Whats another word for faith

Whats another word for faith DEFAULT

Synonyms for Faith:

What is another word for faith?

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[ fˈe͡ɪθ], [ fˈe‍ɪθ], [ f_ˈeɪ_θ]
  • adj.

    Other relevant words: (adjective)
  • n.

    act (noun)assurance (noun)belief (noun)
    • idea,
    • principle,
    • doctrine,
    • opinion,
    • view,
    • postulate,
    • thought,
    • dogma,
    • mythology,
    • philosophy.
    cause (noun)certainty (noun)cognition (noun)communion (noun)constancy (noun)
    • re solutions,
    • re-solution,
    • de termination,
    • un failingnesses,
    • un changeablenesses,
    • un-failingness,
    • un-changeablenesses,
    • un changeableness,
    • unfailingnesses,
    • trustinesses,
    • un-changeableness,
    • de-terminations,
    • re-solutions,
    • unchangeablenesses,
    • trustworthinesses,
    • un-failingnesses,
    • de-termination,
    • de terminations,
    • abidingnesses,
    • un failingness,
    • devotednesses.
    conviction (noun)credence (noun)credit (noun)creed (noun)cult (noun)denomination (noun)dependence (noun)dependence/dependency (noun)encouragement (noun)
    • re assurance,
    • re assurances,
    • enlivenings,
    • reassurings,
    • re-assuring,
    • shot in arm,
    • shot arm,
    • re-assurances,
    • supportings,
    • re lief,
    • relievings,
    • pro motions,
    • re assuring,
    • solacings,
    • re-assurance,
    • shot the arm,
    • invigorations,
    • inspiritments,
    • consolings,
    • re-lief,
    • pro-motion.
    fidelity (noun)holiness (noun)honor (noun)hope (noun)
    • contemplation,
    • sureness,
    • optimism,
    • presumption,
    • desire,
    • wish,
    • aspiration,
    • yearning,
    • eagerness,
    • expectation,
    • anticipation.
    inviolability (noun)loyalty (noun)
    • in-corruptibilities,
    • subjections,
    • up-rightnesses,
    • truenesses,
    • in corruptibilities,
    • single mindedness,
    • up-rightness,
    • sub mission,
    • up rightnesses,
    • singlemindednesses,
    • up rightness,
    • single-mindednesses,
    • sub missions,
    • in-corruptibility,
    • sub-mission,
    • in corruptibility,
    • sub-missions,
    • single mindednesses.
    Other relevant words: (noun)
    • hope,
    • reliability,
    • splinter group,
    • purity,
    • dependability,
    • lionization,
    • assurance,
    • canonization,
    • invigoration,
    • saintliness,
    • trust,
    • subculture,
    • trustiness,
    • trustworthiness,
    • regularity,
    • piety,
    • fidelity,
    • Venerableness,
    • constancy,
    • deification,
    • inspiritment,
    • conviction,
    • theological virtue,
    • self-reliance,
    • reassurance,
    • ism,
    • sense of duty,
    • loyalty,
    • sanctity,
    • unfailingness,
    • gospel,
    • word of honor,
    • encouragement,
    • subjection,
    • cause,
    • renowns,
    • scripture,
    • Self-conviction,
    • singlemindedness,
    • stimulus,
    • Immortalization,
    • credit,
    • responsibleness,
    • glorification,
    • holiness,
    • high standing,
    • abidingness,
    • positiveness,
    • tenet,
    • confidence,
    • credence,
    • certainty,
    • zeal,
    • creed,
    • judgment call,
    • trueness,
    • belief,
    • truth,
    • dependabilities,
    • unction,
    • purpose,
    • breaking of bread,
    • veracity,
    • orthodoxy,
    • true-heartedness,
    • shot in the arm,
    • unchangeableness,
    • canonizations,
    • church,
    • impudence,
    • sacredness,
    • reassurances,
    • trueheartedness,
    • say so,
    • scruples,
    • Divineness,
    • truthfulness,
    • persuasion,
    • sacrosanctity,
    • theology,
    • virtue,
    • single-mindedness,
    • communion,
    • sense of honor,
    • ISMS,
    • devotedness,
    • asceticism,
    • reliance,
    • cult.
    persuasion (noun)piety (noun)principle/principles (noun)reliance (noun)sanctity (noun)school (noun)tenet (noun)theological virtue (noun)theology (noun)trust (noun)virtue (noun)word of honor (noun)
  • Other synonyms:

    • message,
    • reference point,
    • daydream,
    • sentiment,
    • nostrum,
    • delusion,
    • bandwagon,
    • ideal,
    • abstraction,
    • illusion,
    • premise,
    • concept,
    • echo,
    • superstructure,
    • deduction,
    • universal,
    • reverie,
    • shibboleth,
    • picture,
    • eccentricity,
    • hypothesis,
    • doublethink,
    • image,
    • supposition,
    • assumption,
    • brainwave,
    • meeting ground,
    • construct,
    • stereotype,
    • flavor,
    • old wives' tale,
    • wishful thinking,
    • theory,
    • thread,
    • fallacy,
    • siege mentality,
    • christianity,
    • line.
    • denomination,
    • calculation,
    • sense,
    • reflection,
    • pillar,
    • brainstorm,
    • sect,
    • conclusion,
    • idealism,
    • head,
    • notion,
    • projection,
    • thing.
    insincerity integrity Other relevant words (noun):
    • uprightness,
    • Bona fides,
    • exactly,
    • earnestness,
    • sincerely,
    • probity,
    • political philosophy,
    • strong belief,
    • ardor,
    • oath,
    • activity,
    • courage,
    • hopefulness,
    • unfailing,
    • heartfelt,
    • servility,
    • ecclesiasticism,
    • credible,
    • weltanschauung,
    • religiousness,
    • veneration,
    • steadfastly,
    • overweening,
    • Confidentness,
    • stock,
    • overconfidence,
    • imagine,
    • reason for being,
    • weigh,
    • reckon,
    • sincere,
    • poise,
    • fealty,
    • love,
    • charity,
    • conceive,
    • formulated belief,
    • fervidness,
    • cultism,
    • religious faith,
    • suspect,
    • edification,
    • acquiescence,
    • fair,
    • consider,
    • spirit,
    • verity,
    • at random,
    • obedience,
    • interest,
    • at will,
    • sanctimony,
    • adoration,
    • promise,
    • dedication,
    • adherence,
    • literally,
    • Acception,
    • confide in,
    • vehemence,
    • accept,
    • acceptation,
    • faction,
    • reverence,
    • follower,
    • constantly,
    • arrogance,
    • solemn declaration,
    • compliance,
    • conscientiously,
    • fire,
    • intensity,
    • humility,
    • submissiveness,
    • apprehension,
    • class,
    • issue,
    • theistic,
    • trustingness,
    • affiance,
    • good cheer,
    • order,
    • faithful,
    • obligation,
    • tai,
    • affiliation,
    • worshipfulness,
    • devotion,
    • calculate,
    • fastness,
    • in truth,
    • guarantee,
    • service,
    • combine,
    • theological virtues,
    • self-assurance,
    • accurately,
    • believe,
    • suspension of disbelief,
    • correctly,
    • honourable,
    • candid,
    • adhesion,
    • honor,
    • cartel,
    • prudence,
    • consecration,
    • pomposity,
    • prostration,
    • recollect,
    • sincerity,
    • tenets,
    • crusade,
    • disciples,
    • Duteousness,
    • assumed piety,
    • commitment,
    • observance,
    • loyally,
    • respect,
    • genuine,
    • Hoping,
    • heat,
    • homage,
    • heartiness,
    • cocksureness,
    • expectancy,
    • guess,
    • trusting,
    • primitive faith,
    • school,
    • self-confidence,
    • devoutness,
    • apostolic faith,
    • grounds for belief,
    • Credenda,
    • assume,
    • organized religion,
    • definiteness,
    • truely,
    • steadfastness,
    • remind,
    • word,
    • dutifully,
    • Inviolability,
    • serious,
    • adherents,
    • think,
    • resolution,
    • natural virtues,
    • hubris,
    • pride,
    • Authoritativeness,
    • sanguinity,
    • true faith,
    • world view,
    • mystic,
    • justice,
    • secureness,
    • bond,
    • cardinal virtues,
    • warmth,
    • great cause,
    • dutifulness,
    • expect,
    • clean hands,
    • Religionism,
    • real,
    • committedness,
    • lifework,
    • trustful,
    • open,
    • faithfully,
    • parole,
    • drive,
    • honestly,
    • reception,
    • security,
    • ardour,
    • fervor,
    • good faith,
    • Ardency,
    • credulity,
    • genuinely,
    • abandon,
    • avouchment,
    • duty,
    • good,
    • Sanctitude,
    • Saintship,
    • staunchness,
    • equitable,
    • great expectations,
    • mass movement,
    • honorable,
    • recall,
    • assured faith,
    • simple,
    • understand,
    • truly,
    • shahadah,
    • rectitude,
    • fortitude,
    • godliness,
    • precisely,
    • passionateness,
    • remember,
    • devotedly,
    • honest,
    • campaign,
    • high hopes,
    • corporate trust,
    • trustfulness,
    • hopes,
    • suppose,
    • pledge,
    • direct,
    • integrity,
    • temperance,
    • really,
    • assent,
    • pietism,
    • submission,
    • troth,
    • allegiance,
    • supernatural virtues,
    • store,
    • self-importance,
    • charge,
    • fervour,
    • plight,
    • avouch,
    • assuredness,
    • authentically,
    • tautness,
    • warranty,
    • seriousness,
    • theocratic,
    • old-time religion,
    • willingness,
    • mystical,
    • faithfulness,
    • articles of religion,
    • bonne foi,
    • prospect,
    • tradition,
    • aimless,
    • churchgoing,
    • artless,
    • have confidence in,
    • doctrinal statement,
    • mithraic,
    • dependence,
    • tie,
    • passion,
    • intentness,
    • accredit,
    • credibility,
    • firmness,
    • acceptance,
    • movement,
    • attachment,
    • fervency,
    • followers,
    • dependably,
    • conformity,
    • vow,
    • staunchly,
    • ecclesiastical.
Paraphrases are highlighted according to their relevancy:
  • Forward Entailment

  • Independent

    • Noun, singular or mass
      loyalty, self-confidence, persuasion, devotion, trusting, fidelity, affiliation, allegiance, believing, hope, commitment, truth.
  • Other Related

    • Noun, singular or mass
      denomination, confession, belief, faithfulness, sincerity, believer, confidence, trustworthiness, credibility, religion, goodwill, worship.
  • n.

    • trust in something
      skepticism, suspicion, distrust, inconstancy, lying, unbelief, misgiving, unsteadiness, faithlessness, uncertainty, dishonesty, doubt, disloyalty, disbelief.
    • Other antonyms:
      disaffection, discredit, disillusionment, denial, agnosticism, rejection, Unfaith, lapse, uncertainness, disenchantment, estrangement, godlessness, apostasy, treachery, Know-nothingism, alienation, atheism, tergiversation, dissent, separation, secularism, disillusion, dubiousness.
  • fathead, ft, fade away, fit, fit out, fade, Fet, fifth, fiat, fitted out, foetid, fetid, footed, feed, fatheaded, fuddy-duddy, foot, fda, feud, FTO, fete day, Fatah, fat, feat, fadeout, fahd, food, fatwah, fado, fed, fade out, fatty, fad diet, fated, FPD, fad, fatuity, Fatihah, Fatiha, faded, fatwa, fifty, foodie, fate, fete, fifty-two, faddy, fiftieth.
  • n.

    • cognition
      hindooism, zoroastrianism, cult, shintoism, Asian Shamanism, brahmanism, christianity, ecclesiasticism, Manichaeanism, revealed religion, Hsuan Chiao, shamanism, buddhism, theism, taoism, hinduism, shinto, analogy, brahminism, paganism, mithraicism, unitarianism, sikhism, religious cult, nature worship, doctrine of analogy, cataphatism, Christian Religion, Cultus, mazdaism, Manichaeism, WICCA, pagan religion, Bahaism, mithraism, mysticism, heathenism, apophatism, religious mysticism, jainism.
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confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another's ability.

belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.

belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion: the firm faith of the Pilgrims.

belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit, etc.: to be of the same faith with someone concerning honesty.

a system of religious belief: the Christian faith; the Jewish faith.

the obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person, promise, engagement, etc.: Failure to appear would be breaking faith.

the observance of this obligation; fidelity to one's promise, oath, allegiance, etc.: He was the only one who proved his faith during our recent troubles.

Christian Theology. the trust in God and in His promises as made through Christ and the Scriptures by which humans are justified or saved.



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Idioms about faith

    in faith, in truth; indeed: In faith, he is a fine lad.

Origin of faith

1200–50; Middle English feith<Anglo-French fed,Old French feid, feit<Latin fidem, accusative of fidēs trust, akin to fīdere to trust. See confide



Words nearby faith

Faisal Ibn Abdul Aziz, Faisal II, fais-dodo, fait accompli, faites vos jeux, faith, faith-based, faith community, faith cure, faither, faithful

Other definitions for faith (2 of 2)


a female given name.

Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

Words related to faith

confidence, belief, conviction, acceptance, loyalty, truth, hope, denomination, religion, sect, doctrine, church, teaching, principle, truthfulness, certitude, fealty, faithfulness, credence, constancy

How to use faith in a sentence

  • Thanks to the courage of the leaders present, we take a major stride toward a future in which people of all faiths and backgrounds can live together in peace and prosperity.

    Trump, in town hall, says he wouldn’t have done anything differently on pandemic|Colby Itkowitz, Josh Dawsey, Felicia Sonmez, John Wagner|September 16, 2020|Washington Post

  • Thank you François-Henri Pinault, Laurent Claquin and many others for taking this leap of faith.

    Kerby Jean-Raymond Launch ‘Your Friends In New York’|Nandi Howard|September 11, 2020|Essence.com

  • Twitter updated its civic integrity policy on Thursday, saying it plans to label or remove any misleading information about the election results or any disputed claims that could undermine the faith in the election itself.

    How Google, Facebook, and Twitter plan to handle misinformation surrounding 2020 presidential election results|Danielle Abril|September 10, 2020|Fortune

  • GM’s role in making the Badger, then, will almost certainly help bolster buyers’ faith in the truck’s build quality.

    Nikola stock surges 40% on General Motors partnership news|dzanemorris|September 8, 2020|Fortune

  • It was, rather, an article of geeky faith — an innate confidence that karaoke’s survival instincts would propel it toward innovation ahead of everybody else.

    Can Japan’s Karaoke Bars Survive the Pandemic?|Fiona Zublin|September 7, 2020|Ozy

  • Charlie ridiculed my faith and culture and I died defending his right to do so.

    The Muslim Cop Killed by Terrorists|Michael Daly|January 9, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • He hits bottom at Rocamadour, a sanctuary in the Dordogne known as a citadel of faith devoted to Mary.

    Houellebecq’s Incendiary Novel Imagines France With a Muslim President|Pierre Assouline|January 9, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • The comedian responded to the deadly attack on a French satirical magazine by renewing his recent criticisms of the Islamic faith.

    Bill Maher: Hundreds of Millions of Muslims Support Attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’|Lloyd Grove|January 8, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • After the screening, Jolie, who says she renewed her faith in “the divine” during filming, met briefly with the pope.

    Pope Francis Has the Pleasure of Meeting Angelina Jolie for a Few Seconds|Barbie Latza Nadeau|January 8, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • An atheist counsels his fellow non-believers on how not to talk to people of faith.

    The Case Against In-Your-Face Atheism|Steve Neumann|January 4, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • There are three things a wise man will not trust: the wind, the sunshine of an April day, and woman's plighted faith.

    Pearls of Thought|Maturin M. Ballou

  • Each religion claims that its own Bible is the direct revelation of God, and is the only true Bible teaching the only true faith.

    God and my Neighbour|Robert Blatchford

  • The old Chippewa has never deviated from the faith of his fathers, as he still adheres to all their rites and ceremonies.

    Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce|E. R. Billings.

  • I opposed this, fearing, of course, that the French and even the Gentiles might interpret this as an affront to our faith.

    The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Vol. II: Acadia, 1612-1614|Various

  • They have a living faith in the potency of the Horse-Guards, and in the maxim that "Safe bind is sure find."

    Glances at Europe|Horace Greeley

British Dictionary definitions for faith


strong or unshakeable belief in something, esp without proof or evidence

a specific system of religious beliefsthe Jewish faith

Christianitytrust in God and in his actions and promises

a conviction of the truth of certain doctrines of religion, esp when this is not based on reason

complete confidence or trust in a person, remedy, etc

any set of firmly held principles or beliefs

allegiance or loyalty, as to a person or cause (esp in the phrases keep faith, break faith)

bad faithinsincerity or dishonesty

good faithhonesty or sincerity, as of intention in business (esp in the phrase in good faith)


archaicindeed; really (also in the phrases by my faith, in faith)

Word Origin for faith

C12: from Anglo-French feid, from Latin fidēs trust, confidence

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Other Idioms and Phrases with faith

see act of faith; in bad (good) faith; leap of faith; on faith; pin one's hopes (faith) on.

The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

Sours: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/faith
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This shows grade level based on the word's complexity.

This shows grade level based on the word's complexity.


something believed; an opinion or conviction: a belief that the earth is flat.

confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof: a statement unworthy of belief.

confidence; faith; trust: a child's belief in his parents.

a religious tenet or tenets; religious creed or faith: the Christian belief.



We could talk until we're blue in the face about this quiz on words for the color "blue," but we think you should take the quiz and find out if you're a whiz at these colorful terms.

Question 1 of 8

Which of the following words describes “sky blue”?

Origin of belief

1125–75; earlier bile(e)ve (noun use of v.); replacing Middle English bileave, equivalent to bi-be- + leave; compare Old English gelēafa (cognate with Dutch geloof,German Glaube; akin to Gothic galaubeins)

synonym study for belief

2. Belief,certainty,conviction refer to acceptance of, or confidence in, an alleged fact or body of facts as true or right without positive knowledge or proof. Belief is such acceptance in general: belief in astrology.Certainty indicates unquestioning belief and positiveness in one's own mind that something is true: I know this for a certainty.Conviction is settled, profound, or earnest belief that something is right: a conviction that a decision is just.



Words nearby belief

Belgrano, Belgravia, Belial, belie, belied, belief, belies, believe, believe it or not, believe one's ears, believer

Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

Words related to belief

faith, confidence, trust, theory, conviction, thinking, knowledge, acceptance, idea, understanding, expectation, conclusion, assumption, suspicion, position, opinion, feeling, judgment, notion, hope

How to use belief in a sentence

  • Human intelligence is incredibly useful but it doesn’t safeguard you against having false beliefs, because that’s not what intelligence is for.

    The Dark Side of Smart - Facts So Romantic|Diana Fleischman|September 15, 2020|Nautilus

  • Full belief, I want to suggest, needn’t be at the core of dehumanization, and an account of dehumanization needn’t commit on how demanding “belief” is or whether baldly contradictory belief is possible.

    Believing in Monsters: David Livingstone Smith on the Subhuman - Facts So Romantic|Eric Schwitzgebel|September 11, 2020|Nautilus

  • It also lacks the kind of intentions, goals, beliefs, and desires that drive language use in humans.

    Welcome to the Next Level of Bullshit - Issue 89: The Dark Side|Raphaël Millière|September 9, 2020|Nautilus

  • As Streumer concedes, if he believed his own view, he would believe that there are such things as good and bad reasons for belief, which is exactly what his view denies.

    The Universe Knows Right from Wrong - Issue 89: The Dark Side|Philip Goff|September 9, 2020|Nautilus

  • Hope derives from a belief that life has good things in store.

    The Climate Crisis Is Happening Right Now. Just Look at California’s Weekend.|by Elizabeth Weil|September 9, 2020|ProPublica

  • One wonders if his subsequent battles with the “Evil Empire” were animated by this belief.

    The Evangelical Apocalypse Is All Your Fault|Jay Michaelson|January 4, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • The incident sparked his belief in Santa, but he would have to wait nearly two decades before dressing up as Jolly St. Nick.

    Kerry Bentivolio: The Congressman Who Believes in Santa Claus|Ben Jacobs|December 24, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • The congressman traces his belief in Santa Claus back 40 years, when he was a student going to college “on the GI Bill.”

    Kerry Bentivolio: The Congressman Who Believes in Santa Claus|Ben Jacobs|December 24, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • To cyber security experts, the naivety of this statement beggars belief.

    No, North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony|Marc Rogers|December 24, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • His belief that officers really did find his fingerprints at the scene seems to have encouraged his false confession.

    How the U.S. Justice System Screws Prisoners with Disabilities|Elizabeth Picciuto|December 16, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • He turned his eyes upon her; but no sympathy was in their beams; no belief in the semblance of her tears.

    The Pastor's Fire-side Vol. 3 of 4|Jane Porter

  • Belief in his own value had never been thus assailed before; that he was indispensable had been an ultimate assurance.

    The Wave|Algernon Blackwood

  • Although everybody laughed at such a notion, the Worm-eating Warbler declared that he had a right to his own belief.

    The Tale of Grandfather Mole|Arthur Scott Bailey

  • Tom held to his strange belief to 'Let it all come,' he would not try to prevent; he would neither shirk nor dodge.

    The Wave|Algernon Blackwood

  • Before he faced Lettice, he must forget a moment—forget his fears, his hopes, his ceaseless torment of belief and doubt.

    The Wave|Algernon Blackwood

British Dictionary definitions for belief


a principle, proposition, idea, etc, accepted as true

opinion; conviction

religious faith

trust or confidence, as in a person or a person's abilities, probity, etc

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Sours: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/belief
Faith Comes By Hearing - What Is Faith - Powerful Word On Faith

Frequently Asked Questions About faith

How is the word faith different from other nouns like it?

Some common synonyms of faith are belief, credence, and credit. While all these words mean "assent to the truth of something offered for acceptance," faith almost always implies certitude even where there is no evidence or proof.

an unshakable faith in God

When can belief be used instead of faith?

While the synonyms belief and faith are close in meaning, belief may or may not imply certitude in the believer.

my belief that I had caught all the errors

When is credence a more appropriate choice than faith?

Although the words credence and faith have much in common, credence suggests intellectual assent without implying anything about grounds for assent.

a theory now given credence by scientists

When is it sensible to use credit instead of faith?

While in some cases nearly identical to faith, credit may imply assent on grounds other than direct proof.

gave full credit to the statement of a reputable witness

Sours: https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/faith

Word for another faith whats

antonyms for faith


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How to use faith in a sentence

John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Kenneth Branagh star in the film, which plumbs questions about fate, faith, and memory in a way that falls in line with Nolan’s past work.


We aim to capture all publicly available polls that are being conducted in good faith.




nounsomething regarded as true


nounsomething regarded as true


nounbelief; undertaking for belief


nounbelief; undertaking for belief

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

Sours: https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/faith
Is the Word of Faith movement biblical? - GotQuestions.org


The longing or desire for something accompanied by the belief in the possibility of its occurrence:


Firm belief in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing; confidence or reliance:


Something that is assured or believed to be true:


(Business, finance) An assent and engagement by the person on whom a bill of exchange is drawn, to pay it when due according to the terms of the acceptance.


Reliance is defined as trust or something trusted.


(Proper) The last book of the New Testament, ascribed to John (in full The Revelation of Saint John the Divine); Apocalypse


The teachings of Jesus and the Apostles; specif., the Christian doctrine of the redemption of man through Jesus as Christ


A large group of religious congregations united under a common faith and name, usually organized under a single administrative and legal hierarchy.


Acknowledgment of belief; profession of one's faith.


A methodology based on an assumption of doubt with the aim of acquiring approximate or relative certainty.


Assurance is defined as a statement given for the purpose of inspiring morale or belief in yourself.


Quality, state, or instance of being loyal


A disposition to believe too readily.


The belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers, regarded as creating and governing the universe:


Without reservation or doubt; unquestioning; absolute


A feeling of assurance that a confidant will keep a secret:


(Colloquial statistics) the arithmetic mean


(Eccles.) A small table at the side of the altar for the bread, wine, etc. used in the Eucharistic service


(Countable, rare) The result or product of being sure.


Something that is clearly established or assured:


A body of religious beliefs; a religion:


Acting or performing with care and precision; meticulous:


The definition of faithful is someone who is loyal and reliable or someone with a strong religious belief.


A group of people under such authority.


(Archaic) Something taught; a teaching.


Indication of something favorable to come; expectation:


Something beyond doubt; a certainty.


The definition of an assent is a situation in which an agreement or acquiescence has occurred.


A list of recognized saints as in the Roman Catholic Church


The ceremonies, prayers, or other religious forms by which this love is expressed:


A course of specialized religious study usually at a college or seminary.


Distrust is defined as a lack of trust or confidence.


Public divine worship in a church; a religious service:


Faithful to those persons, ideals, etc. that one is under obligation to defend, support, or be true to


The obligation of support and loyalty to one's ruler, government, or country


Recognition or approval for an act, ability, or quality:


(Countable, ecclesiastical) A prayer (often found in the plural)


(Law) Delivery of goods or personal property as security for a debt or obligation:


The definition of a word is a letter or group of letters that has meaning when spoken or written.


(Archaic) To profess or proclaim publicly


A religion in which rules exist to govern the means by which adherents participate in the religion.


Not changing, fickle, or wavering; constant


Denial is defined as refusing to accept or believe something, or a statement to contradict someone or something else.

bad faith(related)

Dishonesty of purpose; lack of fairness and honesty; the continuous and willful failure to fulfill one’s duties or obligation. See also good faith.

good faith(related)

A party’s state of mind in acting or carrying out an action or transaction, evincing honesty, fairness, full communication of any hidden issues or information, and an absence of intent to harm other individuals or parties to the transaction.


A sharing in, or celebrating of, the Eucharist, or Holy Communion


A piece of testimony that is not usually admissible when given by a layperson, as in contrast to an opinion given by an expert witness.


a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny


A pious act, statement, belief, etc.


(Religion) Belief in the existence of a personal creatorgod, goddess, gods and/or goddesses present and active in the governance and organization of the world and the universe. The God may be known by or through revelation.


(Slang, former) A woman of low morals; specif., a prostitute

sect. For specific faiths

A formal system of beliefs


Doubt is defined as an uncertain opinion or a lack of confidence.


The definition of staunch is someone or something strong, loyal or well made.


A brief statement of religious belief; confession of faith


Dogma is defined as principles or rules that cannot be questioned, or articles of faith in different religions.

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