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Discover treasures buried up to 30m/100ft
and find targets that classic detectors don't.

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UP TO 30m

See underground Treasures on your smartphone via AR

Gold & Silver

Ancient bronze


War remnants



Ancient tunnels & graves

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Our customers say that TreasureHunter3D devices are the best investment to earn extra money, find rare historical finds, and have more fun outside.

Reasonable price

High resolution & sensitivity

Thomas a Gara

Archeologist, member of 

With this device archeologists can easily determine if the excavation site has good possibilities and where may they lay! Similar product on the market are usually very expensive, bulky and don't provide so high resolution & scan sensitivity

Easy to use

Light and portable

TreasureHunter3D detectors have made treasure hunting much easier. They are very light and portable, easy to use since they connect to your smartphone, and comes at an affordable price.

Whaka Honeheke

Treasure hunter & Author of a book

"Treasure Hunting in the Philippines"

Small investment for big opportunity

I bought this detector and I am happy it's serving the purpose, now I feel like I own the whole American underground Treasures at my own exploit...

Alan Shirley

San Francisco,


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What are the Best Two Box and Deep Metal Detectors?

By Michael Bernzweig

You just received a tip from a friend or family member about buried gold, silver or jewels. You have a good idea where to begin searching and now need the best deep metal detector to find it.

Step 1: Separate Fact from Fiction

Your first step on any treasure hunt is to try and separate truth from folklore. Many rumors and legends about underground treasure caches, or hoards, are based on some factual details. Throughout history, people have buried their valuables out of greed or in fear of advancing armies and other marauders, hoping to someday return and reclaim their treasure. Even today, this practice is not uncommon.

So, before you invest in equipment or travel great distances, do as much research as possible beforehand. Look for any clues that may have been written down or passed down verbally from generation to generation. Keep a record of even small details; they may come in handy later.

Step 2: Determine How Deep the Treasure is Buried

Your second step is to determine, based on your research, how far down the treasure is located. Frequently, individuals bury treasure far beneath the earth in large containers. Some of the largest hoards recovered to date have been found using deep penetrating metal detectors.

If you are looking for gold or other precious metals that are buried deeper than one meter, you need a 2-box metal detector. Unlike traditional coin detectors, which are made to find smaller individual items, a ground two-box metal detector can penetrate the earth using special search coils that transmit signals. Once the signal reaches the treasure, it bounces back to the metal detector, which pinpoints the location.

Until recently, deep-detecting metal detectors could not identify the type of buried metal. However, with the advent of newer technologies, such as the Makro brand detectors, it is now possible to identify the type of metal in the ground.

Step 3: Choose the Best Deep Seeking Metal Detector Tecnhology

Pulse Induction

Pulse technology locates deep treasures in the most challenging terrains. The Detech Pulse design continuously transmits and receives a series of short electrical pulses in rapid succession that saturate the earth. The returning responses are analyzed and presented in 2D on the digital display. Unlike conventional all metal Pulse detectors, the Detech discriminating pulse technology can distinquish between ferrous and non ferous metals. It will locate and display a broad range of precious metals. Pulse technology can operate in a wider range of ground conditions than other technologies.

Deep Seeking Pulse Induction Metal Detectors:

3D Imaging Systems:

For the first time ever, the idea of seeing underground image scans of the target has become a reality! The engineering team at Nokta Makro Metal Detectors has brought to life the Nokta Makro Invenio Pro Pack Smart Metal Detector and 3D Imaging System. This device will show realtime image scans right before your eyes. Gold, Silver and other Valuable metals are shown in full color on a color display. Junk metals like Iron are also clearly displayed. These models allow you to save target signals for later review and offers menus in multiple languages.

3D Imaging Metal Detectors:


Gradiometer technology can determine if an object in the ground is metal, mineral or a cave or cavity. Two magnetic sensors in the Gradiometer probe analyze the signals in the earth in real-time. The first sensor simply measures the positive (+) signals while the other measures the negative (-) signals. When metal is detected, the positive value increases while the negative value decreases. When caves or cavities are detected, the positive value decreases while the negative value increases. When minerals are detected, the negative value does not change as the positive value increases. Results are shown visually in an easy to understand 3D image analysis on the display.

Long Range Magnetic Locators

This technology will show you the the source of the electromagnetic field up to 1000 meters around you. The exact coordinates of the magnetic field are shown on the display in relationship to your location. You may also use this long range probe to “vertically” check the ground for magnetic field interference that indicates metal or cavities below the earth.

Very Low Frequency (VLF)

Very low frequency (VLF) is used for locating deep treasures. This technology sends the signal out through the transmitter coil and then receives the signal through the receiver coil. This is one of the most common and popular technologies used in modern metal detectors today.

Deep Seeking VLF Metal Detectors:

Step 4: Pick the Right Deep Seeking, 2-Box Metal Detector for You

When it comes to picking out a deep-searching, 2-box metal detector, take the time to select the best unit you can afford. Your investment can provide big returns. You can get a basic unit for under $1,000.

There are several types of deep metal detectors that can help you locate your treasure. Below is a list of the most popular models, which are organized based on price and capabilities. Keep in mind that two box detectors are designed to find larger treasures and also veins of natural gold that are buried deep in the ground. They are not made to detect individual coins or small natural gold nuggets.

Entry Level Deep Seeking Metal Detectors:

The Gemini 3 is an entry-level model put out by Fisher Labs Hobby division and is designed to locate deeply buried treasures. It is a fairly simple device to operate and does a good job. The TM-808 made by White's Electronics is also a very straight forward unit to use and operate. These detectors are all-metal and cannot identify the type of target before you dig it up. While these units will not locate targets as deeply as the top-of-the-line units, they are a good starting place for those on a budget.

Mid Level Deep Seeking Metal Detectors:

The Garrett GTI 2500 is a deep seeking unit that has the added advantage of being a dual-purpose detector. This unit is able to identify targets to a depth of just over a foot with the standard search coil. Once you attach the TreasureHound EagleEye Depth Multiplier coil, the detector switches to a deep-seeking, all-metal mode.

For a mid-priced deep metal detector, the Makro JeoTech is unique because it has the ability to discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It can also detect voids under the ground, which is important if you are looking to find tunnels or containers of precious stones where no metal is present. While no 2-box metal detectors can locate diamonds, rubies or other gems, this unit can locate the container they are in.

Professional Deep Seeking Metal Detectors:

Top Deep Seeking Metal Detectors:

The most advanced two-box deep metal detectors available today are produced by Detech Metal Detectors and Makro Detectors. Both the Nokta Makro Invenio Standard Smart Pack Metal Detector and the Makro New JeoHunter Deep-Seeking 3D Dual System can identify precious metals at extreme depth. This technology will save you from unnecessary digging. The JeoHunter provides a full-color display with three-dimensional target image analysis and offers menus and analysis in either English or Spanish.

If you would like personalized guidance on selecting the best model for your needs, contact one of our product specialists. We are happy to discuss your specific needs and suggest the best equipment for you. Wherever your journey takes you, we wish you the best of success in your quest for buried treasure. Pick up the phone and speak to one of our product specialists. We are here to assist you in selecting the best metal detector and accessories for your needs.

See all of our deep seeking metal detectors.

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Sours: https://www.metaldetector.com/learn/buying-guide-articles/deep-seeking-2-box/best-deepseeking-and-two-box-metal-detectors
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Unprecedented Technology: Deephunter metal detector is the first detector in the world to combine the ability to locate Deep Treasures, Cavities and Individual Coins in one unit. Now, you can purchase a single, powerful detector that is capable of locating BOTH individual coins AND larger treasures at extreme depth. Deephunter metal detector features both a non-motion mode and a motion mode. Experience the fast and deep detection that others have only dreamed of. Its like getting two detectors in one. Switch your detecting style at the touch of a single button. Choose from two modes: 1.A powerful deep seeking mode for locating treasures of precious metals, cavities and voids in the earth with full Color 3D Image Analysis. OR 2. A lightening fast mode for locating individual targets and gold nuggets at impressive depth with full discrimination and audio tone identification. Specially designed treasure detector for surface, middle and deep search range.


A non-motion deep treasure detection mode capable of both precious metal and void detection. Just attach the standard T44 coil and you will quickly begin discovering hidden treasures in areas previously searched with other detectors! This non-motion coil measures 36 x 44 cm. For users requiring more depth, just attach the larger T100 coil and you will be able to detect larger targets buried at unbelievable depth. This coil measures 60 x 100 cm. Mode 1 was designed with ease of use in mind. The intuitive interface is simple to understand for all users; both amateurs and professionals alike. The Deephunter metal detectorcolor display shows you a visual representation of the target signal with advanced 3D image analysis. In addition, you will see the metal type, depth and size of the target you have detected before you dig it up!

Mode 1 Interfaces


You can see both the 3D graph and the metal identification on the report screen that you will obtain after target detection. Thanks to its perfect metal identification, Deephunter metal detector. indicates the type of metal detected in one of four different groups: 1. Gold 2. Precious 3. Non-precious 4. Steel.


Besides accurately detecting and identifying metal, the device can also locate underground structures such as caves, cavities, repositories, tunnels, shelters and tombs - all with advanced 3D graphic images. Metals can also be identified within these underground structures.


The device accurately shows the depth of the detected target in centimeters on the display.


The built in Ferrous Rejection feature allows the Deephunter metal detector to eliminate non-precious and junk metals while still detecting only precious metals. Now you can discover the treasures that others have only dreamed of.


In Mode 1, the oscillation system continuously shows the signal graph of the target on the visual display.


Fast recovery mode capable of detecting individual coins, gold and small targets at exceptional depth with audio target identification. In this mode, with the motion C32 standard coil (26 x 32 cm), you can easily detect single coins, jewelry, gold and other tiny objects located at depths which cannot be reached by other detectors. Add the optional larger C47 coil (39 x 47 cm) and you will be able to reach larger objects at greater depth, just as you can in Mode 1. This system is easy to use and identifies metal at great depth. The user is alerted to the type of metal with three different sounds. Now you can easily hear if the target is gold, precious or non-precious.


You can easily perform your searches in all types of ground conditions due to Deephunter's special settings in Mode 2 which is designed for highly mineralized conditions. By using the ferrous settings, you can prevent false signals by eliminating the interferences from minerals in highly mineralized ground conditions or areas containing high concentrations of iron such as beaches, wet sand, plowed soil etc.


As in Mode 1, you can also eliminate non-precious (ferrous) and junk metals in this mode by using the ferrous elimination feature to detect only precious metals.


Mode 2 has a very clear and easily understandable metal discrimination system. The device notifies detected metals to the user with 3 different sounds. A low tone alert is produced for ferrous targets and 2 similar high tone alerts are produced for precious and gold targets.


Mode 2 is designed with ease of use in mind. Amateur and professional users alike will appreciate the simplicity. This mode provides a very fast search for target detection through audio alerts only.

Sours: https://www.noktadetectors.com/metal-detector/deephunter-3d/
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