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If you’re new to NBA 2K21, you may find the MyCareer game mode to be very engaging but challenging at the same time. 

Not long after starting a new game, you’ll find that having an adequate amount of VC (virtual currency) is vital to succeeding in MyCareer. 

Without VC, you can’t upgrade your player; if you sit with a low overall rating, you’ll have little chance of being competitive in the game mode. 

In this guide, you can find out everything that you need to know about getting and maximizing endorsements, from picking the right agent to gaining fans as quickly as possible.

Earning VC in MyCareer on NBA 2K21

There are several easy ways to earn VC in NBA 2K21, with playing MyCareer games is still one of the best ways to stack-up cash as fast as possible in the title. 

Every MyCareer game gives you a guaranteed salary and bonus earnings for reaching milestones or by simply maintaining a high player grade. You’ll likely find these mechanics as being your primary source of VC income.

However, as you progress, another much more impactful avenue of earning VC in MyCareer opens up to you.

Sponsorships are arguably the most prominent earning tool: they can significantly increase your total VC earnings in MyCareer. 

Once a sponsorship deal is signed, the more games you play, the more opportunities you’ll have to achieve in-game incentives to earn more VC. 

Add that to off-court appearances and you could easily come out with an extra 1,000 to 5,000 VC after each sponsorship event. 

Essentially, playing MyCareer games with sponsorship deals will outearn any other VC earning method in 2K21, which makes them an integral aspect of your gameplay.

How to chose your MyCareer agent 

Picking an agent is one of the first decisions that all 2K players have to make at the start of MyCareer. The decision can significantly influence your earning potential in the game mode.

You will have a choice between Archie Baldwin and Harper Dell. Both agents have their own list of pros and cons. 

Depending on your MyCareer objectives, one of the management styles will benefit you more than the other. 

Why you might choose Archie Baldwin

Archie might be a close family friend, and his reputation as an agent may not be as well-established as that of Harper, but choosing him may be better aligned with your MyCareer goals.

The pros of choosing Baldwin include:

  • Earning more VC per a sponsorship deal as he takes a smaller cut. However, it will take you longer to earn an endorsement.
  • Earning more fans when playing games in the Neighbourhood. This is important for those who plan to primarily use their player in park games. 
  • Relationships with brands like Adidas, New Balance, and Gatorade. If you want to unlock those brand deals as early as possible, then Baldwin may be the better fit for you. 

Why you might choose Harper Dell

Compared to Baldwin, Dell is a more established agent who offers slightly different perks for his clients.

The pros of choosing Dell include:

  • Getting more endorsement deals faster, which is good for those who want to get as many sponsorship deals signed as early as possible.
  • Earn more fans playing in MyCareer games. This perk is best-suited to those who will be playing their matches more often, as opposed to those who simulate large chunks of their schedule.
  • Dell also boasts a good relationship with brands like Nike, Jordan, and Kia, which may suit your preferences more than the ties that Baldwin has established.

Which agent to choose

If you plan to only use your player for park games and want to earn fans that way, then Baldwin is the better fit for you.

On the other hand, if you want to earn your VC as fast as possible through sponsorships, Dell would be a better fit since he can help you unlock deals faster. 

Choosing the agent that best aligns with your long term objectives in MyCareer will make the overall MyCareer experience much more satisfying. However, if you want to stack VC, improve faster,and go big in the NBA, Dell is the agent of choice.

More fans equals more deals

In MyCareer, having more fans leads to you getting more sponsorship deals, which increases your VC earning potential. As your player reaches each next tier of total fans, new offers will be sent your way. 

As your player’s marketability increases with more fans gained, you can even re-negotiate old sponsorships and demand more money. 

Earning fans isn’t that difficult in MyCareer; something as simple as scoring a basket or making any goodwill gesture will earn you fans. 

However, some plays get you more than fans than others, and a few of the highest “fan acquisition” plays in the game include:

  • Flashy Pass Assists
  • Lob Passes
  • Alley-oop Finishes
  • Alley-oop to Self Finish
  • Score Off Assist 
  • Stepback Limitless Range Triple 
  • Fade Jumpshots and Triples
  • Euro Steps
  • Reverse Layups
  • Posterizing Dunks
  • Steals
  • Fastbreak Scores on the Opponent
  • Blocks
  • Chase Down Blocks 

So, when playing games in MyCareer, try your best to execute some of these plays to maximize your fan-earning potential.

Don’t forget to pick-up your cheques

Once you secure your sponsors and play through some games with your endorsements intact,  the money will start coming in. Surprisingly, though, many 2K players neglect or simply forget to complete the simple step of collecting their cheques. 

As a result, they leave piles of unused VC left untouched in their bank. Over time, this misstep can significantly slow down your progress in the game mode. So, to maximize your earnings, you should always be on the lookout for messages from your agent. 

After he makes contact, you’ll then be able to collect your earnings at the VC Sports Management building shown below:

How to trigger endorsement events in NBA 2K21

In 2K21, endorsement events are usually triggered as you progress through the MyCareer storyline. The basic idea here is that the more MyCareer or Park games that you play, the more fans your player garners.

Once a fan threshold level is reached, you’ll able to negotiate a contract with a sponsor, and endorsement events will come shortly after. 

To increase the likelihood of more endorsement events, you should focus on maximizing the number of new fans that your player earns each time they play. Tips can be found in the ‘More fans equals more deals’ section. Essentially, endorsement events pop up at random times during the season.

After attending sponsored events, your agent will inform you that a cheque is available for the endorsement payments earned by attending a sponsored event.

Choosing the best agent to increase endorsement event frequency

It’s important to note that endorsement events are closely associated with the agent that you choose at the beginning of your MyCareer. 

As mentioned in the “How to chose your MyCareer agent” section, the decision can influence your player’s earning potential as well as when endorsement events appear for your player. 

For example, choosing Harper Dell might be a better choice if you plan to spend more time playing NBA MyCareer games instead of Park games. This is because signing with Dell’s company allows you to unlock endorsement deals faster. However, there’s a catch: Dell’s agency takes a bigger cut, which will result in less virtual currency being earned per deal. 

So, if you plan to use your player for playground games more often, and want to get paid more per deal, Archie Baldwin might be the better agent for you. 

What to do if 2K21 endorsements are not working

Members in the 2K community seem to have problems with not being able to collect virtual currency for their endorsement deals. As a result, some of you may have thousands of VC locked up in the vault, unable to cash out at the VC Sports Management building. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear-cut solution for this matter in-game. 

Generally speaking, some users have solved this problem by downloading new patch updates for NBA 2K21, whenever they become available. Another option is to contact 2K support and submit a request about unclaimable virtual currency. 

To do this, you’ll need to go to the 2K Support page and fill in a ticket detailing your problem. Hopefully, an NBA 2K support staff member can solve the problem for you.

Best shoe brand in 2K21

Generally speaking, not one shoe brand is superior to another in 2K21. Choosing a certain brand doesn’t give your player more perks or help your player earn more money. 

At the end of the day, regardless of what brand you choose, the salary negotiations and payout system are essentially the same for all players in MyCareer. 

With that in mind, picking a brand comes down more to personal preference. For beginners, it’s best to choose the brand that you feel most comfortable seeing your player wearing for the long term. 

While the brand choice doesn’t impact your gameplay beyond an aesthetic value, there are some aspects to consider.

  1. Which designs do you vibe with more? 

In MyCareer, you will be given the opportunity to customize your own shoe. So, if the design is something that is important to you, you have several decisions to make. It might be a good idea to go into the shoe creator menu in MyCareer and quickly browse through all of the designs to get a feel of each brand before choosing. 

As different brands offer different designs, this can aesthetically impact your overall gaming experience in 2K21.  For example, if you are a fan of classic Jordan shoes and other Nike lines like Kobe, Lebron, KD, it’d make sense to choose either Jordan or Nike. 

As both brands are owned by the same company, your player won’t get into trouble for wearing any Nike or Jordan shoe if you sign with either brand. 

  • Avoid wearing the wrong brand of the shoe after signing a contract.

After you have chosen a brand, it is important that your player honors their contract with the company. This means that they should avoid wearing another brand of the shoe when playing in NBA games. Otherwise, your player will receive warnings from their sponsors and could potentially lose their endorsement deal in the process.

How to collect endorsement money and VC from endorsements in 2K21

Endorsement money can be collected by going to the VC Sports Management building in the neighborhood. 

After about three to seven games, you will usually receive a message from your agent, which tells you that there is an endorsement cheque available for you to pick up. 

As a rule of thumb, it’s good to check your phone once every three to seven games to keep up with your endorsement cheques. Otherwise, you could be missing out on currency that can be used to upgrade your player. 

You collect all of your endorsement-related currency from the same place, the VC Sports Management building. So, you can also get the VC from endorsements at the same building as you get your endorsement money.

Now that you know these simple steps, you can go out and maximise your endorsement VC earning potential in NBA 2K21.

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'NBA 2K20' VC Grind Guide - How to Get Free VC With Glitches & Without

NBA 2K20 places VC front-and-center with regard to MyCareer player progression, cosmetic collection and more. So, just like in past years of this controversial sports game, players need lots of VC if they want to see what this feature-packed game truly has to offer. While the game's publishers at 2K Sports would prefer you purchase everything with microtransactions, here's a quick cheat sheet to help farm the most VC for free.

NBA 2K20 VC Glitches

VC glitches are popular amongst NBA 2K players, because they're essentially in-game tricks that help you grind lots of VC in a short amount of time. 2K is pretty vigilant about patching these though, which means not all methods will work for all versions of the game. With that in mind, there are no known good VC glitches as of update 1.02. We'll update this article with new glitches as they emerge.

Legit & In-Game VC Collection Methods

While we know how depressing it is that there aren't any true active VC glitches at this time, these in-game methods should help you rack up lots of free VC in no time.

Endorsement Deals: While this isn't quite a glitch, many of the scene's top YouTubers have described proper use of Endorsements as the best substitute for one. You'll earn endorsements fairly often as you progress through MyCareer. If negotiated correctly, these contracts can pay out big.

  • Try setting all Endorsements to 10,000 VC per Event Appearance with maximum Incentives and no Store Discount.
  • If that doesn't work, try cutting back or eliminating the Incentives. As you get better, though, start figuring them back into your contracts because they offer big rewards.
  • Select your incentives based on the build of your MyPlayer and what you're good at. If your player is built for Fastbreak Points or Corner Threes, make sure you get paid for those. The reward stacks every single time.
  • Now, when you open the MyPlayer nav, be sure to check in with your events. You generally don't even have to do anything to get your VC from them, but it might be helpful to check in just in case.
  • Play on five-minute quarters so the Incentives stack faster and time passes quicker.
  • It may be helpful to sim MyCareer games against tough opponents who won't allow you to reach your Incentives. After all, when it comes to the NBA 2K VC grind, time is money.

Daily Bonuses: Daily Bonuses show up in your nav and offer big VC payouts for simple tasks. For example, you might get as much as 3,000 VC for nailing just one limitless-range three.

Increase Difficulty & Time: Just like previous editions of NBA 2K, NBA 2K20 offers more VC for playing at higher difficulties for a longer period of time. Most average folks will do their grinding on Pro, but, if you don't mind waiting or working for it, cranking things to Hall of Fame may be just as helpful in certain circumstances.

Play MyCareer Games: Since MyCareer is the primary driver for the VC economy, playing lots of MyCareer gets you lots of money. Here are some gameplay tips to think about in your moment-to-moment action to maximize your VC yield.

  • Your VC payout doesn't necessarily correlate to how much you handle the ball. All that 2K 20 asks is that your MyPlayer do its expected job. Defenders should defend and ball handlers should make clean passes. Play to the strength of your build.
  • Use the Pick and Roll effectively, and you'll get lots of VC.
  • Head to the boards for rebounds. If you pass the rock to another player and they score, you'll get lots of VC.
  • Set a screen with B or circle before scoring and you'll get lots of VC each time.

MyLeague Sims: MyLeague siming has been the focus of VC glitches in the past, and it's still a very grindy outlet for VC in NBA 2K20. Simply start up a MyLeague season and sim through games until the very last minute. Shoot around a little bit, and you'll get a small purse of VC for your efforts each time.

MyNBA2K20 App: Even if you don't plan on truly using the NBA 2K20 companion app, you should probably keep it installed anyway. As long as it's linked to your platform's account, you'll get daily bonuses of around 500 VC just for logging in. Play some games and interact with the app to get even more.

The Stage Ante: This VC collection method is only for experienced players, but skilled fans can bet VC on games at the Stage competitive arena. If you deliver on a big bet, you might get tons of VC. That being said, a bad wager can also cost you just as much. If you're judicious about how and when you bet, Ante can offer bigger VC purses than anywhere else in the game.

Those are the primary ways to VC grind in NBA 2K20 right now, but we'll be adding more methods and glitches as they're discovered.

NBA 2K20 is available now on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. For more help, check out our NBA 2K20 best Badges and best MyPlayer builds guides.

What are your best VC grinding methods for NBA 2K20? How much free VC have you earned? Tell us in the comments section!

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NBA 2K20: Earn VC fast with these key tips (Xbox, PS4, & PC)

The virtual currency (VC) in NBA 2K20 is crucial for fans to earn; this is so it can be spent on upgrading your MyPlayer attributes, therefore increasing the chances of you player being one of the best on the court.

2K20 gives you the option likes its previous predecessors to buy VC with real money. Though not everyone can spare money to spend on the virtual currency.

RealSport has looked into all the quickest ways for you to earn VC in this years instalment of the 2K series.

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Endorsement Deals

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Using Endorsement Deals may be the quickest and easiest way to gain VC. In fact many popular NBA 2K20 streamers and YouTubers have highlighted that this is how they are earning so much of the currency.

In MyCareer, endorsement deals will approach your character early on in the career. If these deals are negotiated correctly pay outs of VC will be huge.

How does it work?

  • Set all endorsements to 10,000 VC per Event Appearance. Set Incentives to the max and 0% Store Discount.

The endorsement deal will come back with a counteroffer with usually 9000 VC and above. However, if you are at the very beginning of your career, the VC rate may be lower; after 10-15 games the VC will almost definitely be above 9000.

Make sure you select your incentives based on the skills and attributes that best suit your MyPlayer. The rewards will continue to stack and increase.

Be sure to check in with your events. Although usually this is not required, it does no harm doing so to ensure that you gain the VC. We also recommend that you play with five-minute quarters so the incentives stack quicker and time passes.

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MyNBA2K20 App

Gaining and earning VC through the NBA 2K app may be easier than you think! Why? This is because you do not actually have to play on the app to earn yourself the VC.

By just logging into the app daily on your mobile device or tablet you can earn up up to 500 VC bonuses.

Every little counts and why would you not do this? It is quick and easy and may just be the difference in VC that you need for something in particular on the game.

Increase Difficulty and Time

2K has always rewarded those who are able to play against the higher difficulty settings more VC in rewards. Although this may not be fun, and a grind to most, it may just help you out to earn more VC.

  • Set difficulty on Hall of Fame

The average player will be playing on Pro, if you have the capabilities, patience and time try increasing this.

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MyCareer Games

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MyCareer is the main driving force as to why many NBA 2K20 fans want to earn the games virtual currency as quick as they can. However, without buying VC through the games online store it can be a long-winded process.

Playing MyCareer games is an underestimated way to be able to earn lots of VC with the addition of being able to improve your characters Basketball abilities. What can you do to maximise your VC payout during and after a game?

  • Your VC payout does not correlate to how much you handle the ball in game; rather, your player doing what their job is in the game. Therefore, attackers and ball handlers should make good passes, assists, dribbles and shots, whereas defenders should make good screens, defends and blocks.
  • Play to the strength of your character.
  • Setting up and using both screens and blocks in game can earn you lots of VC.
  • Making assists and rebounds can earn you just as much and sometimes more VC than if you were to make the shot and score... bare this in mind.

Let us know down below whether or not you have uncovered any tips or tricks on how to gain VC as quick as possible for all the 2K grinders out there!

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NBA 2K20 – How to Get more fans for the best endorsements (MyCareer)

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How to Get more fans for the best endorsements (MyCareer)

In NBA 2K20, reaching a certain amount of fans will net you some endorsements. The first few endorsements provide a one-time endorsement paycheck. Once you reach the upper endorsement tiers, you can partner with popular brands to earn a steady stream of VC through appearance events. For example, getting the Gatorade endorsement gives you the chance to earn over a few hundred or thousands of VC per match, a performance incentive based of your choice, and free Gatorade Boosts.



So, how do you get more fans to reach the better endorsements? Simply perform a few highlight plays, score some buzzer beaters, play to the fans, earn a triple-double, and get 50 points in a single game, among others. You should also consider spicing up your offensive moves so you can get over 1,000 fans for each highlight play.



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NBA 2K20 - HOW TO GET ENDORSEMENTS IN MYCAREER! - How To Get Shoe, Gatorade, And Beats Endorsement!

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