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Top 10 Online shopping websites in Pakistan 2021

We talk About the trend of E-Commerce and Top 10 Best Online shopping sites in Pakistan 2021 and Governance that is increasing in Pakistan day by day.

The range of eCommerce in Pakistan is bright as a lot of companies are moving to the digital system of trading and doing business. Pakistan is currently the second largest e-commerce market in South Asia. Experts estimate that the current $200 million volume could increase to 1 billion by 2021.

Online shopping is a form of Electronic commerce that allows customers to directly buy goods or services from a vendor over the Internet using a web browser.

Online shopping leaders are Amazon and eBay and they started to operate globally in 1995 and 1996 respectively.

Top 10 Best Online shopping sites in Pakistan

Digital shopping is defined as when the consumer buy services or product directly from the supplier and payment is completed instantly over the internet.

Do you wanna know which website is best for Online Shopping?

In this article, I gonna show you Pakistan’s top 10 online shopping websites are ranked. Most of the shopping sites offer COD (cash on delivery) in addition to Credit Cards payments.

However, we come to the main topic, which website is best for web shopping in Pakistan? There is no definitive answer to this question because every shopping website has its strengths and weaknesses.

Top 10 online shopping products in Pakistan

There are millions of things available on the internet, we have compiled a list of the top online shopping products in Pakistan.

  1. Clothing
  2. Dress
  3.  Shoes
  4. Shirt
  5. Undergarment
  6. Ladies Handbags
  7. Bedsheet
  8. Beauty & Hair Care Products.
  9. Women’s Jewellery
  10. Men Bracelets

A person who has a good experience with a shopping website may not be the same for others. However, we may test websites based on their use, ease of use, product discounts and deals, and buyer protection.

Here is a list of the top 10 online shopping websites in Pakistan in terms of reliability, customer service, customer protection, discount offers, and product selection.

Best Online shopping websites in Pakistan

  5. Shopon.Pk

To know more about in Details Please must read [UPDATED Best online shopping site in Pakistan]

Best Online shopping websites in Pakistan 2021

Are you know which is the best online shopping store in Pakistan? If not then must read this one ( Best Online Shopping Store in Pakistan )

Top 10 online shopping websites in Pakistan 2021 - Top Online Shopping website in Pakistan - Best online shopping sites in Pakistan 2020

Popularity wise they’re on top, pricing varies, good for seasonal sales. They mostly emphasize men and women’s dressing.

The categories include all types of dressing from clothing to shoes, accessories and bags, jewelry for girls and a wide array of different famous brands across the globe are showcased.

It has become Pakistan’s largest online shopping site with a network spread across Asia. The goal was to provide a stable, productive online marketplace to retailers and consumers across the country.

Although one of the most popular shopping websites, definitely needs to improve its customer protection system as it would usually be difficult to return the product and get a refund.

Australian group’s investment is behind the rapid growth of this brand. Daraz is owned by the CDC Group – the UK Government’s Development Finance Institution (DFI) focused on supporting and developing businesses in Africa and South Asia — and the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG). - Best Online Shopping website in Pakistan best shopping websites in Pakistan

Goto is a one-stop online marketplace in Pakistan that brings you a safe, hassle-free, and easy shopping experience at your fingertips.

Built on the offer of confidence and peace of mind. Goto aims to provide the Pakistani people with a permanent and completely hassle-free shopping experience.

As more and more people in Pakistan enter the world of online shopping, Goto has developed a unique shopping experience with a wide range of leading brands in the fields of technology, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, it offers its customers 100% original products. - Online Shopping website in Pakistan - Top online shopping website in Pakistan 2019

One of the Fastest growing electronics eCommerce shop online. has a good website with good traffic, however, you have received various complaints about the mobile phones they sell or their franchises which were not approved by the PTA.

According to the complaints, the company is not offering any assistance in this regard.

So there are some other consumers who have complaints about other products. So we want to tell our readers that when shopping on websites, they should always make sure that they have adequate consumer protection. - Online Shopping Site in Pakistan online shopping site in Pakistan

Here is another best online shopping website in Pakistan. is offering quality products all over in Pakistan.

There are massive varieties of products like Gift Card, Health & Personal Care, Mobile and Tablets, Fashion, Computer and Laptops, and Video Games & Consoles. - Online Shopping in Pakistan -best online shopping sites in pakistan

One Of the pioneers in the industry still at best pricing policy. This online shopping website works on a huge number of products including clothing, phones, laptops, and other electronics.

They also provide you to buy something from Amazon and eBay and they will deliver it to you in Pakistan.

This deal is quite interesting and worth giving a shot. This service not only provides the cushion for people’s hard-earned money spent on pricey gadgets but also goes on to show how many Home Shopping Pakistan ( online Shopping Websites ) care for the clients.

A good online shopping website, however, should always carefully check the details of the products you are buying and check the seller’s rating.

Their replacement period is 7 days. Because many private sellers offer their products through this platform, it is not always easy to come back and get a replacement. - Online Shopping Pakistan - top online shopping sites in pakistan

They also have major categories of entertainment, smartphones And accessories, computers and they have perfumes and watches category as well. Their shipping partner is TCS. is a trusted website for online shopping, especially for computing and electronic products. You can get the prices of some products from the market a little higher but the replacement policy is good and easy. - Pakistan Shopping Site

Yayvo - best online shopping website in pakistan

Pakistan’s largest courier company is in the sport of eCommerce as well. In addition to the kitchen and home, phones, computers, books, beauty, and wellness.

Formally, TCSconnect brings you a few additional categories like scents, tickets, and events, gift ideas, and handicrafts that make Tcsconnect stand unique among all other top online web-stores in Pakistan.

An authentic and reliable website with good quality products from TCS courier service. However, the editor recommends that you always follow the best online shopping practices to avoid any hassle at a later stage. - E-Commerce site in Pakistan

Shophive - best online shopping websites in pakistan

One of the top online stores in Pakistan that concentrates Mainly on delivering its clients with all types of electronics and gadgets.

Most noteworthy of their products are laptops, notebooks, phones, tablet computers, cameras, televisions, projectors, desktop computers, monitors, printers, scanners, and many other electronics.

They believe in long term relationships with our customers, they do not want you to buy just once from Shophiverather than come back to us again and distribute a bad word.

If you can’t go to the market to buy items, this website can offer you some great deals where you can buy items at your home convenience. Prices are close to delivery and you can take advantage of installment plans at Shopive. - Top eCommerce site in Pakistan - Top Online shopping sites in Pakistan 2019

This website deals almost in everything ranging from They deliver to your doorstep on demand. specialized in various technological and innovative products, which are phones, laptops, cameras, tablet PCs, watches and etc.

We have revolutionized online shopping in Pakistan with our products and offers. is glad to introduce innovative and inventive products to the Pakistani society for the very first time and served our clients while catering to their basic needs.

We not only focus on our products, but customer service creates a great deal of trust among clients over a time period.

Carefully read the details of the item and discuss the details and your order via email and WhatsApp. You can exchange items purchased within 7 days but they will not refund if they want to get their money back after purchase. - Top eCommerce website in Pakistan - Shopping site in Pakistan 2019

They basically highlight electronics including phones and tablets, laptops and notebooks, gaming equipment, graphics cards, Islamic products, and office products, etc. has emerged as Pakistan’s fastest-growing online shopping shop for gadgets and computer accessories.

This Company provides an online shopping experience with the fastest delivery time to the regional people all over Pakistan.

Compro System - Computer, Mobile & Network Accessories

Compro System - Computer, Mobile & Network Accessories

Compro System is a Karachi-based online shopping website that is delivering electronic products with cash-on-delivery service and free delivery all over Pakistan. They have top brands from around the world providing the latest, most demanding tech accessories at very competitive prices.

It’s a heaven for tech geeks and gamers due to the fact that every day new products are added. Their specialty is wifi routers, office and gaming computer peripherals. - Top eCommerce Platform in Pakistan -Best shopping site in Pakistan 2019

They have attributes like cash on delivery and express shipping. They deal in fashion and footwear, accessories and mobile, computers, jewelry, watches, electronics, books and media, home, health, and a lot of other products. - Top eCommerce Platform - Top Online Shopping webSite in Pakistan is an online electronic store for buying and selling a good deal of electronics products.

In addition, to purchase Electronic Components Online in Pakistan, you can ask them to import items for you. - Best eCommerce website - best shopping site in Pakistan 2019

The is an online store that offers a comprehensive.

Kaymu - Best eCommerce site

Pakistan. Kaymu is the most popular Online Marketplace with Cash on Delivery offer.

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Online Typing jobs in Pakistan

Related Question: Best Online Shopping Sites Pakistan

Does Amazon operate in Pakistan?

Amazon does not directly send to Pakistan and you will find Only 4 percent products of amazon that you can get at your doorstep in Pakistan. There is no straight delivery process from Amazon in Pakistan.

Can I sell on eBay from Pakistan?

No, You cannot market directly from Pakistan. But you can only in-directly sell from Pakistan. You will need to learn a workaround to obtain Amazon, eBay, and PayPal in Pakistan.

How can I sell online in Pakistan?

  1. Reach 14 Million Potential Customers in Pakistan.
  2. Start Your Own Online Business with ZERO Investment.
  3. Get a 24×7 Business with No Monthly Fee.
  4. No Techie Stuff, Just Simple’ Smart Online Business.
  5. Let take all the hassle of Product Delivery & COD*

Which site is best for online shopping in Pakistan? is the best online shopping website in Pakistan that facilitates Pakistani customers to buy Mobile Phones, Men’s Fashion, Phone & Devices, Women Fashion, and Health & Beauty care Products.

Goto has good and fast delivery services all over Pakistan. You can get the quality of products from and their payment method is very secure.

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I think it’s really helpful to know about “Best online shopping websites in Pakistan 2021”. Have any suggestions about the Top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan?

Please must leave a comment, your contribution is really helpful and pleasures for me. You can also contact us at [email protected]

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16 best ways to earn money online in Pakistan without investment

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Daraz has a new strategy – wooing the sellers 

As the cases of Covid-19 continue to rise with the advent of the Delta Variant of the virus, and Pakistan along with the rest of the world goes into a fourth (and in some countries fifth) wave of the virus surging, one thing is becoming very clear – we might be in this for the long haul. 

When the virus struck last year there seemed initially to be great resolve both among the public, the government and among businesses to stay on track and adapt to the new normal. While the virus hit and knocked out many major companies and unemployment became endemic, there were other businesses that saw a rise in the wake of the virus changing the world we live in. 

One of the most obvious cases of businesses seeing more rather than less action because of the pandemic is the eCommerce industry. Some would even say that the situation was tailor made for eCommerce to shine. People were hesitant to go out, and if they were not, lockdowns forced them to stay in. Pakistan has generally been a country where great potential in the eCommerce space has been expected, however, while investments have been rolling in, the public had initially seemed averse to shopping for anything online. 

All of those qualms were blown away by the strong persuasive powers of necessity that the pandemic brought on. However, the situation was not as perfect in March 2020 as one might expect. When the pandemic first struck, online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms saw a shockingly sharp rise in demand. Thanks to the disastrous and unexpected nature of the demand increasing, everyone, from providers to consumers of services, were caught unawares.

Article continues after this advertisement

But as the demand for online deliveries increases, and innovations such as contactless delivery become the new norm, companies are not just ramping up their efforts but actually changing the way they operate and picking issues in their structures and business models. Over the past year, for example, the country’s largest eCommerce retailer, Daraz, has onboarded more than 15,000 new sellers on their platform. 

Platforms like Daraz end up not only being able to expand in such times, but also save many businesses from going under which are now relying on eCommerce platforms. With the increase in new sellers wanting to come on board, however, some chink in Daraz’s armour had been exposed in terms of internal inefficiencies. As the Delta Variant continues to rise, there are the chances of another nationwide lockdown. Already Karachi has undergone one, and Lahore and Islamabad are facing the first stage of restrictions that lead to a complete lockdown. Being South Asia’s leading online shopping center, Daraz offers more than 100 categories of 20 million products on the website. Not only is it a virtual marketplace for hundreds of thousands of customers, but it also allows millions of sellers to connect with the world through their products.

If it happens, will eCommerce retailers like Daraz be caught unawares again, or are they this time preparing for what feels like the inevitable? And more importantly, will Daraz be able to woo the seller to come on board their platform? Because at the end of the day, Daraz needs the sellers and the sellers need Daraz for the foreseeable future. 

Lockdown impacts 

The ongoing digitalization in the retail industry is a process that has been going on for many years. However, the outbreak of the novel disease Covid-19 fastened the digitization process by forcing businesses to adapt to a needed digital way of operating within weeks.

The critical word in this equation is ‘forcing.’ Both businesses and consumers are slow and stubborn in accepting change. Online shopping would have become the norm in Pakistan no matter what, and eCommerce retailers and logistic providers had already been making significant inroads into Pakistan in alliance with the fledgling payments revolution. However, when the pandemic struck, most of these businesses were forced into making online platforms. The problem? Many of these businesses had been running brick-and-mortar stores for generations and had no idea how to go online. It is not as simple as setting up a website, and even that many of these places did not know how to do. This is where eCommerce platforms come in. Our example for this story is Daraz. Back in 2020 when the pandemic had first arrived, one of the first trends online marketplaces observed was that as people began to settle down, they realised that people still wanted non-essential items as well as the more staple purchases like groceries. 

“COVID took everyone, including ourselves, a little bit by surprise. And I think for us the important thing was to ensure that first and foremost, the thing that crossed all of our minds as management was to ensure the safety of our customers, our sellers, and our employees,” said Ehsan Saya, managing director of Daraz. “We started focusing on making sure that the customers had what they needed, apart from making sure that there were safe deliveries. Our customers wanted to have hand sanitizers, and grocery items, but they also still wanted to buy phones.”

This is where certain things must have become apparent for Daraz. Yes, the immediate impulse was to provide groceries and covid related products like masks and sanitizers, but as the pandemic continued to stretch longer and longer, it was quite obvious that people wanted to continue to live their lives. Because of this, Daraz has been making leaps and strides to take more sellers on board their platform. This works well both for Daraz and, of course, the sellers in question. To understand why this is so, it is important to understand the nature of the Daraz platforms. 

Delta impact 

In the last three months, the Delta variant has taken Pakistan and the rest of the world from being on the brink of breaking Covid-19 to once again being close to square one. As a result, we are seeing businesses once again going through much of the same as they did last year. In 2020, Daraz had problems with bringing so many new sellers onto their platform. 

Daraz will have been the first to notice the increase in demand since the delta variant has struck. To businesses, the answer may have been less obvious. You see, as many people continue to mistakenly believe, Daraz does not actually sell the products that it lists on its website. It is purely a platform that takes sellers on board and allows them to list their products. After the listing, anyone can look through Daraz, and then Daraz will manage the logistics from payments, to making sure the product gets delivered, to the website design and product placement. 

It is very much the same concept as a shopping mall. Shopping malls do not sell products. Shopping malls are real estate companies which lease their property to retailers. These tenants are the ones who are selling products. Products are delivered either by company trucks from a distribution center (for larger chain stores) or possibly by major carriers (FedEx, UPS, etc in places like the US) for smaller businesses. In the same way, Daraz simply provides online real estate for online retailers to list their products. Of course, Daraz has a lot of control like any mall. In a regular mall, not anyone can walk in and set up shop and pay rent. They need to go through a review process and be approved after setting a rate. The same is the case with Daraz, which has a long process to take new sellers on board. 

This is a problem, or as Daraz at least would like to claim, was a problem. The process for becoming a seller on Daraz was a long process. To set up as a Daraz seller, you go to and click on ‘Sign Up’ on the right-most top corner of the webpage or go to Sell on Daraz. Then, you list all of your products and go through a rigorous process. It was a rather elaborate process to say the least. 

To fix some of the hesitance caused by these complications, Daraz has revamped their seller onboarding process for the ease of offline sellers who want to start selling online. Finance Resources and Existing SSU Team have merged and previously lead processing used to be a multistep process where leads used to go from one dept to other with variable accesses to clearing those leads which used to take more time and effort. They have also changed that and now all team members have all access and total ownership of the whole funnel for lead processing. As a result, in the last 3 months, Daraz has boarded more than 15,000 sellers. The increase in sellers has had a direct impact in the increase of assortment.

Why businesses need to catch up 

Daraz seems to be doing its best to bring businesses on board. But will it be enough? As the Delta Variant spreads quicker than ever with almost 100% of new cases being reported being from the new variant, the implications of a lockdown on offline markets are dire. Markets have been trying to recover as lockdowns have eased but they must by now realise that more lockdowns and financial hardships are underway. To undercut their losses from these, they must turn towards the internet and either set up their own websites with SEO professionals, sign up to a logistics service, or they need to get on board eCommerce platforms such as Daraz. Anything short of this will be business suicide and this time excuses of being caught off guard will not fly since they had all the time, warning, and precedent in the world to stave this off and try to survive until better days. 

If businesses are to sustain themselves, they absolutely must go in with a strategy in which they follow at least a hybrid model of selling both in person and online. With how things are going, it seems that at least for another couple of years – until enough people are inoculated globally – we will be going through a period of lockdowns being implemented and lifted. In the times that lockdowns are lifted, these businesses must hunker down and make the most of them. But they also need to have online presences ready and primed to take on the competition whenever a sudden lockdown is imposed. 


Daraz Pakistan Day Sale -- Daraz sale 2021 -- Online Shopping -- shopping haul


Daraz Express grows its fleet to 6,500 heroes with 65 million orders delivered making it the largest eComm logistics company in its markets

Oct 9, 2021

TECH & BIZ Daraz Express grows its fleet to 6,500 heroes with 65 million orders delivered making it the largest eComm logistics company in its markets by 147 Views Pakistan, 08 October 2021: South Asia’s e-commerce market leader, Daraz, celebrates this month the third anniversary of its digitalised logistics arm, Daraz Express (DEX). As the first digitalised logistics company designed for e-commerce operations across Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Nepal, DEX has seen rapid growth since its launch in 2018, delivering close to 65 million packages in this time. Today, it supports over two-thirds of deliveries purchased on Daraz’s e-commerce platform and employs close to 6,500 delivery drivers, or ‘DEX Heroes’. Daraz’s Founder and CEO, Bjarke Mikkelsen, said DEX was launched to provide a more seamless and integrated service for both sellers and customers, and open up commerce across the region. “This is an important milestone for our business and DEX has been a huge success. It has grown significantly over the past three years with more than 240 logistics facilities across South Asia, enabling us to deliver over six million packages each month. “It is not only allowing us to connect buyers to customers across geographically challenging markets but the efficiencies we have created through our digitalised offering have enabled us to deliver packages 1-2 days faster than other service providers at a reduced cost and higher success rates. “Expanding the reach and ongoing efficiencies of DEX is a key part of our strategy moving forward to unlock the potential of the region where we want to reach 100 million customers by 2030. While it plays a key role in enabling the rapid growth of our e-commerce platform, our intention is that DEX will also advance other businesses in the region by providing more effective and efficient logistics support,” says Mr Mikkelsen. According to DEX’s Regional Head, Zeeshan Ali Khan, the business arm has been able to improve its speed and service quality of delivery through the use of advanced technologies as well as infrastructure and fleet expansion. “We are proud to reach this milestone, and a key enabler of our success and growth over these past three years has been our relentless focus on customer service and quality. “Our DEX Heroes are out on the road each day to ensure customers receive their orders on time and in quality condition. While we place a lot of emphasis on the world-class logistics technology that we utilise, our DEX Heroes are truly the backbone of the operation,” says Mr Khan. As Daraz gears up for the annual Singles’ Day Sale – 11.11 , DEX will onboard an additional 5,000 DEX Heroes to ensure timely deliveries across South Asia during the world’s largest shopping festival. 0share


In daraz pakistan shopping online

Daraz Online Shopping App

★★★ Welcome to the Daraz app! ★★★

With up to 4 million daily users, you’re in very good company.
Daraz is the leading online marketplace in South Asia, empowering tens of thousands of sellers to connect with millions of customers.

Daraz is a Mall, a Marketplace, and a Community in your pocket that provides immediate and easy access to 21 million products in more than 257 categories.

Our “Mobile Week” campaign in June will present great discounts and deals from your favourite brands across a variety of categories including mobile phones, tablets, accessories, televisions, audio systems, cameras, computing products, gaming consoles and PCs, gaming accessories and much more!

Our mega deals are focus, deeply discounted deals that are a steal for the price! Make sure you checkout while they’re still in stock.

Now you can directly talk to our sellers and collect meaningful answers to any questions you might have before completing your purchase

Shake the Daraz App at our designated time-slots to win amazing vouchers and giveaways!

Daraz app knows your choice! Our personalised app uses artificial intelligence to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Purchase Protection is the biggest commitment we give to our customers. Manage and track your orders, and easily initiate returns and refunds!

Our vouchers section offers new discounts from brands and sellers everyday - use now or collect them in your wallet!

Our 24/7 Flash Sales offer big discounts on top selling products. With limited time and stock, it’s fastest fingers first!

DarazMall is your doorway to our 300 top brands that are committed to top-quality products, fast shipping and a 14-day return policy!

Shop from our 'digital' products to find the best deals near you or top-up your phone with any local mobile network operator.

Daraz Wallet is the fastest way to checkout with instant refunds and exclusive deposit bonuses!

Our PCI-DSS compliant technology ensures smooth and safe payment of your purchase.

Enable Notifications to receive updates from your favourite brands and exclusive deals on the app!

Choose from over 1,000,000 overseas products, many of which cannot be found in Pakistan. Pay for global products in PKR with any of our payment options, including Cash on Delivery with no hidden charges.

Our community-driven ratings and reviews allow you to thoroughly verify your purchases and access real experiences from past customers.

Happy Shopping!

We’d love your Feedback! Also, if you face any technical issues, drop us a line at [email protected]


How to sell on Daraz Top Seller Interview - Step by Step Explained + Tips

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Now discussing:


E-commerce site in South Asia

Daraz Group is a multinationaltechnology company that focuses on e-commerce, logistics, payment infrastructure and financial services. Founded in 2011 with the backing of Rocket Internet, it was first launched in Pakistan as an online fashion retailer and later expanded to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar as Daraz Group after a shift in its business model.[1] In May 2018, Daraz Group was acquired by Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group.[2]

Bjarke Mikkelsen is founder of Daraz Group and its current CEO.[3]


Daraz was originally founded as an online fashion retailer in Pakistan in 2012 by Muneeb Maayr and Farees Shah. Daraz's initial funding came from Rocket Internet and focused on the fashion sector, but was changed to a general e-commerce marketplace in 2015.

Daraz Group was formed in 2015 as the parent company of Daraz’s operations in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.[4] In July 2016, Daraz acquired Kaymu, a consumer-to-consumer online marketplace in South Asia. With this acquisition, it began operations in Nepal and Sri Lanka.[5][6]

In September 2015, Daraz secured €50 million in its Series B funding to support the expansion of operations across its markets. CDC Group, a state-owned Development Finance Institution (DFI) in the UK, invested €20 million alongside a €30 million investment from Daraz's existing majority shareholder, Asia Internet Holdings.[7][8]

In May 2018, Daraz announced it was acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary of Alibaba Group for an undisclosed amount, as part of Alibaba’s expansion into South Asia.[9] Following the acquisition, Daraz Express (DEX), Daraz’s in-house digitalised logistics arm was launched in September 2018[10] to support its growth into key markets. Today, DEX delivers over 60 per cent of all Daraz orders.[11]

In 2021, Daraz expanded into the food delivery and hyper-local grocery sector through the acquisition of Bangladeshi startup HungryNaki. HungryNaki is getting more popularity as food delivery companies in Bangladesh.[12]


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