Bath lift with swivel seat

Bath lift with swivel seat DEFAULT


Battery Powered

Powered by a low voltage rechargeable battery which features a safety mechanism that prevents the chair from lowering into the tub, when there isn’t enough charge to raise it back out of the tub.


Max weight capacity of 300 lbs., high-grade plastic materials, and suction cups that attach to the tub base to ensure there is no slippage combine to make this both a stable and safe option.

Easy to Operate

An easy to operate remote control, allows for a simple push of a button to activate submerging into and lifting out of the tub along with triggering various back recline options.


Product WeightWeight CapacitySeat WidthSeat Width with Side FlapsSeat DepthSeat Height RangeBack HeightBase WidthBase LengthOverall Length Including BackrestRecline
820020.5 lbs.300 lbs.13.8"27.6"16.5"2.5" - 19"25.2"12.2"22.1"32.7"10Ëš - 50Ëš


Lateral Trunk Support

BLM-A8830: $170.50

Foam cushion that is added to the chair’s base, provides enhanced trunk positioning.

Head Support

BLM-A8875: $170.50

Foam cushion that is added to the chair’s base, provides additional comfort and positioning support for the head.

Swivel and Transfer Aid

BLZ-A8202: $214.50

Designed to function as a transfer aid to the actual bath bench, The Swivel and Transfer Aid, allows for the user to sit on the swivel disk at the edge of the bath and then slide to the actual bath lift.

Contoured Chest Harness

BLM-A8207: $198

Vest style chest harness to maintain proper trunk alignment.

Rapid Dry Positioning Belt

BCZ-A8832 (M/L): $231

Available in two sizes: 4″ and 5″ wide.



6 Best Bathroom Lift Chairs 2021


Age or a physical handicap can make it difficult to enter and exit a bathtub, rendering the person affected to be dependent on another person. However, with the introduction of bathroom lift chairs, now the patient can easily use a bath tub independently. Bathroom lift chairs come in a variety of styles and sizes, with specific models to suit everyone’s convenience and comfort. In this article, I am going to help you in choosing the best bath lift seat and review some of the most trending models in the market, at the time of writing.

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PriceProductOur Rating
AdirMed Ultra Quiet Automatic (Battery Powered) Bath Lift Chair8.8
Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift8.7
Drive Medical Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter8.9
Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift and Accessories with Blue Cover and Premium Charger9.5
Drive Medical Aquajoy Saver Bathlift9.2
Graham-Field Lumex Splash Bath Lift with Ultra-Compact Design9.6

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Buying Guide

There are some features on bath lifts for seniors that are specific to the patient utilizing it. Hence, you cannot get a random one, but have to look at a product that best fulfills your requirements. The features that you should consider the most while shopping for a bathroom lift chair are:

Adjustable height

Your chair should rise to the level of the bathtub. If you are planning to use it with different bathtubs, then the height should be adjustable.


Not all bath lifts for seniors can support similar weights. On average, most chairs have a weight capacity of between 200 and 300 pounds. If the user is heavier, then you should look for a heavy-duty bath lifter instead.


You should get a bath lifter that fully fits in your bathtub so that there is no chance of the user slipping out from the sides.

Security features

Bath lift with swivel seat, suction cups and flaps make the bathing experience more secure and comfortable. You should opt for these types over the basic ones if your budget allows.

Battery life

Most bath lift chairs require several hours before they are fully charged, while some models are ready to go within an hour of charging. The time each model operates on a full battery also varies. Keep your ability to charge the machine on time in mind when getting a model.


Since bathtub lifts for the elderly are a considerable investment, you should get one that comes with at least a single year of warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Now let us check out our bathtub lift reviews.

6 Best Bathroom Lift Chairs 2021

#1 AdirMed Ultra Quiet Automatic (Battery Powered) Bath Lift Chair

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The AdirMed bathroom lift chair is a simple, convenient and comfortable option that will make the bathing experience for your patient quite pleasurable. It comes with several features that will accommodate the person using the bath lift chair. The chair’s height can be adjusted to meet the appropriate requirement of the patient, while the back support can also recline for up to 50 degrees, making the bathtub lift chair very ergonomic. The seat has been cushioned with pads for superior support.

The body of the bathroom lift chair is covered with a polymer, which provides adequate resistance against water. Moreover, the controls on the handle are also waterproof to prevent any malfunctioning during a shower. There are four quick-release suction cups and an anti-slip bath base for safety. The electric bathtub lift can support up to 300 pounds of weight and can easily be folded when not in use.

Given the product’s high-quality manufacturing, the company offers a 2-year warranty for any defects during making or in functionality.


  • Adjustable height
  • Padded seat
  • Waterproof hand control
  • Foldable
  • Anti-slip bath base
  • Optional add-ons
  • Limited 2-year warranty


  • Suction cups not durable
  • Best in a large, deep tub

#2 Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift

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The Drive Medical Whisper bathroom lift chair is a great choice for people who want to have an enjoyable and independent bath, under reliable security. The chair comes in a two-piece set and is quite simple to assemble, requiring no external tools. It can fit in both normal and deep bathtubs while making it super easy to enter and exit during use. There are four quick-release suction cups for a secure grip during use. A padded seat and reclinable support (as low as 50 degrees) mean that the user can easily adjust the position of the bathtub lift chair for optimum usage and safety.

The hand control on the side is completely watertight and can be dropped in the bathtub to float, without any malfunctions. The buttons on the control are easy to operate and use for raising, lowering and reclining the chair. The maximum weight capacity for using the electric bathtub lift is 300 lbs. It can be folded quickly when not in use and takes minimal space for storage. With a one year warranty to back up the features, this is one of the best tools for users to take bath themselves with confidence and safety.


  • Padded seat and reclining backrest
  • Anti-slip suction cups
  • Waterproof bath lift control
  • Slim profile
  • Premium quality
  • 1-year warranty


  • Instruction manual not user-friendly
  • Seat may at times come loose

#3 Drive Medical Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter

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The Drive Medical Bellavita is one of the most innovative bathtub lifts for the elderly in the market. The manufacturer has used aluminum for the mainframe construction, which allows the chair to become the lightest one you can buy. The aluminum construction also makes the bathroom lift chair very durable and sturdy. It comes in a two-piece set and has to be assembled. The assembly itself does not require prior experience or any special tools, with all the steps provided clearly in the instruction manual. The seat is padded and the backrest can recline to up to 50 degrees. There is even an optional add-on for the headrest if the user wants one.

Like most high-quality inflatable bath lift, this one too has a waterproof controller, which can be left to float in the tub while the patient takes the bath. There are 4 suction cups for stability and slip prevention. This bathtub lift for the disabled has a hygienic cutaway and can be covered with external sheets for maintaining the best standards of hygiene (especially if it will be used by multiple people). The maximum weight it can sustain is 300 lbs. Drive Medical provides a solid 3-year warranty for this product. It is a great tool to help anybody enjoy one of the simplest pleasures of life: a refreshing bath.


  • Lightest bath lift
  • Adjustable height
  • Easily folds down
  • Watertight control
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • Hygienic cutaway / extra sheets
  • 3-year warranty


  • Not suitable for textured bathtubs

#4 Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift and Accessories with Blue Cover and Premium Charger

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The Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift is another product in the Deltis series. It is an ideal bathroom lift chair for heavy and large people, as it can support up to 375 lbs. of weight. The chair comes well packaged and in a two-piece set. It needs to be assembled, which is a quick process itself and requires no additional tools. Apart from its sturdy nature, the chair comes with most of the features that you associate with a Bathmaster bathroom lift chair. There is a fast-charging system that allows you to fully charge the battery within an hour.

The large flaps on the side of the chair mean that you can easily transfer it, with an extra option of a swivel slide seat for even more ease. All in all, this chair is very easy to maintain and use. Bathmaster gives a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects with this product.


  • Built very strong
  • For heavy people
  • Charges very fast
  • Easy assembling
  • Easy to keep clean


#5 Drive Medical Aquajoy Saver Bathlift

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The Drive Medical Aquajoy is a great medium-ranged inflatable bath lift. It requires no prior installation to set up and is ready to get going right out of the box. The chair has been built under the universal style so it can be used by anyone and fits in most standard bathtubs.

The backrest is hard and pad free, but the ergonomic design makes it feel comfortable enough. The chair can recline automatically (minimal angle) for you to adjust your position. There are easy release suction cups on the base that can be controlled with a watertight controller. This gives the user added security and confidence during the bath. The buttons on the remote are tactile and easy to press. The chair design maximizes legroom, which allows even taller people to enjoy a bath whilst utilizing it. The total weight capacity for the product is 375 lbs.


  • Safe, simple, and worry-free
  • Easy-release suction cups
  • Sturdy one-piece design
  • Fully waterproof controls
  • Efficient power usage


#6 Graham-Field Lumex Splash Bath Lift with Ultra-Compact Design

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The Lumex Splash Bath Lift by Graham-Field is a lightweight, ultra-compact, stylish mobility aid ideal for home use. It weighs a mere 14.3 pounds making it the lightest bath lift in the market. Similarly, the hand remote control is among the slimmest. Even though it does not recline, it fits closely to the back of the bathtub for comfort. Additionally, it is very safe as the motorized movement is smooth and the seat lowers slowly for better immersion.

This lift hardly looks like a medical mobility aid. It is very stylish and compliments the rest of the bathroom decor. The hand controls are slim and fit well in the hand even for someone with dexterity issues. The controls are super easy to use. The hand controls are powered by a rechargeable battery that can last between 4-7 days when fully charged. It only takes 4 hours for the battery to be fully charged. When the battery is low, the stop descent feature will not allow the lift to be operated. Even though lightweight, it can handle a weight capacity of up to 280 pounds.


  • For its quality and design, it is fairly priced
  • Can take up a weight capacity of 280 pounds
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 days when fully charged
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Installed with safety features


  • The legroom might be limited for taller users
  • The seat does not recline, however, it is intentionally so  for safety reasons


Now we have reached the end of our best bath lift seat review. The bath lift reviews of all the products are unbiased and based solely on facts. All listed bathtub lifts for the disabled are of superior quality and should be bought with full confidence. You are recommended to one which best fits your requirements and your budget. Happy bathing!

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Elderly people often find themselves unable to get into and out of bath tubs, considering the fact that they have reduced joint fluids and advancing age and disorders make it tough for them to take their bath easily. Bath lifts with swivel seat extensions have been invented for this precise reason.

This kind of device can help older people and people suffering from disabilities to take their bath in a proper way, without their condition coming between them and their bathing ability.

Unfortunately, most bathlifts you find in the market these days  do not come with an integrated swivel seat so if you need a bath lift with swivel seat, the common practice is to buy a bath lift separately and then also buy the swiveling seat attachment along with it.

Of all the bath lifts with swivel seat that we surveyed, the Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift together with its swivel seat attachment stood out head and shoulders above the others.



Amazon.com_ Bathmaster Deltis XL Bath Lift with Blue Cover, Premium Charger and

The Bathmaster Deltis bath lift has a compact frame that makes it a perfect fit for bath tubs of any size. It is made of superior quality materials. There are various holding points built into this model. The lift consists of large flaps on either side. These can assist you in transferring your body in an easy way.

You can easily set up the unit and also dismantle it in a similarly easy manner then take it out of your bath tub. The hand controller of the unit has textured and large control pads which make it easy to be operated by even those with bad eyesight. With the controller you can conveniently adjust its lowering and lifting speed.


The Swivel Seat

The (optional) swivel seat attachment has both a shifting and a turning movement. One end is placed on the seat of the bathlift while the other end rests on the flaps of the bath lift. The circular swivel seat can then be shifted over the edge of the tub to allow easy sitting or transfer from a chair outside the tub to the seat of the bathlift inside the tub. It is specially built to work with the Bathmaster Deltis but it is an optional component that you must buy separately.


Ease of Use

This bath lift with swivel seat comes in a 2-part design of snap-together variety. You can easily click the back and the seat together to set up the unit. The unit can easily be divided into 2 individual sections. The bath lift offers the maximum amount of safety and comfort to bathers. You will not have to service the unit for many years.

You can set up as well as dismantle the product quite conveniently and take it along while you are going on a long journey or even to the house of a friend or family member for a few days. It provides bathers with a strong performance and is ideal for long usage.



This bath lift device consists of a chair that has a supportive backrest and it is able to recline at a 50 ° angle. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, can be set up quite easily and does not need any technical knowledge for the assembly. It sometimes comes with a complimentary seat and back cover and bathers are able to get the safest and most comfortable position for bathing, as they can recline the backrest to a maximum angle of 50 degrees.

The angle of recline of this system is good enough and the seat can go as low as 2 3/4 inches from the bottom of the bathtub and go back up all the way up to 18 inches (that’s higher than the top of most regular tubs). While reclining on the backrest, you will still be able to get sufficient leg room that provides a welcome level of comfort.

If you are very weak, the optional swivel slide seat or swivel transfer seat can offer you a lot of ease while transferring into and out of the tub. The optional attachment is perfect for elderly or disabled individuals and it can even transfer you easily from the tub to a wheelchair and vice versa.

The “triple sealed” waterproof hand controller can be used to adjust the recline angle of the backrest. It has the newest battery technology which assures a high performance. When the unit does not have enough charge and needs to be recharged, its controller will notify with a warning indicator light and an audible “beep” sound.



The unit comes with a smart battery technology. The strong lithium ion battery that powers this device is able to lift the body of bathers as many as 6 times on a single charge. You will be able to charge the battery within a period of one or two hours, while other batteries of a similar type take an entire night in order to get charged up again. And as an added bonus, it has an intelligent safety mechanism built in that prevents it from lowering you into the tub if there will not be enough charge to raise you back up.


Where to Buy Online at Cheapest Prices

The best place to buy these devices online is Amazon because they have the lowest rates of all stores surveyed. Remember the swivel seat is an attachment that you have to buy separate from the actual bathlift chair because most bathlifts don’t come with an in-built swivel seat.

See the current Amazon prices below:

Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift:


Swivel Seat attachment:

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Swivel and Slide

The 5 Best Power Bath Lifts - [Updated for 2021]

A bath or shower lift is an adaptive bathroom device that can provide independence and convenience for people with limited mobility. These electric lifts assist users in entering and exiting the tub while also providing stability while bathing. By using a bath or shower lift, the user retains the privacy, dignity, and independence that comes from handling one’s personal bathing.

The Top 5:

#5 Marlin Battery Powered Pediatric Bath Lift with Reclining Back


The number 5 entry on our list is the Marlin Battery Powered Pediatric Bath Lift with Reclining Back by Drive Medical. This lift is designed for those that don’t require a lot of assistance to get in and out of the tub. 

It has a reclining backrest with a range of 15 to 50 degrees and can support users up to 300 pounds. Made of high-grade plastic and boasting a user-friendly hand control, this lift is for bathers who only need minimal posture and position support. It is not made with latex or silicone and it does not require tools for assembly. It comes with 4 suction cups that keep it securely attached to the tub wall.

This compact bath lift will fit most standard tubs and it weighs only 20 ½ pounds, making it easy to store or take with you while traveling. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty and ships for free.

For a child or anyone weighing up to 300 pounds who can maintain an upright posture and just needs some additional support to get in and out of the tub, this easy-to-operate lift will fit in even small bathrooms to provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Reclining backrest ranging from 15 to 50 degrees
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • User-friendly hand controller
  • Lift range is 2 ½ inches to 19 inches
  • Rechargeable low voltage battery

Customer Feedback


  • Can accommodate most children and many adults
  • Helps maintain independence and privacy, especially important to teens
  • Gets bather down low in the water for a more pleasant bath
  • Controls are easy even for kids to use


  • Would appreciate a higher weight capacity
  • Need to remember to keep battery charged

#4 Archimedes Bath Lift


With the most legroom of any tub lift, the Archimedes Bath Lift by Mangar has claimed the number 4 spot on our list of best bath lifts.

This tub lift offers back support while helping lower and raise a bather in and out of most standard tubs. The extra legroom comes from its position further back in the tub. It is affixed to the tub with 4 suction cups that ensure it won’t slide. They have a quick-release feature that makes them easy to pull from the tub surface. The easy-to-read hand control is waterproof, extremely user-friendly, indicates the level of battery charge remaining, and includes an emergency stop button.

Able to accommodate users up to 364 pounds, this lift lowers to 2 ½ inches and raises up to 17 inches. It has three pieces, a design which makes it easy to clean and easy to transport. The backrest provides lumbar support, and flexible flaps on the sides won't pinch or entrap a bather. 

The comfortable backrest, legroom, and confidence it inspires are what landed it on our list. The quality, value, and high marks from customers have secured its place as one of the best bath lifts available.

Features and Benefits

  • Three pieces for easy cleaning and transport
  • Provides lumbar support during bath
  • Quick-release suction cups
  • Most legroom of any bath lift
  • 364-pound weight capacity

Customer Feedback


  • Transfer flap can go over tub’s edge for easier sliding onto seat
  • One step over the tub and a ride down makes bath time enjoyable
  • Well made
  • Affordable price point
  • Can take a relaxing bath in spite of joint pain


  • Doesn’t fit in every bathroom so be sure to measure
  • Would appreciate the battery lasting longer

#3 Aquatec Powered Reclining Bath Lift


Invacare’sAquatic Powered Reclining Bath Lift is easy to install in a standard tub and has earned the number 3 spot on our list.

Running on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this bath lift has a tri-folding seat that can recline up to 50 degrees. The lift automatically adjusts from flat at the top of the tub to U-shaped at the bottom of the tub, where you are lowered to just 2 ½ inches from the tub floor. The battery won’t operate the lift without enough charge to lower and raise a user again, so there is no danger of tub entrapment. The self-releasing suction cups ensure the seat and out flaps are secure, and the tall backrest includes integrated neck support.

The non-slip mesh covered seat is controlled with a simple-to-use handheld floating pendant that is attached via a coiled cord. With a standard weight capacity of 300 pounds. there are three models to choose from with options that include a padded chest safety belt and up to a 375-pound weight capacity. The frame breaks down into two pieces for easy transport or storage.

For a well-engineered assistive bathing device that ensures safety, support, and comfort for a user to bathe independently, this reclining bath lift deserves a spot as a top option. It is easy to install, stays put, and allows users to confidently enjoy bath time.

Features and Benefits

  • Seat is flat at the top and transitions to U-shape when lowered
  • User is lowered to 2 ½ inches from tub floor
  • Non-slip mesh-like seat cover
  • Rechargeable battery only lowers user if there is enough power to raise user 
  • Suction cups are self-releasing for easy removal or repositioning

Customer Feedback


  • Flat starting position makes transferring onto the lift safe and simple
  • Reclining makes rinsing hair after shampooing much easier
  • Floating corded hand control pendant easy to keep track of 
  • Smooth lowering and raising action


  • Shortens the usable space in the bathtub
  • Wish it would work on larger tubs for bariatric patients

#2 Bellavita Lightweight Automatic Reclining Bath Lift


The Bellavita Lightweight Automatic Reclining Bath Lift by Drive Medical is the lightest and deepest portable bath lift on the market, and it has earned the number 2 spot on our list.

It lowers to 2.3 inches, submerging the bather further than most other power bath lifts. It rises to 18.8 inches, so it works even with deep tubs. You can enjoy a safe and comfortable bathing experience wherever you are, since its tool-free installation and removal, quick-release heavy-duty suction cups, and two-piece construction make it easy to transport and install anywhere. It has a backrest with a 50-degree rate of recline for maximum comfort. The quick-charge hand control floats for easy in-tub access and smoothly raises and lowers the seat or reclines the backrest up to 50 degrees.

This electric bath chair weighs only a little over 20 pounds, but it can support users weighing up to 300 pounds, without requiring the use of body strength to comfortably and safely get in and out of a bathtub. It has a padded seat and backrest for comfort and has a cutaway to accommodate personal hygiene.

Packed with popular features, this power bath lift chair has been highlighted in articles for occupational therapists and consumers. If you are looking for a well-engineered portable bath lift that is easy to install and transport and provides supreme immersion and reclining comfort, the Belvita Lightweight Automatic Reclining Bath Lift will be a great fit. It gets rave reviews from customers who enjoy the confidence and independence it provides.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy tool-free installation and removal 
  • Reclining backrest and low seat height for comfort and tub immersion
  • User-friendly waterproof floating hand control
  • Padded backrest and seat
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

Customer Feedback


  • No need for caregiver assistance while bathing
  • Doesn’t require body strength to safely get in and out of the tub
  • Getting into the bathtub is painless even with arthritic joints
  • The ability to safely take a warm soaking bath eases aches and pains


  • Suction cups don’t work as well on textured tubs
  • Doesn’t work as well with low-edged tubs

#1 Tranquilo Electric Reclining Bath Lift


Topping our list in the number 1 spot is the Tranquilo Electric Reclining Bath Lift by Platinum Health.

This electric bath chair features a padded seat that rotates, facilitating safer transfers on and off the seat. The swivel function also eliminates the need to turn while lifting your legs over the side of the tub or slide onto the seat, reducing friction and the possibility of skin irritation. With the push of a button on the waterproof controller, this bath lift smoothly lowers the user into the bathtub and the backrest reclines to 50 degrees. It lifts up to 21 ½ inches to accommodate deeper tubs, and it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It can easily be installed, removed, and moved by one person, making it portable and easy to take while traveling.

Its 6 suction cups make sure this power bath lift stays put during use, which decreases the risk of slips and entrapment. It’s easy to clean and it stores compactly when it’s not being used.

With its ease of transfer into and out of the tub, stability, and security of the bath chair with its higher-than-usual number of suction cups, and its portability, this assistive bathing device sits at the top of our list. 

Each of the products on this list is built to the highest safety and quality standards and can be counted on to deliver a safe and comfortable bathing experience. The Tranquilo Electric Reclining Bath Lift landed at number one because of its extra attention to transfers and potential skin issues. The rotating seat on this electric bath chair eliminates fall risks that can come with balance issues and it protects sensitive skin from irritation. Just sit from where you are and the seat will swivel as you get your legs over the side of the tub and into the perfect position for getting into the tub. When your bath is done, you can rotate the seat so you can easily lift your legs over the side of the tub, and rise from the seat without any twisting or scooting required. It will deliver a comfortable and safe bathing experience wherever you are.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily supports users weighing up to 300 pounds
  • Allows for those with mobility challenges to enjoy safely getting into and out of the bathtub
  • Padded for comfort
  • Six suction cups make it extra stable
  • Swivel seat facilitates easy entry and exit and eliminates the need for scooting

Customer Feedback


  • Easy to assemble with simple instructions
  • Swivel seat is much handier than expected
  • Stays put and doesn’t need to be repositioned often if left on the tub
  • Can lift over the side of deep tubs


  • Doesn’t accommodate users over 300 pounds
  • Wish it sat lower in tub

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Power Bath Lift

According to the article How to Choose the Best Power Bath Lift, the main features to consider when making a purchasing decision are: 

Reclining Seat Back

A reclining bath lift will allow the user to stretch out for comfort, while also accommodating bathers who cannot maintain a seated position for the length of the bath.

Weight Capacity

Because bath lifts won’t lower a user that cannot later be lifted out of a tub, it’s important to note the weight capacity to ensure the lift will work for you. Generally, the weight capacity of a bath lift will fall somewhere between 260 and 300 pounds.

Bathroom and Tub

Most bath lifts will work with any standard bathtub, although finishes like tile don’t always work as well with every model. In addition to measuring the tub, you should measure the bathroom so you know what dimensions you need to keep in mind when choosing a bath or shower lift.


Bath lifts are often left attached to the tub or shower when not in use, but if you prefer to store it or take it with you while traveling, the weight and portability will be something to consider when you are comparing models.


What powers a bath lift?

Bath and shower lifts are most often powered by batteries that are usually rechargeable and many have the helpful feature of not lowering a user into the tub if there is not enough battery power to follow up with raising the lift.

How do you use a bath lift?

Generally, the user will sit on the bath lift with legs outside the tub, then swing their legs into the tub, get centered on the seat, and use the hand control to lower the chair into the water. The bathtub can be filled before or after the lift is lowered. When finished bathing, the bather uses the hand control to raise the lift then swing their legs over the side of the tub to exit the chair.


Maintaining independence while safely avoiding the physical strain and decreasing the fall risk of getting in and out of the tub makes the purchase of a bath lift a great addition to the routine of anyone struggling with mobility challenges. 

The many features offered by the models included on our list of 5 best bath lifts are sure to provide you with a choice that will meet your needs and add to the quality of life for the user in your home. 

Check out our Caregiver University blog for more free caregiving tips for daily living assistance!


Mike Price, OT

Co-Founder of Rehabmart and an Occupational Therapist since 1993. Mike has spent his professional career working in multiple areas of Occupational Therapy, including pediatrics, geriatrics, hand therapy, ergonomics and inpatient / outpatient rehabilitation. Mike enjoys writing articles that help people solve complex therapeutic problems and make better product choices.

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Seat swivel lift bath with

What to Seek in a Bath Lift

Before you quickly purchase a lift for your bathtub, take into consideration not just your budget, but the following features. Some models offer options for enhanced comforts, such as recline or non-recline or lightweight models. However, some specifications are crucial for safety, such as the type of bathtub floor you have and the fit of the seat for your specific tub.

Size and Fit of Tub Lift

Measure your bathtub and the edges before deciding on a lift. The seat of your bath lift should be lined up with the side of the tub. This means the flaps of the seat (when extended) should rest roughly two to three inches on the sides of your bath for support.

If your lift seat is not correctly lined up with the side of your tub, the flaps risk breaking off, and the user (or yourself) could fall into the gap between the edge of the bathtub and your lift. Obviously, this is a dangerous risk of injury. So, it’s not a bad idea to have a tub lift expert measure your bath to make entirely sure you have the correct fit.

Recline Option

Bath lifts often have a recline option. No recline backrests will be locked in an upright position. This can be easier for some individuals to do specific tasks such as shaving legs. The backrest in an auto recline model will automatically move back to a set position when the lift is lowered into the bathtub.

A self-controlled recline option, on the other hand, will remain upright until the user pushes a button. Then the backrest will recline or come back up again depending on that day’s comfort needs.

Power Type

Battery powered lifts are the most popular bath lift style on the market today. These lifts lower and raise the bather by merely holding down a button. Hand crank style bath lifts are available in some outlets, and never need to be charged. However, a hand crank is much more work and difficult for those with limited mobility or conditions such as arthritis.

Tub Bottom and Seat

If you’re considering a model with a suctioned bottom for stability, make sure you have a completely smooth bathtub bottom. This means no ripples, textured surface, or even non-slip grips on the tub floor. Without a flat surface to adhere to, the suction cups will not be able to stick correctly and this leads to more potential accidents.

When considering slippery surfaces, you might also want to evaluate the seat of your lift. If it’s slippery once submerged, you can potentially add non-slip grip stickers on the seat portion to help prevent injury.

Selecting Your Bathtub Lift

As mentioned with all of these considerations, your needs and bath size will determine the best lift for you or an elderly loved one. All of these bath lifts are fantastic options. Some of our favorites of the bunch are the Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift, and the Lumex 5033A-1 Splash Bath Lift for their outstanding ratings by users, reasonable prices, and even extra leg room. Now pick the best unit for you, and let the bath take you (and your aching joints) away to relaxation.

HydroSlide Bath Swivel Chair

Taking a bath is one of the pleasures of life. After a long day at work or watching the grand kids, sometimes all you want to do is lay in a hot bath and relax. We all like to take a bath every now and again, and this is exactly what bath lifts allow.

Best 6 Bath Lifts for the Elderly

1. Drive Medical Bellavita Bath Chair lift

Drive Medical Bellavita Auto Bath Tub Chair Seat Lift

The Bellavita bathtub lift chair is another top model from Drive Medical, and it is just as durable, comfortable and feature-rich as the previous model. Featuring two-piece assembly and the ability to be assembled with no tools needed. This model will also allow you to raise the back angle adjustment to 50 degrees. Four suction cups support the product to keep the bath lift in place.

Color-coded buttons allow you to easily control the unit, and the side flaps allows for a transfer service for easy entry. Lifts are smooth and quiet.

The hand control can be charged easily, and the remote is waterproof. 

This unit’s full features include:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 300-pounds
  • Lightweight and portable – 5 pound total product weight
  • White color
  • Waterproof remote
  • Battery charger
  • Washable support bench seat
  • 8” high lift
  • 4 suction cups
  • Easy to assemble

The Bellavita also includes the same power safety feature mentioned previously, and it’s backed by a three-year warranty.

Click here for more information

2. Drive Medical Blue Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift

Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet Bath Lift

Drive Medical’s Blue Whisper is offers a 50 degree recline at its lowest point to get you further into the water that some other products offer. We love that it folds up nicely when not in use. Saving storage is a major selling point for the Drive Medical Whisper because it allows others to use the shower without a hassle.

Simple to assemble and disassemble, you can use this bathtub lift on-the-go and while travelling too. Super lightweight and portable so easy to pack along anywhere you need to go.

Four quick-release suction cups are present to further allow the padded seat to remain secure in the tub, so you never have to worry that the lift will move out of place.

This model features:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Lightweight: weighs just 5 pounds
  • Reclines to 50 degrees
  • Slim profile of 2.3”
  • Raises to 18” height
  • Ultra quiet bath lift
  • 7” width
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble

This bathtub lift even has a power sensor safety feature that ensures you are never lowered into the bath without the power to lift you or a patient up out of the bath. Click here to read our full review of this bath chair lift.

In our opinion, the Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Quiet is a high quality product and is the best bath lift you can buy today. It is inexpensive and does exactly what is designed to do.

Click here for more information

3. Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Chair

Bathmaster Deltis Bathlift, Motorized Bath and Shower Seat

The Bathmaster Deltis bathtub hoist offers a high-performance lift and lowers to just 2 ¾”. Batteries allow this model to be charged in one hour and features high performance lithium ion technology. The supportive back allows a user to recline to 40 degrees, and the controller is triple-sealed to ensure waterproof accuracy.

Six lifts are offered per charge, and there is a warning light and audio beep that alerts you when the battery level is low. Users of up to a maximum of 200 pounds can use this model. This product offers click-together construction for a no-tool assembly. Installation is super easy.

This model features:

  • Product weight: 20 pounds
  • 2 ¾” lowering height
  • Maximum weight capacity: 200 pounds capacity limit
  • 3-year warranty
  • Waterproof remote
  • 40 degrees recline position
  • Swivel seat for more mobility
  • Battery charger
  • One-hour recharge

The quick recharge, audio alert, swivel seat and further recline of the chair’s back are the main selling points of the Deltis bathtub lift. And this model snaps together with ease for easy assembly. The one drawback is that this model is not lightweight, weighing 20 pounds.

Click here for more information

4. Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

Mangar’s Archimedes bath lift has a simple design, but its simplicity is what makes it such a great option. The Archimedes separates into three pieces, which makes it easy to install and remove.

And like other Mangar lifts, this model will only lower you into the tub if it has enough power to lift you back up. This model uses powerful four-way release suction cups to stay in place during use. The release function also makes it easy to remove the seat from the tub in between uses.

The remote control is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if it falls into the tub while you bathe. The lift will lower you down to within three inches of the tub floor, allowing you to fully enjoy the bathing experience.

The anti-pinch flaps keep skin from getting trapped between the bench seat and the flap.

The Archimedes’ features include:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 364 lbs
  • Waterproof hand control
  • 15-1/2″ wide base (excluding the flaps)
  • Raises up to 18” from the bottom of the tub
  • Product weight: 22-pounds

This lift is a little on the heavier side, but the suction cup design makes it easy to remove this chair without straining your back.

For those who need a lift that can handle more weight, the Archimedes bathtub lift is a great option.

Click here for more information

5. Lumex Splash Bathtub lift

Lumex 5033A-1 Splash Bath Lift

The Lumex Splash Bath Lift has a similar design to the Mangar Archimedes lift, but this model comes with a few extra features that make it feel a little more luxurious.

One thing we loved about this model was that the remote has suction cups to stick to the wall. This makes it easy to move up and down in the chair without having to worry about the controller getting lost in the water.

The bottom of the lift also features easy-lift suction cups that keep the lift securely in place. In between uses, the cups are easy to release, so you don’t strain your back trying to pull the chair out of the tub.

The 5033A-1 was designed to sit closer to the back of the tub, which gives you more legroom when you take a bath. It also has flaps to prevent skin pinching and provide full coverage when transferring into the tub. The flaps fold up when lowered down.

This Lumex bath lift has the following features:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 280 pounds
  • Battery-powered
  • 8” wide base
  • Raises up to 18” from the bottom of the tub
  • Product weight: 14.3-pounds
  • Easy to assemble

This is easily one of the lightest battery-powered bath lifts on the market. Because it sits close to the back of the tub, you or your loved one can truly enjoy baths – with your legs stretched out.

The only complaint with this lift is that the weight capacity is on the lower side. The lower weight capacity is likely due to the light weight of the chair.

Click here for more information

6. AdirMed Automatic Bath Tub Lift and Transfer Aid

AdirMed Bathtub Ultra Quiet Automatic (Battery Powered) Lift Chair with Transfer Aid

AdirMed’s automatic bath tub lift chair is also battery operated, and its design is a little different from other lift chairs we’ve discussed. This model has a padded seat and backrest for a truly comfortable bathing experience.

The chair offers an adjustable height of 2.3” to 18.8” – making it higher than other chairs. It also has a reclining back that can go back as low as 50 degrees.

The bottom of the lift has four quick-release suction cups, and you also have the option of adding two anti-slip bath base suction cups.

The hand control is waterproof and floats, so you don’t have to worry about losing it. The back also folds up for easy storage in between uses.

The AdirMed lift offers the following features:

  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Battery powered
  • 6” wide base (excluding flaps)
  • Raises up to 18.8”
  • 23-pound weight
  • Easy to assemble

The chair cushions are a nice addition to this lift and make bathing even more comfortable. This model has one drawback, it’s weight. This model is one of the heavier lift chairs we reviewed and a rather hefty 23 pounds.

What is a Bathtub Lift?

Bathtub lifts aren’t something everyone is familiar with. In fact, you likely have never seen a bath lift in your life, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from one.

Bath lifts are designed to allow a person who has trouble getting up and down the ability to take a bath without risk of injury. Their job is to gently lower people into the bath and then lift them out of the bathtub when they’re finished. 

These mechanical lifts are powered by battery in most cases and fit in most bath tubs. Most bath lift products are super easy to put together and usually require no tools or installation. These lifts are simply raised or lowered by the push of a button.

The way bath lifts work is that there are two “wings” or extended edges that allow you to safely transfer onto the chair. In the middle is a durable and sturdy support lift seat where you’ll sit. 

Once comfortable, all you have to do is fill your bathtub with water and lower yourself down into the tub using the battery powered bath lift. While these units normally don’t go flush with the bottom of your tub, they will only be 2 – 3 inches up from the bottom. They often allow you to lean back rather far so that you can relax and enjoy all of the comforts of your bath.

When you are done, you use your remote control, press a button and easily lift yourself out of the tub. These remotes usually come with a rechargeable battery included.

Some models will also suction to the bottom of the tub through suction cups. This allows you to ensure that the lift doesn’t move out of place when you’re in the tub.

The best bath lifts also provide other safety features to ensure your battery does not run out while in use.

Who Can Benefit from a Bath Lift Chair?

A person who is young and vibrant probably doesn’t need a bath lift chair. After all, it’s easy for most to simply stand up out of the bathtub and sit down. However, there are a lot of people that will benefit from an electric bath tub lift.

The most common people that will be interested in a bath lift include:

  • Elderly: The elderly often find that they can’t enjoy many of the things that they used to love. Baths require a lot of strength to not only lay down in the bath, but also get out of the tub. If a person has less muscle strength, it can be hard to get off of a dry floor – let alone a wet floor. Using a lift will also reduce the chance of slipping in the tub and getting hurt.
  • Injured Persons: Perhaps you had hip surgery, ankle issues or a knee replacement. This is rather common for people of all ages, and these injuries can make it hard to take a bath. Baths can be very rejuvenating and good for the body when recovering from an injury (more on that soon).
  • Disabled: A person that is disabled may find that they can enjoy a nice hot bath that they wouldn’t be able to enter otherwise. The extended sides allow a person in a wheelchair to transfer onto the chair with ease, too.

This is exactly what bath lifts offer – the chance for people that can’t physically enter and stand in a normal tub to enjoy taking a bath once again. The best part is that you’ll be able to raise and lower yourself with the press of a button. You won’t need someone to help you stand up out of the bath and you will find it easier to enter the shower, too.

If you don’t have the strength or function in your fingers, someone can easily click the button on the remote to help you. They can greatly decrease injuries from falls and improve the overall safety of your bathroom. Bathtub lifts are super easy to use and maintain.


Baths are more than a simple life pleasure. There are many benefits to your physical and mental health when you take a bath – you can relieve sore muscles, boost circulation, cleanse the skin, enjoy a better sleep, reduce stress and so much more.

Bathtub lifts allow people with limited mobility that used to love baths the ability to take them once again without worry of getting in and out of their tub. The best thing with these lift chairs is that there are no modifications, renovations or complicated installations required to start enjoying your bath again. Bath lifts are a must if you want to safely enjoy your tub again.

We hope our bath lift reviews have helped you find the right one for your home.

Tim Brewer

Tim Brewer

Tim is a professional caregiver who has helped hundreds of seniors gain back their freedom and independence. He has been actively helping the senior community for 20+ years.

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Bath Lift Guide: The Basics

“Help! I can’t get up from the bottom of my tub. Is there something available that can help make it easier?” – Yes!

If you have foregone a bath because you struggle to get up and down from the bottom of the bathtub, but you still long to enjoy the soothing benefits of soaking in a warm bath, then a bath chair lift could be the right solution for you.

Bath lift Fixed Back WingsWhyChooseUs2_finalBath lift 3
Battery Powered Bath Lift Chairs

What is a Bath lift?

A bath lift is a piece of equipment designed to mechanically assist a user down into the bottom of the bathtub to enjoy a warm bath and raise the user back up again when they are finished bathing. Bath lifts are available in a multitude of different types and styles, some of which are designed to be installed on the wall, floor or ceiling, while others are portable models that do not require any installation.

In this guide, we outline the different types of portable-style bath chair lifts, followed by a list of helpful criteria to take into consideration when deciding whether a portable bath lift is right for you.

Self controlled reclining bath liftAir Inflatable Bath CushionPeterman Peter Pan Spring activated mechanical
Battery-PoweredAir-InflatableManual Crank

Bath Chair Lift Types

Portable bath lifts are available in four different types, which include: battery powered, water-powered, air-powered, and manual crank-style.

1. Battery-Powered Bath Chair Lifts

As the name implies, this type of bath lift is powered by a battery and it resembles a chair. With the push of a button the lift is designed to lower you down into the warm bath water and with another push of a button raise you back up again. Most battery-powered bath lifts can perform somewhere between 4-20 lifts before needing to be recharged. Recharging is accomplished by detaching the battery from the lift and attaching it to a battery charger. The actual number of lifts that can be performed between charges will vary based on the bath lift model, user’s weight, and age of the battery. As a safety measure, most models are designed to prevent the chair from being lowered down unless there is enough charge for it to come back up again.

Keep in mind, the bath lift’s seat will remain underneath you when the lift lowers you down and that the bath chair is not permanently attached to anything, so there is potential for it to wiggle a little when you sit down and stand up. Most (maybe all) models have suction cup feet that aid to secure the lift to smooth tub floors. Also be aware that the seat will hold you suspended a bit further forward in the tub, so if you are a tall user you should take into consideration that there will be less room to extend your legs.

This type of bath lift has potential to work well for a person of average height, who is unable to independently get themselves up and down from the bathtub floor, yet still has sufficient balance skills to safely sit down on and stand up from the seat. Most models are designed to readily fit the width of standard-sized bath tubs. Some bath lifts are specially designed for use in wider, whirlpool style bathtubs.

Battery-Powered Bath Chair Lifts

2. Air-Inflatable Bath Lift

This type of bath lift has an air-inflatable cushion that is filled by a battery-powered air compressor. At the push of a button, the cushion deflates slowly lowering a user down to within a few centimeters of the bathtub floor and with another push of a button it re-inflates raising a user back up again. The cushion takes on average 3 minutes to fill. Most models are designed to prevent the unit from lowering a user unless there is sufficient battery charge to raise the user back up again. The air-inflatable bath lifts are able to achieve the lowest seat height of all the portable bath lifts on the market.

Bath lifts of this type have potential to work well for a petite person of shorter stature. However, persons of taller stature, larger individuals, or person with severely compromised balance skills may find it difficult to stand up from because the seat has a soft, flexible surface and because the maximum height of the seat is relatively low.

Air Inflatable Bath Lifts

3. Water-Powered Bath Lift

As the name implies, this type of lift is powered by the home’s water pressure. It gets attached to a shower pipe, diverter, or diverter spout and the water pressure acts to raise and lower the bath lift. A benefit is that you do not have to worry about recharging a battery. A drawback is that it will only work if there is sufficiently strong water pressure in your home.

At one point in time there were a number of different water-powered bath lifts available on the market offered by different manufacturers, but this is no longer the case. They have become less popular as the battery-operated style have steadily risen in popularity and as a result there are less being offered. To our knowledge, there are no longer any chair-style water-powered bath lifts available. At the time of writing this article, there is still one lying down-style water-powered bath lift available. See example: Aquatec A152112 Aquatec Major Blue Bath Lift

4. Manual Crank Bath Lift

A crank is used to manually raise and lower this type of bath lift. The benefits are that no batteries or electricity are required and there is less likely to be a mechanical issue that might prevent the lift from raising you back up again after the bath is complete. The drawback is that it can take some patience and can be physically fatiguing to turn the crank the number of times required to successfully lower yourself down and then raise the seat back up again.

What do you need to consider when selecting a bath lift?

  1. Maximum Achievable Height: Try to select a bath lift that is able to rise to a height at least even with the top edge of your tub wall and ideally higher if you are someone of taller stature. Most battery powered bath lift models can achieve a maximum seat height of 17”-18”. A few models can achieve a maximum seat height of 23.”
  2. Minimum Achievable Height: The bath seat will remain underneath you when you arrive at the bottom of the tub. Of course, the lower the bath lift model will allow you to go, the more submerged you’ll be in the water. There are a few battery-powered bath chair lift models that can achieve a seat height of as low as 2.3 inches, with the air-inflatable models being able to achieve the lowest seat height of all of 2cm.
  3. Weight Capacity: On average, the lifting capacity for most portable bath lifts falls within the range of 250 lbs. to 400 lbs. If you require a lifting capacity greater than 400 lbs., a specialized custom bath lift can be ordered with a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs called the Aquatec A152112 Aquatec Major Blue Bath Lift
  4. Width: For a battery-operated bath chair lift, it is generally advisable to pick the widest bath lift your bathtub will accomodate. A seat that extends to meet the tub wall aids to create a bridge between the inside and outside of the tub, which in turn provides you with the option to sit down on the side of the seat prior to entering the tub. Then from a seated position, each leg can be lifted one at a time over the tub wall (eliminating the need to “step” in and out over the tub wall). Bath lifts can be found in seat widths ranging from 15.5” to 35.5”.
  5. Flaps (Wings): Many battery-powered bath lifts have flaps attached to the sides of the seat that are designed to extend out over the tub wall when the lift is at its fullest height. The flaps cover the open space between the seat and the tub wall, making it easier and safer to transfer on and off of the lift. They are designed to fold upwards when the lift moves down to the narrower bottom of the tub.
  6. Frame Materials: A bath lift’s frame can be made of plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel, with the stainless steel models being the strongest.
  7. Upright vs. Reclining Back Rest: Some battery-powered bath lifts have a backrest that remains in a fixed upright position, some have a backrest that automatically reclines as the lift lowers down and some allow a user to independently control whether they recline or stay upright. The latter type are usually preferable because they support a user in sitting upright while washing or shaving legs and allow a user to recline back when ready to soak and relax. The versions that don’t recline at all claim to offer more legroom, potentially making them a better option for taller individuals.
  8. Swivel Seat (Rotating Disk): Some manufacturers offer a sliding and/or rotating disk, which can be added to the top of a bath lift seat. This accessory makes it easier to slide across the seat and/or turn your bottom as you lift your legs over the tub wall (if you opt to sit down on the side of the seat, prior to entering the tub).
  9. Seat Surface: Some bath lift seats are smooth, while others have a textured, slip-resistant surface. From a safety standpoint it is better to have a slip-resistant, slightly textured seat so you don’t slip off the seat. However, if you plan to sit down on the side of the seat first and then slide across the seat to arrive in the center of the tub you may find it is easier to accomplish this transfer when the bath seat’s surface is smooth.
  10. Suction Cups: Most bath lift models have suction cups attached to the bottom to help secure the lift to the floor of the tub, making it more stable. Be aware, the suction cups won’t work well (or at all) if your tub’s floor has a textured bottom.
  11. Safety Feature: Most chair lift models are designed to prevent the lift from lowering a user down to the bottom of the tub if there is not enough battery capacity to raise it back up again. Obviously, anything mechanical always has an inherent potential to fail, so it is wise to keep a portable phone in reaching distance when you are bathing — just in case.
  12. Accessories: Some models offer headrest attachments for taller individuals, chest straps and seat belts for individuals with poor sitting balance, wedges to prevent slipping forward or washable hygienic seat covers.
  13. Last but not least: We recommend to always check online to see if any complaints have been filed against a specific bath lift model, prior to making your final decision. A quick web search for the name of the model you are interested in along with the word “complaint” can help provide some leads to any publicly available negative user reports or experiences.

Is a portable bath lift right for you?

Portable-style bath lifts have potential to work well if you long for enjoying a hot bath, but don’t have enough physical strength to safely get yourself up and down from the bottom of the tub. In order to use a portable-style bath lift, at a minimum, you must have the ability to:

  • Transfer onto a seat that may wiggle a little when you get on and off.
  • Remain seated upright while the lift lowers you down and raises you back up again.

Is a Bath Chair Lift Safer Than a Walk-in Tub?

The short answer is: Yes. People have found themselves trapped inside the classic-style walk-in tubs due to being unable to drain the water out. The water pressure inside the tub prevents an inward-opening door from being opened until the water leaves the tub. Rescuing people from walk-in tubs can be a hazardous endeavor for both for the individual and the EMT’s performing the rescue. Furthermore, a number of people have slipped off of walk-in tub seats and down into the footwell, where they were then unable to get back up by themselves. In some cases persons drowned before the EMTs were able to reach them. To learn more about what can go wrong when owning a walk-in tub, visit the article Walk-in Tubs: Buyers Beware!

The likelihood of a drowning occurring as a result of a portable bath chair lift not raising someone back up, is nearly nil. In the unfortunate event you were to use a bath lift and it did not raise you back up as expected, your chance of finding a way to get yourself out of a standard bathtub, if need be, is still much higher than if you were to find yourself trapped inside a high-walled walk-in tub. And, if you were to require assistance to get out of the tub, as a general rule of thumb, it is much easier and safer for family members or EMT’s to rescue people from standard bathtubs than from walk-in tubs. Additional recommendations and safety tips can be found below.

The Homeability Advice™light_bulb_advice

A bath lift can restore the ability to partake in warm baths again, but it is important to be aware that a bath lift is a mechanical device with moving parts, so there is always the inherent possibility that it might not function as it should. Therefore, we highly recommend that you plan to take a bath while others are in the home and/or to always keep a portable phone within reaching distance of the bathtub, so you can alert someone if you need assistance to get out of the tub.

As note above, a portable-style bath lift is not permanently fixed to the wall or tub, so it may have a tendency to wiggle a little bit when you sit down and stand up. For more support, consider adding a grab bar on a nearby wall so you have a stable place to hold onto when sitting down and standing up.

If you feel you do not have the skills to safely sit down on a seat that might wiggle a little, we recommend to visit the guide Getting In & Out of the Bathtub to learn about other bathing alternatives.

We have adressed the portable, battery operated-style bath lifts in this guide. To learn about bath lifts that are installed on the floor, wall or ceiling, click here.

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