides of the roof assembly. This allows you to push the top stack further back, to lock it safely in position behind the cargo area. This provides an unobstructed view of the sky above for everyone in the vehicle, not just folks in the front seats. (Ford has done a particularly good job with this -- even on the four door, there's no center support brace between the two rows of seats to ruin the view like there is in a Jeep Wrangler).

Finally, the Bronco's entire soft-top assembly can be removed, but this takes a bit of work and a pal. You've got to crawl into the back and pop off a plastic trim piece on each side of the cargo area. With the toolkit that comes standard with every Bronco, you can then access the six 13-millimeter bolts that hold the assembly in place. Once these are removed, you and a decently muscular friend can carefully lift the roof, which, along with the windows and associated brackets, weighs 110 pounds, off the back of the vehicle.

For additional details and to see all this in action, be sure to watch our video embedded above. And if you can't get enough 2021 Ford Bronco, we also have separate video features about swapping out its grille and how you can remove its doors and fenders so make sure to check those out.

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How Do You Remove the 2021 Ford Bronco’s Hard Top?

Just undo some latches, screws, a harness, and a hose.

Ford Bronco Full Overview

Ford Bronco tops come off almost as easily as Mardis Gras blouses. The Ford Bronco removable hardtop allows you (and a friend) to transform your trail buster from completely weatherproof to totally alfresco in a matter of minutes. Here are the four easy steps to complete freedom. Note that these instructions apply to the 2021 Ford Bronco's standard molded-in-color or optional Shadow Black-painted hard tops (we'll have to report again once we've tinkered with the four-door's soft top). So how do you remove the Bronco's hard top? Easy:


Step one: Sit in the driver's seat, release the outboard over-center latch, then release the three other quarter-turn latches retaining the "T-top" type panel. Lift the 12-pound panel off and set aside, then repeat the procedure for the panel above the front passenger seat. Finally, close the two over-center latches, and slip each panel into the protective case that comes with every Bronco. (A QR code on the case brings up a video on how to fit them in.)

Step one-B: In four-door models, remove the single panel above the rear seat by releasing its quarter-turn latches. Note that although the panels above the front seat can be secured in the cargo area via two clips that engage the cargo hooks and a strap that goes around the headrest supports, this rear panel will need to stay home in the garage.

Step two: Open the tailgate and rear glass. Inside on the left you'll find the electrical connector for the rear wiper and defroster as well as the hose that supplies the rear window washer. These both disconnect easily and clip onto retainers on the left rear inside trim panel.

Step three: Grab the BRONCO-branded ratchet and the P50 Torx driver from the standard tool kit bag that comes with every Bronco, and use it to remove four bolts fastening each side of the rear top section to the cargo area sill. NOTE: Four-door model tops include two more bolts that engage the upper roll-over protection ring accessible when standing on the rear door sills. PRO TIP: Stow the top bolts in one of the zippered pockets in the tool kit for safe keeping.

Step four: Close the rear swing-gate, then grab a friend to help remove the top; it weighs 84 pounds and is way too unwieldy for one person to manage without a bespoke hoist. Position yourselves facing the rear side windows, and use your rearmost hands to push up on the rear window frame to create a sufficient gap for your forward hands to get under the top. Then lift the top, walk it rearward off the vehicle, and stow safely. Ford will undoubtedly market top-stowage devices for this purpose.


Simply reverse the steps above to replace the Ford Bronco removable hardtop. Remember the hand placement you used to remove the heavy rear top section. Placing one hand in the rear window area allows you to set the front down first, remove that hand, then lower the rear so as not to crush fingers.

Looks good! More details?


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2021 Ford Bronco guide: How to remove the doors and roof

The Ford Bronco is back and it has everyone from off-road enthusiasts to mall crawlers in its sights.

Like the Jeep Wrangler, owners can remove the 2021 Ford Bronco’s doors, roof, and fender flares should they want an open-air driving experience. Sorry, the windshield doesn’t fold, that’s a Jeep thing.

Every Bronco will come with a tool kit that includes a socket wrench/driver, a Torx Plus 50 (TP50), a Torx Plus 30 (TP30), and M10 hex tool. These are the only tools required to remove the Bronco’s doors and roof.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to strip down a 2021 Ford Bronco.

2021 Ford Bronco

2021 Ford Bronco

Door removal

Want onlooking drivers to see your cool board shorts while driving the 2021 Ford Bronco? Take off the doors. Begin by opening the windows of the doors to be removed, then fold the mirrors forward to keep them out of the way. Open each door then open the wire connector door on the jamb to release the wire connector. Place the optional door storage bags on the doors. Remove the lower hinge bolt then the upper hinge bolt with the included M10 hex tool (from the Bronco’s tool kit). Lift each door vertically and remove. The Bronco is now doorless, and the doors of the four-door model can be stowed in the cargo area.

2021 Ford Bronco

2021 Ford Bronco

Roof removal

With the release of the Bronco, buyers now have another convertible SUV to join the Jeep Wrangler. To go topless, begin by removing the driver’s side front panel (it sits on top of the passenger side panel’s rubber gasket) by unlatching the flip latch at the outboard side of the front header. Twist the three remaining latches a quarter turn and lift off the panel.

Next, remove the passenger side front panel by releasing the flip latch at the outboard side of the front header, then turning the remaining latches a quarter turn, and lifting off the panel.

To remove the mid panel, unlatch the flip latch on both sides of the vehicle before giving the three rotating latches a quarter turn each. Lift off the panel.

Finally, remove the rear panel cap by first disconnecting the electrical and washer hose connectors, which are located on the inside the swing gate on the driver’s side. Next, remove the fastener at the top center of the roof using the included TP30 and socket wrench. Last, remove the eight fasteners along the beltline using the TP50 driver and socket wrench and lift off the rear panel. The Bronco is now completely roofless and doorless.

2021 Ford Bronco

2021 Ford Bronco

Fender flares

To remove the Bronco’s fender flares should one become damaged, flip the fasteners on the inside of each flare a quarter turn then pull the flare directly away from the vehicle.

Ford said the flares can be removed in about 30 seconds apiece, while the roof and doors are considerably more involved. Still, the entire process should take less than an hour total.

Ford Bronco™ Soft Top Removal and Installation - Ford How-To - Ford
  • Like the Jeep Wrangler, the 2021 Ford Bronco has removable doors and roof, and here's how to take them off.
  • The two-door Bronco is a hardtop only, while four-door models can have either a soft or hard top.
  • The front roof panels are removed by releasing a few latches, and the rear panel and doors use tools included in the factory tool kit.

Ford is going straight for the heart of Jeep with the revival of the Bronco, so it's no surprise that, like the popular Wrangler, it also has removable doors and roof. Here's how you remove the doors and roof off the 2021 Ford Bronco:

The two-door Bronco is a hardtop only and has three panels on the roof—two front sections and a rear section—although a painted top with an additional section over the cargo area is available. Those roof panels can be removed by one person, Ford says, by unlocking a few latches on the inside. The four-door models, however, come standard with a soft top, and the available hardtop models have the four removable sections.

Ford says that all four doors can be stored on board in protective bags, but they take up a lot of space, so don't plan on taking much gear with you if you do that. To take off the doors, first roll down the windows of the doors you wish to remove. Then fold the mirrors forward; they're connected to the body so, unlike on the Jeep, they stay in place, which is good, but you'll want to get them out of the way. Then you'll need to release the door's electrical and mechanical connectors via a small compartment inside. Ford claims these are much easier to release than the Jeep's. Finally, using the M10 hex tool that's part of the factory-included Bronco tool kit, remove the lower and upper hinge bolts and lift the door up to remove.

Now on to the roof, which is much easier up front. The front and mid panels only require releasing a few latches. For the rear panel, you'll need to locate the Torx Plus 50 and 30 tools, which are also included in the tool kit. First, disconnect the electrical and washer hose connector on the driver's side of the rear tailgate. Then there's a fastener at the top center of the roof, which is removed using the TP30 tool. After that, there are eight fasteners that are undone using the TP50 tool, and voilà, you have a roofless Bronco.

Whether or not the Bronco's doors and roof are easier or harder to remove than the Jeep Wrangler's we have yet to see or test. We'll be sure to put the two side by side when we get them at our Michigan headquarters and have a little friendly competition to see which can be torn down faster.

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Top remove how to bronco

Introduction: How to Remove the Top of Your Ford Bronco Alone

There are many ways to remove the top. I have seen people use pulley systems in their garage, I've heard of people tying straps to it and using a fork lift and of course, if you have a friend to help, that makes things much easier.

However, this tutorial, focuses on removing the top when nobody else can help you.


T40 torques security bit

T50 torques bit


Impact driver (optional)

Step 1: T40 Torques Security Bit

You can get this torques bit at an autoparts store such as autozone as well as most places that have an extensive tool selection.

Step 2: Use Ratchet on Rear Bolts.

After removing the trim, you will want to use a ratchet to get these two bolts.

Step 3: Remove the Rest of the Bolts

After that, i like to use my impact driver.

Step 4: Disconnect This

Disconnect this, it has a clip on both sides.

Step 5: T50 Torques Bit

Step 6: Remove Bolt

Next, remove the seatbelt shoulder straps using a T50 torques bit

Step 7: Lift and Slide

Carefully slide away lifting up the rear end of the top as there is a notch that locks it in place.

Step 8: Lift More As You Slide Back.

Turn around and place your hands on the ridge in front and slide backwards being careful to keep it from sliding off the edge.

I probably could have started facing the rear, but I felt more comfortable starting facing forward so I could see how far i pulled away and to make sure the top did not slid to the left or right.

Step 9: Lift

Lift up placing the weight on your back.

Step 10: Shift Left and Lower

Shift to one side (left if you have a spare tire swing arm) and lower to your knees.

Step 11: Climb Down

Climb down off the tailgate. I am 5'8", if you are much shorter, you might want to use a sturdy step stool.

Step 12: Set It Down

Carefully let the rear end rest on the ground

Step 13: *optional

I wanted to leave the top right here in the grass so i flipped it over onto its back.

If you need to take it somewhere else, just walk over there with the top on you back or however feels more comfortable to you.

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2021 Ford Bronco Door Removal - Bronco How-to Ep. 5 - Bronco Nation

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