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Murano Glass Sculptures

Murano glass statues: Eternal art pieces that everyone can own

Glass statues have always been something that only a select few could afford. But times have changed. Although Murano glass sculptures and figurines require even more intricate skills and many years of a master’s experience to be created, you can easily own one. Shop at Made Murano Glass to snatch a timeless yet affordable art piece and revere the creativity and prowess of Murano artisans.

If you are a fine art connoisseur, get ready to lose yourself in our collections. We pride ourselves on being a treasure trove of Venetian glass sculptures available as 100% genuine works of world-renowned glassmakers of Murano. Whether you are casting about for a meaningful present for someone special or an authentic glass piece to revive your interior, one of these sculptures or figurines will be your best option.

Murano sculpture is where ancient and modern intertwine

Murano is a one-of-a-kind island that has become the cradle of glassmaking. It’s where gifted Venetian glassblowers have been creating sculptures and glassware using from-master-to-disciple techniques for over 900 years. And while these techniques have barely changed as years passed by, the designs and motifs of artisans’ works are in the here and now.

At Made Murano Glass, we team up with talented glassblowers who create sculptures and figurines in a range of colours, shapes and glassmaking techniques. From Avventurina to Zanfirico, the patterns and styles these artisans use are all exclusive to Murano.

Select from vintage Murano glass sculptures for your classic interior or state-of-the-art geometrical masterpieces in minimalistic or contemporary styles. Besides, these glass artworks are not only a feast for the eyes but also a risk-free investment. Their value will only go up in the future.

You can hardly find a better place to buy Murano glass sculptures for sale

With love for timeless art in our hearts, we open our online doors to people worldwide to discover and purchase glass sculptures and figurines. Here, you can cherish modern glassmaking trends or opt for vintage classics. All these Murano sculptures made of glass are 100% authentic, and there’s no way they are sold somewhere else.

We never compromise on product quality or service to our customers. That’s why we ensure safe shipping for fragile items with our DHL and UPS partners.

Hurry up to order a Murano sculpture and keep it as a thing of never-changing beauty or investment!


Murano Glass

Murano Glass and European Art Glass have been recognized for centuries as some of the best examples of craftsmanship in the world.  It starts with the purest raw materials and dedication from artists who have honed their skills from lessons learned from their fathers and grandfathers.  Time honored traditions live on in the stunning Art Glass pieces forged by our handpicked Murano Glass Master Glassblowers.

A History of Murano Glass:

Although the tiny island near Venice, Italy covers a scant few square miles, the island of Murano has become world renowned for its wealth of Master Glassblowers, a tradition that dates back to the ninth century.  The glassblowers were sent to the island of Murano when the Venetian Republic expressed concern that flames from their foundries might destoy the region's wooden buildings.  Today, only a few Master Glassblowers continue the tradition their ancestors brought to life. 

Techniques for creating multicolored glass (millefiori) and glass woven with threads of gold (aventurine) were born in Murano.  Artists and art aficionados alike come from around the world to learn about these elegant, sophisticated processes that remain the cornerstone of their luminous work.

There's a simple reason to buy Murano Glass and European Art Glass from MuranoArtCollection
For more than 25 years, we have built lasting relationships with renowned Murano Glass Masters and glassblowers throughout Europe.  We have carefully commissioned and selected everything you see on our site.  Murano Glass Art Collection promises the only challenge you will have is choosing the perfect piece from our diverse array of art glass.  Once you've made your selection, you can count on having that treasured piece in your home promptly.  Each piece is shipped from our Miami warehouse within 48 hours of receiving your order.

Scroll through a treasure trove of Murano Glass and European Art Glass
We devote endless hours to choosing the best art glass across the island of Murano and Europe.  You may just find yourself spending hours looking through our vast Murano Glass Collections: Murano Glass Animals, Murano Glass Art Vases, Murano Glass Birds, Murano Glass Bottles, Bowls and Centerpieces, Murano Glass Calcedonia, Murano Glass Jewelry, Murano Glass Nautical, and Murano Glass Sculpture.

We handle your glass art as if it were our own
You can rest assured knowing we are experts when it comes to packing your delicate glass for shipment.  Murano Glass Art Collection uses Instapak Foam, the safest packing material available. While we have never experienced breakage during shipment, we promise to immediately replace your Art Glass treasure at no cost to you from our Miami warehouse. 

As Collectors, we select only the best
Murano Glass Art Collection knows the thrill of being able to merge the best handcrafted Art Glass available with your existing art collection - Or starting a collection from scratch.  This is why we visit our artists regularly.  Not only are we able to see what they're doing, we're able to share our understanding of our collectors' interests to craft original works of art that our collectors will love.

The Murano Glass Art Collection Promise
Authentic Murano Glass from some of the most cherished artisans, excellent prices, and timely and safe shipping from our U. S. warehouse.  That's the Murano Glass Art Collection Promise.

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Welcome to Murano Glass Sculptures

We are delighted to offer you a stunning collection of authentic Murano glass art from the world-famous Venetian island of Murano, hand-crafted using a variety of designs and techniques passed down from one generation of master craftsmen to the next, and all inspired by the beauty of the Venice lagoon.

If you are looking for beautiful ornamental vases and bowls, gorgeous coloured glass home accessories and elegant wine glasses, or decorative abstract sculptures and figurines; collectable glass animals including a stunning range of birds and fish, gifts for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, or even magnificent sporting prizes and trophies, you have come to the right place.

All our products are hand-made. From time to time, blisters may appear in the glass because of the blowing process. These blisters are not considered to be defects, but guarantee that your sculpture is a unique and original object.

Having been immersed in the world of Venetian glass art for so many years, we are delighted to offer you a beautiful and diverse collection of over 500 glass art sculptures, from vases and figurines to collectible glass animals and everyday tableware.

You won’t find any of these products on the high street. We are proud to have sourced our ranges through years of hard work, and by developing excellent working relationships with all our suppliers.

Petter Doe

Karen & Carl Mallory

Murano Glass Experts


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