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Look back on the popular decade for cards with the top baseball rookie cards of the 1960s.

The 1960s were an intense period for America. Firmly entrenched in the Cold War, people had to cope with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Vietnam War. The Cuban Missile Crisis brought the world to the brink of another massive war. The Civil Rights movement brought about tremendous change. The decade concluded with the space race and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

Baseball cards provided a much-needed distraction during the tumultuous times. Today, we look back at collecting during this period and connect it with sandlot games, riding bikes with banana seats and hard-nosed trade negotiations.

The 1960s saw several legendary players make their cardboard debuts. Many of the rookie cards from this era featured multiple players. In retrospect, it makes for some odd combinations as all-time greats are almost always paired with players who made little to no lasting impression on the game. But it's not like there were a lot of options for baseball card collectors back then.

We've compiled a list of the 10 best baseball rookie cards from the 1960s. To be consistent, we used prices from cards graded an 8 by PSA or BVG. To avoid player duplication, we stuck to just Topps cards. Many of these players also have O-Pee-Chee rookie cards.

Top 1960s Baseball Rookie Cards

10. 1968 Topps Johnny Bench RC #247 with Ron Tompkins

There's something about Johnny Bench and his backward baseball cap that captures the nostalgic sensibilities of the 1960s. Relaxed, informal and ready to play, it screams "baseball." A key part of the Big Red Machine, the catcher remains one of the most beloved players of his generation. Bench shares his rookie card with pitcher Ron Tompkins. He appeared in 40 total games, none for the Reds, and won none of them.

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 1

9. 1963 Topps Willie Stargell RC #553

The 1979 World Series MVP, Willie Stargell helped lead the Pittsburgh Pirates to six postseason appearances. The Hall of Famer and fan favorite finished his career with 475 home runs. His 1963 Topps rookie card is part of the rarer high series, which helps its overall value. Brock Davis, Jim Gosger and John Herrnstein are also on the card.

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 2

8. 1960 Topps Willie McCovey RC #316

A Giants icon, Willie McCovey made a splash from the very start of his career. He was named the 1959 National League Rookie of the Year despite appearing in just 52 games. In that time, he hit .354 and knocked out 13 home runs. Over the next couple of decades, McCovey continued to be one of the game's most dangerous hitters, finishing his career with 521 home runs. McCovey is one of the few players from the decade to appear by himself on his rookie card.

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 3

7. 1960 Topps Carl Yastrzemski RC #148

A leader in virtually every major offensive category in Boston Red Sox history, Yastrzemski remains one of the franchise's most popular figures. The 18-time All-Star and seven-time Gold Glove winner spent his entire career with Boston. He made history in 1967, winning the Triple Crown by leading the American League in batting average, home runs and runs batted in. The 1960 Topps Carl Yastrzemski rookie card is part of the Rookie Star subset and doesn't feature any other players.

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 4

6. 1962 Topps Lou Brock RC #387

One of baseball's best base runners, the 1962 Topps Lou Brock rookie card pictures him with the Chicago Cubs. However, the speedy outfielder is best known as a member of the Cardinals. He was traded to St. Louis during the 1964 season. At the time, it looked as though the Cardinals were out of the playoff hunt. However, Brock was an instrumental part in the team winning the NL pennant on the final day of the season. The Cardinals would then go on to capture the World Series in seven games over the Yankees. Brock was both the single-season and career stolen bases leader until Rickey Henderson broke both records.

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 5

5. 1967 Topps Rod Carew RC #569 with Hank Allen

Over the course of his career, Rod Carew was one of baseball's most consistent hitters. In 19 seasons, he hit less that .300 just four times -- during his first two and his last two seasons. Carew won the AL batting title seven times and finished with an impressive .328 career average. The 1977 AL MVP was inducted into Cooperstown in 1991. The 1967 Topps Rod Carew rookie card also features Hank Allen. He had a seven-year career but had no notable accomplishments.

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 6

4. 1969 Topps Reggie Jackson RC #260

One of baseball's most dangerous hitters, not to mention biggest personalities, of the 1970s, Reggie Jackson is a baseball icon. Jackson's status reached mythical proportions in 1977 after blasting three home runs in Game 6 of the World Series. Today, Jackson remains extremely popular with collectors. He was a big part of Upper Deck's early years, appearing on the hobby's first pack-inserted autograph card in 1990. The 1969 Topps Reggie Jackson rookie card is instantly recognizable despite its somewhat plain appearance.

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 7

3. 1967 Topps Tom Seaver RC #581

Tom Seaver is one of the game's greatest pitchers. A key face on 1969 World Series-winning "Miracle Mets," he finished his career with 311 wins and 3,640 strikeouts. Seaver is currently the only player in Cooperstown to be inducted as a member of the Mets. The pitcher's iconic status is not bestowed on Bill Denehy, the player he shares his rookie card with. Appearing in 49 games over three seasons, the pitcher won just one game. The 1967 Topps Tom Seaver rookie card is part of the high series, which is considered to be rarer than earlier series. This helps its value as well.

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 8

2. 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan RC #177 with Jerry Koosman

One of the most popular and iconic cards of all-time, the 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card has actually come down in price from its peak during his playing days. However, that was also when the hobby was also at its peak and the flame-throwing pitcher was racking up some impressive records and feats. Baseball's all-time strikeout king remains in the public eye as the owner of the Texas Rangers, a team on the cusp of a World Series. Should the team win a championship, it will give Ryan's rookie some added attention and could provide for a bit of a price bump.

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 9

1. 1963 Topps Pete Rose RC #537 with Pedro Gonzalez, Ken McMullen and Al Weis

Congratulations, Al Weis! You've got the best baseball rookie card of the 1960s. I know you're shocked. In your acceptance speech, just be sure to thank Pete Rose because, let's be honest, he's the reason that you've got this lofty honor. Rose may not be in baseball's Hall of Fame, but if there's ever one for baseball cards, the game's all-time hit king will be there. Featuring four heads and no necks, the high-number card is viewed as one of the most iconic in the hobby's history.

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 10

Top 10 Baseball Rookie Cards of the 1960s 11

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1960 Topps Baseball Cards: Values, Checklist and Set Info


1960 Topps Baseball Card 2nd Series Cello Box

To kick off a new decade, 1960 Topps baseball cards hit the market with a new design concept that Topps hadn’t tried before.

Horizontal layouts were something they’d featured before, sure.

But this time, the cards featured a split-pane look, dual player images, and player names where every other letter alternated in color.

Along with the usual key cards of Mantle, Aaron, Mays, and Clemente the rookie cards of Carl Yastrzemski and Willie McCovey headline the set.

It’s a set full of color and great eye appeal that many collectors love and enjoy to this day.

That said, here is a complete guide to everything you need to know about these legendary baseball cards.


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1960 Topps Baseball Card Values

The first thing most collectors ask is: how much are 1960 Topps cards worth?

Individually, the value of the card could be anywhere from less than a dollar to several thousand dollars.

It just depends on which card it is and its condition.

Here is a quick look at some estimated values of key and common cards in this set depending on their condition:

1960 Topps Baseball Card Values For Commons and Key Hall of Famers

One of the quickest ways to determine a card's value is if it has been professionally graded by Professional Sports Authenticator.  They publish their own price guide, the Sports Market Report (SMR), to help determine your card's value.

According to the PSA SMR current market values are:

PSA 9 MINT #350 Mickey Mantle: $22,000

PSA 1 POOR Common Card: Less than $1

That's quite the range so you can see it really just depends on many factors.

And an entire 1960 Topps complete set could be worth a couple thousand dollars in good condition or well into the five figure range if the cards are in high grade.

For a more extensive look at how to determine your card's value, check out our guide to baseball card values.

Key Cards in the 1960 Topps Set

Big names like Mantle, Aaron, Mays, Clemente and other Hall of Famers help headline a set that featured two of the great rookie cards of the 1960's: the Carl Yastrzemski and Willie McCovey rookies. Error cards in this set are mainly limited to uncorrected dates of birth that were printed on the backs of maybe twenty cards or so. So, it's not a set full of too many quirks and is remarkably clean overall. 

Let's take a look at a dozen of the most sought after cards overall:

#350 Mickey Mantle

Mantle is usually the most expensive card in any set in which he was featured and the 1960 Topps set was no exception. Personally, I think it's one of his better-looking cards from the 1960's and features great coloration and some nice images of the Mick.

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $22,000

1960 Topps #350 Mickey Mantle Baseball Card

#300 Hank Aaron

Aaron is another one of those names that you see high up at the top of most every set in which he was featured. The homerun slugger doesn't look too intimidating on this card but it's a key Hank Aaron baseball card nonetheless.

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $17,500

1960 Topps #300 Hank Aaron Baseball Card

#148 Carl Yastrzemski Rookie Card

One of two key rookie cards in the set, the Carl Yastrzemski rookie card was part of the Sport Magazine Rookie Stars subset which we'll cover later. Yastrzemski didn't actually play in 1960 nor did he ever play a game in his career at second base even though that's the position that Topps listed for him.

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $15,000

1960 Topps #148 Carl Yastrzemski Rookie Card

#316 Willie McCovey Rookie Card

Despite only playing 52 games during the 1959 season, McCovey played well enough to earn Rookie of the Year honors that year. His 1960 Topps rookie card was featured as one of the All-Star Rookies, the subset of cards numbered #316 -325.

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $10,250

1960 Topps #316 Willie McCovey Rookie Card

#200 Willie Mays

Willie Mays baseball cards are loved by many collectors and this one is no exception. It may not be his most valuable card overall but it still can be quite expensive if it's in top shape.

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $7,500

1960 Topps #200 Willie Mays baseball card

#326 Roberto Clemente

Not far behind Mantle, Aaron and Mays, you'll typically see Roberto Clemente baseball cards high atop many collectors' wishlists. Known for being a genuinely great guy, he was one of the game's most popular players on and off the field. His tragic death in an airplane crash cut his playing career and life way too short.

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $4,800

1960 Topps #326 Roberto Clemente Baseball Card

#10 Ernie Banks

"Mr. Cub" won the hearts of many Cubs fans for the pure joy and energy that he brought to the game. Not to mention he was a heck of a ball player. This one is one of the more vibrant Ernie Banks baseball cards you can find.

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $3,300

1960 Topps #10 Ernie Banks Baseball Card

#73 Bob Gibson

Gibson struck fear into the minds of opposing hitters as an overpowering pitcher. While his dominance wouldn't kick in until years later, this second year Bob Gibson baseball card is a key in commemorating the 1960 season overall.

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $2,200

1960 Topps #73 Bob Gibson Baseball Card

#50 Al Kaline

Another key Hall of Famer in the set, "Mr. Tiger" can be quite expensive if you can find his card in top shape. Al Kaline baseball cards are arguably the second most desirable of any Detroit Tiger behind Ty Cobb. Luckily for collectors, they don't cost nearly as much, though.

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $2,000

1960 Topps #50 Al Kaline baseball card

#1 Early Wynn

Early Wynn was a Hall of Famer who racked up 300 wins and earned 1 Cy Young Award over his career. However, you may be surprised to see him among the keys to this set. As card #1, however, his was one of the more susceptible to wear and tear. Hence, the high dollar amounts for top grade specimens of this card

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $2,200

1960 Topps #1 Early Wynn Baseball Card

#250 Stan Musial

One of the greatest hitters of all-time, Stan Musial baseball cards are quite undervalued overall, in my opinion. For some reason, their prices just don't reflect how good he really was. This one shows Musial with his classic half-smile and makes for an overall great card.

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $1,500

1960 Topps #250 Stan Musial baseball card

#343 Sandy Koufax

Last but not least on the list of key cards in this set is my favorite pitcher of all-time. Although Clayton Kershaw is giving him a run for his money. Sandy Koufax baseball cards are consistently among the most valuable to collect as far as pitchers are concerned. 

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $1,500

1960 Topps #343 Sandy Koufax baseball card

Subsets and Other Unique Cards

Topps included several different types of subsets and other unique cards in this set to keep things interesting for collectors. 

Sport Magazine 1960 Rookie Stars (#117 - 148)

These were the first of two types of rookie cards in the set. Their design and color scheme make them easily stand out from the base cards. Yastrzemski is by far the most expensive of the group that also features rookies of fellow Hall of Famers Frank Howard and Jim Kaat.

1960 Topps #148 Carl Yastrzemski Rookie Card
1960 Topps #132 Frank Howard Rookie Card
1960 Topps #136 Jim Kaat Rookie Card

Managers (#212 - 227)

These were the first of two types of rookie cards in the set. Their design and color scheme make them easily stand out from the base cards. Yastrzemski is by far the most expensive of the group that also features rookies of fellow Hall of Famers Frank Howard and Jim Kaat.

1960 Topps #227 Casey Stengel Baseball Card
1960 Topps #212 Walter Alston Baseball Card
1960 Topps #216 Joe Gordon Baseball Card

All-Star Rookies (#316 - 325)

Here's a look at the styling of the second type of rookie card you'll find in this set: the Topps All-Star Rookies.  These cards look great and are special since kids voted on these players as standouts based on their play the previous year.

1960 Topps #316 Willie McCovey Rookie Card

World Series Highlights (#385 - 391)

In their second year in Los Angeles, the Dodgers brought a World Series championship to their new home. Yes, 1959 was a special season for Dodgers fans and Topps dedicated a short subset to their previous year's triumphs.

1960 Topps #388 Gil Hodges World Series Homer Baseball Card

Team Coaching Staffs (#455 - 470)

Coaching staffs were not left out in the 1960 Topps set and I think the design of these cards is excellent. Each coach's face and his last name has its own special section on these segmented designs.

1960 Topps #470 Washing Senators Coaches Baseball Card

Sport Magazine 1960 All-Stars (#553 - 572)

Sport Magazine also sponsored the All-Star section of players that were cards number 553 through 572. They can be tough to find in top condition since they fall so late in the print run.

1960 Topps #555 Nellie Fox All-Star Baseball Card

Combo Cards (Randomly Inserted)

These special cards were scattered throughout the set and featured unique player combos themed around a certain topic. Perhaps the most desired of them all is the Mickey Mantle and Ken Boyer "Rival All Stars" card.

1960 Topps #160 Mantle and Boyer Rival All Stars Baseball Card

Team Cards (Randomly Inserted)

Topps once again issued team cards that, in my opinion, are a bit bland in design compared to the rest of the cards in this set. They're still great cards, don't get me wrong, but they just don't seem to pack as much of a visual punch.

1960 Topps #484 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Baseball Card

1960 Topps Baseball Packs and Cases

Topps distributed these cards at a range of price points:

  • Single-card penny packs
  • Nickel wax packs
  • Dime cello packs
  • 29-cent rack packs

Here is a look at some of the boxes and wrappers in which these cards were packed.

2nd Series Cello Box - 34 Ten Cent Packs

1960 Topps Baseball Card 2nd Series Cello Box

2nd Series Wax Box - 22 Five Cent Packs

1960 Topps Baseball Card Empty 5-Cent Wax Pack Display Box

Opened Wax Pack Wrapper

1960 Topps Baseball Card Pack Empty Wrapper

1960 Topps Baseball Card Checklist

Here is a checklist of the entire 1960 Topps baseball card set for your reference:

1 Early Wynn - Chicago White Sox
2 Roman Mejias - Pittsburgh Pirates
3 Joe Adcock - Milwaukee Braves
4 Bob Purkey - Cincinnati Reds
5 Wally Moon - Los Angeles Dodgers
6 Lou Berberet - Detroit Tigers
7 Master & Mentor - Willie Mays / Bill Rigney
8 Bud Daley - Kansas City Athletics
9 Faye Throneberry - Washington Senators
10 Ernie Banks - Chicago Cubs
11 Norm Siebern - Kansas City Athletics
12 Milt Pappas - Baltimore Orioles
13 Wally Post - Philadelphia Phillies
14 Mudcat Grant - Cleveland Indians
15 Pete Runnels - Boston Red Sox
16 Ernie Broglio - St. Louis Cardinals
17 Johnny Callison - Philadelphia Phillies
18 Los Angeles Dodgers Checklist (#1-88)
19 Felix Mantilla - Milwaukee Braves
20 Roy Face - Pittsburgh Pirates
21 Dutch Dotterer - Cincinnati Reds
22 Rocky Bridges - Detroit Tigers
23 Eddie Fisher - San Francisco Giants RC
24 Dick Gray - St. Louis Cardinals
25 Roy Sievers - Washington Senators
26 Wayne Terwilliger - Kansas City Athletics
27 Dick Drott - Chicago Cubs
28 Brooks Robinson - Baltimore Orioles
29 Clem Labine - Los Angeles Dodgers
30 Tito Francona - Cleveland Indians
31 Sammy Esposito - Chicago White Sox
32 Sophomore Stalwarts - Jim O'Toole / Vada Pinson
33 Tom Morgan - Detroit Tigers
34 Sparky Anderson - Philadelphia Phillies
35 Whitey Ford - New York Yankees
36 Russ Nixon - Cleveland Indians
37 Bill Bruton - Milwaukee Braves
38 Jerry Casale - Boston Red Sox
39 Earl Averill Jr. - Chicago Cubs
40 Joe Cunningham - St. Louis Cardinals
41 Barry Latman - Chicago White Sox
42 Hobie Landrith - San Francisco Giants
43 Washington Senators Checklist (#1-88)
44 Bobby Locke - Cleveland Indians RC
45 Roy McMillan - Cincinnati Reds
46 Jack Fisher - Baltimore Orioles RC
47 Don Zimmer - Los Angeles Dodgers
48 Hal W. Smith - Pittsburgh Pirates
49 Curt Raydon - Pittsburgh Pirates
50 Al Kaline - Detroit Tigers
51 Jim Coates - New York Yankees
52 Dave Philley - Philadelphia Phillies
53 Jackie Brandt - Baltimore Orioles
54 Mike Fornieles - Boston Red Sox
55 Bill Mazeroski - Pittsburgh Pirates
56 Steve Korcheck - Washington Senators
57 Win-Savers - Turk Lown / Jerry Staley
58 Gino Cimoli - Pittsburgh Pirates
59 Juan Pizarro - Milwaukee Braves
60 Gus Triandos - Baltimore Orioles
61 Eddie Kasko - Cincinnati Reds
62 Roger Craig - Los Angeles Dodgers
63 George Strickland - Cleveland Indians
64 Jack Meyer - Philadelphia Phillies
65 Elston Howard - New York Yankees
66 Bob Trowbridge - Kansas City Athletics
67 Jose Pagan - San Francisco Giants RC
68 Dave Hillman - Boston Red Sox
69 Billy Goodman - Chicago White Sox
70 Lou Burdette - Milwaukee Braves
71 Marty Keough - Boston Red Sox
72 Detroit Tigers Checklist (#89-176)
73 Bob Gibson - St. Louis Cardinals
74 Walt Moryn - Chicago Cubs
75 Vic Power - Cleveland Indians
76 Bill Fischer - Washington Senators
77 Hank Foiles - Kansas City Athletics
78 Bob Grim - Kansas City Athletics
79 Walt Dropo - Baltimore Orioles
80 Johnny Antonelli - San Francisco Giants
81 Russ Snyder - Kansas City Athletics RC
82 Ruben Gomez - Philadelphia Phillies
83 Tony Kubek - New York Yankees
84 Hal R. Smith - St. Louis Cardinals
85 Frank Lary - Detroit Tigers
86 Dick Gernert - Chicago Cubs
87 John Romonosky - Washington Senators
88 John Roseboro - Los Angeles Dodgers
89 Hal Brown - Baltimore Orioles
90 Bobby Avila - Milwaukee Braves
91 Bennie Daniels - Pittsburgh Pirates
92 Whitey Herzog - Kansas City Athletics
93 Art Schult - Chicago Cubs
94 Leo Kiely - Boston Red Sox
95 Frank Thomas - Chicago Cubs
96 Ralph Terry - New York Yankees
97 Ted Lepcio - Philadelphia Phillies
98 Gordon Jones - Baltimore Orioles
99 Lenny Green - Washington Senators
100 Nellie Fox - Chicago White Sox
101 Bob Miller - St. Louis Cardinals RC
102 Kent Hadley - New York Yankees
103 Dick Farrell - Philadelphia Phillies
104 Dick Schofield - Pittsburgh Pirates
105 Larry Sherry - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
106 Billy Gardner - Baltimore Orioles
107 Carl Willey - Milwaukee Braves
108 Pete Daley - Kansas City Athletics
109 Cletis Boyer - New York Yankees
110 Cal McLish - Cincinnati Reds
111 Vic Wertz - Boston Red Sox
112 Jack Harshman - Cleveland Indians
113 Bob Skinner - Pittsburgh Pirates
114 Ken Aspromonte - Washington Senators
115 Fork & Knuckler - Roy Face / Hoyt Wilhelm
116 Jim Rivera - Chicago White Sox
117 Tom Borland - Boston Red Sox
118 Bob Bruce - Detroit Tigers RC
119 Chico Cardenas - Cincinnati Reds RC
120 Duke Carmel - St. Louis Cardinals RC
121 Camilo Carreon - Chicago White Sox RC
122 Don Dillard - Cleveland Indians
123 Dan Dobbek - Washington Senators
124 Jim Donohue - St. Louis Cardinals RC
125 Dick Ellsworth - Chicago Cubs RC
126 Chuck Estrada - Baltimore Orioles RC
127 Ron Hansen - Baltimore Orioles
128 Bill Harris - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
129 Bob Hartman - Milwaukee Braves
130 Frank Herrera - Philadelphia Phillies
131 Ed Hobaugh - Chicago White Sox RC
132 Frank Howard - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
133 Manuel Javier - Pittsburgh Pirates RC
134 Deron Johnson - New York Yankees
135 Ken Johnson - Kansas City Athletics RC
136 Jim Kaat - Washington Senators RC
137 Lou Klimchock - Kansas City Athletics RC
138 Art Mahaffey - Philadelphia Phillies RC
139 Carl Mathias - Cleveland Indians RC
140 Julio Navarro - San Francisco Giants RC
141 Jim Proctor - Detroit Tigers RC
142 Bill Short - New York Yankees RC
143 Al Spangler - Milwaukee Braves RC
144 Al Stieglitz - San Francisco Giants RC
145 Jim Umbricht - Pittsburgh Pirates RC
146 Ted Wieand - Cincinnati Reds RC
147 Bob Will - Chicago Cubs
148 Carl Yastrzemski - Boston Red Sox RC
149 Bob Nieman - St. Louis Cardinals
150 Billy Pierce - Chicago White Sox
151 San Francisco Giants Checklist (#177-264)
152 Gail Harris - Detroit Tigers
153 Bobby Thomson - Boston Red Sox
154 Jim Davenport - San Francisco Giants
155 Charlie Neal - Los Angeles Dodgers
156 Art Ceccarelli - Chicago Cubs
157 Rocky Nelson - Pittsburgh Pirates
158 Wes Covington - Milwaukee Braves
159 Jim Piersall - Cleveland Indians
160 Rival All-Stars - Mickey Mantle / Ken Boyer
161 Ray Narleski - Detroit Tigers
162 Sammy Taylor - Chicago Cubs
163 Hector Lopez - New York Yankees
164 Cincinnati Reds Checklist (#89-176)
165 Jack Sanford - San Francisco Giants
166 Chuck Essegian - Los Angeles Dodgers
167 Valmy Thomas - Philadelphia Phillies
168 Alex Grammas - St. Louis Cardinals
169 Jake Striker RC - Chicago White Sox
170 Del Crandall - Milwaukee Braves
171 Johnny Groth - Detroit Tigers
172 Willie Kirkland - San Francisco Giants
173 Billy Martin - Cincinnati Reds
174 Cleveland Indians Checklist (#89-176)
175 Pedro Ramos - Washington Senators
176 Vada Pinson - Cincinnati Reds
177 Johnny Kucks - Kansas City Athletics
178 Woodie Held - Cleveland Indians
179 Rip Coleman - Baltimore Orioles
180 Harry Simpson - Chicago White Sox
181 Billy Loes - San Francisco Giants
182 Glen Hobbie - Chicago Cubs
183 Eli Grba RC - New York Yankees
184 Gary Geiger - Boston Red Sox
185 Jim Owens - Philadelphia Phillies
186 Dave Sisler - Detroit Tigers
187 Jay Hook RC - Cincinnati Reds
188 Dick Williams - Kansas City Athletics
189 Don McMahon - Milwaukee Braves
190 Gene Woodling - Baltimore Orioles
191 Johnny Klippstein - Los Angeles Dodgers
192 Danny O'Connell - San Francisco Giants
193 Dick Hyde - Washington Senators
194 Bobby Gene Smith - Philadelphia Phillies
195 Lindy McDaniel - St. Louis Cardinals
196 Andy Carey - New York Yankees
197 Ron Kline - St. Louis Cardinals
198 Jerry Lynch - Cincinnati Reds
199 Dick Donovan - Chicago White Sox
200 Willie Mays - San Francisco Giants
201 Larry Osborne - Detroit Tigers
202 Fred Kipp - Los Angeles Dodgers
203 Sammy White - Boston Red Sox
204 Ryne Duren - New York Yankees
205 Johnny Logan - Milwaukee Braves
206 Claude Osteen - Cincinnati Reds
207 Bob Boyd - Baltimore Orioles
208 Chicago White Sox Checklist (#177-264)
209 Ron Blackburn - Pittsburgh Pirates
210 Harmon Killebrew - Washington Senators
211 Taylor Phillips - Philadelphia Phillies
212 Walt Alston - Los Angeles Dodgers
213 Chuck Dressen - Milwaukee Braves
214 Jimmie Dykes - Detroit Tigers
215 Bob Elliott - Kansas City Athletics
216 Joe Gordon - Cleveland Indians
217 Charlie Grimm - Chicago Cubs
218 Solly Hemus - St. Louis Cardinals
219 Fred Hutchinson - Cincinnati Reds
220 Billy Jurges - Boston Red Sox
221 Cookie Lavagetto - Washington Senators
222 Al Lopez - Chicago White Sox
223 Danny Murtaugh - Pittsburgh Pirates
224 Paul Richards - Baltimore Orioles
225 Bill Rigney - San Francisco Giants
226 Eddie Sawyer - Philadelphia Phillies
227 Casey Stengel - New York Yankees
228 Ernie Johnson - Cleveland Indians
229 Joe Morgan - Kansas City Athletics RC
230 Mound Magicians - Lew Burdette / Warren Spahn / Bob Buhl
231 Hal Naragon - Washington Senators
232 Jim Busby - Boston Red Sox
233 Don Elston - Chicago Cubs
234 Don Demeter - Los Angeles Dodgers
235 Gus Bell - Cincinnati Reds
236 Dick Ricketts - St. Louis Cardinals
237 Elmer Valo - New York Yankees
238 Danny Kravitz - Pittsburgh Pirates
239 Joe Shipley - San Francisco Giants
240 Luis Aparicio - Chicago White Sox
241 Albie Pearson - Baltimore Orioles
242 St. Louis Cardinals Checklist (#265-352)
243 Bubba Phillips - Cleveland Indians
244 Hal Griggs - Washington Senators
245 Eddie Yost - Detroit Tigers
246 Lee Maye - Milwaukee Braves RC
247 Gil McDougald - New York Yankees
248 Del Rice - Chicago Cubs
249 Earl Wilson - Boston Red Sox RC
250 Stan Musial - St. Louis Cardinals
251 Bobby Malkmus - Philadelphia Phillies
252 Ray Herbert - Kansas City Athletics
253 Eddie Bressoud - San Francisco Giants
254 Arnie Portocarrero - Baltimore Orioles
255 Jim Gilliam - Los Angeles Dodgers
256 Dick Brown - Chicago White Sox
257 Gordy Coleman - Cincinnati Reds RC
258 Dick Groat - Pittsburgh Pirates
259 George Altman - Chicago Cubs
260 Power Plus - Rocky Colavito / Tito Francona
261 Pete Burnside - Detroit Tigers
262 Hank Bauer - Kansas City Athletics
263 Darrell Johnson - St. Louis Cardinals
264 Robin Roberts - Philadelphia Phillies
265 Rip Repulski - Los Angeles Dodgers
266 Joe Jay - Milwaukee Braves
267 Jim Marshall - Boston Red Sox
268 Al Worthington - San Francisco Giants
269 Gene Green - Baltimore Orioles
270 Bob Turley - New York Yankees
271 Julio Becquer - Washington Senators
272 Fred Green - Pittsburgh Pirates RC
273 Neil Chrisley - Detroit Tigers
274 Tom Acker - Kansas City Athletics
275 Curt Flood - St. Louis Cardinals
276 Ken McBride - Chicago White Sox RC
277 Harry Bright - Chicago Cubs
278 Stan Williams - Los Angeles Dodgers
279 Chuck Tanner - Cleveland Indians
280 Frank Sullivan - Boston Red Sox
281 Ray Boone - Milwaukee Braves
282 Joe Nuxhall - Cincinnati Reds
283 John Blanchard - New York Yankees
284 Don Gross - Pittsburgh Pirates
285 Harry Anderson - Philadelphia Phillies
286 Ray Semproch - Detroit Tigers
287 Felipe Alou - San Francisco Giants
288 Bob Mabe - Baltimore Orioles
289 Willie Jones - Cincinnati Reds
290 Jerry Lumpe - Kansas City Athletics
291 Bob Keegan - St. Louis Cardinals
292 Dodger Backstops - Joe Pignatano / John Roseboro
293 Gene Conley - Philadelphia Phillies
294 Tony Taylor - Chicago Cubs
295 Gil Hodges - Los Angeles Dodgers
296 Nelson Chittum - Boston Red Sox RC
297 Reno Bertoia - Washington Senators

298 George Witt - Pittsburgh Pirates
299 Earl Torgeson - Chicago White Sox
300 Hank Aaron - Milwaukee Braves
301 Jerry Davie - Detroit Tigers
302 Philadelphia Phillies Checklist (#353-429)
303 Billy O'Dell - San Francisco Giants
304 Joe Ginsberg - Baltimore Orioles
305 Richie Ashburn - Chicago Cubs
306 Frank Baumann - Chicago White Sox
307 Gene Oliver - St. Louis Cardinals
308 Dick Hall - Kansas City Athletics
309 Bob Hale - Cleveland Indians
310 Frank Malzone - Boston Red Sox
311 Raul Sanchez - Cincinnati Reds
312 Charley Lau - Milwaukee Braves
313 Turk Lown - Chicago White Sox
314 Chico Fernandez - Detroit Tigers
315 Bobby Shantz - New York Yankees
316 Willie McCovey - San Francisco Giants RC
317 Pumpsie Green - Boston Red Sox RC
318 Jim Baxes - Cleveland Indians
319 Joe Koppe - Philadelphia Phillies
320 Bob Allison - Washington Senators
321 Ron Fairly - Los Angeles Dodgers
322 Willie Tasby - Baltimore Orioles
323 Johnny Romano - Cleveland Indians
324 Jim Perry - Cleveland Indians
325 Jim O'Toole - Cincinnati Reds
326 Roberto Clemente - Pittsburgh Pirates
327 Ray Sadecki - St. Louis Cardinals RC
328 Earl Battey - Chicago White Sox
329 Zack Monroe - New York Yankees
330 Harvey Kuenn - Detroit Tigers
331 Henry Mason - Philadelphia Phillies RC
332 New York Yankees Checklist (#265-352)
333 Danny McDevitt - Los Angeles Dodgers
334 Ted Abernathy - Washington Senators
335 Red Schoendienst - Milwaukee Braves
336 Ike Delock - Boston Red Sox
337 Cal Neeman - Chicago Cubs
338 Ray Monzant - San Francisco Giants
339 Harry Chiti - Kansas City Athletics
340 Harvey Haddix - Pittsburgh Pirates
341 Carroll Hardy - Cleveland Indians
342 Casey Wise - Detroit Tigers
343 Sandy Koufax - Los Angeles Dodgers
344 Clint Courtney - Washington Senators
345 Don Newcombe - Cincinnati Reds
346 J.C. Martin - Chicago White Sox RC
347 Ed Bouchee - Philadelphia Phillies
348 Barry Shetrone - Baltimore Orioles RC
349 Moe Drabowsky - Chicago Cubs
350 Mickey Mantle - New York Yankees
351 Don Nottebart - Milwaukee Braves RC
352 Cincy Clouters - Gus Bell / Frank Robinson / Jerry Lynch
353 Don Larsen - Kansas City Athletics
354 Bob Lillis - Los Angeles Dodgers
355 Bill White - St. Louis Cardinals
356 Joe Amalfitano - San Francisco Giants
357 Al Schroll - Chicago Cubs
358 Joe DeMaestri - New York Yankees
359 Buddy Gilbert - Cincinnati Reds RC
360 Herb Score - Cleveland Indians
361 Bob Oldis - Pittsburgh Pirates
362 Russ Kemmerer - Washington Senators
363 Gene Stephens - Boston Red Sox
364 Paul Foytack - Detroit Tigers
365 Minnie Minoso - Chicago White Sox
366 Dallas Green - Philadelphia Phillies RC
367 Bill Tuttle - Kansas City Athletics
368 Daryl Spencer - St. Louis Cardinals
369 Billy Hoeft - Baltimore Orioles
370 Bill Skowron - New York Yankees
371 Bud Byerly - San Francisco Giants
372 Frank House - Cincinnati Reds
373 Don Hoak - Pittsburgh Pirates
374 Bob Buhl - Milwaukee Braves
375 Dale Long - Chicago Cubs
376 Johnny Briggs - Cleveland Indians
377 Roger Maris - New York Yankees
378 Stu Miller - San Francisco Giants
379 Red Wilson - Detroit Tigers
380 Bob Shaw - Chicago White Sox
381 Milwaukee Braves Checklist (#353-429)
382 Ted Bowsfield - Boston Red Sox
383 Leon Wagner - St. Louis Cardinals
384 Don Cardwell - Philadelphia Phillies
385 World Series Game 1 - Neal Steals Second
386 World Series Game 2 - Neal Belts 2nd Homer
387 World Series Game 3 - Furillo Breaks Up Game
388 World Series Game 4 - Hodges' Winning Homer
389 World Series Game 5 - Luis Swipes Base
390 World Series Game 6 - Scrambling After Ball
391 1959 World Series Summary - The Champs Celebrate
392 Tex Clevenger - Washington Senators
393 Smoky Burgess - Pittsburgh Pirates
394 Norm Larker - Los Angeles Dodgers
395 Hoyt Wilhelm - Baltimore Orioles
396 Steve Bilko - Detroit Tigers
397 Don Blasingame - San Francisco Giants
398 Mike Cuellar - Cincinnati Reds
399 Young Hill Stars - Milt Pappas / Jack Fisher / Jerry Walker
400 Rocky Colavito - Cleveland Indians
401 Bob Duliba - St. Louis Cardinals RC
402 Dick Stuart - Pittsburgh Pirates
403 Ed Sadowski - Boston Red Sox
404 Bob Rush - Milwaukee Braves
405 Bobby Richardson - New York Yankees
406 Billy Klaus - Baltimore Orioles
407 Gary Peters - Chicago White Sox RC
408 Carl Furillo - Los Angeles Dodgers
409 Ron Samford - Washington Senators
410 Sam Jones - San Francisco Giants
411 Ed Bailey - Cincinnati Reds
412 Bob Anderson - Chicago Cubs
413 Kansas City Athletics Checklist (#430-495) - Kansas City Athletics
414 Don Williams - Pittsburgh Pirates RC
415 Bob Cerv - Kansas City Athletics
416 Humberto Robinson - Philadelphia Phillies
417 Chuck Cottier - Milwaukee Braves RC
418 Don Mossi - Detroit Tigers
419 George Crowe - St. Louis Cardinals
420 Eddie Mathews - Milwaukee Braves
421 Duke Maas - New York Yankees
422 John Powers - Baltimore Orioles
423 Ed Fitz Gerald - Cleveland Indians
424 Pete Whisenant - Cincinnati Reds
425 Johnny Podres - Los Angeles Dodgers
426 Ron H. Jackson - Boston Red Sox
427 Al Grunwald - Kansas City Athletics RC
428 Al Smith - Chicago White Sox
429 American League Kings - Nellie Fox / Harvey Kuenn
430 Art Ditmar - New York Yankees
431 Andre Rodgers - San Francisco Giants
432 Chuck Stobbs - Washington Senators
433 Irv Noren - Chicago Cubs
434 Brooks Lawrence - Cincinnati Reds
435 Gene Freese - Chicago White Sox
436 Marv Throneberry - Kansas City Athletics
437 Bob Friend - Pittsburgh Pirates
438 Jimmie Coker - Philadelphia Phillies RC
439 Tom Brewer - Boston Red Sox
440 Jim Lemon - Washington Senators
441 Gary Bell - Cleveland Indians
442 Joe Pignatano - Los Angeles Dodgers
443 Charlie Maxwell - Detroit Tigers
444 Jerry Kindall - Chicago Cubs
445 Warren Spahn - Milwaukee Braves
446 Ellis Burton - St. Louis Cardinals
447 Ray Moore - Chicago White Sox
448 Jim Gentile - Baltimore Orioles RC
449 Jim Brosnan - Cincinnati Reds
450 Orlando Cepeda - San Francisco Giants
451 Curt Simmons - Philadelphia Phillies
452 Ray Webster - Boston Red Sox
453 Vern law - Pittsburgh Pirates
454 Hal Woodeshick - Washington Senators
455 Orioles Coaches - Harry Brecheen / Lum Harris / Eddie Robinson
456 Red Sox Coaches - Rudy York / Billy Herman / Sal Maglie / Del Baker
457 Cubs Coaches - Charlie Root / Lou Klein / Elvin Tappe
458 White Sox Coaches - Johnny Cooney / Don Gutteridge / Tony Cuccinello / Ray Berres
459 Reds Coaches - Reggie Otero / Cot Deal / Wally Moses
460 Indians Coaches - Mel Harder / Jo Jo White / Bob Lemon / Red Kress
461 Tigers Coaches - Tom Ferrick / Luke Appling / Billy Hitchcock
462 A's Coaches - Walker Cooper / Freddie Fitzsimmons / Don Heffner
463 Dodgers Coaches - Bobby Bragan / Pete Reiser / Joe Becker / Greg Mulleavy
464 Braves Coaches - Bob Scheffing / Whit Wyatt / Andy Pafko / George Myatt
465 Yankees Coaches - Bill Dickey / Ralph Houk / Frankie Crosetti / Ed Lopat
466 Phillies Coaches - Ken Silvestri / Dick Carter / Andy Cohen
467 Pirates Coaches - Mickey Vernon / Frank Oceak / Sam Narron / Bill Burwell
468 Cardinals Coaches - Johnny Keane / Howie Pollet / Ray Katt / Harry Walker
469 Giants Coaches - Salty Parker / Bill Posedel / Wes Westrum
470 Senators Coaches - Bob Swift / Ellis Clary / Sam Mele
471 Ned Garver - Kansas City Athletics
472 Alvin Dark - Philadelphia Phillies
473 Al Cicotte - Cleveland Indians
474 Haywood Sullivan - Boston Red Sox
475 Don Drysdale - Los Angeles Dodgers
476 Lou Johnson - Chicago Cubs RC
477 Don Ferrarese - Chicago White Sox
478 Frank Torre - Milwaukee Braves
479 Georges Maranda - San Francisco Giants RC
480 Yogi Berra - New York Yankees
481 Wes Stock - Baltimore Orioles RC
482 Frank Bolling - Detroit Tigers
483 Camilo Pascual - Washington Senators
484 Pittsburgh Pirates Checklist (#430-495) - Pittsburgh Pirates
485 Ken Boyer - St. Louis Cardinals
486 Bobby Del Greco - Philadelphia Phillies
487 Tom Sturdivant - Boston Red Sox
488 Norm Cash - Detroit Tigers
489 Steve Ridzik - Chicago Cubs
490 Frank Robinson - Cincinnati Reds
491 Mel Roach - Milwaukee Braves
492 Larry Jackson - St. Louis Cardinals
493 Duke Snider - Los Angeles Dodgers
494 Baltimore Orioles Checklist (#496-572) - Baltimore Orioles
495 Sherm Lollar - Chicago White Sox
496 Bill Virdon - Pittsburgh Pirates
497 John Tsitouris - Kansas City Athletics
498 Al Pilarcik - Baltimore Orioles
499 Johnny James - New York Yankees RC
500 Johnny Temple - Cleveland Indians
501 Bob Schmidt - San Francisco Giants
502 Jim Bunning - Detroit Tigers
503 Don Lee - Washington Senators
504 Seth Morehead - Chicago Cubs
505 Ted Kluszewski - Chicago White Sox
506 Lee Walls - Cincinnati Reds
507 Dick Stigman - Cleveland Indians
508 Billy Consolo - Washington Senators
509 Tommy Davis - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
510 Jerry Staley - Chicago White Sox
511 Ken Walters - Philadelphia Phillies RC
512 Joe Gibbon - Pittsburgh Pirates RC
513 Chicago Cubs Checklist (#496-572) - Chicago Cubs
514 Steve Barber - Baltimore Orioles RC
515 Stan Lopata - Milwaukee Braves
516 Marty Kutyna - Kansas City Athletics RC
517 Charley James - St. Louis Cardinals RC
518 Tony Gonzalez - Cincinnati Reds RC
519 Ed Roebuck - Los Angeles Dodgers
520 Don Buddin - Boston Red Sox
521 Mike Lee - Cleveland Indians RC
522 Ken Hunt - New York Yankees RC
523 Clay Dalrymple - Philadelphia Phillies RC
524 Bill Henry - Cincinnati Reds
525 Marv Breeding - Baltimore Orioles RC
526 Paul Giel - Pittsburgh Pirates
527 Jose Valdivielso - Washington Senators
528 Ben Johnson - Chicago Cubs RC
529 Norm Sherry - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
530 Mike McCormick - San Francisco Giants
531 Sandy Amoros - Detroit Tigers
532 Mike Garcia - Chicago White Sox
533 Lou Clinton - Boston Red Sox RC
534 Ken MacKenzie - Milwaukee Braves RC
535 Whitey Lockman - Cincinnati Reds
536 Wynn Hawkins - Cleveland Indians RC
537 Boston Red Sox Checklist (#496-572) - Boston Red Sox
538 Frank Barnes - Chicago White Sox RC
539 Gene Baker - Pittsburgh Pirates
540 Jerry Walker - Baltimore Orioles
541 Tony Curry - Philadelphia Phillies RC
542 Ken Hamlin - Kansas City Athletics RC
543 Elio Chacon - Cincinnati Reds RC
544 Bill Monbouquette - Boston Red Sox
545 Carl Sawatski - St. Louis Cardinals
546 Hank Aguirre - Detroit Tigers
547 Bob Aspromonte - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
548 Don Mincher - Washington Senators RC
549 John Buzhardt - Philadelphia Phillies
550 Jim Landis - Chicago White Sox
551 Ed Rakow - Los Angeles Dodgers RC
552 Walt Bond - Cleveland Indians RC
553 Bill Skowron - New York Yankees AS
554 Willie McCovey - San Francisco Giants AS
555 Nellie Fox - Chicago White Sox AS
556 Charlie Neal - Los Angeles Dodgers AS
557 Frank Malzone - Boston Red Sox AS
558 Eddie Mathews - Milwaukee Braves AS
559 Luis Aparicio - Chicago White Sox AS
560 Ernie Banks - Chicago Cubs AS
561 Al Kaline - Detroit Tigers AS
562 Joe Cunningham - St. Louis Cardinals AS
563 Mickey Mantle - New York Yankees AS
564 Willie Mays - San Francisco Giants AS
565 Roger Maris - New York Yankees AS
566 Hank Aaron - Milwaukee Braves AS
567 Sherm Lollar - Chicago White Sox AS
568 Del Crandall - Milwaukee Braves AS
569 Camilo Pascual - Washington Senators AS
570 Don Drysdale - Los Angeles Dodgers AS
571 Billy Pierce - Chicago White Sox AS
572 Johnny Antonelli - San Francisco Giants AS

Ross Uitts


Ross is the founder of Old Sports Cards and has been collecting sports cards for over 30 years. He also loves to write about the hobby and has written for Beckett, Topps, SABR and of course, this website. Need help buying or selling cards or have a general question about the hobby? Contact him at [email protected]

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  1. Letter wall decor hobby lobby
  2. Gigabyte x570 aorus elite specs
  3. Acadian style house floor plans

When it was time to plan the design for the 1960 Topps baseball cards, Sy Berger and the rest of the Topps braintrust must have felt a tremendous sense of autonomy.

After all, major competitor Bowman was five years in the rearview, long ago purchased and folded into the archives.

And Fleer was only nibbling around the edges, unable to issue cards of current players in their Major League Baseball uniforms and opting instead for sets of all-time greats and an exclusive run of 1959 Ted Williams cards.

1960 topps wax packs

So, with no real competition on the horizon, Topps tried something different — they went back to a horizontal format for the first time since 1956 but maintained the then-standard 2.5″ x 3.5″ card size.

Lots of color, two photos per card, special subsets, and bold blocky design elements dominated the cards, and it’s a look like no other.

But were the cards popular? Hard to say for sure how they landed with collectors of the day, but today’s hobbyists love the 1960s right along with other cards of the era.

We love them enough, in fact, that some can bring big money on the secondary (or tertiary or quaternary) market.

In that spirit, here are the ten most valuable 1960 Topps baseball cards, ranked by values of PSA 7 specimens as reported in the PSA Sports Market Report Price Guide.

1960 Topps Mickey Mantle (#350)

1960 Topps Mickey Mantle

The baseball card value game isn’t always fair, and that goes double when Mickey Mantle is involved.

I mean, no matter which set we’re talking about, there’s a decent chance the Commerce Comet is going to be on top of the heap.

Unless there’s a Hall of Fame rookie card in the set.

Sometimes, though, the Mantle Effect can’t be overcome by the mere presence of even a stellar RC … or two.

That’s the case with 1960 Topps, because even though there are two all-time RCs on the checklist (see below), Mantle rules the day.

Hard to argue with that situation, really, because this is a great looking mid-career card of the guy who still captures our imagination like few others, even 50+ years after his retirement.

In PSA 7, this is an $800+ card.

Check prices on eBay (affiliate link)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

1960 Topps Carl Yastrzemski Rookie Card (#148)

1960 Topps Carl Yastrzemski

The first Carl Yastrzemski card I ever held in my hands was his 1983 Topps base issue, and I remember being struck by a) hold old he looked and b) the Bible-print wall of statistics on the card back.

Not long after that, I found out that the 1960 Topps Yaz rookie card was one of the most coveted in the hobby. I eventually saw one in a picture, or maybe at a card show in Indianapolis, and thought it looked pretty funky — but in an exotic sort of way that made it seem all the more unattainable.

While that Yaz RC doesn’t hold quite the lofty position it once did thanks to the hobby emergence of first-year cardboard from Pete Rose, Steve Carlton, Rod Carew, Tom Seaver, and Nolan Ryan, it’s still a cardboard staple.

Today, this is about a $300 item in PSA 7.

Check prices on eBay (affiliate link)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

1960 Topps Willie McCovey Rookie Card (#316)

1960 Topps Willie McCovey Rookie Card

McCovey actually scored two cards in the 1960 Topps set — this Topps All-Star Rookie and a “regular” All-Star card.

The Big Mac rookie never quite held the same sway over collectors as its Yaz counterpart, but it’s always been one of the more valuable pieces of the 1960 Topps set.

It sells for $250+ in PSA 7 today.

Check prices on eBay (affiliate link)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

1960 Topps Hank Aaron (#300)

1960 Topps Hank Aaron

It took awhile for mid-career Aaron cards to gain the acclaim they deserve, but these days most fans and collectors recognize Aaron for what he is — one of the best two or three players of the 50s and 60s, and one of the top 5 ever.

That status reflects here, in the form of a classic piece that’s a $250+ card in PSA 7 condition.

Check prices on eBay (affiliate link)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

1960 Topps Mickey Mantle All-Star (#563)

1960 Topps Mickey Mantle All Star

Sometimes, the Mantle Effect doesn’t end with his base card.

But that only happens when … well, when there’s any sort of other Mantle card in a set. You know, like All-Star, or World Series, or “Mantle Hits a 565-foot Home Run” Mantle cards.

In the case of 1960 Topps, that extra Mantle card is of the All-Star variety, and the big “60” in the background looks downright prophetic given what would unfold over then next couple of seasons.

For our purposes, just know that this is about a $200 card in PSA 7.

Check prices on eBay (affiliate link)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

1960 Topps Willie Mays (#200)

1960 Topps Willie Mays

Willie Mays was always right there with Mantle in the conversation about who was the best player in the game at any given time. Duke Snider was sort of lumped in there, too, by virtue of his prominence with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

But it was Willie who got top billing in all those “Willie, Mickey, and The Duke” refrains, and he ended up as the most accomplished of the three.

His 1960 Topps card is an absolute classic and can fetch close to $200 in PSA 7.

Check prices on eBay (affiliate link)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

1960 Topps Roberto Clemente (#326)

1960 Topps Roberto Clemente

Even though he died prematurely in a plane crash nearly 50 years ago, Clemente’s popularity seems to grow year after year.

That’s reflected in his cards across the board, and especially with pasteboards that hold special significance.

Clemente’s 1960 Topps card is stunning, as the colors, figurine batter shot, and Pirates logo fit together like art. It doesn’t hurt that the Bucs won the World Series in dramatic fashion against the New York Yankees that fall, either.

Expect to pay $175 or more in PSA 7.

Check prices on eBay (affiliate link)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

1960 Topps Sandy Koufax (#343)

1960 Topps Sandy Koufax

In 1960, Sandy Koufax was still trundling along as a good but not spectacular starter — and sometimes reliever — for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It would be another year before he put up anything resembling big numbers and clinching an All-Star berth, and another three until he became the lockdown beast that we all remember him as today.

This 1960 Topps card is a snapshot in time of a young man on the verge of big things, and it can sell for $100 or more in PSA 7 today.

Check prices on eBay (affiliate link)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

1960 Topps Stan Musial (#250)

1960 Topps Stan Musial

At the other end of baseball’s circle of life in 1960 stood Stan Musial, the St. Louis Cardinals’ beloved elder statesman who had built his legend over the course of two decades under the arch.

Counting 1960, Stan the Man would manage four more Big League seasons before retiring in 1963 as a Cooperstown lock.

Not surprisingly, Musial cards have always been popular across the board, and this one is a $100+ item in graded NM condition.

Check prices on eBay (affiliate link)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

1960 Topps Roger Maris (#377)

1960 Topps Roger Maris

As 1960 dawned, Roger Maris was on the move from the Kansas City Athletics to the vaunted New York Yankees.

Could the young outfielder with the big power stroke put things together under the bright city lights, or would he wilt in the fire of expectations?

Well, Maris answered question pretty emphatically with an MVP season that helped the Yanks reach the World Series.

And the next season?

He didn’t do much for an encore … just a little home run race with teammate Mickey Mantle that ended with Maris eclipsing Babe Ruth‘s single-season dinger record by clubbing 61 of his own.

He also made “asterisk” a trending topic before we had trending topics.

For all this, Maris’s cards remain strong sellers nearly 60 years on, and this 1960 Topps piece — his first in a Yankees uniform — brings $100 or more in PSA 7.

Check prices on eBay (affiliate link)

Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

Want to see a video version of this article?

Sours: https://waxpackgods.com/1960-topps-baseball-cards/
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