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Big Onyx Man Ring: Secret Meaning? Where to get one?
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Big Onyx Man Ring: Secret Meaning? Where to get one?

I know this is a completely weird question, but here goes.

I've known at least two guys in the past who I've admired, and who had nearly identical man rings. They were not acquainted that I know of. It's possible they met briefly once or twice.

The rings were a fairly common style, but I got the impression from both men that the rings had some kind of special meaning. Here's the rub; this ring (which I'll describe below) is a popular style for Masonic rings, but these rings did not bear Masonic insignia, and I'm 92% certain that neither of the men were Masons.

Ring style: Plain gold, with a big, square (or rectangular), black onyx on the top, with a small diamond in the middle of the onyx.

Similar ring 1: (But take off the diamonds on the sides and the compass and square, add a small diamond at center-onyx.)

Similar ring 2: (But onyx covers entire face of ring, no diamonds on sides, and smaller diamond in the middle without a gold frame.)

The two questions:

1. Some kind of fraternal order? (Very) Closeted Masons? My brain's coincidence circuitry throwing an error? Possible clue: Both men were LDS. I'm also LDS, and I know the culture inside and out, and they are not CTR rings. The LDS angle seems to be a dead end, They were both VERY religious, and that seems to be the most likely commonality.

2. I liked these rings, and I want one. The diamonds need not be real, and I'd like to pay less than $50. Extensive Googling and Yahooing have not yielded an exact match. The photos above are from Amazon and Wal-Mart online. I'd also rather not have it custom made. Anyone with better Google-fu for this?

Hey, I found the third one! Looks like the diamond is framed in gold in this one.

One last thing: It's not a question about religion or politics. Please, let's not go there.

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We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. 

Black onyx is popular for use in jewelry due to its beauty, versatility, affordability, and symbolic meaning. Some people wear black onyx jewelry because of what it symbolizes, while others who wear it don’t know what the stone means. So what exactly does black onyx jewelry mean? We’ve done the research to help answer this question.

Black onyx jewelry has several meanings, both symbolic and astrological. Some of these are protection, defense, and perseverance, but there are many more meanings.

Black onyx has been around for centuries. The origin of these meanings comes from ancient legends of various cultures. Continue reading to learn more about the legends, symbolism, and astrological meaning surrounding black onyx.

An up close photo of a black onyx stone on a pale gray background, What Does Black Onyx Jewelry Mean?

History Of Black Onyx

A pile of black onyx gemstones on a white background

Onyx is a form of quartz called chalcedony. The name “chalcedony” comes from an ancient port in Asia, Calcedon, an active mining and gemstone trading center. The stone has various uses and meanings to different cultures and groups of people. We will look at some of the legends and folklore surrounding black onyx in further detail.

Greek Mythology

The word onyx comes from the Greek word onux, a word that means “fingernail.” The ancient Greeks believe that onyx originated when Cupid used one of his arrows to cut his mother’s (the goddess Venus) fingernails. The fingernails turned into onyx as they fell from Mount Olympus into the sacred river below. 

Chinese Culture

The Chinese use black onyx in the art of Feng Shui. Since onyx takes a long time to form, they believe that it has grounding powers that teach the wearer to have strength and perseverance and trust in themselves to accomplish their goals. Feng Shui experts say that black onyx should be incorporated into the decor of an office or workspace due to its ability to attract financial gains.

Indian Culture

Gemologists in India believe that black onyx helps to create harmony in relationships. The contrasting black and white colors found in raw, untreated chalcedony represent the love between two people. They also believed in placing an onyx stone on a pregnant woman’s stomach to reduce both pain and labor time.


Like other types of gemstones, onyx holds a lot of symbolism. There are various reasons why people choose to wear black onyx jewelry because the stone means different things to different people. Let’s look at some of the spiritual and mystic powers that black onyx is thought to symbolize.


People have been wearing black onyx ever since the days of ancient Egypt when Cleopatra wore it for the stone’s protective powers. It is sometimes worn in battle to protect the wearer from harm in both the past and present. Black onyx is also said to offer protection from conflict and dangerous situations.

Defense Against Negativity

Black onyx protects the wearer from negativity. Legend has it that the blacker the stone, the more negative energy it has absorbed. Ancient Egyptian folklore says that when Cleopatra would wear black onyx jewelry, the stone would vibrate when it sensed negative energy, alerting the Queen that danger was lurking nearby.

Other Meanings

Black onyx has other meanings as well, including:

  • Representing the 7th wedding anniversary
  • Holding the memories of those that wear it
  • Strengthening self-confidence 
  • Supporting the wearer in times of mental and physical stress
  • Helping the wearer to make smart decisions
  • Aiding in contacting those who are no longer living 
  • Giving increased strength and stamina to the wearer
  • Reducing nightmares and confusion


Zodiac signs and their corresponding constellations

According to astrology, black onyx is also associated with the planet Saturn. Some of its powers include giving wearers the ability to let go of the past, separate themselves from troublesome people, and change unhealthy habits. 

Black onyx is believed to give the wearer courage and power, and because of this, it is associated with the Zodiac signs of Leo and Capricorn. These are considered the most ambitious of the twelve Zodiac signs, so the stone works most optimally for these signs.

Astrology argues that those whose Zodiac sign is Gemini should not wear onyx because it can create ill effects in the lives of Geminis that wear it. All other signs should try wearing the stone for three days on a trial basis to test the effects of wearing it before choosing to wear it permanently. 

What Are The Different Types Of Onyx?

While black onyx is the most common form, other types of onyx stone come in different colors. Since onyx is a form of layered mineral chalcedony, these layers create different bands of colors. The bands of color (or lack of) determine the classification of the onyx.

Onyx is sometimes confused for agate, but the difference is that the color bands on onyx stones are straight and parallel, while the agate bands tend to be wavier. Here are the four categories:

Black Onyx

Black onyx is named because it has no color banding and is instead one color: black. It is usually created out of grey chalcedony treated to turn it black because it is very rare to find a naturally occurring true black onyx. 

Carnelian Onyx

Carnelian gemstone isolated on a white background

Carnelian onyx has red and white bands of color. The red coloring comes from iron. It has been used since ancient times for amulets and other jewelry and is thought to be associated with royalty. Sometimes called Cornelian onyx, it is also considered to be a lucky gemstone. 

Niccolo Onyx

This type of onyx has a translucent top layer and a thicker layer of black underneath. The different layers sometimes cause this onyx to look bluish-grey. Niccolo onyx is used a lot to make cameo jewelry. 


Gorgeous rock patterns of a sardonyx gemstone on a white background

Sardonyx has color bands in red, brown, black, and white. The different colors come from carbon and iron that make up the chalcedony. It is those to protect those who wear it. Sardonyx is a widely available gemstone. It can be found around the world, which makes it extremely affordable.

How Do You Wear Onyx?

Onyx jewelry comes in many different forms, including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Black onyx stones look most striking set in white gold, yellow gold, or silver. Sardonyx and Carnelian onyx look best in antique silver. If you have an onyx ring, you should wear it on your middle finger or the smallest finger on your left hand. This is so that the properties work properly.

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What Birthstone Is Onyx?

We’ve already mentioned that onyx is associated with the Zodiac sign Leo (July 23-August 22). The birthstone for July is the ruby, but since Leo falls partly in July, onyx is sometimes referred to as the month’s alternate birthstone. According to ancient civilizations in Tibet, onyx is also the mystical birthstone for December.

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Does Onyx Promote Healing?

Onyx has properties that promote both mental and physical healing. The mental areas that it promotes healing in are:

  • Self-Control
  • Self-Confidence
  • Happiness 
  • Wise Decision-Making
  • Banishing Grief

The physical areas that it promotes healing in are:

  • Bones
  • Bone Marrow 
  • Blood
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Feet
  • Kidneys
  • Pregnancy 
  • Teeth

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What Chakra Is Onyx Good For?

Chackra and energy healing points of meditation

The primary chakra that black onyx is good for is the root chakra. The root chakra is located at the base of the space and is the center of emotional balance in the human body. The root chakra controls a person’s sense of safety, stability, and strength, all of which black onyx promotes. 

Onyx works with the root chakra by healing and strengthening it to help increase your productivity. Onyx is primarily associated with the root chakra, but it also strengthens all of your chakras’ relationships. This makes sense when you think back to Indian symbolism, which says that onyx helps create harmonious relationships.

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In Closing

Now you know the significance and meaning behind black onyx jewelry. Not only is black onyx beautiful, but it can also bring both physical and mental health to your body. It’s no wonder that onyx has been used and loved for centuries. Even though it is inexpensive, it makes sense why black onyx is a luxury in some cultures. Thanks for reading!

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Pinky ring

Professional poker player "California" Abe's pinky ring, made of platinum and diamonds, which he wears when playing cards.

A pinky ring is a ring worn on the little finger of either hand, which is also called the "fifth finger".

Professional rings[edit]

A variety of pinky rings are awarded to graduating engineering students in North America, generally intended to serve as a reminder of the significance and impact of their chosen profession. In Canada, these include the Iron Ring, made of either crudely worked iron or stainless steel and worn on the dominant hand, presented to engineering students during the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer,[1] and the silver, but otherwise similar Earth Ring, associated with the geologists and geophysicists of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.[2] In the United States, the Engineer's Ring, awarded by the Order of the Engineer, is similar to the Canadian Iron Ring.[3]

Human ecology and home economics graduates also receive a pinky ring symbolizing their profession. The Human Ecology Ring was first instigated by a group of young graduates at Macdonald College, Quebec, in 1968.[4]

Indications of affiliation or conveying messages[edit]

At times, pinky rings have been worn with the intent to convey a message or indicate affiliation. During the Victorian era, both single men and women uninterested in pursuing marriage could wear a ring on the little finger of their left hand.[5] Especially in the United States, pinky rings also developed an association with criminal activity.[6]Grifters were thought to wear such rings, sometimes to provide their associates with a source of funding for their funeral expenses in case of their death,[7] as were made men in the American Mafia.[8] Movies such as Little Caesar and The Godfather contributed to the association of this style of jewellery with organized crime.[9]


The more modern use of the pinky ring has weakened its traditional historic symbolism.[10][11] In the early 20th century, these rings were popular in Parisian fashion,[12] especially among the youth.[13] In the United States, such rings have become a "fundamental of American style", in some way due to its symbolic past.[14]

Signet and wedding rings[edit]

FDRas Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 1913. Note, since he is recently married, he has his wedding band stacked beneath his father's Roosevelt Family signet ring. He would wear this stacked British-style configuration to the end of his life.

Pliny the Elder noted, according to the 1938 Loeb Classical Library translation by Harris Rackham, "Some people put all their rings on their little finger only, while others wear only one ring even on that finger, and use it to seal up their signet ring, which is kept stored away as a rarity not deserving the insult of common use, and is brought out from its cabinet as from a sanctuary; thus even wearing a single ring on the little finger may advertise the possession of a costlier piece of apparatus put away in store."[15]

Some British men wear a signet ring on the little finger of the left hand, which is considered to be the correct place for it.[16]

In common with many American families, in homage to the British tradition, President Franklin D. Roosevelt wore a signet ring handed down to him by his father James, and which was inherited by FDR's son James Roosevelt. All three generations wore the signet on top of their wedding bands, on their left pinkies.[17] FDR's pinky signet was noted and admired by Sir Winston Churchill (who wore his own gold signet on a different finger).[18]

Wedding bands (always a gift from wife to husband) were usually worn by Western men in the Victorian age on the left hand pinky finger,[19] although few British men wore wedding rings until World War II.[16] Because of masculine limitations, men were encouraged to wear a second ring if they desired, but it was to be worn on top of the wedding band so as to keep both rings confined to one finger.[20] It appears the custom for men to wear their two rings on the left pinky was purely British and German; in America, men either followed the British tradition or wore no ring at all until much later.[21]

Use in the British Royal Family[edit]

The use of the left-hand pinky finger as the wedding ring and royal signet or initial ring of the British Royal Family is an ironclad tradition dating back to the sons of Queen Victoria, who favored pinky rings in imitation of their mother as well as following German custom. [22] Queen Victoria's son Prince Leopold wore many rings on his left pinky, as did all of the sons of King George V. King Edward VII did not assign any special significance to his left pinky as later generations did, and his son George V wore no rings at all.[23] The best example of such a ring was the one worn by King George VI. [24][25]Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, consort to Queen Elizabeth II, wore his father's signet ring until sometime in the 1970s, when he ceased to wear any signet. [26]Prince Charles wears the official signet of the Prince of Wales, which ring is nearly 175 years old and was last worn by the former King Edward VIII (styled as the Duke of Windsor following his abdication) when he was still Prince of Wales. Prince Charles, as well as the other men in the family, wear their signets on top of their wedding bands.[27][28]


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On what FINGER should you wear a RING? (RING \u0026 FINGER SYMBOLISM)

A little about onyx before we delve into the value of black onyx.

TL; DR: If you are looking to purchase Black Onyx online, our recommended online retailer is the collection here.

What is Black Onyx?

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, which has bands of white and other colors.

Agate and onyx are similar in that they have bands of white in them. Agate has curved bands while onyx has parallel bands. Black onyx often has stripes of white and black with black being more dominant.


Onyx Properties

Onyx comes in a variety of colors like red, yellow or blue. It falls under the category of quartz stones, and has a hardness of between 6 and 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Most of the black onyx seen in jewelry doesn’t have the white stripe, so some people are not even aware that black onyx has another color to it unless it’s been used for a cameo.

Jewelry Choices and History of Black Onyx

Throughout history, onyx was used in a variety of jewelry pieces, especially cameos, where the carving was in one color and the background was the next layer of color. There are some famous cameo carvings like the Gemma Augustea, which was produced sometime between the years of 9 and 12 AD.


Black onyx that isn’t made into cameos to feature its beautiful layering are dyed to give them a uniform color. It’s possible to dye the stones because onyx is porous like other stones in the chalcedony category. Many black onyx stones are dyed today while others are treated with heat and polished to a silky sheen.

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Where is Black Onyx Found?

The stone is found in a variety of places from Yemen to Uruguay to Germany and India. There are a few onyx mines in Arizona like Prescott, Ash Fork and Mayer.

Here is one of the largest Onyx mines in the country of Pakistan.  Hard work, but worth it to get to all of that beautiful onyx!

Black Onyx Charms and Meaning

While some people through history used black onyx for mourning since it’s so dark, it actually is thought to also smother negative emotions from exterior forces. It’s used as a powerful charm of self-protection for that reason.


The Greek word onyx means the nail of a claw or finger, and the Greek legend is that one day while Venus was asleep, Cupid cut her fingernails. They fell to the ground, but because no part of a god can die, they became known as onyx.

Birthstone for July and December

According to the ancient Italian and Hebrew calendar, the onyx is the birthstone of July. The ancient Tibetan calendar assigned onyx to December as a birthstone. Old astrologers thought the stones would give people power and courage, so they assigned the onyx to Leo and Capricorn, which were though to be the two most ambitious signs according to the Zodiac.

necklack black onyx zodiac sign

Fashion and Style Choices

A person wearing black onyx is thought to be edgy and dark with strong personalities. While it was commonly worn by people who were mourning throughout history, it’s now worn by a variety of people from goths or emos who identify with the stone because of its color to fashion-conscious women who want a stone that will match with any outfit.


The affordability of onyx stones means that it can be turned into beads for necklaces and bracelets or used as large stones in rings.

Black Onyx Value – How Much is Black Onyx Worth?

After all this discussion regarding the history and uses for black onyx, it’s time to talk about the value. The value depends on whether it’s been treated or remained natural.

While it won’t go down in price too much when treated, there is a slight decrease in price. If it’s been turned into a piece of jewelry already, you’re going to pay more for the jewelry than you would for individual beads, jewelry pieces or individual stones.

Black Oynx Prices

The price will go up depending on a few factors like the cut and size of the stone. The value will also depend on the craftsmanship of the piece of finished jewelry itself. The black onyx is more valuable than the other colors of onyx available, too.


Black onyx can vary in value from $1 to $500 per carat on its own. That varies with the setting of the gemstone itself. With a setting of silver, it’ll be less than a setting of yellow or white gold.

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Black Onyx Shapes of the Stones

More elaborate stone shapes like the marquise cut or the heart cut will often be more expensive than the round or oval cut. When added to a simple ring, a halo of diamonds can create an amazing centerpiece that can bring the expense of the jewelry a bit higher, but it can be an incredibly stunning ring choice for those who love something a bit out of the ordinary.


While black onyx is not as rare as a red diamond, it’s a fantastic way to get an original, unique ring that truly speaks to your personality. Finding a way to be memorable and unique in this world can be difficult unless you’re willing to step away from the normal and basic.

Where to Buy Black Onyx

Black Onyx isn’t the most common gem, but there are a variety of good online retailers and collections worth considering. ALL of these options have been reviewed and vetted for quality and superior online experience.


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2. Ross and Simmons

Ross and Simmons has a handful of stunning black onyx rings and settings. In particular, their settings stand out above other retailers and make the onyx “pop” in elegant ways. View their collection of black onyx here.


Beautiful and edgy Onyx jewelry | Amazon
Beautiful and edgy Onyx jewelry | Amazon

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Further Reading


Ring pinky black meaning onyx

The term pinky finger comes from pinck, a Dutch word that means ‘small finger’. Yet despite its size, the pinky has big bona fides.

It represents a world of meanings from violence to sensuality, and these shades of meaning have morphed and merged over the years.

11 Meanings of Pinky Ring That You Might be Interested 2

So what does a pinky ring mean and why do people wear them? It depends on gender and period, so let’s explore.

Meaning 1. Family Status

Family Status

Initially, pinky rings were exclusively worn by men. And not just any man – it had to be a man of high stature. Why? Because his pinky ring was his signet ring. It had a carving of the family crest on it and could be used to seal letters and sign documents. So the signet ring on your left pinky finger announced to the world that your family had vast wealth and potentially royal lineage.

Men in the royal family have always worn signet rings on their pinkies. Even some American politicians with British roots wear them. The signet was a valuable item though, so sometimes, the original seal was hidden and a simpler signet ring was worn for everyday activities. It alerted everyone around you that your family was powerful enough to have a signet back home.

Meaning 2. Marital Status

Traditional, wedding rings and engagement rings were worn by women on their left ring fingers. This was thanks to the so-called vena amoris that was thought to head to her heart. But when men wore wedding rings, they wore them on their left pinky finger, below their signet rings.

So yes, back in the old days, men could stack their rings without necessarily being labeled dandies. Prince Leopold (son of Queen Victoria) wore his wedding band on his left pinky. And even Prince Charles, first in line to the UK throne, wears his wedding ring on his left pinky.

Meaning 3. Non-Marital Status

Non-Marital Status

If the ring finger indicates marital, romantic love, the little finger represents carnal, self-love. It’s why many suffragettes and first-wave feminists started wearing them in the 1920s and 1930s – previously they were largely worn by men. But even before modern times, women (and some men) who intended to stay celibate wore pinky rings. It declared their unwillingness to marry.

This doesn’t refer to religious rings. Nuns and priests often wear a ring on their left ring finger to show they’re married to the church. And the pope wears rings too. Here, we’re referring to secular pinky rings worn by ordinary citizens as an announcement of their non-marital intentions. There’s even a contemporary line of self-love pinky rings that echo this sentiment.

Meaning 4. Social Status

Pinky rings show wealth in several ways. First, as we mentioned, the original pinky ring was a signet ring, and only wealthy families had a family crest or banner they could emboss on a ring. These early rings weren’t even worn on the finger. They were clipped to a watch chain.

These signets were used to seal key messages and scrolls. They served as a family signature, so they were destroyed when the owner died. But remember, your pinky and thumb are at the extremes of your hand. They almost jut out and are largely out of the way during active work.

So wearing a pinky ring or thumb ring shows wealth. It defines someone rich enough that they don’t have to get their hands dirty or di mundane manual work like dishes, household chores, yard work, or anything that would be disrupted by bulky jewelry on their fingers and thumbs.

Meaning 5. Sexual Status

Sexual Status

It may seem like a stereotype now but for a long time, gay men wore pinky rings as an outward sign of their sexual identity. They also used other markers, like piercing their right ear or piercing both ears. (As opposed to piercing the left ear, which was considered straight.)

There are lots of jokes and slurs around sexuality and the ‘limp wrist’ which ironically, shows off your pinky ring beautifully. These days, many women wear pinky rings to show their sexual independence and flaunt their freedom from conventional relationships, even if they’re straight. I think Ne-yo says it best: “she gave back the wedding ring and I turned to a pinky ring” …

Meaning 6. Financial Status

Financial Status

Today, many women convert their midi rings into pinky rings. Midi rings – when they’re metal – are often super slim and wavy or braided. They’re delicate, intricate, and not very expensive. But true pinkie rings are made of solid gold – white, rose, or yellow. The band is thinner towards the palm and wider towards the knuckle. They will usually have a flat surface, simulating a signet.

They might have a domed surface is they sport a stone rather than a carving, crest, or banner. The ring’s crown could be closed or open – closed ones cost more because they use more metal. The stones are often dark-colored – red carnelian, green malachite or tourmaline, black onyx or bloodstones, or blue lapis lazuli. These are all expensive items so pinky ring wearers are rich!

Meaning 7. Organized Crime

Once you were officially inducted into the mafia, you got a special pinky ring. Some Mafiosi wore them above their wedding bands, which they also wore on their left pinkies. Later versions of these rings are described as pimp rings, and these sometimes double as aesthetic brass knuckles.

But in their initial use – or so the urban legend goes – a mafia pinky ring was his life insurance policy. Those rings are huge, gaudy, and expensive, often solid metal. Allegedly, when the ring-wearer dies – especially in the line of duty – the ring can be sold or pawned for funeral costs.

These rings were fancy enough that they could pay for the funeral and have some change left over for the deceased successor among the mafia ranks. But nomadic grifters often wore pinky rings for the same reason. They had no close family ties, so their rings would pay for final rites.

Meaning 8. Controlled Communication

Controlled Communication

In Roman mythology, each finger is associated with a specific god. The pinky is set aside for Mercury, the messenger god. He is also the god of mischief, wisdom, travel, transitions, and practical jokes. He links the world of the gods, living mortals, celestial beings, and dead souls.

For this reason, some people wear pinky rings as a healing or protective talisman. It’s thought to relieve blockages, so it may be ‘prescribed’ for writers’ block. Celebrities, politicians, and public personas may also wear one during interviews and speeches to ‘guard their tongue’.

They probably believe their rings keep them from saying the wrong thing or giving out too much information. Whether it’s a good luck charm or a display of their eccentric artistic taste, many famous people wore pinky rings including Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix, and Ringo ‘Rings’ Starr.

Meaning 9. Professional Status

Professional Status

We’ve mentioned kings and clergy use their rings as status symbols to sign official decrees. But in the modern world, many high schools issue a class ring to the graduating class. You may also have a signet ring that represents your club or shows membership to a given association.

In given professions like engineering, graduates get an Engineer’s Ring or Iron Ring for their right or left pinky as a sign of their trade. Geologists sometimes wear an Earth Ring for this same reason. Athletes may choose to wear their class ring or team ring on their index or pinky.

Meaning 10. Fashion Status

Pinky rings – on both men and women – show individuality and personal style. True pinky rings for women have the same silhouette as men’s rings. They retain the wider top and mostly flat, engraved markings. These markings are often sunken to reflect their initial function – wax seals. It may be why pinky rings are often designed in ‘solitaire style’ with a single stone or image.

Today, the ring is about fashion forwardness. Men can match the gemstones in their pinky rings with other accessories. It could accent the color of their shirt or the gemstones in their cufflinks. They could even match it with an understated but bejeweled earring or stud. But if you wear rings for fashion reasons, buy a few different sizes – your fingers change girth with the seasons.

Meaning 11. Wishful Thinking

Many modern citizens believe in positivity and the laws of attraction. So knowing pinky rings are associated with self-love, intelligence, material well-being, and wealth, you could invest in a pinky ring as a prophetic good-luck charm. You may be consciously or subconsciously inviting these things into your life. That’s why you may wake up one day and ‘feel like wearing your ring’.

This school of thought is more esoteric. It assumes you’re listening to your body, mind, and spirit, so you can tell when the subtle energies of the universe prompt you to wear a specific pinky ring. It also implies you have a sizeable ring collection whose origins, designs, and gemstones have different denotations and various healing properties. Blue seems popular here.

Is your pinky sporting any bling? Show us a photo in the comments and tell us what it means to you. We’d really love to know the ring’s backstory and significance!

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Pinky Ring Guide - Gentleman's Gazette

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