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Boonk gang

Boonk gang


Boonk is the moniker of John Robert Hill, a Miami-based prankster and rapper who became internet-famous in 2017 by posting videos of himself committing crimes. These mostly include various forms of theft, but occasionally trashing merchandise and disorderly conduct. Upon the crime, Hill shouts his catchphrase Boonk gang! The phrase doubles as his various social-media handles, which earned millions of followers when active.

Not surprisingly, Boonk‘s stunts haven’t pleased his victims—or law enforcement. In July, 2017 he was arrested for stealing donuts from a Miami Dunkin’ Donuts. Undeterred, Hill continued his series of outlandish prank crimes, getting in trouble again for ripping his shirt off in a Chik-fil-A, standing on the counter, and smashing milkshakes on his chest. Following this, he apparently fled to California, where he has continued doing his stunts, though his social-media pages were discontinued. In March, 2018, he was arrested for illegally possessing assault weapons and drugs.

Despite Hill’s notoriety, his catchphrase Boonk gang has taken on a life of its own, used as a slang verb to describe committing theft, property damage, or other crimes in the manner of Boonk himself. This has led to criticism that Hill is encouraging young people to commit crimes by portraying his actions as humorous.

Though Boonk is mainly known for his crimes, he is also an amateur musician, and in late 2017 released a song titled (what else?) “Boonk Gang.”

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Boonk Gang Person


On July 18th, a thread about the Boonk Gang videos was submitted to The Coli Forums. On July 15th, NBC Miami reported that Hill was charged with burglary for stealing a tray of donuts from a Dunkin' Donuts store in Miami Gardens (shown below).

On July 27th, the viral media site ShockingVidz.com published a fake news post claiming that Hill was "found dead in South Florida from gunshot wounds." That day, the loveliveserve channel posted a parody video titled "Boonk Gang Be Like" (shown below).

On July 28th, the @kollegekidd Instagram feed posted a video of Hill claiming that the police have a warrant out for his arrest. The video has since been removed. On July 29th, Urban Dictionary user Penisboiiii submitted an entry for "boonk gang," describing him as a "bitch ass n**ga who be stealing shit."

Instagram Sex Video

On July 1st, 2018, Hill posted several sexually explicit videos to his @boonkgang Instagram stories feed, in which he is shown performing various sex acts with a woman in a hotel room. In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the Instagram videos, including HollwoodLife and MTO News.

Sours: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/people/boonk-gang
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What the hell is a "Boot Gang"
Everyone is saying it at school

i don't even know how its spelled

it's might be "Boot Gang" or "BooGang"

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