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25 Dystopian Books for Teens to Read

Can’t seem to get enough of dystopian books for teens? Find out which captivating ya dystopian novels are worth a read.

After compiling a list of dystopian books for adults, I thought it would be fun to look into the best dystopian books for teens.

Although my expertise heavily falls in adult literature, I have a soft spot for young adult fiction. I don’t read it as much as I used to, but when I do, I tend to gravitate toward teen dystopian fiction.

There is something enthralling about the action inherent in YA literature. Since they rely so heavily on plot and emotional drama, it’s easy to be swept away into romance and adventure. 

If you are looking to discover the best YA dystopian novels, here are the titles that I’ve loved or am interested in reading.

Don’t Miss a Thing

Rare Standalone Dystopian Books for Teens

book cover The Grace Year by Kim Liggett

The Grace Year

Kim Liggett

The Handmaid’s Tale meets Lord of the Flies in this story set in the male-dominated oppressive Garner county. Every year, all 16-year-old girls are shipped off to spend their “grace year” in seclusion so that their magic will be burned out of them. Before they go, brides are selected by eligible bachelors. Tierney James knows she will never be chosen as a wife, nor does she want to be, and dreams of someday changing this dystopian society. Yet in her grace year, Tierney begins to wonder: Do women even have magic?

Publication Date: 8 October 2019
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book cover Dry by Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman


Neal and Jarrod Shusterman

For years in California, people have been warned to conserve water because of drought conditions. Father and son authors Neal and Jarrod Shusterman image what would happen if the wells actually ran dry. Quickly, Alyssa’s suburban neighborhood turns into a warzone with people desperate for water. You’ll be struck by how accurately the breakdown of society – hoarding, profiteering, evacuation centers – is laid out in this entirely possible scenario.

Publication Date: 2 October 2018
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One

Ernest Cline

Although Cline is rumored to be writing a sequel, for now, Ready Player One is one of the rare standalone dystopian novels for teens. Since real life is a disastrous place, most people spend all their time in the OASIS, a virtual reality realm where you can be anything or anyone. The Oasis’s creator has left the ultimate Easter egg in the program, promising the ability to unlock massive power and fortune. Wade Watts has devoted his teenage life to studying obscure pop culture trivia and stumbles upon a clue that everyone else seems to have missed. Not being a gamer, I didn’t appreciate this story as much as my husband, but I will say that the book was far better than the movie.

Publication Date: 16 August 2011
Amazon | Goodreads


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Dystopian Books for Teens

Addicting Dystopian Trilogies

book cover The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins’s series The Hunger Games has become the shining example of the best teen dystopian novels for good reason. In Panem, all the power and wealth are concentrated in the Capitol while the outer districts are forced into poverty and manual labor. Every year, two youth from each district are chosen in a televised fight to the death. To save her sister, Katniss Everdeen volunteers as this year’s tribute, forcing her to decide what she is willing to do to win. Captivating from start to finish, The Hunger Games has influenced dystopian fiction for teens more than any other book.

Publication Date: 14 September 2008
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book cover Divergent by Veronica Roth


Veronica Roth

In dystopian Chicago, society has been split into five factions each representing a different value – Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite. On choosing day, Tris Prior decides to leave the simple altruistic life of her parents in Abnegation to join the fearless defenders at Dauntless. As she goes through a highly competitive competition to win a spot among the new initiates, Tris stumbles onto a much deeper conspiracy. Although the premise gets stranger the longer the series goes on, Divergent is a fun read for teens.

Publication Date: 25 April 2011
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The Fifth Wave

Rick Yancey

An alien force strategically attacks the Earth in a multi-faceted campaign: cutting off power, causing tsunamis and earthquakes, spreading disease, and invading the Earth. Now the fifth wave is about to begin, with plans to completely eradicate humans. As Cassie sets out to save her little brother from The Others, she meets Evan Walker, another survivor, and must decide how much anyone can be trusted in this post-apocalyptic world. If you want more books like The Hunger Games and Divergent, The 5th Wave is a good next choice.

Publication Date: 7 May 2013
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover The Knife of Letting Go by Patrick Ness

The Knife of Never Letting Go

Patrick Ness

In a society where everyone can hear each other’s thoughts, Todd Hewitt, the only boy in a town of all men, can tell that everyone is holding something back. Then one day, he discovers something inexplicable in the woods: a girl. The first book in the Chaos Walking series, The Knife of Never Letting Go is set to be the next teen dystopian fiction book to become a movie (starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley) if post-production ever finishes.

Publication Date: 5 May 2008
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book cover Scythe by Neal Shusterman


Neal Shusterman

It feels like a dream: a world with no disease, no hunger, no war, and no death. Humanity has overcome its basest nature and now humans can live forever. Knowing that resources are finite, scythes are entrusted with the ability to kill to maintain population control. When Citra and Rowan find themselves apprenticed to a scythe, they must learn to master the art of death.

Publication Date: 22 November 2016
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover Matched by Ally Condie


Ally Condie

In the Society, you are given a perfect life – one where your perfect job, your ideal mate, and all other major choices are decided for you. Cassie is excited to discover her match and is thrilled to see her best friend’s face on her screen. But then another face flashes across the screen, too. Now Cassie must do what she never expected: choose what life and love she wants. If you are looking for dystopian teen novels for a younger audience, Matched is a good choice for tweens.

Publication Date: 30 November 2010
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Lauren Oliver

In this dystopian teen romance, the government has deemed love a health hazard. Once citizens turn eighteen, they under a procedure called “The Cure.” With only a few months until her eighteenth birthday, Lena Haloway is excited for her turn to be initiated into adulthood. Until she meets a mysterious boy from the wild who makes her consider doing the unthinkable – falling in love.

Publication Date: 3 February 2011
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book cover The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The Host

Stephenie Meyer

Although best known for her Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer has written a series of dystopian books for teens as well. The world has been taken over by an alien species that takes over the minds of the human inhabitants, leaving the bodies intact. Wanderer is shocked to find her human host body still fighting. Melanie Stryder refuses to relinquish control, filling Wanderer’s thoughts with a boy named Jared who is still in hiding. Now Wanderer and Melanie find themselves reluctant allies trying to find him.

Publication Date: 6 May 2008
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Must-Read YA Dystopian Book Series

book cover Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard

A genetic twist of fate has split mankind into two castes. The Silvers are the ruling elite, with superhuman powers coursing through their silver-blooded veins. On the other hand, the regular red-blooded humans live as expendable commoners. While working at the Palace, Mare Barrow accidentally discovers she has unimaginable power, stronger than most Silvers. Can she successfully pass as a lost Silver princess or will she be discovered as a spy for the Red resistance movement? Although the later books didn’t live up to Red Queen, I quite enjoyed this X-Men style dystopian series.

Publication Date: 10 February 2015
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book cover The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze Runner

James Dashner

Meet Thomas, a boy who wakes up among a group of boys inside a creepy labyrinth with no memory of his past. Every day, runners are sent out through the surrounding maze full of dark creatures desperate to find an escape. Until one day, a girl appears, with a message that time is running out. Let’s face it, this isn’t the best-written series ever. Still, I found myself drawn into the story and can see why they were among the teen dystopian novels to become movies. If you are simply looking for a fun young adult read, give this series a try. Just don’t focus too closely on the glaring plot holes.

Publication Date: 6 October 2009
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book cover Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me

Tahereh Mafi

Juliette, a girl whose touch is fatal, has been languishing in prison for months, ever since she accidentally killed someone. With the world crumbling, the Reestablishment just threw her in prison and forgot about her. Until the drums of war begin to sound, and someone suggests that maybe Juliette might make the perfect weapon.

Publication Date: 15 November 2011
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book cover Uglies by Scott Westerfeld


Scott Westerfeld

Good dystopian books for teens tap into their fears, and Uglies takes a hard look at self-image issues. Tally is thrilled to be turning sixteen soon so she can undergo an extensive procedure that will transform her from an ugly duckling to flawlessly gorgeous. Once you’re a pretty, you are welcomed into a life of luxury and amusement. When Tally’s best friend runs away to avoid the procedure, Tally is recruited to find her, or be refused the surgery herself.

Publication Date: 8 February 2005
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover Legend by Marie Lu


Marie Lu

In a nation perpetually at war, two teenagers from opposite ends of society are brought together in a clever game of cat-and-mouse. June comes from the wealthy elite, destined to become one of the military’s top leaders. On the other hand, Day was raised in the slums and has risen to be The Republic’s most wanted criminal. When June’s brother is murdered, Day is the prime suspect and June will do whatever it takes to avenge her brother’s death.

Publication Date: 29 November 2011
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer’s series The Lunar Chronicles retells classic fairy tales into dystopian books for teens. Cinder is a sixteen-year-old cyborg, hated by her stepmother. Yet she’s the best mechanic in all of New Beijing, a fact noted by Prince Kai when he needs to fix an android. When Cinder’s stepsister falls victim to a plague, Cinder is forced into medical research, where a discovery is made that could change everything. This charming Cinderella retelling is expanded on with sequels correlating to Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel (my favorite), and Snow White.

Publication Date: 3 January 2012
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Selection

Kiera Cass

Prince Maxon needs a bride, so it’s time for the Selection. From around the realm, thirty-five girls are chosen to compete for his hand. After breaking up with her boyfriend, America reluctantly enters the competition. She has no desire to marry Prince Maxon until a chance meeting sparks a friendship between the two. Now, America must navigate her feelings for Maxon and her ex, all while rebels constantly threaten the Palace. Dystopian romance novels for teens aren’t my favorite genre and this series is particularly poorly written. Yet, that didn’t stop me from reading the first three books, so I can see why it has such a large following.

Publication Date: 4 April 2012
Amazon | Goodreads | More Info


Don’t Miss a Thing

Classic Dystopian Fiction for Teens

book cover The Giver by Lois Lowry

The Giver

Lois Lowry

One of the most classic dystopian books for middle school is Lois Lowry’s The Giver. In a utopian society, twelve-year-old Jonas is surprised to be given the rare assignment as the Receiver of Memory. He will be given all past memories from his society – a flood of emotions that have been eradicated in his world of Sameness. Slowly, Jonas realizes that perfect order at the cost of individuality is no utopia. A must-read for young tweens.

Publication Date: 26 April 1993
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Game

Orson Scott Card

In a future where humanity is at war with an alien enemy determined to destroy life on Earth, Ender Wiggin is a third child in a family of extraordinarily gifted children. Sent off to battle school at only six years of age, Ender – with his perfect mix of compassion and ruthlessness – is forced to become the military genius humanity so desperately needs. Ender’s Game is an amazing novel and the best dystopian novels for young adults that adults will love, too. Not only is it thrilling enough to intrigue teenage boys who never read but also it’s so packed with complex themes and deeper meanings you’ll want to read it again and again.

Publication Date: 1985
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book cover Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm

George Orwell

1984 is one of the most famous dystopian novels for adults, and I propose that Animal Farm serves as a great companion among the dystopian books for teens. A simple story of the animals revolting against the cruel farmer to set up their own government, Animal Farm is the perfect allegory for the danger of giving up our freedoms for the sake of security. If you’ve ever wondered how a dictatorship comes to be, this classic short novel will show you.

Publication Date: 17 August 1945
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley

As science and technology can do more and more to improve our lives, how much of our humanity are we willing to give to reach utopia? Huxley paints a frightening picture of a world of total uniformity that will show you the downside of a world without suffering. With complex themes, Brave New World is a great classic dystopian tale for older teens.

Publication Date: 1932
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover Fahrenheit 541 by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury

In a world where printed books are outlawed, firemen Guy Montag begins to wonder what’s so dangerous about books. Fahrenheit 451 is the classic dystopian teen fiction read in high school. It serves as a warning against the dangers of censorship and the consequences of an addiction to television. In our world of technology, Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel feels rather prophetic.

Publication Date: 13 October 1953
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Save for Later

The Best YA Dystopian

A few Dystopian Books for Kids

book cover City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

City of Ember

Jeanne DuPrau

For hundreds of years, the people of Ember have lived in an underground city which is now falling apart. Corruption runs rampant, food supplies are running out, and the power systems are beginning to fail. Two children discover a clue hinting that an exit to Ember exists. Even if they can solve the mystery, they aren’t sure how they will get the citizens of Ember to listen.

Publication Date: 2003
Amazon | Goodreads

book cover A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

A Wrinkle in Time

Madeleine L’Engle

L’Engle’s beloved Newberry Award-winning book is a beloved children’s fantasy. The story tells of Meg and Charles Wallace embarking through a wrinkle in time on a quest to find their missing father. There they meet a dark force intent on subjugating them to its will. You’ll either cherish this classic or you might just think it was weird like I did.

Publication Date: 1962
Amazon | Goodreads

What dystopian books for teens do you recommend?


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15 YA Dystopian Novels


Ever since the 2008 release of The Hunger Games, the dystopian world (regardless of sub genres it blended into)  has exploded. It’s an expanding genre that is still enjoying the benefits and recognition The Hunger Games gave the genre. At one point, it boasted 23 million copies sold and appeared on the NYT bestseller list more than 200 times, and has many awards to its name. Though The Hunger Games was hardly the first novel set in a dystopian world, it became so popular recently that the books have since been an inspiration for publishers and authors to release a litany of novels set in similar worlds.

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So what is a dystopia or dystopian world? Here’s how Dictionary.com describes it:



/dɪsˈtoʊ pi ə/


1. a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.

Why are we so enamored with these worlds? Is it because they are (generally) set in a version of the world we now live in and the idea of what the future may look like is fascinating? Or is it more basic than that, and it is simply that we love a good, entertaining story?

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With the recent release of the film adaptation of Insurgent, I thought it might be fun to look at some of the other dystopian novels out there that are recently popular and appeal to me as a reader, some that are more obscure and some that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re suffering withdrawals, having to wait another year to journey on in Tris and Company’s next adventure, perhaps you can find some new adventures to help fill the void.

(In Alphabetical Order by Author)

#1. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Book - Red Queen

The most recent YA dystopian novel to make a grand entrance, this debut novel is published by HarperTeen and knew how to make that entrance in style; quickly making an appearance on the New York Times’ bestseller list. The Red Queen is about a common girl named Mare who is a “red blood” meant to serve the “Silvers” who ascends to become one of the more privileged people – or a “Silver.”

#2. Thunder by Bonnie Calhoun

Book - Thunder

Thunder marks the first book in Bonnie’s dystopian trilogy about a girl named Seleh who discovers her family is not really biologically hers. Instead, she is really a Lander, the sworn enemy of her family – a people that her family hunts. The prequel novella, Tremors is free to download on Kindle for anyone curious about this story.

#3. The Selection by Kiera Cass

Book - The Selection

I adore this series, which is a loose re-telling of the Biblical story of Esther. The story is fascinating and I’m thrilled that the third novel, The One is not going to be the end of the series. Come May, the story continues with The Heir.

#4. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Book - The Hunger Games

No doubt all of us have at least heard of fearless Katniss Everdeen who volunteers her own life in Pandam’s Hunger Games to save her sister. Her stories are told in these three books, which have also been made into popular film adaptations. Somehow this list didn’t feel right without listing the series.

#5. Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie

Book - Matched

Ally’s dystopian world features a society in which the population is told what to do. Its heroine Cassia sets into motion a series of events that asks her to make a decision: between what she’s told and following her heart.

#6. The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze Runner Book

Another trilogy of novels that is getting a series of film adaptations to its name, this series centers on a young boy who can only remember his name, Thomas. He wakes surrounded by people he doesn’t know, inside a world that is kept hidden by a terrifying maze.

#7. The Chemical Garden Trilogy by Lauren DeStefano

Wither by Lauren DeStefano

The tagline for this series is as follows, “What if you knew exactly when you would die?” Way to intrigue a would-be reader!

#8. The Jewel by Amy Ewing

The Jewel Book

Though its cover is dazzling, this novel warns not to let that image fool you. The Jewel is actually set in a “darkly riveting” world where young girls are raised to be surrogates for the wealthy who want a child. It’s a “debut filled with twists and turns, where all that glitters may not be gold” according to its synopsis.

#9. Landry Park by Bethany Hagen 

Book - Landry Park

According to the summary, this series is “Downton Abbey meets The Selection.” As fans of both of those franchises, I can heartily say, this book intrigues me. It’s about a girl who wants to attend University, but her domineering father won’t hear of it, instead expecting his daughter make a good marriage.

#10. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

These Broken Stars

With an Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Novel (2013) and Romantic Times Top Pick honor under its belt, this Sci-Fi (but in a dystopian world) novel would best be summarized as a Titanic-esque story. It’s about star-crossed lovers who have to fight together in order to survive.

#11. The Giver by Lois Lowry 

Book - The Giver

Though it was published some 20 years ago, author Lois Lowry says, “People in the know say ‘The Giver’ was the first young adult dystopian novel.” This is something I can easily believe. The Giver follows the story of Jonah, a boy who begins to feel in a society that has stripped its people of that gift.

#12. The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu 

Book - Legend

Described as a “cat and mouse game” where survival is paramount, Marie’s popular YA trilogy wrapped up in 2013 with Champion (book three) and is still promoted in the YA book tube scene.

#13. Anomaly by Krista McGee

Book - Anomaly

The opening “tagline” for this novel should sell this one all on its own: “Thalli has fifteen minutes and twenty-three seconds to live. The toxic gas that will complete her annihilation is invading her bloodstream. But she is not afraid.” A mix of sci-fi set in a dystopian world, McGee creates an intriguing and riveting world that poses a serious threat to its characters.

#14. The Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver

Book - Delirium

Delirium is a trilogy set in a world where love is an illness and a procedure called “the Cure” is administered to prevent its society from loving. Fun fact: did you know this book inspired filming a TV pilot starring Emma Roberts, but according to Yahoo Fox passed because the younger market wasn’t their primary target audience?

#15. The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Book - The Winner's Curse

Not only does this novel boast a beautiful cover design, the synopsis doesn’t sound too shabby either: “Set in a new world, The Winner’s Curse is a story of rebellion, duels, ballroom dances, wicked rumors, dirty secrets, and games where everything is at stake, and the gamble is whether you will keep your head or lose your heart.”

Are any of these on your favorites list? Have I missed your favorite novel in this genre? Tell me about it, I’d love to know about your favorite dystopian world.

Mockingjay Photo: Lionsgate



Film Reviews: DivergentThe Giver and Mockingjay

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Top 5 Dystopian Books/Series I Have Read So Far

The Best Dystopian Novels for Adults To Read

Love dystopian books but want something without teenage saviors? Here are all the best dystopian novels for adults to read.

First off, let me say that there is nothing wrong with reading Young Adult dystopian novels. I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve enjoyed most of them myself.

However, sometimes you want something a little more mature. A book that feels like Literature with a capital L.

Unlike YA dystopian fiction, the best dystopian novels for adults aren’t afraid to tackle extremely deep topics.

Life in a post-apocalyptic world would be bleak, and it’s unlikely that teenagers would save the day. If the world can even be saved. Adult dystopian books aren’t afraid to say that sometimes things are hopeless.

Dystopian fiction paints a dark view of our future, hoping to help us avoid the worst-case scenario.

Humanity nature can equally tend to darkness and to light. Thus, both qualities are generally on display in dystopian novels.

As the coronavirus pandemic has shown us, life as we know it can change in an instant. What will happen next is anyone’s imagination.

And these authors have quite the imagination.

Best Dystopian Novels for Adults

book cover Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Station Eleven

Emily St. John Mandel

Of all the modern dystopian novels, Station Eleven is my favorite for its gorgeous literary feel. Though it’s set after an apocalypse, it’s not really about the apocalypse. This captivating book grabs your attention, not for its plot twists but its themes. It’s hard to adequately describe to you its power and beauty. So you’ll just have to read it for yourself.

Publication Date: 9 September 2014
Amazon | Goodreads | More Info


book cover The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale

Margaret Atwood

Between the Hulu tv series and the recent sequel, Margaret Atwood’s modern classic The Handmaid’s Tale is experiencing a surge in popularity. After the fall of the United States, the theocratic patriarchal society Gilead is now in power. Due to an epidemic of infertility, most of the elite women cannot have children. Instead, they use handmaids, women of the lower caste forced to submit to men to bear a children. The Handmaid’s Tale is written as the diary of one such handmaiden, Offred, as she struggles to survive in a brutal society, hoping to one day escape.

Publication Date: August 1985
Amazon | Goodreads | More Info


book cover World War Z by Max Brooks

World War Z

Max Brooks

Written as an oral history of the Zombie War, Brooks splits the book into a series of short stories, interviews of survivors of the war. Each tale focuses on a snippet of the conflict – from the discovery of Patient Zero to the complete invasion of Japan to the point where the balance shifts in favor of humans. Brooks expertly narrates each character to convey a diverse overview of a fictional world event. Don’t let the concept of zombies or Brad Pitt’s “meh” film adaptation put you off, the book (and the full-cast audiobook) is a five-star read among famous dystopian novels.

Publication Date: 12 September 2006
Amazon | Goodreads | More Info


book cover Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

Lucifer’s Hammer

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

One of my favorite classic dystopian fiction books is this 1977 release about the end of the world. With a gigantic comet headed straight for Earth, Niven and Pournelle spin a tale of surviving not only the resulting earthquakes and tsunamis but also living through the end of civilization. A gripping page-turner, Lucifer’s Hammer will have you questioning what you would do at the end of the world and hoping you never have to find out.

Publication Date: 1 July 1977
Amazon | Goodreads


book cover One Second After by William R. Forstchen

One Second After

William R. Forstchen

Just imagine it: no electricity, no medicine, and no food. In his eye-opening novel, William R. Forstchen warns of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) device detonating over the United States. In an instance, the electromagnetic wave destroys all technology, sending the US immediately back to the Dark Ages. Can one man save his small North Carolina mountain town from the fall of civilization? While Forstchen is far from the greatest novelist ever, with our outdated electrical grid and the reality of EMPs, he will make you wonder what you would do if the lights went out.

Publication Date: 17 March 2009
Amazon | Goodreads | More Info


book cover Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Cloud Atlas

David Mitchell

If you’re looking for unique books about future society, try David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. Told as six different interconnecting short stories, Mitchell seriously shows off his writing prowess in this original novel. You start with the journal of an explorer in 1850, then jump from a 1930s Belgian composer to a 1970s investigative journalist, present-day England, dystopian Korea, and post-apocalyptic Hawaii. Before you can catch your breath, the stories slingshot back in reverse order, revealing an overarching narrative that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Publication Date: March 2004
Amazon | Goodreads | More Info


Save for Later

The Best Dystopian Novels for Adults


Extremely Long Dystopian Books for Adults

book cover The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand

Stephen King

Seeking to create a modern-day The Lord of the Rings, Stephen King penned what is often considered one of the best dystopian books ever written. After an influenza-like pandemic kills most of the world’s population, the remaining survivors must choose between good and evil. With a heavy dose of supernatural in typical Stephen King fashion, this dark fantasy is his longest standalone novel at over 800 pages.

Publication Date: 3 October 1978
Amazon | Goodreads


book cover Wanderers by Chuck Wendig


Chuck Wendig

Shana wakes up one morning to find her sister sleepwalking. She cannot be woken or stopped. She seems to be on a mission and is slowly joined by others. As society starts collapsing around the spreading epidemic, Chuck Wendig paints a tantalizing picture of the end of the world. If you are not intimidated by the whopping 800-page count, Wanderers is an epic science fiction novel that was the clear winner among the best dystopian novels of 2019.

Publication Date: 2 July 2019
Amazon | Goodreads | More Info


book cover The Passage by Justin Cronin

The Passage

Justin Cronin

What begins as a government experiment to boost immunity ends up unleashing a wave of vampires upon the world. Remorseful for his part in the drama, FBI Agent Brad Wolgast is determined to protect Amy, a six-year-old orphan caught up in the disastrous experiment. The Passage covers a 90 years in its 700+ pages, and it’s only the first book in the trilogy.

Publication Date: 8 June 2010
Amazon | Goodreads


book cover 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami


Haruki Murakami

If you are craving something a bit different, you might want to try this mind-bending work from famed Japanese author Haruki Murakami. In 1984, Aomame notices strange discrepancies and finds she has entered a parallel version of her life, 1Q84. Quickly caught up in a religious cult, Aomame wonders what is truly real. Meanwhile, ghostwriter Tengo accepts an assignment to rewrite a book, a decision that changes his whole life and leads him closer to Aomame.

Publication Date: 28 May 2009
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book cover Battlefield: Earth by L. Ron Hubbard

Battlefield: Earth

L. Ron Hubbard

Do books set in the future, say the year 3000, count as dystopian?  This science fiction saga is one of my favorites, so I’m going to count it regardless. For a thousand years, Earth has been ruled by the Psychlos, an alien race. However, a ragtag group of humans remains living like cavemen. Can their leader, Johnnie Goodboy Tyler, defeat an Empire? Just be willing to judge this one on its own merits and not because the movie was terrible or because L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of Scientology.

Publication Date: 1982
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Sci Fi Dystopian Books About Magical Powers

book cover Year One by Nora Roberts

Year One

Nora Roberts

Surprisingly, acclaimed romance author Nora Roberts lands among the best new dystopian novels with Year One. On New Year’s Eve, a sickness sweeps through humanity, wiping out half the population and leaving civilization in tatters. As law and order recede, magic takes its place. Now a group of survivors must carefully reshape their lives in a chaotic world.

Publication Date: 5 December 2017
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book cover The Power by Naomi Alderman

The Power

Naomi Alderman

What if all women suddenly developed the power of sparking electricity with their hands? How would that ability change the balance of power in the world? Naomi Alderman does a good job of setting up this dystopian scenario. Her narrative follows several individuals who see opportunity in the shifting times and manage to change the world, but not always for better. While I thought the story was well-written, I just couldn’t quite fall in love. Be warned, there is quite a bit of language and violence in this story, which is common to dystopian future books.

Publication Date: 27 October 2016
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book cover Brilliance by Marcus Sakey


Marcus Sakey

Marcus Sakey delivers a grown-up dystopian book series where 1 percent of the population has developed supernatural powers. Federal Agent Nick Cooper’s special ability is to track terrorists. His latest target: another “brilliant” intent on provoking civil war. I found the action of the first book entertaining, though I didn’t think the second book lived up to its predecessor. I never did get around to finishing the series.

Publication Date: 16 July 2013
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book cover The Girl with All the Gifts by M. R. Carey

The Girl with All the Gifts

M. R. Carey

Young Melanie doesn’t quite understand why she must be escorted to school by armed guards or why her teacher looks so sad when Melanie talks about the future. What she doesn’t realize is that she is very special – a zombie child but with genius-level IQ. Unless she gets too close to human scent and loses all self-control. Could this miraculous zombie child bring the cure that humanity so badly needs?

Publication Date: 19 June 2014
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More Adult Dystopian Novels

book cover Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Bird Box

Josh Malerman

Film adaptations of dystopian books are all the rage, and Netflix was the talk of 2018 with this post-apocalyptic horror story. Something has terrorized the world for years. A single glance will turn you into a violent madman. Thus, Malorie sets off blindfolded in a rowboat with her two young children, desperate to find other survivors.

Publication Date: 13 May 2014
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book cover The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The Road

Cormac McCarthy

Unlike the young adult versions, adult dystopian books are not afraid to show a dark ending to humanity. In The Road, a father and son set off on a journey through the devastated remains of civilization with only a pistol to protect themselves. Praised for its gorgeous prose, McCarthy paints a bleak picture of life in a world with no hope.

Publication Date: 2 October 2006
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book cover Wool by Hugh Howey


Hugh Howey

After a nuclear holocaust, humanity lives in an underground city inside a silo. One rule is clear: going outside is a death sentence. Or so they say. Three years ago, Sheriff Holston’s wife demanded to go outside and then disappeared over a hill. Holston can’t stop wondering if maybe his wife had the right idea. Originally self-published as a dystopian series of five short novellas, Wool is a compendium of them in a single volume.

Publication Date: 25 January 2012
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book cover Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Never Let Me Go

Kazuo Ishiguro

In Ishiguro’s imagined future, carer Kathy H reminisces about her childhood at the English boarding school Hailsham. Right away, you know something is off about these kids and this school. One of my least favorite books, Never Let Me Go gets a mention because it’s one of the most popular dystopian novels among adults. To me, it’s one of the most overrated bestsellers I’ve read.

Publication Date: 5 April 2005
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book cover Vox by Christina Dalcher


Christina Dalcher

One day, the government decrees that women are only allowed to speak 100 words daily. At first, Dr. Jean McClellan is in denial. How could this be happening? Quickly she must adjust to this scary new reality and do everything she can to fight for the rights of herself and her daughter, along with the rights of all women. I found Vox to be one of the most unrealistic books on dystopian societies and don’t think it truly lived up to its haunting premise.

Publication Date: 21 August 2018
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book cover The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

The Dreamers

Karen Thompson Walker

An ordinary, if somewhat isolated, college town in California suddenly comes down with an epidemic. People are suddenly falling asleep and cannot be awoken by any means. Scans show unusually high brain wave activity indicating that the sleepers are dreaming. I loved the premise for this story, and the suspense as people slowly start to fall asleep kept me wanting more. Unfortunately, that ends up being literally the whole story. You keep expecting more, but it never arrives. Walker tries to cram in all her plot into the last 30 pages. By then, it’s just too little too late.

Publication Date: 15 January 2019
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Save for Later

Best Dystopian Novels for Adults


Dystopian Classics

book cover Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley

As science and technology can do more and more to improve our lives, how much of our humanity are we willing to give to reach utopia? Huxley paints a frightening picture of a world of total uniformity that will show you the downside of a world without suffering.

Publication Date: 1932
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book cover Fahrenheit 541 by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury

In a world where printed books are outlawed, firemen Guy Montag begins to wonder what’s so dangerous about books. Fahrenheit 451 is a classic and serves as a warning against the dangers of censorship and the consequences of an addiction to television. Good dystopian books stay with you for a long time and Ray Bradbury’s prophetic novel doesn’t disappoint.

Publication Date: 13 October 1953
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book cover 1984 by George Orwell


George Orwell

Published in 1949, George Orwell’s terrifying vision of the future is just as important today as when it was written. Telling the story of Winston, a depressed Party worker who longs to join the Resistance, 1984 shows the horror of a totalitarian society continually at war. Commonly referenced in modern culture (i.e., Big Brother, doublethink, thoughtcrime,), 1984 is one of the best dystopian novels of all time.

Publication Date: 8 April 1949
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book cover A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange

Anthony Burgess

In a horrifying vision of the future, criminals rule society. Fifteen-year-old Alex and his friends participated in shockingly heinous and violent acts. After being captured by the State, authorities try to forcibly rehabilitate Alex. Questioning free will and morality, I can see why A Clockwork Orange is often listed as one of the best modern novels. Still, I will admit it’s one of my least favorite books, and not just because the entire story is written in a strange made-up slang.

Publication Date: 1962
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book cover On the Beach by Nevil Shute

On the Beach

Nevil Shute

At the end of World War III, a small group of survivors awaits for the coming nuclear fallout to descent upon them in southern Australia. When a faint morse code signal arrives, American submarine captain Commander Dwight Towers leads his crew into the ruined world in search of survivors.

Publication Date: July 1957
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book cover The Plague by Albert Camus

The Plague

Albert Camus

In a coastal town in North Africa, a plague slowly begins to spread. Dr. Rieux tries to warn about the impending disaster, but authorities are slow to listen. Eventually, the entire town is sealed off, driving some to cowardly escape plans and others to unselfish heroism. Not exactly a dystopian story, I felt it fit given our current coronavirus crisis.

Publication Date: June 1947
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book cover It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis

It Can’t Happen Here

Sinclair Lewis

Just so you know, Sinclair Lewis is one of my favorite authors. He has some great books satirizing the hypocrisy of America’s middle class. However, with the start of the Great Depression, Lewis needed a new topic to write about. It Can’t Happen Here depicts the rise of a political demagogue to the Presidency of the United States. With surprising accurate parallels to Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency, Lewis’s novel has hit a second wind recently. However, the parallels don’t extend very far. In the novel, a dictatorship is set up within a week of the inauguration and America’s complacent citizens just let fascism steamroll them.

Publication Date: October 1935
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Nonfiction Dystopian Books

book cover The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

The Hot Zone

Richard Preston

Although COVID-19 has had far-reaching ramifications, its symptoms seem quite pleasant against those of ebola. The highly infectious virus which causes massive internal hemorrhaging is not as contagious but has over a 50% mortality rate. Preston thrillingly recounts the history of viral hemorrhagic diseases and details a terrifying incident where one was discovered at a primate facility outside of Washington, D.C.

Publication Date: December 1994
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book cover Lights Out by Ted Koppel

Lights Out

Ted Koppel

Well-known Nightline anchor Ted Koppel reveals just how precarious our electrical grid is in his investigative book. With a targeted attack, terrorists could cripple the United States’ power grid, leaving tens of millions without power for weeks or even months. Koppel points out the failure of the US government to prepare for such a scenario and highlights how some individuals and communities have prepared for the worst. A terrifying look at an all-too-possible future.

Publication Date: 27 October 2015
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What do you think are the best dystopian novels for adults?


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For adults romance books dystopian

You’re in the right place.

Year One

Year One: Chronicles of The One, Book 1

Author Nora Roberts

On New Year’s Eve, law and order are gone in New York City, and chaos has erupted. In place of law and order, magic is being practiced by many – some for the good of others, some not. Lana practices white magic out of the apartment that she shares with her boyfriend, Max, and when the two of them decide to head out west, they find others going with them, including a journalist who now has to work with pen and paper, and a doctor trying to keep a mother and baby alive. Will they be successful?

The Gender Game

The Gender Game

Author Bella Forrest

In the lands of Matrus and Patrus, the world is divided by gender, and a rebellious girl named Violet has been sentenced to death for crimes related to the anger she feels at the disappearance of her brother. To possibly find him, she has to enter a world where men rule and women submit, and even though following rules has never been something she’s good at, she’ll have to learn to do just that if she wants to stay alive and possibly find her brother.

Earth Unknown

Earth Unknown (Forgotten Earth Book 1)

Author M.R. Forbes

It has been 200 years since the captain of the Centurion, Nathan, left the dangerous planet of Earth. Now, his wife has been found dead and the murderer looks exactly like him, which means he has no choice, but to go after the killer himself. He’ll have to learn that his wife had a powerful secret that spanned the light years and which could end two worlds. It’s a dangerous mission, especially because the Earth now has two things that want Nathan dead – an evil sheriff and an unknown force Nathan knows nothing about.

The Child Thief 2

The Child Thief 2: Deep Shadows

Author Bella Forrest

Robin and Jace are in a race for their lives. They entered the land once known as the United States and came across an innocuous-looking building that they weren’t supposed to see. Now, dangerous people are after them, but the more they try to escape, the more dark forces they run into. Evil people are on their trail, and the further away they find themselves from this building, the darker these people become, and the more dangerous their flight becomes.



Author Joel Ohman

Three years after the Event, Meritropolis has 50,000 inhabitants that live in fear because everyone there is assigned a merit score, and the lower your score, the closer you are to being pushed outside the walls of the city where terrifying hybrid creatures exist. Humans have pushed nature and morals to the extreme, but teenager Charley has a brother to avenge, and he will stop at nothing to succeed, even with threatening forces all around him.

Traitor Born

Traitor Born (Secondborn Book 2)

Author Amy A. Bartol

Roselle lives in the Fates Republic where firstborn children reign supreme and the second-born have to serve them. When she is forced into the military to fight against the forces trying to get rid of her side, her mother – who wants Roselle’s older brother to remain in power – is not on her side, and she must deal with the battle itself and decisions that can have permanent effects on the lives of her and her family members. Between the assassins who are after her and the division she feels, she is not sure how all of this will end.

The Girl Who Dared to Think 2

The Girl Who Dared to Think 2: The Girl Who Dared to Stand

Author Bella Forrest

In the Tower, Liana discovers a dusty secret room hidden from the rest of the world. Inside are secrets that pertain to the Tower’s past and which could affect Liana’s people forever. But, having this knowledge puts Liana in danger, so she has to be careful what she does with it. Follow Liana as she decides what to do while avoiding the danger that lurks beneath each decision she makes. A suspenseful and complex story that will have you anxious to turn the next page.

Scavenger Girl

Scavenger Girl: Season of Atchem

Author Jennifer Arntson

Una and her family are forced to live on the fringe of Ashlund as scavengers, and they are afraid that the Authority will soon be there to abduct them. Una is in a culture that rejects everything she’s ever known and everything she considers important, and she is shocked when she finds out her true identity. What will she do with this information – do whatever it takes to protect her future, or follow her heart and do what she wants to do most?


Stolen: Saving Setora (Book One) (Dark Dystopian Reverse Harem MC Romance)

Author Raven Dark

Setora is a Violet – a genetic anomaly that is highly treasured – who is kidnapped by a wealthy man and who she assumes will take care of her forever. But, on her eighteenth birthday, she is scheduled to be put up at an auction so that she can be bought as a slave. When members of the Dark Legion kidnap her instead, she now has four masters instead of one, so a fight breaks out between them and the man who originally owned her. A post-apocalyptic book with a great plot and characters you won’t soon forget.

The Tube Riders

The Tube Riders: Underground

Author Chris Ward

In the dystopian chaos of 2075 London, Marta is a tube rider that risks death every day in London’s abandoned underground stations. Her parents are now dead and her brother is missing, and the tube riders are determined to get away from their evil captors. The huntsmen, however, are genetically engineered killing machines that don’t give up easily, and with both sides equally determined to win, no one knows what the end results will be. Follow this intriguing story that has twists and turns you’ll never expect.

Blind Beast Mate

Blind Beast Mate: Dystopian New Adult Romance (Beast Mates Book 1)

Author Milana Jacks

Rey is nearly blind and living with an Alpha who she is expected to satisfy on a daily basis. If he finds out she cannot see, he will send her back to where she came from or kill her, and either of those choices will mean death for Rey. The Alpha wants Rey’s body and soul, but he also wants her to trust him, which is difficult because she doesn’t want to give him the time of day. A unique, unapologetic love story between a kinky, but sweet beast and a young girl who wants more out of her life than servitude.

Five Years Gone

Five Years Gone

Author Marie Force

An unforgettable story that tells the tale of Ava, whose husband is fighting terrorists after a brazen attack on her country. Five years later, she is at her sister’s wedding and meets Eric, who makes her feel alive again. But, when the capture of the mastermind behind the terrorist attack means some of those deployed might be able to come home, Ava is torn. She wants to see her husband again, but she also wants Eric in her life. She has a true dilemma that can only be settled with a little luck and a lot of hope.



Author Steve Turnbull

In 2046 Manchester, Chloe’s world is now one in which a new disease turns people into monsters. When her best friend goes missing, Chloe goes underground and fights the monsters to get at the truth, but it isn’t long before she realizes that she has more in common with these monsters than she is willing to admit. A new danger then threatens to make Chloe’s fight more dangerous, and she has to look deep inside of herself to discover what to do next. A great coming-of-age, gritty sci-fi adventure you’ll enjoy from the very beginning.


Iced: Fever Series Book 6

Author Karen Marie Moning

The year is 1 AWC – After the Wall Crash. Dani is now in a world overrun by Fae and she is determined to do what it takes to survive. Her ex-best friend wants her dead, and the head of the police department is after the Sword and will stop at nothing to get it. Putting up with bullets and fangs, bargains and desperate alliances, Dani is working hard to save the Dublin she loves and prevent everyone from being iced.

Wake a Sleeping Tiger

Wake a Sleeping Tiger (A Novel of the Breeds Book 31)

Author Lora Leigh

Cullen is the commander of a covert law enforcement agency and isn’t human, although he can easily pass for one. He cannot smell emotions and fears like other Breeds can, and he is still being tortured by not being able to save the woman he loves. He believes his future is dim until he meets Chelsea, and she awakens in him a passion he’s never felt before. An erotic thriller about a Breed hiding in a world of man and anxious to get what he wants in the end.

Shield of Winter (Psy-Changeling Book 13)

Shield of Winter (Psy-Changeling Book 13)

Author Nalini Singh

Vasic is a soldier and assassin with a mission whose success is necessary in order to save lives. Ivy is fighting alongside Vasic to save their people, but in the end even their fierce wills may not be enough to save the people they care about. This is a paranormal romance story that takes place in an extraordinary world between passion and ice, peace and violence, good and evil, and two main characters you’ll be rooting for to the very end.

Dragon Actually

Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin Book 1)

Author G.A. Aiken

Annwyl is a warrior that most men are afraid of, and the one thing she’d love is to talk to and feel comfortable around a real man. That happens when she meets Fearghus, but unfortunately he just happens to be a dragon – the fierce, scaly type. She feels her life could not be any stranger than it is, but she’s about to find out that she’s wrong. Between fighting a dragon she deeply desires and trying to appease a creature that could eliminate her town, the only thing weirder is the rest of her family.

Feral Heat

Feral Heat: Shifters Unbound Novella

Author Jennifer Ashley

A novella with two main characters, Jace and Deni, who are torn between savagery and ecstasy, they are shifters set out to free the other shifters before their Collars are pulled off and they either die or go mad. But, since Deni was deliberately run down in the road, she has suffered memory losses that threaten to ruin her future. As they fight evil forces, can she heal enough to realize that she truly can be a mate to someone one day?

Wicked Kiss

Wicked Kiss (Realm Enforcers Book 4)

Author Rebecca Zanetti

A fast-paced novel filled with steamy sex scenes and a lot of action, this is the story of an informant for the DEA named Victoria and a witch enforcer named Adam. When Victoria is kidnapped by a bunch of bad-boy witches and Adam shows up to rescue her, she decides not to just take his word for who he really is. But, when it becomes clear that Adam is the only thing standing between her and death, Tori decides she has no other choice but to let him save her.

The Wrong Unit

The Wrong Unit: A Novel

Author Rob Dircks

A heartwarming science fiction tale, this is the story of a mechanical unit known as Heyoo who is there to take care of human needs. When Heyoo is assigned with delivering a package, but isn’t given any details regarding how to do it or where to go, it creates an interesting situation where anything can happen. A story filled with the humanity of nature and technology gone haywire, and lovable characters that will have you cheering for them through the entire book.


Firewalker (Stormwalker Book 2)

Author Allyson James

Mick has broken the dragon council’s rules and has to go to trial, and Janet is assigned to help him. Although Mick seems unconcerned about the matter, Janet has to draw on the strengths of friends both old and new, including a witch-turned-hotel manager and a dragon who is trustworthy – sort of. But, with dark forces appearing on the scene on a regular basis, Mick and Janet must stick together to help Mick out, which means they’ll be spending a lot of time together.

Red Magic

Red Magic: An Adult Dystopian Paranormal Romance: Sector 6

Author J.C. Andrijeski

Maia is a witch who has lost her powers, and when she meets a lone warlock who offers to give her back her powers in exchange for setting him free, she at first hesitates. But, there is something about the young man that looks familiar, and he’s also very handsome. After she accepts his offer, Maia learns more about herself than she bargained for, and her life is never the same again.

Mind Magic

Mind Magic (World of the Lupi Book 12)

Author Eileen Wilks

Lily is done with the break she had to take after an accident, and her first assignment is a murder where she senses the victim was killed by magic. With her mind still in disarray and an inability to trust anyone she meets, she has to fight a shadowy force and solve this mystery. With the help of her husband, a lupi named Rule, she helps the government protect Unit Twelve from ruin, even though she is unsure how deep the conspiracy she finds herself in goes.

Midnight is My Time

Midnight Is My Time

Author Mike Dellosso

Andy and Missy are headed to Maine together, even though it seems that there are numerous forces working against them. They are in the midst of a post-apocalyptic world they are uncertain of, and they hope they are headed to safety, but on the way they come across a very powerful force that they are completely unprepared for. However, it is only once they reach their destination that they discover the true purpose of their journey, and it changes both of their lives forever.


Incubation: Green Fields #1

Author Adrienne Lecter

Bree is working on a Friday afternoon when most of her coworkers are already at home. Suddenly, a group of terrorists makes their way inside the building and takes her hostage. Not only does she feel this is a bioterrorism event that could unleash a virus that is capable of killing a lot of people, but the leader of the group that is keeping her hostage looks hauntingly familiar. There is already a flu epidemic all across the country, so Bree is determined not to let anything happen to the rest of the world.

Mercury Striking

Mercury Striking (The Scorpius Syndrome Book 1)

Author Rebecca Zanetti

A post-apocalyptic romance that tells the story of Lynne and Jax. In post-plague Los Angeles, Lynne treks across dangerous terrain to get to Jax and cure him of his illness, but both of them are vulnerable in their own way and have secrets they do not want to share. The story has a lot of action and moves quickly, and between this and the description of Lynne and Jax’s intimate moments, you won’t lose interest for even a second.

Rising Darkness

Rising Darkness (A Game of Shadows Novel Book 1)

Author Thea Harrison

Thousands of years ago, the Deceiver tried to destroy the world and was stopped by a small group of determined avengers. Now, they are being reincarnated over and over again, and Mary and Michael are once again fighting a battle they are unsure they can win. Just when things seemingly can’t get any worse, Mary suddenly remembers who killed her in her previous life. It was Michael, and now she has to look at their relationship with a whole new set of eyes.

Elemental Mating

Elemental Mating (An A.L.F.A. Novel Book 1)

Author Milly Taiden

Melinda is a scientist working on a virus that has the power to develop super-human capabilities in the next generation. When her lab is broken into, she realizes someone is trying to get their hands on her research. Meanwhile, Parish is the agent sent to investigate the crime and find out who is behind it. To rescue Melinda, Parish has to canvas a dark underground and discover a paranormal world that he didn’t know existed, and one more dangerous than he imagined.

Dragon Spawn

Dragon Spawn (A Novel of the Lupi Book 13)

Author Eileen Wilks

Lily is an FBI agent who finds out a powerful sorcerer is still alive and decides to go after him. The sorcerer, Tom, is also a dragon spawn, and between other sorcerers who creep into the picture and her husband Rule, who is facing a specific challenge to the death, Lily finds herself having to return to the one place she’s never wanted to go back to – the place where she died. An unusual urban fantasy with a lot of action and twists and turns you likely won’t expect.

Why You Were Taken

Why You Were Taken: A Futuristic Conspiracy Thriller with a High-Tech Twist (When Tomorrow Calls Book 2)

Author J.T. Lawrence

In 2021 South Africa, a photographer named Kristen is still hurting over her parents’ murder, and Seth is a brilliant scientist who is working on cures for some of the things plaguing their society, including undrinkable water, blackouts, a high suicide rate, and more than one fertility crisis. Seth helps Kristen unravel a mystery that includes finding out her parents weren’t really her parents and learning that she just might be next on the killer’s list.

Our Dried Voices

Our Dried Voices: A Dystopian Future Novel

Author Greg Hickey

By 2235, cancer and AIDS have both been cured, and the last humans travel to a planet called Pearl to discover what they can do next to benefit humankind. When their high-tech machines start to malfunction and threaten their work, it is up to Samuel to fix them. He starts working with Penny to solve the problem, but they soon find the culprits behind the trouble, and then discover that defeating them might be a lot more difficult than they imagined.

The Killing Jar

The Killing Jar (The Extraction Files Book 1)

Author R.S. McCoy

The earth is dying, and parasitic insects are killing the scientists that could help humankind find another planet. Mable has the potential to solve the dilemma, but she wants no part of this responsibility. Her entire focus is now protecting her little sister and teaching her how to survive the hard-core underground. When Silas is tasked to help convince Mable to do what’s right, it becomes clear she has only two choices – join up with a program that killed her brother, or leave her sister with the same fate.


Cling - A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Author Jeff Menapace

An interesting dystopian adventure, the story involves a rogue clairvoyant trying to escape a warlord and a group of underground dwellers trying to avoid the earth above, which has been completely ruined. Enjoy this apocalyptic story and characters such as Sadie and Tier, Finn and Vidar, as they plod through a world they are only partly prepared for and are even less sure how to survive.

Ambassador's Bride

Ambassador's Bride (Alien SciFi Romance) (Celestial Mates Book 1)

Author C.J. Scarlett

Rose was raised with money and is used to getting whatever she wants, but what she wants most is to escape Earth and get to a planet with sunshine and pollution-free water. When the leaders decide to sell the women who remain on the planet to men on the planet Krylon, Rose is excited when she learns who her husband will be. But, there is one problem – the powers that be don’t want to trade with Krylon, which could mean that she must go back to square one.


Rehabilitation (Unbelief Book 1)

Author C.B. Stone

The New World is being developed because the last world was turned to ashes, which results in new laws being made. When a woman’s best friend gets kidnapped and sent to Rehabilitation, she vows to rescue him, regardless of the cost. When people return from Rehabilitation, they return only half a person, and she is bound and determined not to let that happen to him.

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Dystopian Fiction: How Stories Transform Your Mind

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